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6aed3 No.8768[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hey, the ( >>2 ) old thread got all filled up, so might as well start a second one! Post 'em if you got 'em.
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4df6c No.11381

Once again looking for partners geared towards birth centered roleplays. While I usually enjoy playing the carrier, I'm cool to switch things up.
- fpreg or mpreg (selectively)
- long, hard births
- big babies
- multiples
- lots of grunting and screaming
-public births
- resisting the urge to push
- clothing birth
- sex during labor
- breeding
- birth denial
- fantasy/sci-fi settings
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475eb No.10693[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Apologies for the hiatus. Something came up that I knew would prevent me from working on the story with my full attention, so I had to step away. It is complete, so I can return to focusing on daily updates. Aiming for them, at least.

The old chat thread finally hit its limit after just a few months shy of five years. In its place I place this new chat thread.

This thread is meant not only to talk about the story, but also to write about what you'd like to see in the story. Writing about the pros and cons of certain choices is very appropriate. As are any emotional feelings you would like to make known.

I will check this thread to answer any concerns and address opinions as necessary, if wanted. I also want everyone to feel this is their "own space," to talk freely.

Thank you. As always, I hope the story is enjoyable.
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475eb No.11424

It's been my experience that the girls seem to get less attention in terms of choices after they've been slept with or Edward can't really 'get' something out of them in terms of the story.

It's been a while since Malon got a sex scene for example, because she's just a stable-hand, Edward's slept with her a few times, and there's no particular reason to long-hand out a scene where Edward goes to interact with his horse.

Beatrice on the other hand probably has had more focus than Tharja at this point, because Beatrice can do almost anything Edward asks for, and provides him with lots of relevant information for him to use plot-wise. I think most everyone likes her personality and physical appearance as well. Not to mention the sex scenes have a bit more of a dynamic because Beatrice feels comfortable 'challenging' Edward. The fact she hasn't been confirmed as being pregnant may be another factor. Including her foot fetish in a sex scene has also been scaled back after I saw only a few readers liked it, most were 'meh', and those who didn't like it really didn't like it.

I'd be curious to see the results of a popularity poll.

97d00 No.11425

If you ever run such a poll, I'd suggest ranked voting, just so we can get a sense of "second bests" and the like- sorta like you did when we picked our wife in thread 1.

b4fea No.11426


Personally, I’m intrigued and deeply interested at the situation of Edward having his expectant women owning prominent positions or of power. There’s a certain attraction I personally feel that in some way, that we as players have such interesting characters under our belt who are carrying our offspring.

But that is merely my perspective on why I enjoy having Robin, Beatrice, Tharja, among many others as the women Edward impregnated.

0e336 No.11427

I just find there's too much to do, not enough hours in the day.

d762b No.11428

More like too many girls to do, am I right? Hahaha!

…I'll see myself out.

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1ba62 No.10733[Reply]

If you want to talk about mpreg, then go here!
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af7e2 No.11225

Agree, that's really good. Feeling warm when my offspring turns and moves inside my intestines.

62828 No.11238

Dear friends, please, any thoughts about how it is to give birth with your ass? Would it be sexy, would it be painful, would it be arousing? Would your hole be wet when you doing this? Would your penis be hard while you giving birth? What sensations would you prefer?

b79cb No.11419

I want to give birth with my ass. My penis would be extremely hard, and I want to squirt a semen while I'm giving birth.

b37a6 No.11420

Me too.
Would love to be having sex with someone else while giving birth too.
Cumming and making a baby in them just as I push my own baby out. So hot.

b79cb No.11421

Uh, no, dear, thrusting my penis into someone while giving birth doesn't sound good for me. I prefer to be submissive and weak at this moment. But it'd be nice if somebody rubs my penis while I pushing the baby out.

20198 No.10159[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Русскоязычный чат на Прегчане? Почему бы и нет! Будем рады всем сообщениям на великом и могучем ;З
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70f6b No.11253

Name – Имя заменяет Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous в сообщении на твой темно зеленый никнейм.
Email – Электронная почта превращает твой зеленый никнейм в синюю ссылку на электронную почту.
Subject – Тема красная тема сообщения или треда. (Russian chat on Pregchan)
Comment – Комментарий твоё сообщение коричневым текстом, если перед абзацем поставить «>» то он станет светло зеленым цитированием.
Password (For file deletion.) – Пароль необходимый для удаления твоего сообщения. Сообщение удаляется из меню вызываемого нажатием на синий треугольник перед никнеймом.

70f6b No.11254

Bun In The Oven - булочка в духовке, устойчивое выражение, обозначающее ребенка в утробе матери. Соединив Bun In The Oven с Anonymous модераторы создали забавный никнейм для обозначения местных анонов.

9ed61 No.11255

Большое спасибо за разъяснение!

29291 No.11416

А все же, девочкам с сильным накаченным прессом получается тужиться эффективнее и вообще легче, чем тем, кто вообще в жизни не занималась? Как-то выносливые мышцы вообще облегчают задачу? Никак однозначного ответа найти не могу, а тут, думаю, опытные скажут, где правда.

7078a No.11418

Насколько я знаю женскую анатомию, это дело независимое, в момент родов работают в первую очередь внутренние мышцы матки. Более подробно надо у девочек спрашивать.

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ca6e2 No.11258[Reply]

So obviously, all of us are turned on by pregnancy, and I imagine like 99% of us are at least turned on by the idea of impregnating someone or being impregnated (or both). But how would do you feel about the idea of actually HAVING kids? I personally want a lot of kids, not just because I think it's hot to have a ton of kids but that's probably a part of it. But, I imagine a lot of you are probably bigger fans of pump-and-dumping (if you want to impregnate people) or dropping your kids off at an adoption agency (if you want to be impregnated).
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2f5a8 No.11340

Zero i was thinking about 2 but that not gonna happen not in these times

186e7 No.11341

Yes I want children. But I'm gay. So I'll have to find a surrogate. This unfortunately means I might never have pregsex!

98d83 No.11344

My girlfriend wants kids, but I don't because I hate children.

6b433 No.11355


Just because someone else thinks that they are a gender opposite than the gender they were born as doesn't make it a reality. I don't have to play along with the delusion that someone thinks they're a boy if they are clearly a girl and just doing so to get attention by virtue signaling.

Here's an example. Say you tell me that you are 21 or so. Then I turn around and say, "No, you are not 21, you are 60". Does the simple fact that I said you are 60 make that statement true, despite the fact that it clearly goes against objective reality? Of course not.

It's a similar situation with people who claim that they're trans. They are going against objective reality so that they can virtue signal and play the "victim" as you so eloquently stated that I am doing. They are basing reality on their feelings instead of objective facts, and shaming anyone who doesn't agree with or buy into their delusion into submission. Which is why you tried to shame me by saying

>There is no way to have a logical discussion with someone who thinks this way

Logic is logic, my friend. Logic is based on objective reality. Those who can't, or otherwise refuse, to accept objective reality are part of why society is so screwed up right now. The reason they ignore objective reality is because then they would have to accept the fact that all of their excuses for why they are being victimized are completely invalid, and then they would actually have to take accountability and ownership for where they are at and why they are so miserable. But this truth is so scary and paradigm shattering, that the individual avoids it at all cost to prevent their fragile little feelings from suffering a devastating blow.


Finally! Someone who gets it. Rock on, bother.

7fb1f No.11417

Having 4-6 kids would be great. Don't even need to make unreasonably more money than I already do, just need to find the right gal.

f9c1f No.11401[Reply]


Wanna ask.

I bought an item from dlsite, but this item requires me to open it using dlsite viewer, thereby preventing me from spreading the love to sadpanda.

Any idea how to bypass this thing?

f2ab6 No.16[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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acfc2 No.11327

Here a story about a foxgirl who had an overdue pregnancy

c2769 No.11330



e531e No.11342

Anyone have any recommendations for mother and son story where they act around others like they're not related?

I read a story where a mother goes on a trip with her son to help him move into a college far from home and there was a small bit in where someone they met there didn't know their relation and talked to them like they were dating.

I liked the premise and was hoping you all might know a story where that's a more consistent theme. Bonus points if the father isn't in the picture for whatever reason so it won't involve.

e531e No.11343


Whoops. On mobile.

Don't want the father involved so there won't be any kind of cheating themes.

0e4bf No.11368

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d37ab No.8989[Reply]

I'm curious to know the reasons why other people have a fetish for pregnant related content?

I'll start first…

I see it as something truly amazing, seeing how a woman's body changes to serve the act of creating life. The curves of the round belly, the ways the breasts expand.
I see pregnancy as being at the height of womanhood.
As some of you may know I'm a fan of birth as well, the build up of pressure from the contractions, the pain of crowning followed by the relief and joy at afterwards as it finally slips out.

From a darker viewpoint I sometimes like the concept of it being against their will and how their powerless to stop it as their own body betrays them.

Curious to hear what draws others to pregnancy-related content?

Also please respect that these are people's preferences, and there is a chance some may differ to your own.
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2fe49 No.10181

I think it comes from a crappy childhood. Both my parents beat the hell out of me and my siblings, and when they weren't smacking us around they were fighting with each other. I have this fantasy of having(or being) Gomez-and-Morticia-level parents, ridiculously in love with each other and cherishing their children as symbols of that love.

It annoys the hell out of me that so much pregnancy erotica seems to be victimizing the women in question; my ideal pregnancy pics show the man fondling the woman's belly with as much attention as he would show her breasts or her butt.

Kind of crosses over into my harem fetish, too; The basic element of the harem genre is an active defiance of "Chicks Dig Jerks" concept; In any setting where large groups of males and females interact, it seems inevitable that a large number of healthy, attractive females will be aggressively pursuing a small number of wealthy and/or dominant males; this is supported by the Trivers-Willard hypothesis: females in poor conditions have more female than male children, while females in comfortable conditions have more male than female children. Thus, the children of comfortable(IE wealthy) parents always have their choice of females to impregnate. While in modern times such children are from less outright "bad" origins, in pre-industrial times that meant the children of warlords. And females that submitted to them were more likely to be placed in comfortable conditions to bear males.

So the fantasy of multiple healthy, attractive females aggressively pursuing a shy, introverted and often intellectual male has an obvious fanbase. Not really any different from changeling fantasies where the shy introvert is unknowing royalty or a superpowered mutant. Hell, look at how many harem protagonists discover that they've also inherited fortunes/aristocratic ties/superhuman powers. The codifier - Tenchi Masaki - gets all three. Of course, any real adult knows they're all equally unlikely, but we can't help but dream…

So my dream fetish pic is of a dorky nice guy surrounded by women he's impregnated, all of them obviously recently plowed by Mr. Nice Guy.

ef2c0 No.10182

I had a pregnant teacher in middle school who I'm still convinced to this day was hitting on me.

Long story short, Mario's weiner got a little bit harder every time a preggy girl was spotted since then.

8145f No.10250

Big round bellies just turn me on for reason i can not explain. I guess that random chemicals in my mind made me fetishist that I am right now.

58348 No.10253

Kinda a weird one. When me and my friend were like 10 we checked out eachothers dicks and got naked n shit. We had a very general idea of what sex was like so we kissed eachother and just kinda rubbed our dicks. We then RP'd that one of us (Usually him) got pregnant and rp'd through that. Neither of us got sexually abused or anything, it was just some weird shit we both did.

Anyways, now i'm both a faggot and really into pregnant chicks/dudes.

524f7 No.11367

Pregnancy is sort of the intersection of several different kinks.
I like the way pregnant bodies look, that’s the obvious one. The disproportionate round belly is just appealing all on its own.
I like forced orgasm, someone being made to come in an inconvenient time or place
I like large insertion
I like some light humiliation

So orgasmic birth where someone goes into labor in public and gets stretched wide in the process hits all my buttons at once. Very efficient porn. I’m not into the nurturing or breeding aspect so much so I tend to prefer eggs or seeds or what have you. Actual babies just take me out of it.

c5199 No.11362[Reply]

Still looking for some RP partners to write with who will actually stick around. Literacy is a must. I don’t write first person or do one-liners. Here’s some things I’m into and I’m always open to trying new things:

Multiples pregnancy
Overdue pregnancy
Monster pregnancy(Werewolf/Vampire x human)
Difficult labour
Sex while labouring
Sex while pregnant
Demon pregnancy.

Things I won’t do:
Eggs, rape.

My discord is: pregvixen#8737

763b5 No.11366

I'm interested. I've sent you a friend request on Discord: Bellylover48

f2e0f No.11345[Reply]

Or is it just down?

2101d No.11346

I just checked and it works fine for me.

64d7d No.11350

Ur asking for a pic in /c/?

f2e0f No.11351

Oh that's weird. It wasn't working last Saturday and sunday.

8de54 No.11352

never really saw exhentai to stop working at best the pic just doesnt popup here and there but its like you cant delete y*y cockie other way

1e61a No.11353

you have to make an account at the e-hentai forms and wait between a day or a week or so. be sure to have cookies on for it to work tho

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