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0848f No.5762[Reply]

So. Say somebody wrote something. Situational slice of life? Smut? Either or.

What would it need in it, how long at minimum would it need to be, what would almost GUARANTEE if it were even moderately competently done, for you to spend two dollars on it?

I'm in a mercenarial mood and deliberating trying to make things people would like to pay for. But I don't just want to make stuff hoping people like what I'm making.

suffice to say, I want money. So, I guess I'm posting this here just seeing the subjects that people are willing to come forwards again and make known what they'd willingly part with internet dollars for. Just to see what I can do.
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0848f No.5783

What I'm about to admit is a little.. esoteric, I suppose. I don't want this thread to blow up with politics or anything, so I hope people will be sensible about venting their spleens if they have something to say, but…

I've been very hesitant to get into power disparity, BDSM, that sort of thing.. because I know there are many women that enjoy it. But there are also very, very many women.. lets call them a certain kind of feminist.. that seem to bleed these fantasies, these guilty guilty fantasies, over into their thoughts on how men behave and think. Very very many of them that are 'aware' of sexism and misogyny also seem to be ardent lovers of BDSM materials, and I've noticed a very real connection and correlation between when one of them sees sexism and misogyny and racism and false positives based on their own paranoia on what they THINK men think, and what they THINK men want, with what they read in their porn. What they WANT to be true, because it appeals to what they read. You can sometimes tell by what they say and why they think certain things exactly how they arrived at some conclusion. The characters in their own rape fics and BDSM novels are often reflections of how they imagine men and society to be, and too many people bleed these thoughts out into the real world, of how they see us. It's very disappointing and contributes to extreme fears and hysterics.

And yet, it's probably very good money giving that buying audience, the same sort of audience that in earlier decades would've shaken their fists at gay rights while blowing other men through men's restroom doors, exactly what they wanted. So I guess you could say there's a desire in me to.. de-claw the disconnect between reality and fantasy by writing 'correct' and positive smut. Which is impossible. Because I can't change their fantasies or beliefs or the disconnect from reality by sucking the fun out of the material that gets them off in favor of something "correct." I can't get them to stop looking at men as rape machines and still extensions of supremacist dinosaurs by removing them from media. I can't subtly get them to enjoy 'healthier' fantasies without being preachy or defeating the exact fantasy they're looking to escape in. I can only reinforce their own damage and paranoia. If I write BDSM stuff, I can only add to the pile of stories that add to the personal shaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

dabf5 No.5784

From my perspective, erotica and sexual fantasies are the playtime for adults. When little kids go around the playground playing Cowboys and Indians, do we judge them to be racist colonialists or promoting savagery? Of course not! The actual worldviews of the kids are not inherently stemming from the sorts of entertainment they enjoy and the games they play. Adults are hardly any different.

Can some peoples' views influence the sort of things they enjoy or hate? Sure, but it is not necessarily true that the person who enjoys BDSM thinks all women should be subservient, or the raceplay lover think that all blacks are nigger thugs or white women black cock sluts, or the nonconsent connoisseur actually want to go out and rape a person. They might simply enjoy the play of these matters in fantasy where it is exciting, safe, and fun to consider them.

If media directly influences peoples' behaviors to the extent of making them racists, sexists, etc, then you must explain why the prevalence of hyper-violent video games in our society has not been creating an increase in violent behavior in real life. In fact violent crimes have been going down as the violence in video games and media has been increasing! That argument came up in the 90's with the anti-game people on the religious right - now it comes up with the PC-police people on the regressive left. It is a fundamentally false position to have because it is not based on reality and how people actually can create and understand the differences between fantasy and reality.

So I think that your concerns that you would be 'corrupting the youth' so to speak are unnecessary. Normal people have a good grasp on fantasy versus reality. My opinion is as an artist your duty is to create your art for the audience, and it is the responsibility of the audience to interpret it as they please. When I write raceplay I write it as a piece of jerk-off fiction, and anyone silly enough to consider it actual political suggestion is mistaken about the medium. And their mistake is not my problem.

If you are comfortable writing were-creatures and magical beasties, then write about them and publish them to the platform that will accept them. I would never suggest writing anything you didn't feel comfortable writing simply for the sake of money - crushing a passion into a miserly labor like that would be simpPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5ef1a No.5786

I think at the very minimum premium stories should either be short story length (at least a few pages), or come with free updates if it isn't that long. If you produce enough quality content for each of your stories there's nothing wrong with wanting a little money for it.

Could anybody recommend some authors to me? Im having a hard time finding good pregnancy stories as of late. I would really prefer if they are still updating, half of the good stuff I find is from retired authors.

0848f No.5787

Could you share with me a story online that you think is the bare minimums length to pay for?

dabf5 No.5788


I don't know of a single premium author who updates their stories. It isn't cost-effective - they usually just move onto new stories. As for how long that will sell, 5k - 7k is the general baseline, though some authors go as low as 3k (not as successful anymore).

Good premium authors? Not sure. Free authors might be good. People were writing for MadScientist on HentaiFoundry (fun monster-impregnation stories). Really depends on what kind of pregnancy stories you are looking for.

a58f3 No.5756[Reply]

The yukionna’s nails bit deeper into the tree branch, and she threw back her head with an ecstatic moan. “Harder!”

The ox-headed youkai behind her grasped her hips tighter and started thrusting into her even more passionately, grunting from the effort. A fresh spike of pain erupted from the yukionna’s groin, making the yukionna cry out in delight as her sore, leaking breasts bounced roughly. She shoved back at her temporary lover just as hard, looking down at her hugely stretched stomach to watch it quake thanks to their actions. Within her womb, the two children weighing thirteen pounds each flailed and kicked, making her gasp and squeal as each motion added a new jolt of pleasure, driving her closer and closer to the peak. “Yes- C’mon, fuck me _harder_!”

The other youkai obliged, forcing joyous screams from his partner, and climaxed. She reached orgasm a moment later, lost in the bliss that came from harsh sex so close to giving birth. She had only just started to bask in the afterglow when a soft wind tickled her face, swirling before her eyes to take a tiny, androgynous form that bowed to her. “Greetings, Oniyama Hatsuyuki-san,” it peeped. “I come with a request from your family for your immediate attendance.”

Hatsuyuki gritted her teeth in aggravation. “It’s not a good time for this, Ryoufuu,” she growled, shivering as the ox-headed youkai slid free of her, and pressed against her back to reach around and rub her stomach lovingly. “I’m due to give birth in about three hours. Tell my family I’ll visit tomorrow.”

The little wind spirit shook its head. “It’s very urgent, Oniyama-san. They wish to discuss a marriage offer.”


The ox-headed youkai jumped. “What?” he asked gruffly, not having heard much of the conversation through inattention.

Hatsuyuki let out a gusty sigh. “I just got a message from my family. I need to go bitch them out.” She gently shrugged the other youkai off and went for where she had left her maternity yutaka and the rest of her supplies. A rag was used to wipe her thighs and tossed aside, and she put on the robe. The edges just barely met at the front of her belly, and the belt wasn’t much better, but it would have to do.
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a58f3 No.5757

The latter possibility was given more weight when the half-dragon changed the subject. “I, uh- Might I ask when you’re due?”

“Less than two hours. I’ll have to leave with at least an hour to spare so a wind spirit I know can take me back to the babies’ father,” Hatsuyuki explained. “He’s a Gozu, a descendant of the underworld guides, so there’s a specific qualification to meet for the delivery.”

The prince wet his lips nervously. “Is it- Are you uncomfortable, carrying such large children?”

“Not at all. I love it,” Hatsuyuki said. “The bigger the baby, the better.”

Shiden’s breath caught, and he made a request in the tone of one who was a little afraid to do so. “M-May I, um-” He held up his left hand, fingers half extended.

“Okay,” Hatsuyuki said, curious as to what was making him falter.

Shiden laid his palm on her belly. His scales were cool and smooth, with a faint hum of electric energy under them. He stroked the stretched skin slowly, a rapturous expression covering his face as the unborn kicked in response, and his pupils dilated again. “I’ve never been a father. I’ve had a few lovers among the court attendants, but never any children. I don’t know what it’s like. I’ve read medical texts about- about the changes a woman experiences when pregnant, and about labor and birth, but it’s- it’s so different to see a pregnant woman up close. To be able to touch her. Touch you.”

Hatsuyuki eyebrows rose. “You’ve never done this before?”
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a58f3 No.5758

The half-dragon’s face became enraptured, and he held his breath. “Oh!” he exclaimed when the next contraction made Hatsuyuki’s stomach shift. “Oh, wow- That felt powerful.”

“Told you.” Hatsuyuki wriggled out of her yukata and stood up, dislodging Shiden’s hand. Her belly sagged when the support of her thighs was removed, a faint tremor making it shift and draw inward for a moment. “Oof. All right, it’ll likely take about thirty minutes until I’m completely dilated, so I’m going to pace. I’ll need someone to hold me up.”

Koudo motioned to Shiden. “Let him do it. I’ll warm the water.”

“Thank you.” Hatsuyuki let her future husband join her, and took his arm to start walking circles around the temple. When his free hand found its way back onto her belly, she didn’t object.

“Will it be like this we’re wed?” Shiden asked on their tenth circuit. “So- So charged with anticipation and wonder?”

“I’d like to think so,” Hatsuyuki told him, voice strained, and focused on her breathing. Slow, deep inhalations, huffing exhalations, smooth from multiple practices. Her water broke shortly after, soaking her legs and the ground.

True to her prediction, the contractions steadily built in strength. By the time fifteen minutes had passed, she was moaning and needing to stop every few steps as her womb worked. Ten minutes later, the pangs were lasting for two minutes and were only thirty seconds apart, and Hatsuyuki was sweating and staggering from the wrenching sensations. Shiden practically carried her to the temple’s threshold, and had to help her squat on the towels as she caught the rope in her hands. The prince knelt behind his fiancee, hands clasping under her convulsing stomach, and Koudo knelt in front of the laboring yukionna, ready to catch his heirs. Ryoufuu hovered close by, providing cold air for Hatsuyuki’s comfort.

Sheer pleasure threaded through the pain. It was the greatest she had ever experienced during labor, and it clouded her mind. She barely registered Koudo’s overjoyed face, or Shiden’s erection poking her back. All that mattered was pushing. Her cervix was probably going to tear. Her pelvis was creaking faintly with each push due to the pressure created by the first baby’s size. Every contraction was excruciating, and she loved it, unable to keep from moaning in rapture.
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a58f3 No.5759

It was also thanks to the scrying mirror Hatsuyuki and Shiden began to build a satisfying sex life even though it was not yet safe enough for full intercourse. It started -again by mistake- eight days into their engagement; Shiden was showing Hatsuyuki how to use the mirror, calling up images in real time. The mirror could show them virtually anything as long as another enchantment wasn’t interfering, so the couple could watch movies in theaters, observe human activities, or just gaze in wonder at the beauty of the world. They had been observing a beach somewhere in Miyazaki prefecture when the tranquility was interrupted by a blue-skinned, silver-haired, extremely pregnant mermaid crawling to the shore, crying out. She flipped onto her back, and Shiden jerked in surprise on seeing the top of a baby’s head protruding from her body. The mermaid was joined seconds later by a merman, who caught his mate’s hips in his hands.

“Maybe we shouldn’t see this,” Shiden said, raising a hand to banish the image, only for Hatsuyuki to grab his wrist and stop him.

“I want to see this,” she responded, watching with great interest as the mermaid desperately pushed. “It’s relevant to my interests, and yours.”

“This is a very private moment for them,” Shiden argued, trying to pull his hand away. “I stopped spying on pregnant women a long time ago.”

“You watched me give birth,” Hatsuyuki pointed out.

“That was different. You had just agreed to marry me, and you gave consent,” Shiden weakly protested. “Besides, I didn’t actually see anything because I wanted to hold you up.”

“Well, you can leave the room if you want, but I get really turned on by seeing stuff like this,” Hatsuyuki said, releasing his arm and turning her full attention to the scene. The mermaid had succeeded in pushing out the baby’s shoulders, and her mate had pulled their offspring out to lay it on the sand. In moments, another child began to crown. Hatsuyuki loosened her belt and moved her knees apart, starting to tease her groin and knead one of her breasts as she watched. “Mermaids give birth so fast, even without charms. I guess it’s a survival thing.” The mermaid writhed, webbed hands scrabbling in the sand as she bore down, forcing her second child from her body. The merman once more eased it out and laid it next to its sibling. “I wonder how many she’s carrying; seafolk tend to have multiples.”

“I guess we’ll find out,” Shiden said, voicePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a58f3 No.5760

The morning of their wedding, nine days after the couple had professed their mutual love, Hatsuyuki woke in the gray pre-dawn, feeling intensely aroused. The past nine days had seen a steady increase in her already high libido, and this morning was seeing a peak. Vivid sexual dreams had chased her through the night, which made her all the more horny. Since neither of them had to start preparing for the wedding until early evening, Hatsuyuki turned over in Shiden’s arms and nudged his mind with hers. The prince stirred, but not enough for her liking, so the yukionna started kissing all over his face and stroking between his legs to wake him up faster. Shiden finally groaned, rubbing his eyes before opening them. “Did we oversleep?” he asked muzzily.

Hatsuyuki shook her head. “It’s very early.”

“Then why are you taking liberties with my person at this hour?” Shiden inquired, not angrily.

“Because I’m so gods-damned horny I can’t stand it,” Hatsuyuki said, “and I’ve had enough of your blood to be the strongest, toughest, and healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. And for three days, I’ve been seeing very positive changes with my body. I double-checked with Mom and Aunt Haru last night, after we all had dinner with Yukimatsu, Setsugekka, Rengyou and Niwafuji.” They had been brought in last night as guests for the wedding, their children left with experienced caretakers. “I’m ovulating.”

Shiden was suddenly quite awake, his penis stiffening more in his fiancee’s hand. “Are you?” he asked breathlessly, touching her stomach.

Hatsuyuki nodded, a grin spreading over her face. “I want you to knock me up immediately. I still have my charms, and-”

Shiden tapped her lips with the fingers of his other hand, stopping her. “Beloved, even though I would be beyond overjoyed if I could impregnate you instantly and watch your womb and our children grow before my eyes, the tailors would find a way to smother me in my sleep if I changed your measurements the day of our wedding. They worked very hard on your bridal kimono, you know, and they’re rightfully proud of it.”

Hatsuyuki pouted at him. “What about flaunting me in front of the entire court?”
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a58f3 No.5761

Year 20??

Historian Minatsuki Asami tilted her head quizzically. “How many children did they have altogether?” she inquired.

Juunin Sora, the Hokkaido resident she was interviewing, rested his chin in his hand thoughtfully. “Well, the Prince and Princess tended to conceive in multiples even without the charms, as evidenced by her first pregnancy by him: Five at once,” he mused. “They wound up with forty. Added to the seventeen the Princess bore previously, the Princess had fifty-seven children over her life. People are beginning to associate her with fertility deities because of that.”

Asami shook her head. “I can’t imagine such a powerful fetish,” she remarked. “I mean, if I found the right man, I’d be happy with two or three children myself, but I’m not obsessed with having as many children as possible, and I don’t have gravidophilia.”

Sora shrugged. “It’s part of the history that changed Hokkaido.”

Asami shrugged as well, turning off her tape recorder. “I’m just glad I wasn’t alive way back then, blissfully ignorant of youkai trickery. Imagine going through a three-day pregnancy without warning. Good thing there are laws now.”

Youkai could offer to bed humans, but they were not allowed to deceive them in order to have children. Plus, all cross-species marriages had to be entered into with complete honesty. Those were among the laws insisted on by the monsters of the world when they had finally and officially revealed themselves to humanity at large. It had taken decades for things to settle, but for now, it was working. Historians and reporters, especially human ones like her, were given special immunity as well, in accordance with the neutrality of their jobs.

Sora smiled. The closed-lipped expression was enigmatic, especially with the black-lensed sunglasses he wore. “What if you had warning?”
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bec3b No.5738[Reply]

Once upon a time, I recall reading a story, either here or some other place, about a tavern where almost every female in the Zelda series was represented and pregnant with The Hero of Time's offspring. Two of the details that I remember about it are Maple floating outside the door on her broom, and Nabooru's(I think) water breaking as she gives birth in the middle of the tavern near the end.

Does anyone know what I am talking about?

fcf16 No.5744

I remember that story too, and think it was on the old pregchan. Maybe somebody has a copy?

48a9c No.5755

It's worker-break by husk archon, it's on his furaffinity.

93333 No.5645[Reply]


Apparently, Marrazan has been suspended from DA.

No idea what happened to cause this. Mods may be known for their relative strictness, but the existence of his gallery seemed to be perfectly fine. Up 'till now.

d96a1 No.5647

It's not just his dA page, his FA page is also down (though there it says it was 'voluntarily disabled')

f60f6 No.5650

Quoth Marrazan; some butt-hurt anti-preg puritan falsely reported his page as breaching DA content, so he got automatically locked. The mods have been made aware that the claims were spurious and are working to hopefully restore him to full functionality before the mandated month for such an auto-ban takes place.

3b41c No.5663

You can't get locked for being reported. A mod has to do it manually. So if it was because of reporting some moderator thought his content deserved a block.

I'm sure he can appeal though.

Source: I've asked mods how the system works because I wanted an easier way to report people what only posted stolen content.

42257 No.5716

Man! The day Marrazan gets suspended by DA, you know that DA has sunk to new lows. They've been super weird lately with the whole pregnancy thing, yet allow some REALLY crude stuff on there from other things. Makes no sense he didn't have anything that was hurting women at all. Worshipping them if anything.

c1706 No.5651[Reply]

A collection of all the birth scenes.
What a heaven it will be.

b737a No.5638[Reply]

It's so hard to trade with all these freeloaders.

b49ff No.5611[Reply]

After Belliusmaximus went down, there wasn't really a good story archive focused on Pregnancy Fetish literature.

Then Lovepreg showed up and it did a pretty good job for a while, then went away, itself.

So, I got to thinking, what if we got together and made an archive of all the stories we had lying around/could find?

Preggophilia has a pretty good thing going with their armada of Google Drives, so why not use that model?

Or, we could consolidate everything to a single drive (text files don't use much space), and maybe work out a system of tagging things so people could search by topic or author.

Mostly, I'm just frustrated with how hard it is to find pregnancy stories (new and old) nowadays.


3fb19 No.5620

b49ff No.5637


Belliusmaximus' deviantart is only stuff he's written, not aggregated stories from different authors.

97244 No.5631[Reply]

did anyone else here use the "endless e-hentai" greasemonkey script? It seems that they updated the site and it doesn't work anymore. Do any of you know if there's an update out there that fixes it, or if there's a good alternative?

0ff27 No.5632

379f4 No.5605[Reply]

Well, while it's been dead for a really long time, looks like the site Pregfur is officially gone from the internet. Now, I know a lot of you don't really care about furries (I'm neutral on the subject), but I think some of the content on /f/ might have originated there and, well, it was a preg site.

…Kinda makes my suggestion in /q/ seem a little more important now. We should always have somewhere where we can get together and do stuff…

4012f No.5627

It was pretty much dead for years anyway.

The spam was crazy.

f0e16 No.2564[Reply]

I've been writing fetish fiction for some time, and for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom, people like what I do. And a lot of times I get a lot of questions along the lines of "When are you going to write more XYZ?" Well, now that's up to you. So, if you want a work of short fetish fiction written and lack the time, inclination or ability to write it, then hey, here I am.

The price will be $5.00 USD per 500 words, rounded down. An average short work length is 2000-3000 words, give or take. If you're interested, email me at doombeez(at)gmail(dot)com, or send me a note on Deviantart or Furaffinity. Send me a brief description of what you'd like to happen in it (character descriptions, basic plot outline, kinks you want incuded, etc). If I accept, I'll send you a small sample of the story, and if it meets your approval, send me your payment and I'll complete it and send it to you. You may post it on your own page. It will only be posted on mine with your explicit permission.

At this time, I'm only accepting payments via Google Wallet, due to some difficulties with paypal. Commissions will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, and [b]I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason[/b].

-Pregnancy, labor/birth and any such related kinks
-Including mpreg or trans characters!
-Any sort of anthro or species
-Sex of any sort between any parties of any genders
-Oviposition and similar
-Expansion (though preferably not hyper)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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19876 No.4285

Hey, since I'm no longer a mod here, the current staff may unsticky this thread at their leisure. :)

19876 No.4430

Bumping this, because I could use the work. :3

82f56 No.5600

Yet another bump. It's been a few months, I'm allowed! :D

6f751 No.5612

Dude no one cares

e072d No.5614

That kind of harsh

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