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File: 1601816070138.jpg (216.92 KB, 720x480, Whats inside Dr. Li.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

f402e No.5020

Pornhub deleted all my X-ray pic but the one I'm posting here. Maybe fetuses are considered pedo?

92f87 No.5021

I noticed that earlier, was quite saddened. I think it's a grey area for them so they err on the side of being more stringent. That would be my guess. Hope you find a place to post that won't remove your work, cybertiki!

a1be1 No.5022

Big ass rip
Where else will you post your X-ray art?

f402e No.5023

>>5022 I just post on PH. Dailymotion and Deviant art have deleted my stuff because they thought it was pirated Jag27 stuff.

fd248 No.5024

Just upload to Mega like all the other artists do

52140 No.5025

Or baraag
Or pixiv

92f9a No.5125


I second Pixiv. They take in a lot of people despite being a Japanese site.

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