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e605b No.906

So I don't know if this is a great idea or a terrible idea, but I've been on a big DnD kick recently, and I've had this idea for a while now to start up a 5e DnD campaign with pregnancy as a central focus. As such, I'd like to see how much interest there would be by people on Pregchan for trying a campaign that has a lot of pregnancy elements.

The campaign would of course not be all-pregnancy all the time, as I want to have some general DnD fun as well. That said, pregnancy would still be a common occurrence, whether it be players who wanted to play a pregnant character, important NPCs that are expecting, or even quests based around fertility. I'd fully be open to adult themes and moments in the story, but they can also be private should the players wish for that as well. It might be a little experimental, but I think it could be fun if we could get it to work.

The game would likely be played on Roll20 as that would be the easiest free way to play with all the rolling and player sheets available, though it'd be nice to include recaps here on Pregchan so that non-players could see what we've been up to and drum up interest. If interest grew to a certain size, we'd likely pull a Dungeons and Randomness and create multiple different adventuring parties so that people can enjoy the world but not have a single campaign bogged down by a crazy amount of people. We can try to talk logistics out with the people interested in trying things out. New and veteran players are welcome, and I'm more than happy to help people who are new that might have questions on how this all works.

So yes, if people are intrigued, please let me know. I'll likely create a Discord channel for people interested so we can more freely chat. I'm excited to see what might come from this, however!

e72ba No.908

File: 1503975623847.jpeg (354.48 KB, 480x640, 9b173d132944924e3add7da75….jpeg)

I would love this. Corruption of Champions was one of the best porn games to ever exist.

I'd want to play a fully functioning hermaphrodite though. Ha. With as many bonuses to quicker gestation periods as possible so I can just have a veritable army of children as well as just get impregnated and give birth as often as possible.

e605b No.909

File: 1503975887579.jpg (146.84 KB, 737x837, Elevion.jpg)

(Forgive my super-rudimentary map. My drawing skills have always been mediocre at best, but the important thing is that I wanted to convey the world that I had planned.)

The floating continent of Elevion… the only remnant of the world left after the great cataclysm. So much was lost when the dimensional rift to the ethereal planes ripped open in the center of the world and left most of civilization on the brink of ruin. Not only did ferocious and strange creatures decimate kingdom after kingdom, but the very miasma that spewed from the rift warped the land into a strange facade of its former self. Humanity and the other races of the material plane would have been completely lost were it not for the efforts of a great band of Archmages who gave their very lives to separate Elevion from the rest of the doomed world. As the rest of the world crumbled away, only Elevion remained, floating above an endless sky.

And yet despite their efforts, the civilized world was still not safe. The almighty influence of that wretched portal had reached the northernmost points of the continent, and soon it began to infect and twist the land… the last bastion of hope for human, halfing, elf, and dwarven-kind. Soon the reality of the southern contient began to shift, and it seemed as though the efforts of the Archmages were in vain. And then, something happened. Nobody knows how it happened. Perhaps it was another contingent of powerful mages. Perhaps it was an intervention from the old gods. Maybe even the perplexing nature of the dark influence worked against itself. Regardless, a strange rainbow aurora bisected the continent into two halves. The aurora seemed to act as a mystical barrier, preventing the wild demonic energies of the northern continent from spreading any further south. The barrier, soon to be called the Infernal Veil, was the only thing holding the darkness back from finishing its cruel purpose.

The remnants of civilization were still quite small. Elevion was not home to one of the great empires of the past. Indeed, only small pockets of various races would remain immediately following the appearance of the Infernal Veil. The history and the culture of the old world was seemingly lost. But years turned to decades, and decades turned to centuries, and soon a new culture would rise from the ashes. The humans created their own empire along the eastern shores. The dwarves carved a thriving enterprise in the depths of the northern mountains. The elves build a beautiful capital in the center of a serene if enigmatic forest, and the halflings found their peace in many hamlets among the southern fields. Though tensions would rise now and then and border disputes would temporarily flare, all were still united in the efforts of keeping the land safe from whatever could be festering beyond the Veil.

It has been close to 500 years since civilization rebuilt, enough so that many a bustling village and city have developed, but much of the world was yet to be charted, and many an old temple yet to be found. It is an age of adventure as many a pioneer explore the shifted lands. Some do it for treasure. Others out of a desire to help the common folk unable to defend themselves from bandits or wandering goblin packs. Others still simply wish to be the first to experience the untold wonders of the new world. Some adventuring parties have even begun getting brave (or foolhardy) enough to travel beyond the Veil, though few have ever returned from such attempts. It is in this time where our story will begin as various bands of adventurers will soon form in search of fame, fortune, romance, and glory. What legendary tales will come from these unlikely travelers?

e605b No.910


Just so you know, my intentions for the RP are not like Corruption of Champions. While I'm certainly open to sexuality to play a part in the story, I'm aiming for something more R-Rated than X-Rated if that makes any sense. >~< Plot over porn, as it were.

e72ba No.911

Completely fair, respectable, and I appreciate that more over than just focusing on titillation. As we could all just simply ignore the D&D aspect and look at porn. lol

Still interested either way.

4d623 No.912

Aside from my complete lack of experience with D&D 5e (the furthest along the editions that I've gotten is Pathfinder), I'd be really interested! My schedule isn't always the greatest, though…

e605b No.913


I know that some interested friends on Discord have the same thought process as mine. We don't want to sexualize it to the point of driving players away. I mean, why even play DnD if you just wanted to do a pure-sex RP? XD

I do hope to have a good mix of male and female playable characters. I want to try and make it fun for all. Sexy-times are totally fine by me, though they can be made private if the players so desire.

e605b No.914


My schedule can be patchy too. I have a light month of work for the next four weeks, but the month after will be a little more difficult. Still, I will do my best to make it work, even if there are some spreads of time between play sessions. >w<

ff6a9 No.915

Very interesting idea. Not very experienced with D&D, but this whole idea intrigues the hell outta me lol.

95e4f No.916

Hmm, were you inspired by SukaSuka when writing the setting? The whole '500 years' + 'cataclysmic event which unleashed horrifying beasts' + 'a floating continent with the remnants of civilization' reminds me of that LN/anime. That shit was good yo.

f949a No.917

Would be very interested, saved a couple /tg/ homebrews from the magical realm general. 5e isn't my favorite, but if it's what's offered, I'd gladly join.

e72ba No.920

It's honestly easy enough to pick up. There are some people I know who've been playing for 20 years and still have a rough idea of who their character is and then constantly refer to the book. Best method is book > play a little > book > play > repeat endlessly.

I'm going to keep watching this thread. I guess discord info will be posted? Will we actually talk or keep to text? It would be awkward as fuck if there isn't at least 1-2 females. Ha.

24b26 No.921

Never played DnD before, but the idea of this not being porn focused sounds interesting. I find constant sex scenes get dull real fast, and just end up slowing things down.

ed693 No.922

I'd be interested, my schedule is pretty tight but I'd love to join! Are the races mentioned the only ones available, or we we be able to use other races if they're worked out for 5e?

aee67 No.924

Throw my hat onto the table as well.

e605b No.925

I'm glad to see that there is interest in the game. ^_^

I have no idea what that LN is. XD

I'm happy to help any people who are new to the game as well. I'd likely keep the game to text just because trying to plan out everybody having a mic could be awkward.

I'm using the same setting for my friends in real life, just without the pregnancy focus. Our party there is a Tiefling, Half-Orc, Elf, and Gnome. While playing one of the more common races would be easier, other races are totally open!

Anywho, I've made a Discord group now. Feel free to join and we'll hammer out the logistics together!


95e4f No.926

(I have no idea how to reply to individual posts, since I only ever lurk without posting.)

It's this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGfC2boki-I

The basic premise is that the last human in the world awakens on a sky island, 500 years after he was petrified by a "god" during the battle to save humanity.

The world is dying, and the land below is infested with eldritch beasts. Listless, he takes various odd jobs and stumbles upon an opening for a military caretaker, in charge of a group of fairy warriors (who turn out to be little girls). But all is not as it seems…

Yeah, it sounds like a harem, but he's more of a father-figure than a love interest to the girls.

48cb6 No.931


You can reply to individual posts by press the No. after the ID of each post. It works like a quote.

e605b No.939

File: 1504096413401.jpg (119.59 KB, 765x1000, Cx4DlpgUoAIRQIZ.jpg)

We have quite a bit of interest in the group already, so their might be a point where we have to cut off players, though other people are free to join the Discord if they want to keep up with the shenanigans or maybe even be on a queue in case any of the current players decide to drop out.

Anywho! Now that we are setting things up, I think it would be cool if each of the current players introduce themselves and their characters to Pregchan.

2ead0 No.942

File: 1504110391365.jpg (183.1 KB, 900x1165, dragon lady.jpg)

I will be playing the role of Terrathina, a dragonborn sorceress who is intent on finding this artifact. Being from chromatic dragon stock, she is rather ambitious, hardheaded, and manipulative. Having generally grown up beyond populated areas, she's been busy mastering her magical powers, and totally not accidentally burning the local forest. Her knowledge of the arcane and the faith of Arawai has allowed her to glean an idea of what she is after with her newfound companions. Despite her rather inhuman form, she is dissatisfied, and hopes to one day be considered a true dragon, and have power befitting such a being.

dace8 No.943

Hey, this seems like an interesting idea and it reminds me of something I stumbled upon on DA a while back. I think it was called Maiesta? It's basically a pregnancy based table top RPG. It might be worth looking into since pregnancy is its focus and several mechanics have been created with it in mind.

a8669 No.944

File: 1504129457301.jpg (58.05 KB, 500x700, bbf826bfeb004bc4f212826bdc….jpg)

I'll be playing Eri, a human monk who seeks the artifact for reasons of her own curiosity. Her youth as an orphan was spent in a monastic order pursuing enlightenment, but as an adult she left that humdrum life behind to search the post-cataclysmic world in pursuit of knowledge and excitement. Hidden temples and artifacts from before the cataclysm waiting to be discovered are too tantalizing for her to pass up. Still unused to much of the world outside of where she grew up, Eri seeks to meet new people who share her thirst for new horizons.

284bb No.946

It is called Maiesta. It's currently in its second edition after a *major* overhaul to the basic statistics used in the system, dice rolling mechanics, positioning mechanics…basically everything has changed except the names and general functions of the characters and classes.
It's currently playable, but there's no endgame content yet.
Also, the main difference between this campaign and Maiesta is that this campaign doesn't require pregnancy for the skills and abilities to work. Some people prefer having pregnancy be a lore thing that isn't tied so closely to the mechanics. (I get that, but I don't really mind, so I think Maiesta's fun, with a generally light-hearted tone and a surprisingly robust skill system for how small it is.)

Anyway! Aside from all that, I still need to figure out which god (if any) my character worships. Otherwise, I have a fairly complete intro that I can share.
My character is a human sorcerer named Daniel Leonhart Ambrose (Dan.) His parents learned magic the old-fashioned way. When they had him, their magic kinda went kablooey and spontaneously created a sorcerer bloodline (kablooey is a technical term and I'm sticking to it :P)
His parents love him and are very proud of him, but they don't know how to deal with him! There's magic practically buzzing in his veins! It makes him a little hyperactive and impulsive. He isn't the kind of guy to throw the first punch (or any at all, because noodly sorc), but he is generally opposed to leaving a fight "unfinished".
As if that wasn't enough, he had a wiggity dream of a white-robed woman one night. She was beautiful beyond his imagination, but she vanished when he tried to pursue her. Still, he believes she's real, even when everyone he's told the dream to don't agree.
It could be a ghost, a succubus, or worse, but Dan wants to find her once and for all. And traveling with his friends is the perfect way to do so, with the added benefit of giving his poor exasperated parents a break!

3cf62 No.951

Is this still open?

48cb6 No.952


Pretty much, though there's already two groups.

3cf62 No.954

File: 1504540981592.png (194.33 KB, 382x597, IMG_6122.PNG)

Last time, on Elevion:
The Party has gotten together after noticing fliers for an Artifact Hunt. Travelling to a tavern in Jaipur, a lawless town in the desert with corrupt guards and even more corrupt officials. Attracting the attention of most of the bar's patrons was Terrathina, a hybrid draconic/human sorcerer with a fiery temper to match.
Their Mission, Should They Choose To Accept It (they did) was to infiltrate a supposedly impenetrable structure known as The Crystal Pyramid. Their only lead for getting inside the Pydramid, a note of paper with a strange language none could identify. After some reluctance, the benefactor, a Bachelorette named Olivia Winterford, supplied a description of the target, and a warning: No Woman May Touch the Artifact, a bronze statue of a woman with a ruby inset into her stomach. As there is only one male in the group, a compassionate Paladin Noble named Maxi, they have been chosen by Olivia to safeguard the relic during travel.
In order to translate the document, the band ask the bartender if there is a translation service around, and while Maxi falls flat at the attempt for free information, the deceptive Warlock Lady Miranda "persuaded" the bartender to have compassion for the "poor family wanting to know what their grandfather's books said" (crocodile tears were shed). But on the way to the library, our adventurers were ambushed by some unlucky bandits. Unlucky, I say, because the charming Tiefling Sorcerer Setsuna annihilated two of the five, flash-freezing the last of them and taking out their leader, while Eri, a scholarly Monk, surprised the party by snapping two of the bandits' necks in one move.
Now, after killing five people in the middle of the street, our protagonists need to deal with this situation both physically and emotionally.
Will they find out the translation of the paper before something else happens to them?
Will the party be able to cope with the five lives they have just taken?
What will the secrets of the Crystal Pyramid Reveal?
FIND OUT, NEXT TIME, ON DRAG-kerk, cough cough.
Find out next session!

3cf62 No.958

File: 1504561042658.jpg (39.95 KB, 552x993, Miranda.jpg)

I should probably introduce myself as well.

I play the Half-Elf Warlock Miranda, an exiled daughter of a small town's leader. She was banished for having a vision from Bahamut of adventurers needing her help, and instead the vision was from Tiamat and the men were bandits, who kidnapped her father.

She found her Patron bound in chains inside a magically sealed cave. Through sheer fluke and accidental self-injury, she breached the wards (it was accident-proof, not foolproof.) and found the only link The Entity had to the plane. In exchange for having it implanted in her hand and the spread of his influence, she would get power and tutelage, so as to never fail people like she did her father again.

Miranda abhors bandits and thieves like few others do, and seeks powerful artifacts to attain security. She fights to defend people she cares about, and tries to plan for the long game to protect her allies and friends from unseen harm.

3cf62 No.959

File: 1504585398549.png (146.77 KB, 500x598, 8aiEprk.png)

This Time, on CSI: Jaipur: Nothing happens, and it's not the bribe money in our boss's pockets that's saying that!

Chief Forensic Scientist Terrathina has decrypted the message, which reads, "To enter the sacred temple of Arawai you must test your faith in that which you need above all else." Arawai, a Goddess of Fertility. The party wasn't sure of much else about her, as nobody rolled higher than 9 Religion.

They make it to the Library, but something is amiss. Nobody is at the door, and the, "Library," is but a tiny hut of what looks like clay. Eventually the party enters the hut, wary of traps or danger. Not seeing anything of note, CFS Terrathina uncovers a hidden trapdoor. Inspectors Setsuna and Miranda have trouble maneuvering down the ladder due to their size, but they still manage to make it. Viewing the chamber below, they find a sleeping Elderly Halfling Archivist, Wanda Pebblebottom. Wanda is awoken to find five strangers in her Library, having not heard them outside. After some introductions, the party asks her over tea about Arawei and what the passage could mean. Unfortunately she is unable to provide too much assistance, but allows the group to browse her Library and rest, if on the floor.

Setsuna as Inspector Setsuna
Miranda as Inspector Miranda
Terrathina as Chief Forensic Scientist Terrathina
Eri as Patrolwoman Eri
With Special Guest appearance: Sir Maxi as Spiritual Consultant

db065 No.960


I laughed more than I should.

This is brilliant.

3cf62 No.961

File: 1504676403006.jpg (73.94 KB, 640x480, IMG_7258.JPG)

This time, on (Wo)Man vs Wild:
"How to do everything wrong and go down like a chump", by Lady Miranda
Our session begins with planning our expedition, and the less limber people dread at having to climb up the ladder again. Wanda the Archivist forgets who we are for a moment, but soon remembers. A dusty old tome with knowledge about the world pre-cataclysm with an author nobody had any idea about was given to us as well for the trip.

Then we decided how we would get to the Crystal Pyramid. We had three options: Go through the dry, hot desert with a homicidal sun, go by the coast and hope we aren't attacked by pirates and the sun is still homicidal but HEY there's water, and lastly moving along a well-mapped road then moving down a fresh-water river, but with an increased chance of encountering others. Option 3 was unanimous.
Along the way, Miranda spotted an Oasis. Unsure if it was a mirage or real, the party gets closer. It IS an Oasis! There's even some cactus near a boulder for food! Miranda, on a roll with her perceptive skills, looks for lizards and such lounging on the hot rock, and deduces that it is, in fact, a rock. The rest of the party starts to refill their water containers and wash up when the rock, which Miranda had JUST looked over, releases five angry Flying Snakes which ambush the party. One tense fight later and Miranda, despite reducing one of the snakes to red mist, is twitching on the ground unconscious, Setsuna frazzled with having 1 HP for the whole fight, and Terrathina cooking the lizards for food. Maxi saves the Warlock from an untimely demise with a quick application of Lay on Hands, but she remains unconscious for a while longer, recuperating under the watchful eye of Terrathina.

(Seriously, Flying snakes might have an AC of 14 and HP of 5, but they do 3d4+1 damage a turn, each, and they had surprise. Did I mention the fly speed of 60' with the Flyby ability, which negates AoO? CR 1/8 my foot.)

3cf62 No.963

File: 1504761931282.jpg (701.43 KB, 2560x1440, John Wick.jpg)

This Time, on Back to the Future with Orc Wick:
Party: It's not what you did, that angers me so. It's who you did it to.
Miranda: Who? That fucking Orc nobody?
Party: That "fuckin' nobody"… is Orc Wick. He once was an associate of ours. They call him "Baba Yaga."
Miranda: The Boogeyman?
Party: Well Orc wasn't exactly the Boogeyman. He was the one you sent to kill the fucking Boogeyman.
Miranda: [stunned] Oh.
Party: Orc is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will… something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar… with a pencil, with a fucking pencil. Then suddenly one day he asked to leave. It's over a woman, of course. So I made a deal with him. I gave him an impossible task. A job no one could have pulled off. The bodies he buried that day laid the foundation of what we are now. And then my son, a few days after his wife died, you steal his sack and kill his fucking dog.
Miranda: Everyone, I can make this right.
Party: Oh? How do you plan that?
Miranda: By finishing what I started.
Party: [irritated, turning to Fourth Wall] What the… did he hear a fuckin' word I said?
Miranda: [in Elvish] Dad, I can do this! Please!
Party: [pulls Miranda close, talks into his ear] Miranda, Miranda! Listen! Huh? Orc will come for you, and you will do nothing because you can do nothing, so get the fuck out of my sight!

(Through miscommunication, the session was reset since it was shaping up to be a TPK based on OOC knowledge)

3cf62 No.964

I should also mention, these were group 1's session summaries, Group 2 meets tomorrow.

3cf62 No.972

File: 1504913764651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.58 KB, 225x225, IMG_3243.JPG)

I was only there for the latter half of the session so I can only give a brief description of what happened.
On the journey to the Crystal Pyramid, the party discusses rations and the pricing of them.
Now, the journey is a Ten Day trip, and there's an outpost three days out to resupply before diving in. The party stopped by there to get food, (this is where I got there) and on the first day out we encountered something that stopped us dead in our tracks, it was just that important:
The session was then mostly about the mother and the three kittens we found.

3cf62 No.990

File: 1505152656024.jpg (20.4 KB, 264x290, IMG_1701.JPG)

Last time, on Timon and Pumbaa… wait, wait no! Nooo!
Following the road, we came across a bridge over a creek. Unsure as to if it was the bridge on our map, we follow the creek a ways until it gets to a pond, which we find two wild boars drinking from. We quickly decided to turn them into pork. Sneaking up on them, Maxi flings a javelin, killing one, while Terrathina, the avatar of stealth, is already halfway to frying one before it realises that it's dead. Eri then goes off to scout the nearby ridge line, trying to find the River, but is unsuccessful.
Around a campfire and warm food, the party talk about what exactly the artifact is and what reason Lady Olivia wants it. It is then that Terrathina reveals that while she wanted to wait until we had the artifact in hand, she did not want to wait until telling us what it does. And oh boy, what an effect it has. Any female that touches the statue becomes extremely fertile. Not immaculate conception, but still assured to conceive a few kids. The party deliberates on what to do with the statue when they go to sleep.

3cf62 No.1010

File: 1505477890602.jpg (37.14 KB, 257x408, IMG_6234.JPG)

As we kinda dawdled around for a few sessions on the way to the Pyramid, I'm skimming a few sessions.
When we finally get close to where we need to cross the river, it's a tempest outside. Taking refuge in a cave, the party shares their stories with one another, and Terrathina accidentally lights a part of the cave on fire. Oh, hey, it's a secret hideout! *cough cough Terra why didn't you check for traps, there's a cloud of poison! Wait, there's an Alarm spell on the loot. No! A drow and his two Bandit buddies come to investigate and the party fails miserably at stealth, so combat it is. Miss Eri Anderson (not actually their name), the hero of the matrix, breaks both of the common bandits necks, and the Drow, who was DEFINITELY not expecting casters to be in the cave, makes a break for it, running into the woods.
There's around 1600 copper pieces and 500 silver pieces in addition to the other loot we find, and Terra wants to take it all. Eri, once more lives up to her attitude and helps the dragon carry her new bed.
When we finally get to the river, it's heavily misted out, so we decide to rest until it'safe to cross. When it does clear, Miranda becomes a part of Team Baywatch, swimming across on the first try. Setsuna makes it across as well, but Maxi is laden down and ends up losing half his money in his attempts to stay afloat. Terra and Eri have to leave behind their sacks of money, so they hide it for later, then cross as well.
The party finally arrived at the Crystal Pyramid.

09ff6 No.1011

Hah, no! Terra took all the money she could and made it across just fine. What self-respecting dragon would leave her money unattended!

3cf62 No.1012

Oh, huh. I guess it's just Maxi that lost money then.
(Poor Eri, having to carry 30 pounds of copper across the river)

69eb3 No.1013


You didn't have to rub that in… D:

36702 No.1014


67b74 No.1094

I'll add more recaps to this soon, just gotta write them first~ :3

67b74 No.1095

File: 1508006990302.jpg (1.12 MB, 1009x1102, 1362346582500.jpg)

Finally, the party had reached the pyramid!… then came the hard part: finding out how to get in. At first, the party thought the ridges that bisected each side might be the key, but we couldn’t figure out how it applied to the riddle. Searching around, a strange pedestal was found, but was disregarded as not relevant. We bled on stuff, poured water on stuff, tried drowning. The usual puzzle solving techniques. :3

Miranda took the first leap of faith, descending into the sea by the cliff… and not returning. Out of either concern or understanding of what had happened, Terra dove down after her, followed by Maxi, Eri, and Setsuna. Just out of reach from a normal lungful of air and hidden under the cliff was a glowing portal.

After drying off, the gang took in the sights. They were in a chamber bathed in purple light, standing on a pedestal like the one outside. There were doors to either side, one marked with a foot, the other with a fist, and a towering statue of what we could only assume was Arawai. Though, it could have been another giant, crystalline, wheat-holding pregnant woman we haven’t heard about yet. It’s still up for debate.

67b74 No.1096

File: 1508007048742.gif (2.4 MB, 500x281, 1494810235_tumblr_onfu3uu3….gif)

We chose the path of the foot, and our first trial was a long hallway above a pit, crossable only by a series of zig-zagging platforms. Miranda fought smarter and not harder, rappelling into the pit to cross. It was only then that the scattered bones on the floor started to jangle and suggest that maaaaayyybe this wasn’t the best plan. So, all that was left to try was jumping. After Miranda and Eri learned that gravity wasn’t just a suggestion, the party tied themselves together in pairs, in case of a fall. Once across, a short hallway opened up into a large corridor, lined with busts of Arawai to the right, three doors to the left, and three colored slots on the far wall.

Behind the rightmost door lay the first gem belonging to the three slots… locked behind a super scary blade trap. D:

Maxi managed to find a pattern in their movement, but couldn’t persuade his legs to cooperate. Terra, on the other hand, tried raw, burning instinct… but went down in flames. Next up to bat was Eri, who managed to crit, but barely made it on the return trip~

The leftmost door led to an ever-expanding series of branching paths and a peek at the next gem behind a set of crystal bars, but the search was cut short by another presence in the labyrinth…

daed5 No.1187

Don't worry folks. We haven't forgotten this game. We just haven't had time to keep up with the recaps. Trust me, there's some fun stuff that's happened, so stay tuned ~_^

57d8c No.1287

File: 1512359339639.jpg (31.18 KB, 320x480, ANba1_Pre_.jpg)

Indeed, the game is still going, and we even have a second group that has begun their journey! If people are still interested in playing, I'm quite happy to have new players. My schedule is a bit spotty, but I try to get time for the players whenever I can, and there are openings for both Group 1 and Group 2! If there is enough interest, I'm also open to starting a Group 3! If you still have any interest, please feel free and jump in!

090ec No.1288

Where’d you find that picture?

fe8dc No.1289

I'd be down to play this. Test the waters with a kinky 5E setting.

4bcb4 No.1292

Are mpregs/tr*ps welcome or fpreg only.
Sorry if that's a dumb thing to ask bc I know a lot of the userbase is fpreg fans, but with magic I feel like mpreg esp with a femme guy like mine is less taboo?

Would be looking for something discrete too/chill people.

Anyways good luck to you all.

daed5 No.1293

Sorry, no mpreg in this one (even with magic). The only possible exception is straight up genderbending (which would still technically be normal preg), but I kinda doubt we'll see any of that either.

deeb2 No.1355

If this is still happening and there are any spaces available, I'd be happy to join!

318ac No.1356


Oh, slots are open.

5fc03 No.1360

This really reminds me of something I saw posted on /tg/ once. It was a session that just never got off the ground. Basically the setting was in the middle of giant desert that was TEAMING with monster girls. The wastes were chalk full of all sorts of crazy shenanigans besides the monster girls. Hidden cultist rings deep underground, a giant train that moved from village to village, its track magically appearing in front of and behind hit as it tracked through the caustic arid air.

I'm really sad nothing ever came of that setting.

deeb2 No.1378

Great! How can I join?

318ac No.1380


You can join by pressing this Discord invite link.


491e6 No.1457


Hey, are there spots still available?

As well, I didn't see anyone ask about homebrew here so what is your opinion on them? Check first or is it an outright ban?
I ask because I'm currently working on upgrading, and fixing, a homebrew Cleric domain from 3.5 to 5 that would work well with this campaign.

7b030 No.1468


There are spots available, if I recall correctly.

e605b No.1587

File: 1518142940302.jpg (170.36 KB, 927x1200, 67114197_p1.jpg)

I know we haven't been the greatest at updating everybody, but I just want to say congratulations to all of Group 1! All of the female members are finally pregnant!

c383f No.1619

File: 1518846499236.png (118.39 KB, 512x512, Rug_Bear_Skin_icon.png)

To give a first-time look at the state of group 2, I managed to pull the personal journal of their barbarian. Attached is a picture of what she calls 'her dragon', at the time of this entry.


Algbo, turasjir, si siofme si tepoha sva annyo donotreska acht wer frevor luh di wer lexri ekess goawy sari wer darastrix jisgus. Si jahus soneir persvek wer irthos donoap ekess "Highvalley" leirith svaklar coi jahus osvitha ghent kiri lireh tafiafir mrith vi donoap taken ini nomenes svaust zhin persvek wer mitne.

Si jahus thesekir vi svih di nomenes svaust zhin persvek wer mitne - svabol si siofmea (baclax, lae coi shartlegi ekik) ekess qe vi rumaga jiil sovesa sari bekim ini wer creol tairais diwhaf ekess xiekivi thesek tundartor soves. Si cirau di itrewica kiri lotoc, lae si tir creol tairais, svadrav si ocuira wer sthyr - Daniel lae si jaka siofme di jacion - clax svaust si siofmea ekess qe jacida rumag ini wer cha'sid.

Batobot jahus svadrav Suzanne ehtaha ve houpeir, vur gavira si confn ekik mrith sia cha'sidic svern. Si drekika ekess yarchonis drekim makaid persvek jiil ini sia jaka thurirl, ekess sia nezcaubol (jaciv ui zyak mlasup vur si tir ti tuor ekess svent mlasup youwei sjek si shilta yarchonis coi) vur majaka sia ominak mojka, itrewicir vorana ekess asta tooviri svih (vur jahus ti wer tundar drekim branea zahae batobot! diwhaf!) vur xurwkir sia idol sari "Highvalley" persvek wer tiecelle! Ihk huena si tiliw tafiaf Clarissa Belle ios rocen wer danthe aesthyr.

Yth xurwka hesi idol sari vin tenovi jikael quellar zhaan ini Eliwood Dorstien vur svadrav si jahus drekim vorqa sva ini baclaxtor tooviri persvek wer svih, svern gethrisjic Mirladee vur jaciv sva huena majakic ekess quellar wer sumf di udoka persvek jacioniv pliso bekim! si siofmea coi ornla qe eorikci ghoros si ornla clax wer cha'sid di noach persvek mitne drekim wyogale, vur tenpiswo coi ui shinaltir sia irral thurkear mrith astahi!

Si jahus majaktor irthir persvek ekess svanoa mitne drekimi natorki ini Suzanne svabolen jahus zi kiarf kashora - astahii klae ir ergriff canconv vur inidvi clax wer pab ekess wer drekim, karif desta loupon tepohair ekess ehtah vi goawy di pab leirith dout bekim dout natorki tonash ornla ti svent - vur yth tepohada vi jikael achthend ghoros gethrisj citrel drekiw.

Suzanne jahus ysik skaeren ekess hrrac mrith, vur si majaka Daniel wer sart darastrix (si tepoha majaktor vi xinpivi di coita jaka adon) ekess klae lae vi baeshra molik. Mirladee yarchonisa wer drekiw batobot thurkear, creol vaecaesin mamiss arcaniss youwe, shar si mi jaunus jaciv ornla xurwk vi winhal hrrac rumag ekess hebdol svern zahae svadrav jaciv siofmechic. vur coi jahus sia irral krehl ekess majak toma sia noach xtirl drekiw ofilnari (vinxa tenamalo llewarin Belle!), svabolen di ekmiv ui kii wer hofibavi bekim itrewica lowda batobot thurkear, di ekmiv.

Zyak, siofmeir sia simethoti shafaer ofilnarir si sva huena xkhata juivend'keh (apzen ekess ve ekess yarchonis majak toma ekess sia sart ofilnari ekess Daniel tiichi ithquent! Si janik ossalur temep shar si mi ti krathin ekess qe majaktor lae vi rumag sva nomeno tairais, vinxa zi kiarf! Si xurwka aurthon "fox paws" sva achthend thurkear, vur tangis majak lexri lae mishun itrewica vi quo'quegl de Mirladee) ghoros ossalur ekik, tsydani caex persvek cha'sid, ekess batut wer arcanisstok fueryoni - si siofme si norktada Eliwood lae jaci majaka hesi svih vi jiilral cuaili vur wer frevor kear di achthend ihk duulo!

Hofiba ekess ve wer pothoc arcaniss kreri temep garmth sari wer relgim astahii tepohada coanwor vehafora de, zyak si jahus ti yscik ekess tir throdenilt loupon xurwk wer lex regipre di astahi sari wer Darastrix.

Turasjir, si siofme si geou hebdol svern zahae Daniel jaka batobot wer cirau danthe tepohaic itrewica vi gliiwr drekiw ekess vdri persvek ysik loupon vi sart drekiw.

Hmm. I should have expected it would be in Draconic, let me try and translate it…


Well, journal, I think I have finally hit upon the next part of the story to weave into the dragon disguise. I was snacking in the invasion route to Highvalley near where it was abandoned after prematurely joining with a tunnel used by those who walk in the light. I was watching a group of lightwalkers - what I assumed (incorrectly, as it turns out) to be a honeymooning couple guided into town by the sometimes fun to people-watch dwarven guide. I kind of got overly excited, as I do sometimes, when I saw the man - Iabvis as I now think of him - take who I thought to be his betrothed by the hand.

That's when Schakri caught me snooping, and demanded I come out with my hands up. I managed to avoid being cleaved in two by my now-friend, thankfully (she is so pretty and I don't want to kill pretty things if I can avoid it) and introduced myself, getting added to their travelling group (and wasn't the dwarf being snippy about that! Hah!) and making my way into Highvalley in the sunlight! For once I could meet Clarissa Belle without waking the poor woman.

We made our way into an absolutely lovely accomodation run by Eliwood Dorstien and while I was being eyeballed by wannabe adventurers in the crowd, up stands Yora and she straight up offers to house the lot of us in her master suite! I thought it'd be years before I'd experience the lap of luxury in lightwalker territories, and here it's happening my first night amongst them!

I was introduced in to how lightwalkers bathe by Schakri which was very much appreciated - they use individual tubs and generally take the water to the bather, far better than having to find a section of water near your den your soap wouldn't pollute - and we had a lovely dinner before heading to bed.

Schakri was rather warm to nest with, and I gave Iabvis the fledgeling dragon (I have included a picture of its current form) to use as a blanket. Yora barely used the bed at all, some elf biology thing, but I'm sure she'd make a fine nestmate to curl up around while she meditates. And it was my first chance to show off my fancy sleepwear (thanks again miss Belle!), which of course is why the bloody town got attacked that night, naturally.

So, considering my views on clothing I naturally stripped nude (managed to avoid showing off my underwear to Iabvis thank god! I might move fast but I'm not ready to be engaged quite yet, thank you very much! I made enough "faux pas" at dinner, and even mentioning as such got a smile from Yora) before heading out, rapier in hand, to confront the magical imps - I think I managed to impress Eliwood as he gave our party a second room and the next days' meals gratis!

Unfortunately the stupid magic-bats exploded into whatever element they had been crafted from, so I was unable to do more than weave the tale of them into the Dragon.

Journal, I think I'll curl up around Iabvis now that the poor dear's got a full bed to sleep in rather than a couch.

4dc3b No.1629

This was cool to find but now I want to hear more! How did all the party members get pregnant?

daed5 No.1707

File: 1521297011349.jpg (534.24 KB, 800x1150, 94d743eb7915ee4db5770f2071….jpg)

My character (a lovely half-human succubus) also got a pretty good dose of those mental aphrodisiacs (as if she needed them) and ran home to have a fun night of magical futanari sex (in the sense magic was used to become a futa) with her elf waifu and conceived twins!

She also wanted to knock up Miranda (magic can be so much fun, right?) for genuinely good reasons, but the crazy happened and kinda ruined that plan. Maybe next time? ;)

ee7ba No.1708

I’d love to join!!

e605b No.1834

File: 1527444849616.png (1.23 MB, 1013x1280, tumblr_nkz25l8cve1txug9wo1….png)

I know the thread has been quiet, but that's mostly because the campaign has fostered it's own nice little community that is been playing (somewhat) regularly over the months. As such, we are now ready to start Group 3! If any new players are interested in joining our little sub-community and having some silly DnD fun with plenty of pregnancy-related elements, now is the time to do so!

e309a No.1835

I am,interested! What is the,best method to join?

a2478 No.1836


did you know critical role laura bailey is pregnant

56b4d No.1856


If you're still doing the DnD thing I'd love to join up.

c9c47 No.1884

So uh yeah, where do I sign up? Assuming it's still available.

7572b No.1902

seeing as this game's seemingly dead, can we at least turn this thread into a suggestion forum for whenever OP or somebody else decides to start a new game of this?

daed5 No.1903

Actually, the game's not dead. We're a little idle due to rl stuff right now, but we've been fairly active. We just discuss the game more on the Discord server than we do here.

3cf62 No.1984

Putting this here: The Elevion discord server isn't a server for DnD 5e in general, it's a server for a specific campaign, with limitations on race and how your character fits into the world. If you wish for a more freeform campaign, or even an Adventure Module modified to be pregnancy-friendly, then I apologize, but this isn't what you're looking for. I'm unaware of any other 5e discord servers up at the moment, unfortunately, but if someone wants to correct me they are more than free to do so.

8c86c No.2046

Glad to see there's a thread like this that's still active. :D

4bcb4 No.2053

Possibly interested. Are there any specific times you play?

18d5f No.2096

I kinda feel like there was a huge jump in the story from "hey we went out to find an idol," to "hey now we're knocked up"

ed1f9 No.2098

There was! We’re horrible at keeping things up to date! :D

3cf62 No.2220

So, it's come up recently and it needs to be said again: This isn't a "5e Pregnancy D&D server", it's a, "5e Campaign Setting Server." Not to mention that play times are spotty for the already long-established groups, let alone new groups. Until we get someone new to DM or someone else here posts a link to a PregD&D Server, you shouldn't expect many games.

5d00d No.2224

>Until we get someone new to DM or someone else here posts a link to a PregD&D Server, you shouldn't expect many games

Fug it, I'll set up a Preggo DnD/PF server. Probably won't be using the Elevion setting because I prefer to use my own stuff.

Here's the invite if anyone wants to join.

6ead3 No.2250

File: 1539733091287.jpg (100.86 KB, 800x1535, keawe_choker.jpg)


As the DM of the campaign, I just want to clarify some things. Each group WILL have a pregnancy focus in the campaign, either with some PCs being pregnant via different means or pregnancy showing up in other ways as plot points. However, while adult moments do happen, kinkiness and sex are generally downplayed. It happens, but the focus is more on the world at large! As for how often we play, we have been playing steadily since the start of the campaign. There is no set playtime per group, but whenever we can rally enough folks, we do play for a few hours at least. It comes down to my and group availability. The campaign is actually relatively active! However, it is indeed mostly discussed on the Discord, and the games themselves are all on Roll20. Our groups have not been great at giving public recaps of the stories thus far, but they definitely are moving along!

(And on a side note, we are still looking for interested folks to make characters for a possible Group 3!)

56b4d No.2252


I'm game if you are still looking for people for the third group.

6ead3 No.2256


Sure! We're always happy to have new friends join!

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