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14ee2 No.6854

I was wondering if anyone has the videos of an old youtube channel that did animations of pregnancy content like water births,expansions and i think there was one where a woman gave birth in the middle of a street. So If you have any please send them in.

cb836 No.6926

The description you give seems too familiar for me,by any chance that channel you're talking about made 3D animations?

bd1c4 No.6927

I recall something like this. I think they did a lifeguard one?

4d990 No.6947

Yes, I also managed to remember a video of a dancing pregnant woman who broke her leg and ended up in a cast

9432f No.6948

I think that channels name was pregnantvirtual

78062 No.6949

Yes that's the one. I haven't been able to find any of their vids though.

70373 No.6960

I managed to find I've of their videos. Unfortunately it's not one of the best ones. https://youtu.be/laNot5oyQzo

246fd No.7119

I am also looking for these videos. Can anyone else find them?

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