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Looking for a pregnant furry comic partner! Rissett 02/09/2024 (Fri) 23:37:48 Id:b14f42 No. 2814 [Reply]
Hi there, I am Rissett. I am a published author in real life, as well as an experienced writer on FurAffinity. I have had a dream of creating a comic since I started this profile in 2020. However, I decided to finally take the plunge and see if anyone would be interested in being an artist for my comic! Though I cannot give much payment up front [$50], I have experience in marketing and we will split every monetary transaction 50/50 (Patreon, donations, etc.) Because money and mature content are involved, you must be 18 or older to apply for this position. I do not wish to share all details about the comic publicly, but it will be a story involving a pregnant protagonist set in a medieval fantasy world in which anthropomorphic animals are prejudiced against. If you are interested I will send a more thorough plot through PM's. Hope to see you in my inbox!

Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 05:18:14 Id:ba8c7a No. 2800 [Reply]
Who has personal experiences with having a pregnant classmate? This can be high school, college, or both.

(785.87 KB 720x2803 Screenshot_20230928-093507.png)
Why Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 09/28/2023 (Thu) 14:43:19 Id:2ee44d No. 2108 [Reply]
Why do so many people in this fetish feel the need to politicize the fetish and go on faux intellectual rambles about how "ackshually it's the male gaze to like art of pregnant girls" It's just fetish art, I see big belly on cute girl I like it. You see big belly on cute girl you like it. We all see big belly on cute girl we like it. I genuinely don't understand why people are like this
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>>2735 For a lot of people, regardless of which side they're on, their identity is heavily associated with their political stance, and they have no identity outside of it.
>>2108 wow, what a colossally stupid take. even if we want to politically analyze this, like, what, if two gay pregnant women hook up, they arent lesbians anymore? dumb as fuck. i cant believe even pregchan is able to see how stupid this is.
>>2119 >many spaces centered around belly stuff, as the social justice types pretty much dominate them. This is what we get for not gatekeeping these mentally ill individuals from infesting our communities.
>>2749 It can't be that hard to get the troons and pedo faggots out of here, it's laziness.
>>2129 Then why does she even follow and support artists that do just that. I don't get it.

Other women around Emptywomb 05/08/2023 (Mon) 17:56:50 Id:354600 No. 1618 [Reply]
I just found this site last night. It's amazing. I'm a female who has had a child. I crave being pregnant. The thought of it turns me on so much. Other pregnant women turn me on the most. I hope someday to be pregnant and be able to fool around with a heavily pregnant woman. Are there many women around here? Just wondering!
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Any other girl have this same issue? I think regular sex is just okay, or maybe I’ve never been with someone who can really please me. I can only climax to masturbating while watching birth videos. But I think I’m still straight. Not attracted to females in general, just women giving birth.
>>2281 I'm a guy, but I have something similar. I'm certain I'm straight and I've never been attracted to men, but I'm fine with mpreg. Maybe it's situational bisexuality? You've stated what you're not attracted to, but what about things you are attracted to?
>>2283 Same with me lol, but I know I'm definitely bisexual (which is why I like mpreg enough), so maybe you just haven't come around to that part of yourself?
I'm so glad there are more women here! Although I don't really find girls attractive the look of a pregnant girl is just too irresistible lolol. I hope to one day have a big family but I don't think it'll ever come to fruition sadly :((
For any women here: How you would react if you have a breeding fetish but you later discover that you are a goddess that was sent or reincarnated as a human woman to save humanity by breeding?

Kraken — крупный маркетплейс в Даркнете NormanDix 01/15/2024 (Mon) 16:15:19 Id:a9fbc9 No. 2720 [Reply]
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в этом разделе DennisDes 01/15/2024 (Mon) 15:07:42 Id:ef9dcc No. 2719 [Reply]

(245.21 KB 1094x804 FD-1.JPG)
NovelAI Tips / Framework Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 08/29/2023 (Tue) 00:00:12 Id:4c3ecc No. 2041 [Reply]
So been fooling around with NovelAI in regards to generating some good ol' preg smut. It took a few weeks of testing and googling, but starting to get some good outputs. Wondering about the popularity of NovelAI in regards to generating preg fetish themes. Are there any fellow board goers that use it? How was your experience? If there's a decent amount of interest, I can share what I've learned / generated so far.
It does get repetitive and uncreative when describing characters' bellies and doesn't do interesting dirty talk or birth kink well enough for my tastes. It scratches the itch, though. I'm glad I can mess around with it instead of wasting hours looking for unfulfilling RP partners. Curious to know what tips and tricks you have, OP.

(235.06 KB 850x1064 Edwys-Playful.jpg)
aristocrat 06/27/2022 (Mon) 13:20:29 Id:1252be No. 85 [Reply]
Witch of Fecundity is perhaps the biggest surprise that came out of any story I've written, even Impregnator Kings. What was intended to be a harmless little diversion to have a side-project with a gimmick took on a life of its own thanks to the choices and work of all of us through choices and shared ideas. What started as a tale of Duke Edward wanting to become an Impregnator King became Princess Edwys, who was already an Impregnated Princess. Then, the entire story began to change until finally it became Witch of Fecundity after Edwys ascended to become a witch thanks to the efforts of both Beatrice and Erika. I will again summarize briefly the main plot points for those interested in reading Witch of Fecundity but unsure what to expect: Castle Valachia: destroyed. All inhabitants killed. Collapsed into a giant sinkhole so that nothing remained. Edwys: sacrificed her child as part of the ritual to become a witch. Enabled by Beatrice. The only option to "obtain the blood of a recently killed blood relative" called for in the ritual. Beatrice and Erika: formed an Unholy Alliance where they would work together to eliminate King Vlad as a threat and get revenge for his crusade. It continues for the time being as Edwys matures, but its future is unknown. Daniella: dead. Trapped in a situation where King Vlad executed her. King Vlad: practically dead. Given the ultimate punishment of having his body destroyed, but he lives on as a pair of eyeballs that will exist. Kept alive by Erika's magic so he can observe what she wants him to observe for all eternity. He will not die unless Erika allows it, even if his eyes are crushed to nothing, they are a part of Erika's being. Tharja: As a male, being kept alive, but made comatose through primitive 'lobotomy' to act as 'research material' for Edwys.

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Option three. My usual caution doesn't feel like the right approach for this rp, so let's be a little bolder.
>>2082 Write in See if we can figure out a way to magically dispel the stuff that Erika broke. Since if I recall correctly the stuff she broke were objects she magically created from her book. Doing so will clean up the room to it's original state before Erika started telling the story.
>>2082 Option two. The less damaged stuff will give Edwys a good feel of what she's doing first.
Option 3
>1 vote for option two, focus your magical power on repairing objects that are nearly bent or chipped. The small practice will help you build up to bigger challenges. >3 votes for option three, Impress Erika with an ambitious attempt to repair each piece of furniture in the order she broke it. >Write-in, see if there's a way to dispel the magic Erika used to create the broken furniture. The room should just become instantly clean, indirectly fulfilling the request. That might get you points for abstract thinking, at least. Repair each piece of furniture in the order Erika broke it. Poll closed. Update soon.

(63.19 KB 600x515 5845ca511046ab543d25238a.png)
Found a Guy keep asking for Preg edits and vehemently denying he likes it Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/04/2024 (Thu) 10:18:29 Id:aac59e No. 2656 [Reply]
Hello!! so im still new to this preg editing stuff. found a guy i edit arts for him. one day he started asking me to do Preg edits even tho he says hes not into it. how do i Tease him with the edits
This sounds so stupid, but- I dunno, keep doing random edits of characters he likes and send them to him?
>>2657 hmmm something less obvious

(22.46 KB 1280x720 deviantart logo.jpg)
Deviantart writings thread Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/02/2022 (Sat) 19:42:52 Id:534a7d No. 109 [Reply]
You can use this thread to either pimp your own account, or highlight other notable authors you think deserve more attention. I'm not a writer, but I have been commissioning a lot of pregnancy stories as of late and I've built a decent collection https://www.deviantart.com/jorgamund I've been commissioning a series from thepfeffernusse, and the last chapter should be done in the next couple of weeks https://www.deviantart.com/thepfeffernusse/gallery/83173487/the-mother-out-of-space
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I am not here to recommend my work, because he did not publish anything on DA, but I know a great user who publishes incredible stories, his name is Gymbo, he has a whole universe that is still in development, he has plots for all types From science fiction, hyperpreg, normal pregnancy, aliens, it has everything for all tastes, without a doubt one of my favorite authors, I will leave the link to his profile here so you can review it, I swear you will not regret it https://www.deviantart.com/gymbo
Need help finding a story I once stumbled upon, pretty sure it was on DA. It was a multi-chapter thing about a woman who was carrying multiples, her husband checks her into a private clinic where she's put on a high-calorie diet to ensure healthy baby weight. Lots of feeding/stuffing kink. Any help is greatly appreciated.
>>2161 Can't name anything specific but it sounds like something Kompera would write
Pleasure Victim (formerly hyperpregnancy) does really damn good hyper: https://www.deviantart.com/pleasure-victim/gallery/all