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39f11 No.9620[Reply]

Shameless plug of my Patreon.


Enjoy…or don't. :)

89704 No.9589[Reply]

Does anybody here live in Virginia?
I'd like to meet up with peeps or at least chat here?

6daa6 No.9601

Im near by in maryland,do you kik?

89704 No.9602

No I don't (I'm Jallaine)

89704 No.9604

ill make one though give me one sec

89704 No.9605

I made one: Zorgara

89704 No.9619

I'm in Stafford if anyone wants to meet?

29b83 No.9616[Reply]

Does anybody have and pictures of birthing while you can see the pussy bottom of feet and tits at the same time? I need a reference for a Pixiv commission.

8f42c No.9267[Reply]

So I'm looking for a list of preggo artists on DA who create really high quality stuff.
Not really looking for amateurish stuff but more the high end quality.
Any suggestions?
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3a77e No.9527

3a77e No.9534

So I recently found ColbaltScribbler. Their art is pretty cute, I like it.


c7b98 No.9537

auctus177 has a lot of 3D stuff with HUGE proportions,
arkstorm99 draws preggo art that is very expressive and can be unconventional at times

c7b98 No.9538

3a77e No.9612

I got my first commission from poorksies today and I am very happy with it.

Check out this excellent, extra thicc tarantula girl.


Only $25

182de No.9580[Reply]

Can we make a list of all the websites form pregnant and birth hentai?


Where can i go for images and community?

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542f0 No.9597

It is. You need to have an account and turn on R-18 in settings to see porn.

eb464 No.9599

>and what is hentai as a tag?

hentai just means "pervert" in japanese and is a catch all term for any kind of porn

e08dc No.9600

Actually, using the word hentai to refer to porn is a western thing. In Japan they either use just the letter H (エッチ), or ero (エロ). Of course this causes confusion.

182de No.9603

It worked

182de No.9606

Pixiv isn't bad

d37ab No.8989[Reply]

I'm curious to know the reasons why other people have a fetish for pregnant related content?

I'll start first…

I see it as something truly amazing, seeing how a woman's body changes to serve the act of creating life. The curves of the round belly, the ways the breasts expand.
I see pregnancy as being at the height of womanhood.
As some of you may know I'm a fan of birth as well, the build up of pressure from the contractions, the pain of crowning followed by the relief and joy at afterwards as it finally slips out.

From a darker viewpoint I sometimes like the concept of it being against their will and how their powerless to stop it as their own body betrays them.

Curious to hear what draws others to pregnancy-related content?

Also please respect that these are people's preferences, and there is a chance some may differ to your own.
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ea539 No.9233

I have one brother born 14 mos. after me, I have no memory of her being pregnant…I waited until age 8 in public school when I saw a teacher pregnant, this is when I learned about where babies come from and the beauty of the woman's body in that state.

7b4e5 No.9573

Pregnancy actually started as a huge squick for me. It still is, if I think about -myself- being pregnant. For years I didn't really know why, other than that I don't like kids, especially babies and toddlers. Then I realized that, oh, I'm trans. Suddenly the aversion makes more sense.

But somewhere along the way, I poked and prodded at my own disgust so much that my brain pulled a 180 and turned it into a kink, at least when it's fictional. Brains are fucking weird.

What do I find attractive about it? Something about the shape of the belly, the tightness, really does it for me. I get the same thing from ovi, cum inflation, and even some vore and stuffing art. But I also really like the potential for body exploration and appreciation, and familiar kinds of stimulation feeling different because of changes in hormones, blood flow and pressure, nipples getting sensitive, that kind of thing.

e5fc4 No.9574

First of all, I'm a demisexual, which means that I can't feel sexual attraction before forming a meaningful relationship with a girl, so masturbating to a solo pregnant girl, it's really easy to trick my brain into building a fantasy where she's my long-term partner and carrying my child.

As for the fetish, I've always been fascinated by the transformation of the female body during pregnancy, the fact that there's something growing inside, and the level of intimacy that's required to even get to that point in a relationship. Even as a kid, before even having any kind of sexual feelings, I'd catch myself staring at pregnant women on TV and getting mesmerized by them, and over the years it's evolved into a hardcore fetish. I just hooe it doesn't pose a problem when I eventually start dating girls, lol.

230e8 No.9575

All that time spent in the GEKKO State really did a number on you, eh?

e5fc4 No.9576

Heck yeah man, Holland's secret stash was nothing but pregnant ladies. I'm in therapy for it to this day

aa691 No.8763[Reply]

0f664 No.9567

447e6 No.1914[Reply]

Are there any especially good interactive stories out there? I was looking for one involving a magic ring gained by a school boy on writing.com, but I think I have lost it.
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1f3da No.3635

I also have a Interactive story that i wish for other people to post in and read as they please


6f2b7 No.7008


There's a pregnancy storyline unfolding right now in this thread.
Scenario is a global pregnancy phenomenon.
If you want to participate, feel free to join :-P

5f4a5 No.7101

I like pregnancy CYOA stuff, I'm kinda confused on the hyper preg options. the first thing says the 14 is the minimum but then people who are adding to the story are only doing pregnancies of like 4 or 5 babies. dont they understand hyper is dealing with unrealistic numbers and not ones that have actually happened in real life?

5f4a5 No.7102

my previous post was in regards to >>7008

7f51f No.9553

By no means are these complete, I'd reckon these are worth checking out and added to.

22b6b No.8347[Reply]

Kinda specific but I have this kink where people give birth to dragons and I was wondering if anyone else here would be interested in reading something like that? If yes I might post it here.
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741f9 No.9473

25f2b No.9474

Dunno, that link is just giving me a blank page.
Viewing the source code for the page comes up empty too.

741f9 No.9475

Cause it's a link to exhentai. You have to be logged into the e-hentai forums to view it. Used to link you to a page featuring a sad panda if you weren't logged in but I guess they changed that part.

It's why I called it a panda link.

28820 No.9482

Yep, that's it. Thanks :)

d1cc4 No.9548

been checking back on this thread all week, and now its my bday! sure would love a present….. :think emoji:

58b76 No.8919[Reply]

Is there anything that you would like to see a pregnant woman (or pregnant character) do in a movie, TV show, or on a webcam? I have several, but they are strange and non-pornographic (erotic, maybe)…
>A pregnant woman squishes somebody's face with her big belly.
>Somebody's face is sandwiched between two very pregnant women with their huge bumps smushing his/her cheeks from both sides.
>A heavily pregnant woman "accidentally" bumps her belly into people, things, or another pregnant woman's belly.
>A very pregnant woman pressing her huge belly up against another very pregnant woman's belly (belly-to-belly) for fun, size comparison, or "bump intimidation" (Jessica Biel and Sara Rue in "New Year's Eve").
>A sex scene between a man (bottom) and a very pregnant woman (top) with her belly either pressing into his chest or smothering his face.
>A heavily pregnant woman sits on somebody. Not on his/her face, but while he/she is sitting in a chair as "punishment" for a comment or something.
>A pregnant woman pins somebody with her big belly.
>Somebody accidentally bumps into a pregnant woman's belly (non-lethal airbag).
>A very pregnant woman tries to do things like a non-pregnant person would, only to either not fit into anything or gets stuck.
>Somebody is squeezed into a tight place with a pregnant woman with her big belly pressing up against him/her.
>A heavily pregnant woman wears a very tight button-up shirt and one or more buttons pop off.
>A very pregnant woman patting her belly with a timpani drum sound effect.
>A heavily pregnant woman is so big and heavy that she needs one or more people to help her up.
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5b4fa No.9448

Are you talking about the version that Saturn and Uranus "cousins"

817e7 No.9451

Neptune and Uranus were 'cousins'in that version.

60277 No.9454

They were actually lesbians in the original Japanese version.

240be No.9464

I'd really like my own personal Janet(from the good place) to get pregnant.

36819 No.9520

Anime: Soul Eater

I wanna scene where Patty and Liz are both 9 months pregnant and are pressing their bellies on both sides of Death the Kid's face.

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