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Ideas for Pregnant Episodes or Movies Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/25/2022 (Sat) 03:57:57 Id:3b1a8e No. 70 [Reply] [Last]
This is for those who have an idea for a pregnancy themed episode or arc for pre-existing television show or movie. Live-action or animation. This is basically fan-fiction, but I think it would be nice to see ideas for what could have been or what could be done.
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"Project: Baby Boom" Premise: The series focuses on six women heavily pregnant with a genetically altered embryo implanted into their wombs as part of an experiment to create a line of super soldiers. The main character is an intern who is tasked with monitoring the women named Kyle. The humor come from Kyle how has to put up with his position as the unpaid intern, as well the women who have to deal with the fact that the babies have developed their powers before birth. Characters: Kyle Armstrong: An underpaid and overworked intern. Fresh out of college and eager to get into the world of genetic research, he’s in over his head as he manages a group of highly hormonal and super-powered pregnant women. Dr. Regina Maddox: The ambitious lead scientist and brain behind the experiment. She’s stern and always trying to control the situation but is secretly terrified of what she's created. Lisa Caldwell: Former military and the most accepting of her situation. Her baby has super strength, causing her belly to occasionally thump and vibrate in unexpected ways. Monica Belleview: A former beauty queen, she’s not pleased with her growing belly. Her baby has telekinesis and tends to move objects when Monica's emotions are heightened. Nina Frost-Holt: A librarian who has the most calm demeanor and is carrying twins, however one has the powers of fire and the other the powers of ice. Jasmine Tekhart: A tech mogul, her baby has the ability to communicate with technology, causing gadgets in the facility to malfunction in amusing ways.

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>>1985 Other Characters: Lara Thompson: A confident and straightforward intern who's been at Mother Base longer than Kyle but was working in a different sector. She's seen it all and often tries to mentor Kyle, much to his annoyance. She's resourceful, and her experience with her own group of super-powered pregnant women has given her a unique set of problem-solving skills. Skye Tremaine: The punk chick with tattoos and piercings. Her unborn baby's super-speed often results in her belly being a blur of motion, sometimes causing her to be moved or jerked in different directions. She has a fierce spirit but is genuinely caring beneath her rugged exterior. Raven Nightshade: The gothic girl, draped in dark flowing fabrics. Her unborn baby has the power of magic. Unpredictable things happen around Raven - sometimes her surroundings will suddenly turn dark and moody, or objects will transform into something else entirely. Despite her eerie aura, Raven is deeply philosophical and introspective. Willow Sage: The free-spirited hippy with flowing dresses and flower crowns. Her unborn telepathic baby might be attuned to the vibes of the world, but its thoughts are unexpectedly and hilariously mean-spirited. This causes many comedic situations where Willow, the epitome of peace and love, reacts to her unborn baby's sassy and sarcastic thoughts. Tara Dupont: A corporate executive who's all about efficiency. Tara's baby has the power to duplicate itself, leading to multiple heartbeats and baby movements being detected at the same time. This often overwhelms Tara, who's used to being in control. The multiples don't always agree, causing Tara to feel a cacophony of kicks and squirms, sometimes in harmony and sometimes not. Tara must learn to embrace the unpredictability. Alexa Stando: An avid manga and anime enthusiast. Alexa's baby can summon a stand, a powerful and loyal entity. Whenever the stand is summoned, the facility's lights flicker, and a powerful aura is felt. The stand is protective of Alexa and reacts strongly to her emotional state. This stand can interact with the physical world, leading to a series of comedic situations.
"Bump in the Road" Premise: In the offbeat town of Bellavista, neurotic Lila discovers she's pregnant. With her clueless husband, Stan, at her side, they embark on a chaotic journey of impending parenthood. From wild cravings and YouTube conspiracy theories to outrageous baby showers and a hilariously inappropriate grandmother, this animated comedy highlights the absurd, hilarious, and oh-so-relatable moments that come with expecting a baby in the zaniest ways possible. As Lila and Stan stumble through every challenge, they realize the road to parenthood is anything but smooth. Characters: Lila Waters: A 30-something woman, neurotic and an over-thinker. She's the central character, who just found out she's pregnant. Stan Waters: Lila's husband, a lovable goofball, has no idea how to handle the news or Lila’s antics. Tess & Jim Riddle: Lila's childless, party-loving best friends who are clueless about babies. Grandma Dee: Lila's hilariously inappropriate grandmother who constantly offers unsolicited advice about pregnancy from "the good old days." Dr. Oliver Bellow: The well-meaning, yet slightly eccentric OB-GYN, always seems to have oddly timed, inappropriate jokes.

(272.98 KB 733x899 I had to upload an image.jpg)
Board Trade Center Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/11/2023 (Tue) 06:36:01 Id:51e3d7 No. 1860 [Reply]
I'm a writer who would really enjoy trading stories in exchange for artwork, and I figure I ain't the only one who wants to trade something he can do for something he can't, so this is a thread for artists and writers who would be interested in this to congregate. I put this in /b/ when I first made the thread, reasoning it to have been better than having several of these across the boards, but /c/ feels more appropriate for the new Pregchan. The basic idea will be to make a single post advertising availability, along with a link to a portfolio, email addresses or other details, trade conditions, and similar considerations. I expect discussion to happen in the thread until deals have been reached, at which point people will become more private. Remember that contact information is better for verifying an identity than a post here. This can also be a way for people to acquaint themselves with others. Lastly, try to prefer email addresses or something else others are likely to use, as not everyone has or should be expected to have accounts with certain businesses or websites.
Bump, I suppose.

Your Biggest Turn Offs In Preg Stuff Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/16/2023 (Fri) 13:15:59 Id:e7d136 No. 1763 [Reply]
Pretty self explanatory, when looking at preg art what kills your boner almost as soon as you see it For me it’s looking at pregnant Pokemon girls and turns out the father is a shitting Hypno-
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Maybe I'm a kinky bastard, but some of those things you guys mentioned are actually a turn on for me. I love it when they show post birth and the umbilical cord hanging from the vagina. Anyway, turn offs. Insect birth, specifically when they are birthing maggots. Massive shitting, like I can understand a little poop during birth, but a big ol shit, nah bruv. Finally alternative birth and butt babies, If it's not coming out of the vagina, no thank you.
there’s like a fine line between gross and nasty for me and nasty is where i draw the line. excessive poo, prolapses, most guro stuff isn’t for me. I’m ok with some blood but I’m not looking for like snuff illustrations. I also can’t stand most “bad ending” scenarios, which sucks soo much when you’re into oviposition and monster fucking. I just want to visit the tentacle pit for a couple of days and volunteer my womb for a few clutches, not be stuck there as the sole broodmother. I got shit to do and I assume these drawings do too. And >1799 I’m w/ you on the butt baby and maggot thing. I generally prefer my mpreg stuff to involve trans guys. They can be as fem or masc as the artist wants tho. Tons of trans dudes are into ovi too so they keep me well fed with poor saps pushing out big eggs.
Agree with all of the above and >>1768 I’m so with you on this. There is intense purity and love that comes from “the miracle of birth” that adds to the enjoyment of this fetish and a mother not caring about her baby takes so much away from that.
>>2003 I dunno. That's lame
Abandonment. Where the mother completely disregards her child after giving birth. The huge sad really kills the horny.

Pregnancy Doctor? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 13:56:06 Id:02942c No. 1292 [Reply]
Hey, I am a 20 Something male considering changing his college major from computers to health care. I'm intrested in becoming an Obstetrician or a midwife. I have a strong admiration for the pregnant female form, so should I choose a career that would revolve around what I sexually fetish? Does anyone else find themselves in a similar situation? What do you suggest?
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>>1349 Please consider also that it's different for the medical field, anon. If you work at a shoe store because you have a fetish for feet, for example, then that's not a big deal. You're not forcing any particular woman into the store. You don't need to do more than ring up her items. Your role in her life is minimal to non-existent. If you become a podiatrist because you have a foot fetish, that's different. Doctors are supposed to be more than impersonal. They're supposed to be trustworthy on an intimate scale to be professional. Even if you don't do anything, you might be tempted to suggest a woman come back for another appointment she doesn't technically need just to see her again. There's 'physical' harm, but there's also 'emotional' harm. A wife who becomes a surrogate might be more possible than you'd think. Most 'hiring' sites insist the woman have experience carrying one pregnancy to term and be a responsible family raising their child, but those are for pay. There's also family members who might want their sister/whatever to carry for them. Close friends, etc. But, yes, unless the woman has her own pregnancy fetish she likely won't understand or want to do that. You're at a point in your life you've discovered "I have to do something with my life and have a career," so it's understandable you not know what to do. But not everything lasts forever and if you're really in a spot you can handle medical school, you sound like you could do anything. Rethink your criteria. But that's also a lot of pressure, too. Don't worry about a career and just think more in terms of "what would be a good job?" A lot of people finish medical school and decide they hate it. So they quit and do something else. Their lives turn out fine. Don't feel there's a time limit and so you must jump on a kink-oriented career.
Medical school is hard and competitive, Good luck anon. Visiting a relative who gave birth (I’m female ftr), I wondered if any male obgyn docs had the same fetish as me. I can tell you though, that out of the two male obgyn docs I met, one was totally indifferent and seemed like he was 100% treating a medical issue, the second one gave off kindly buddhist monk vibes and 100% just focused on caring for the sick moms. He gave such respectful and professional support to my relative, it was astounding. Basically you would be competing against really smart people who actually want to help in this area.
Btw, the floor nurses are way more involved with supporting the moms through labor, and taking care of the moms post-partum. Maybe look into that? There are nursing shortages everywhere. Or maybe an ultrasound technician. You would see pregnant women all the time and touch their bellies with a probe, which seems nice. The doctors are actually more involved in monitoring the health of mom and baby, and intervening in medical emergencies. They have to jump from patient to patient very urgently, especially when there are multiple births happening on the same day. They usually don’t have time to stay for the whole thing, just at the end to catch the baby. They also perform c-section surgeries when needed, which from a fetish standpoint is just boring af.
Would not recommend spending years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to slightly increase your exposure to bellies and massively increase your exposure to patients coming in because they've got something fucked up going on down below. I'm not a dr, but did work at an office that had an ob/gyn. Not a fun time.
>>1697 Lmao! Hilarious take because it’s so true. The gyn part of obgyn is so gross, you would be dealing with sick vaginas all the time. More so if you work at a specialty center, maybe less if you work at a community hospital.

(5.24 KB 255x198 images.png)
Vent Thread belliesrlovely 02/18/2023 (Sat) 20:51:33 Id:96b862 No. 1173 [Reply] [Last]
Wanna get something off your chest? Let it all out.
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this used to be one of the last bastions of decently ordered and on-topic sub-chans; those days are in the past.
>>1941 Eh, recent events aside, it's not all that bad, and it seems to mostly be contained now. The site has occasional flareups of idiocy, and this is honestly no different.
(1.12 MB 640x518 riker-star-trek.gif)
>something looks promising >futa/3dcg/pregnancy is only at the end/mpreg/turn based/fake belly is a pillow/renpy/scat/piss/bbw/actress is ugly/240p/its a dude with a face changer/its a dude with his head out of frame/text based/rpgmaker/silicone belly looks like a silicone belly/belly expansion happens off screen
(1.29 MB 2665x2425 6_Months_3_Weeks_-_Obscured.png)
>>1912 >I mean I do like big bellies but I have a limit where I think it’s just absurd and it’s not really attractive to me anymore, like the size where you question how the hell she fits through doorways and gets anywhere. I feel similarly, especially with that artist. I realized at one point that it crossed over from sensual to absurd with how big he made them. >There an artist called Funble who has interesting ground with how their smaller bumps are perfect ingeneral size and big size, but most of their stuff borders on the too big it’s absurd size for me size I feel you. This is about as big as he can make them before I stop being aroused. In general, I prefer lap-filling bellies much smaller than this. This latter image is a good example.
>>1967 For some reason, I couldn’t get this image in the same post, no matter what I do.

Ember Fans 08/05/2023 (Sat) 06:06:11 Id:8652f7 No. 1957 [Reply]
does anyone have a link to the Ember bastet video repository? I searched on this site, but they are non-working, if anyone has one, please tell me, I will be very grateful.

Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 08/02/2023 (Wed) 23:28:26 Id:a6c643 No. 1952 [Reply]
Simple idea: name one belly artist you think is underrated, then name one you think is overrated. You can give as much or as little detail as you like. You don't have to list both, if you feel like only saying one artist is overrated or underrated. I'll start. Underrated: Pencil-Junkie. https://www.deviantart.com/pencil-junkie He used to edit in our edit threads for a while too. Overrated: Not a pregnancy artist but KipTeiTei. I love their bellies but their comics just don't go anywhere and rarely satisfy me personally.
This is a good idea and will not cause a flame war!
Underrated: >>1953 Overrated: >>1952

Birth fics Devildo 08/02/2023 (Wed) 17:50:48 Id:04e28c No. 1951 [Reply]
Anyone know of good links to realistic birth fics? I've pretty much been through everything on deviant art - Anyone know of other good places to find stories?

Seeking a Story falloutghoul 07/26/2023 (Wed) 17:50:42 Id:3bc4f2 No. 1923 [Reply]
I'm looking for a story from another website. It's about a young woman, she might be a princess, who gets sentenced to be a monster breeder, she is with a bunch of other girls who are doing the same thing, and they give birth to various creatures. Then, the woman escapes and is living with large creatures, and she has a daughter, I think. This story even has a sequel series! I don't know if it's from Archive of our Own or some other site, but I found it a couple years ago and I've been wracking my brain about it ever since. All I know is that the site has white, red, and gold/brown coloring. Any hints or findings will be greatly appreciated!
Did anyone manage to find what I'm talking about?

Preg fetish fic’s recommendations Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/03/2023 (Mon) 19:20:36 Id:39f43c No. 1847 [Reply]
Anyone have any good preg story fic’s with video game, show or whatever characters? ones that aren’t like “preg reader x whoever”. I’ll throw in a good three parter I found a while ago on DA with shantae https://www.deviantart.com/rudiciuscaesar/art/Shantae-and-the-Mysterious-Temple-Part-1-734575330 https://www.deviantart.com/rudiciuscaesar/art/Shantae-and-the-Mysterious-Temple-Part-2-739978418 https://www.deviantart.com/rudiciuscaesar/art/Shantae-and-the-Mysterious-Temple-Part-3-740921951
>>1847 Only know of two and their pretty badly written >A very long creepypasta about a hacked Tomb Raider game about Lara Croft's pregnancy along with other characters featuring some very in-depth descriptions https://creepypasta-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Laracroft.exe >A smutty fanfic about Cloud Strife working as a window cleaner and sleeping with various women along the way. In the third and final chapter it turns out he got them all pregnant https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12092572/1/Cloud-Strife-The-Dirty-Window-Cleaner
>>1847 The ones I know off the top of my head are less overt fetish fuel and more plot-heavy, but you might still get something out of them. I certainly have: >a couple featuring Mei from Overwatch: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23380771/chapters/56025034 https://archiveofourown.org/works/16271480 >Paya from BoTW: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34649146?view_full_work=true >Rachel Alucard from Blazblue gets pregnant and gives birth, has Feelings about it: https://archiveofourown.org/works/7614976?view_full_work=true >A Tomb Raider fanfic that's actually pretty decent, where a heavily pregnant Lara Croft gets an unexpected visitor: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12775170/1/Daughter-Tomb-Raider-One-Shot-5 >A _very_ long one where Sonia from Pokemon deals with an unexpected pregnancy. Sometimes a little clunkily written though: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23332021/chapters/55891516 >One about Lina Inverse from the anime Slayers going through a pregnancy: https://archiveofourown.org/works/799656/chapters/1506382 >And a much longer Slayers fanfic by the same author that also has some pregnancy and birth:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I've flipped through a ton but they're mostly not very good or memorable. I liked Monster Reborn, where a YGO player has to summon her monster the hard way to win a match. https://archiveofourown.org/works/40441443