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d8a04 No.3247[Reply]

Does anyone have any videos of this most amazing pregnant girl from Ifriends? If so, would it be possible for you to post them, share them, or link to them? It would be most appreciated if you could.

31dbe No.2733[Reply]

Does anyone have ALL of the birth stories by Dropster? If so, can you post the link to it? I LOVE his birth stories.
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594c2 No.2970

At least Dropster's stories aren't full of pointless screeching dialogue. So many birth stories contain sentences full of literal screams and porn-like narration. I'm talking like "AAAAAAHHHHH MY PUSSY IS TEARING APART!" sort of stuff.

That kinda stuff is bad enough in art form (i.e. manga and doujins) but to see it in text form, just tears me right out of the story. Especially if it's like an entire line in the word processor just full of one letter repeated over and over.

Dropster at least doesn't do THAT, or at least not nearly as badly as a lot of birth fics do. He still narrates practically every gasping breath and grunt or scream of pain, but at least it doesn't read like a terrible low-budget cheap porn script.

6219f No.2974


Yeah, all the "'Unh,' she moaned," kills it for me a bit.

e02f3 No.2976

It's the age old question: is the author racist or is the character racist? I read it as an attack on a racist/classist wealthy women who had no regard for the man who eventually saved her.

31dbe No.3240

Can you email me that Royal Bastards story, SoulC? Im having trouble downloading it or even reading it on my computer

31dbe No.3241

Can you email me that Royal Bastards story, SoulC? Im having trouble downloading it or even reading it on my computer

6af75 No.2086[Reply]

So pregnant porn is my fetish.

But what always has bothered me is the fact that there's a third party involved.

I'm talking about the baby that's involved. Of course it has no idea of what's going on in there..

But later the baby will grow up and will probably find out that his/her mother did porn with him while pregnant. And probably even hardcore porn with belly cumshots and so on.

I can't really guess of how the son/daughter will react when finding this out, even seeing the porn movie.

So what is your take on this? Is pregnant porn morally wrong?

How would you react if you found out your mother did porn whilst pregnant with you? What would you do? And: Would you reject your mother?
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92b1a No.2952

Say you're doing pregnant porn. Would you tell you kid when it's grown up or try to hide it from him/her?

How would you react if he found out about it and confronted you with it?

bfc53 No.2958

Since I can't see myself doing porn it's hard to give a straight answer to that…I probably would let them be aware that I did it. What I wouldn't do, though, is make a big deal of it. I'd just let them know that it was business and that's that. I couldn't see myself doing pregnant porn for fun, honestly.

Now, if my partner and I were having pregnant sex for fun and our child asked us if we had sex while I was having him/her…I'd probably have to lie and say no. It just wouldn't feel right, and I feel that I'd only share my fetish with my partner..not my children.

a12db No.2978


7b72c No.3063

Any more?

6eab8 No.3235

It's not morally wrong any more than pregnant sex is, and it's up to the mother whether or not she wants to put those sorts of things online for all to see. If she doesn't want to face having to explain this sort of thing to her child down the road, then she can choose not to participate in the first place.

Personally? I'd be pleasantly surprised to find out my mother did porn while pregnant with me. It'd certainly explain a lot! I know my mother would never have done such a thing since she's very much a 'hide your pregnancy' kind of person, so it would actually be kind of nice to know she was confident enough with her body to do something like that.

And as someone who's been born, I'd find it kind of hot to have been in a video like that. At very least, I'd joke about internet fame or something lighthearted, but no I'd probably find it hot that I was once a part of a pregnant woman who was pleasured in such a way.

01db8 No.3197[Reply]

I'm trying to find this movie where this guy's sperm is mutated, somehow becomes something like an airborn virus, and indirectly impregnates a large portion of the female population. From what I can remember, the pregnancies progress very quickly, and the children, who age fast as well, all look like clones of the original guy. The movie was made in Asia, but I can't remember which country specifically.

Do any of you out there know what this movie is?

be553 No.3208

No but it sounds awesome.

36115 No.3191[Reply]

Ahoy. I made a poll to further probe your fetishes and fetish accessories.


You can have multiple answers or choose a single absolute, and I guess this thread is free to discuss what exactly you like about belly buttons :D

789d8 No.3192

I don't normally care much about belly buttons, but for some reason I prefer outies on pregnant women. Might be interesting to poke a pregnant belly button. I hope that didn't sound too creepy.

As for navel piercings, I'm just not big on piercings in general. I feel like they could get caught on hair, clothing, etc.

f1f89 No.3193

I'm really fond of outies, but I don't know why.

402ca No.3194

I think outies are ugly in every case EXCEPT pregnancy, where for some reason I love them. It's weird.

981a4 No.3195

Maybe I'm crazy, but a pregnant belly, especially a third trimester one, feels incomplete without an outie. And if that outie happens to have piercing?


4bc5b No.3132[Reply]

The CP spambots have returned
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b424c No.3151


Imo, covers pretty much every type of intolerance out there.


As in life, chill for best results indeed brah :)

850cb No.3152

This stuff happens at any and all image boards. Now, granted, I'm not sure what sort of programming magicry is out there that would stop it any way, especially given the vast amount of IP addresses used, but I have to assume that most sites deal with it by employing a large amount of mods and possibly some image hash blocking.

I don't think I have the option to block hash codes as a basic moderator, but I can point out that we get hit by this thing at least two to three times per day, and when it happens it hits every visible board at the same time, and this has been going on for weeks if not months. And when I went on vacation two weeks back I noticed more people ''complaining' about the cp spam so I guess the odd Australian insomnia hours I keep were kinda helping a bit.

We are permabanning every IP used, and deleting the threads whenever we see them. Anything more complex than that might have to be an Admin thing.

That said, I'm really not sure where people are getting the idea that this is some sort of 'attack' or the work of some guy, since it's pretty clearly a bot as it keeps trying to spam an image-based thread on the chat board.

216b3 No.3153

>>3151,soulc your a funny guy,i love the humor and friendly atmosphere of this site.

625d8 No.3156

Im chill, trust me. I just thought i'd share my opinion.

8798f No.3160

This is not a thing that is happening anywhere…?

67b1f No.3135[Reply]

Hey guys I see that there is quite a few interactive story to choose from. what I was wondering was if I should make one as well but because there is a lot to choose from I though it might be worthless. I have had fun reading through the stories and would love to try it out myself.

as you can probably tell my grammar and spelling are atrocious.

c2a2c No.2072[Reply]

So it seems most people here are in their 20s - an age where we start to see friends and acquaintances getting paired off and knocked up, and we begin to contemplate whether and when to have kids ourselves. Some have theorized that pregnancy fetishism is more prevalent in first-born children because it stems from happier times when we were closer to our mothers when they were pregnant. I just thought it would be kind of cool if that sort of thing came full-circle - i.e., does your love of pregnancy ever play a part in a larger fantasy of being a parent and having a family, or is it strictly a sexual thing?
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a9c53 No.2920


I think about this from time to time. I was the last born in my family, with such an age gap between my siblings and I that I was raised as an only child. I've never met any of them. As far as where this fetish came from, I've been aware of it since I was 5 or 6. I actually herd from my mom that my father thought pregnant women were hot, so I wonder if it's genetic?

Having a family was something I planned on doing in the future, and I actually gave birth to a beautiful little boy almost 5 months ago (though, not planned, but hey). c: I have to say, the line between fantasy and reality is definately real.

I felt so incredibly unsexy. I never wanted to fool around with my fiance. I was so sore towards the end I could hardly move due to the weight of the baby resting on my pubic bone. My baby's kicks were so strong they hurt, and visibly moved my already stretched out tummy. And labor…I couldn't get that epidural fast enough.

A lot of the things I find sexy in pregnancy, like the big tummies that look like they're gonna pop, baby movements and birth are better left to fantasy, imo. Experiencing all of this, however, has not changed what I find attractive in my fetish. Masturbating to this stuff WHILE pregnant, though, looking back at it, felt kind of strange. In a funny way. I don't fantasize about myself being pregnant anymore.

TL;DR - It's all about the fantasy for me. Sorry if I drifted off topic. I've just never had the opportunity to discuss this before!

9eac0 No.2922

Did your fiancé find you attractive while you were pregnant?

b61cb No.2924


Thanks for sharing anon - I was curious whether or not a difficult time spent being pregnant and enduring the not-so-nice symptoms would change someone's perspective on the fetish as a whole.

ccad3 No.2966

I absolutely want to get pregnant and have a family. I have to keep convincing myself NOT to do it, because I'm definitely not ready yet. But I'm the oldest of three kids, I work with kids, I'm great with them, and I want some of my own so badly. Honestly I think that plays into my fetish just as much. My biological clock switched on when I was about 16 and everything since has been me working towards getting my life together enough to support kids.

And find a partner, because FUCK single parenting. I'm over a decade older than my youngest sibling. I know EXACTLY how much work kids are, and I have NOOOO desire to do it alone.

6de51 No.3125

I've definitely had this since I was in my early teens, though I only put a name to it three or four years ago. this year, I actually started actively trying to find communities for it, though. I feel like 20s is the sweet spot because we're old enough that we've come to terms with this about ourselves, and young enough to still really want to explore this

7d881 No.3092[Reply]

Any Blog or forum?
Addicted to the maesophilia fiction written by dropster, wanna find more stories like that.
Thanks for sharing.

4a6cc No.3095

There's no one quite like dropster unfortunately.

Fully-dilated.deviantart.com has 3 incredibly good stories, but has been inactive for years.

92c77 No.3110

glad to hear from you.

7959a No.2996[Reply]

Doing some research for various projects.
What, to your mind, makes maiesiophilia different from gravidophilia?

Guy in Real Life theory aside, I'd especially like to hear from the ladies in the audience on this kind of thing. Like, how does being someone that could conceivably become pregnant if you wanted change how you feel about certain aspects of the fetish?
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7959a No.3007

How about something like hyper-preg? Would you say that has less appeal among gravidophiles than maiesiophiles?

059e1 No.3008


>>2999 Here
Personally, it seems more of an admirer thing.

Depending on the person, It seems like a bit of a crossover with the stuffing/WG idea of helplessness and wanting to serve that. As far as visually it becomes it's own entity. The women attached to it rarely seem actually involved anymore. They don't look like the weight even exists or that it's a pregnancy and not any other kind of inflation/expansion.

The idea of having a pregnancy past triplets doesn't seem pleasant. Shorter, fraught with problems, and the possibility of having sick kids isn't appealing. Plus the almost guarantee of a C-section that could fuck you up.

dc9c1 No.3096

Am I the only one that feels that hyper pregnancy and general non-natural parts of this fetish seem to attract far more men then women?

The few women I spoke to, always implying they were women of course, seem to always stay on the traditional part of the fetish.

7959a No.3097

I always figured that was the case but I don't know enough people's opinions to make a call either way. That's why I made this thread in the first place.

9a8ad No.3098

Tl;dr: If you read this, you'll probably have a good idea why I call myself WithLimits.

Interesting. I'd say that I'm a…second-hand gravidophile, if that makes sense. I mean, I would hate actually being pregnant (because I'm a guy who tends to keep out of the mpreg threads), but the pregnant form is fairly attractive to me, and there are certain additions that can make it better to an extent. Speed of pregnancy, horniness during pregnancy, willingness of the pregnant woman, size of pregnancy, and uniqueness of pregnancy are all helpful (though most of those are obviously based in fiction.)
Honestly, I feel like I occupy this strange no-man's land in all of this: I like multiples/big pregnancies, but *not too big* (sorry, WG fetishists); I like unconventional pregnancies *sometimes*; I like unbirth *in certain ways*, but not vore; I like laying eggs (again, unconventional), but definitely not permanent harm done to the mother (not sure why I bundled those together, but oh well); and I'd rather keep other bodily processes out of it, even though I respect and strive for realism.

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