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b3dc7 No.6246[Reply]

So Christmas is coming and that means Santa and presents. If you could have something what would it be?
It doesn't have to be a physical object, something immaterial like changing some part of reality is also valid.
But of course it should follow the board's theme and be related to pregnancy! So, what would you ask Santa for?

bf0db No.6248

I would want to have my significant other and I succeed in conceiving our first child.

1f305 No.6257

I would want to have sex with my 36 week pregnant with twins wife. On a 4 month dry spell due to pains. And she knows about my fetish which makes it worse.

3d9e9 No.6258

Well as far as things related to our favorite topic, I wish I had the artistic ability to be able to draw my wonderful characters with their bellies (normal-sized big and huge), or at least be able to be lucky enough for someone to draw them for me. My own drawing ability is pretty much zero and I'm not exactly great with references, so the best I've ever gotten was a nice sketch done by one of the artists lurking around here in the main draw thread.

…on a more realistic note, I wish I had a (New) 3DS or two and the new Pokémon games, but that's getting off-topic.

ecbf6 No.6194[Reply]

I'm an author, and I'm looking to write stories about birth. But I need me some prompts!

I tried asking on tumblr and didn't really get much of a response, so I'm posting a request thread here. If you have something you'd really like to see written, post it here!

I won't do:
-birthing anything except humans, animals, or eggs
-fandoms I don't know
-rape/sexual assault
-anything non-consensual
-death before, during, or after pregnancy

Pretty much everything else is fair game.
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d843c No.6198


Someone else who appreciates Sgt. Frog!

In that case, would you be interested in writing a scenario where Aki is expecting twin (or triplet) boys from a foreigner that doesn't even know she's pregnant and isn't around, and she's been doing her best for 9 long months to adapt to her growing family -and belly- as a single mom, when the big splash happens at a pretty inconvenient time? She then has a long, difficult, but orgasmic birth.

Not really a dramatic story, more light-hearted and in line with that universe. The more focus on her pregnant body and how she's feeling about it the better, and the way her kids are feeling about their mom being pregnant with their two/three new brothers.

Thanks for considering this, I'll leave some of the particulars up to you as the writer. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :) If you need more detail to work with or want something clarified, just let me know!

ecbf6 No.6199

I can try to do that! About how long would you want it to be, word-wise?

d843c No.6200


Awesome, thank you!

I don't really have a specific length in mind, or know what would be too long for that matter, and don't want to come off as demanding. But if I had to throw out a number, maybe three or four pages in a Word doc? If that's too much then shorter is no problem, and if you feel like going longer, that's great too! Either way, as long as we get to spend some scenes enjoying her pregnancy before getting into the birth, then whatever you think is a fair balance of length and content for a free request is fine by me. :)

1a06f No.6201

If you need inspiration, this writer's works are really good.


a86d0 No.6256

The Tumblr Imagineyourepregnant has a lot of requests and prompts as well as reader submissions. I've submitted some works there inspired by requests and ideas. You might dig it.

8d611 No.4516[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Thought I’d try making a CYOA, see if anyone’s game. The premise is controlling Holly, a girl who has unwittingly found herself in Faerie, i.e. the land of the Fae. One way or another, things in Faerie are out to get Holly pregnant, and then get her More Pregnant. There’ll be other girls, but the main theme is making this one girl enormous.

Couple of mechanics. Holly has three stats, Libido, Gravidophilia and Naivette. While you guys get to pick a lot of Holly’s actions, sometimes she will refuse to do things (e.g. fuck the Minotaur, drink the potion of massive pregnancy) if she doesn’t have the right stats. On the other hand, if her stats are high she’ll spontaneously do similar things as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Libido is how horny Holly is. Higher libido, she’ll want to have sex more.
Gravidophilia is her love of pregnancy. Starts at 0, so Holly will avoid getting pregnant if she can.
Naivette is Holly’s tendency to make uninformed decisions, or in other words, (e.g. drink out of bottles labelled “Drink Me”) It starts high and goes down whenever it’s used.

Magical pregnancies confer magical abilities on Holly based on what she’s carrying.

I’m imagining this being a bit like Corruption of Champions, at least in terms of sexual content. There will likely be some Non-Consensual stuff that I will try to handle lightly, but I’ll tag such posts so you can skip them if that’s not your cup of tea.

This is my first time trying a CYOA so I hope it’s okay. Enjoy!

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fcf22 No.6234

Why not give it a shot, I approve of this idea.

9b7ad No.6235


Alright, how should I get in touch with you?

d30d2 No.6237


Not really sure. What's the most convenient way for you, email? Skype? Discord? I have pretty much every communication form known to man, and if I don't, I can probably get it.

9b7ad No.6240


I'll e-mail you.

I've been writing up my notes today… there are a lot more than I expected. I guess I did plan an awful lot of this.

d30d2 No.6250

It's official…. ish.

I am in contact with SD, and he has provided me with a….. rather thorough….. set of notes in a Google Doc. When he's finished typing them up, I'll get started on the next segment, so get your votes in now, if you haven't already.

12cb1 No.6202[Reply]

Looking for a kik birth/pregnancy roleplay my kik is cas_long

0fd6c No.6197[Reply]

Anyone here heard of Baccano! ? I've written quite a few mpreg fics for it and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in reading them.

d2227 No.6183[Reply]

If you play the game or don't yet, Join and add your names to here for meet ups to play out any and all pregnancy activities. For those that doesn't know how to get that great pregnancy look, come to me for help.

f4f8b No.6184

Find me at Elgrinj! I wouldn't mind some help updating my look.

2c195 No.6156[Reply]

I'm desperate to find some good fic, but I'm extremely picky and Google never offers up anything good. I keep ending up on DeviantArt, and, well.. DeviantArt has a lot of rocks, and a very small amount of diamonds.

So I'm very curious to see what kinds of things you guys are into too.

8c1dc No.6160

Shameless plug! :D


But on a less pluggy note, I'm fond of the works of this dude here.


97dbb No.6078[Reply]

Si it's that time of year again: NaNoWriMo and I'm curious: is anyone participating? Writing an epic novel of pregnancy, birth, and labor against a backdrop of, say, the French Revolution or some magical kingdom? Even if you don't hot the goal of 50k words by 11/30, I think it would be great if Pregchan had a NanoWriMo "challenge" or drive (a "push" you could say;-) to really get some good preg/birth stories out there.

One place online which is great for sharing stories without fear of getting shut-down is WattPad. I am surprised to say, however, that with all the erotica and fetish writing on there….there's not much in the way of pregnancy/birth unless your thing is Mpreg, A/B/O, or teenage pregnancy. Still, not much of that either.

I dunno, I just thought it might be a nice, fun monthly event/challenge/community building experience for the group. Let me know your thoughts!

4b95e No.6083

I'm writing but it's not preg content– however, some of it may be repurposed from pregnancy-themed RPs I've done in the past.

0c22f No.6155

I actually am working on something. It's a sci-fi thing that is basically a combination of our love of pregnancy and Jurassic Park. Hopefully I'll be able to post it soon. I even did some original art to go with it.

98635 No.6142[Reply]

where can I finde images of kadaths females pregnant

98eb0 No.6141[Reply]

Does anyone here remember this story: http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/964813-Darkness-Within

The author took it down and I can't find a copy. Anyone have a saved version?

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