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bfcc7 No.6072[Reply]

I have a huge love of reading stories with difficult pregnancy, but I can never find any. I do illness stories too but still can't find many that I haven't read.

I'm a huge fun of h/c, whump, emetophila and of course pregnancy.

If any of y'all could show me ones you like or sites that cater to that kinda fetish that be great.

76cf2 No.6080

I think I may be into Whump, now that I found out what it constitutes. I write a good number of birthing stories (COMING SOON!) which always involves the mother being some form of peril -be it a dangerous situation, threatening birth, under a terrible curse, or being poisoned/weakened by some illness. I also like to set many of my stories in a fantasy/royalty setting…which is PERFECT for political treachery, assassination attempts, and lack of modern-day hospital interventions. I should have a reworked story out this weekend on Wattpad (complete with illustrations) this weekend so stay tuned.

3a9d7 No.5805[Reply]


An article that some of you might find interesting. I certainly did, especially the first entry.

35dbf No.6061

The first entry is definitely a go: wonderful writing inspiration for sure! Thanks!

c0514 No.6064


As it happens, I (and a friend) wrote something inspired by it.


00b62 No.6067


Awesome work!

4f385 No.6000[Reply]

Hi everyone,

Please come check out this subreddit that I'm trying to start:

So far I'm the only one posting but I think it's an easier way to share content than Deviantart, Tumblr, etc.

553b5 No.5792[Reply]


I'm a female looking for an any gender partner. I've got moderate experience with roleplay and have done it off and on for about three years. I'm comfortable with either long posts or quick back and forths

Large babies/difficult births
Historical or fantasy settings
Detailed characters
Quick, hard ladies
Late pregnancy
Sex during pregnany
Partner's assistance during labor (nipple stimulation, rubbing back or belly, supporting the baby during birth, etc)

Things I'm willing to work with:
Teenage characters
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ddd63 No.5965

>>5792 May we talk over google hangouts or Skype for more possibly?

3da50 No.5966

I'll role play with you :) on kik if you'd like I'll message you on there

3da50 No.5967

I tried to message you on kik and it says your phone has been disconnected

ae48c No.5959[Reply]

That would be great for us birth-fetish humans.

744d7 No.3000[Reply]

okay for a few months now something has been going on with bastionworks, bastionworks fourms everything bastionworks and the owner darien-shield has not answered any of my messages does anyone know whats going on?
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01699 No.3033

Here we are.


The formatting is kinda dreadful on some of this stuff. I don't know why but back in the day I insisted on making everything in html format, and that's what all this stuff is.

Illustrations are included for PVN only, someone got permission for those. The rest are out, some might be kicking about on the site if you want to go and retrieve them yourselves.

Please feel free to reshare the lot, just:

a) make sure that the right names are credited. That's Darien Shields for the lot, and in the case of PVN, Saburo X & Darien Shields for the writing, Saburo X & Axel Rosered for the illustrations.

b) don't be a dick. Don't charge anyone for any of this. Should go without saying but it doesn't. These stories have always been free, so please keep them free.

Any questions or other stories you want your hands on, ask me quick, I don't know if I will pass this way again.

00097 No.3047

Any chance we can see Fraulein?
and Matrontron?

a84e0 No.3069


Fraulein was cowritten by Saburo X (his idea in the first place) so I'd need his permission to post it. For my part, I don't mind it being freely available wherever, so if someone gets his permission / he has a copy that he's willing to share, feel free to post it around or get in touch with me for a copy.

Matrontron… urgh. I'm really not happy with this on reflection. It's an enormous great big mess, desperately in need of an edit that it never got. Hopefully there are some funny bits in it. I was heavily inspired by Terry Pratchett at the time, who is an excellent person to be inspired by. I was heartbroken when he died earlier this year.

I've fished it out as a .doc. It looks as if there are still some inline comments left by me in it for editing, really sorry about those, hopefully they're sufficiently few and far between that they don't ruin the reading experience.


b911f No.3082


cool, thanks for all your effort
we appreciate it!

9ff04 No.5945

I was wondering if anyone had these stories from darien shields? Since they were removed from his dA, I have never been able to find them and the web archive wont work either. They are the only stories of his that remain missing.

33e0e No.5828[Reply]

You pounded this pussy and now my belly is swollen with your seed. Your twins. I can barely move! I rub my belly and my aching breasts, leaking milk, but it's not enough. The labor pains are so hard.

I need your cock. That's right. Put it in me. Big and hard. I need to squeeze it with every contraction. Oh, it hurts so much unless you're in my pussy, making me feel better from the inside.

I can feel it. The first baby's head is pushing on my cervix. Oh, it hurts so much. Harder. Fuck me harder. Make the pain go away.

What are you going to do to me?

44a1c No.5830

Oh god, oh god, it's happening don't worry I've got the bag and the car keys I'll go start the car just breath

*Starts the car and drives off before realizing I forgot you halfway down the block. I almost hit the neighbors mail box. A police officer stops me. I panic and drive back to the house while he follows, sirens blazing. He whips out his taser and I take it to the chest as I try to explain.*

6f172 No.5823[Reply]

Any pregnant women, or women who are lactating interested in ANR? I'm personally looking for someone in California to try this with but I know there are others.


Lactation is a taboo but it shouldn't be cuz breasts are beautiful and milk is life so discuss.

Also, we need male and female members for a Cali kik group so kik me here to join: robbiedee77
If you don't have kik, hit me up at my throwaway email: jayg91@mail.com

30b2d No.5802[Reply]

kik tomorrowgirl69 love birth

600ca No.5811

what are your rules?

0848f No.5762[Reply]

So. Say somebody wrote something. Situational slice of life? Smut? Either or.

What would it need in it, how long at minimum would it need to be, what would almost GUARANTEE if it were even moderately competently done, for you to spend two dollars on it?

I'm in a mercenarial mood and deliberating trying to make things people would like to pay for. But I don't just want to make stuff hoping people like what I'm making.

suffice to say, I want money. So, I guess I'm posting this here just seeing the subjects that people are willing to come forwards again and make known what they'd willingly part with internet dollars for. Just to see what I can do.
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0848f No.5783

What I'm about to admit is a little.. esoteric, I suppose. I don't want this thread to blow up with politics or anything, so I hope people will be sensible about venting their spleens if they have something to say, but…

I've been very hesitant to get into power disparity, BDSM, that sort of thing.. because I know there are many women that enjoy it. But there are also very, very many women.. lets call them a certain kind of feminist.. that seem to bleed these fantasies, these guilty guilty fantasies, over into their thoughts on how men behave and think. Very very many of them that are 'aware' of sexism and misogyny also seem to be ardent lovers of BDSM materials, and I've noticed a very real connection and correlation between when one of them sees sexism and misogyny and racism and false positives based on their own paranoia on what they THINK men think, and what they THINK men want, with what they read in their porn. What they WANT to be true, because it appeals to what they read. You can sometimes tell by what they say and why they think certain things exactly how they arrived at some conclusion. The characters in their own rape fics and BDSM novels are often reflections of how they imagine men and society to be, and too many people bleed these thoughts out into the real world, of how they see us. It's very disappointing and contributes to extreme fears and hysterics.

And yet, it's probably very good money giving that buying audience, the same sort of audience that in earlier decades would've shaken their fists at gay rights while blowing other men through men's restroom doors, exactly what they wanted. So I guess you could say there's a desire in me to.. de-claw the disconnect between reality and fantasy by writing 'correct' and positive smut. Which is impossible. Because I can't change their fantasies or beliefs or the disconnect from reality by sucking the fun out of the material that gets them off in favor of something "correct." I can't get them to stop looking at men as rape machines and still extensions of supremacist dinosaurs by removing them from media. I can't subtly get them to enjoy 'healthier' fantasies without being preachy or defeating the exact fantasy they're looking to escape in. I can only reinforce their own damage and paranoia. If I write BDSM stuff, I can only add to the pile of stories that add to the personal shaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

dabf5 No.5784

From my perspective, erotica and sexual fantasies are the playtime for adults. When little kids go around the playground playing Cowboys and Indians, do we judge them to be racist colonialists or promoting savagery? Of course not! The actual worldviews of the kids are not inherently stemming from the sorts of entertainment they enjoy and the games they play. Adults are hardly any different.

Can some peoples' views influence the sort of things they enjoy or hate? Sure, but it is not necessarily true that the person who enjoys BDSM thinks all women should be subservient, or the raceplay lover think that all blacks are nigger thugs or white women black cock sluts, or the nonconsent connoisseur actually want to go out and rape a person. They might simply enjoy the play of these matters in fantasy where it is exciting, safe, and fun to consider them.

If media directly influences peoples' behaviors to the extent of making them racists, sexists, etc, then you must explain why the prevalence of hyper-violent video games in our society has not been creating an increase in violent behavior in real life. In fact violent crimes have been going down as the violence in video games and media has been increasing! That argument came up in the 90's with the anti-game people on the religious right - now it comes up with the PC-police people on the regressive left. It is a fundamentally false position to have because it is not based on reality and how people actually can create and understand the differences between fantasy and reality.

So I think that your concerns that you would be 'corrupting the youth' so to speak are unnecessary. Normal people have a good grasp on fantasy versus reality. My opinion is as an artist your duty is to create your art for the audience, and it is the responsibility of the audience to interpret it as they please. When I write raceplay I write it as a piece of jerk-off fiction, and anyone silly enough to consider it actual political suggestion is mistaken about the medium. And their mistake is not my problem.

If you are comfortable writing were-creatures and magical beasties, then write about them and publish them to the platform that will accept them. I would never suggest writing anything you didn't feel comfortable writing simply for the sake of money - crushing a passion into a miserly labor like that would be simpPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

5ef1a No.5786

I think at the very minimum premium stories should either be short story length (at least a few pages), or come with free updates if it isn't that long. If you produce enough quality content for each of your stories there's nothing wrong with wanting a little money for it.

Could anybody recommend some authors to me? Im having a hard time finding good pregnancy stories as of late. I would really prefer if they are still updating, half of the good stuff I find is from retired authors.

0848f No.5787

Could you share with me a story online that you think is the bare minimums length to pay for?

dabf5 No.5788


I don't know of a single premium author who updates their stories. It isn't cost-effective - they usually just move onto new stories. As for how long that will sell, 5k - 7k is the general baseline, though some authors go as low as 3k (not as successful anymore).

Good premium authors? Not sure. Free authors might be good. People were writing for MadScientist on HentaiFoundry (fun monster-impregnation stories). Really depends on what kind of pregnancy stories you are looking for.

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