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ca0a9 No.7206

My GF wants to get kinky. I'm not sure if it's more worthwhile to buy one or to try and make one ourselves. Any advice?

6ed90 No.7209


If its going to be used often, buy one, if not, then just stuff a shirt or something

ca0a9 No.7210

Thank you. Any recommended places to buy? I know moon bump is really popular, but they're also super expensive. So I'm hoping not to break the bank here.

86c46 No.7255


As somebody who has had a moonbump, it's a stage prosthetic and really isn't meant for kinky uses. It's fused to a bodysuit to keep it in place, and the silicone covers the crotch gusset completely, which is obviously pretty counterintuitive to sex. The biggest problem though is its fragility. It's mostly foam with just a thin covering of silicone, so it's easy to put permanent dents and creases in it. That and the foam will, over time, pull away from the silicone layer, causing the belly to look uneven and "caved-in".

Your best bet to get a better belly at a fairer price is going to be Aliexpress. There's re-sellers on Ebay but they gouge you with the shipping.

I can personally vouch for this belly here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000056016204.html

My partner and I have gotten a lot of use out of it. It's solid silicone and is held in place by strong-ass velcro that wraps around the back and leaves the crotch exposed. It's much more durable, but also significantly heavier. We love the weight just for the immersion factor, but just something to keep in mind. The outie is also way cuter.

Our favorite is the 7900g, listed on there as "8-10months twins". It's the largest size they currently manufacture, and it is *huge*. The 4500g "5-7months twins" is quite a bit smaller if that's a concern for you. The silicone is also different between the two, with the 7900g being firmer, and the 4500g softer.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

c101b No.7266

That's all really excellent to know, thank you. I was worried about spending a lot on a moon bump only for it to get badly damaged.

I've been looking at the bump here

And I'm wondering if it looks like it would be useful? My GF's only concern with silicone is that it might get really sweaty, so I'm wondering if this might be less sweaty? But either way, I really appreciate your help. Thanks Anon!

86c46 No.7267


I thought of that after my post, yeah. I live in a dry climate, so the silicone belly isn't super sweaty unless it's already warm. If she was planning on wearing it for long spans of time though, it's probably unavoidable. Option B is just getting a foam belly. They're super cheap, lightweight, and more easily replaceable. Not sure how washable they are, though. If you want to try that out first, it's not a half bad idea.

Again, if you're okay with AliExpress, they're cheaper and come in more sizes there. Here's one currently price reduced: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002246235822.html

8dfd7 No.7276

What did they mark it as on the customs form? I want to get one but I don't want to deal with that awkward moment collecting it

86c46 No.7277


My current one got dropped off at my house by a DHL guy, so I didn't have to collect it. It just said "silicone belly" on the form, but it's not like the delivery guy cared lol. On the off chance some nosy asshole asks you could just say it's for a shoot/production.

c101b No.7278

I'll have to check out AliExpress, it looks like a great spot. Thanks a lot for answering my questions. If I think of any more, is it okay if I ask more later?

86c46 No.7279


No problem! I lurk occasionally so I'll probably be able to answer quickly enough.

b7bdd No.7298

File: 1620412794680-0.png (207.31 KB, 860x605, 405-4059083_sad-pepe-the-f….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Have you tried asking the looner or latex communities for help?

c101b No.7299

I haven't honestly, wasn't even aware of them. I'm kinda familiar with latex, but what's looner?

83866 No.7324

"balloon fetish". Somebody who enjoys sexual gratification from the popping of balloons, or the experience of people as balloons. Not my personal cup of tea, but they do know a couple of handy kinkable tricks.

c101b No.7340

That's…something, thanks for the info. Is there an anonymous board for it like pregchan?

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