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77b91 No.3081[Reply]

Who here besides me thinks the mods on here are a bit way too trigger-happy with the power they have to delete and ban whoever whenever and whatever they want? I wish there were something someone could do to stop there monarchy.(Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post.)

23478 No.3083

What. The mods are as dormant as ever from what I've seen. Also you most likely really have to push the bounds to get something removed and it's probably next to impossible to get b&.

0ac86 No.2740[Reply]

Hey Everyone!

Some of you may remember back in the day that there was a dedicated site called "birthstories.com", hosted by I believe iParenting at the time, that probably had one of the best collections of stories regarding - as you might guess - the experience of giving birth. I loved reading it over not just because that's one of my things, but also because of the diversity of the stories that counters any thoughts that birth should only take place in a hospital. And you could look up the stories by categories between speedy births, homebirths, or even unique ones which really break the mold.

To name off a few of them:
-A fast birth where a woman has cramps at a picnic and 15 minutes later she pushed out her kid.
-An outdoors birth where a woman carrying twins gave birth on a lake.
-A triplet birth in a ballroom when she was at her own wedding reception.
-An unassisted birth of quintuplets at home.
-An assisted birth of sextuplets at home.

Could some of these stories be too crazy to be true? Maybe. But at the least they were very interesting reads.

Unfortunately, the site in the last few years was taken over and changed to the point where it didn't resemble the past site. And trying to find the interesting stories is harder to do on it and other similar sites that I've found.

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7aed6 No.2747


Please post them. Do you also have 'Rewards and consequences'?

0ac86 No.2752


I don't think I have that story anymore but honestly I remember reading it and I wasn't much of a fan of it.

Anyways, on to the BirthStories.com gems:


Homebirth of Twins: Outside, Lake, Wilderness, Unassisted
By Annikah

My name is Annikah; I am 35 years old, and this is the story of my pregnancy with Ireland Grace and Royal Art.

It was November 14, 12:45 p.m. I was on my way into the bathroom with my husband Jay and a pregnancy test in tow. I sat on the toilet while Jay sat on the tub in front of me. He had his hand on my thigh as I took the test. I read it. It said positive. I was enthralled. Jay and I held each other for a long while, overcoming the mix of emotions we were experiencing.

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0ac86 No.2755


Triplets, Delivered in a Ball Room, Hard Birth, 3 Big Babies
By Robin

When I gave birth to my triplets in May I was scared as hell! I was worried about their safety . Well it happened like this….. On May 6,1999 I was 34 weeks pregnant with babies one through three!! I was huge and very worried. It was the day of my wedding to my DH, Micheal. So I was there in my wedding gown, huge, pregnant, and looking like I was having the time of my life. So we had said our vows and were now husband and wife with babies on the way. Now, let's fast forward to the reception in a country club with 600 people – all family and friends of DH`s, mine and my sisters. I felt a large pop and remember water running all over my legs. I yelled (I mean yelled), HONEY, I THINK MY WATER BROKE!! Talk about scaring DH! Whew. Well, we moved me to a huge ball room on the second floor. There was a couch there and some other things. So this was 7:00 p.m. At about 8:30 things were getting intense around there. I was stripped of my wedding gown and had my DH`s blanket over me. All the people were outside waiting. My mom, sister and DH were in there. My sister is a doctor.

Well, around 10:00 that night she said, OK sis. Now start pushing when I tell you to. So she said, PUSH and I did like I have never have before. So, I ended up pushing for 8 hours! The first baby was delivered at 6:09 a.m. weighing 5 pounds, 2 ounces and 16 inches long. We named her Christina Meline. She was cleaned and dried and wrapped up and DH brought her to all the people waiting (yes, they all stayed because they were excited). Then another 8 minutes and my second child was born: Alyssa Anne, 4 pounds, 3 ounces and 17 inches long. She was also cleaned and wrapped up. This was at 6:17 a.m. Then the hardest part was getting the last one out. It took 10 minutes because she was not turning right and it was scary for me. So at 6:27 a.m. Brandon Micheal, 4 pounds, 2 ounces and 12 inches long was born. I am now happy to say that all three of them are almost 5 months old and doing great.

Robin and Family

95718 No.2782

Not a site, but there's a podcast I've found called The Birth Hour that's all women talking about their births. There's one woman who had three kids, and all three labors were under four hours. The second one came out in TWENTY MINUTES.

0ac86 No.3071

Okay, here's one of those unique multiple birth stories that I don't think you'd ever hear of outside of places like the ol'BirthStories.com.


My Birth Story – Homebirth, Multiples, Over One Month of Labor
By Biana

I remember reading in my biology book in 7th grade that a woman could be in labor for anywhere between 30 minutes to 10 to 12 days. Just thinking about that made me think I was never going to have children.

Not soon after reading this, I was diagnosed with some disease, I can't remember the name right now. The disease made it so that I would still release eggs no matter what the circumstances may be. I still don't really understand how, but I do remember learning how to deal with it.

Right around my 22nd birthday I got married to my husband, Kevin Tamini, on November 5, 2000. We had decided that we had wanted to start a family. I'm not too big on the whole sex thing, so we decided that the only way for me to get pregnant was to have an artificial insemination done. Nothing showed up on pregnancy tests a few weeks later, so we had it done again.

Shortly before our one-year anniversary we conceived our first children. Little did we know there wasn't one, there weren't two, but there were six! Yet all they saw was four! We think it was from the artificial insemination.
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245b7 No.2784[Reply]

So has anyone heard anything negative about the payment system for PowerMan2000's site Otakusquid?, I've been considering signing up since I like the art. But I don't want to fall into any trap or unreliable security.

318df No.3009

My response to that is simply: Does he use Paypal? If not, avoid it. Gumroad is a bit reliable but Paypal can be tracked and complaints/corrections can be made through their system. I tend to stick with what I trust.

245b7 No.3010


I'll have to check, I figured I would ask around first since I'm sure there would be at least a few people who have dealt with the place/artist.

8e361 No.2972[Reply]

hello there

aafe6 No.2605[Reply]

Get your own stories immortalized here!

Do you hate writing? Endless hours of sitting in front of a painfully glowing screen, trying to eek something from a frazzled brain, whilst resisting the attractive allure of leisure or the annoying adjunct of work? Do you have a vision you want to share with the world, but can't seem to get it down right; either because you feel like you have no skill, or simply dislike your own writing style?

Your problems are officially over!

I'm a rather skilled writer who is currently both idle, and broke! So I'm here to offer cheap, fast commissions of Short Stories, Erotica, and even Full Blown Novella!

-How does it work?

It's fast and easy. You send me a couple bucks over PayPal, you describe what you want in as excruciating detail, (or lack thereof) as you prefer, and within a few hours to a few days, you get your story!

So without further ado, the priceboard:

-For $2.00 USD, you get a full Short Story, which is guaranteed to be <i>at least</i> 5 pages of well crafted intrigue. It could be an interesting start to a larger adventure, or simple its own little tale in a neat little package. Anything from a superhero fighting a monster, to a murder mystery, to a tragedy of epic proportions, if you want it, you got it.
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797e4 No.2756


There's my dA account. I'd link you to my fA, but it has literally nothing on it, so.

As to a Patreon? I'd offhand considered it, but my understanding is that Patreon is more a 'subscribers pay for monthly content' sort of deal, rather than what I do, which is taking requests and fulfilling them.

082c0 No.2906

Hey all, just posting to bump and say I'm still up for commissions. It's the season for a spooky halloween short about plumping candy or playful preggy poltergeists!

And with the holidays coming up, a story makes a nice and personal gift for online friends. Or if you yourself just want a holiday yarn, I'm always up for it!

082c0 No.2908

Sorry for the double post, but I needed to inform the general public here on Pregchan that my Skype no longer works at the informed address; it is now the same as my email.

I'll probably remake this thread soon, as it has been bogged down a bit by info. So look for that!

72dab No.2967

You can do Patreon "per thing" rather than "per month!"

28795 No.2971

>>2967 Can you? I wasn't sure, but how is that any different than getting paid via Paypal?

42892 No.2825[Reply]


Does anyone have this? If not, would you get it?

6aa9c No.2968

Belly too small and too obviously fake. Plus, the appeal isn't just "lumpy thing to touch" for me. It's knowing that someone is growing another person, which is fucking cool. Also, the loss of bodily autonomy is…kiiiiind of a turnon.

Basically, preg kink is super psychological for me. That looks like it was made by some marketing major with some extra silicone and nothing to do with it.

fba78 No.2969


Sounds disturbingly like a toy for babies.

d1211 No.2939[Reply]

To get some Javascript practice, I'm trying to build a simple choose your own adventure pregnancy game.

It's kinda working now, but I would really like to have exact data about the progression of a pregnancy. Does anybody know where I can find belly size charts week by week for a single baby and for a twins pregnancy?

57823 No.2965

There's just too much variation between different women's bodies to ever get much of a common average. Just Google around "bump progression pics" and "bump progression pics twins" and you should get some helpful stuff.

1ec10 No.689[Reply]

First, before anyone gets their hopes up, no, I'm not actually pregnant.

In a couple of months I'm going to be going to an comic/anime convention pretty close to me. I've finally worked up the courage to cosplay with a fake belly to appear pregnant, since I won't actually be pregnant anytime soon, if ever. I figured a convention where everyone else was dressed up would be the best place to do this. However, I'm still not exactly sure how I should go about it, so I thought I'd come here for some ideas!
The one thing my costume needs is something that covers my face. I'm just paranoid about running into someone I know and don't want to have to deal with that awkward conversation… Here's a couple ideas I had so far, please tell me what you think, and feel free to suggest your own ideas!

-Harley Quinn - Her costume is form fitting enough to show off the belly, plus her having the Joker's baby isn't that far of a stretch. I could hide my face enough with her mask plus like a surgery mask or something, or maybe something like a gas mask.

- Deadpool - I'm actually not really a Deadpool fan, but he's "wacky" enough that most people wouldn't give a female pregnant version of him a second thought. Plus, full mask.

- Random Rave Girl - I also considered just buying a generic morph suit and decking it out with cliché rave gear. The morph suit would be good for hiding the fake belly. Again, I could find some kind of mask to cover my face.

So far I've managed to make a decent looking fake belly just by stuffing a combination of balloons and towels into tights, but if anyone has any advice for making a more realistic one, I'm totally open to advice!

1b3ad No.2872

Harley Quinn

c0579 No.2946

Spider-Woman is pregnant in the comics now, right? You could go as her.

3a5cb No.2964

Bellysquare makes fake bellies that are fitted in leotards: http://www.bellysquare.com/store

They look pretty good from the pics my friend has sent. It's basically just a leotard with a bit more sewn onto the front and an inflatable belly. I just got mine today and can post pics if you want better references. The site doesn't give you much.

c21e2 No.2891[Reply]

Here's the discussion thread for the new impregnation quest that I've started. The fourth one on this board if my count is correct.

Here's the quest thread.

046a7 No.2896

Yup. Fourth quest. And I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned.

d504f No.2900

Thanks. I've been planning this quest since June of last year. But I've been busy and only giving it a little bit of attention every once in a while. I figure actually starting it will force me to devote some time to it.

27a81 No.2901

The hardest part is keeping at it. Stay determined.

c21e2 No.2903

I'm sure it is. Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully audience participation, shadowrunning, and planning will make this even more enjoyable than just the outline in my head.

c1300 No.2961

Also, here's my twitter if anyone wants to follow me. I usually post there when I make an update. Might be useful if you don't check pregchan constantly.


9a51d No.2949[Reply]

Hey Y'all, are you looking for some great stories? Look no further as I present to you Darien-Shields' Bastion Works Library free for download and redistribution:

I did not write these. They were written by Darien-Shields who you can find on DeviantArt here:

You are welcome to post these anywhere you want, just remember to state that Darien-Shields wrote them. Also don't charge money for them…that's just…no.

bd555 No.2954

Ah nice! Don't believe I've seen 'Touch' and 'Beyond' as of yet. Guess I missed 'em. Thanks Name :D

Gonna be a bit more greedy and ask if happen to have any of his older stories as well; like pre-Outer Heaven? For example, I recall one was about a pregnancy test that actually impregnated its user, and it falling into the hands of a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls.

ff89d No.2957

Not a huge fan of Saburo's stuff.
But the second rar is pretty fucken good.

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