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d94cc No.8833[Reply]

i can only found 1.1.2
dose anyone have it
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25ddd No.8840


The code in the office is on the front of the desk behind where Maxi stands. There's a panel where it's visible between when Maxi escorts the girls to their rooms and when he picks up the phone when labor starts.

25ddd No.8841


You have to go into the backgrounds gallery to do it, the frame where it was visible isn't there anymore

0ea59 No.8842

Thanks for the help.

8ffc9 No.8844

Really wish someone would revive Birth Story.
Or at least make another game along the same lines with different characters.

Too good to let it die out.

13097 No.8845

Well, attempts were made in the past, but unfortunately they kinda fell through. To be honest, though, the 1.1.3 update did kinda come out of thin air so it could just be a matter of if Arkone has the time to put into a new version at the moment.

f130b No.8827[Reply]

Some hospital in Cali got caught recording birth's with genitals and faces showing


I kind of wish someone would leak some footage

d257c No.8828

There are plenty of consensual videos of women giving birth on the internet. Why the hell would you explicitly want videos that you know the subject wouldn't want you to have. That's pretty creepy.

6eb2f No.8829

The cameras were there to capture a drug thief.

d3f38 No.8830

Some people are just destined to go to prison.

258c6 No.8825[Reply]

Very prego with multiples and lactating. Anyone ever want pics/videos/panties etc?

258c6 No.8826

What would you want to buy?

be054 No.8821[Reply]

Hey all, I'm female and pregnant, I am on kik and would love to chat to tour pregnant people kik me at topcattc008

7df0a No.8115[Reply]

This is a thread for people to share stories of actual things that have happened to them, in front of them, or they helped someone else deal with in real life without fear of judgement and/or getting into trouble. I know that many people have various degrees of one fetish or another to cope with real life occurrences. Others have exciting stories they wish to tell, but worry about being caught out and harassed by friends/family. This is a place to relate those stories, no matter how big or small, detailed or basic, a place to unburden such things that weigh on us.

No pictures. No names. If something happened with an not-legal-age person, even if with/to you, keep numbers super vague for the sake of protecting the site and not making people overly uncomftorble.

And please, be respectful. If someone's story is attractive to you, you can say so. But in the name of everything sacred or otherwise, do not humiliate or berate someone for confessing something here. It might be a very real thing for them, and it might be hard for them to admit it.

Let the sharing begin.
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372c9 No.8191


There all 4 by now by the way.

f73ff No.8245

Alright gramps

138c8 No.8811

>be me
>be US Marine
>be deployed to Afghanistan
>see combat but it's really nothing worth talking about
>spend entire deployment rubbing one out to pregnant Anne Frank hentai I found on /d/ at least six times day
>one day mid-deployment
>Staff Sergeant walks into barracks while I'm taking a piss
>sees pregnant Anne Frank pics on my laptop because I was dumb enough to leave it open
>extremely awkward conversation of how I came to possess preggo hentai of a Holocaust victim and why exactly I find it extremely arousing ensues
>get told that as long as I don't have CP, necrophilia, or footage of an actual rape (he implied the ANA did that), it's not that bad

Such is war in the 21st Century. No super-duper high-tech robot soldiers, no recording airstrikes on my iPhone, no hunting Mr. bin Laden in the caves of Afghanistan. Just me, sitting in the barracks, fantasizing about being a PTSD-afflicted post war Eugene Sledge and married to Anne Frank. Anne would comfort me after I woke up crying from a nightmare of having to lie dead still while Jap patrols walked right by me by telling me about how she had to do the same while the SS searched the room below her, all while the tears welled up in her eyes, being assaulted by horrible memories of her own. She would then strip off her nightgown, straddle me with her ready to pop belly rubbing into mine, and we would fuck like crazy while sobbing like lost children.

I have weird fantasies.

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dd030 No.8813

>be in a military family
>have cousins and nephews who served in Iraq and Afghanistan
>all of them say they spent 99% of their time jerking off to porn
>other 1% of the time is spent killing and/or raping civilians
>mfw they still brag about getting those sweet, sweet government handouts

This is why America's military is a joke. We're funneling money into the pockets of a handful of serial murderers and thousands upon thousands of chronic masturbators. Sorry if this seems like a strange tangent, but your story highlights everything wrong with the armed forces.

Tbh tho, pregnant Anne Frank is surprisingly hot.

138c8 No.8816

>other 1% of the time is spent killing and/or raping civilians

I didn't rape anyone :I

>We're funneling money into the pockets of a handful of serial murderers

Real talk: The Marine Raider Regiment (Corps equivalent of SEALs and Green Berets) are a bunch of fucking psychos according to the older NCOs in my unit. They had a unit literally called Task Force Violence and unsurprisingly blew away dozens of civilians in one engagement.

>but your story highlights everything wrong with the armed forces.

As much as it sucks a lot of the time, I really really fucking love it.

>Tbh tho, pregnant Anne Frank is surprisingly hot.

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90581 No.8770[Reply]

I wasn't totally sure where to post this, so I went with here.
I made a simple userscript for Pregchan. It adds a download button next to the filename on image posts. When clicked, the button starts downloading the image with its original filename.

5e896 No.8782

Can't you just right click and choose "save as" instead?

12cb9 No.8792

Not with the original filename intact.

31c90 No.8803

Noticed that this didn't work right with Violentmonkey. For some reason, Violentmonkey skips the correct <a> tag in thread view. Anyway, updated and now works properly on Tamper and Violent.

0ad85 No.8743[Reply]

The old RP thread is apparently filled up now. I know, I'm shook too.

In any case, as Doombeez said in the old thread:
"Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, and how best to contact you.

If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!"

0ad85 No.8744

So I have a lot of people wanting or interested in RP-ing, either with me or one my friends. So much so I made an RP hub for these people: https://discord.gg/RJg2AzA

Don't worry, we ain't gonna bite, just come here and get things going!

d9255 No.8746

Hi I'm Asthanad and always love rping with others.

Like/Love: Preg with animals, birth, multiples, sex while pregnant/in labor/giving birth, mpreg (if feeling up to it)

Dislikes: Bursting, Gore, Death, Abuse, etc.

I'm not the best at writing due to a learning delay of mine but I try my best. I usually rp on discord but can rp elsewhere.

My discord is Asthanad#9874 if interested. Can't wait to rp with some of you!

857ec No.8274[Reply]



Hope to see you soon!

44316 No.8742

Is this still a thing?

338e4 No.8737[Reply]

Check this out…lots of pregnant women and their bellies. We're gonna love this alright.


35486 No.8724[Reply]

I wasn't quite sure if this belonged here or in /c/, but here it goes.


tldr: Baby was positioned weird, girl got belly after a midwife adjusted the baby.

987e9 No.8725

Fake news - but still hot.

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