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Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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http://us21.chatzy.org/51805587019654#0 The person I used to Rp with ditched me so I'm looking for someone new to talk to, Sonic characters are preferred but I don't mind OCs. We'll discuss likes and dislikes in the chat

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We hit our thread limit, guys. So to start, thank you for continuing the good times, Moe.

To middle, thanks for the well-wishes, Shadow. I'm gonna need as much luck as I can find.

To near the end, what kind of cats do you have, Lim? And good luck with your own writing. I hope you have fun.

To finished, everyone remember that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday.
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d14da No.8757

My bet's on Sumerian. I think most of the transformation songs are Sumerian, or close enough to it.

da7cf No.8758

Klaatu barada…nnnnecktie…?

058bf No.8759

Nah man, it's Klaatu Verada Ne–*Sneezes*–o.

…I said it! I said it. You all heard it.

9bbcf No.8761

Fun fact:
A linguist fed all the songs through some programs, and came up with a combo of English, German, Japanese, and bastardized Sumerian.

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Polski czat na pregchanie? Czemu nie! Przynajmniej dopóki nie skasują tego tematu <3
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5f4d4 No.8566

Wszystko najlepszego z okazji 100 rocznicy odzyskania niepodległości moi drodzy!

1f7a1 No.8569

I również tobie.

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b7cf0 No.8717

Hejka, ma może ktoś zapisaną kopię tego wątku ?

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Jaki to był temat?

f52b4 No.8752[Reply]

So it's a well known fact that Pregorama was an awesome but briefly lived website that shut down in 2011 and it will never come back.

I would like to know if anyone has details on the site itself.

Who was the photographer ? any info about them ? why was it shut down ?

All of the pics use the name ''Alejandro'' with a outdated christmas island domain address. ''Alejandro'' seems to have taken all of there pictures in South America in unknown villages or slums which I would really like to locate if the means to do so was avaliable.

So yeah, just wondering if anyone had any extra details about the site or it's creator.

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Hi all,

Can people point me to any and all discord servers tailored to pregnancy and/or roleplay? Would be greatly appreciated!

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I know of three discord servers that could be to your interest.

First, there's Chounyuu, which is great if you like hyperpreg (as well as huge breasts and other such things)


Then there's 'The Nation', which is based of the site impreg-nation. More focused on pregnancy in particular.


Finally, if Furry Pregnancy is your thing, there's the WISWRP discord server run by the site's original owner.


86994 No.8700

Just realized I did Chounyuu twice. Here's a link for The Nation


1706b No.8750

RP you say?
Here's my growing server: https://discord.gg/RJg2AzA

There's not really a theme to my RP server other than pregnancy being the tie of it all, so come on in and get comfy :3

0ad85 No.8743[Reply]

The old RP thread is apparently filled up now. I know, I'm shook too.

In any case, as Doombeez said in the old thread:
"Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!"

0ad85 No.8744

So I have a lot of people wanting or interested in RP-ing, either with me or one my friends. So much so I made an RP hub for these people: https://discord.gg/RJg2AzA

Don't worry, we ain't gonna bite, just come here and get things going!

d9255 No.8746

Hi I'm Asthanad and always love rping with others.

Like/Love: Preg with animals, birth, multiples, sex while pregnant/in labor/giving birth, mpreg (if feeling up to it)

Dislikes: Bursting, Gore, Death, Abuse, etc.

I'm not the best at writing due to a learning delay of mine but I try my best. I usually rp on discord but can rp elsewhere.

My discord is Asthanad#9874 if interested. Can't wait to rp with some of you!

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Hope to see you soon!

44316 No.8742

Is this still a thing?

c0c6a No.4340[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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62046 No.8686

Without parsing words too much and rehashing what you have already stated yourself, the general feeling on this end is somewhere in the "a little bit of all 3 options" department. This story-thread is basically the main and only reason (the royal We) still visit pregchan with any sort of semi-regularity. As long as you're not boring yourself, and that doesn't seem to be the case, it will continue to be worth the interest to see where things lead.

03c2e No.8687

I share Maxi's concern about option 1. I also don't know if I, or other players, would be able to keep up and vote every day, especially when life starts throwing curveballs. In my opinion, burnout is a real danger for both audience and author. Slower is fine, consistence is appreciated.

Also, I have openly admitted that I am not a greedy man, so after working on and impregnating the new three sisters we're getting to know, I'm fine with focusing on proceeding with seeing bellies get rounder and other consequences happening. I'm looking forward to New Game Plus, but I am in no rush to get there.

9656a No.8688

Hello again. Checking back, I'm glad to see the consensus is what I was imagining everyone would want.

I will admit, the days of daily updates are likely over, but not definitely. The story has changed from when it first began. In the first few months, I was very focused on the story. I was not just writing it, I was reading, re-reading, and then double-checking that reading again. I was very concerned with potentially making a mistake in the story's internal logic or narrative. I knew if I contradicted myself, the story would fall apart.

Years later, the story is longer, and the details are more deeply ingrained in my mind. I still must reread it and check for details, but I am less 'afraid' that I will lose one thread and the story will collapse. Of course this means I sometimes let my attention wander or become preoccupied with something else. (Or deal with some issue.)

Daily updates may be impossible, but 'almost daily' may be possible. I don't want to put hard limits because part of the allure of writing is being able to update it as long as there are votes.

Of course, I myself am eager to reach a point where we will have pregnant bellies on the main female characters and all the bumps that brings. All I can say is please bear with me. We will gradually have those develop. (Elizabeth at least is showing, even if the focus isn't on her.) The Faire time will be a bit of a return to focusing on Edward's daily activities as his actions have a little more weight that will be seen immediately instead of week to week. I can only hope you find it delivers on the intrigue promised and the new female characters are enticing.

9656a No.8734

Hello everyone.

Following Moe's example, I wanted to point out that the best (well, only) way to get in touch with me besides pregchan itself is through my DeviantArt account, which is over at aristocrat-mae. I announce updates there, future plans, and I have some non-sexual parts of the story (with some limited commentary) uploaded.

I don't know if there's any interest in my creation of a twitter or anything else. At any rate, if you're wondering when updates are posted, follow that account because I always give a journal notice of "I have updated, with/without a choice."

a53b9 No.8740

This is at best tangentially related to Impregnator Kings, but considering it features Best Girl and one of the newest additions to our cast going head-to-head in a pregnancy competition (tell me that's not something Edward would dream of), I figure I'd share XcelZero's newest Fire Emblem growth poll.

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338e4 No.8737[Reply]

Check this out…lots of pregnant women and their bellies. We're gonna love this alright.


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