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e5ec1 No.2[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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0159b No.8212

another update to this. since yahoo messenger is kicking the bucket, you probably shouldn't bother trying to talk with me on there.

(i'm still okay with talking over yahoo mail tho)

on top of that, you can also reach me via google now. both gmail and google hangouts are fine, just use whichever one you're comfortable with.


454c1 No.6514[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.
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71e3c No.8204

Well, at least you're not leaving us on a cliffhanger of any kind, I guess. Either way, hope you enjoy yourself at least.

So, on the latest episode of "Blue started playing a new game and is fishing for discussion topics", any Tales Of fans amongst us? I finally got around to trying out Tales of Berseria this week since it was on sale on Steam. I'm not really a fan of the series, Symphonia back on the Gamecube being the only entry I've ever checked out, although that might change with Vesperia HD announced at E3 this year. Anyway, I'm enjoying the game so far, if only because I REALLY fucking like Velvet. Like seriously, she's awesome.

08a4d No.8205

Thanks for the heads up. See you when you get back!

a1bae No.8208

Honestly I haven't really played any tales games since Sympohonia.

162d9 No.8210

Bring souvenirs! [i jest]

71e3c No.8211

It's really good so far. The combat's interesting without being stupidly complicated, and the party are interesting just in the fact that they aren't heroes. I cannot stress how much I like Velvet. She's literally what happens if you take a standard traditional JRPG protagonist and actually make them HUMAN. Which is fucking hilarious given the setting.

I could go into a couple other things, but honestly, if you're an RPG fan, just get it. You'll enjoy it.

She kids about the souvenirs. I don't. I demand gifts!

c95c9 No.8194[Reply]

http://us21.chatzy.org/51805587019654#0 Mpreg and furries are welcome to join if interested

6e8db No.3030[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

A friend of mine started a Kik group for like minded peoples. It's called Pregkik. It's for… chatting, rp hookup, whatever. I promise at least one of us is female, too! (Coming soon to a Kik near you: one female and 49 males! I kid. I hope.)

We can invite you! Comment with your Kik username and we'll invite you.

For those who don't know what Kik is: it's IM for your phone. It is not tied to your cell # and there can be group chats. Download it from your App Store or Play Store or Blackberry Black Market or whatever. (I do not know what it is compatible with).
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f8d6c No.7810

Add me. My username is dudsmac

c20f4 No.7862

Could you add me please? Malebirther

cd2de No.7875

On the chance that this is still a thing. I'd like to be added. My kik name is knonme. Thanks in advance

9279b No.8177

If anyone still wants to get in the group I could get some of you in there's ten more spots, My kik is Somarifan513 pm me if you want to get in.

14c29 No.8192

Can I be added please? shirofoxx

7df0a No.8115[Reply]

This is a thread for people to share stories of actual things that have happened to them, in front of them, or they helped someone else deal with in real life without fear of judgement and/or getting into trouble. I know that many people have various degrees of one fetish or another to cope with real life occurrences. Others have exciting stories they wish to tell, but worry about being caught out and harassed by friends/family. This is a place to relate those stories, no matter how big or small, detailed or basic, a place to unburden such things that weigh on us.

No pictures. No names. If something happened with an not-legal-age person, even if with/to you, keep numbers super vague for the sake of protecting the site and not making people overly uncomftorble.

And please, be respectful. If someone's story is attractive to you, you can say so. But in the name of everything sacred or otherwise, do not humiliate or berate someone for confessing something here. It might be a very real thing for them, and it might be hard for them to admit it.

Let the sharing begin.
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92810 No.8174


The absolute most expensive marriage license in the US is like $115 (in Minnesota) and that's if you don't do the pre-marital courses. It's usually between $30-$60 everywhere else, and sometimes even lower. And if you affirm that you're unable to pay it it's generally waived or reduced.

You and your quads are going through more diapers than that in a week or so.

86b40 No.8179

I like how we pretend anything in this thread barring maybe this guy >>8166 is real.

Let's get realistic.

I'm an artist in the community but I'm desperately depressed because I draw what I can't have but I can't stop because at this point I live off the money. Any attempts I try to take to have self-care time I'm left feeling guilty for the money I'm not making.

70321 No.8182


Nah, these are pretty much pregnancy variants of the "I never thought this would happen to me" letters to Penthouse Magazine from way back.

f5084 No.8185

Beat me to it. Of course, a vast majority of the reading audience here probably have no idea what you're actually referencing or the fact Penthouse letters used to be the "OG" version of today's Copypasta.

372c9 No.8191


There all 4 by now by the way.

4a3d1 No.8017[Reply]

You all know what I mean. Those recurring details and ideas that always crop up. Which ones are turn ons or turn offs for you?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a "stop liking what I don't like" thread, nor is it one to dunk on things you don't like about somebody's style. Be respectful.

Now, for me, personally:

Likes: Popped navels, stretch marks, excessive and unrealistic water breaking

Dislikes: Bellies with lots of kicks, bellies that are considerably larger than its owner's torso
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9d98f No.8061

likes: Slightly unrealistic sizes to emphasize the particularly laborous difficulty of that stage before the birth.

Dislikes: ridiculous portions. Gravity defiance. Stuff needs weight and mass, folks! Otherwise it's just a body preference and shape.

45d1e No.8062

Likes: Normal Pregnancy, Hyper Pregnancy, borderline Hyper Pregnancy(think octomom), baby weight/plus size girls, big appetites(not including anything vore related), stretch marks, wide hips along with all the other pear shape related gubbins, lactation, caring husband figures, normal human beings, conventional pregnancy, fetal movement, tender moments, everything wholesome, softcore stuff, water breaking

Dislikes: Demi-humans, non-human fetuses, bestiality, grotesque nudity(i.e. body hair on women, excessively grotesque genitalia, etc.), too many dicks in photos, NTR/cuckoldry, every other garbage fetish nips like to ruin preg with in doujins, futanari, mpreg, hyperpreg on skinny frames, hyperpreg that's anything larger than say a weather balloon I guess, anything furry, ignoring of physics, anything that has blatantly wrong anatomy, graphic birth

What can I say, I like cute stuff, and I like getting heartboners to go with my actual boner
I've probably had quite a few likes and dislikes go over my head but whatevs

73bf0 No.8067

Likes: Superfetation, Hyper Pregnancy, Breast/Ass Growth

Dislikes: Weightgain, fake pregnancies, permanent pregnancies.

b9adf No.8068

My Likes: Third trimester, sex while pregnant, birth/water breaking, reasonable multiples, pregnant nuns, pregnant angels, pregnant elves, underused characters/series, pregnant demons, group sex/harem, Arabian/Middle Eastern, and queens/princesses.

My Dislikes: Netorare/Cuckoldry/cheating, perma-preg, unrealistic hyperpreg, women pregnant with monsters/animals, overused characters, rape as a doujin plot device, just plain badly-drawn, and series ill-tailored for R34.

afae1 No.8164

Native Americans are among my likes. I like to see their vanishing race continue to exist. I wanna fuck her anyway ;-)

02f4b No.8133[Reply]

Ok this is weird. I found a website that offers iso copy of pc games and I came across this one called dick sucks terror in the titfield. sadly I cant play it due to display setting issue.

5f59a No.7061[Reply]

anyone have the most recent version of birth story?
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94413 No.7531


Aye, I guess you can say. A lot of people has stepped up to make this game great again.

22390 No.7534

Hail Arkone!!!! Hail!!!!
Thank you man. I thought you were 'dead'. Still playing version 1.1.1.
Thank you for updating this game. Not as 'ecchi' as I expected but thank you for your effort.

cc499 No.7860

Hey, could you perhaps share the game with me, as I cant seem to find it.

1663c No.7861

66d06 No.8092

1.1.2: Very very nice!

Minor proofreading:

'Picking one of gravel paths' -> 'Picking one of the gravel paths'

'that Tesy would some what familiar' -> 'that Tesy finds somewhat familiar'

'The person was covered in the darkness by shadows' -> 'The person was standing in a dark shadow'

'tightening in her stomach, catches Tesy by surprise' -> 'tightening in her stomach catches Tesy by surprise'

'only to find she was gone' -> 'only to find her gone' (or 'only to find she is gone')

'it's warm rays' -> 'its warm rays'
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a275a No.8042[Reply]

Pregnant Sex
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770dd No.8046

Pregnant Sex!

f934f No.8047

Pregnant Sex…

4e60e No.8054

On second thought, let us not go to pregchan, it is a silly forum.

c8801 No.8063

Is this the part where God gives us all a stern talking to?

ccd5a No.8066

>>8063 I was hoping we would have a silly musical number first

5716e No.8049[Reply]

Why not, it’s good to have conversations that aren’t needless drama about drawings of impossibly gravid woman(or men if you’re into that[as well as furries])

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