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1f078 No.6965[Reply]

da781 No.6969

Yay! Looking forward to reading this later!

d8e96 No.6970

A link with no description or context. That is completely normal and not at all suspicious.

da781 No.6971

He's mentioned this story before and has been poked into posting it. The link is legit. It's a Dropbox link. Has a text file containing a few chapters of story.

1f078 No.6972

uhm. My story is a story, not a virus or whatever. Though I admit the lackadaisical way I posted it does seem a bit like an internet trojan dumped off by Eastern Europeans or China. I apologize for that.

But I promise you it's just a story housed on the dropbox file saving service and linked to here. You can find request art that was made from the official drawthread.


see? It's her. This is the story featuring this character.

76f25 No.6968[Reply]

hello people. i am looking for anyone who is pregnant for some fun on kik, whether it be for an rp, just want to show off your gorgeous belly(and maybe a bit more), or if you want to meet up. if you arent pregnant, but would like to do any of the before mentioned things, that would be wonderful. my kik is: bleh2.0

4e264 No.6963[Reply]

I've recently discovered some really good pregnancy stories on Deviantart. But there are so many and too few artist mention their contents.

So can anyone suggest some, with a brief description of the plot and contents.

Let's start off with my fav…
Summary: Cona unwittingly impregnates herself with tentacles. Inspired by Arthur Saxon’s “Pregnant with Tentacles” 1 & 2.

Contains: Belly expansion, breast expansion, egg laying and some good unbirthing scenes.

Baby Elephant
Summary: An intern is impregnated with a baby elephant.
Contains: Unwanted animal pregnancy and some good inflation scenes.

4e264 No.6964

If this already exists on the site I apologize and would like the link to it please.

I'll share whatever other good stories I come across and share them with you and hope you do the same.

0e8dd No.262[Reply]

Hope this kind of thing exists as a birth fetish.

efce2 No.4758[Reply]

16ac7 No.6342[Reply]

So I absolutely love writing about birth and I really need some ideas! I have some ideas for a few stories, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about them. So I'm opening myself up for requests and/or commissions! A commission is paid for and you will get your work faster, but I will complete all requests. Here's what I will and won't write:

- Death Note
- Black Butler
- Hetalia
- Baccano!
- Yuri!!! on Ice

Pregnancy Preferences
Fpreg – Yes
Mpreg – Yes
Alien – Yes
Anthro/Kemonomimi – Yes
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16ac7 No.6783

Yo, I'm the original poster and I love this idea! Might very well do that.

5a8f4 No.6793

Oh! Wow. Hi there! I had thought this thread was completely abandoned after I posted that. If you are interested in something a little more short form I put a route like this on my writing.com interactive that nobody has really taken up. I'd love to have more additions even if I would prefer a full story. :)

Story link: https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2071965-Young-Mothers-A-Pregnancy-Interactive

Route in question: https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2071965-Young-Mothers-A-Pregnancy-Interactive/map/145

54408 No.6876

Are you still taking requests? If you are, I have an idea for a birth story inspired by a line from Jimmy Neutron xD

A woman is giving birth to her firstborn. The process was long and painful, but eventually the head starts to crown. Right when the woman manages to pop the baby out, someone with time manipulation powers, or a gadget that rewinds time, appears and decides to rewind the birth in order to see it in full detail, making the woman experience having her child pretty much shoved back inside her and having to go through with the pushing again, and again, and again.

What do you think?

dbb92 No.6887

Oh man, THAT line. I remember well hearing that line and, despite being quite aware that my interest in birth was a fetish by then, thinking Jimmy's dad was messed up…and that I felt like an awful person for wanting to see that, too.

54408 No.6897

Yeah xD I was like "how the hell did THAT get past the censors?!" and it's weird that Hugh would do that since in the Brobot episode, he was thoroughly grossed out by the reproductive process.

All the same though, that's a very creative if cruel idea I want to see a fic of lol Or better yet an animation

45559 No.6892[Reply]

Looking to translate some hentai manga and was hoping someone could recommend a good and cheap translator?

f734c No.6799[Reply]


I'm sure each and every one of us has been there.
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deb13 No.6821

Oh yeah, you bet I've been there. I also know a number of related feels, which I would like to share with you now.

>when the belly just looks like pudge, zero references used

>when the belly is freakishly far down her body, or just zero fucks given about anatomy in general
>when it's tagged impregnation but it actually just cuts from sex straight to pregnancy
>when it's tagged impregnation but doesn't even have internal shots, just someone yelling 'get pregnant' in one panel
>when it's not tagged with either and you found it by sheer luck while looking for something else and you're left to wonder how much good shit is out there but untagged
>when it's a character you really wanted to see with a bump combined with a fetish you couldn't be more tunred off by
>when it's a 500-image artist gallery and you really like their style but after five minutes begin to understand that preg's not something they draw frequently and after ten more minutes find one image with a very slight bump in the background of a harem shot and you now wish you'd just opened up your folder and actually you aren't even in the mood any more

68341 No.6822

Not just FurAffinity that does that, much to my annoyance.
I mean, I'm fine with ovi, it's just that when you tag something as birth, it needs to be *live frikkin' birth*, you know?

a9838 No.6827

All of those are so true.

>when it's tagged impregnation but doesn't even have internal shots, just someone yelling 'get pregnant' in one panel

Sums up my experience when I used to browse lu.scio.us.

I got another, similar to what you have
>when one of the few non-western artists that frequently draw pregnancy well also happen to be into scat and every doujin made is a gamble
>when an eroge doesn't even have character cg that reflects the pregnancy that features prominently in the end scenes

ef163 No.6862

>when you look for sweet interracial pregnancy porn
>the vast majority of it is hijacked by anti-white racists
>"hurf durf breed out da huwites dey r inferior"
>"black dick is just better! All these wives agree!"
>lets just caption every picture, even benign pictures of pregnant women, with ridiculous racism about supremacy and 'knowing ones place'
>mostly done by white sissies who fetishize black people as some sort of superhumans/subhuman orcs.
>cuckoldry cuckoldry cuckoldry cuckoldry cuckoldry.

>start getting the urge to do both white supremacist interracial erotica and deliberately egalitarian non-prejudiced interracial erotica just to piss off the anti-white sissies and identitarians. Just out of spite.

>remember you can't draw and just go masturbate.

12ad9 No.6870

Not to go too /pol/ here, but there are very few things in life that you can throw your identity into without either being an idiot or downright psychologically twisted, as either cause or effect.

a1221 No.6773[Reply]

6efe9 No.6775

cff62 No.6771[Reply]

male looking for female rp, kik me at foxcub123

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