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c0c6a No.4340[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


To mark a fresh start, I start a new chat thread here for Impregnator Kings.

Let's all be civil and promote healthy discussion. I will check this thread to answer questions gather feedback address concerns and ask for opinions.

Thank you. I hope the story is enjoyable.
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f7600 No.10661

How knowledgeable would Edward be concerning labor? Because the part most people want to monitor/witness might only take an hour or so, but dilation can take up to a full day or more, especially for first-timers.

Plus there's afterbirth and recovery.

9656a No.10662

Earlier parts of the story would hint not very much. The midwife in Virilia hated him because he created so much work for her, and would not let him stay around during a birth.

b2ac7 No.10663


Where there be instances Edward would be helping one of his women unassisted/alone in certain scenarios?

9656a No.10664

I'm very happy to hear requests and know what people want and expect out of the story, but I'm thinking I should hold off on making more promises at this time. If only because, I admit, we are a bit far away from getting to these scenes in the story and I don't want to accidentally forget or omit anything that I committed to.

That said, do not worry. I'm prepared to write many a different variety of scene.

Thank you for the contribution, always, Maxi. Feel free to leave any other details if you like. In the end, this game is to appeal to you, and everyone reading. I must know what things to focus on to help the reader 'get off,' to put it plainly.

f3a36 No.10666


Appreciate it, Aristo! We should be thanking you for running this CYOA for so long and still running. The quality of writing and immersive interaction you've put into this is admirable.

Looking forward to greater things in the future.

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8f169 No.10392[Reply]

Jetzt, wo die Russen auch einen haben, frage ich mich - gibt es hier auch deutsche Fans? Ich suche schon lange nach einem deutschen Discord Server oder anderen Plattformen. Vor allem auch deshalb, um deutsche Geschichten zu lesen und meine zu teilen. Hat da irgendjemand Tipps? Finden sich hier genug Leute, um einen deutschen Server aufzumachen?

0d1e1 No.10600


Sauerkraut zum mitnehmen?
Квашеная капуста на вынос?

f0b89 No.10608

noch so ein chan…

056b1 No.10593[Reply]

6f140 No.10573[Reply]

Does anyone have any experience with using hypnosis, subliminals, binaural beats, etc. to simulate pregnancy? If so, what was it like and how did you do it?

384d0 No.10574

Binaural beats doesn't work. Just inject yourself with horse urine like a normal prsn.

9f772 No.10575

I had limited success, it all depends on your ability to relax and submit to the commands.

38ff1 No.10509[Reply]

Have fun with this to troll your friends:
Disgusting. Absolutely. Fucking. Vile. You make me shiver with repulsion, you poisonous fucking blight. Never before have I met anyone with such a miasmic presence. The mere fact that anyone as fucking gutwrenching and hard to look at has a fetish for GIVING LIFE, THE MIRACLE OF PROLONGING A BLOODLINE! The sheer impact of your pungency really hasn't hit me, yet I refuse to believe that a child of your impact can exist in this world. It fills me with rage to see you live, breathe, eat, and sleep in a reality that I must work and fight for every ounce of life I have. You taking notes, you creepy fuck? I mean every word I've said here, and I suggest taking this and all other accounts of yours down before I show it to your loved ones. If you continue your march of cancer, there will be consequences!
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d85c6 No.10511

Nice, what’s the origin of this copypasta?

1891a No.10512

Fossil’s deviantArt, where he worships his mommy sue.

38ff1 No.10513

We get it, you hate the guy, move on

28cd6 No.10514


be484 No.10515

PLZ GTFO, don't be hatin.

61e11 No.10489[Reply]

I wanted to describe a CYOA idea similar to impregnator kings I had been toying with doing for pregchan for awhile, in hopes someone else may be interested in taking up the idea since I don't have time to commit to writing it myself

The Premise is that you are effectively a fertility based demi-god that gains power by impregnating people, tasked with defeating the infertility plague affecting the world.

I already have a decent cosmology for the gods I wont bore you with now, the important part is when Mother Ert (the god that effectively invented sex and pregnancy) had expanded almost all of her power she was raped by another god and insisted on keeping the child despite the risk of the pregnancy using up all her remaining strength and killing her. Her daughters offered to take turns carrying the child to prevent the strain from killing her mother, but when one daughter finally gave birth she was so disgusted by the child she left it to be cared for by a wolf and told her mother it had died during childbirth. This god becomes effectively the worlds version of Satan, seeking revenge for being abandoned. With the help of it's father it created and spread an infertility plague that made pregnancy's harder to achieve and was causing population to slowly decrease over the generations as birth rates failed to keep up with deaths.

Your father is the king of one of the most prosperous city-states remaining, and one of the few that still worshiped mother Ert despite her apparent disappearance from the world (she still is recovering from the pregnancy, and that isn't helped from the lost belief caused by the infertility plague). He went on a journey with his wife to find Ert when it looked like his wife would die before giving birth, and Ert helped them by gifting unborn you with a fraction of her power so you would survive until birth. In doing so you have been made something of a demi-god yourself, with a gift for fertility. You don't learn that until coming of age (the start of the adventure) when you are sent to find Mother Ert temple again and she explains that with your power you need to find the creator of the infertility plague and fix the problem, but first you have to journey to hunt down all the lesser gods and ask for their blessing to grow in strength.

The main idea of all this was to create a CYOA where pregnancy is a key part of the adventure, not an aside that happens to occur during the adventure. You gain Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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5855e No.10493

I have the archive for Vyrule still saved and I even opened it up last week to see if I could start it again soon. But my life continues to somehow be one train wreck after the other. I swear that I will continue it one day.

294a1 No.10494


Any updates? I'm really eager to get started writing this, and would love to see a fleshed out description of this world

01c71 No.10495

Man, that's sad to hear. I wish you the best. I hope you can catch a break soon.

574ed No.10496

After taking the time to read through this I have to say that you're a better writer than you likely think. And the only way to get better is by doing, you gotta grind those stats to level up.

But I know how time constraints can be so I won't fault you for that. Nice concept, I really like it.

574ed No.10497

>"Yeah I'm gonna get this CYAO doing great this summer!"
>Suddenly roommates drop the ball on rent one too many times and I've got to move.
>"Okay, now that I'm settled I'm going to get shit done. 2020 is going to be a great year."
>2020 Proceeds.
>"Fuck me shit's been rough but hopefully with another move here I'll be able to financially, physically, and mentally relax and recover. At least the holidays are going to be nice."
>The person I was going to move in with caught Covid the same week one of my coworkers caught it meaning I'm now waiting on my own test results.

Me too, buddy. Me too.

b08ae No.10481[Reply]

427b2 No.10468[Reply]

I'm not sure if this is the area to post this, or somewhere else. But I'm experimenting with the idea of a Discord server. Something clean and organized.

I created one in hopes it could spark a community for this fetish through all of us sharing content.


Hope this works, enjoy! If not, just delete this. lol

f3fdd No.10469

While I appreciate the idea, there's like 100+ pregnancy discords out there already.

427b2 No.10470

Damn really? I only found like.. 4 that are actually good.

I also just finished uploading 2000+ images to the respective channels. Wanted to make sure I shared my entire collection.

df003 No.10475

Which four?

5133f No.10477

Gravid Grotto duh

978bf No.10131[Reply]

Im curious if anyone here has had the pleasure of scoring with a pregger girl. What did she look like? How far along was she? How did you meet her? What about giving a detailed report of it? I’ve been dying to fuck pregger pussy so I’m wondering what it’s like. I’d love to hear some hot stories of peoples experiences with a preg girl. I haven’t hooked up with a prego girl so I don’t have my own story to tell anyone about…..yet. But WHEN I get with one, she would be in her last months, or weeks, so her belly would be nice and big, as well as her tits. Hopefully she’ll be lactating too if possible. I would also love to do incest role play with her, where I’m the son and she’s my mother pregnant with my child, and I would end with me cumming inside her multiple times
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64294 No.10334


I’ve always been curious if pregnancy modifies the taste/smell of pussy.

8b7f0 No.10354

If you feel like it's your kind of job and you're willing to get good at it and all? Sure.

I haven't licked those ladies before their pregnancies, though I can't tell. So far every pussy I had tasted and smelled differently. Though I noticed that all of the pregnant ones were rather puffy and very wet!

90f5d No.10415

Broward County, FL?

Miami is one of the best places for a pregophile, same with L.A. and SF Bay areas here in CA where I'm at.

It's very hard to find a pregnant woman who wants to have sex with you, but good luck to you all.

My tip is be yourself, act like a gentleman and form a friendship first before you have any sex.

Cool stories, bros and sistas.

2c339 No.10424


>be yourself, act like a gentleman and form a friendship first before you have any sex

Some of the worst relationship advice ever. As soon as a woman thinks of you as a friend, the chances of you sleeping with her are out the window. While I can understand your point about being a gentleman, it just doesn't work because modern women are not attracted to guys who treat them like human beings. They only go for the assholes who ignore and don't care about them.

This kind of advice may have worked 50+ years ago, but in today's modern feminist and gynocentric society filled with "sexually liberated" thots, this type of strategy of just being yourself will only get you a girl who's pussy is drier than the Sahara desert.

90f5d No.10426

Love and sex changed in 50 years.

Now acceptable: She is single and pregnant without a man, still a few moralist chavs don't like that.

Mixed: You can date a pregnant lady but having sex with her can make many ppl cringe.

Unacceptable: Pedo pride, faux-lib apologists want to normalize it.

d1fb5 No.8433[Reply]

Hello everyone.

I'm back to writing Impregnator Kings regularly, but it's occurred to me that I haven't written a sex scene in a while. I think maybe this isn't fair to all of the readers who have waited for updates for so long. I also think I could use some practice. And it might be nice to 'change things up' and write in a setting different from the medieval (ish) world of Impregnator Kings.

I've become aware that while artists have "inktober" in October and a challenge to themselves to draw every day, some erotic artists and writers call it "kinktober" and draw or write about a different fetish every day.

I thought I'd try something similar.

Of course we all share the pregnancy fetish, but I thought it might not be too unwarranted to ask if anyone had a particular request? I'll do my best to write a short-and-sweet vignette based on your idea. Any sort of prompt at all as long as there's some element of pregnancy to it. (Impregnation, the pregnancy itself, birth, etc.)

Just name a kink or any particular type of character you might be interested in reading about. You can name specific characters, but if I don't know the work I won't be able to do it. I can do much more with "write about first-time sex with a sporty, tomboyish type of girl" than "write something with Chie from Persona 4," just to use an example.
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17c09 No.9445

No worries! Thanks for replying!

d1fb5 No.10178

According to your own tastes, this epilogue is either what happened after this story, or only parts of it happened, or it is complete fantasy, or it doesn't exist at all.


I can only spend so much time asleep.

The bitch requires constant looking after. It disrupts my hibernation.

The longer I stay awake on this ship, the older I'll become.

I didn't sign up for a colony expedition to be an old lady at the end. Little by little, the time is going to stack up.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

c938d No.10248

Not sure if this thread is still active, but I have a story request:

The premise was that three girls used a mirror to summon an entity as part of a dare during a sleepover and unwittingly get impregnated by its spawn.

Over the course of the next few weeks their school and personal lives are complicated by their unnatural and rapid pregnancies. After some weird incidents, the hugely pregnant girls reunite for another sleepover and attempt the ritual again, hoping to reverse the process. Instead, the entity pulls them into its world.

Separated and trapped in the entity's dimension, the growing girls attempt to find each other and escape before giving birth.The girls barely manage to escape the alternate dimension and are immobilized due to the size of their bellies when they return home.

Shortly after returning, the girls go into a long, difficult and painful labor, ending with birth and a cliffhanger.

d1fb5 No.10397

This thread is definitely still alive. >>9440 is in my queue.

You have an interesting concept I'll use, though I may alter the structure and add/subvert/remove some elements. For example, I don't really have an interest in xeno-pregnancy, so the entity will be human-ish at least.

ea345 No.10404

Alright, looking forward to it.

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