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87230 No.5073[Reply]

So, back before the Big Crash, I had a topic here with a bunch of pregnancy and mpreg fic ideas. It's gone now because I've been gone for so long and the boards have filled up, but, I do remember that A: I wanted get some of them done, and B: the Ranma 1/2 and the Zelda ones were the ones I and others seemed most interested in.

So, I thought I'd test the waters here by asking if anyone'd be interested in seeing my works, and to try and either recall my old ideas and/or see if there's any suggestions for new ones.

Just a head's up; I don't really like yaoi, but monstergirls, male/futa, "straight" (female-via-magic or futa "father") mpreg, breastpreg and tentatively ballbreg are okays for my "weirder" pregnancy fetish.
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f3fcc No.5108

Hmm…I like the Ranma ideas except for kinda #3 and kinda #5 (futa and mpreg are turn-offs for me).
As for the Zelda ideas, #5 is very yes, #3 is slightly less yes, and my potentially morbid curiosity has me interested in #4 as well. Like with Ranma, #1 and #2 don't really do anything for me.

84986 No.5117

I'm much the same way… though the first Zelda story hits me in a MaplexLink soft spot.

3a619 No.5118

I really like the second and third Ranma ideas, and I like the second Zelda idea, but I would absolutely love reading about Gerudo King Link.

19748 No.5199

I actually found your original post way back on page 10.

Here it is.

cf75a No.5223

I'm more interested about the first,second and fifth Zelda stories, as well as the original ideas from the original thread. Do let us know if you have any works you can share with us.

db55a No.5099[Reply]

The very night the human Hisako Takahara gave birth to Oniyama Yukimatsu’s twin sons, the kitsune midwife Lady Rengyou took every snow demon to her lord husband’s home in the hills the next town over, so she could give them things the boys would need (and some maternity yukatas for Oniyama Hatsuyuki) after she delivered her own litter of five. There, the twins entertained a visiting rokurokubi. The rokurokubi shared rumors she had heard in her own travels of a small, isolated community on Rebun Island, which was part of Hokkaido; supposedly, this community was entirely made up of youkai who could tolerate the cooler temperatures of the area.

“We can all increase our numbers safely there,” the rokurokubi excitedly explained. “The population has already reached two hundred-twenty; within twenty or thirty years, there will be enough of us to claim the whole of Hokkaido for youkai, especially if those who use charms help us. The Utari there are somewhat aware of our presence, but there have been promises that they will be treated well, and given full rights to hunt and fish their much-needed salmon. They are much like youkai in that they too have been driven nearly to extinction; I can emphasize with them, really. I might have to take one of their men as a husband in the future.”

Yukimatsu rather liked the idea of a small, safe community where he could raise his children, whom he had unimaginatively named Yukimaru and Yukitaro. While she didn’t wish to settle down, his older twin sister Hatsuyuki wanted to see this community for herself. If she liked it, she reasoned she could put her charmed pendant back on, deliver her triplets, and leave them with a suitable family. Thus, after a week with Lady Rengyou and her husband Lord Niwafuji, the Oniyama relatives departed for the upper tip of Rebun Island.

It took two years to make it there, stowing away on trains, catching rides with helpful wind spirits, asking other kitsune to teleport them, even hitchhiking once or twice. And after a long ferry ride and a days-long hike, they arrived. It was like traveling back in time to days when youkai were plentiful in number, and times were simpler. Houses were large and in the old, traditional style, where a collection of neighbors or big families could live comfortably. There was an artificially created hotspring run by a small group of mujina and nekomata, and several wells and medicine shops maintained by kappa. Little farms were tended by knPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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dcc65 No.5107

Suddenly, Hatsuyuki was wide awake. “What?” She shoved past her brother and went to the midwife’s room, finding it tidied up and empty but for a piece of paper on the floor. She picked it up. “‘Thank you for being such gracious hosts all these days. Your kindness means a great deal to me, and I am sorry I imposed on you for so long. I hope to see you around town in the future. Yours sincerely, Setsugekka,’” she read aloud. “What the absolute fuck?!”

“She- She knew she was welcome to stay, didn’t she?” Yukimatsu wanted to know. “We made it clear she could, didn’t we?”

“Of course we did,” Hatsuyuki said hotly, “and it was going so well!”

Yukimatsu shook his head. “Then- Then why has she left?”

“Probably because that cunt showed up and-”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, right. I was so mad I forgot to tell you.” Hatsuyuki turned around, rubbing her forehead. “Yukizora came to visit yesterday, probably looking for you. She said some things that pissed me off and made Setsugekka really sad.”

Yukimatsu hesitated. “Is that why the floor was thawing out when the boys and I returned?”
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

dcc65 No.5119

Her first stop was her bedroom, where she checked on the triplets and pocketed the four charms. Then she found her brother. He was sitting on the garden porch, watching Yukitaro and Yukimaru play, and Yukizora was kneeling next to him. Hatsuyuki put her temper on hold again and approached. “Come with me, now,” she said, grabbing Yukimatsu’s bicep and yanking him to his feet.

“Wha- Ow! Aneue, let go,” Yukimatsu protested. “You’re hurting my arm.”

“Yukizora, I’m so sorry to impose on you,” Hatsuyuki said sweetly and lying through her teeth, “but I’m afraid I must ask you to stay with the kids for about another forty minutes. Hatsushimo, Osojimo, and Miyuki are all still napping and should remain so until I get back, and their swaddlings are clean, so they won’t give you any trouble. You can just stay out here to watch Yukimaru and Yukitaro. Thanks! I owe you one.” Without waiting for consent or protest, she dragged Yukimatsu away, leaving the confused Yukizora on the porch.

“I’m going to freeze your hand off if you don’t let me go,” Yukimatsu threatened as he was pulled barefoot through the streets.

“A snow demon’s power won’t work on another snow demon,” Hatsuyuki shot back. “Stop fussing at me. I’m taking you to Setsugekka’s house.”

Yukimatsu immediately blushed. “Wh-Why? Is she all right?”

“No, actually, which is why I need you there.” Hatsuyuki brought her brother into the midwife’s residence, taking him to the hall outside the bedroom and making him kneel. After motioning for silence, she clasped two of the charms around his neck. “Just wait and listen,” she whispered, and tapped on the door. “Setsugekka?”

“I’m s-still here,” the midwife answered.
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dcc65 No.5120

“I’m back,” she called when she arrived, leaving her sandals at the door and going to her room. Miyuki was half awake, making unhappy noises, and the yukionna checked her wrappings. Finding them still clean, she let her kimono fall open -she needed to find another belt soon- and lifted the infant to her breast. Even though she was the third born, Miyuki was always the first to make her needs known. When she was burped, no doubt her brothers would wake and need nursing as well.

Footsteps fell on the tatami mats outside the door, and Hatsuyuki smirked. “Hello, Yukizora,” she greeted without turning her head. “Will you be leaving now that I’m here?”

“Not just yet, if you’ll pardon me for being so uncouth,” Yukizora answered.

“I can pardon a lot of things,” Hatsuyuki said, “especially now that you have no reason to court my brother.”

A pause. “Excuse me?”

Now Hatsuyuki looked over her shoulder, giving the older yukionna a sharp-toothed, wicked grin. “He’s with Setsugekka, helping her pack her belongings so she can move in.”

Yukizora became very still. “What are you talking about, Oniyama-san?”

The grin grew wider. “Yukimatsu and Setsugekka are going to get married. Officially, that is; they pretty much got married in my new sister in-law’s bed. Oh, and I’m going to be an aunt again,” Hatsuyuki merrily continued. “Setsugeka is out to there pregnant.” She exaggerated the size of the midwife’s womb with a hand motion, having to guess on the size. “I’ll have to take her one of my maternity kimono to her place if she doesn’t have one around.” She giggled. “And I’m the one who made it all happen. I could make a living as a matchmaker, don’t you think?”
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

dcc65 No.5121

“Slowly,” Sakurada-san cautioned. “We may heal fast, but you don’t want to-”

The following contraction made the head practically explode from Setsugekka’s groin, making her scream and Sakurada-san stop talking. The laboring yukionna unclenched her left hand and reached around her shaking stomach to touch the top of her child’s head. Her fear was completely banished with a sob of joy. “Anata, look,” she choked, feeling the wet hair and the shape of the skull. Yukimatsu moved around the birthing frame to see, and his breath caught in wonder. It was as if he was a first-time father again, and the excitement threatened to overwhelm him.

“Oniyama-san, come here,” Sakurada-san said, scooting over, and Yukimatsu knelt with her, cupping his hands behind the infant’s head. Another giant push shoved out the left shoulder, then the right, and Setsugekka bore down even harder to send her firstborn, wet and wriggling, into Yukimatsu’s hands. Sakurada-san slapped the infant on its feet, and it coughed up some fluid before crying.

Yukimatsu cried out himself, but in sheer joy. “Look, beloved,” he said, and held up the squirming ten-pound baby. “It’s a boy!”

“Oh, he’s so cute!” Hatsuyuki exclaimed, taking in the chubby cheeks and plump body, and Setsugekka began to laugh, touching her baby’s cold, wrinkled skin, stroking the wet hair.

“I have a son,” she wept, happy tears leaking from her functional eye. “Anata, please, c-can we call him Bansou?” Meaning a late frost.

“Yes, of course,” Yukimatsu immediately agreed, and laid his third-born son on the thick frost of the ground.

New energy filled Setsugekka, and she grasped the bar once more. “P-Please keep rubbing my back, Aneue,” she requested. “It’s helping- OH GODS! KYAAAA!” She writhed as her next baby was abruptly and brutally driven down into her birth canal.
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dcc65 No.5122


“Are you sure you must leave now?” Setsugekka was saying, hovering over where Hatsuyuki was sitting on the front porch.

Her sister tied up one sandal and reached for the other. “I’m sure,” she said. “My children don’t need me anymore, and they’re happy in their new home. Besides, the will of the gods is an ongoing mission, and I’ve been craving a hard fuck and an occupied womb for some time. Three years without being pregnant is too long for me.” In truth, she could have asked any island youkai to remedy that at any time, but she had been so busy raising her triplets and helping her brother and in-law with their twins and quadruplets that it just wasn’t an option.

“You will come visit, won’t you?” Setsugekka asked anxiously.

“Of course I will. I just can’t promise when,” Hatsuyuki said, tying on her other sandal. She picked up her travel bag and stood. “But I do want to see your new children at some point.”

Setsugekka and Yukimatsu both blushed. “How did you know?” Yukimatsu asked.

“I saw you stroking her stomach last night when she was trying to make dinner,” Hatsuyuki said. “Congratulations, by the way. I hope a natural pregnancy is as satisfying as a charmed one.”

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24215 No.4931[Reply]

Post your requests for pregnancy stories, and if you can, fulfill other anon's requests. You don't have to post OC but if you really feel like it it would be appreciated.

Im requesting stories involving the main character becoming hugely pregnant with an animal(s). The gender of the main character doesn't matter to me but i would really prefer if the fertilization was done through mating. Thanks.

d483e No.5029

Looking for a story that involved a model who lost a contract, went and bought a tube of beauty cream, and it turns out it had "enhancement" properties, giving her huge boobs, lips, hips, ass, and so on. After applying it, she goes and takes a shower, and the excess melts into her belly, causing it to swell and get her pregnant.

Any ideas?

6b658 No.5067

anyone have dexter 2.0 by tomez I miss reading it?

ecff4 No.5070

For you my dear OP I have a few interactives.
This one has a not much to it but does have potential for animal pregnancy with the mating route in the 18-19 area.http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2071965-Young-Mothers-A-Pregnancy-Interactive

And this one does not have the mating that you are looking for but does have a small section of animal pregnancy that you can easily find from the story outline.http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1532720-Kid--Cub-Expansion

f0f49 No.4953[Reply]

When Anon isn't busy fapping to big bellies (and who can blame?), what does Anon like to do?

What hobbies do you have? Gardening, cooking, woodworking, miniatures/models? What subject is your hobby or enthusiasm? Are you a Civil War buff? Maybe genealogy?

It came up in /r/ on my thread. I sew. A lot. Many things for many people for many purposes. I enjoy taking raw materials and bending them to my will to get a beautiful or functional item. Especially if both result. It tickles me that my kids home in on the handmade stuff first when getting dressed. It's fun to say "Thank you, I made it!"

So, what do you like doing?
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63d72 No.4995

Well, I want to say drawing and games / game modding (crosses fingers for Fallout 4), but earlier this year I was wrapped up with relocating due to my job, so basically everything got put on hold for a few months. Feels like I can finally get back to it if work can stop being a huge bitch-boat for a week or so.

Oh, and also smoothie creations as of late. Any suggestions involving carrots? :P

f2fad No.4999

Make a Carrot Julius! Ice, sugar, carrot juice and egg whites.

8b1d1 No.5003

I like to read American and Japanese comic books, and sci-fi and fantasy novels. I enjoy watching anime and YouTube, and a few shows on an actual TV. I've been going to a Denver convention since 2007, and last year, I ascended to the rank of Mega-Geek when I hosted my first convention panel there.

I also do some text-based RPGs, which I love, and I joined the not so local comic shop's board game nights. Sometimes I draw, make jewelry, and try to write novels.

Other than that, I mostly just take up space and spend a lot of time with my cat. :P

b8e4d No.5004

I normally play FPS(and not CoD) games or do gun related stuff when I'm not fapping to bellies or at work. I'm a war nut and the selection of games I tend to play with include War Thunder(invested probably over a thousand dollars into that game), Insurgency, Red Orchestra(all versions), S.T.A.L.K.E.R., IL-2 Sturmovik(1946 and Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow), and every Microsoft Flight Simulator back to 98. I also own a Makarov pistol, legal AK-74, and the obvious Mosin-Nagant I take to the range about once a week. I've also been depositing a bit of money in a little investment so I can hopefully buy a Cessna 185 in a few years time.

cb1d4 No.5005

I like to play games, draw, write, study porn, table top RPG stuff, game design (though more table top RPG stuff than video games. I haven't yet tried to break into programming past random RPG maker stuff), costume design/sew, and stuff like kick boxing (though I'm out of practice and shape).

Honestly I have too many hobbies sometimes.

1e63b No.4561[Reply]

I have a qestion for everyone….this might not be the correct place to ask but i shall ask it anyway.

What do you define as "furry"?

Seeing the furry section flare up and swiftly removing it from my view when i hit the home page, it hit me to think that Monster girl and Monster girl Encyclopedia don't really count as furry in my opinion due to them having actual human part rather then being covered all in fur. But that is my opinion and i would just like to here anyone else thoughs on the subject. due to me hopefully trying to draw Monster girls.
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52aee No.4717

Eeeeeeh maybe. monster girl usally means that the girl is the monster not the other way around

11aad No.4797

I define them as scum, dipshit

2adc6 No.4798

Yeah, how about taking it down a notch?

e6269 No.4858

ok i did say opinion by as Couchy said, simmer it down

d1caa No.4940


So are the hyper-obsessed fans of all interests, not just furry content. I'm willing to bet you've met plenty of people who are furry enthusiasts and never had a clue about their interest. That's cos, like all other interests, most of the people into it don't feel the need to advertise it every second of every day of their lives.

Just because a few people act like morons is no reason to judge everyone based on that same metric. I mean, we're not judging everyone here based on how you act, are we? :D

a438c No.2502[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The old thread really WAS going for a long time (just about 4 months!), so it isn't surprising that it hit the post limit for bumps. Time for a refresh!

And please, no posts arguing about not believing me, we've beaten that horse to death and then some. Either be part of the conversation, or don't post. It's that simple. :)
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62702 No.3184


> I'll come back to give a little info and then I won't bother you all anymore. Promise.

Really looking forward to that "info" :)

d86ae No.3260

Since it's been a while since you last responded Spooky, I'm going to guess that you did finally give birth, in which case I wanted to say congratulations, and I hope the experience was everything you were hoping for!

ea730 No.3974

A friendly bump since Spooky at least managed to find the time to make a quick appearance on dA (no news, though).

Don't worry, Spooky, at least this section of the board is safe from the spam (and the mods are doing what they can about the rest of it).

aa290 No.3981


You care enough to complain.

ebf7a No.3985

I see your ban expired, didn't it?

1520c No.4896[Reply]

Anyone who has google drives which contain many birth videos?? Please share links!!!

b8e0e No.4893[Reply]

4891's option 4 for me.

abfb7 No.139[Reply]

I know what you're thinking. "Doombeez, why would I ever want to go a website other than Pregchan?" And I know, crazy talk, right? But sometimes, on a slow day, one has to look elsewhere for their belly-related content. If you know any good ones, post 'em here.

http://inflatechan.net - For those who prefer less baby with their bellies.

http://pregnantxxxforum.com - Requires signup, but a pretty decent resource for fetish videos.

http://hidden-desires.fullboards.com - Also requires signup. A forum where people swap birth pictures and videos, for those who are into that.
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94263 No.2147

It got boned some way or another. I still don't get why a forum about birth would get nuked when there's *so* *many* *other* fetish forums out there.


It's here now…and I mean that in a "sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't" way. Also, after registering, there's a thread to comment in so that your account is fully activated. Sorry, I'd give better details but it's in a "isn't there" phase right now.

37a7c No.2148


I used to be a member of the site a few years ago. From what I understand, Stormr (the admin) must approve all new accounts for them to become active so…yeah. It IS possible to become registered but be prepared to wait. Your only hope is to ask someone who is already a member to contact him. I do know the forums are prettymuch dead but to each their own I guess.

01c88 No.2157

Make an account, login, then go to hentai.org to get some sweet loli porn

01c88 No.2158

e238a No.2167

site is back up, the hosting company changed their system so emails wouldnt be redirected, and I never knew about that til last month.


ca5a6 No.4739[Reply]

Just wanted to say if you're wanting to write, well, anything related to pregnancy, I'm here to write with you! That means mpreg, fpreg, both, inflation, etc, et al, I'm here. 21+/Female writer, and willing. Find me on yahoo at pregnancyplotlines.


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