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24131 No.10741[Reply]

Looking to RP dark labor and birth plots on Discord! No sci-fi or eggs please.


160df No.10738[Reply]

I want to RP mpreg on Discord. For further details, reply blow.

209af No.10740

Add me on discord! Hayley.#8737

88f0e No.10731[Reply]

I have been thinking for years that the women who post egregious breastfeeding videos on YouTube are really doing it to get off. No judgment or anything, it's just sort of a shit show to watch. (Look up KoalaBabyXX on YouTube if you want to know what I mean.)

Recently, I came across this:

It was a bit disappointing reading that link because I didn't recognize any of the women mentioned and the "usual suspects" (see below) aren't mentioned.

(1) Mama Cabbage

Then I read the comment mentioning "mama cabbage." I had no idea who "mama cabbage" was so I googled it and came across her channel, which I know from the pretty nice belly/cleavage shots in a birth video she posted years ago. (Her more recent birth video also has a few nice shots, but mostly uninteresting.) I guess she also did breastfeeding videos (though I never paid much attention — her naked boobs are too saggy for me), the kind of vid where you think to yourself, "Is she doing this to teach women or to titillate men?"

Well, now I feel vindicated: she's completely honest about it now. She has an OnlyFans and everything. Take a look at this video:


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442f0 No.10707[Reply]

Okay, so I’m curious to know if any of you guys are into pregnant grannies. Like 50+ women, pregnant as can be.

76dd1 No.10723

Yeah I like some of them there is something sweet about it.

372d0 No.10724

Yeah, find it quite hot

85e94 No.10336[Reply]

I was listening to a streamer I like and he mentioned the lyric from Californication, "A teenage bride with a baby inside" and I got horny. This kink is a fucking curse bros
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1682c No.10486

Meanwhile the last three people I told were ok with it. Like I dunno if you hit it off with someone they're usually ok with the "weird stuff" you just have to get to where they want to learn how to turn you on.

43e23 No.10695

I have and take care of two children due to this kink/urge. Theyre probably not going to be the last but Im running out of bedrooms. It feels so good cumming inside at the riskiest time. And the pregnant sex is great until the geometry gets hard. But boy do babys suck. Toddlers are great.

6f8b7 No.10696

Once kids are able to use the internet, they practically become self-sufficient.

After that, you just need to feed and water them every other day.

a713a No.10697

Young children shouldn't be allowed on the Internet. It will give them weird fetishes.

Children younger than even ten years old being exposed to the collective of humanity like this is saddening, because they clearly can't handle it.

21a04 No.10709

Weird fetishes , like us!

8bb42 No.10519[Reply]

Inspired by Munis' idea for a CYOA (seen here >>10489), I've decided to start writing a CYOA of my own! I'm hoping to take a bit of inspiration from Impregnator Kings as well as swords and sorcery works; so I've written the first bit below. Let me know what you think, and which option our hero should choose! I'll try and update this semi-regularly
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304dd No.10523

Oh, this is off to a great start! I'm already delighted (get it? get it? Yeah, I'll show myself out…)

Honestly, I think option 2 would make for a better story. So I'm going with option two.

1e260 No.10525


Why thank you! I'm really excited about this series, I hope to take it in some weird and wonderful directions.

I'm worried it's getting buried by everything else, so I might repost it onto /d/ so I can attach images and try illustrating this series as well! Although I am 100% incapable of drawing…

47df9 No.10526

So this becomes the chat-behind-the-scenes-thread?

I can only speak for myself, but I won't enjoy the story any less if it doesn't have pictures or if you choose to use existing pictures instead like aristo does. You don't have to draw yourself if you don't feel comfortable with it. Absolutely no pressure here.

1e260 No.10527

>>10526 Yeah, that's the plan - this is now BTS, main thread is in /d. And I'll try using existing pictures as well as some of my own illustrations as well!

f4081 No.10704

I apparently missed this getting started last month, and apparently there hasn't been activity since. You okay, op?

d627f No.10687[Reply]

I'd love to do a Christmas Eve birth RP. 18+ only please. No eggs or sci-fi plots.

Discord: Hayley.#8737

90e9b No.10691

Your message could not be delivered. This is usually because you don't share a server with the recipient or the recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends..

No reaction for my message, except deleting from friend list? Ow, im rly impressed. Wow. Just, wow.

de194 No.10671[Reply]

Anyone know a good way to download videos from xHamster? Trying to archive material instead of having it disappear potentially like pornhub

642c6 No.10675


1bbc0 No.10672[Reply]

Hello. I’m new to this site but I haven’t had much luck on Tumblr and then I stumbled across this place. I’m looking for writing partners who love to write birth and labor stories. I write on discord. I’m over 21 and would prefer my partners to be as well, but will write with anyone as long as they aren’t younger than 18. A few things about what I like:
Long labors.
Hard, difficult birth
Demonic Birth
Sex while in labor.
Futas I love futas and can’t stress that enough.

I won’t do eggs or public birth but I’m willing to try anything else.

If interested and are literate please feel free to send me an underyourscarsx#8737

ee17d No.10673


Sent you a request! My handle is Maxie#6647

48f1c No.10670[Reply]

Looking for someone to RP some birth and labor on KIK. Discord doesn’t work on my phone or computer for some reason. I like RPing with females better cause males like to get weird, but I will write with RESPECTFUL males. I only ask you be 18+. No minors please.

My KiK is:

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