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e5ec1 No.2[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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8b37f No.8732

http://us21.chatzy.org/51805587019654#0 The person I used to Rp with ditched me so I'm looking for someone new to talk to, Sonic characters are preferred but I don't mind OCs. We'll discuss likes and dislikes in the chat

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58b76 No.8919[Reply]

Is there anything that you would like to see a pregnant woman (or pregnant character) do in a movie, TV show, or on a webcam? I have several, but they are strange and non-pornographic (erotic, maybe)…
>A pregnant woman squishes somebody's face with her big belly.
>Somebody's face is sandwiched between two very pregnant women with their huge bumps smushing his/her cheeks from both sides.
>A heavily pregnant woman "accidentally" bumps her belly into people, things, or another pregnant woman's belly.
>A very pregnant woman pressing her huge belly up against another very pregnant woman's belly (belly-to-belly) for fun, size comparison, or "bump intimidation" (Jessica Biel and Sara Rue in "New Year's Eve").
>A sex scene between a man (bottom) and a very pregnant woman (top) with her belly either pressing into his chest or smothering his face.
>A heavily pregnant woman sits on somebody. Not on his/her face, but while he/she is sitting in a chair as "punishment" for a comment or something.
>A pregnant woman pins somebody with her big belly.
>Somebody accidentally bumps into a pregnant woman's belly (non-lethal airbag).
>A very pregnant woman tries to do things like a non-pregnant person would, only to either not fit into anything or gets stuck.
>Somebody is squeezed into a tight place with a pregnant woman with her big belly pressing up against him/her.
>A heavily pregnant woman wears a very tight button-up shirt and one or more buttons pop off.
>A very pregnant woman patting her belly with a timpani drum sound effect.
>A heavily pregnant woman is so big and heavy that she needs one or more people to help her up.
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e6de7 No.9412

Anime: Devilman Crybaby

Throughout the series, it turns out that the Earth is on content loop because of God punishing Satan. Well, What happens is that a primordial entity called Chaos sees God restarting the loop thinking it's a game. So what happens is that he makes Akira and Miki fall in love causing the he cycle to break. Now Akira has responsibility of killing demons and protecting a heavily pregnant Miki.

817e7 No.9421


During a mission, the girls are impregnated by a monster and forget what happened due to magic shenanigans. When they return to Earth, they begin experiencing pregnancy symptoms and by the time their memories return, their bellies are overdue with twins and still growing. It's now a race against time and their ever-growing waistlines to save themselves before immobility, birth, burst or all of the above happen.

817e7 No.9422

Cartoon-Star Wars the Clone Wars

Ashoka is captured by a dark side cult and the essence of a long dead Sith Lord is placed in her womb.As she grows fatter and more pregnant,Ashoka must escape the cult and figure out how to save herself.

eec10 No.9425

I need mpreg scenarios for flavor

>A man insists on having family so his wife decides to get him pregnant

>A career woman wants to have a baby but doesn't want to ruin her career or her figure so she gets a boy to carry for her

>an unemployable husband and wife sign up to be surrogates and both get pregnant at the same time

>a first time pregnant dad's friends throw him a baby shower, at a strip club

e507c No.9444

I want to see a bare belly, but it may get censored :-(

6e9b9 No.9442[Reply]

how i can reply an image? :v

d3e99 No.9443

Images aren't allowed in /c.

22b6b No.8347[Reply]

Kinda specific but I have this kink where people give birth to dragons and I was wondering if anyone else here would be interested in reading something like that? If yes I might post it here.

d83be No.8348

I think so. I do love reading the kinky ideas of others. you never know what you are going to get ^^

873b4 No.8387

Sounds cool!

d1cc4 No.9441

ABSOLUTELY!!! people giving birth to dragons is my main kink and its so hard to find good content of that. PLEASE feel free to powt, and if not here, please link to where you do!

d1fb5 No.8433[Reply]

Hello everyone.

I'm back to writing Impregnator Kings regularly, but it's occurred to me that I haven't written a sex scene in a while. I think maybe this isn't fair to all of the readers who have waited for updates for so long. I also think I could use some practice. And it might be nice to 'change things up' and write in a setting different from the medieval (ish) world of Impregnator Kings.

I've become aware that while artists have "inktober" in October and a challenge to themselves to draw every day, some erotic artists and writers call it "kinktober" and draw or write about a different fetish every day.

I thought I'd try something similar.

Of course we all share the pregnancy fetish, but I thought it might not be too unwarranted to ask if anyone had a particular request? I'll do my best to write a short-and-sweet vignette based on your idea. Any sort of prompt at all as long as there's some element of pregnancy to it. (Impregnation, the pregnancy itself, birth, etc.)

Just name a kink or any particular type of character you might be interested in reading about. You can name specific characters, but if I don't know the work I won't be able to do it. I can do much more with "write about first-time sex with a sporty, tomboyish type of girl" than "write something with Chie from Persona 4," just to use an example.
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d1fb5 No.8906

I'm sorry, I'll have to renege on my promise to do this one.

To write a scene set in the world of Impregnator Kings I would have to write it from Edward's perspective as that's the style I'm used to writing it with and another style wouldn't "feel right."

However, Edward has dramatically changed from the beginning of the story up until the current point in the story. To do the story justice, I would have to 'regress' Edward's character back to how it was.

I could possibly do this, but it'll take effort, and I'd rather not really try until we reach a new game+. When that happens, Edward will have to have the mentality he had in the beginning, and he will continue to develop differently depending on what he does. If I write this prompt in game-start-Edward's perspective, I will have to disregard it and go back to writing Edward as he's developed in Ruhemania.

I'm really sorry. There's also the issue that writing the scene would expand more on the maid's personality, and then I would have to keep that consistent in the main story when I may or may not need to.

I will continue trying to accommodate this request when the new game+ happens, but not as a request here.

Feel free to request something else, though.

d1fb5 No.9431


>How about this?

>The colony ship to some paradise like planet suffers a malfunction. Of the hundreds of colonists, only two survive. They must get their numbers up quickly to make the colony a success after all.

>Could involve: Sci-Fi-babble that causes faster pregnancies, increased likelihood of multiples etc.

I sipped a cup of stimulant the automated nourishment system had offered me after emerging from my simulated 'tomb'. The paper cup had more flavor than the liquid inside, but it did its job. The drowsiness that came with artificial hibernation wore off and by the time I reached the control station I had lost the urge to even yawn.

The first thing I noticed was Samantha had already woken up and was waiting for me. Her previously short strawberry blonde hair had lengthened into long messy curls while we slept.
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17c09 No.9432

Great Writing there my friend!
I tend to lurk, comment here and there, but seeing this, I do have an idea for you. Besides Pregnancy related kinks, the central kink is Anal sex

Two cheerleaders (One a red head, one Asian) are very close (Or overdo) with their Pregnancy, But still very horny, so in a classroom after school (College or High school) The have some fun with guy who knocked them up; A very nerdy black guy who had them pay for doing their assignments with their bodies aka sex and of course in his mind, their wombs.

Thanks in advance and sorry it's a bit too detailed.

d1fb5 No.9436

First of all, thank you very much for the compliment. I'm glad to hear the short stories I've put together here are satisfying.

As for your request… I'm sorry, I think I must decline this one.

Not specifically because I don't want to write anal, but for a similar reason to >>8467

You've written a prompt that has such a clear image of what is happening that I'm not sure what I could personally add to writing it out. Furthermore I'm not sure what I can do with the race details you've requested for individual characters. That is, I'm not sure how I could bring that in to the story in a way that makes it meaningful. If I were a visual artist drawing a picture, then yes, those details would make complete sense. As a writer, I'm not sure how to use them as factors for character motivations, or even just as audience preference, fit the details into the narrative without seeming awkward.

But feel free to ask for something else. The worse I'll do is say no.

Sometimes these work for good 'breathers' when I am waiting for a good time to close the Impregnator Kings vote. I'm thankful for everyone's requests so far.

c938d No.9440

Hugely pregnant and still growing, some cheerleaders try to escape an unusual hospital.

8f42c No.9267[Reply]

So I'm looking for a list of preggo artists on DA who create really high quality stuff.
Not really looking for amateurish stuff but more the high end quality.
Any suggestions?
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1e17e No.9433

Nope. They artists want to scam people just to fund their passion projects, I shit on them and their patron supporters.

1e17e No.9434

I have nothing against those guys. I'm just tired of having to play den mother of the community and get their followers to stop acting like pigs around Bolette, Nala, and Grail

f8caf No.9435

Anyone know of any good preggo artists who do fan arts?
Also if any of them are open to commissions or not?

3a77e No.9437

Try AyyAwesome

402ae No.9438

I dunno. Everyone is closed due to limited slots

f2ab6 No.16[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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d4211 No.9309

I want to try something new. Do commission story with $1/1000 words.

- Anything related to impregnation and pregnancy.

- No gay sex, please (can accept Mpreg)

- Fanfic about something I haven't read or watch will take longer time.

Here is my DA: https://www.deviantart.com/vinaren
If you want to read more stories of mine: https://chyoa.com/user/vinaren

ea751 No.9310

looking for an old fic that was on DA involving a the girls of the Hidden Leaf Village and a special..
'pregnancy test'..
one that made whomever used it pregnant.. and then more pregnant.

26060 No.9401


A story of breeding and free use. Will be adding more to it in the future.

4a0b1 No.9428

I'm looking for a story about a psychic secret agent or spy trying to sneak into a facility, but getting captured. She is American, and put in captivity with two other foreign spies (I think Chinese and British but can't remember) who all have a mild psychic power. Their captors want to breed them, and knock them up via science. The heroine manages to break out of her immediate cell and explore the facility, break the supplies and starts stealing chocolate. Eventually, all the characters come to enjoy their situation. At the end of the story they're all very preg and very happy, IIRC the captor informs her that they deliberately let her break out and think she was getting one up on them, but the chocolate was filled with mind altering drugs all along. She doesn't care, they're all happy.

Anyone know it?

a1c90 No.9429

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6aed3 No.8768[Reply]

Hey, the ( >>2 ) old thread got all filled up, so might as well start a second one! Post 'em if you got 'em.
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e813d No.9369

Looking for an rp partner. I like big pregnant bellies(overdue), multiples(2 to 3), rapid pregnancy,belly play, water breaking and vocal labor/contractions.

Mainly looking for female partners,good grammar and literacy, prefer discord [HeavyCarnage#3197]


9cb15 No.9400

I sent you a friend request on discord if you’d still like to role play 😄 ThePinkTerror771#8885

8a816 No.9404

Okay… another update. XD

I will allow mpreg, as long as partners who are really into it are the ones carrying.

You know where to find my tag. :)

4f413 No.9405

9339 here. yes i would still like to play! finally have time to respond to my friend requests :)

9e85d No.9427

Hey there folks! Looking for rp partners. I'm usually a furry rp'er, but I can play human or monster characters. I prefer playing male characters with female partner characters, but can play the opposite (females with males, or females with females). I've been roleplaying for over 10 years so far, and have dabbled in story writing as well.

You can find my insterests and some of my characters on F-List

But a quick rundown:

Pregnancy/hyper pregnancy
Breast expansion
Belly expansion (liquids or semi-solids)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2ef18 No.9415[Reply]

So serious answers only please!

A question for the oldest siblings, how did you feel or act when a close family member got pregnant?
How did you control your 'urges' around them?
Did you avoid them if you could?
Was it your mother, auntie or sister who was pregnant and how did it make you feel?

And no, I'm not trying to go down the road of incest here just your stories about how you dealt with it!

Again, serious answers only please!
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f9a6b No.9419

I don't have any siblings myself, but I have to say, am I really the only one who has absolutely no problems controlling themselves when they see a pregnant person in public? They're people going about their business, not objects of my personal fantasies. I can't imagine it being any different with a family member.

ab7ff No.9420

Okay, think of it this way.
Your family members, right now, all have reproductive organs. And primary and secondary sexual characteristics.

Do you regularly fantasize about those, and incest? Because psychologically, we're programmed by our own wetware to not feel that. Like, if you start to try, your body gives you a bad taste in your mouth (metaphoric) and it becomes gross.

Even though, objectively, they shouldn't. Because if we were to pretend aversive programming didn't exist and was valid, we'd see siblings and parents and extended relations as potential fuck partners. And most do not. But they're just as capable as any other person to have sex.

Does the thought disgust you anyway? Do you just NOT see family in that light?

Then it's the same if they embody some other fetish you have. You go "Ew" and compartmentalize the thing that is hot, or cool, and get the family member out of that equation.

9a2b1 No.9423

Pretty exhausting since I deal with pregnant women on a constant basis due to my work in hospitality. I don't "control" my urges because I always use restraint in public.

Also knew a few classmates from High School who got pregnant in Middle School or High School.

They don't really sign signals, you just have to read the mood. Pregnant chicks are stressed out and will fight you to the death if you don't give them what they want in an instant.

9a2b1 No.9424

PS, avoid pregnant teenagers. Chances are they may or may not have a loved one in a gang, or have been kicked out the family.

51c37 No.9426


I'm not sure that being disgusted by incest is a natural bodily response. I can almost guarantee that it is developed by society. If a family was present in a society where incest was ok, I doubt a negative response would surface.

ded22 No.9265[Reply]

I already know of some but was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

I’m more interested in the disproportionate growth than anything else really because I’m just one of those people I guess.

Loli or teen stories, it really doesn’t matter. Can be from anywhere. Thanks ;)
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516a8 No.9373


f9e4c No.9374

Nope. Still asks for login data.

516a8 No.9376

Try now.

516a8 No.9395

Are we up?

82dd0 No.9414

So I am going to bang the drum on the writing.com website. basically that website is a dumpsterfire of trash moderation. Even if you have an account you are artificially restricted. Unless you pay. Any critique is met with harsh/flippant comments by the owners. so what I might suggest is someone who can wade through the website and archive the CYOA stories regarding pregnancy expansion on there. I deleted my account and vowed I would never go on that site again. I dont hate the writers, I just hate the people who own that website.

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