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1ba62 No.10733[Reply]

If you want to talk about mpreg, then go here!
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0a699 No.11219

Would you like it if your offspring moved and squirmed a lot, maybe even pressing you tummy at times

af7e2 No.11223

Good little boy. Hug you and kissing you again. Msg 11208,11214,11217 was from me. Would you want to connect with me privately? We could fantasize about our impregnation, pregnancy and birth together.

9488b No.11224

Yeah I would love that !!!! Love to feel movement inside me

af7e2 No.11225

Agree, that's really good. Feeling warm when my offspring turns and moves inside my intestines.

62828 No.11238

Dear friends, please, any thoughts about how it is to give birth with your ass? Would it be sexy, would it be painful, would it be arousing? Would your hole be wet when you doing this? Would your penis be hard while you giving birth? What sensations would you prefer?

caf7d No.11235[Reply]

Looking for literate RPers wanting to do a birth/pregnancy/labor RP.

I’m into futa, mpreg, multiples, rapid pregnancy, erotic birth and more. Just no eggs or aliens.

My discord is pregvixen#8737

a4a02 No.11089[Reply]

Apologize if there's already a thread for this! I don't think there currently is, though, aside from Asian TV shows about birth and B-movies. Also, apologize if this is on the wrong board; I'm a longtime lurker but never contributed further than CYOAs and RP ads.

I'm currently on the lookout for films/television shows that feature pregnancy prominently. Much like regular pregnancy doujin/erotica, it's hard to sift through the actual pregnancy content and other things that have just one scene of a mom-to-be. So, I'm looking for movies/shows where pregnancy is central to the plot. It can be either fetish fuel or a genuinely enjoyable work.

For reference (or if it helps you fellow preg-enthusiasts), my favorite films of the "genre" are Labor Pains and Saved!. I have Juno and Knocked Up, but have yet to watch either. Where the Heart Is looks somewhat interesting, but I've made no efforts to find or acquire it.

I've seen The Life Zone and What To Expect When You're Expecting, and didn't like either too much.

As for television shows, I got to the first pregnancy arc of the Office and finished Darling in the Franxx (which was very disappointing, on multiple aspects). I've also watched a shit ton of sitcoms back in the day, but lord if I can tell you one good pregnancy plotline from any of them (aside from maybe The Nanny's dual-pregnancy? I honestly can't remember). I've considered starting Superstore.

I think that's about it so far! Let me know if you have any recommendations or other comments, it would be appreciated. I can only sift through the Belly Guide posts so far before I start to go insane.

b5e94 No.11090

>I can only sift through the Belly Guide posts so far before I start to go insane.
God, same. That site was a godsend when I first found it, but I've drained myself dry draining it dry, if you catch my drift. Doesn't look like we're getting any updates any time soon, either.

b5cb8 No.11092

Here are some films:

Breeder (2020)
>[second half] - various pregnancy and birth scenes
Pieces of a Woman (2020)
>[beginning] - long birth scene
Anything for Jackson (2020)
>pregnant main character
The Baby Maker (1970)
>[last third of film] - pregnancy and birth scenes
Szép Napok (2002)
>[beginning] - birth scene
Watchtower (2012)
>[30-49m, 1h22m] - belly shots and birth scene
Twice Born (2012)
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3359b No.11220


The belly guide guy is updating again, btw.

6b2ab No.11221

I’m glad Belly Guide is finally updated. Been an minute and I truly gave up on it

fd687 No.11196[Reply]

한국어 채팅이다.
이 스레드만 한국어를 사용
자료는 카테고리에 맞는 스레드에 영어로 올리고 이 스레드에 언급
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d08bc No.11201

여긴 실사 그냥 올려?
64그거 안해도되?

6cd20 No.11202

가능한 그리고 불필요한.
이 스레드는 이미지가 블락되어있다
다른 보드의 스레드에 업로드 후 이 스레드에 표시 하시오.
예시 Real보드 1234글은 r/1234 Drawn보드 5678글은 d/5678 좋은

23da1 No.11205

여기는 제 관할아닙니다…
여러분 마음껏 노세요.

f0260 No.11206

efc67 No.11207

마지막에 할카스 에반데

66d2b No.10978[Reply]

Hello I am a concerned person I found two people I know in real life in one of your threads can you delete dragon and dragaon post please. A Colleague I work with a multimedia design show me a photo of one of the girls. I told the girls and I’m currently helping them on getting a post removed. Hope to hear from you soon and have a good day night.
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66d2b No.10988

>>10978 Doesn’t seem to let me upload pictures. But it looks like I can reply. I reported one picture if that helps?

39f64 No.10989

Firstly, use /q/ for this and, secondly, tough shit.

759ce No.11179

>> 10989 okay don’t need to be a asshole. It’s your guys kink but I know those people in real life.

444d5 No.11180

Honestly no one cares who you know, you can however have them report it.

f260a No.11181

>It’s your guys kink but I know those people in real life.

And your point is? I hope you realize that people don't cater to your whims and have lives that don't involve you. What does them having a preg kink have anything to do with you? Fuck off

34051 No.10285[Reply]

Titles a little long, but I can’t find another way to put it

Anyway, I’ll start off with…. sigh, ChrisGuy

His art is good, but the Neo-Nazi shit is just unbearably bad and I can’t bring myself to actually like him

TLDR: Good artist, terrible human being
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d892d No.10364

Another artist that I want to like but just can’t is Phonon.

They make some very hot pics from time to time, the bellies being perfectly proportioned. However they often ruin it by inserting extreme things like drug abuse or abortion. Definitely not for me.

dab85 No.10365

Me personally I just don't like Phonon cuz they both are a carbon copy of Ponchi and Fanbox-gating most of their stuff in general

ef813 No.10366

This. He's very talented, and if he stuck to more wholesome stuff he'd probably be one of my favorites. The abortion and drug stuff is just depressing though.

0c597 No.11116

What ever happen to the surrogate girls, have not seen one of them since she gave birth to her lasty set of twins.

a42b8 No.11117

I don't think this is really the thread for it bro, but

>Believing any women come here let alone pregnant ones.

aac05 No.7965[Reply]

can anyone add a link too some discord servers ?
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52f04 No.11099


Chill, growing server. Lots of categories and organized channels.

13247 No.11100

sir this is an imageboard

098e2 No.11101

take your pills boy

9c8fe No.11103


Shit-tier own tbh, I would've pointed out how shitty your art is and how little you've managed to improve your awful posing and anatomy in what, three years? If anything's ruining the white race it's cucks like you. Kill yourself.

0025e No.11112

Dont cut yourself on that edge

004fc No.10778[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Current stats:
Pregnancy desire: 0
Maternal instinct: 1 (her experiments are like her children)
Child-bearing physique: 0 (petite frame)
Sexual desire: 0
Dependence: 2 (moderately-content with the role she's established.)

Lieutenant Katrina Morgan deserved a higher rank. Her understanding of xenobiology was unparalleled and her analysis insightful. There was only one problem. Accepting a higher rank meant she would become an organizer. A reviewer. Not someone who did experiments directly. In a normal scientific field, that would probably be desirable. But when working with undocumented alien lifeforms, Katrina preferred to personally play with those toys. Especially the unorthodox way she did it.

It created a very weird situation. Everyone knew Morgan had the most experience. That her opinion mattered the most. But her superior grew too timid to do more than assign Lieutenant Morgan her duties and then let her work.  That was fine with her. She got to dictate her hours, her laboratory, her equipment, and her methods.

Surface exploration had just uncovered a new batch of samples to be examined. Lieutenant Morgan had her first pick.

She sat at her desk in her private office and scrolled through the interface with a bare finger. The reflection shining over her hazel eyes, light caught in the curls of her long, sandy blonde hair.
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98272 No.10951

For option 1, staging a mutiny seems unwise. Usually the first course of action would be to report, distress becon, etc. I don't know that she'd want to bring that attention to herself, and her children.

For option 3. Note as mentioned previously: The "proper procedure" for this sort of possible infection, contamination, was to report it and let the rest of the lab isolate her and study it. To think the rest of the crew is going to agree to the demands of an infected scientist is a bit of a stretch. At best she'd be put in containment; Worst cyrosleep.

So, my choice is option 2. Realistically, now that her urge to mate in sated. I think she'd fall back and assess the changes to herself. Really she's an infected fugitive in a tin can. She needs to escape more than anything and 2 is the only option that gives her that opportunity.

b7707 No.10952

Everyone's so dead-set on either enslaving themselves or taking the boring "safe" path. Cliche or not, I really do think going full dominance would be fun, especially if we go back and release the other pods to help "convince" the female members of the crew.

004fc No.10953

>7 votes for option one, lead the mutiny.
>5 votes for option two, walk away from the mutiny.
>6 votes for option three, prematurely end the mutiny and surrender.

Take over the ship and become its new leader. Dependence stat becomes Dominance stat.

Poll closed, update soon.

bd16b No.11106

004fc No.11107

There is no need to bump. Please wait and believe the update will come soon.

I apologize for the wait in the meantime.

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e7dab No.10970[Reply]

So I didn't like how other discord servers were being run, so I made my own.

I want to open it to the public, but first I'd like to know—if you were looking at a pregnancy/breeding/birth discord server, what would you want in it?

So far I have furry/mpreg/fpreg separated, and different birth centered channels, as well as non-preg channels. I have roles, rp stuff, etc.

What are you not seeing in other discord servers that you would want to see? So far I'm dumping content into the channels before I do a soft open, but I want to make sure it's a server that people actually enjoy.

This is not to bash other servers, I just decided I'd ask the people what they want before opening my own properly.
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bafda No.10998

80ba8 No.11036

I sure do love using an anonymous forum and being asked to use another which requires special client software and will certainly abuse me. Why not advertise Discord on Discord? Oh right, that wouldn't work, but it's easy to try to siphon people from here like a parasite.

Only the company owns that Discord "server". Fuck Discord.

b0474 No.11060

https://discord.gg/ Y9E7GyfXHk

For those who aren't on the edgy "I HATE DISCORD BECAUSE MUM CAUGHT ME GROOMING A MINOR ON IT," train, there's a server link.

3650f No.11072

Does it include furry?

b0474 No.11087

Yeah! We have separated categories and furry is one of them. All the furry isn't just lumped into one channel, we have separate sub-channel set ups for different furry art.

f62d1 No.11001[Reply]

Old thread was nuked a while back. Shame. Let's start a new one.

Do you have any preg artists you want to like but can't or won't because of whatever reason?

I'll start us off. I want to like MegaXVerse but the way they draw navels is disgusting. Good kicks though.
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99049 No.11082

You are joking right? You have the time to post on this site for hours on end but do not have time to write any stories? That is not even mentioning that you seem to imply that you have a back catalog of works that should be readily available. Also working 40 hours a week is not impressive it is highly typical for the majority of jobs.

1bd9f No.11083

I have been unavailable because my younger brother and sister are Black Lives Matter supporters. I had to get my brother off unemployment and pressure him to get a job since he was becoming a dad, and his GF was working at Macy's during the pandemic. His son was born two weeks early cause his GF had high blood pressure.

99049 No.11084

You say this as you are posting here and with unprecedented frequency. Just admit you actually are not a writer and that you have nothing to show. As far as I am concerned you are far worse than any other artist brought up in this discussion because at least all of the other artists listed above have been able to actually create something. Good day sir. Sorry to hear about your nephew but please have more care for them than some random fetish artists online.

dca2f No.11085

What artists? I just found that Feldusk just quit because he has depression. A lot of them are afraid of losing money to these new strict rules that websites have put up.

A lot of the content I see on /d/ is pretty bad.

4ecdf No.11086

Seriously, you need to see a therapist. That porn is rotting your brain

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