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Ranma 1/2 Preg-Fics Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 19:30:08 Id:f98f54 No. 2828 [Reply]
I'm a long-time fan of Ranma 1/2 who really wants to write some pregnancy fiction using the setting (and that ISN'T focused on Ranma as the mom for once), but I'm kind of stumbling on ideas, what to do, etc. Anybody interested in helping me brainstorm - figure out what I could do, and which ideas to tackle first?
Well, some random ideas off the top of my head, largely gravitating more towards the vignettes approach... 1) Shampoo dreams of life after she finally marries Ranma; barefoot, hugely pregnant, and already dreaming of her next litter. 2) In a timeline where the engagement switch went VERY differently, a pregnant Nabiki Saotome enjoys the loving ministrations of her husband Ranma... and her pregnant wife Shampoo... 3) A pregnant Ukyo's day at school, secretly reveling in all the attention as she gets to rub both her triumph and her womanhood in the faces of all who dismissed her. 4) In the privacy of their bedroom, a pregnant Kodachi puts on an erotic dance for her husband Ranma as a prelude to lovemaking. 5) Nabiki poses for a pregnancy photo diary, her attempts to deny she's totally into being pregnant growing increasingly feebler as she gets increasingly bigger. 6) Pregnant co-wives Shampoo and Ukyo enjoy some time together in the bath, confessions about their respective enjoyment of their condition combined with hormones leading to a bout of lovemaking. 7) After a magical macguffin gone horribly wrong leaves Ranma's entire "harem" pregnant, Ranma tries to keep up with looking after six pregnant women whilst keeping his raging pregnancy fetish hidden from them. Hilarity ensues. 8) Ranma reflects on how, really, Akane getting splashed with Jusenkyo water from the Spring of Drowned Bimbo Broodmare was the best thing to ever happen to him.

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My first time writing, want some feedback New story 03/14/2024 (Thu) 10:33:55 Id:48e859 No. 2945 [Reply]
Tried to write fluff, first time writing anything. Tell me what you think (basically should I regret writing this?): https://rentry.org/nmsoxbxg/pdf Sorry the pdf spacing looks bad

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Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 02/12/2024 (Mon) 19:25:03 Id:480fa2 No. 2827 [Reply]
Let's not beat around the bush: I've had a surge of inspiration to do a Ranma/Blackfire hyperpreg fic inspired by Darien-Shield's never-completed Teen Titans fanfic "Succession". Problem is, I can't decide which of two directions to go in; a more waffy one focusing on Ranma & Blackfire's bonding as she grows increasingly huge with their brood, or a more raunchy one more closely based on Succession, where Blackfire not only gets hugely pregnant herself, but decides to exploit Jusenkyo water to increase her odds by knocking up some old galpals of hers (and of Ranma's... and maybe some of Ranma's rivals... and maybe even Ranma himself...) Which do folks think I should do? Heck, maybe I should even do both of them?
Well, I had kind of hoped for an expression of interest before I elaborated, but I do suppose I need to give the pitch a bit more in-depth than that. This fic takes place about 1-3 years after the events of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (and also Ranma 1/2's anime adaptation). For context, in this fic, for roughly the past year, Blackfire has been bumming around the galaxy with Ranma Saotome after the two of them were taken captive by the same intergalactic slavers and worked together to escape - he's actually been kind of a mollifying agent on Blackfire, softing the Tamaranean exile to more of an antihero. The two are lovers, but neither officially admits to being in love yet (they're both kind of damaged people) - there is an intended "backstory" type fic, but it's not pregchan relevant. The fic starts with a confused Blackfire receiving an official summons to Tamaran, where she encounters her sister. They've been summoned by their brother, Wildfire - ignoring the TTG comics, this depiction of him is basically a selfish wastrel as well as the family weakling. He is contesting Starfire's claim to the throne (even if she did give it up to Galfore) by invoking an ANCIENT clause in the royal laws that boils down to a challenge of fertility: whichever of the three siblings can produce the most biological offspring within 1 year of that day will be crowned the Grand Ruler of Tamaran - this supersedes all other laws. Neither sister backs down and so the challenge is made. In the privacy of her room, Blackfire vents to Ranma; this challenge is obviously rigged in her brother's favor, since males can produce offspring in far greater quantities than females. But she's adamant about joining, mostly out of spite and a competitive streak. If she has any kinky thoughts about being pregnant (or soft ones about being a mom), she keeps them to herself. Being her partner/boytoy, and hyper-competitive in his own right, Ranma agrees to help out, and even points out that Blackfire has three routes she can pursue to try and achieve victory: 1) Dose herself with alien fertility drugs, allowing her to conceive and carry way more kids in one go than would normally be possible. This is the "hyperpreg" route, obviously. Most obvious route, but also not guaranteed to work. 2) Go to Earth and see if it's possible to use Jusenkyo's Spring of Drowned Man in some fashion to equip herself with functional male genitalia; the contest is to have biological kids, it doesn't say she has to *carry* them, after all. 3) Dip in both options 1 and 2. This is the most complicated, since if Blackfire is pregnant herself, she *has* to see if it's possible to modify Jusenkyo's Spring of Drowned Man to turn her into a hermaphrodite Tamaranean instead of a male one, because otherwise, well, she'd lose the babies she herself was carrying. As I said in the opening post, I'm struggling with which option to choose, even if it's only between options 1 and 3. Any opinions? For the curious, Darien-Shields never completed Succession, only writing 8 piecemeal chapters that broadly set up the story, but they did post their plans for the ending. Basically, Wildfire would have lost outright, because Blackfire would turn out to have bribed/intimidated all of his concubines into getting pregnant by other men behind his back, so he fathered no offspring. Blackfire would have turned up enormously hyper-pregnant by unknown father(s), courtesy of abusing a bunch of Tamaranean fertility boosters (which would have led to some "issues" with the kids). Starfire would have been hyper-pregnant with Robin's kids, but not so much as her sister... but Starfire would still win, because, thanks to a magical mishap by Raven, Raven would also arrive equally as hyper-pregnant with her and Starfire's kids, and whilst neither Starfire nor Raven are individually as big as Blackfire, their combined kids total beats out Blackfire's.

angell 03/02/2024 (Sat) 16:49:19 Id:fcaf24 No. 2905 [Reply]

Birth Stories Birth Stories 02/26/2024 (Mon) 18:08:02 Id:be4142 No. 2890 [Reply]
Anyone know where to find good realistic birth fics/stories?

Vikup srocny kvartir Georgeval 02/25/2024 (Sun) 18:17:01 Id:5b6942 No. 2883 [Reply]
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Sister Mania's Struggles aristocrat 02/22/2024 (Thu) 00:07:58 Id:d84007 No. 2850 [Reply]
The door to my cell won't open. It's stuck. This is a problem. I have a routine. A routine I do every day. A routine that comforts me. Not because it's familiar. Not because it's something to pass the time. Definitely not because I'm a person who needs to follow something mindlessly because thinking is too scary. But, because what I do is good. Objectively good. Good in a way I don't need God to tell me so. I see it in the faces of the people I reach. The hearts I lighten. And, at times, the horrible roles I need to fulfill because no one else will do them. The role of caretaker for the sick, and when I tender to the dying. That routine is being delayed. Presumably by an obstruction. I don't know why. Some prank? Some accident? Some stupidity on my part? I fiddle with the handle one more time. It's still stuck. Choice time: 1. I became angrier and angrier with the delay. I can't stay like this. I wrapped a sheet around my hand, planted my feet on the ground, and pulled the door as hard as I could, yanking with my arm and twisting my body. 2. I became bewildered at this point, even a bit scared. I finally chanced to cry out for help without caring who I would disturb. I took in a gulp of air, prepared my lungs, and shouted. 3. I became fed up with the situation. There's a game being played and I'm not falling for it. I went and sat back on the bed, knowing eventually someone would have to let me out.
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option 1
>>2850 Option 1
Option 2
>>2852 This is a new story. It is based around the "alternate" version of Mania who was depicted at the end of Thread 12, and the beginning of Thread 13. A Mania who, rather than running away from her family, becoming a witch, and eventually meeting and falling in love with Edward, instead succumbed to the sentimentality of her family who pleaded with her to stay and accept her place in society. After accepting her family's arguments, she was betrayed as they once again shoved her feelings aside for their own expectations and interests. She escaped through becoming a nun. This is Sister Mania's story. A nun who, by choice, is living in a convent near a destitute community. She is providing direct charity to them, but she is also very cynical about the actual religion and spirituality aspect of her role. This is the situation where her struggles in her life truly begin, to be navigated by the audience. Unlike Impregnator King or Witch of Fecundity, it is not in second person. And unlike Maternal Instinct, it is not in third person either. It is first person, to emphasize this is truly what Mania is feeling, and choosing to do, and why. It's not going to be explicitly pregnancy fetish, but I was inspired for it and thought it would find acceptance regardless for it here, on /c/. I hope it's enjoyable. There is a tie in voting. Please continue to vote.
>>2850 Option 2

mermaid m・o 02/16/2024 (Fri) 14:04:53 Id:fbdc10 No. 2832 [Reply]

Looking for a pregnant furry comic partner! Rissett 02/09/2024 (Fri) 23:37:48 Id:b14f42 No. 2814 [Reply]
Hi there, I am Rissett. I am a published author in real life, as well as an experienced writer on FurAffinity. I have had a dream of creating a comic since I started this profile in 2020. However, I decided to finally take the plunge and see if anyone would be interested in being an artist for my comic! Though I cannot give much payment up front [$50], I have experience in marketing and we will split every monetary transaction 50/50 (Patreon, donations, etc.) Because money and mature content are involved, you must be 18 or older to apply for this position. I do not wish to share all details about the comic publicly, but it will be a story involving a pregnant protagonist set in a medieval fantasy world in which anthropomorphic animals are prejudiced against. If you are interested I will send a more thorough plot through PM's. Hope to see you in my inbox!