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c0c6a No.4340[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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9656a No.8961

Thank you all very much. I think I have a good idea of everyone's expectations now.

To be sure, this wasn't to set the tone or what occurs in the upcoming sex scene with Robin… Robin is an established character and I must honor her personality I've already depicted… but also something for me to take into account for the future.

That being said, if anyone further wishes to reply, please do so. If anyone feels uncomfortable about the tone or content of a future sex scene, please also speak up. This is about reader engagement and comfort, which is important to me. It is not talking about "what constitutes non-con." Non-con will not be depicted in the story, and all scenarios presented were meant to be with a partner who did consent (even 4 and 5). The problem is I am writing from Edward's perspective and not the girl's nor an omniscient, therefore I can't insert explicitly into the narrative "I said no, but really it was more a reflexive action than me really wanting him to stop, and I hoped he'd continue." I realized if I tried something like that from Edward's POV it would probably come across as more rationalizing than an objective truth and possibly taint the scene. Even a later fix (like a conversation afterward where the woman says 'No, that was fun!') probably wouldn't undo the distaste felt. Therefore, this poll, to judge more effectively where the 'line' was in that situation.

Anyway, the update will come soon. Please look forward to it.

1d8a0 No.8962

Fashionably late to the party, and I find myself looking at your question from a 'gameplay' perspective, and the perspective of Edward's personality. Edward will maintain better standing staying within Options 1-3, as well as staying true to his personality.

As for myself, I'm comfortable with all options. As long as there is no trauma caused.

97997 No.8966

Did the last update to the story go missing? I can see it on the front page but it's not there when I go to the thread.

9656a No.8967

It's there. You probably just need to refresh.

edc4d No.8972

Well, while there really wasn't a wrong way to go in terms of what Edward was going to tell Robin in the latest poll, my rationale was that going into the history of the Mad Rutting Beast seemed better suited for another occasion (like, sometime after just having had sex with her) and might come off as bragging.

Either way, at least we can put Robin's strategizing skills to use, and maybe this might also show Robin how dumb her parents' plot was.

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5a867 No.8351[Reply]

Polski czat na pregchanie? Czemu nie! Przynajmniej dopóki nie skasują tego tematu <3
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b7cf0 No.8717

Hejka, ma może ktoś zapisaną kopię tego wątku ?

049f3 No.8755


Jaki to był temat?

9d71e No.8784

Mam zjebane wahania, czy przyznać się swojej dziewczynie co mnie kręci. Kurwa, parę razy poruszaliśmy dyskretnie ten temat i stwierdziła, że to ohydne. Jak nie ja, to dowie się od kogoś innego kto wie i jest chujem i chce mnie udupić.
Anonki kurwa pomocy.

79253 No.8964

Oh god
Czuję się jakbym wygrał życie

b959e No.8965

I polish too

ad2ab No.8932[Reply]

Can someone send me that edit pic of the pregnant stick figures from Chick Figures/Dick Figures edit?

e3bc0 No.7517[Reply]

So,as some of you already know, Arkone's back from his long hiatus.But due to personal reasons he's decided that he cannot fully devote his time to the game.
However, he did state that should the time come that someone decides to bring it back, he's willing to fill in the role of the artist.

Guess what, I think we're back(somewhat)

Now that we have Arkone's greenlight for a return, that only means we just need to find people who can fill the specific roles for making up the game.

We are currently looking for:

SFX/Music editors
Game programming(renpy)
Artists(for backup in case Arkone gets busy)

You can contact me on my email or post on this read if there are any of you interested in joining to help the project.
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dda7d No.8244

I'm not sure what's going on with the Discord server right now. I'll post any information when I find out about it

dda7d No.8247


So it seems the situation is that Maxi has retired from being part of the Birth Story project, and as a result the Discord server was closed down (probably could have just changed ownership instead…)

I wouldn't take this as the project being dead, though. Someone else will just have to take the lead role Maxi held, though.

02026 No.8916

any news about the game? I mean, its been years since i last heard news about birth story 2. Didnt even get to see much progress let alone a screenshot.

b80f8 No.8917

>>8916 Dead project

47f05 No.8918

Pretty sure there were no plans for a sequel

694f1 No.8914[Reply]

Is there any good art/fic of pregnant futas fucking people? I've seen/read plenty of futas fucking pregnant people, but never the futa as the pregnant one.

a874b No.8915

We used to have a real good futa thread but it got deleted…somehow.

2fb25 No.8359[Reply]

I never used Second Life cuz my friend on Discord never logged in for a while.

Is someone have a pregnant online 3d chat?

98bb3 No.8363

Why does it matter if your friend used SL or not? If you want to, then do so?

It's not the cleanest in terms of system resources, but is certainly a more customizable option than most.

f369e No.8364

Second Life has alot of pregnancy stuff. meet some people on it

a7e11 No.8367

I play on SL. There’s a sizable pregnancy community.

2fb25 No.8370

a9458 No.8910

Do they still use old huds like Mama? I haven't been on in ages and always kinda hoped new preg stuff would make it's way to SL markets

d1fb5 No.8433[Reply]

Hello everyone.

I'm back to writing Impregnator Kings regularly, but it's occurred to me that I haven't written a sex scene in a while. I think maybe this isn't fair to all of the readers who have waited for updates for so long. I also think I could use some practice. And it might be nice to 'change things up' and write in a setting different from the medieval (ish) world of Impregnator Kings.

I've become aware that while artists have "inktober" in October and a challenge to themselves to draw every day, some erotic artists and writers call it "kinktober" and draw or write about a different fetish every day.

I thought I'd try something similar.

Of course we all share the pregnancy fetish, but I thought it might not be too unwarranted to ask if anyone had a particular request? I'll do my best to write a short-and-sweet vignette based on your idea. Any sort of prompt at all as long as there's some element of pregnancy to it. (Impregnation, the pregnancy itself, birth, etc.)

Just name a kink or any particular type of character you might be interested in reading about. You can name specific characters, but if I don't know the work I won't be able to do it. I can do much more with "write about first-time sex with a sporty, tomboyish type of girl" than "write something with Chie from Persona 4," just to use an example.
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fde5e No.8557


Looks like a 4th anniversary will be in order soon these months.

d1fb5 No.8765


It was 'that sort' of party.

We looked across the room at each other, made eye contact, and twenty seconds later, my panties were around my ankle, my skirt lifted up, and he was filling my pussy with his hard, erect meat. I couldn't help it! There was a certain attraction to that sort of meeting… being perfect strangers who give in to raw animal magnetism and become more intimate in less than a minute than some couples are in their entire lives.

It helped that I was already dripping wet. The party was just too amorous and full of people fucking to not be affected by it. The best part was it was completely and totally safe.

I yelled harder for him to do me, and not bother to hold back… go ahead and let it out right in my pussy.


"Target: ahead. Chance of first contact: 98.76%."
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f45de No.8769

And here I thought this thread was forgotten. Thanks for coming back to this.

Interesting twist with the app, and I find your take on the sperm/egg scene almost like a space dogfight; unexpected, but just as interesting.

Thanks again, sir!

d1fb5 No.8773

This thread is definitely not forgotten, it is just waiting until I have the mental energy to focus on it.

You're very welcome. Glad you liked the twist.

d1fb5 No.8906

I'm sorry, I'll have to renege on my promise to do this one.

To write a scene set in the world of Impregnator Kings I would have to write it from Edward's perspective as that's the style I'm used to writing it with and another style wouldn't "feel right."

However, Edward has dramatically changed from the beginning of the story up until the current point in the story. To do the story justice, I would have to 'regress' Edward's character back to how it was.

I could possibly do this, but it'll take effort, and I'd rather not really try until we reach a new game+. When that happens, Edward will have to have the mentality he had in the beginning, and he will continue to develop differently depending on what he does. If I write this prompt in game-start-Edward's perspective, I will have to disregard it and go back to writing Edward as he's developed in Ruhemania.

I'm really sorry. There's also the issue that writing the scene would expand more on the maid's personality, and then I would have to keep that consistent in the main story when I may or may not need to.

I will continue trying to accommodate this request when the new game+ happens, but not as a request here.

Feel free to request something else, though.

cbde9 No.8879[Reply]

I want to take a moment to talk about Patreon, now I think being able to support your favourite artist and writers is fantastic! I currently support several animators and writers ranging from $2 a month to $5.

But here's the thing; do you feel some Patreon tiers punish more than reward you?

Here's two examples for 2 writer style tiers.

Writer 1
$2 = Access to their stories.
$5 = Each month you can vote to decide on the next story from 5 options and chip in with ideas.
$10 = Now and then you can vote to decide what happens in the next chapter.
$25 = You get to submit a story idea to be put in the monthly poll.

Writer 2
$2 = Access to their stories.
$5 = Access to their stories 2 Months in advance + alternative stories
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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3c8bf No.8898

Lewdlemage is pretty good. He doesn't always do pregnancy content, but he does enough drawings that it's never too long between preg. drawings. I'm always excited whenever he updates!


2782c No.8899

I do Lusty, Marrazan and SuperLlama.

I'm not sure about Lewdlemage, I don't like vore.

cbde9 No.8900


Are they writters, artists or animators?

Must admit it's been hard to find writers to match the stories of Muchbirth and Kompera.

2782c No.8901

SuperLlama is all art, Marrazan is mostly art with some animation and Lusty is all animation.

968d6 No.8905

So what's a good erotica patreon like Kompera? I tried reading Muchbirth but just like the title he focuses too much on birth for my liking

dcc69 No.8874[Reply]

im looking to start a CYOA
Plot: a strange light apeared one night and tge next day there wer bug like aliens spoted all over the world. Its everyone for themself in this world but the aliens dont want your life… But they want you for yoyr ability to give birth

First we need the characters.

Name: Can be anything
Species: Human by default, but anything is viable.
Hair Color: The color of their hair
Trait: your characters personality.
Fetish: will make chance of pregnancy higher

The max is 5 characters but characters may die so dont get to atached

The rules are simple and you will learn more(mechanics and plot wise) as you go along
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fcedb No.8883

Name: Beatrice

Species: Human/Succubus Hybrid

Hair Color: Purple

Trait: Despite being part succubus, she actually despises sex and rejects her bloodline. She's a very introverted lesbian that tends to play her electric guitar alone on a rooftop whenever she's sad. She likes poems, puns and horror movies. She also tends to use movie references in her sentences. She's very reserved but when horror movies come up in conversations, she gets really enthusiastic but when she catches herself being overly enthusiastic, she gets flustered and apologises.

Fetish: Orgasm Denial, Bursting Pregnancy, Rapid Pregnancy

(you don't have to write about bursting, you could replace it with extreme fetal movements. Her burst fetish came from horror movies)

"If you burst like a blister, I would definitely lose my mind"

4898b No.8884

Nice very unique

dcc69 No.8889

Beatrice and josie wake up. "Were am i" said josie as she rubbed her head. They didnt remember anything. Sudently they hear a growl from the dark corner of the room. A strange dog like creature lunges at them!

1. Attack the monster
2. run from it

Vote 1 or 2

14f01 No.8890

1, attack

fcedb No.8892


1. Attack

7dd81 No.8595[Reply]

Hi all,

Can people point me to any and all discord servers tailored to pregnancy and/or roleplay? Would be greatly appreciated!
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86994 No.8698

I know of three discord servers that could be to your interest.

First, there's Chounyuu, which is great if you like hyperpreg (as well as huge breasts and other such things)


Then there's 'The Nation', which is based of the site impreg-nation. More focused on pregnancy in particular.


Finally, if Furry Pregnancy is your thing, there's the WISWRP discord server run by the site's original owner.


86994 No.8700

Just realized I did Chounyuu twice. Here's a link for The Nation


1706b No.8750

RP you say?
Here's my growing server: https://discord.gg/RJg2AzA

There's not really a theme to my RP server other than pregnancy being the tie of it all, so come on in and get comfy :3

4e457 No.8871

Another Furry one if thats your thing

4e457 No.8872

Another furry one if thats what youre into

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