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File: 1497582954064.png (22.86 KB, 750x169, IMG_1229.PNG)

40bb8 No.759

I'm sure you've all noticed the "Draw her x months pragnent with x babbies!" on the front page. It seems to change hourly. Is it by a bot that randomizes the numbers within certain parameters or what? Seems like a hassle to go in and change it manually every hour or so.

bb3ac No.760

I love it. It's hilarious. Also, I think it's just randomly generated for every time you load up the main page. It simply chooses the words it was given at random.

6e3c6 No.761

Actually I think it changes when a new post happens anywhere on the board.

Also, you could probably expand it to something like: "Draw W grils X months pragnent with Y babbies in Z hours/mins/secs"

9a41a No.762

Fucking beautiful.

db0cb No.763



4b2a4 No.764

I feel partly responsible for this. Not because I request that, but because I made a post or two making fun of that formula that always shows in up request threads.



3b740 No.784

File: 1499728543067.png (3.88 KB, 319x93, Untitled.png)

This is the most normal one I have ever seen!

f7d11 No.785

You could also have it randomize the spelling of "pregnant"

3b740 No.822

File: 1500252500555.png (3.97 KB, 336x112, i was proven wrong.png)

Ok i was corrected about the normal stuff

e8e82 No.824

Kinda showing … MAKE HER BIGGER NAO

3b740 No.836

File: 1500761160925.png (3.83 KB, 285x92, best option!.png)

e8e82 No.837

I found this today:
"Pls draw her 8 months pragnent w/ 2 babbies!"
I say she's due any minute, so let's do it ;-)

9181f No.838

I recall a while back seeing something close to "12 months pragnent with 12 babbies" and I'm just thinking "yes please" hahaha

b0103 No.839


This seems too normal for pregchan lol

e8e82 No.849

"Pls draw her 12 months pragnent w/ 12 babbies!"

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