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0f7fe No.4978

How did you find pregchan?

a9149 No.4979

Randomly searched for 'pregnant' tag in rule34 and saw an edit that had pregchan as source.

008b2 No.4980

followed the trail of amniotic fluid

9c3c0 No.4981

I was searching for the source of an image years ago.

c2a2a No.4988

I kept knocking up women(and men and non-binaries) until there was enough content to make the site happen. It was all fun and games until I got pregnant too

bb572 No.4992

That's a good question. I found 4chan because of /mlp/, and I think I found pregchan from the pregnancy threads on 4chan /d/.

0f7fe No.4993

So you kept knocking up women, women with identity disorders, and narcissistic women. Good job poisoning the gene pool.

c2a2a No.4994

>good job giving me preggos to fap to

You're welcome anon

0f7fe No.4995

I don't think so. Your taste in women sounds horrible.

c2a2a No.4996

I have a boarder palate than you, your argument is invalid

bf3eb No.4997

>I can eat shit, so I win

32cbd No.5438

Randomly searched for 'pregnant' tag on gelbooru, found a post with source pointing to this site.

1b890 No.5443

Man that was such a long time ago. I think I saw someone mentioned it on 4chan's /d/ or preggophilia or pregnantxxxforum, can't remember. I tried looking it up, next thing I knew I witnessed the first edit thread, first impregnator kings thread, and the first x-ray thread.

74960 No.5455

I found this site on an iceberg picture of porn. It seemed to be made by a beta virgin normie tho…

00d95 No.5607

I found this site many years ago, long before the first version of it existed anywhere on the web.

It was the late 2000s, close to 2010/11 era, and pregchan didn't even exist at that point. The community was just a group of belly enthusiasts who hung out on the (now defunct, but archived on the wayback machine) PG-13 and the pregnant section of the bbw-chan forums. Well, enough of us degenerates got fed up with the shit that was happening on bbw-chan, so we banded together and decided to make a place of our own. Thus, the first version of pregchan was born.

Many good years of pictures, stories, and bellies of all shapes and sizes passed until around late 2014/early 2015, when the most drastic bellypocalypse happened. The site was taken down, and all hope seemed lost; the only remnant of hope: a song on the prior url playing "always I wanna be with you", and a small but encouraging message that read something along the lines of "we will return."

Then, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the new and improved Pregchan was birthed in a glorious flame! The pregchan you see before you is a descendant of that magnificent bird! Although Pregchan has had many rough patches over the decade it's been on the web, it has always remained and soldiered on.

So yeah, that's the story of how I came to find pregchan.

008b2 No.5608

Even before BBWchan, there was the preg board on 7898chan.

ac176 No.5611

An /h/ thread I browsed in late 2015 - early 2016 had a link to Pregchan.

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