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All good things must come to an end.

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40311 No.410[Reply]

So… has Finalixer given up on his AMAZING gallery collections? I haven't gotten a new one for a couple of years now (his most recent one, last year I think, somehow dropped out of torrents cuz I wasn't able to get it before it stopped being seeded)

Just wondering, cuz I sure loved those. If he's too busy to do it anymore or got burned out, I can totally understand, but I do still miss them.

a92ff No.389[Reply]

Any other writers here have ideas they won't ever get to? Or just ideas they want to see written? I propose we use this thread to create "story seeds" - small prompts for fetishy stories that could inspire people to keep writing! I have a million of these. Will add mine below.

1e9af No.391

I'm not the OP, but my "story seed" would be that of an acceptance of pain, where a mom did whatever she could in life to avoid pain, good or bad. This results in her intentionally inhaling a significant amount of gas during her first birth, despite it being very quick anyway. She doesn't hate children, nor does she hate childbirth in particular, she just does not want any sort of pain.

She gets pregnant a second time, and she is recommended for a c-section due to various factors giving a high chance of the birth being painful and difficult (but not impossible!). Then when she enters labor, she is instead restrained and various things are done to make her birth possible yet painful, like not giving her any painkillers, putting her in a lithotomy (during the first birth, she was in an all fours position so she can feel the difference!) and having no medical intervention unless a life threatening condition occurs. Things like a posterior presentation, shoulder dystocia, nuchal hand/cord and such happen to her baby during the birth, adding to the pain and difficulty.

She is left to give birth on her own, painfully. When she does manage to push out the baby, she feels a much stronger and proud-er connection between her and her newborn infant and sees pain differently. One lingering question would be who put her through the ordeal; it could be whoever, or left blank.

The simple "moral" of the story would be to accept that there is pain in life; shit happens, pick up where you tripped and move on. Pain can be used to make yourself stronger (assuming it doesn't cripple you!)

I would type this myself if college life didn't suck and my writing skills weren't on the level of a 4th grader :(

8889a No.353[Reply]

I've been feeling like writing some Monster Preg scenes. So, anyone that wants to suggest a girl to get knocked up by some big monster, just let me know.

A few things to know about me:

1) I'm not terribly good with grammar.
2) I'm not a big fan of rape. As such, most scenes I write are consensual.
3) I'm not big into furries… So, most furry girls requests will probably be rejected.
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cee90 No.365

Minotaur who owns a herd of human fuck slaves which he uses like cattle?

1e1cb No.366

A crew of women were sent on a mission to a planet that left a distress signal, little did they know the alien creatures sneak into ship when they left the planet after their search.

The aliens are dinosaur-like, how they impregnate they hatch from an egg and come out as facehugger-like creatures like the facehuggers from the Alien series, they impregnate through the mouth, Optional pregnancy lasts for two weeks Optional as hours pass their bellies expand, they give dinosaur-like creatures that either look like a tyrannosaurus rex, a pteranodon or a triceratops.

Just like the Xenomorphs from the Alien series, the Dino Aliens mature rapidly.

fb4a5 No.370

An explorer finds a sacred grove with a small pond. She bathes in the water and drinks so deeply of the sweet water that she comes out full and sore, but satisfied. Little does she know she is full to the brim with a water dragon and now has to let it gestate to full term.

4da22 No.371

Is it okay if the girl is a monster too? Sort of like the idea of a delicate yuki-onna struggling to carry big oni babies, with the hulking daddy clumsily trying to help.

cee90 No.373

Spriggans are like ents, but more female in physique. They got the full set from the smoother looking face to he very wide hips, they also represent fertility.

ce938 No.305[Reply]

Hey all.

A bit ago, I stumbled across a very detailed pregnancy calculator. It used hip measurement, waist measurement, cup size, chest size, height and starting weight, hormonal levels, and number of babies to "calculate" what your measurements would be after being impregnated. However, I completely forget where the calculator is located. Can someone help me out?

ce938 No.306

Nevermind, I found it.

Just in case anyone else's curious: http://www.msgotu.com/ms/other/belly.php

05dec No.279[Reply]

Pregchan is one, though it focuses on various pregnancy/belly fetishs.
As a 'birth' fetish I'm looking for that kind of communities.

56eba No.280

Try hidden-desires on fullboards. It's a good, active community that is much more centered around the actual birth fetish. Lots of OC and awesome, friendly people.

05dec No.281

>>280 hidden-desires on fullboards? That's the name?

2864f No.287

>>280 I've been there but it doesn't seem very active…

c3a53 No.293

>>287 is right. It is too unactive.

286d3 No.86[Reply]

So… I've started working on a bunch of material I'm hoping I can publish and have bought.

I'm just curious. What are some story subjects you'd *pay* to see published in paperback/hardback/ebook/pdf form?
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08adb No.144


Self plug - I have a few stories on Smashwords, actually. https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/TheMirai I'm still working on more but I tend to update it frequently.

Unexpected Changes is herm/futa stuff for now, idk if anyone here's into that.

Becky is a surreal first person story from a boy who begins dating a girl who's pregnant but doesn't seem to know it.

Stranger's Dark Gift is a short horror story about supernatural pregnancy.

They're all only $2.50 and if you want a taste of what I write here's my deviantart – http://crashoverrid.deviantart.com/ - there's several free fully uploaded preg stories in addition to the previews of my for sale writing.

2b7ff No.145

Had any buyers yet?

08adb No.146


A few, actually, yeah. I had enough followers on my DeviantArt account when it was a hobby that I've sold 12 of Becky and Dark Gift.

I've got more in the pipeline too.

d7cef No.147

I'd love to see a story about a woman who is turned on by pregnancy and intentionally gets pregnant, finding out soon after that she's carrying triplets. We follow her through her pregnancy, watching as she has a couple of steamy sexual encounters, until eventually she's a few weeks overdue and loving everything about being super pregnant.

After a bout of passionate lovemaking with a new partner, she can feel herself going into labor but is in denial because she is so in love with being pregnant. In an attempt to convince herself that she's not actually in labor she goes about her daily business as if nothing is wrong, trying to hold back her labor and failing miserably. Eventually, she can't ignore what's happening any longer and gives birth in whatever public place she happens to be in at this point in the story.

5483c No.257

There's another guy on here taking story requests, so I posted in his thread, and since I'd be willing to pay him for writing a story like that (though I don't think I'd want a physical copy), I figured I should link to that post here.
NOTE: I would be thrilled to have two different versions of that story, and would be more than willing to pay for both - I'm not trying to pit you guys against each other, in other words.

2ff90 No.237[Reply]

I remember a long time ago that I came across a movie about a woman who was pregnant for 3 years. the name of the movie is called
3 Year Pregnant
3 Year Delivery
san-nen migomoru

it goes by any of those three titles. I have searched everywhere but cannot find it. Does anyone know where I can find this movie? Thanks in advance.

903c0 No.238


best I can do is one scene that's on YouTube


2ff90 No.239

yeah. its all I could find too. I remember seeing more scenes of this movie online may years back but the websites that hosted them no longer are in service.

61c63 No.232[Reply]

Hey there,

an english and german speaking girl of north-germany is searching for a good chatpartner. Male or female, both will be fine. I can play the part that gives birth or be the part that helps you with birth (as long as you play a female).

What I love:

++ Long birth
++ Hard birth
++ Contraction stimulation via touching vagina or clit
++ Birthes with a roleplay husband or midwife
++ Detailed described contractions
++ Realistic birthes

What I like
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

c489d No.233

Happy to have you, but we have a thread for this. :)


Locking this.

edc59 No.214[Reply]

Anyone wanna DS friendcode?


Currently I got:
-Pokemon A. Sapphire
-Animal Crossing
-Monster Hunter 3 U.
-Shin Megami Tensei 4

0d12e No.215

Well, I just happen to have omega ruby!

edc59 No.228

Well you got to post your own code or I can't add you. XD But keep in mind, I'm super casual with pokemon. Trying an ezmode nuzlocke right now.

6c52e No.218[Reply]

Does anyone know of any stories where the main character gets it on with a pregnant motherly figure?

This can be a biological mother, a step-mom, an aunt, a friend's mom, or anything else you think fits the bill.

14726 No.222

Well, if you can stomach all the clicking/time outs, there's a sporadically ongoing, fairly long pregnancy story over at Writing.com which fits the bill I think.


Basically a story about an impregnating magic amulet that a guy finds in a garage sale. Fools around with it and ends up impregnating a bunch of women; his own milfy mother included.

Starts with some incest overtones, but a convenient / sudden plot twist does away with it.

520aa No.223

Oh no, its back. make no mistake. there is a lot of good stuff on that site though. that story included.

3d9d7 No.224

there used to be one on writing.com where you had a body swap machine and an option was swapping with your pregnant neighbor. eventually you gave birth. anyone know what it was called?

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