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d0083 No.6701[Reply]

General thread for: creation, implementation and discussion of quests and tabletop games.
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5dee5 No.6737

That's true. Could be quite hard to adapt to player choices. Also, even if I knew everything players will most certainly not so maybe it's not the best idea to make it a quest.

That's in addition to the IRL time frame of running the quest. 2 months ain't a lot of time. Maybe I'll retool it into a story instead. Then I'll also be able to work on improving my other skills in the meantime.

Maybe I'll consider running another quest once the Fate/Apocrypha anime is over so that more players will have knowledge and interest in the series.

070b3 No.6739

When it comes to Fate/ stuff, your best bet unless you're a hardcore fan playing with other hardcore fans is to just cherry pick the bits and pieces of canon that work best for whatever basic scenario you want to run and just not worry about the rest. It's about the only way to do it and keep your mind intact by the end.

48515 No.6766

Hey guys! I was thinking of hosting a sort of group RP story thing. Not necessarily a DnD kind of game, just some high-fantasy driven narrative. Contact me if interested. I'm pretty new and this is a real bold move on my part but I'm willing to give it a shot. Also, are there group chats on kik?

ee869 No.6767

I'm interested but currently unreliable in schedule and work ethic. Clicking the link by your name is how to contact you?

48515 No.6768

Yep! But you can also check me out on kik. I'm kinksysin. I'm deciding whether to have it hosted on google hangouts or kik depending on the turnout. Just a reminder though, I have absolutely no experience in this, whatsoever. I'm willing to try though.

67315 No.6481[Reply]

Hey all. I'm 39 weeks with my first, and my boyfriend and I just had a falling out. It sucks, and I'm sad and tired, and just meh. But, I'm also looking for some fun. If anyone wants to just chit-chat or anything else, I'm open. Email me at taylor049696@gmail.com Thanks in advance



76ee9 No.6482

Damn, that sucks. I wont be emailing due to privacy issues, but if you're going to stick around here I'm sure there are tonnes who would want to chat on the website.

c4214 No.6691

hey. do you have kik or snapchat?

f1207 No.6595[Reply]


I didn't took me that much after using Google Translate that pregnancy is just as a hit there as it is here.

Too bad most of the links are dead.

3f3fc No.6611

Oh man, this takes me back YEARS. One of the first sites I remember digging.

d3ba4 No.6546[Reply]

Do you ever just get tired of it? Like as a creator after you've drawn your 15 pregnancy image for $10 in a day, you look at your life and wonder where you went wrong? You're just sorta stuck where fetish makes you money and you're too afraid or not good enough to make the leap into normal stuff for fear of losing that.

You might try to create non fetish content and people find out and come around asking you to fetish it up alienating your normie fans.

ab6da No.6547


Nope, but I get you feeling limited. You can always do new work in different accounts or profiles.

Many artists have vanilla accounts for general art and an account for the fetish work.

8f7f5 No.6548

Preaching to the choir, reverend. I'm not a drawn artist, but I am a writer, and I wonder how I can hit on an idea rightly stupid enough to work, so I don't have to shill out 10$ commissions anymore.

61503 No.6551

No, honestly. Maybe part of it is that I don't do this stuff for money, but the world has way more than enough "normal" artists. I provide content that others won't (albeit that's in the form of a very specific sub-fetish of pregnancy) and I've been around long enough to realize that there's virtually none being produced otherwise. Maybe I'd feel differently if I wasn't in a super niche market, and it'd seem different to me if I was just a generic pregnancy artist, but I just make things so people can have fun when they wouldn't otherwise have the chance to enjoy that kind of content.

I guess a lot of artists don't have this, but I have a serious motivation for producing what I draw, and in the end it's also just fun for everyone. I don't give a damn if it's weird or unpopular, I want to have fun with fetish content and want to help others do the same. Nothing went wrong.

Now, if I wanted to produce something else, I could always just go elsewhere, probably modify my style a bit in the process. Doesn't sound impossible by any means, but I have no concern about that at the moment.

d3ba4 No.6556

>Many artists have vanilla accounts for general art and an account for the fetish work.

That's what the last sentence is describing.

I don't try to hide my stuff because I've seen how that can come back and bite people in the ass.

If art is your career you hit a wall with pregnancy fetish art. Because the fetish isn't that big there's going to be a limit to your reach.

That's why most artists fuck off. They either have to make big boy money or they want a real art career. Patreon's a big help to some but I think they're getting saturated and some people are turning against them. While fun is great it doesn't pay the bills.

98c76 No.3222[Reply]

this place is for any discussion about what is going to happen, what you think I could improve and which ship girl you would like to get a baby in there belly
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a2e20 No.5880


Alright then

14568 No.5881

My last read up on your writing
Was chapter 58

21836 No.5962

Outside of pregnancy, my favorite fetish is my number one, Anal sex and Assplay. Combined with pregnancy and I'll follow that person until the end of time and space.

52655 No.5963

soooooo might not be the right story…….

f759c No.6552

Guess whos baaaaack for a bit!

98d4a No.6541[Reply]

Someone in one of my kik groups mentioned something happening to mpregcentral. Come to find out looks like the entire site is gone. Any ideas as to what happened?

dc74b No.6542

It's back now

00ea4 No.6535[Reply]

Would anyone here be interested in cheap writing? I'm talking like $5 per 1,000 words cheap.

6a54a No.6536

You should provide some examples of your work to get people interested. A list of what you write and don't write is useful too.

00ea4 No.6537

I was more or less trying to figure out who would be interested and then I was gonna make an official commissions post.

50c3f No.6538

I mean, everyone writes differently. Stephen King could write a novel and it be worth $50, whereas dave down the road could write a novel and it would be worth $1. For an accurate assumption on price we would need samples.

3a9c6 No.6539

HAH I charge 0 dollars for every page

e23d8 No.6540

And that's your personal choice. They're talking COMmisions here, not SUBmissions.

9eb1b No.6502[Reply]


Plus: The actress/director was pregnant for real.
Comes across as "done with all this shit".
Minus: Cuts off someone's penis. Ow.

d5b92 No.6503

…That is incredibly messed up :|

6d3c7 No.6504

Lol, it is a horror movie. Horribly messed up is sorta the point of horror.

fcdd4 No.6518

Did anyone else get nearly beat for beat echoes from The Evil Within/Baby Blood?

61921 No.6458[Reply]

Back when bastion works was still a thing, there was a story about Pirates coming ashore to dig of treasure and finding that the Island is full of ninja that have traps and weapons that have the capability to impregnate them. Anyway I was hoping someone knows where a copy of that story is. Assuming there is a copy then please leave a link.

1e2f0 No.6459

b08a4 No.6461

You are awesome thanks

14ba3 No.6497

Grateful as I am to see this brought back to life, I have to point out that there's a problem with the formatting: all of the pictures are cropped off at the right end, cutting many of them significantly short. Maybe tweak the positioning/size of the embedded pics?

271bf No.2582[Reply]

I'm looking for stories where the woman's life revolves entirely around pregnancy and motherhood. Something where she wants/has to have as many babies as possible for one reason or another, either in constant successive pregnancies or huge multiple births, or both. Anyone know of any stories like this?
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affd8 No.2591


Wow - that's terrific!

271bf No.4402


Bumping this thread because this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for!

Closest thing off the top of my head is notabot999's "Family Reunion" if you want to look that up.

3e921 No.6471


c836b No.6474

I gotta bump this one too. these stories are few and far between.

9c94d No.6496

I'm writing something like this.


You can check it out here.

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