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File: 1503870760380.png (137.77 KB, 746x892, 1806.png)

b12e7 No.900

Welcome to Orgy Trail, a casual CYOA Quest inspired by games like Oregon Trail and Death Road to Canada. A fantasy world has suddenly been overtaken by a strange curse that has seen the land overrun with horny monsters and the good people of the world slowly corrupted to join them. This game will follow a randomized adventure as a small group attempts to travel to a safe haven while trying to resist becoming brood mothers for the hordes of fiends flooding the world! Will they make it, or will they end up facing their own not-so-bad ends?

This is mostly a small attempt at a casual creative outlet and exercise. There won't be a lot of deep story, events will be pretty random and light hearted, and the fetishes might get weird. Pregnancy and breeding is going to be a common theme throughout as well.

To start with, we're going to need to create our first band of victims. The first three characters submitted will be the starting group, with any extra people want to add becoming potential recruits down the line. Feel free to submit whatever crazy concepts you want, just be aware that they likely are gonna end up being put through some pretty weird stuff.

The actual mechanics will be pretty simple and will mostly fluid. But for submitting a character here are what they'll need.

Name: Can be anything. Be as serious or silly as you want.
Species: Human by default, but anything is viable.
Hair Color: The color of their hair (or feathers or scales or whatever). Whatever offspring they have will keep it!
Trait: A single trait that defines your character's attitude and reaction to things. You can pick whatever. Will have a mechanical effect on the options a character will have for each situation.
Perk: An ability set that defines your character's skills. Will have a mechanical effect on how successful they are with certain actions.
Fetish: A single fetish that the character has and the universe will likely inflict upon them. Pregnancy and breeding are the default (but that will happen anyways, meaning it'll just be way more likely).

So yeah. If you're interested submit a character. Or just stick around to see if this takes off. If you have any questions the answer is yes. Here's hoping this will be a nice little distraction!

284fe No.901

Golly gee! I'd like to get my hands dirty with this!

Name: Cupcake
Species:Bunny-girl/lagogirl, (idk)
Hair color: Cofee brown, straight long chest length
Trait: Hardy- Do first, think later
Perk: Incredible fertility ;)
Fetish: (I wanna put a ton but I'll narrow it down to two first, maybe stick to one once the actual thingy begins) Much larger partners or birthing

d98f5 No.903

Seems simple enough.
Name: (ex-sheriff, now Caravan Guard) Isabella Vaca
Species: Cowgirl (no udder, just constant flow and large breasts)
Hair Color: Blonde
Trait: Determination- Never give up, never back down, never stop shooting, the hunt must go on.
Perk: Grit- Go above and beyond normal endurance to ludicrous levels, fighting and keeping watch for days at a time with little rest.
-Femdom (She fights battle after battle, war after war to weed out the week from the strong, the dull from the smart, knowing one day she'll find her mark. One day…)
-Eugenics: she desires to mate only with the strongest and craftiest to make children with. (Any partners need to be strong enough to survive her to catch her interest. The only ones so far able to keep up with her near-unlimited endurance have been on par with incubi, and even then she's the one coming out on top. Her quest is to find the strongest and smartest to pass on her genes, unbeknownst to those she guards. Most believe she is simply a good caravan guard who trounces any who try to fight her, and don't notice how disappointed she is after fights.)
-Breastfeeding/milking (she is a cowgirl, she has to relieve pressure somehow)

93f38 No.904

Name: Kyrie
Species: Doggirl (ears and tail)
Hair Colour: Sandy Blonde
Trait: Naively trusting, but not ditzy
Perk: Enhanced senses - better at foraging and hunting
Fetish: Fetal movement

Interested to see where this goes, and hope for its success. Sorry to continue the demi-human trend.

b12e7 No.905

Demi humans are fine! And with that we have our first three travellers. Of course, people are encouraged to submit more characters at any time (because there is no guarantee these ones will make it through the shole trip). Also, I realize my wording may have implied it but male (and other) genders are also free to be submitted. Just be careful not to get too attached. RNG can be a cruel goddess. But either way, any future submitted characters are going to randomly appear in events along the road. And I'll also be filling in the blanks with non submitted characters as well.

But for now Kyrie, Isabella, and Cupcake will have to survive… Or end up giving into the corruption. I'll post the first part soon with details on some of the mechanics. The general gist of it will be that the group has to manage their resources while traveling along the road towards safety and being faced with events that they must deal with. Each character in the party will provide a single option of how they want to handle a situation, and the readers get to vote which option they go with. And then random chance (though not entirely random, perks and traits will aid and hinder them at times) shall determine how the event plays out. Or events may play out automatically as well. Succeeding means they can continue, but if things start to get hairy they may end up succumbing to their own lusts. We'll just have to see!

8435f No.918

Name: Hilda
Species: Hoomen
Hair: Dark as night, cuts off at shoulders, curly
Eyes: Hazel with a tint of yellow
Trait: Smart, but too lazy to act on it.
Perk: This Seems Fun: Gets a major intelligence boost on actions if it includes the fetish or certain things the character likes
Fetish: Over-overdue(aka hypergestation, baby stays in womb for more than 9 months, keeps growing)
Refusal (Character is not fully on board with pregnancy, is not always complete hatred)

8435f No.919

Quick addedum, is pretty short (5'3)

b12e7 No.930

File: 1504055615404.png (111.95 KB, 300x250, 7d59d3afa7d0b53539406c3df3….png)

((Alrighty, here we go. First post. Cupcake, Isabella, and Kyrie. And Hilda is in the roster as well. Wish them luck!))

Bizarre rumors had began to spread throughout the town about strange monster attacks and barbaric hordes roaming the land. To say nothing of the strange pink glow the full moon had taken on recently. While alarming, nobody could have expected things to escalate so fast. Before anything could be done about it a horde of goblins had descended upon the small town. It was decimated in a single massive bout of debauchery…

That three people somehow entirely slept through.


Cupcake, Isabella, and Kyrie awake from their peaceful nights sleep in a small cozy inn only to find the town absolutely covered in jizz. Doors were smashed in, windows broken, the streets nearly soaked with spunk… And the building they were staying at entirely untouched. It was really odd. But it quickly became apparent that they couldn't stay here any longer. They decided to leave town together since nobody else seemed to be around and grabbed enough supplies to last them the trip from the inn. Still, with the strange happenings going on it would do them well to stock up a bit more before they leave!

Where should they look for supplies?

((Each character will provide one or more options during each party choice section along side generic party options. Each option will have good and bad consequences relating to it that may arise that will be randomly determined. This first one is free though, only good things will happen here to get you guys started. <Lood> is a mysterious material that started appearing recently, and seems to help keep people mentally grounded. It's very valuable and helps fight off the corruption, but slowly depletes over time. Each party member requires 1 Lood a day or else they take sanity damage. <Weapons> and other items can be useful for helping in certain situations… Or making them worse. <Animals> and vehicles may be able to make the group move faster or offer other bonuses, but they require Lood to maintain like a party member does. <Time> passes during every event the group faces with a single event being faced a day. The more days the party survives the closer they are to reaching their next goal! And if you want to suggest additional options or details to add to a vote then feel free to do so!))

1- (Cupcake) suggests the group see if there is any <Lood> laying about town to collect.
2- (Isabella) suggests going to the guard house to grab <Weapons> before they leave.
3- (Kyrie) suggests heading to the stables to find an a pack <Animal> to help carry stuff.
4- If they leave now then they can gain some <Time> and ground on whatever did this!

((This is a quick overview of the current party and their Sanity, along with their important bits.))

-Cupcake: 3/3 (Hardy Fertile Lagogirl)
-Isabella: 3/3 (Determined Grit Cowgirl)
-Kyrie: 3/3 (Naive Senser Doggirl)

((Here will be where we keep track of what day it is and how close the group is to reaching their current destination. The closest town is 7 days away!))


((This is where your supplies will be kept. Items will be used automatically and potentially randomly, though feel free to suggest things that you think will help.))

-Lood x10 : Magic resource that helps maintain sanity. Each party member depletes one per day.

876b0 No.932

Gonna vote 1~

86e71 No.934

Oh geez. Oregon Trail is a no-win game…
But I'll vote option 2 >_>

8cf24 No.936

Ever watch Ben Croshaw beat it on his first playthrough?

86e71 No.937

No. I didn't know that was possible, even for those whose names are an extremely lucky occurrence (Yahtzee.)

284fe No.938

Option 1! More lood!

27442 No.940

Option 1

f78ea No.941

No, that's actually the guy. Did a longplay on YouTube on his personal channel and beat it first try.

8435f No.945

I'll go with Option 1. That is, if I can vote.

ce955 No.947


f2238 No.948

File: 1504207106241.jpg (64.63 KB, 727x500, IMG_2118.JPG)

59721 No.949

Name: Brandy
Species: Human
Hair color: Auburn
Trait: Dominant, Athletic
Perk: Endurance
Fetish: Ageplay (no younger than 13)

d98f5 No.950

Isabella can smash boulders to pieces with their fists! We don't need no stinkin badg- weapons!
>Option 1

c3d33 No.967

Just wondering what the posting frequency'll be on this (ballpark).

b12e7 No.970

It was supposed to be only a day or two between small updates because I had an excess of time and energy. I'm going to make a post today if it kills me though!

d9629 No.971

b12e7 No.974

File: 1504948050997.jpg (94.18 KB, 587x822, __butz_klauser_final_fanta….jpg)

((I meant to update this faster. Oh well! Thanks for being patient. And Brandy has been insterted into the roster. Also, as you can see I may randomly throw in characters from different media. There are no rules!*

*: There are some rules.))

1: 6, Search for Lood
2: 1
3: 0

As the group gets ready, Cupcake suggests that they see if they can't find some Lood scattered around town. The stuff is pretty useful, so it's bound to come in handy! Everybody else gets the feeling that she just wants too oogle the damage that's left around town, but agree that extra Lood would be useful for their trip. As they reach the town center they find it covered in thick layers of strange white goo. Kyrie isn't sure what it is at first, but the scent is overpowering. She's left a blushing mess for the rest of the day after being told what it was. A bit more investigation and the group discovers that there is a lot of clothes lying around. A LOT. Like the whole town had decided to get naked. Strangely, there didn't seem to be much violence. All the damage looks like it might have been from too rough… Action. And strangely, there were drag marks through the streets. It was as if several large round objects were dragged over the slippery slime and out of town. The implications are a bit worrisome. But the trail goes cold and after a days worth of searching the group gathers up a good pile of Lood before beginning their journey. It's soon night, the pink moon shining in the air as the group sets up camp.

x4 Lood gained.


x3 Lood used.

The group awakens after a peaceful night and continues their journey. The day passes uneventfully as the group gets to know each other. Isabella talks about hunting down whatever monsters did this, but they have no leads on finding them for now. Heading to the closest town is their only real option.

After a while they're surprised to find a man sitting on a stump by the side of the road! He looks like an adventurer of some kind. His name is <Bartz> and he has wavy brown hair. At his side is a red sword, but he seems friendly enough. He doesn't seem to know anything about what happened in town since he's spent the last few days camping in the forest. He doesn't seem too concerned though. In fact, he seems more interested in challenging the group to a game of cards! He even offers to help the group on their trip in exchange for a wager. He's been pretty lonely, so meeting a couple of girls in the woods is pretty lucky! He'll gladly help protect them on the way to the next town for free if they win a round. But if they lose then one of them has to spend some private time with him first!

((Bartz here is a randomly picked character that the party can recruit! The more party members the group has the more Lood you lose each day but the more options and abilities the group has. Even if the original group ends up with bad ends, as long as there is one person currently in the party then game continues. As for the options, each one here has a chance of succeeding and failing with different likelihoods of success.))

1- (Cupcake) accepts the gamble.
2- (Isabella) accepts the gamble.
3- (Kyrie) accepts the gamble.
4- (Cupcake) skips the card game and just sleeps with him. <Hardy>
5- (Isabella) beats him up for being a creep. <Determined>
6- The group leaves him be.

-Cupcake: 3/3 (Hardy Fertile Lagogirl)
-Isabella: 3/3 (Determined Grit Cowgirl)
-Kyrie: 3/3 (Naive Senser Doggirl)


-Lood x11 : Magic resource that helps maintain sanity. Each party member depletes one per day.

96b9f No.975

>>>option 4

d98f5 No.976

>Option 4

c2062 No.977

Voting 1.

b4966 No.979

4. Also, what does the 'time' counter mean?

b12e7 No.981

How many days have passed until they reach the next town.

d72d2 No.985

Option 1

d77ea No.986

Option 1

b4966 No.987

Ah, okay

c7161 No.992

Option 1. At least if she loses, she's not doing anything too different.

284fe No.993

Option 1. My baby gonna win! Lol

b4966 No.994

Option 4

a1867 No.995

You alright with Futas?

Name: Sien
Species: Kitsune Futa
Hair Colour: Red, breast length
Trait: Sly, but not completely mean
Perk: Bigger is better- Well endowed, increased semen production, pregnancy leans towards multiples
Fetish: cum inflation, big pregnant bellys

b12e7 No.996

File: 1505261491523.jpg (88.79 KB, 350x285, Pipe_Organ_of_the_Oude_Ker….jpg)

((Well endowned? Cum inflation? Of COURSE Sien is added to the roster.))

1: 5, Cupcake accepts the gamble
2: 0
3: 0
4: 4
5: 0
6: 0

Cupcake bounces forward at the offer of the gamble before the other two can react. She doesn't seem like she'd mind losing all too much, but she's confident that she'll win regardless!

Cupcake's confidence is smashed as she finds herself trounced faster than expected. It was really kind of embarrassing. She sits there for a moment, ears drooping. Everybody just awkwardly sits around in silence for a second while she mopes, including Bartz. Thankfully she bounces back quickly and pretends like she wasn't even trying to save face. After all, why wouldn't she want to spend some time with a handsome guy? Right? RIGHT? Everybody just nods in agreement.

She quickly grabs Bartz and drags him somewhere private to get this over with quickly. The two are soon undressed and the bunny girl is bouncing on his dick with fervored passion. However, it is not over quickly. The two make out and fuck for what seems like hours, and by the time Cupcake is cream filled it's already gotten late and the others have set up camp. Cupcake and Bartz decide to settle in for the night too… But don't spend very much time sleeping.

RESULT: Failure!
-Cupcake loses 1 Sanity.
-Bartz joins the party!

Name: Bartz
Species: Human
Hair: Wavy Brown
Trait: Wanderer - Never gets lost. Mostly because he's not going anywhere particular.
Perk: Animal Friend - Really good with animals.
Items: Brave Blade - A red sword empowered by courage, Card Deck - A deck of monster themed cards.


x4 Lood used.

The group awakens and begins to head out, though Cupcake looks rather exhausted. Still, the party heads out and faces a rather uneventful trip! The group talk about their lives and junk. Bartz seems to be a pretty carefree guy, but also doesn't seem like he's the brightest at times either. Eventually the sun begins to set and the group sets up camp again. However, as the group begins to sleep a strange melody begins to play in the distance…

<Kyrie> is woken up in the middle of the night. Confused and curious about the haunting music she decides to go look for it's source. Her keen sense of hearing easily leads her through the forest and away from the party. Soon she finds herself in a clearing, and before her sits a large pipe organ and a blonde man playing it. Finding a strange man out in the middle of the woods playing on a spooky tune on a pipe organ? Kyrie sees nothing wrong with this and quickly approaches to introduce herself.

She wakes up screaming a moment later, back in her cot at camp. She's broke out in a cold sweat and panting heavily. What a horrifying dream. Being held down by ghostly hands as they felt and groped over her body, trembling as that strange man pulled her close, being deeply kissed under the full moon as they made love for hours… The doggirl blushes heavily as she realizes how wet she is and tries to fall back asleep. She gives a small grunt as she feels a small movement against her stomach for a moment. M-Must be her imagination…

RESULT: Failure!
-Kyrie loses 1 Sanity.

((This was a <Random Event> that didn't require any input to determine the outcome. Random events can be good or bad, and the party member they effect is randomly selected as well. Said party member's traits can help or hinder them in these events, for example here Kyrie was at a disadvantage for being Naive, though she was unlucky enough that it wouldn't have mattered if she wasn't. If a trait or perk would affect the outcome of an event then it'll be noted during the Result tally.))


x4 Lood used.

As the group continue on their journey they stumble upon what seems to be a small coliseum on the side of the road. It seems there's an event going on today and they are looking for participants. It seems to be being hosted by a clan of ninja though, so nobody in the group actually sees anybody to ask any questions about any of it. Still, there seems to be four registration pages sitting on the table for them. There seems to be a participation reward for free Lood for each participant, and the grand prize seems to be free ninja training! However, the liability disclaimer reads like a long list of sex acts and bars the establishment for responsibility from lewd sex acts, the inability to walk for a few days, random anime violence, impregnation, transformation, ahego, friendship, and bringing shame upon your family. Seems risky, but the group is running low on supplies. Should they enter?

((For this event, more than one character has the chance to enter. Any character with at least 2 votes will automatically be entered to participate. However, if everybody joins or everybody leaves wins the vote then those options will take precedence.))

1- <Cupcake> enters.
2- <Isabella> enters.
3- <Kyrie> enters.
4- <Bartz> enters.
5- Everybody joins as a team.
6- They decide against it.

-Cupcake: 2/3 (Hardy Fertile Lagogirl)
-Isabella: 3/3 (Determined Grit Cowgirl)
-Kyrie: 2/3 (Naive Senser Doggirl)
-Bartz: 3/3 (Wanderer Animalist Man)


-Lood x3 : Magic resource that helps maintain sanity. Each party member depletes one per day.
-Brave Blade: A red sword empowered by courage. Becomes weaker the more the user runs away.
-Card Deck: A deck of monster themed cards. Popular among children and man children.

f52ef No.999

Everyone's skills could pull this off. Voting 5.

d5f36 No.1000

Option 5, we really need the lood

d98f5 No.1001

>5 Everyone joins in
We might be put in the team tournament, but at least one of them should make it through unscathed

c79ea No.1002

Option five. Nothing gambled, noghing gained, and free ninja training would be pretty sweet.

c7161 No.1003

Option 5. More Lood = not crazy, plus secks n babbys iz good

eb14a No.1004

Option 5

4e9ee No.1005

Option 5

96b9f No.1006

everyone in

a1867 No.1007


b9332 No.1008

Let's go with 5.

284fe No.1009


b12e7 No.1015

File: 1505619039881.jpg (30.62 KB, 354x346, 2131793 2.jpg)

((Arena time!))

1: 0
2: 0
3: 0
4: 0
5: 11, Everybody joins as a team
6: 0

The group decide that the supplies they'd gain from all participating would be worth the risk, plus if they all work together they should be able to pull through! Power of friendship and all that. Wait, are they even friends? Regardless, they all sign the paper work (and the waivers) and head inside.

As they enter the arena the first thing they notice is that the stands are packed! But instead of the relief of finding some form of civilization the group instead discovers that these aren't just ninjas running this tournament! These are DEMON ninjas! The crowd is full of various forms of demons and monsters all cheering for the battle that's about to begin.

On the other side of the arena another group arrives. A band of four demon ninjas themselves, one for each member of their team to face. The first one seems to be an oddly shaped ghost in a robe. He kind of looks like a sperm cell. It's weird. The second is a young red headed girl with a spear and a cruel smirk. The third is a white haired man in a white coat, and seems to be the leader of the group. The fourth… Is just a red book with an angry looking face. And it's on fire. Super weird. But just like that the battle begins!

First the ghost flies towards Cupcake! The bunny isn't much of a fighter, but she winds up and swings her fist forward on instinct and… POW! The ghost flies right into her fist before flying away in the opposite direction!

RESULT: Success!
-Cupcake wins.
-Demon ninja ghost defeated.

Next the girl charges at Isabella. She's very small compared to the cow girl, but seems to be confident in her ability to fight. She leaps up into the air to stab down at her with her spear, but Isabella reaches up to grab the spear out of mid air and uses it to slam the girl into the ground!

RESULT: Success!
-Isabella wins.
-Demon ninja girl defeated.

Next the the white haired man begins to summon a dark energy around him, before it manifests into a spear of darkness! Kyrie, in a panic, suddenly realizes he's focusing on her. Before she can do anything he charges! …Before miraculously tripping and falling face first onto the ground. Kyrie stares for a moment, before deciding to kick him in the head several times!

RESULT: Success!
-Kyrie wins.
-Demon ninja man defeated.

Bartz draws his sword and approaches the book, not waiting for it to attack him. As he does so the pages suddenly open and a figure made of flames bursts forth and charges at him! He swings his sword as the flames engulf him… But soon an inspiring and catchy music begins to play as his sword begins to glow. After an intense and dramatic second he swings and slices the flames in half as passioned anime lyrics blare through the stadium!

RESULT: Success! <Brave Blade> activated!
-Bartz wins.
-Demon ninja book defeated.

The crowd goes wild at the parties amazing surprise victory! They watch, eagerly awaiting the next part of the show. Of course, the party has no idea what they are waiting for. But from the awfully lewd things the crowd is shouting they start to get the picture. Evidently the winner gets to have their way with the losers. Some of them seem to be tempted for a moment.

Suddenly, Cupcake gets a lewd look in her eyes! Before anybody can say anything she suddenly throws her clothes off and leaps onto the sperm looking ghost. An aura begins to engulf the two of them, and the ghost suddenly begins to change shape. The bunnygirl humps against it as it transforms and seems to take the shape of a large man several feet taller than Cupcake, confused as her sheer lust seems to taken power over him. Not only that, but he's suddenly grown a cock as thick as the girls forearm. Which she promply puts to use as she raises her hips and slams herself down onto it! The crowd cheers her own as she begins to ride the ghost, bouncing her ass against his lap every time she rams his shaft into her. The ghost seems a bit disturbed, but soon takes a hold of her hips and helps guide her in her vigorous fucking.

Several orgasms later and Cupcake is covered in ectoplasm, but still not satisfied. The ghost man however seems to be at his limits as he eventually collapses and goes limp. To the lagogirl's frustration he begins to revert back into a sperm shaped ghost. It shrinks down from it's lack of energy. Unwilling to stop, Cupcake grabs the wiggly figure and begins to pleasure herself with it. She lets out a loud cry of exctasy as she cums one final time… Before losing her grip on the ghost as it accidently slips inside of her. She sits there for a moment as she comes down from her high, panting from exhertion… Before her belly suddenly balloons outwards into a firm dome. Maybe using a sperm lookalike as a dildo was not the best idea?

After the obscene show the group decides to drag Cupcake away. The doors close behind them as they exit, and sitting on the counter is a bag full of lewd and four ninja diplomas. The group don't feel any more like ninja, but they decide not to question it and be on their way.

RESULT: Success! <Hardy> activated. <Fertile> activated.
-The team become ninjas.
-x6 Lood gained.
-Cupcake is pregnant.

After getting cleaned and dressed, Cupcake awkwardly rubs her new belly. Despite being pregnant for less than a day she looks like she could go into labor at any moment. The thought gets to her and she spends the night fantasising about giving birth.

After the group has gone to sleep, Kyrie is woken up in the middle of the night as she feels something move against her. In surprise she wakes up and throws her blankets off of her to see what it is, only to discover her own belly has swelled out into a late trimester bump as well! She yelps and clutches it as she feels the child inside begin to kick and move about inside. She whimpers as it begins to kick up a storm, the fetal movements so strong she can see her skip stretch and shake with every movement. She cries out as her belly turns into a flurry of movement, before she realizes she's just woken up. She quickly throws off her blankets and looks at her still flat tummy. She sighs in relief. It must have just been another weird dream…


4x Lood used.

As the group travels for the day they hear a booming sound as if something large is approaching. Before they know it a large black lizard man covered in armor is standing in their path. It suddenly shouts about it's hatred of cowards and foul play and challenges the group to face it in combat to prove they deserve to pass. After all, they are ninjas. Ninjas are known for their foul play.

1- <Cupcake> offers to fuck it in exchange for letting them pass.
2- <Isabella> accepts the challenge.
3- <Kyrie> attempts to befriend the giant monster.
4- <Bartz> accepts the challenge.
5- <Ninja> a random party member attempts to bamboozle it.
6- The group just decides to run.

-Cupcake: 2/3 (Pregnant Hardy Fertile Ninja Lagogirl)
-Isabella: 3/3 (Determined Grit Ninja Cowgirl)
-Kyrie: 2/3 (Naive Senser Ninja Doggirl)
-Bartz: 3/3 (Wanderer Animalist Ninja Man)


-Lood x5: Magic resource that helps maintain sanity. Each party member depletes one per day.
-Brave Blade: A red sword empowered by courage. Becomes weaker the more the user runs away.
-Card Deck: A deck of monster themed cards. Popular among children and man children.
-Ninja Diploma x4: Proof of becoming a ninja. Of course, it's just a piece of paper.

8d21a No.1016

Vote 2. Isabelle's got it covered! >:D

02878 No.1017

Option 2

42edd No.1018

OPTION 1! Better put her to good use! One baby isn't enough for this baby mama

e6ac0 No.1019


d98f5 No.1020

>Option 2 or 4
Prove ourselves worthy, and take all his Lood while we're here as recompense for the accusation!
(Isn't option 1 and 3 underhanded and proving his point?)

b8303 No.1021


fe363 No.1022

Option 1

8435f No.1024

I'm gonna say option 6 because I can SENSE the wacky hijnx already.

d98f5 No.1038

Now that I think of it, let's call him classist too!

96b9f No.1041

Option 1

a1867 No.1044


f4cad No.1069


d3dd3 No.1072

Still around, anon?

a1867 No.1305


fe02f No.1309

File: 1513914862610.jpg (142.9 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_6825.JPG)

Name: Lilyth
Species: Succubus
Hair Color: Maroon Purple
Trait: Shy (conflict between who she is and what she is)
Perk: Lust Aura - bring those around her to their knees when active
Fetish: Violently Rapid Pregnancy

aa1b2 No.1310

Name: Raav Tell
Species: Futa Half-Orc
Hair Color: Black with occasional white strands
Trait: Fiery - Quick to fight or argue, even if she's not actually mad
Perk: Flexible - Practically a contortionist, and surprisingly stretchy
Fetish: Cum inflation

aa1b2 No.1324


1d9e1 No.1327

Name: Linda
Species: Half-Elf (Human-Elf)
Hair color: Light Grey
Trait: Gregarious - Like to start conversation
Perk: Fast learner
Fetish: Rape (maybe ? Idk lol)

0ce7c No.1328

Here's my idea for a character

Name: Alexandra
Species: Human
Occupation: Monk
Hair color: Red
Trait: Disiplined. Alex typically wears a no nonsense attitude. However she also has an extreme fondness for children.
Perk: Focus: Alex's monk training has made her mind, as well as her body tough as steel. She is able to maintain a balanced state of mind constantly, guarding it against outside influence. Doesn't work when Alex is arroused.
Fetish: Massive pregnancy, and belly growth.

0ce7c No.1329

Going with option 2

44b1a No.1354

belly bump

1de35 No.1966

Well, since this is probably dead forever, would the author care to reveal what their plans for the story was?

edd6d No.2037

Finding out a thread like this exist and that it is dead brings eternal sadness. :c

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