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25303 No.9929[Reply]

Hi guys. I’m looking for someone to write an incest plot with. Either mother and daughter or father and daughter where the daughter has children for them.
Add my discord if interested

a0baf No.9789[Reply]

I came up with a scenerio involving myself being rapidly impregnated by an alien, so rapid that my water breaks right away and I end up being forced to birth standing up where I am at because it's coming out. I'm birthing a large alien creature and I end up in labor, crowning, and birthing for 3 days before I manage to get the head out and then I have to try to lie down to finish birthing.

(Feel free to chat.) :)

46cd3 No.9792

I have wrote stories of similar premise. I really like this concept and would like to see a full story about it

6d773 No.9795

I, too, have always had a fantasy about getting used by some xenomorph creature or an alien with an ovipostor of some kind. Either having an egg or a creature be birthed by me in a slow build up way. Edging almost for 10 or more hours. Prefer a large egg though when it comes to the climax, so when I orgasm it's pushed out by a strong contraction. The alien then finding me and repeating the task again only to give me two eggs next. Would have it as a rapid pregnancy too so that the full feeling was turning me on just as rapidly. The alien creature then searching my sex eager for the eggs to come out. I have so many of these fantasies though.

9be15 No.9796

I've been role playing for years through different scenarios but the main one i do is that i play a humanoid alien with tentacles for cocks looking for breeders on earth to lure back to my cabin in the woods which is also an underground research base.We reproduce via eggs that can be implanted orally,anally,vaginally and even into breasts,they start off small like beads but in a few weeks grow to the size of baseballs but each pregnancy is about 3-5 thousand eggs.

a0baf No.9928

I just recently came up with a roleplay idea that has more to do with a dominant partner and myself being submissive when it comes to foced and rapid impegnation and births. Goes something like this: A man practically has me captive for his pleasures and his biggest tick is getting women pregnant and forcing them to give birth. It starts our with pregnancy roleplay, he makes me wear a fake belly for a while then I have to pretend to give birth every night. Well then it gets a little deeper, he moves on to actually focibly impregnating me and making me give birth, where he determines he REALLY enjoys it and becomes more obsessed with the idea of watching me like this. He then has an idea to concoct a syrum he can inject me with and rapidly impregnate over the course of 3 hrs. So for 3 hours he watches my belly grow huge, etc. After the 3 hours he forces me into labor and giving birth. This takes place every night so that I can fulfill his obsessive fantasies in a woman being pregnant and giving birth in numerous different scenerieos. To include giving birth on my own, giving birth with him helping me, giving birth with just us, giving birth in public, giving birth in the woods, giving birth in an isolated cabin, giving birth in a vehicle, giving birth to an alien and even torturing me as I'm giving birth by preventing me from pushing, tieing me up or strapping me down on a table or chair, inserting objects including hands and fingers into me while I'm pushing, forcing me to stand up to birth, etc.

37ddb No.9883[Reply]

So the story was about a male being possibly caught and courted by two alien "males" (who may or may not had humanoid, curvy bodies) who spoke by sense of smell / releasing scent. One of aliens would start kissing protagonist, sucking the air out of his lungs and blocking his throat with their long tongue, making human nearly suffocate, after which they'd breathe in him some air with something that would ultimately transform human body for being ready to nurture alien eggs in them, after which the impregnation occurs.

Does anyone have a link? Tried to look it up with no success.

02e4d No.9924


c36b9 No.9911[Reply]

Hey all. My name is Riss and I’m female. I’ve posted here before seeking RP partners and got ditched by the only literate person I was writing with. Literacy is a must. A few lines are okay though I do write paragraphs at times. I also prefer female partners writing males or females. Here’s some things I’m into and I’m always open to trying new things:

Multiples pregnancy
Overdue pregnancy
Belly play
RPs where both partners are pregnant
Monster pregnancy(Werewolf/Vampire x human)
Magic pregnancy
Difficult labour
Sex while labouring
Sex while pregnant
Forced pregnancy
Teen pregnancy
Sub-Dom pregnancy
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206dd No.9914

Hey! So I tried adding you on Discord. I could send a message until we are friends first. But I am interested. :)

6f896 No.9902[Reply]

Looking for some new roleplay partners. I mostly do rps on discord. I have an f list as well

Contact is: valentineevenightmare#4300
Please don't be creepy and id prefer long term rps and at least a paragraph; also no godmodding and can we not skip to the birth

c6997 No.9899[Reply]

so i played the tentacles and witches game with the Yuko path and it's a little different than the hentai. The hentai is better but the game came first - which is what the hentai's based off of.

Game was fun!

a70d6 No.9882[Reply]

are there any discords that are for pregnant hentai?
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a70d6 No.9886

whats IRC

15d19 No.9887

IRCs are pretty basic and are becoming obsolete. Discord has much more functions, you can share images there without any problems, while IRC is chat only.
May I ask why are you so against Discord?

40da9 No.9891

You can improve it or use a different system. IRC was just an example.

>May I ask why are you so against Discord?

It's like every goddamn website or service now wants to get as many people as possible and force them to make accounts on horrible terms. Discord spies on its users, tries its damnedest to identify them, makes you use a shitty client which is just a web browser, attacks third-party clients, lies about what a "server" is, and is overall just awful.

I don't have to make an account to use pregchan. Couchy doesn't get to know who I am. Tor is allowed. Meanwhile, Discord continually encroaches on imageboards and other forums trying to siphon away as many people as possible. If a group you want to participate in is only on Discord, your choices are let Discord fuck you or to abstain, and I don't like either choices.

This is only a basic explanation of why Discord is bad. I'll let someone else continue listing off reasons if anyone wants to.

e3106 No.9892

Do you wear a tinfoil hat to keep the government out of your thoughts, too?

4cb09 No.9893

Ehh I heard discord siphons off data to China for money but I don’t really see what they can use my data against me for so idc

f3a72 No.9888[Reply]





f3a72 No.9889

f3a72 No.9890

or you can just chat with me :) apparently some people never messaged me or asked me on tumblr so now is your chance!

447e6 No.1914[Reply]

Are there any especially good interactive stories out there? I was looking for one involving a magic ring gained by a school boy on writing.com, but I think I have lost it.
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5f4a5 No.7101

I like pregnancy CYOA stuff, I'm kinda confused on the hyper preg options. the first thing says the 14 is the minimum but then people who are adding to the story are only doing pregnancies of like 4 or 5 babies. dont they understand hyper is dealing with unrealistic numbers and not ones that have actually happened in real life?

5f4a5 No.7102

my previous post was in regards to >>7008

7f51f No.9553

By no means are these complete, I'd reckon these are worth checking out and added to.

2044f No.9880

I added a few chapters to https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/majormakotofan
Pretty nice prompts, altho I only read non underage

2240a No.9881


Make your own adventure.

226f8 No.9806[Reply]

I'm thinking of starting a thread to teach people how to edit. Will probably focus on simple edits done using GIMP and mouse.

The current plan is to go via a case-by-case basis. Post the original pic and your attempt at editing it. From there we will refine the edit via advice in either text or picture form.
(I wish to make the edit attempt a requirement to demonstrate that the poster is willing to put effort into learning. No attempt = referral to the edit thread.)

Please give some feedback if interested. Here are some questions you can consider:
Any particular style/type of image you are interested in learning how to edit?
Any specifics which you want to edit in like hyperpreg, lactation, black nipples, kicks?
Anyone want to lend some of their expertise in doing edits/art? The more people contribute, the more aspects we can cover.

1458d No.9807

i want to, as long as i can edit it big (not hyper) im okay

0b530 No.9876

I need this. Been trying to make my own pregedits in photoshop and would like some advice.

4522b No.9879

I'd like to learn how to do hyper preg edits but I've never tried photoshop and can't seem to post images right now.

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