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e5ec1 No.2[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Gotta have one of these, right?

Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!
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8b37f No.8732

http://us21.chatzy.org/51805587019654#0 The person I used to Rp with ditched me so I'm looking for someone new to talk to, Sonic characters are preferred but I don't mind OCs. We'll discuss likes and dislikes in the chat

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5a867 No.8351[Reply]

Polski czat na pregchanie? Czemu nie! Przynajmniej dopóki nie skasują tego tematu <3
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b7cf0 No.8717

Hejka, ma może ktoś zapisaną kopię tego wątku ?

049f3 No.8755


Jaki to był temat?

9d71e No.8784

Mam zjebane wahania, czy przyznać się swojej dziewczynie co mnie kręci. Kurwa, parę razy poruszaliśmy dyskretnie ten temat i stwierdziła, że to ohydne. Jak nie ja, to dowie się od kogoś innego kto wie i jest chujem i chce mnie udupić.
Anonki kurwa pomocy.

79253 No.8964

Oh god
Czuję się jakbym wygrał życie

b959e No.8965

I polish too

58b76 No.8919[Reply]

Is there anything that you would like to see a pregnant woman (or pregnant character) do in a movie, TV show, or on a webcam? I have several, but they are strange and non-pornographic (erotic, maybe)…
>A pregnant woman squishes somebody's face with her big belly.
>Somebody's face is sandwiched between two very pregnant women with their huge bumps smushing his/her cheeks from both sides.
>A heavily pregnant woman "accidentally" bumps her belly into people, things, or another pregnant woman's belly.
>A very pregnant woman pressing her huge belly up against another very pregnant woman's belly (belly-to-belly) for fun, size comparison, or "bump intimidation" (Jessica Biel and Sara Rue in "New Year's Eve").
>A sex scene between a man (bottom) and a very pregnant woman (top) with her belly either pressing into his chest or smothering his face.
>A heavily pregnant woman sits on somebody. Not on his/her face, but while he/she is sitting in a chair as "punishment" for a comment or something.
>A pregnant woman pins somebody with her big belly.
>Somebody accidentally bumps into a pregnant woman's belly (non-lethal airbag).
>A very pregnant woman tries to do things like a non-pregnant person would, only to either not fit into anything or gets stuck.
>Somebody is squeezed into a tight place with a pregnant woman with her big belly pressing up against him/her.
>A heavily pregnant woman wears a very tight button-up shirt and one or more buttons pop off.
>A very pregnant woman patting her belly with a timpani drum sound effect.
>A heavily pregnant woman is so big and heavy that she needs one or more people to help her up.
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9ea97 No.8939

Anime: RWBY

I was thinking of Yang and Blake are both pregnant at the beach in bikinis, at some point Yang bumps her belly against Blake just for laughs.

3dbda No.8941

Anime: Superfetation, Superfetation, Superfetation. I keep envisioning a massive gangbang scene where the female involved, surely already pregnant, conceiving and developing at rapid speed, practically immediately full term with a new offspring upon each male's climax. And when all said and done, she's left in a crumpled, exhausted, and gigantically pregnant heap.

eec10 No.8945

A pregnant woman tries to intimidate someone while scolding them for something but doesn't notice that their belly keeps pushing against them which is what's actually making the other person nervous

fcbea No.8949

Anime: a cute, innocent (maybe busty) girl undergoing an accelerated, non-lethal, demon pregnancy with lots of bare belly shots and fetal movements. Birth would be intense and painful with squirming bare belly fetal movements during labor.

58b76 No.8963

A very pregnant teacher tries to navigate her way throughout a tight-knit classroom and her huge belly brushes/presses/bumps into a student's head

c0c6a No.4340[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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2f5b6 No.8958

I agree with the other posters. From a character perspective, Edward would draw the line somewhere between option three and four.

Personally I would be also be okay with reading option-five-style content.

034e1 No.8959

Option 1.

I'm trying to read Ed as a fairly "good person." I realize some of these lines get blurred a bit based on period context and immersion, but the reality is that any options outside of Option 1 and *maybe* Option 2 are highly coercive.

I'm not going to go all-in here and virtue signal. I like the story. I've stuck by it for a long time now. I'll likely continue reading it regardless of the outcome of this, but I would still like to interject with the thought that for me personally, an Edward who engages in coercion in a sexual context is going to give me a lot of dissonance in associating him as a "good person."

97997 No.8960


3 is probably appropriate for a "good guy" that seduces women - in ANY time period - in fiction. (Notice I said IN FICTION.) We can all act like we'd only ever have sex with a women under the conditions of 1, but that's a little too much virtue signaling for a fantasy about a guy who tries to knock up as many women as possible.

9656a No.8961

Thank you all very much. I think I have a good idea of everyone's expectations now.

To be sure, this wasn't to set the tone or what occurs in the upcoming sex scene with Robin… Robin is an established character and I must honor her personality I've already depicted… but also something for me to take into account for the future.

That being said, if anyone further wishes to reply, please do so. If anyone feels uncomfortable about the tone or content of a future sex scene, please also speak up. This is about reader engagement and comfort, which is important to me. It is not talking about "what constitutes non-con." Non-con will not be depicted in the story, and all scenarios presented were meant to be with a partner who did consent (even 4 and 5). The problem is I am writing from Edward's perspective and not the girl's nor an omniscient, therefore I can't insert explicitly into the narrative "I said no, but really it was more a reflexive action than me really wanting him to stop, and I hoped he'd continue." I realized if I tried something like that from Edward's POV it would probably come across as more rationalizing than an objective truth and possibly taint the scene. Even a later fix (like a conversation afterward where the woman says 'No, that was fun!') probably wouldn't undo the distaste felt. Therefore, this poll, to judge more effectively where the 'line' was in that situation.

Anyway, the update will come soon. Please look forward to it.

1d8a0 No.8962

Fashionably late to the party, and I find myself looking at your question from a 'gameplay' perspective, and the perspective of Edward's personality. Edward will maintain better standing staying within Options 1-3, as well as staying true to his personality.

As for myself, I'm comfortable with all options. As long as there is no trauma caused.

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6aed3 No.8768[Reply]

Hey, the ( >>2 ) old thread got all filled up, so might as well start a second one! Post 'em if you got 'em.
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f87b4 No.8904


Roughly, where do you happen to be located?

Also, holy shit your tumblr. I need a girl like you.

1c07e No.8911

I had to update my contact info. I'm not using kik anymore

You can reach me on discord: MidwifeMike#4876

Name: Michael
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Kinks: long difficult labors, water breaking, hard pushing, urges to push, crowning, different positions, groaning, homebirth, birth in a cabin, car, or other unusual location, first time moms, petite moms, big babies, rapid pregnancies, magic pregnancies

I like when the mother really wants to push but she can't because she's not fully dilated yet so she has to fight it. I also like when she doesn't totally understand all of the thiggs she's feeling, like, I always kind of like it when a mom feels the head starting to press down and thinks that she is about to poop. I really like that overwhelming physicality of labor right before she starts pushing. I love it when the mom is in transition, right before she is fully dilated and the contractions are wild and her body is hot and tired and she feels like pushing and throwing up all at once. It's really primal.

Also, anytime my partner has the mom talk about feeling the head starting to press down or like it's about to come out any second.

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eeb36 No.8912

im in. do you have discord?

dc772 No.8940

Hi there.

I’m someone looking for new RP.

Animal pregnancies
Womb inflation

Alien pregnancy
Insect pregnancy
Birth (as long as it is not exceedingly painful and drawn out.)
Us both playing pregnant characters
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0870e No.8951

would anyone be interested in an mpreg superfetation story? I prefer to carry. Hit me up on discord at alwaysontheline#8047

e406f No.8536[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We hit our thread limit, guys. So to start, thank you for continuing the good times, Moe.

To middle, thanks for the well-wishes, Shadow. I'm gonna need as much luck as I can find.

To near the end, what kind of cats do you have, Lim? And good luck with your own writing. I hope you have fun.

To finished, everyone remember that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday.
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7eed4 No.8936

No worries. Like Fem said take as much time as you need. I was just worried since we hadn't heard from you in a while.

da7cf No.8937

The Muse can be a right awful cunt, please believe. Meditate on GOD son, and practice the Supreme Mathematics to achieve WISDOM.

f5413 No.8946

A small confession with the newest post. >>>/d/58050

I had to fudge the timing a bit, and you sort of got railroaded. Deciding to wait would have gotten you the Crystal version of this scene, but it would have taken longer for the bus to arrive. Long enough for you to find a good hiding spot to watch.

I don't like fudging the world like this, but I sort of wrote myself into a pickle.

f5413 No.8947

Also, since I love seeing if anyone an guess my foreshadowing. What's that cute puppy doing at the shrine?

058bf No.8948

I never trust dogs, no matter how small or cute they are. The only exception to this rule is Ein, and he's in a completely different genre.

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f2ab6 No.16[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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24125 No.8909



16641 No.8938

04fee No.8942

>some scars in his face
Should be "some scars on his face"

Use commas and not ellipses to seperate quotes from narration.
>"Now, if you look here…” the Knight pointed to a road he had crossed on the map “…you’ll see the road leading to the nearest town.
It should be "Now if you look here,” the Knight pointed to a road he had crossed on the map, “You’ll see the road leading to the nearest town.

>head to toes

Should be "head to toe"

Try to stay consistant with tense. It can be a little confusing when you keep switching between past and present tense. It is also odd that only some paragraphs are indented. That too should be consistant. Again, remember to end all sentences with a period. Descriptions such as half-orc, human knight, and halfling should be lower case, because they aren't the characters names or titles.

Overall the writing quality is good, and I never would have guessed English isn't your first language. Where are you from?

Never forget that the world's lingua franca is broken English.

16641 No.8943


Actually they were supposed to be their "titles". Like those mangas where the main characters are know for their job, not their proper names. But I got it.

The paragraph formating is due to the site's upload system.

Thanks for the other points, I'll keep them in mind.

I'm from South America and yes, I used to study english, but I've been out of practice. I'll polish my grammar in the future too.

744b2 No.8944

Looking for stories with inital progression like nausea and unawareness before realization.

Do share thanks!

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ad2ab No.8932[Reply]

Can someone send me that edit pic of the pregnant stick figures from Chick Figures/Dick Figures edit?

e3bc0 No.7517[Reply]

So,as some of you already know, Arkone's back from his long hiatus.But due to personal reasons he's decided that he cannot fully devote his time to the game.
However, he did state that should the time come that someone decides to bring it back, he's willing to fill in the role of the artist.

Guess what, I think we're back(somewhat)

Now that we have Arkone's greenlight for a return, that only means we just need to find people who can fill the specific roles for making up the game.

We are currently looking for:

SFX/Music editors
Game programming(renpy)
Artists(for backup in case Arkone gets busy)

You can contact me on my email or post on this read if there are any of you interested in joining to help the project.
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dda7d No.8244

I'm not sure what's going on with the Discord server right now. I'll post any information when I find out about it

dda7d No.8247


So it seems the situation is that Maxi has retired from being part of the Birth Story project, and as a result the Discord server was closed down (probably could have just changed ownership instead…)

I wouldn't take this as the project being dead, though. Someone else will just have to take the lead role Maxi held, though.

02026 No.8916

any news about the game? I mean, its been years since i last heard news about birth story 2. Didnt even get to see much progress let alone a screenshot.

b80f8 No.8917

>>8916 Dead project

47f05 No.8918

Pretty sure there were no plans for a sequel

694f1 No.8914[Reply]

Is there any good art/fic of pregnant futas fucking people? I've seen/read plenty of futas fucking pregnant people, but never the futa as the pregnant one.

a874b No.8915

We used to have a real good futa thread but it got deleted…somehow.

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