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90d6f No.9837[Reply]

Sex with me !? My Hangouts: inflatemybelly2019@gmail.com
My KIK: InflateMyBelly2019

6cf19 No.9834[Reply]

Looking to RP tonight. Please be 21+ and no creepy males either because I will block you. Feel free to KIK me @ disneyaddicted4life.

10b07 No.9820[Reply]

So I'm making a game, and I'm starting to get the word about it out there! My main inspirations are the character customization aspect of "Violated Heroine", but with more of a focus on pregnancy and birth like "Tesy's Birth Story" has; I also plan on adding a few other miscellaneous elements to it as well. One such element being rogue-like dungeons, which I recently got done making a basic dungeon generator!

10b07 No.9821

I've also worked out the over arcing plot that I'm going to be using for the game as well!

A long time ago, there was a war between angels and demons. It waged on for many centuries, but after a while the demons started to get the upper hand against the angels, and almost wiped them out! However, the angels had one last card up their sleeve! Right before the last of the angels where wiped out, they put a curse on the demons! A curse that spread like a disease and made any demon it infected sterile. The 7 royal demon families knew that it was only a matter of time before they, themselves, would be infected with the curse. So, in order to save their race, they sent their children to the human world, where they knew that they would be safe until the time was right to repopulate the demon race!

10b07 No.9822

I'll make updates here once major progress has been made! In the mean time, feel free to ask questions! I would like to know what you guys are think and get feed back!

c0c6a No.4340[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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fc07b No.9528

Kinktober requests? Is this the genderbent quest version, or something else?

9656a No.9529

No, but that I will work on, too. It's this: >>8433

3da26 No.9816

First off, I hope that you're okay Aristocrat, as we haven't heard from you in a while.

Secondly, I saw a post you wrote about a month ago, saying that you're worried about CYOAs going missing. I responded there, and I'll write it here too, to cover my bases: I've been archiving the story as we've gone along, by which I mean that I've been pasting it into a Word doc, and saving the pics. Let me know if you ever need a copy.

4e92b No.9817


Aristo does post the occasional update about his progress on deviant art if you haven't seen them

9656a No.9819

Thank you for being concerned. I am okay, medically speaking. It's a combination of being busy and stress from being busy that is preventing me from getting back to the story. In the past, my free-time was in blocks that I used to write the story. Now it is in short gasps that interrupt my progress. I am trying to improve and/or adjust.

Yes, I'm worried very much that at this point access to the story would be lost. Not just for me, I have my own logs too, of course, but for others, cutting off any new potential readers. The story is very long now, but I'm hoping it can still be enticing.

At any rate, thank you very much for the offer. >>9817 is right in that I make frequent posts on my DA about the status, including when updates are posted and if there's a choice.

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f52b4 No.8752[Reply]

So it's a well known fact that Pregorama was an awesome but briefly lived website that shut down in 2011 and it will never come back.

I would like to know if anyone has details on the site itself.

Who was the photographer ? any info about them ? why was it shut down ?

All of the pics use the name ''Alejandro'' with a outdated christmas island domain address. ''Alejandro'' seems to have taken all of there pictures in South America in unknown villages or slums which I would really like to locate if the means to do so was avaliable.

So yeah, just wondering if anyone had any extra details about the site or it's creator.

f6dee No.9810

Second this. Also whether anyone has any siterips / saves. Wayback Machine isn't doing it

f52b4 No.9818


I have a few folders from the site.

e8ff2 No.9811[Reply]

Hi I’m Lilly. I’m a 22 year old female looking for some people who would be willing to RP pregnancy and birth with me. I’m more comfortable with females than males but either is fine. We can discuss our dos and don’ts upon talking. My Kik is: disneyaddicted4life

79d1d No.9812

I sent you a hello on Kik.


I am also on Discord, if you have that.

33950 No.9813

I thought Kik died?

69509 No.9814

Not really, it's still alive

226f8 No.9806[Reply]

I'm thinking of starting a thread to teach people how to edit. Will probably focus on simple edits done using GIMP and mouse.

The current plan is to go via a case-by-case basis. Post the original pic and your attempt at editing it. From there we will refine the edit via advice in either text or picture form.
(I wish to make the edit attempt a requirement to demonstrate that the poster is willing to put effort into learning. No attempt = referral to the edit thread.)

Please give some feedback if interested. Here are some questions you can consider:
Any particular style/type of image you are interested in learning how to edit?
Any specifics which you want to edit in like hyperpreg, lactation, black nipples, kicks?
Anyone want to lend some of their expertise in doing edits/art? The more people contribute, the more aspects we can cover.

1458d No.9807

i want to, as long as i can edit it big (not hyper) im okay

288ef No.9569[Reply]

What sex toys do you use for birthplay? For a long time I've used chicken eggs, but they're so small. I want to feel stretched. I am sitting here typing with a dildo up to my cervix to make my cervix throb a little, but it doesn't disappear inside me the way I want. I once saw a Tumblr video of a girl with a fetus doll that she could insert, walk around with, and birth. Are those actually sold anywhere? Are there toys that can really stretch you and birth slowly? I like to time my orgasm to videos of others giving birth and it would be great if it was a shape that wouldn't be out in a single push.

e7683 No.9797

Here's an idea. Get one of those bigger Clone A Willy kits that are used to cast replica penises made of MEDICAL GRADE, safe silicone and try to find the right sized doll parts to replicate into an insert-able silicone toy.

37c50 No.9798

I use inflatable plugs personally. As a side note, do you happen to have a link to the tumblr video?

a0baf No.9789[Reply]

I came up with a scenerio involving myself being rapidly impregnated by an alien, so rapid that my water breaks right away and I end up being forced to birth standing up where I am at because it's coming out. I'm birthing a large alien creature and I end up in labor, crowning, and birthing for 3 days before I manage to get the head out and then I have to try to lie down to finish birthing.

(Feel free to chat.) :)

46cd3 No.9792

I have wrote stories of similar premise. I really like this concept and would like to see a full story about it

6d773 No.9795

I, too, have always had a fantasy about getting used by some xenomorph creature or an alien with an ovipostor of some kind. Either having an egg or a creature be birthed by me in a slow build up way. Edging almost for 10 or more hours. Prefer a large egg though when it comes to the climax, so when I orgasm it's pushed out by a strong contraction. The alien then finding me and repeating the task again only to give me two eggs next. Would have it as a rapid pregnancy too so that the full feeling was turning me on just as rapidly. The alien creature then searching my sex eager for the eggs to come out. I have so many of these fantasies though.

9be15 No.9796

I've been role playing for years through different scenarios but the main one i do is that i play a humanoid alien with tentacles for cocks looking for breeders on earth to lure back to my cabin in the woods which is also an underground research base.We reproduce via eggs that can be implanted orally,anally,vaginally and even into breasts,they start off small like beads but in a few weeks grow to the size of baseballs but each pregnancy is about 3-5 thousand eggs.

0084b No.9756[Reply]

Hi, everyone!

I make 3-D pregnancy/belly art in Sims 4 and have started being active on Patreon. I some times do belly expansion/birth and the likes. I'm shy and do not know how to advertise my work well. One of my patrons pointed me to this board. For current artists, do you have any advice for me on how to advertise my Patreon page or my commission services?

Is it okay for me post some of my artwork on the 'drawn - 3d' thread with a link to my page attached? Thank you and have a great Christmas! =)

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