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aaa61 No.7639[Reply]

Hi, i am an avid pregnancy roleplayer and am looking for some new people to play with. I use KIK for it and would love for someone to come put there seed inside me… if you're interested KIK me @ irelandd4 :)

4c18a No.7629[Reply]

I thought there was a thread for original picture/drawing, but cannot find it. I'd like to ask you for a link. Thank you.

4f1d3 No.7630

Got bumped a few pages down SOMEHOW.

d1894 No.7625[Reply]

Would anyone happen to have the story "Jewels Or Babies" lying around? I remember reading it years ago and I couldn't find it anywhere.

190d5 No.7626

I was going to make my own topic but I'm going to piggyback off of you. Does anyone remember a story about Revy (from Black Lagoon) I think it was called "Patient Zero"

cd6eb No.7487[Reply]

Just thought to start a thread as a way for people to list other potential preggo sites.

f4fa0 No.7615

Preggophilia is the only one worth a damn.

63a17 No.7618

does Tumblr count?
I usually google search ~preg site:"tumblr.com"~ then drop the timeframe down to 1 week/1 month

f5fd9 No.7623

Pumpkinbelly's Patch is back up.
You can check out PG-13 through the Internet Archive.
Agree with >>7618; Tumblr is a goldmine if you know how to look through it.
DeviantArt also has some good stuff, especially if you're into pregnancy artwork.
There are a (very) few fetish channels on YouTube as well.

Just to name a few off the top of my head.

31aa4 No.7624

If Tumblr counts, then try childbirthwoman.tumblr.com

e1d63 No.1443[Reply]

One of my favorite pregnancy niches is women being pregnant with animals (preferably something larger).

Obviously, what I'm looking for here (and what wouldn't fit in the thread title) is stories and discussion.

I'm going to review some board rules and post some story links in a bit.
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0ca2c No.6164


Coming soon to a veterinary clinic near you.

c66c5 No.6167

That orca story is beautiful.

f7b7d No.7596

Bump. Anyone have more?

5dfb4 No.7597

Last post was from a year ago, so no.

b7192 No.7614

There are some interactives with this on writing.com if you're willing to really go digging. The main interactive I run on there has a few threads of it.

Unfortunately, I don't get too many additions to them. I have been considering creating a new one just focused on that but I worry about people not adding to it. I don't want to be the only one writing the whole thing.

66b61 No.7568[Reply]

Recently wrote a story. It features.. pseudo-preg. And I suppose 'unbirth'? But not really.

Features furry characters, ghosts and..I suppose it's technically 'extreme preg' due to the inflation aspect, but she never gets bigger than one full term babbu.



It needs editing, which I still haven't attended to, but it's at least complete.

b96f5 No.7571

The FA link works, but I don't want to get an FA account. Not a snootiness thing, but I just wouldn't use it for its intended purpose of making stuff.
Also, that other link doesn't work.

f0619 No.7550[Reply]


Anyone heard of Preterna? It's a VR simulator where you are pregnant

5b900 No.7551

>Download never

841a0 No.7558

Reading this i cant tell if they will ever make it available for download. Hope they do. Ill love to know what its like.

0a695 No.1436[Reply]

One I know(Hidden-desires) is currently down.
Anyway, even that site was very different to pregchan.
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fd91f No.1909

Well there are many images in galbooru or megabooru but most of images in there came from somewhere else. Want to know where.

daebc No.2024

Yeah what is the source of all those pic sites?

005cc No.7510

Presumably someone cobbled them together out of every part of the internet that they knew of.

1e798 No.7546

did hidden-desires ever get re-hosted?

5d1bc No.7547

285d0 No.7424[Reply]

Does anyone know where I could find some birth art where it has a superhero giving birth while chasing a villan? It had a real good story with it and I'm dying that I can't find it

7fea8 No.7425

1c648 No.7507

Reusing this thread:
I've heard of a video of Yelizaveta Pantueva's labour somewhere. I don't want to see it myself, mind you, but I do want to know if anyone can confirm it exists. I'm honestly curious.

61f72 No.7485[Reply]

Has anyone seen any stories that feature the idea of the pregnancy pact. No news stories but like short fiction.

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