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File: 1602858704957.png (113.53 KB, 1500x1601, preggo marxism.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

5a6f2 No.5131

Who did this?

80822 No.5133

Commie scum I guess? They could have at least used a hot Soviet waifu for the image instead of furfag shit. What a retarded quote.

fb205 No.5136

A decent picture with a nice belly, but not a fan of the Marxist pandering. Not worth my time of day.

d76f6 No.5141

I don't see this as political, it's more of a figure of speech, "expecting" a new (state of) being.

da0e9 No.5143

Das Kapital is actually a pretty decent read and in terms of philosophical context it has a place. Unfortunately there's a lot of dipshits how have and will always take it as *GOSPEL* and therein lies the trouble.

d76f6 No.5144

As an American and Californian, I was taught to stay away from politics and anything communistic/socialist and fascistic/racist.

Also, I was told to not talk about sex xD

Cute catgirl BTW, anime kawaii waifu!

2875d No.5145

File: 1602967743592.jpg (87.71 KB, 600x633, wtfamireading.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I have so many ways to react to this that I almost don't even know where to start. But all of them make me smile.

Agreed in principle, but you call this furfaggotry? Cat ears + cat tail =/= furry.

Not that I live in California, but everything I hear about it makes it hard for me to believe a Californian would ever pass up a chance to be political or talk about sex. I have to hope I'm wrong and if you are being honest, you are one of the more typical Californians.

As for the picture itself…I feel like this old gem of a quote is more relevant than ever: "It's not long at that point before the pregnancy porn is only a carrot on the stick of fascism."

d76f6 No.5147

cus CA is not America (LOL), we're FREE compared to being in a conservatard red state, they try to be so moral, it's so stupid.

da0e9 No.5148

>I was taught to stay away from politics
>immediately gets political

d76f6 No.5149

I'm anonymous, I can get away with it!

cb10b No.5154

man was just looking for a source what are you guys on about

47572 No.5157

Good, we hope you dirty calis stay there

5a6f2 No.5161

>"It's not long at that point before the pregnancy porn is only a carrot on the stick of fascism."

It could also be the starting point for the world's sexual liberation.

80822 No.5162

You're right, I got caught up in commie bashing and was too harsh on the furfag claims. Her facial structure looks a bit too much like a cat's for my liking but overall it's on the tolerable end of the range. Still, a soviet would have at least been more fitting if this lobotomite insisted on bringing a quote from the man who came up with the worst idea in history into his pregnancy fetish.

cafbe No.5163

You wish. We all know the LGBTQ+ crowd loves to demonize heteros, childmaking and family building, citing conspiracy theory-tier bullshit like the Malthus theory and transhumanism to justify their hate.

d76f6 No.5164

The voluntary Human Extinction Project wants all of humanity to die off, fuck em.

da92d No.5167

>Genociding the entirety of your kind because their natural machinations and logic goes against your made-up identity to own the con dudebros

a8215 No.5169

I reported these posts for being Kisame, but they weren't deleted. Look at what happened to the thread because of this.

Go away, Kisame.

d76f6 No.5170

The black right-winger who's a chef, has celebrity friends, loves NYC too much, a black man whose father is French (by way of Africa), and is a Coronaphobe to been a shut-in from day 1 of the pandemic?… and he's the worst troll except Fossil to give us pregnant lovers a bad name (not going down theChipmunck kind of "leading" while he has Communist friends on YT).

5a6f2 No.5177


Jeez not even Super Mario can jump to these high ass conclusions. Don't forget to clean yourself up after you're done playing with you're strawman

bd33d No.5178

Nice strawman. Doesn't look like you're disagreeing with me though.

5a6f2 No.5179

It's more like I wouldn't bother engaging with the idea that queer people don't have pregnancy fetishes and want the world to end, partially because we've had multiple requests for an mpreg board but mostly because you're clearly parroting some anti-gay stuff you picked up off 4chan or whatever

It's not worth my time.

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