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All good things must come to an end.

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acdfd No.4338[Reply]

Hey everyone, I've been a long time lurker and admirer on this board. prying eyes might saw me posting on occasion.

I finally wanna take the plunge and contribute more, mostly with some stories (some ideas for them have been brewing for years).

Thing is, english is not my native language and I'd love to have someone to pre-screen my story and give me feedback, mostly in structure.

Would anyone be interested? I'd love to cooperate over a pastebin first maybe, I also have DA account so we could message.

Doombeez, Notabot, any other of these great authors around here feel like helping me out?

395fa No.4339

Aye, I'll be your first watcher then! I don't mind giving passive criticism as well.
Add me on DA, emperor42.

10846 No.4343

thanks, I just posted the first part.

Anyone else is of course welcome as well, and I read comments here too.
Find my stuff here: http://kylehydepc.deviantart.com/

0b309 No.4330[Reply]

Does anybody know where it went or have any of the stories? I have searched for a while but have found nothing but the mansion vault with videos.

3f3ae No.4332

It went down with expansion mansion went down. I think it was while back when it went down. The vault was own separate site so able to continue.

65185 No.4291[Reply]

Does anyone remember, in the hidden desires forum, a few translated japanese stories of an author called naomi were present.

Does any body have these stories saved, please?

063fe No.4292

b9e43 No.4304

Thanks man. Although it seems I need access for it.
I wonder if the owner will give me access.
Again, thanks.

67969 No.4298[Reply]

A thread for Shamchat logs! You can just copy/paste or include a screencap.

bd6e2 No.4289[Reply]

Nice to see the place is running again. Iblike this format better, too, except it won't let me post a new thread/image in /r/ which sucks. So, let's test if I can at least post here.

7a6c8 No.4290

Hey! Nice to see you again around these parts. How's Ty doing?

bd6e2 No.4293

Keeping busy with work and kids and LEGOs. Still finding time for each other, though. Why else do we come post here? He'd draw something for the new place, but the little guy ate the tip off his best stylus! :/

0dc1d No.4294

Silly kidlet, plastic's not food.

af4b4 No.4295

There are some processed foods that are hardly better than plastic, IMO. Does that count? :P

bd6e2 No.4297

Plastic is never food. We try not to eat too much crap, but… We're human and sometimes lazy and party pizzas and microwave burritos happen.

Still can't start a new thread! Gah! Keep me cheered up until the fantastic Couchy gets me fixed up?

1ad7f No.4274[Reply]

Sry in advance if this is in the wrong place. Iv been part of pregchan for a long time. A lurker but still part of the community. Added my own commissions to Pregchan and still have more to come.

I'm glad the site is back up but at the same time my respects to FastFlame for all his hard work to keep this awesome site going as long as he has.

Its a great site and place to kick back to and get information from. Thanks for all your hard work FastFlame. ^^

a0c58 No.4269[Reply]

I'm sorry but is there any way we could not have the New image feed for the new board?

There's no way to toggle it on or off and I don't come to Pregchan to see mpreg, mlp, or bursting pics. The new version of the feed even has larger photos, making it more obnoxious than the one we had before.

51754 No.4270

Seconded. It'd be great to be able to hide it the way you can hide threads. I usually don't mind that much but I almost barfed seeing some of the recent birth photos. Each unto his own, but I'd rather not see that unprepared.

55a53 No.4272

Honestly, same here.
I posted on it in the Feedback board.

We have a hide button now, at least.
(Doesn't really fix the problems with the feed, but at least its optional now)

69601 No.3323[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I don't think it will come as a surprise to anybody when I say that this site has been in a pretty shabby state for quite some time with the CSS and JS glitches, upload problems, and multiple daily spam attacks that go unchecked. I kind of gave FastFlame the benefit of the doubt about possibly coming back to fix some of this stuff after the holidays. Still, I think it's a good idea to start forming a contingency plan sooner rather than later. After all, we could just be one SQL error away from complete breakage.

Long story short, I'm currently looking at remaking Pregchan with Infinity Next, which is the upcoming version of what 8chan currently runs on. It's feature rich, and more importantly, under active development. I know yet another migration would be painful, but I thought I'd ask for everyone's opinions and create an opportunity for people to get on board should it come to that.
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2ba90 No.3972

I'd imagine they're all proxy/vpn connections.

4555e No.4009

Heads up, bumping doesn't seem to be working to remove some threads on the furry board.

e6c08 No.4014

Bumping only clears out the cache of auto-deleted spam. The really horrific stuff getting through on the furry board still needs to be manually deleted.

13cc0 No.4114

Another spam attack, probably now on a larger scale -_-

673d3 No.4171

I dunno, seems to be slowing down a little. Maybe it's just mod presence though.

89368 No.3430[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

It was suggested to me that a thread for chatting purposes about Impregnator Kings might be appropriate.

Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the story's direction, your strategies, and anything else you may like.

I can't guarantee I will check this as much as the actual story thread. If you have a question you would like to ask me directly, replying there would probably ensure that I see it.
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b8940 No.4262

Make Beatrice masquerade as a school teacher. Problem solved. Peasants get basic education. Beatrice gets to look at the stock and groom who she likes. And she has a cover for being in and around Castle Valachia and its village.

491f2 No.4264

> there is no getting around the 'blood of a recently deceased blood-relative of the person attempting to become a witch' requirement.
Whenever the opportunity arises, we should ask one of our witches what exactly constitutes a "blood relative" here because we all know that absolutely everyone is related if you go back far enough in the generations. You don't even have to go that far back when it comes to medieval nobles.

If Beatrice is willing to wait two or three generations, the few nobles that have survived will be even more closely related because there are so few nobles now who can marry and have children. They are basically forced into incest. And if our own plans work out, most of the noble blood in Ruhemania will be directly descended from Edward anyway.

So maybe that's the alternative to banning all blood sacrifices and thereby provoking the witches' wrath. Maybe we can negotiate that Beatrice (and all other witches who take it upon themselves to reintroduce their craft into Ruhemania) just waits two generations and by that time the natural deaths of people of noble birth will produce enough dead "blood relatives" to turn some young noble women into witches.

Of course this only works if Beatrice behaves somewhat rational and is willing to compromise which is not at all guaranteed given what we know about her.

491f2 No.4265

That will only work if we find a way to make some fundamental changes during Edward's reign. General schooling for children is a quite modern idea and we surely need a more stable power base than we have now to achieve something like that.
I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but we can't exactly promise that we can achieve that if Beatrice asks us about our plans to reintroduce witchcraft. (Which, admittedly, she might not even be inclined do. She could just go ahead and start killing without our knowledge)
Siring lots and lots of children on the other hand is well within our abilities.

But we can combine both ideas. They are independent of each other, there is no reason not to try both and hope for even better results.

98e31 No.4266

Hello everyone.

I thought maybe everyone would like a look 'behind the scenes' of Impregnator Kings.

I know the thing people want to know most is "how would the story have gone if a different choice was chosen?"

I don't really feel comfortable revealing that yet. I may inadvertently end up spoiling the plot or some characterization. That's why I want until the ng+, when I will gladly lay every idea and brainstorm I had bare.

But, I do want to do something to 'reward' you guys for following so closely and all the nice compliments I've gotten, even from people who didn't like the climax but thought it was well-written.

So I thought I would talk about what characters I use as avatars and get portraits from for the game.

I have a set of rules I use when I pick portraits for characters:

1. Only women get portraits. This is to not wander too far from this being a game meant for sexual situations. Also I might fill the board with picture of men which is getting too far away from the point. Ricardo, for example, is an important character, as was King Vlad, but neither of them ever got portraits.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

0bf08 No.4271

For those of you who were wondering, Aristocrat's Impregnator Kings story continued while Pregchan went down. He has, however, mentioned that he is hesitant to move the story back over here on the off chance that Pregchan blows up again. So, Impregnator Kings (and an Impregnated Princess spin-off) will be continued on bbw-chan, for the time being that is. Here are the links to the threads for anyone who is interested:

The continuation of the story: http://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/536.html

The Impregnated Princess spin-off story (an alternate universe where Edward is female and Tharja is male): https://bbw-chan.net/elite/res/1245.html

And here is the discussion thread to go along with both of the stories: https://bbw-chan.net/gen/res/254.html

This is just an fyi for those who are interested in continuing to follow the story!

840d7 No.4013[Reply]

So, I began writing my own SF "porn". The idea was lurking around me for quite a long time, but only a week ago I've finally get down to actually writing it down. I wonder, if it's any good, though:


bet my English is pretty fucked up… any thoughts and comments would be much appreciated… ;) :)

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