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All good things must come to an end.

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aed99 No.1918[Reply]

Want to see those baby heads coming out of their vagina…
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c2d72 No.2166

Unless the females are pregnant first, birth isn't instant.

383c9 No.2168

Devastated Dreams-heroine,somehow,gets pregnant and finds herself in Filipin village.But,for now,it's only a demo.

c5c35 No.2594

I find that I get a much better belly if you use the PSB Body bodyslide settings with a bodyslide compatible CBBE armour set. If I can remember the steps I did to get it to work, I can write a revised Installation Instructions for the Being Female mod. I posted some pics of the better looking belly in another thread. http://pregchan.com/d/src/1437623131176.png http://pregchan.com/d/src/1437761950243.png

c5c35 No.2595

aaaaand I don't know how to quote. Being a long time lurker has its downfalls.

c5c35 No.2596


I was trying to quote this post. And I was talking about Skyrim in my post.

Don't mind me, apparently I am an idiot…

56593 No.2529[Reply]

I have a bit of an odd question, but does anyone here ever feel sort of, I don't know, ashamed of our fetish? I mean, back in high school I used to hate myself for it, but over the years, I've accepted, nay, embraced it as part of who I am. And yet sometimes, when I'm going through that "Oh god I'm going to die alone" thing, one of the first reasons I come up with for this is "I'm a disgusting pervert."

I'm sorry for the emo bullshit, I just wanted to know if anyone else is the same way.
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4880d No.2583

Well, my mom has a mentality of "all fetishes are bad and unhealthy", and since I've got more fetishes than fingers, things get awkward whenever matters of sexuality come up.

That said, I'm fine with it. It's a fairly vanilla fetish. By nature, fetishes aren't required for arousal, so I just think of it as taking a convenient shortcut.

f6c1b No.2584


Indeed par for the course XD

07fb1 No.2586

TBH i do feel ashamed, however i assume i have a different reason behind it. I think i am(as a man) more sympathetic towards women compared to most people i know, i probably admire them i guess. So obviously as a(extremely?) difficult ordeal i feel ashamed for liking it. I do think "i'm a disgusting pervert" from time to time but i have come to the conclusion overtime that whether i can help myself or not, i am better off being the pervert.I feel it makes me a far better person as a whole provided i don't make other people suffer for my fetishism.

I don't really know how posting on chan boards works, sorry if something is off.

bce3e No.2588

In high school, I used to be really ashamed of it, felt like it was disrespectful to women. Then I discovered the internet and discovered more women seem to like pregnancy than men do. Growing up in homeschooler conservative Christian land where women aren't supposed to have sex drives, let alone fetishes, it was an eye opening day.

Of course women are aroused by pregnancy, we're all animals, reproducing is what animals do. I talked to my two closest female friends about it, ones who also grew up in a very anti-sex environment and also thought it was stupid. They weren't into it, but they didn't think it was wierd at all.

I found out later that they both fucked their dogs. It's a fools game for a parent to try to repress their kid's sexuality. It will come out, and if normal avenues aren't open…

At this point I have trouble understanding why pregnancy isn't a universal attraction. Shouldn't the desire to reproduce manifest itself in either being pregnant as a woman, or having a fertile mate as a man?

4556f No.2589

>Shouldn't the desire to reproduce manifest itself in either being pregnant as a woman, or having a fertile mate as a man?

No man. Wanting kids isn't a fetish. That's regular human sexuality. You know, where guys go for tits an ass and women go for health and money (Since men don't physically fight for status as much anymore).

I don't know if you've noticed buy most pregnancy art and erotica ends up with the kids gone… somehow.

69cb9 No.2557[Reply]

Does anyone haveany recommendations for for tumblr blogs that post good preg content? Mpreg is acceptable too, so long as there isn't too much wang. I recently reopened my account, you see, and a lot of the belly blogs I followed back in the day are password-locked, reduced to spam accounts, or just plain gone; I was wondering if anyone knew of any god sources?

55e3e No.2558

Well, here's my list:

- Mostly art/pics

- Mostly art/pics

- Mostly pics. Side note - the blogger is a surrogate getting implanted this September, and plans to share belly pics.

- Lots of short caption stories attached to pics.

4eece No.2559

Mostly big boobs, but holy shit is the preg content worth it.

It's all hentai anime art. Obviously.

56108 No.2524[Reply]

Can anybody shed light on what happened with TheBumpFiles?

I tried to check it today and the wordpress page says that the authors deleted it.


b6161 No.2534

It seems some moms are cracking down on us


b6161 No.2535

I think this all goes back to this


0ef55 No.2466[Reply]

Looking for someone to impregnate me. I am new at this so you may need to explain how this works. Want to join text me
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daf33 No.2478

Agreed, but if nothing else it'll be interesting to find out.

d301e No.2483

I'm sad people legit replied, but I should be surprised.

3bcbf No.2484

You shouldn't be surprised. Don't be a immature idoit and play a joke you know a outcome of

d301e No.2489

What joke? I didn't post it.

I did mean shouldn't though. Good ole typos.

7ea8e No.2496

Hi, if you want talk to a east canadian.

1e391 No.1145[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Since a few of you guys wanted me to restart the chat thread about my surrogacy now that we've got things more under control, well, here it is! ^-^

So since it's a new thread, let's make this one a sort of log where I'll update those of you who are interested on stuff that happens during my pregnancy, and if there are any (legitimate) questions and things that you all want to talk about, be it the pregnancy or me in general, then as long as I'm comfortable talking about it, we can!

Let's have some fun, ok guys? <3 ^.^
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83372 No.2497

/run chan_chat_trimmer.bat

/musing start

It's horrifically prevalent on social media, but online judging and fanatical bullshit calling is a huge online social problem. I can't help but feel the root is a nagging self-pity that forces some to tear others down. Something along the lines of 'I could have that if this or that didn't happen to me - it isn't fair to me that they have it and I don't - they don't deserve it!'.

Bringing another person down provides a quick fix to that pain, but it doesn't cure it. If anything, it only encourages that self-pity to seep into their thoughts and behavior further. And while it won't kill you, it will kill your ambition, and living your life as a shell of your former hopes and dreams is walking through a godless hell of your own creation every day.

The best cure for self-pity? Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

It's not easy.

/musing end

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83372 No.2498


Annd I just realized I ran CCleaner earlier. Go me :D

dc3cd No.2499

Might be time for a new thread - this one's on auto-sage.

e7cbd No.2500


Auto-sage? Not sure what that means, but if you think it's time for a refresh then no prob.

f54dc No.2501

If I remember correctly, saging means that the thread isn't gonna get bumped to the front page when a post is made.
It happens once a set number of posts has been made in a thread.
If I remember my 4chan well enough.

c0d4c No.629[Reply]

Where is everyone from? It's as simple a that.
I'm in the middle of the USA, Kansas City, MO. Anybody else here with me?

I know preggophilia has a thread like this, but I figured pregchan should have one too.
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c4883 No.2146

Taylor, Michigan

96a40 No.2187


Lady or Gentleman? :)

02178 No.2188

Small town near where The Office is located (American version) Scranton, Pennsylvania.

bc5c6 No.2190

I used to live in Taylor before I moved out to Waterford

a36f8 No.2479

I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Not many people from Europe around :/

8e78f No.2391[Reply]

I don't think there is a thread for this but, if anyone can link pregnant stories where in it the girl gets pregnant against their will?

8e78f No.2392

Also this thread could be used for looking for other kinds of pregnant stories

a8464 No.2465

Looking for any one who wants to impregnate me. I miss being pregnant. Ihave never done this before so you may need to explain how it works

a1fe4 No.2467


so you miss being pregnant…but you've never been pregnant before?

5de85 No.2379[Reply]

As the title suggests, I am considering buying a drawing tablet (but not right now) and I am curious as to what any of you would suggest. The reason why I am considering buying one is because I want to be able to do line art, coloring, and shading faster and using a mouse is too slow for my tastes.
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5de85 No.2381

Thanks for the suggestions, they really helped.

5de85 No.2387

I actually bought one yesterday, so thanks for the help.

fd32e No.2388

I'm all for getting more opinions about what to get, but what prompted you to come here? "I don't know which drawing tool to get…better ask the pregnant fetish site."

5de85 No.2389

I figured that, since there are a good number of competent artists on this site with a few of them with an education in art (I know Isel is in/has done art school), I would bound to find someone who could help me (which I did). I also have no real life artist friends, so this was my best option.

6de21 No.2390

Hi! I use Monoprice brand tablets as they're affordable, rugged, and my last one lasted me 5 great years. Check out moonrise.com!! Their stuff is AMAZING for casual.beginner/pro artists!

a278f No.2109[Reply]

I was thinking if other people have dreams about being pregnant or birthing. Also if guys have dreams of getting a woman pregnant. It happens only once in a long while for me.

The first time i had one was in my teens. I was a character in a anime who got pregnant by the hero. It was 3 quick moments. First him and i making love for the first time. It flashed to friends surprising me with a baby shower. Then finally me laying in our bed, legs open as he tells me to push.

Now that i have given out my one of my biggest secrets, what kind of dreams have you all had?

5708e No.2110

Had a similar dream back in my teens as well about being a pregnant girl. It was hazy and non-sensical overall (as dreams can be), but I wasn't big (3-4 months), and I think I was trying to hide the fact I was pregnant, despite being happy overall.

I rarely dream at all lately though. At least, as far as I can remember come morning.

0cbd9 No.2112

One dream that I remember having relatively recently (not like last week or anything, but rather just a year ago) happened when I was living with my girlfriend. In the dream, I was lying down and a woman whom I assumed was my girlfriend was squatting over me and giving birth practically right in my face. But the dream was hazy and I never saw the woman's face, so honestly, it could've been anyone.

Strangely enough, I remember having slept on the floor of my girlfriend's bedroom that night, and when she and I woke up, I made the statement "Well, it doesn't get much better than that." She was naturally confused, but still had enough of a sleepy daze to not concern herself with what I had said.

In terms of my dream frequency, though, I have gone years and years without ever having a dream (one that I can recall when I wake up). So I guess you could say that I rarely have any dreams…

f49b5 No.2150

I'm a guy, but I would kill to have a dream where I was pregnant. I've totally got a gender bending fetish too, and have actually had dreams where I've been a girl. But sadly no pregnancy dreams yet.

683aa No.2153

I once had a dream where I got my sister pregnant, and before anyone asks my sister is my step sister so she is no way related to me.

dc5db No.2386

I debated whether to say anything or not on this topic, but I guess I should mention mine just because they're so…interesting. Every once in a while I wind up dreaming I'm pregnant, but it's never actually as myself, it's either as or channeling one of my various RP characters (some of them happy mommies themselves).

For example, once a long time ago I dreamt I was my character from that D&D game from the PG-13 forums I keep bringing up (sorry), although other members of the cast were there with me (so other lovely preggy girls were involved). However instead of the medieval setting the game had, the dream was modern-day. I really don't remember much that happened other than at one point my water broke (didn't get farther than that, though).

Another one that's a bit more recent played out like a scene straight out of an RP involving a character who I've at least attempted to request some art of here on Pregchan. It involved a car chase and the kind of stress that might put on the poor pregnant girl riding shotgun (though like my character, I managed to hold it together enough to not panic myself into labor, despite the adrenaline).

There's been a couple others, but nothing all that special to them aside from my characters being involved (they always tend to be in weirder dreams).

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