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1c3e7 No.7784[Reply]

If anyone is on any of these, feel free to stop by, say hello, Hell, maybe even RP with me

DeviantArt: https://fossildiggerstudios.deviantart.com/
FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fossildiggernsfw/
InkBunny: https://inkbunny.net/FossilDiggerNSFW
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=23199233
Twitter Handle: @KyoryuOwen

1c3e7 No.7785

And no one better take advantage of this to troll and/or hack me

74489 No.7809


1c3e7 No.7917

Just being safe

54777 No.7920

Putting your email or your other stuff on an imageboard is just asking for people to troll you but hey, just being safe, right?

4ce1d No.7914[Reply]

Dunno where to post, but I was trying to post on /d/ but the images didn't came out.

This is my first time posting images so I don't know the ins and outs of it.

dca31 No.7915


Too big a file and it will FAIL.

Board is limited. < 10MB (Or less now?)

Also it may only accept jpg/png/gif/webm, ect…

4ce1d No.7916


Okay, the images I tried to upload was less than that and when I tried linking (pixiv), the error was 403 Forbidden

b370e No.7836[Reply]

Intro with J.F. in tight spandex uniform w/ two babes by her side (in background).

Jane begins the workout session with the usual warmup stretches, and her sidekicks imitate the motions.

After a few moments, Jane says; 'Masturbate' and begins along with their sidekicks the finger herself
aggressively thru Her tight spandex. Her intonations of 'work-it' are echoed by her sidekicks while smoothly rubbing their clits. Janes spandex is quickly soaked with pussy juice as she draws her fingers away - sticky with labial leakings.

Other spandex clad women move out 'Insemitron-3000' sybian units unto the mats, separate ones for all three women.

Jane says 'Inseminate' and begins to fuck the sybian with the exact same cadence as her workout steps before,
by slamming her cunt directly down onto the long rigid phallus without even bothering to move her spandex,
she forces it thru the damp material past her labia (closeup) directly into her vagina in one strong motion.
(sound effect as sidekicks moan and groan as spandex ripping sound heard, Jane barely lets out a grunt,
her face spasms with intense pleasure - flushed)
They fornicate with the Insemitron, legs apart - facing forward and reciprocating directly up and down.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

22e70 No.7837

oh, this must be that 'weaponized Autism' I keep hearing so much about…

32a7e No.7762[Reply]

Hey y'all

Me and a friend realized there were no pregnancy/belly discords so we made one. It's pretty barebones at the moment but you can post pictures and videos and chat in general chat (and before you ask yes there's a shitpost channel). We have seperate rooms for stuff like mpreg and furry so if you aren't into that you won't have to sift through it. The server will be worked on a lot, so join if you'd like!


54d0c No.7765

On the contrary, there is ONE I know of: The Nation.
It's got a good hundred or so people already. Here's a link. https://discord.gg/XRMnUQs

ada23 No.7766

I think that r/preggoporn (over on Reddit) started up a discord recently

6ee7e No.7769

Hey guys. Here’s another. It’s a preg/bbw Discord.

ad6bd No.7776

Link directs me to an empty discord chat site.

0eef1 No.7728[Reply]

Came up with this a while ago, might as well share it

It was a cold night outside, when Princess Peach invited Mario over for dinner. After the festivities, Peach took Mario down to her 'special room' for some fun. When they arrived, Peach said 'Ready for some fun, Mario?' He nodded, thinking they were gonna find a movie to watch. Right then and there, Peach stripped naked. 'It's about time we had sex again.' Mario's eyes widened from the sight of her naked body; the bangin' ass, the immensely fuckable pussy, and she seemed bustier than he had remembered. Mario also stripped naked. They wasted no time with the preamble and got straight to the action. Mario began by rubbing his erect penis on Peach's clitoris. She let out some small moans. 'Mm! Ahh!' Afterwards, he decided to get to the good stuff. Without warning (although she probably should have expected this), Mario penetrated her pussy. She let out a huge moan. 'Aaaaaaaaaaah!' Mario began to slide his dick in and out of Peach's wet vagina. Peach began to blush, and was getting wetter. Mario's penis began to react too, and started filling with semen. 'Ohhh… Don't stop, Mario!' He began to thrust faster, giving Peach even more pleasure. She started to blush even more, and was now so wet that she was leaking. He went faster and faster, and grabbed Peach's breasts. 'Oh? Playing with my boobs? Go on, don't stop! Aaaaaaahh….' He started spinning them around, while thrusting very frequently. Both Mario and Peach were near orgasm. Mario telegraphed that he was about to cum. 'Do it. Cum inside my vagina. Impregnate me! Give me a baby!' Then, Mario came. Peach let out a very big moan. 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhnnn!' Mario pulled out, as some of the semen pooled onto the sheets. A few seconds after pulling out, Peach felt something. 'Mario… Something's coming! Right then, she squirted. 'Ooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnn!!' They were both panting. 'Oh Mario, that was great! Why don't we do this more often~?' Peach said. Mario nodded in agreement, and they both cuddled together. 'You're the best, Mario.' Said Peach. Meanwhile, a race was going on inside of Peach. Millions of sperm cells were released into her. As she was ovulating, the sperm went through her cervix, and a female sperm penetrated the egg. Mario and Peach were going to have a daughter.

So, what did you think?

f6e42 No.7729

Fantastic, I'd like to see it continue. :)

69f4c No.7730

I think it's kind of a rudimentary writing style that mostly just went from action to action without much transition. I couldn't really get into the moment, because the next moment happened far too quickly.
So, if you slow it down a bit and put certain other things into it, this could become a good story :)

0eef1 No.7759

Just sayin', if someone could draw this, that'd be lovely.

You don't have to, but I'd appreciate if you did.

071f1 No.7746[Reply]

I'm looking for guys only.
I like long romantic and sensual home births. Hands on partners with lots of details. Big babies or multiples. Sometimes I like to do scenarios where we can't make it the the hospital in time so I have the baby in the car or something like that.
I'm not into non human or unnatural roleplays. I don't like rape our incest.
My kik is preggo fantasies and I can't wait to hear from you!

1dd93 No.7747

There's a roleplay thread. :)

e3696 No.7731[Reply]

Is anyone else kindly annoyed by the pervasiveness of impreg tagged as pregnant in some places. Like a single pregnant shot at the end of a comic. A long smut piece that is tagged pregnancy because they mention in the last paragraph that the person got pregnant from it. A photo that is only impreg because of a tiny interior shot in the corner.

Just a mild irritation of mine I was hoping others shared.

If it’s tagged as impregnation I have no issue but when it gets an actual pregnant tag…

b89ff No.7732

yes i rly hate it!!!

Sometimes i use pregnant and birth tag together. This helps a bit.

7d6b1 No.7733

You get that with a lot of Visual Novels, which is annoying. Before I discovered this chan and found the VN thread, I slogged through so many VNs to find the pregnancy content, which would often just be a single sprite. Some were good, but a majority was just dreadful.

It's annoying, indeed.

afd53 No.7735

I noticed some people will use the impregnation tag just because the guy ejaculated inside. That's fine if the couple say things like "knock me up" or "I'll get pregnant", but otherwise, the creampie or nakadashi/中出し tags should be used.

E-hentai requires there to be multiple pages of sex with a visibly pregnant girl for the pregnant tag to be valid. Too bad there's just too much porn to go through to effectively enforce that rule.

For now all we can do is look at the power of the relevant tags before jumping into a long comic or VN. Also, make sure to downvote wrong tags, and add/upvote good ones.

7a025 No.7738

c9b02 No.7715[Reply]

So I have this idea for a story and I just had to share it with a community that it applies to.

It's set in the future, with the human race leaving earth to colonize other worlds. To facilitate the population growth on these colonies, ships are stocked with a large catalog of DNA in the form of frozen embryos. Nanites are also in use medically, to repair damaged tissues and cells.

One such colony ship comes under attack from some enemy force. Aliens, terrorists, whatever works best. A patrol vessel finds the wreck of the ship, one single life sign aboard, a scientist who managed to elude the attackers.

On board, the crew finds that the ENTIRE store of embryos is gone. Things look very bleak. The scientist knows otherwise.

Unable to fully explain what happened due to lack of food, exhaustion, and other factors, the scientist is sent to medical for examination. That's when everyone finds out what happened.

Summoned to sick bay, the captain of the patrol craft comes in to find the scientist is fine, deceptively healthy, with an extreme percentage more nanites in her bloodstream than usual, and her belly growing at an alarming pace. The scientist finally explains everything. She evaded the attackers, injected the ship's backup supply of nanites (like 2000 peoples' worth) and in order to save the genetic catalog, also injected EVERY SINGLE EMBRYO into her uterus. Mazel Tov!

You can guess where to go from there. All those nanites keep her in perfect condition, which is good because she just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

That's about the gist of it. Hopefully you like it, but it's extremely hyperpreg and I know that's not everyone's cup of tea.

c9b02 No.7716

Shit…forgot to add a subject header…

8d2a1 No.7678[Reply]

Does anyone know any stories or comics or anything that involve the concept of a pregnancy pact?

e0031 No.7679

I wrote an eBook that has a pregnancy pact as part of its plot: https://notabot999.deviantart.com/art/Would-You-Like-To-Buy-An-eBook-628865247

71460 No.7683

Thanks. Unfortunately I’m a bit to strapped for cash at the moment. Maybe next payday

f34b8 No.7672[Reply]

I'm a writer and I like preg/mpreg works which I am interested in doling out. Do you guys like written stories of this matter? One, the other, or both? How do you prefer to consume this writing and where? Taking any other suggestions as well of course.

42395 No.7673

We've mostly had CYOA's here, some of them more successful than the other. It really depends on what specific niches you're willing to cover I think, I prefer non-human and volutairy impregnation (I think most people agree rape isn't good) with the PoV from a female character. Fertile Faerie would be a good example of that, but for pretty much any niche there is a market I'm pretty sure. Hope this helps a bit.

76d35 No.7674

I would be interested in anything you write, and ecstatic if you were up for suggestions. As for where? Where ever you want. Mostly.

a66a1 No.7677

"Do you guys like written stories of this matter?"
Yes we do indeed.

"One, the other, or both?"
Preg not mpreg, not really judging just my preference really.

"How do you prefer to consume this writing and where?"
I personally read from erotic story hosting sites and such like hentai-foundry or adult-fanfiction even literotica though I see alot of others go for deviantart too.

"Taking any other suggestions as well of course."
Like >>7673 said, preggo perspective and willing participant are both preferred. Now that I think about it my criteria seems pretty difficult to appease.

Ah well, will be looking forward to your work.

4ee02 No.7681

Very much so.


very much no.

>How do you prefer to consume this writing and where?

Generally reading on asstr, but it's not the best place to find something unless you're one of the people that abuse the upload system to make it to the front page every day of the week.


I love reading stories about a guy building a harem of beautiful women, and knocking them up. I prefer consensual (or mind control), so that all parties are happy with the arrangement. The male character can be fleshed out, or a self-insert blank slate, both are fine. I prefer the girls to be fleshed out at least enough to tell the difference between them in personality.

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