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(885.12 KB 1032x1105 pregcow.jpg)
PregCow Thread belliesrlovely 01/19/2024 (Fri) 22:50:59 Id:568cee No. 2730 [Reply]
If there are any lolcows in the Pregnancy Fetish Community™ or other lolcows with a pregnancy fetish, discuss them here.
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>>2755 I remember him making weird comments in the teen thread on Preggophilia. Stuff like "Oh, it'll be so hard pushing that huge baby out of her tiny body!" He's a creep, and he's got the nerve to act like an SJW? Sounds like a lolcow to me.
>>2757 It was more like "it'll be so hard pushing that little life ruiner out of her body". Dude seemed to get off on pregnancy as "punishment".
>>2755 I'm not one to judge interests, but his entire story catalogue is pregnancy as a result of rape and getting off to how much the mothers life has been ruined by it. It's really worse than it sounds, you just have to read it to know how bad it is. A lot of the characters are teenagers, and in fact he's got a whole Google drive of "forbidden" stories which are the same except it happens to actual children. Lot of burst preg (something I like I admit) in addition to his usual, but he also shoves it in to the stories of kids. I know, it's not real children but there's just something wrong about the intensity to which he fantasies about it. He's gone off on tangents about how he was definitely a rape victim and that's totally why he fetishizes it as some form of therapy - but that sounds like absolute bullshit. There's no way someone feels better about rape by jerking off to it 24/7, and even if it was true thats a terrible way to get past it. On TOP of that he's a moral busybody who will, at the same time, come into the teen pregnancy threads and lecture people on how wrong they are to be attracted to it. It reeks of insecurity because he knows he's far worse, classic projection. His extreme leftism just seems to me to be a cope because he knows how twisted his desires are and he's guilty.
>>2759 Hmm, seems pretty accurate. I remember reading his stories and recalling just how repetitive they became. It’s pretty much always the same slog of “I got raped, nobody likes me, I give birth, I be sad” THE END Pretty sure I could count on my hands the number of times someone had a happy ending
Why does he insist on spamming the webcomics threads?

Pregnant story recommendations Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/20/2023 (Fri) 18:17:54 Id:af0e76 No. 1031 [Reply]
Looking for good pregnant stories (preferably on deviantart but from wherever is good). No specifics on what about or what not about, just in general preg fetish stories
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Okay maybe weirdly specific request but does anyone have any good recommendations on preg stories that take place in an office setting? Preferably on DA but other places can work
>>1172 If you're looking for a writer who specializes in this particular area, then you could go with Muchbirth. Be warned, though, most of her stories include birth and usually end badly for the child mother. I would also avoid interacting with the author, since she seems to be using these stories as some form of weird therapy to work through, what appears to be, a past trauma. She seems pretty unhinged, to be honest. Anyway, if you're curious, you could give these two a try: Forbidden Story Archive: Mostly loli impreg, pregnancy, and birth; sometimes with gruesome ends... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bz4KudAKhIGyR0sxOUp3TW9JVDg?resourcekey=0-DklYQCf5TPmGmiEQI7asCA The author's pixiv profile: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/21297458 Good luck with your search!
>>1687 Well, they live up to their screen name. Too much focus on birth for my tastes, not enough story or buildup. I'm also fairly vanilla in my tastes outside of impregnation. I appreciate the effort though. Thanks, friend!
There's something I'm curious about that won't leave my mind lately. An idea about eggs and sperm being represented by human forms. But I'm wondering how to anthropomorphize the sperm. The eggs would be represented with females, and the Y chromosome sperm with males, but my question is about the X chromosome sperm. The easy answer is to have them also represented by women, and they have a lesbian session with the egg-woman to fuse with them. But biologically speaking, a sperm has to penetrate and deliver DNA into the egg to start conception. So I was thinking maybe having the X chromosome sperm represented by shemales. Also, it would be helpful to differentiate the sex cells. There's no right or wrong answer to this since it's just a theory for a story idea, but I'd like to get some opinions.
Im looking for a particular story that was posted way way back. Pretty sure it was on Deviantart? It was about a girl who found a a recipe online for a formula that would induce pregnancy. She wanted to use t but didn't want to get in trouble for using it so she spiked the punch at a party with it and got all the girls in her class pregnant as well as herself so she'd have deniability. Story was mostly about her enjoying the changes to her body but also some about the rest of her class. Is that ringing enough of a bell with anyone so they could post a link?

Mpreg Ideas Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/15/2022 (Sat) 20:23:54 Id:93e444 No. 718 [Reply]
Ideas for Mpreg stories, movies, episodes, comic books, manga, etc.
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>>3015 I'm interested, what's your gallery?
>>3016 https://www.fimfiction.net/user/464822/Kassaz Here's the only human story I've written so far, but I have a second one in the works: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/520221/eight-inside-enquire-within In this story, she's having octuplets, but that's due to the cover art which served as inspiration. Still, if you like the idea of bigger pregnancies, you should probably enjoy it. Let me know your tastes, and I can make a better recommendation. Do note that the newest story has nothing to do with pregnancy, so just ignore that one.
>>3017 I've read your stories!!
>>3018 I hope you enjoyed them. Did your ID change, are you the same poster as >>3016?
>>3019 Nope.

Your Biggest Turn Offs In Preg Stuff Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/16/2023 (Fri) 13:15:59 Id:e7d136 No. 1763 [Reply]
Pretty self explanatory, when looking at preg art what kills your boner almost as soon as you see it For me it’s looking at pregnant Pokemon girls and turns out the father is a shitting Hypno-
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Bad dialogue can absolutely ruin even the hottest pregnant art for me. Bland dialogue is fine, but what really bothers me is when the grammar is awful. I get it, some artists are ESL but please just pass off the dialogue to someone who can use grammar correctly so I don't feel like I'm reading broken machine translation. Also I hate it when artists write dialogue for a character that's completely out of character for their personality, turning them into mindless sluts etc. I can find an infinite amount of random hentai whores, if I'm looking at art for a character I want them to be depicted in a way that is accurate to the character that they are
Honestly, I hate seeing pregnant women getting showered in cum. Or seeing them in hardcore pornographic situations. I don't mind seeing them nude or rubbing themselves, but when they are interacting with some other guy, it turns me off quickly. Ironic, huh?
You know those x-ray arts where the dick goes through the mom into the baby? At that point just burn the fucking thing. Full flacid, like what the fuck was the artist ODing on when they sat down to make it?
These have been mentioned before, but morally fucked shit like gore, rape, and loli/children involvement. Scat and watersports are also a turn off, but I do like some water breaking. Excessive pubic hair and stretch marks I also don't tend to care for.
Gore, abortion, snuff, amputation, ntr, mpreg, mind break unless it's a temporary thing where her partner screwed her senseless for a few minutes, scat, parasite pregnancies (if the girl is gonna get impregnated by a monster it's more interesting if the child's some kind of hybrid), bursting.

Ideas for Pregnant Comics and Graphic Novels. Cheshcat2 08/09/2023 (Wed) 03:06:09 Id:d027a1 No. 1976 [Reply]
This thread is for those who have ideas for a comic book or graphic novel series involving pregnancy. Wither it be a pre-existing series, I think it would be nice to see ideas for what could have been or what could be done.
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"Maternity House" Six pregnant women, or rather five women and one trans person, attend the mothers-to-be getaway Maternity House, owned by the kind and compassionate Miss Lithia, herself also a mother to be. Lithia, turns out to be the Greek goddess Eileithyia, and has brought all six people together so that they can fully embrace their motherhood and have their child blessed with greatness. All six are destined to birth a child that will change the world, but first, they must know what it means to be a mother in this funny, yet dramatic comic. Miss Lithia / Eileithyia - The Greek goddess who runs the Maternity House to help those who are in the throes of becoming parents. She is always depicted being pregnant, though she supposedly actually isn't. She is tasked by Zeus with blessing mothers to be so that their children can achieve greatness. She genuinely cares for the people she is to look after and occasionally displays a ditzy, yet aloof demeanor, yet is actually much wiser than she lets on. Grace Lawton - An attorney who had no desire to settle down or have children, until a one-night stand resulted in her becoming pregnant. She came to Maternity House thinking that they would take the baby from her, but learns the truth. She comes to embrace her motherhood after realizing that she held onto the fear of being a parent due to her own mother's situation. Stella Abara - An African-British actress and singer who became pregnant via artificial insemination. She came to Maternity House to get away from the public eye. She admits that she is insecure about being a mother due to her star status, but wants to do everything she can to love and raise her child. Rory Watson - A trans, non-binary person who neglected to remove their uterus and became pregnant from a one-night stand. They get the sense that everyone is out to get them and their unborn child, but forms a friendship, and later full on relationship with Olive, whom they find much in common with. Teagan Kane - A punk rock girl who wanted to be a musician until her pregnancy put an end to her plans. She claims that she had no idea what she is doing at Maternity House, but slowly admits that she actually likes the idea of being a mom, but frets that her style with clash with her baby's upbringing. Olive Estevez - An MMA fighter who is anxious to get back into the ring. She had hoped to give her baby up after giving birth, but decides to keep it when she becomes concerned over it eventually tracing its parentage. She forms a close relationship with Rory and eventually falls in love with them. Millie Tamada - A internet vlogger and gamer who became pregnant from her boyfriend, who she later found out was cheating on her. Now single and ready to be a mom, she comes to Maternity House in the hopes of getting help and finds herself surrounded by friends.
I would love to see an alternate earth in Marvel comics where Electro is a female African-American superhero named Maxine Dillon and Francine Frye is her pierced up, punk girlfriend who is pregnant with her baby. Because she is covered in piercings, when they make out or have sex, Francine absorbs the electricity. When she gives birth to a girl named Allison, the baby is born a Mutant also with electricity powers.
(568.93 KB 1638x2048 IMG_20240328_155138.jpg)
Guys do you know where to read Nisioisin novel with the tittle "Delivery Room" ? That sound fun to read
>>2971 I bought it on Cmoa but I still can't find a way to rip it text only. I've been hoping for a translation for so long.
I have a lot of fantasies that I'd like to see turned into graphic novels but I'll just go into the one I've been running through recently. Small town, USA. A girl is constantly bullied by her fellow classmates, although she still has some friends. After walking home, she's suddenly visited by a ghostly presence, a womanly figure who describes herself as a guardian angel. In reality, this entity is actually a demigodess, capable of controlling belly-related stuff, but more commonly pregnancy. Behind the girl's back, she starts wrecking havoc (making everyone pregnant and/or fat). Eventually, the Demigodess's mother (The Goddess of Pregnancy) visits her and explains her disappointment in her daughter due to her not using her power for good, and punishes her by making her pregnant (don't worry it's not incest, just magic), so a majority of the story is just going into depth between the relationship between the girl and the pregnant demigoddess. I'm considering writing an outline/ establish some worldbuilding, but this is all I have so far.

Pregnancy TTRPGS? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/17/2024 (Sun) 00:51:58 Id:88a55c No. 2946 [Reply]
Y'all got any good pen-and-paper stuff for us analog fuckers who don't trust these goddamn machines? Looking for pregnancy mechanics in RPG's, porn ttrpg's, y'alls retrofits, that sort of thing. Autistic as hell but it's weirdly hot to see pregnancy gamified
(871.35 KB 1721x1289 Screenshot 2024-03-16 205317.png)
I took this little 1-page RPG called Pocket Delver and tried giving it a pregnancy spin. Instead of having plot points like normal, have 6 stages of pregnancy: Fertile, Knocked Up, Showing, Ready to Pop, Water Break, and Birth. Set the plot point die to a 6 or 7 and instead of finishing a plot point, add progression with every birth. Roll a d6 for the number of babies. (1-3 one, 4-5 twins, 6 triplets.) My heroine of choice ended up getting raped left and right and gave birth 3 times to 7 babies throughout her little trek.
we had a thread on Pregur for D&D based pregnancy traps/magical items and a few monsters. think i can remember bits of it.
>>2946 Go try maiesta rpg, it's preg focused RPG that is also good RPG

(1.29 MB 1157x1637 83935203_p0.png)
OTC hyperovulation Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/09/2024 (Sat) 21:51:15 Id:3d9e3f No. 2922 [Reply]
I know that gonadotropin injections can greatly increase the chances of conceiving multiples by inducing hyper ovulation, but obtaining them requires a prescription and medical supervision. Are there any over the counter or herbal protocols that can work as an alternative? My wife is already taking some fertility supplements and vitamins already, and we're trying to include cassava in her diet but we really want to fully maximize her chances for multiples for this first pregnancy.
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>>2934 >issues Yeah, it's actually not that hard, I have a dozen vials of powdered Hcg and a bottle of Clomid and Nolva laying around my place. First gonadotropin and fertility drugs are commonly used for other purposes, namely, bodybuilding. As such, there are many pharmacies online like grants pharmacy who will have them in stock for OTC. Compounds like HcG are also available and you can go to multiple steroid suppliers like steroidsourcetalk, or personal trainers at a local gym as they are used as a post cycle therapy for when you get off steroids. Thankfully, since it's not controlled and it's critical to take after a cycle, people are more comfortable talking about it than steroids. Even doctors like your primary care might be willing to give you some if you tell them you just finished a cycle of steroids and lost your post cycle therapy so you need a month supply to keep your hormones from feminizing you. Biggest thing is the true composition of what you get. Thankfully, test kits for your gear are available on Amazon and are perfectly legal. You simply add some to a vial, check the color and compare it to your chart.
>>2950 Had no idea about the steroid trick. One of these stores even has FsH. Thanks brother, you put us one step closer to the dream.
Do you and your wife just really want twins, or is she "in" on living out your fetish? Kinda interested in this thread because twins run in my wife's family.
>>2961 She shares the fetish

Porn games with birth stuff Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/29/2024 (Fri) 13:16:05 Id:bd434e No. 2973 [Reply]
Does anyone know any porn games with good birth content? (that isn't tesy's birth story, I've played it way too many times lol) possibly only humanoid birth, none of that gross insect stuff
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>>2973 Hazumi and the Pregnation? I even bought it on steam.
Wicked Land, or smth like that. Has a birth scene too.
Classic game: violated heroine
I know the others what the hell is wicked land?
>>2973 I know several, there are Parasite in City, Project X, Para Ark, Hell After School, those are the ones that come to mind. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

trans girl pregnancy 10/21/2023 (Sat) 19:25:44 Id:0054c4 No. 2169 [Reply] [Last]
Hello!! So, I am a trans woman, and I also have always had this fetish/interest. And I am interested to see if there are any other trans girls on here who have a similar experience. I would love to have rp or discussions. Also to people who are just curious about this.
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>>2714 If that's true, then I'm sorry you went through that. Can't exactly blame you for your opposition given those circumstances. I promise you, though, shitheads like that are fucking degenerates regardless of whether they're trans or not.
>>2712 >The thug who violently threatens to make people "swallow their own teeth" is mentally unstable and on cocktails of drugs. What a surprise Why are woke and antifa thug types always the most mentally sick people?
>>2726 Not even the same anon, fuckhead, but good job outing yourself, you tankie retard. And also, ADHD and mild autism do not make someone "mentally unstable". Your habit of vigorously jerking off what are OBJECTIVELY dictatorships, on the other hand, probably fucking qualifies.
I love to get a trans guy pregnant to show them that they will always will be a female
>>2953 True and real.

Del 03/23/2024 (Sat) 18:39:16 Id:42528f No. 2960 [Reply]
Serious question: What percentage of men in relationships actually have a pregnancy fetish? My hypothesis is that it is much higher than we think it is, at least 50%. When your wife/girlfriend is pregnant, your bond with her increases. All the good things about a woman's body grow bigger or more ample. "Pregnancy hormones" almost always translate to increased horniness. Sex is just better overall. There is no way that this fetish is as remote as we think it is. I am also convinced that couples that have more than 3 children (these days) are not working out some kind of pregnancy fetish, unconsciously or not.
>>2960 I think it's bound to happen if you're in love with your wife/girlfriend
I think maiesiophilia is a matter of degree, not presence. Most men are probably only attracted to pregnancy when it's their partner.