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File: 1610482736909.png (430.95 KB, 500x563, fuckmylife.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

944cb No.6066

> just wanna enjoy my kink privately at home
> check the Internet for the good shit
>> Deviantart fetish circle exposes on Youtube
>> "Draw her giving birth" copypasta
>> Mainstream articles about pregnancy porn becoming more popular

It come to the point of just hearing the word "pregnancy" in public makes me sweat gallons

51ee3 No.6067

I've lost sleep at night over wondering if my family knows about how much I love pregnancy when I've done so much to hide it.

ab770 No.6071

>pregnancy kink gets normalized
>more preggo porn than ever
>cute transwomen dress up pregnant and post online
>transmen get pregnant and post online causing male pregnancy to get normalized
>pregnant people dress cute in real life because they know people notice them

What are the downsides again?

64d28 No.6073

File: 1610488047811.jpg (30.63 KB, 239x233, 1549926097774.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>trannies this, trannies that

49567 No.6074

My parents found out when I was 19 and we never discussed it again. The fact that I'm attracted to women when they're at their most beautiful was too much for their boomer minds to process.

3d9d0 No.6075

but trans men are beautiful

ea158 No.6076

There's no such thing as Trans men, just bearded ladies

64d28 No.6078

I mean if your standard of beauty is objectively corrupted and bastardized, sure

26523 No.6081

File: 1610491445392-0.jpg (31.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>but trans men are beautiful
To you.

739a5 No.6082


Sorry trans people, I see bane, I banepost

But for real though, we have a multiple gender transformation thread. Be yourself, just ya know, over there. Lord knows I'm okay with enjoying my stuff on the furry board and not upset people mute the entire board

ab770 No.6083

>a new world where pregnancy kink is commonplace is just around the corner
>new world also contains trans rights
>preganons will deny themselves endless bliss because they can't handle girl dick

I almost feel sorry for y'all, almost

ea158 No.6084

Find me a biological mother with a biological cock and I will suck it.

But you will never find one because they don't exist.

bb339 No.6085

The more popular something becomes, the worse the community around it gets.

50b0c No.6086

Imagine crying because a guy can get pregnant

Always remember; gender it's just an invention created by bathroom sellers to sell more bathrooms

42cdc No.6087

Actually it was invented by John Money to earn more money.

ea158 No.6088

Don't you mean Eddie Money?
>I've got two genders to paradise!

6b654 No.6089

>gender is a made up consent
>proceed to use gender
Epic consistency
Males can’t get pregnant, eat shit and die faggot

26523 No.6090

File: 1610496851401-0.gif (316.25 KB, 600x905, 240572215cb8f76c90b5c83dec….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

Outside corporate and political circles (exempli gratia, reality) gender and sex are synonyms relating the physical biological role one's body plays in reproduction. And in reality (exempli gratia, not your internet echo chambers) there are very obvious and clear physical and chemical differences between the two sexes/genders needed to facilitate their roles in reproduction. Gender (otherwise known as sex) is not an identity, it's not a feeling, and not a form of expression. A woman is not a man because she has a square jaw, can deadlift 300 pounds, and works at an auto mechanic. A man is not a woman because he puts on six pounds of makeup every morning, wears fake nails, and works as a hairstylist. By the time we have the medical technology to make a "man" "pregnant" this fad of social preening will be dead and forgotten. Transexuality (aka transgenderism) is (and only either) a fetish or a delusion. The only people who believe are oversocialized and literally can not function without feeling accepted and validated. They are the furries of the fetish community, which is impressive, as the furries are the furries of the fetish community. And lastly, bathrooms are segregated because no man wants to see a tampon in the toilet, and no woman wants to watch a man piss.

51ee3 No.6091

pucci spitting facts

If this isn't a copypasta already, I'm gonna save it and make it one

bd99b No.6092

To summarize, this is all twitter’s fault

6b654 No.6093

Finally, a rational take

8b8ad No.6094

File: 1610498679970-0.jpg (128.24 KB, 1366x768, Hana_anime.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>no woman wants to watch a man piss

50b0c No.6095

Always remember: before Twitter, there was Tumblr

50b0c No.6096

Faggot? Maybe
Shit eater? Not much, sorry
Now if you ended, I will procced to loudly maserbait to men with heavily pregnant bellies. Have a good night

6b654 No.6097

>based retard can’t even spell masturbate

bd99b No.6098

How to bait with maser????

50b0c No.6099

File: 1610504196137.png (31.41 KB, 600x700, keep-calm-and-master-bait-….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

That's part of the pun. I like puns, that's why my friends call me the PUNisher

ab770 No.6100

Sir, this is a porn site, for people who clearly don't care how real life reproduction works. You can jack it to a pregnant transman and insist it's the same as a pregnant woman but not everyone here is going to agree with you.

>And lastly, bathrooms are segregated because no man wants to see a tampon in the toilet, and no woman wants to watch a man piss.

Is seeing a used tampon in the trash supposed to be a rough day for you also who watches other people pee when they're in the bathroom?

4c572 No.6101


Look at that wall of text friend. Some people just love hearing themselves talk.

ea158 No.6103



ab770 No.6104

You watch other people pee in the bathroom?

0b56a No.6105

I do. It's kind of hot :)

ab770 No.6109

Not many people would casually admit to committing sex crimes.

2dc3e No.6110

The trans community does it all the time

ab770 No.6113

The cis community does it more

24583 No.6114

Overall? Of course
Per capita? I seriously doubt that

ea158 No.6115


26523 No.6116

>a "community" that contains essentially everyone has more people doing a thing

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