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Ideas for Pregnant Commercials Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/23/2022 (Sat) 23:42:12 Id:9511ac No. 248 [Reply]
This is for those who want to share ideas for a pregnancy themed commercials for anything they want to advertise. Live-action or animation, doesn't matter. Just as long you tell us what your advertising.
A live-action commercial emphasizing how big a pregnant woman's belly is. Her shirts barely fit, she gets stuck in tight places, she bumps it into people and things, and so on.
Will that big belly live action commercial would also have the pregnant woman's belly to grow even bigger during it also?
>>1030 It depends on what they're advertising. What would a pregnant chick need if her belly had a growth spurt and grew a few sizes? One-size-fits-all clothes?
Nintendo 3DS (back when it was relevant) We start with a pregnant woman at the beach. She's wearing a bright red bikini with white horizontal stripes, a pair if sunglasses, and a straw hat. She's lounging on a beach chair under an umbrella playing her 3DS. Soon she then decides to rest, so she puts the straw hat over her eyes and places her 3DS on her belly. As she sleeps, the baby starts to move and kick at the 3DS causing it to fall on her lap. The baby presses it's arms through the mother's belly and starts to play with the devise. Cut to a short montage of all the different games to play (Mario, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon etc.) The mother wakes up and notices the baby is playing with her 3DS, so she tries to reach for the phone only for her hand to be smacked away by the baby.

(1.51 MB 1956x3803 1470277794244.jpeg)
I need help writing a preg-Anne Frank story. Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/26/2023 (Thu) 14:15:11 Id:b96b82 No. 1042 [Reply]
Sorry to open old wounds. I'm sure quite a few people here are familiar with the infamous 4chan post that I've attached to this thread. I feel like an absolute piece of shit saying this but I actually really like the concept of Anne Frank getting pregnant and I'm currently looking to rewrite the attached 4chan post as a serious alt-history short story that does away with the crass WWII or Civil War innuendos. While the premise of the story is arguably innately disrespectful, I want my rewrite to be as respectful as possible. I need tips, suggestions, and ideas for how I can pull this off. For example, I have no idea how Jewish people treat unplanned teen pregnancies, I assume they approach the issue like most cultures but I can't be sure. I honestly don't know much about Jewish beliefs and traditions. I need to figure out what exactly Anne and Peter's lives would be like in this scenario. I want to make it very clear that I am not an antisemite and I don't want to insert anything even vaguely antisemitic into this short story. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Would Anne frank be alive at the end of the story with the baby tho
>>1043 At the end of the story? Yes, what happens next is entirely up to the readers.
>>1042 Make her enjoy her pregnancy. Like, a lot.
>>1045 That was already the plan.

Egg-to-belly ratio 01/22/2023 (Sun) 07:46:00 Id:dbb3d8 No. 1036 [Reply]
After doing some things in a roleplay I had a question I couldn't google the answer for in a quick search: how many eggs can fit in a full-term woman's belly in average? And for that matter, how would the progression in egg-to-size go? For clarification, I'm thinking of your regular, run of the mill chicken eggs in terms of size. Bonus question: is there any site or cheatsheet that can let you visualize how big a belly would be depending on the amount of children and/or progress? I remember there being an excel floating around the hyperpreg group amidst a drow broodmother discussion, but I don't think I heard of anything else. I was wondering if there was something like the Mrinitialman tool around.
Google tells me that the uterine volume of a woman at 40 weeks is about 4,5 liters. That just leaves us to figure out the density of eggs in a given volume. I'm sure there's a formula for that, yes it's called sphere packing: https://mathworld.wolfram.com/SpherePacking.html Good luck with the math

I gave birth Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 12/30/2022 (Fri) 06:19:20 Id:6655a3 No. 927 [Reply]
I have a secret pregnancy fetish. Masturbating to birth videos and art was the only thing that could make me orgasm. I lived a normal life, got married, never told my husband about my fetish because he’s vanilla af. When I got pregnant, I looked forward to giving birth and living out my fetish. I refused an epidural, wanting to feel the whole experience. Big mistake, the pain was awful and out of control. My baby came out super quick even though it was my first. I closed my eyes through the whole thing and waited for it to be over. I got some really bad tears from pushing too hard uncontrollably. Now that my vag is healed and my baby sleeps through the night, I feel like masturbating again. I open up some old vids and instantly I experience psychosomatic repulsion. My body is confused, it’s like I’ve been psychologically conditioned to be grossed out by this. I want to get off but I can’t help but cringe hard from remembering my awful birth experience. Fuck. Guess the fetish is ruined for me now. Just needed to get this off my chest.
>>927 Uhh...wanna talk about it?
>scat fetishist eats poop for first time, discovers poop is gross live and learn
>>927 Do you want try again?
>>927 Being a mad lass is tough work. Mad props for the attempt though, most would be too afraid to ever try. Atleast you've got some clarity now, even if it ruined your fap experience for awhile.
>>927 What does it feel like to give vaginal birth? I am curious myself.

You ever think about the kid these women go on to have? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/10/2023 (Tue) 08:31:27 Id:1e134b No. 984 [Reply]
Sometimes the post-nut clarity gets me thinking...we see pics of all these pregnant women, but pregnancy implies that there'll be a birth. Imagine in like 20 years, when the kids in their mom's bellies in the video have grown up to be functioning adults. You could point at one of these pics and say "look anon, that's you in there!" Isn't that crazy
>anon finds out what photos are, promptly has mind blown. More at 10. I guess it's way weirder if it's preggo porn that whole subject would be dodged their whole life unless the kid confronts the parent(s) about it.
>>986 >I guess it's way weirder if it's preggo porn Well just out of a sampling of pregnant Porn Stars their kids are all adults and I do wonder if any of them have seen their film debuts. For reference Brittany Blue's Child is at least 22 and Candy Essex's Twins are at least 28
>>984 Imagine the awkwardness it would be if you were raised as an adopted child, decided to jack off to a pregnant woman only to find out that woman is your biological mother

(264.58 KB 960x960 -19971242321958097330.jpg)
Birth sex toys? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/06/2022 (Thu) 10:45:07 Id:f688b1 No. 667 [Reply]
Has anyone ever used one of these reborn silicone babies as a birth role play sex toy? Saw these smaller ones recently and wondered if they'd fit in my pussy to push out. Any other birth fetish ladies tried this?
2 posts omitted.
>>667 great minds think alike, I too thought reborns would be a fucking fantastic idea but I just can't justify spending $200+ on it, as fun at it would be. I'll be moping over here with my random round household objects/foods
>>917 How do ya'll even fit stuff in yourselves? I would love to do that but I really don't think I'd be able to handle putting anything inside of me that's wider than a dick. I would also be afraid of getting something stuck, lol
>>929 weapons of ass destruction is the best name ive ever fucking heard

Any way to access this game? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 12/02/2022 (Fri) 12:14:20 Id:0e8c26 No. 824 [Reply]
I've tried waybackmachine but I can't get it to work, has anyone else gotten it working?
>>825 The start button just doesn't work at all.
>>826 It works for me, although the javascript can get hung up a bit so you have to wait a few seconds sometimes. I'm on Chrome, what browser are you using?
>>824 isnt the pic on the side supposed to grow when you get pregnant? its not for me

PROJECT: PROPAGATE Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/06/2023 (Fri) 02:49:54 Id:9d1b59 No. 963 [Reply]
little writing project im working on at the moment! will update with new chapters, the 1st is being worked on atm!
>>963 Details?
>>964 they'll come soon!
>>967 its canceled fuck this shit

Looking for ideas for commission illustration Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/13/2023 (Fri) 10:13:22 Id:32cb4e No. 996 [Reply]
Good day gentlemen, Recently I commissioned an illustration on a Japanese platform, the outcome is very satisfactory, I am planing to commission another illustration, any suggestions or ideas on scenery/composition/dressing or anything?
This is the description, and the outcome “ I want a drawing of Kantai Collection’s Kirishima having sex with admiral in the Ice cream position. Kirishima is on her last month of pregnancy, she is having a big belly and milking breast She is wearing her glasses and the Kongo class dresses, half naked, exposing her breast and swollen belly, the skirt can be remove as well, but the stocking and boots stays. Admiral’s right hand is squeezing Kirishima’s breast, making her tits lactating, his left hand is gently rubbing her pregnant belly, and Kirishima place her left hand on Admiral’s left hand, her left ring fingers are wearing rings.”
>>996 Care to share the name of the artist whom you commissioned? This looks really nice. As for idea suggestions, how about a pregnant Servant from the Fate Grand Order series? Their character designs offer really interesting options for pregnancy, especially those where a swollen belly would make them really stand out.
>>998 Name is KyougokuTouya About FGO, first suitable character comes to my mind is Scáthach, could be a nice one, but for now I want to stick with Kirishima from Kantai Collection

[Question] Miles "Tails" Prower as an Andromorph/Cuntboy? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/12/2023 (Thu) 00:36:14 Id:326686 No. 989 [Reply]
Why making Miles "Tails" Prower as an Andromorph/Cuntboy? I'm guessing the Sonic fans wanted him to be an andromorph/cuntboy?
(722.39 KB 1536x2048 qYtwF61.jpg)
I'm not sure if this is a shitpost or not, but as someone who's been hanging around the furry parts of the Internet for quite some time, I'll tell you the reason is... "Just 'cause." Same as why they'd do that to anyone else.
(457.43 KB 200x200 what.gif)