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d4d0d No.7322[Reply]

Unable to forget the wonderful Tesy Birth story, I was thinking yesterday of different forms it could have (other than a branching tree structure) and as I fell asleep imagined the below mechanic, which I wanted to share (in case it was thought-provoking and/or of interest).

Imagine: When Tesy wakes up, the player gets to choose the strength of the contraction she's feeling, on a scale from 1 to 10, where '10' is 'the baby is coming now, in bed'. (Also whimsically used as the centimetres she's dilated if/when she sees a doctor.)

Every 'scene' (location, roughly, though could also be time-slot) Tesy's labor score, visible in a corner (though not visible to Tesy) increases by 1. Tesy has a doctor's appointment in the evening, and if she starts at 1 and goes up by 1 every scene then the final scene will be 10 and she'll give birth in hospital (or her score could be a little below 10 in that scene by default, if starting at 1).
The doctor's appointment is a reason that she uses to tell herself not to think too much about the contractions.
Tesy can call to cancel the doctor's appointment if an evening thing comes up that she wants to do, like urgent work.
At certain points in the day (one per scene?) Tesy can choose whether to call the doctor.
(Choosing not to and assuring herself there's no need is wonderful in its own way.)
Perhaps if her score is an 8 or 9 then the doctor can tell through the phone that her contractions are coming too strongly (not able tot talk through them) and too frequently, and if it's a 9 then she doesn't make it to the hospital in time (ambulance/taxi birth? Maybe she can choose which to call).
(Edit: Maybe simpler, the doctor not able to tell if Tesy chooses to understate (and hiding even really strong contractions), so that Tesy can cancel the appointment even if she's at score 9, this part of the mechanic depending on the writer's preference for whether the next scenes after cancelling are desired possible scenes for labor; the call timing could also instead be controlled so that, if you do cancel, the next point when your score goes up is the same as if you hadn't cancelled.)
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d1cb8 No.7328

This is a nice mechanical thing here, makes me miss the game. :(

b912e No.7330

I just hope someday I'll come back tesy birth story

74370 No.3662[Reply]

Hello everyone. I am hosting a DnD campaign on kik, and am looking to fill a slot. We will be playing pathfinder, starting at level 1. No experience is needed, and I am more than open to homebrew ideas to fit the pregnancy fetish a bit more without devolving into straight fetish content.

Just post in the pregkik chat, and i will add you to the general thread.
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806c1 No.7315

Heya everyone out there. I'm planning to start a thread here in a bit with a prefab campaign and Coc-style system (sex after battles, npcs, etc.) Details about extra stuff like items and transformations is negotiable.

Anyways, couple questions about it:

1. I currently have Storm King's Thunder, Curse of Strahd, and Dragon Queen's Hoard. Which is the preferred package (or is there a 5e homebrew people are interested in)? I'm open to buying another if people are interested.

2. Would people prefer a DM-made party and vote on what they do, or something more like Orgy Trail, where characters are made by the readers?

3. Would people prefer specific individuals to play their characters and then get replaced as time passes, or would everyone prefer to vote on the party's actions as a whole?

Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

aedd1 No.7316

Hmmm… I'm not sure which would be better. How DnD are you going to make it?

9f74a No.7317

I'd basically plan to just run a straight-on D&D campaign, character sheets, combat, checks, whole shebang.

Biggest question is: would specific users playing specific characters be better, or would everyone voting on the party's/character's actions be better? On one hand, the combat'd probably be pretty tedious if done by community, but I think it'd be more fun to do the rest of the role playing aspect by vote. Still need to straighten that out and get some opinions.

3db43 No.7318

I've played 4th edition D&D a few times (as well as a few other systems, like Warhammer 40K). But never heard of Pathfinder before, so afraid I don't know much about that one.

Also better with Forums rather than phone apps.
Like the idea though :)

f42ca No.7320

Pathfinder is an alternate take on D&D3.5. It has its share of critics, since it has preserved a few game mechanics from 3.5 that can be heavily abused, but I've had fun with it so far.
As for 4e, I've made one character, then the GM just stopped. Easy come, easy go.

99929 No.7311[Reply]


Okayokayokok's first Pregnant Expansion comic. What I've seen of it is good, but lack the funds to buy a copy. So I figured I'd post a link here so you all can enjoy.

03b2c No.7272[Reply]

I am recently getting back into pregnancy Roleplay. I have learned it turns me in more than anything. I am very interested in RP online as well as voice (which is my favorite)
Likes: late pregnancy, birthing, sex during birth, lactation, daddy/daughter just to name a few
Dislikes: degradation, rape, gore, furries, unrealistic scenarios

Contact me here or on kik..laurenmia_86

44930 No.7267[Reply]

My kikname is Miller_996
I'm thinking of forming a group, just to share any art (made by someone, or you), relating to pregnancy.
Anyone care to join, hit me up.

0900d No.7248[Reply]

If you are on the Kik chat, post Links you have here for those of us who don't or can't those links on their phones

Same rules of the chat apply

df009 No.501[Reply]

I'd like to know what other fetishes you all have outside of pregnancy/birth/lactation, etc..? Would be interested to see if there's overlap. If you don't have any that aren't birth or pregnancy-related, chime in too and let us know.

I'm a 27 year old woman. I'd say the fetish outside birth I get off to the most when I'm wanking is femdom/male!sub with an emphasis on orgasm denial. But I like D/s in general with all sexes. My girlfriend is my puppy sub. I'm an all around sadist, and I love to consensually and lovingly control someone else. I'm into med!fet, tickling, pet play, mommy/daddy play, humiliation/degradation, worship, vibrators, deep throat/gags, gender play, facesitting. Some of these are real life desires, some just porn I get off to. It's all basically in the realm of BDSM.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else!
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7ddd9 No.6882


Believe me, as someone who regularly writes that stuff, you are NOT alone. MANY women (or people pretending to be women, can't be sure…) have pm'd me saying that pregnancy terrifies them, but the idea of being forced to get pregnant and give birth against their will, especially to inhuman monsters is a crazy turn on, even if they would loathe anything even close to it in real life. Yea, a lot of people like their stuff with sunshine and rainbows, but there's plenty of people that like the idea of a demon thrusting their way out of their bellies while they scream in agony, tied down in a demon circle, or feeling their body warp and twist into something inhuman as the creature they were forced to gestate corrupts them utterly. :)

26f99 No.6903

So much of the same for me! I'm in no rush to have a baby, but imagining scenarios where someone is packed with unnatural creatures eager to be released from their tight, supple, confining prison just takes me there.

4e32a No.7215

I'm a 30 year old guy but I love the idea of being forcibly transformed into a fertile petite woman and being impregnated.

So I guess, gender play, humiliation/degradation, some light bdsm, lactation, and cock worship. To name a few lol. I'm sure there are other's that I can't pin down right at the moment.

91415 No.7232

I sort of like vore, but only because it scratches a similar itch that pregnancy stuff does for me, i.e. a big belly with people inside.

I also have something of an incest fetish borne from playing Crusader Kings II and watching Game of Thrones, though I definitely never think of my own family in a sexual way. It's more the taboo that turns me on. I liked it when my ex called me "daddy", for instance.

51e48 No.7237

20 year old transguy, not into having kids at all and pretty dysphoric about my biological parts, but I'm pretty into mpreg, pregnancy, egg laying, birth, impregnation, etc. It's interesting that I find other transguys being into mpreg as well- despite hating the idea of pregnancy for themselves.
Aside from pregnancy I'm into cunnilingus, teasing, vibrators, and sometimes bondage. I'm not too big into bdsm but shit sometimes it does the job and it does it well.

f3c44 No.7218[Reply]

I guess one can say that I am having a hard time keeping the motivation to draw stuff for this board. Between the one user calling artists "flakes" not worthy of respect while putting on the "Happy Merchant" persona, to the one user who has been acting like he is entitled to his request, I feel like I am making content for people who do not even appreciate the effort we artists put into our work. Hardly one ever comments on the images, and the comments that are made can easily be summarized as "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." Hardly any of the comments give criticism that is all that constructive (saying "work on anatomy" is not very helpful as it is such a vague statement that tells the artist nothing specific that actually needs improvement).

I can easily see why not many artists show up on this board anymore. I can be difficult to post creations here when there is no indication that anyone acknowledges the existence of said creations (like what happens with artists like Hidon Redux). There are even times when artist is derided for the work said artist makes rather rudely, even though that artist simply fulfilled a request (which is what happened with Hosea).

Am I overreacting? Very likely. But really, this is how I honestly feel. I might even be alone in this, and many will likely call me all sorts of names while hiding behind their anonymity, but I felt that I needed to be honest.

6c2a8 No.7219

I'll admit, the anons are a fickle bunch at times. I'm sure your work is very much appreciated, even if no one actually comes out and says it. Likewise trolls will be trolls, don't pay too much attention to them.

There's somewhere I have in mind that if you haven't visited yet, it might help you. Unfortunately I can't mention where exactly it is here, lest the trolls find this wonderful place (though the mods wouldn't put up with their shit at all), but many of the artists you know are there.

77e6e No.7220

You have to draw for yourself. You have to. Even if you draw for money you still have to find the time to draw for yourself.

As far as crit goes there is a period for an artist where single image based critique doesn't really help and you are firmly there. Honestly a lot of people are because they think they can just draw and get better without ever practicing. Study anatomy. Pick an area you want to work on and focus on that (arms, hands, legs, whatever) Go on deviantart, find a stock photo account and do different types of study. Gesture. Form.

Go buy a big old cheap pad of newsprint and get some crayons and work on capturing the movement and volume of a person.

You're on the internet you have a world of free information out there to help you teach yourself. And you have to. Only you can get yourself better at art.

Youtube: Sycra, Proko Look around from there you'll find tons of people teaching and you can pick out the ones you like.

ff6d1 No.7222

You should enjoy the work you do in your free time. If you don't, stop for a while and see if you want to continue it later. You can't force motivation by hammering away at something repeatedly.

With regards to criticism, I'd say that only those experienced in the arts are able to give you the comments you seek. Don't be surprised that the average anon can't actually help you cause they themselves can't draw.

Finally with regards to acknowledgement of your works, yeah there probably are a lot of lurkers out there enjoying your works in secret, 1% rule of internet culture and all. If you want more positive responses though it may be best to find a more specialized site similar to you art. There's probably something like that out there in the vast internet.

f3c44 No.7226

I will still make works, that is for sure. I am just not sure if I will bother posting them here anymore.

efc36 No.7230


You should still post here (because a lot of us like your art!), but if you want legitimate criticism, you'd be better off looking for it somewhere else than here.

There are many reasons few people here give good feedback. For me, this is simply because I don't wanna come off as an asshole, even though anonymity protects me. Although it's safe to assume this applies to many others too.

Another contributing reason would simply be that this is small site, with relatively little traffic.

207eb No.7170[Reply]

Sooo… on the subject of making money, I've decided I'm gonna try the site called WritScrib (currently has crowdfunding going on, gonna take the gamble and see how it goes during beta, etc) because getting little tips for drawing artwork will be nice. They also plan to police harassment much more thoroughly than tumblr staff does, which means I won't get chased off with harassment like I was on tumblr (someone ended up finding out who I was and called my boss trying to get me fired for being a "dangerous sexist abuser" and a "pedophile").

I've also considered opening a Patreon. I'm curious what you all currently do to make money off of your kink art, if you guys do anything at all? Tell me your experiences with trying to make money online. I could use any and all advice or personal experiences you all have to offer.
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f6438 No.7185

Patreon, I think, is good if you are looking for long term commitment, and possibly a slow build. I support people on Patreon if I've enjoyed their art for a while and think they're going to stick around. I'm wary of jumping in if someone's new, even if their art is good. I *believe* (could be wrong) the default setting on Patreon is to charge people at the start of every month, so if you subscribe midway through a month you get access to the content without paying. This means that some people can subscribe, get the content, then unsub. You can configure the settings to charge for the month immediately, though, if someone new subscribes.

There are always commissions, which require less long term commitment.

A few artists sell things that are more like digital products; art packs, complete stories, comics, etc. There are good services for setting these up but I'd say they're less well known and less readily available than the likes of Patreon. Axel Rosered does a lot of art packs, I think he uses e-Junkie.

Patreon and art packs will get pirated sooner or later if they're any good. It sucks, but there's only so much you can do about it.

207eb No.7186

Mm, the first point is a good reason for me not to pursue patreon, then. My interest in drawing NSFW comes in waves, and I wouldn't want people subscribed when I don't consistently deliver. If there's another site like what writscrib is advertising (having an open gallery and the option to put tips in) then that'll probably be more in line with what my productivity is like.

Maybe doing a general open tip jar thing would work best. I really wouldn't mind people seeing and sharing my work, I'd just like a little appreciation tossed my way to keep me fed long enough to draw the next one, hahah.

I'll figure it out in the next few months I guess.

4ceff No.7187


There's a way to do Patreon in a per-update scheme. Some comic creators do it that way. Drive from Dave Kellett comes to mind.

64a60 No.7189

I have plans to launch a comic on patreon in the next couple weeks. I certainly agree that it's probably the best platform available right now.
I also have been seeing some negativity towards artists trying to make money off their art on patreon and other sites. For the longest time I wanted to make a comic and do it for free but it's hard to justify the time and effort to such a project when I could be doing other things to make money or spend time with my family.My particular art is an expensive one to createll given the costs of the products I use. And my computer is really showing it's age so I need to build a new one.
I hope that it doesn't offend those who like my stuff that I am putting out a comic as a product. The goal for myself and my writing partner is to release an issue for free up front that is an overall representation of the tones and themes before choosing to support us.For those that do will get at least once a week a page of an issue (a series of at first loosely connected stories in the universe).
We will also be writing short stories set in the universe that will have renders to go along with them.
We sat down and really approached it as a business plan. And I think the whole business aspect of it is why so many people get shitty about people making money off their art. There is nothing wrong with it though. Besides I have student loans that I amassed while getting a degree for doing shit like making business plans so yeah….

310ba No.7190

My problem is that I've had a few offers for writing and one for pixel art, but after saying I'd give it a shot my computer crashed and my motivation died. I'm really short on cash right now so it couldn't hurt to try again.

46083 No.7175[Reply]

Can we get a thread going if people who are open to commissions so those who are interested in having one done can find someone whose writing clicks with them easily.

Put down where to contact you, your prices, what you will and will not do, and a link to some recent work to judge off of.

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