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c0c6a No.4340[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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034e1 No.8684

Option 2.

I'm enjoying the story, but when it takes 3 years to get to pregnancy content in your pregnancy fetish story, we may have taken a weird left turn somewhere.

b40c8 No.8685

I think the story's reached a bit of a Zeno's Paradox state - more and more words about less and less. Some of our recent interactions have been a bit dull - I'm sure they'll have consequences down the line, but it still slows down the pace a lot and there's been very little fetish content.

I don't think a faster schedule necessarily cures that problem - a more efficient fast-moving story does. The world of webcomics in particular is littered with thrice-weekly stories that took years to resolve a single arc.

New game+ is something I wouldn't think much about. Resolve the story we have first before worrying about the next adventure, I say.

So… Option 2. From a non-fetish perspective I want to see some consequences for earlier decisions, from a fetish perspective I really, really want to see our various, well-developed characters reacting to their pregnancies taking hold.

62046 No.8686

Without parsing words too much and rehashing what you have already stated yourself, the general feeling on this end is somewhere in the "a little bit of all 3 options" department. This story-thread is basically the main and only reason (the royal We) still visit pregchan with any sort of semi-regularity. As long as you're not boring yourself, and that doesn't seem to be the case, it will continue to be worth the interest to see where things lead.

03c2e No.8687

I share Maxi's concern about option 1. I also don't know if I, or other players, would be able to keep up and vote every day, especially when life starts throwing curveballs. In my opinion, burnout is a real danger for both audience and author. Slower is fine, consistence is appreciated.

Also, I have openly admitted that I am not a greedy man, so after working on and impregnating the new three sisters we're getting to know, I'm fine with focusing on proceeding with seeing bellies get rounder and other consequences happening. I'm looking forward to New Game Plus, but I am in no rush to get there.

9656a No.8688

Hello again. Checking back, I'm glad to see the consensus is what I was imagining everyone would want.

I will admit, the days of daily updates are likely over, but not definitely. The story has changed from when it first began. In the first few months, I was very focused on the story. I was not just writing it, I was reading, re-reading, and then double-checking that reading again. I was very concerned with potentially making a mistake in the story's internal logic or narrative. I knew if I contradicted myself, the story would fall apart.

Years later, the story is longer, and the details are more deeply ingrained in my mind. I still must reread it and check for details, but I am less 'afraid' that I will lose one thread and the story will collapse. Of course this means I sometimes let my attention wander or become preoccupied with something else. (Or deal with some issue.)

Daily updates may be impossible, but 'almost daily' may be possible. I don't want to put hard limits because part of the allure of writing is being able to update it as long as there are votes.

Of course, I myself am eager to reach a point where we will have pregnant bellies on the main female characters and all the bumps that brings. All I can say is please bear with me. We will gradually have those develop. (Elizabeth at least is showing, even if the focus isn't on her.) The Faire time will be a bit of a return to focusing on Edward's daily activities as his actions have a little more weight that will be seen immediately instead of week to week. I can only hope you find it delivers on the intrigue promised and the new female characters are enticing.

88963 No.8584[Reply]

Tumblr has been removed from the app store for featuring inappropriate content. In response, basically all adult content creators either have been banned, or are about to be. Especilly of a pornagraphic nature, though that is certainly not the only target.

Fortunately, everyone's favorite dark birth erotica writing t-rex isn't taking that shit laying down. I know this isn't the perfect place for this, not everyone looking up prrg stuff on tumblr will know of this site. But SOME will. And every little bit is going to help, especilly for people trying to make a living producing this content.

If you were hit by the purge, you can post your tumblr name, and share links to other places your work can be found, or reach out to fans or contacts regarding how to rebuild. If you lost a bunch of favorite artists/authors/actors, you can search around here and see if any of them have popped up. If you had friends or contacts that you have lost, you can see if you can locate them here.

This is the thred to just give people the heads up on where you are, who you are, let them know it's ok and everything isn't lost.

It'll be ok. We'll find a way together. :3
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ddea1 No.8651


We aren't protesting, we recognize this cannot be stopped by us. This is the artists and authors of Tumblr trying to recoup their losses, or for people who had formed friendships over Tumblr to get back in touch with each other. It's about trying to heal and move on, not prevent something beyond our control.

75e72 No.8652

Who's protesting?
We're just sitting back with popcorn enjoying the show, watching Tumblr committing financial suicide by kicking out the majority of its own customers.

Not so much protest as setting an example, to show the consumers actually do have some power.

(Just a pity it takes something like this to encourage them to get off their apathetic butts and actually start using that power…)

ae509 No.8654

Pretty sad that every art site has to get taken over by porn until it can't handle it anymore.

1689a No.8655

Well, people gotta jerk off somewhere…

fe194 No.8656


I find it more sad that most art sites leave themselves open to porn for so long, only to turn without warning on the people who had done nothing wrong until they changed the rules. Also, it wasn't Tumblr being overrun with porn, it was overrun with bots peddling real child porn. That got Apple's attention. They only want apps that are 100% safe for work, and to them, Tumblr was now a liability. No longer willing to allow and leeway, Tumblr was told either ban all new stuff, or enjoy not being on iPhones anymore. That's what this was all about. Tumblr being lazy until someone forced them to do something, but the someone in question reaching way, way too far.

567ff No.8613[Reply]

So, Tumblr is going after all of the porn on their website, and we have a mass exodus on our hands.

Does anyone have any artists they want to promote here, or even suggest some of them post their content here?

1f9f4 No.8614

Perhaps transfer the bulk of their content to an image booru instead of here to avoid taking up too much space.

23d22 No.8615


This is a pretty good Tumblr-ripping program. Saves the entirety of any blog in a matter of minutes, all depending on how big it is and how fast you can download everything.

I recommend everyone save their favorite blogs before the purge begins.

03a65 No.8604[Reply]

Hello there Pregchan,

You might have recognized me formerly as one of developers of TBS and somewhat of a seasoned anon here.

Well, I was inspired by aristocrat's great work on the Impregnator Kings story for a while now. Because of that, it has led to me start writing an interactive high fantasy story of my own, and I want you all to be a part of it, one way or another.

I do not want to set the hype too high as well as your expectations, so I will not be revealing anything else other than the title.

Getting to the point, I'm currently looking for at least two writers who would want to volunteer in helping me brainstorm on ideas, specifically in a medieval fantasy setting. Optionally, someone who is well versed in the knowledge of knowing how a kingdom runs and governs itself.

Alternatively, an artist who would be willing to provide illustrations or art of the characters to help the readers visualize would also be greatly appreciated. But I am also aware that some artists rely on their artwork to help support themselves, so please disregard this part if it means sacrificing one of your ways ways of earning for a free volunteer project that only gives proper credit for the art and not payment.

That being said, if anyone is interested, feel free to message my tumblr account and we can start from there.

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7133d No.8607

Good luck Maxi. Just dont run out of steam

e03dc No.8561[Reply]

When I tried to get onto Preggophilia today it demanded I login to get on, any idea what happened?

71a7a No.8562

I think the admin talked about updating the site a couple of weeks ago

e03dc No.8563

Ah good I was really worried

99c54 No.8558[Reply]

Hi all, apologies if this is in the wrong section.

My partner and I are looking to buy a fake belly but before dropping the money I have a couple of questions. Unfortunately being a bit of a niche product, I'm having a hard time finding any decent reviews.

Firstly, size. My partner is 1.75m and a fairly average build, and we're looking for a pretty huge belly - think overdue with twins kind of thing. A lot of the reviews for silicone bellies suggest they're a lot smaller than people were expecting, and a lot of the pictures seem to confirm that. This (https://bit.ly/2P8EXh2) belly is about the largest I've found, and it certainly seems pretty heavy at 6kg, but I'm worried it won't actually look that huge. Unfortunately most of the pictures posted are really unhelpful - a lot of them are clearly photos of a different size, and the angles make it difficult to judge just how big the belly looks.

Does anyone have any experience with a silicone belly of a specific size that can tell me how large it looks on them? I've read a few reviews of people with 4kg bellies that were disappointed by the size, but nobody ever mentions their height or build!

My second question is how squishy is the silicone? The plan was to wear the belly under a maternity dress, but if the material is too 'jelly-like' and elastic, I'm concerned that it won't feel very realistic. Again, I'd be super grateful if anyone with experience could let me know.

Thanks so much to anyone who can help with these questions! :)

d1fb5 No.8433[Reply]

Hello everyone.

I'm back to writing Impregnator Kings regularly, but it's occurred to me that I haven't written a sex scene in a while. I think maybe this isn't fair to all of the readers who have waited for updates for so long. I also think I could use some practice. And it might be nice to 'change things up' and write in a setting different from the medieval (ish) world of Impregnator Kings.

I've become aware that while artists have "inktober" in October and a challenge to themselves to draw every day, some erotic artists and writers call it "kinktober" and draw or write about a different fetish every day.

I thought I'd try something similar.

Of course we all share the pregnancy fetish, but I thought it might not be too unwarranted to ask if anyone had a particular request? I'll do my best to write a short-and-sweet vignette based on your idea. Any sort of prompt at all as long as there's some element of pregnancy to it. (Impregnation, the pregnancy itself, birth, etc.)

Just name a kink or any particular type of character you might be interested in reading about. You can name specific characters, but if I don't know the work I won't be able to do it. I can do much more with "write about first-time sex with a sporty, tomboyish type of girl" than "write something with Chie from Persona 4," just to use an example.
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fde5e No.8553


On it.

d1fb5 No.8554

Thank you very much.

I see I missed the second part of your post here >>8551 Maxi. I'm sorry. I don't want to be a kill-joy but I don't want to completely erase, rewrite, or replace any particular scene from earlier in the story, even from so early that it must seem inconsequential now. It would be too complicated, since I still refer back to old parts of it.

This will give my ideas for the future however. I will take this sort of request for a specific type of scene into consideration.

fde5e No.8555


Alright, thanks for the heads up.

On a side note, Impregnator Kings has been the longest ongoing CYOA quest so far..I think it's been what, two years?

d1fb5 No.8556

It will be 3 years by mid-December. (Started December 12th 2015.)

fde5e No.8557


Looks like a 4th anniversary will be in order soon these months.

454c1 No.6514[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

First off, kudos to Moe and the Four Horsemen for keeping the game going. It's still entertaining to see everyone collaborating to get the best results.

Secondly, that most recent battle scene? Very creative. Next time there's a fight like that, I need to sell tickets and make popcorn.

Third, the recent topic of game mechanics was fascinating. I may have something new to discuss with my GM friend should he want to run another BESM game.

In conclusion, good job, guys. Keep it up.
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1741a No.8530

what a terrifying tale of HalloWeiner.

344c7 No.8531

This is why cats are better: they get out of the way.

And good luck on your Nanowrimo!

7259d No.8532

It's not the fall that frightens, it's the rugburn from the landing that does.

b21ed No.8533

Lol maybe in Bizarroworld. My cats seem to flop in high-traffic areas on purpose.

b21ed No.8534

Also, I know I'm double-posting again, but I started writing my own quest on Fiction.live. It's a quest about a guy starting his career as a swordsmith. His world plays effectively by JRPG rules. And a fortune-teller gives him the chance to determine if he wants to be some super-awesome adventure guy who goes down in history (maybe) or not!
It's called "Badass Blacksmith Quest", or BBQ for short!
So far, we have the Loud Childhood Friend Waifu who's kinda brilliant at inventions and likes things to be empirical; the Elegant Fortune-Teller Waifu who says spooky stuff and gives our MC-kun a goal and the determination to reach it; and (because I screwed up my own damn mechanics) the Personal Trainer Waifu who kinda lacks personal space, hates big business, and just barely manages to fill the sorely needed onee-san-type position (also I totally did not rip her design off from Dragalia Lost you guys.)
And our MC is Ross Roberts, who calls himself Vulcan because there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents like having the first name Ross.

efcc1 No.8525[Reply]

0938c No.8506[Reply]

I’m in the mood to write some birthing stories so go ahead and suggest anything that isn’t incestual or involving children! I’ll be doing all that interest me. Free!
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86796 No.8513

Trinity giving birth in the Matrix only to come out and go into labor immediately in the real world as well

7204a No.8516

I know nothing about that so I’m afraid I have to decline

2dcf8 No.8517

3eb47 No.8518

Quiet is on misson with big and falls into a dick pit and gets filled with eggs and births them and then is captured by the skulls and use the DNA of the dick pit to force quiet to birth skull units

5b3ed No.8519

Can you do a MCU story like this: Thanos is the ruler of universe. To control the over-population, he make the Infinity Gauntlet which gave him the authority over childbirth (no human child can be born without permission). So the Earth is full of over-term pregnant woman.
Wanda is pregnant with Vision's child. Since he's a hybrid, Thanos can't control his birth. Thanos lead the army to attack Wankada to kill Wanda before she gives birth, but fail. His authority over childbirth is broken and women over the world go into labor.

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