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All good things must come to an end.

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d1b5b No.4350[Reply]

As promised in /b/, I wrote something short for Stardew.

Fingers crossed the formatting survives copy and paste.

Abigail’s belt felt too tight.
“I won’t be back until 8pm,” her dad said. “So you’ll have to lock up too.”
Not just her belt, either. Everything felt tight, her tights, her shirt, even her bra.
“The keys are under the counter, next to the phone. Now, if the mayor comes in axing about taxes…”
It wasn’t like they were small clothes either. She had been feeling uncomfortable all week and picked out her baggiest outfit. It still felt small and itchy against her skin. Maybe she was sick. She definitely felt sick. Her feet had been aching since morning and now, standing behind the counter, listening to her dad drone on and on and on, her back was starting to hurt too.
“Dad,” she said. “I don’t think I’m feeling better after all. I think I’m still sick from the other day. Do I have to do this.”
Pierre frowned. “Abby, were you listening to a thing I just said?”
“Mayor, taxes, blah blah blah,” she said. “I feel totally gross. Can’t we just close the store?”
Her dad’s face fell. “Abby, that new farmer from up the road could be coming into town looking for seeds any day now.”
Abigail grinned. Jackie, the new farmer. She looked cool. Sexy, even. She had spoken to Abigail a couple of times, compared Prairie King high scores, even given her the coolest amethyst from down the mines. Working the store wouldn’t be so bad if Jackie came round.
“And if the store is closed,” her dad went on, “She might just head on over to the Joja Mart and become a customer for life over there. Is that what you want?”
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31021 No.4359

Must have mod with this premise! Well done anon.

1a476 No.4361

It could be interesting to see where this goes. I'm not familiar with this game (is it a game?) but the premise of this story is intriguing. Will you be continuing?

939e3 No.4363


Stardew Valley is a game out on Steam. It's basically a love letter to Harvest Moon and, for my money, more fun than I've had with an HM game in years. We have a little thread talking about it on the random board!


78d61 No.4443

That is an excellent read! I am greatly amused at Jackie's misunderstanding of "fertility shrine."

I do hope you write more, even if or because it would be "huge girl adventures without much plot."

eb090 No.4462

I'd love to see more of this

6c97a No.4455[Reply]

So, if anyone knows what happened to the Secret Stirrups site, that'd be great.

fe87b No.4458

There was some sort of dispute last night regarding underage drawn content (not exactly sure of specifics…) , but the admin apparently took the site down after having a discussion with the other higher ups that ran the site :/ sorry to say, because I was a member and really loved it…

6c97a No.4459

So… Let me get this straight. Instead of telling the one that wanted to post the offending content to desist… Or issuing new / enforcing existing rules to limit such material… They just pulled the plug?

4b875 No.4460

What was "Secret Stirrups"? Kinda bizarre name, no?

fe87b No.4461

Sadly, yes. Shame since it was the best community for birthing I'd seen in a long while…

24670 No.4415[Reply]

I know that spam return. We need to a captcha system like BBW-Chan but I know it won't stop it. But I hope it slow it down. I don't want site shutdown again.
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24670 No.4424

This is good april's fool joke. I should realize it when it is granny porn.

9f6f2 No.4447

On the one hand, it totally got me and I was about to delete my link to the site, from the entirely reasonable possibility that it had been spam-blam'd again…which seems to be a recurring theme on preg fetish sites I frequent, that they get shut down by external forces.

…>_> He said, hoping he wasn't jinxing it.

But on the other hand, while I want to be pissed, butthurt losers always cry "troll" despite evidence or lack thereof, and I don't want to be a butthurt loser so I'll just laugh it off or go play video games or something.

24207 No.4448

I think it would have been more obvious he was being tongue-in-cheek if instead of horrifying granny porn, he made a pregnant porn ads instead. Then it'd reference the spam attacks, but still clearly in the name of good fun. I still can't feel like defending Couchy for that prank, as impressive as it was on a technical level.

ce9a5 No.4449

Your a stupid butt

24207 No.4450

My butt may be stupid, but I can at least differentiate between 'your' and 'you're'.

9d87b No.4413[Reply]

She seems to be a fetish author that has a shit ton of e-books out there. There are some pregnancy related ones, granted they also involve incest, beastiality, or milking, though. I'd be interested in giving some of them a try but I am not going to drop $3 for only 3000 words. That's like a six page short story. Anyone have any place I can torrent them or some such?

d6059 No.4385[Reply]

Does anyone if you can get around the nefarious Sad Panda on a mobile device? I use an Android, if that helps. Thanks!

b2607 No.4386

If you have an account on e-hentai, log on from there. After you log on, you should be able to access exhentai.

cb893 No.4387

Won't work everyone's tried that everyone's outcome is different

01ecf No.4390

Not true in the least. That's how it works.

Delete cookies and cache, do not visit sad panda, login into e-hentai and then go to sad panda

054fe No.4299[Reply]

As I quote from my Deviantart. "So. . I have a chance to be a surrogate for 30,000 dollars. A good friend and their fiance want a baby, but they are medically unable to. Infertility and all of that jazz. So they know my fetishes, and they asked me. They are willing to pay.

Should I take their chance?"
You all decide.
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fddcd No.4354

Obviously if they don't know who it is it isn't them.

4a50e No.4356

Yo, unless I missed when it was stated, I didn't know that anon was op. Please don't jump my ass about it.

fddcd No.4360


Their IDs are the same.

If you think that is jumping your as I'd really hate to see what happens when someone actually says something mean to you. Some people here are really weird about that.

4a50e No.4362

I didn't check the IDs and you were being unnecessarily snarky. I'll be more observative and you can stop snarking at me.

b2014 No.4388

Hows the baby bump coming along Preggo? Feel any different than before the pregnancy

baf42 No.4357[Reply]

Does anyone have a copy, or know where I can read a story titled "Pregnancy Pears"? I read it on deviantART a few years ago. The premise was that the women on this military base had a special kind of pear that, when eaten, would cause them to conceive more children, but also extend any existing pregnancy. Most of the characters wound up very large and, unwilling to give birth to the vast number of children they had conceived, went on eating the pears as a method of delaying birth. I don't think it was ever finished.

A few weeks ago I dug through dA quite thoroughly to find it, but eventually found that the author's account was closed and the story unavailable.

Anyone got it?

9e74f No.4378

WARNING! The following story contains pregnancy inflation. If you don’t want to read about that sort of thing, I’d suggest you turn back now.
Still with me? Ok. Here we go. Security specialist Maggie continued the onerous slog along the winding mountain road. Her walk might be significantly easier were it not for the swell of her large pregnant belly weighing her down. At roughly 6 or 7 months along she knew that she had quite a ways to go, and besides, the weight didn’t bother her too much. In fact, strangely enough, she sort of enjoyed the way that her belly jutted out in front of her. Besides her pretty, heart-shaped face with green almond shaped eyes she was relatively typical for a class B worker. She wore black fatigue pants tucked into hiking boots, all underneath a size “M” button-up maternity top that was growing a little snug around her middle. She had what the other class B’s called “breeder’s hips.” Her breasts had recently begun to feel the strain of her pregnancy hormones and were currently in the process of filling her C cup bra to slightly overflowing. Not that anyone would notice since the collared work-shirt came up to her neck. She wished she had the freedom to dress as she chose like her superiors. She envied the class A’s above her who could issue her orders, but considered all of the added responsibility to be too much for her. She didn’t like being told what to do sometimes but that did not stop her from taking advantage of the class C’s below her. The restructuring of society that occurred long before she or any of her grandparents could remember. sometimes it was vaguely referred to as the time “before” in the lectures she received during her schooling. Nobody could remember who had first come up with the idea to divide everyone into the academic (A), breeder (B), and combat (C) categories but it had worked quite well for the last hundred years or so. humanity was still surviving and even spreading through the galaxy only because of the policy restructuring in the wake of humanity’s first contact with alien life. The insect race known as the Droth had appeared out of nowhere at just the right point in human history. If mankind had been any more primitive, they all would’ve been wiped out. As she made her way, Maggie fondly remembered the young class C who she had ordered to knock her
up (not that he would’ve been unwilling had she not ordered him). She vaguely recalled that he had been off-worldePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

9e74f No.4379

WARNING! The following story contains pregnancy inflation. If you don’t want to read about that sort of thing, I’d suggest you turn back now.
Still with me? Ok. Here we go. Maggie wanted to run into the gigantic indoor biosphere as soon as she stepped in through the doors, but the enormous weight of her pregnancy reduced her to a tedious, swaying gait as she tried to swing her hips around with each step, ponderously bringing her towards the first tree that she saw. Her hands were held below what she could reach of her gigantic stomach, trying for all the world to keep it from wobbling so much that it might throw her off balance. With a groan she reached up and plucked the first pear that she could see off of a branch so heavily laden with fruit that it was bent almost down to touch the soft, perfectly manicured grass. Dr. Aurora spoke behind her, “I’ll have the staff move some of your furniture in to make you more comfortable.” Her words fell on deaf ears though, as Maggie was unaware of everything else in the world besides the wonderful juicy pear that filled her mouth. With a chuckle Dr. Aurora realized Maggie was oblivious and nodded towards her assistants to go about with the furniture. She looked again at the shape of Maggie, her hips and rear massively swollen to fill the athletic shorts that had become taut, the massive shape of Maggie’s pregnancy was clearly visible from behind where her massive belly grew out of what was still a visibly narrow waist devoid of excess fat. The much larger shirt that Maggie had chosen to wear only covered the top of her stomach and mainly was there to conceal her enlarged breasts which had grown a cup size larger since her arrival to the facility. “It won’t be long,” Dr. Aurora thought, “before we won’t be able to find any clothes that fit her at all. God I feel like a sausage myself, trying to fit into this lab-coat.” And with that she began her own long waddle (though not nearly as slow as Maggie) to her private lab where she would be able to watch Maggie in somewhat more comfort. ***
Though the room was seemingly an acre large and full of the wonderful pear trees, Maggie began to realize the possibility that her seemingly limitless supply could be easily exhausted through carelessness.
She realized that the pears while simultaneously giving her more children, slowed down her growth to but a trickle. She patted the immensity of her round middle as she laid down on her bed tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

9e74f No.4380

WARNING! The following story contains pregnancy inflation. If you don’t want to read about that sort of thing, I’d suggest you turn back now.
Maggie awoke to the sound of yelling not too far away. It was a woman's voice, a voice that Maggie thought sounded somewhat familiar. The voice was pleading, begging for someone to come and help her. At this, Maggie paused with some curiosity. She looked down at herself and her gargantuan middle that lay beneath her firmly pressing against the soft yielding ground and imagined what the circumstances behind the voice must be if she couldn't lift herself up. Beyond that she was extremely curious because she thought she had the entire space of the orchard to herself. With a deep throated grunt , Maggie shifted herself back so that her feet touched the ground again. Then she shifted her weight as far back as she could until the large globe of flesh that had become her belly lifted up off of the soft grass. Maggie tried to brush as much of the grass and dirt off of her belly and she could, but found that her hands couldn't even remotely reach the front where she had swollen massively over the past few days with all of the young inside her womb. Maggie paused to take inventory of herself and check the condition of her body. Her middle, which had been growing with multiple pregnancies ever since she had arrived at the facility was approaching 5 feet in diameter of firm pregnant flesh. Relatively speaking, this is about the same size as a fully blown up exercise ball. Maggie could feel her completely pushed out belly button at the tip on the far side of her gargantuan stomach where it itched absently and in a way that she couldn't hope to possibly scratch. Maggie look down at this pendulous swells of her breasts,which had recently grown from softball to basketball size as both the hormones of the pregnancy and the hormones of the apples eaten yesterday compounded. She could feel the heavy slightly puffy pressure that meant she needed to get the milk out somehow since she had just recently begun to lactate. The final remnants of her class B security jacket bravely clung together around her ample plus sized breasts. The jacket had been designed with the intention of conforming to a pregnant woman's body, and featured a (once) ample swell in the stomach section which now is only barely suitable for containing Maggie's breasts. Even as Maggie shifted from foot to foot, getting all the kinks out ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

aa152 No.4381


Thanks so much!

6c8d5 No.4369[Reply]

Does anybody know where to find some good stories about magically borrowing pregnancies? I read a couple a few months back, but like a dummy I didn't save them and don't remember where I read them. Poking through here, I'm not really seeing anything that rings a bell, and I don't remember enough details to ask for a specific story.

If anybody helps me find the ones I'm thinking of, I can make you a little edit or try my hand at writing a short story for you. :)
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b22fc No.4371

I really love these types of stories. Here's another author I was able to find on dA.

6c8d5 No.4372


Yess, Baby Borrower is a good one. I was able to find that one, but there's another one or two that I remember little snippets of, but no title or author.

6c8d5 No.4373

I ended up finding the other one after a bit of digging on DevArt. Sharing for those interested. :)


904a1 No.4375

Love them as well, there are a couple out there. You and anon have pointed out the most famous ones.
There are also a couple of choose your own story-kinds on writing.com

I also just started my own series centered around borrowing. Check it out on my DA here: http://kylehydepc.deviantart.com/

f972f No.4376

00b0e No.4365[Reply]

Why is it so hard to find good stories?

You go on Deviantart and it's overflowing with shit like mpreg, furries, rapid expansion, magic, dumb science, inflation etc.

Where can I find good stories that are grounded in reality?

81bd3 No.4366

Your checkbook. Pay someone to write what you want.

2c236 No.4367

Or try your hand at writing one yourself.

b8c9c No.4374

the stories that are posted on preggophilia are usually more "normal"

791c1 No.4358[Reply]

Does anyone know of any male pregnancy stories that are done well? I have never come across one and it's never been something I'm into but I have been commissioned for one and I want to see how best it can be done. Thanks.

13e47 No.4364

I, uh, cannot vouch for it's quality but I attempted it once?


Some have said they liked it??

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