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Advice HarvestK 09/09/2023 (Sat) 01:03:02 Id:3b72b0 No. 2062 [Reply]
Male writer here. Anyone able to give me good advice on writing pregnancies?
Damn, I've been intending to recycle a long post of mine from the old Pregchan. I'll bump this thread now, and do that in a few hours.

Stories in a non modern setting? 09/03/2023 (Sun) 14:36:03 Id:d3a437 No. 2053 [Reply]
I'm looking for Fpreg stories of any sort as long as it's not in a modern setting. I don't enjoy stuff set in modern settings be it with or without fantasy elements.
A primitive woman with dark skin and hair gave birth to her first baby, and later started hunting again. and two weeks later while she was sleeping she was strangely abducted by an alien spaceship, in the spaceship there were all male humanoid aliens naked that decided to undress her, one decided to have vaginal sex with the woman and put his penis into her vagina, then the woman woke up and saw everything while starting to moan but it was to late as the alien finished and she had a big orgasm, then the woman went angry and started to punch aggresively the alien that raped her and then one alien decided to bring her back to her homeworld. The spaceship returned to earth and she drew in a rock what happened to her. As the days progressed she started showing more pregnancy syntoms she said to her father that she was pregnant again, and that it was because of rape and then she went to think about doing something to stop her pregnancy or not.
>>2053 I've got a humanized My Little Pony story, but T-shirts are probably too modern for you, right?

Growth/preg stories JackOfferman 01/08/2023 (Sun) 09:44:17 Id:3d3720 No. 980 [Reply]
Does anyone have any recommendations for a place to publish body growth- and pregnancy-focused erotic stories, especially ones with incest as a common theme? I've just finished writing a 19.000 word story about a mom, her son and two daughters who get stranded on a remote island where their cock and breasts start growing uncontrollably, and one by one the women get knocked up and end up massively pregnant by their son/brother. I'd love to share it with the world, incase there are any like-minded people out there who would enjoy it.
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>>1572 Very nice Jack, good ending!
Anything new in the works JackOfferman?
Looks like Jackofferman orphaned the account on Archive of Our Own. I guess they just disappeared?
He also altered the ages up before orphaning story. I guess he got ashamed of it all? Unfortunate, it was hot.
>>2059 Probably got targeted harassment since every time this happens its a result of anonymous threats by some jerks. AO3 gets attacked a lot by zealot groups since AO3 has no restrictions on what fictional writings can be uploaded.

Describing Hyperpregnancy in Stories Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 08/02/2023 (Wed) 04:41:27 Id:6de8bc No. 1948 [Reply]
Hello, I've reached a bit of a wall when it comes to writing stories involving hyperpregnancy. When describing it I've found myself just defaulting to describing it as just "really big" or "as big as x" which just feels weak to me. Does anyone here have any good tips or ways to describe hyperpregnancy in writing?
Try using more tactile descriptions. IE "the bottom of her belly hung below her knees and stuck so far forward that even when she stuck her arms straight ahead, her fingertips were still closer to her than the front of her belly."
I'm a fan of burst-teasing, so describing those details somewhat keep things interesting to me. Things like how taught the skin of her belly is, the babies "fighting" for space, things kike that. Of course, dosen't matter if you're not into that stuff. I feel it does give some more routes to go and other ways to describe the growth/progression
Don't flat out describe things, let readers fill in the blank. For example: Instead of "I feel like my wife knew I was spending time with other girls but hadn't brought herself to say anything as of yet." Try "Each morning after a late night out, I could feel my wife's cold stare from across the table. The food once lovingly heaped on my plate is often sparse and reheated from days before." Probably not the best example but it gets the idea across. Also if you are writing from the girls perspective, I assume you are, I have never once looked in a mirror and had a 20 minute mental monologue describing myself. Boobs are heavy, in the way, and certainly not going to be the focus of my description when I'm telling readers about myself. Let me reverse that for you. If guys were described the same way guys describe girls: Colin jumped out of bed feeling his balls bounce enthusiastically, he stopped in front of the mirror to admire the way they moved when he walked. He did a couple of test jumps to makes sure his dick bounced perfectly in his trouser cleavage." Sounds awkward and clunky right? I'm sure after having a penis your entire life you kind of just ignore it's presence every morning and don't spend much thought on it. Try using the environment to describe your character or another character to do so. Like a good friend comes over and asks what the character's belly is measuring, or if she catches a guy staring at her boobs while tying her shoe and gets really embarrassed when realizing that she was unintentionally putting on a show. There's lots of ways to do it without making it clunky.
It all comes down to not being afraid of getting deep into the detail. A lot of writers seem to be too afraid of spending time on the belly, and making it just as much a character, as the one bearing it and everyone else. They leave it with, "as big as X," with X not being a useful descriptor, then leap towards "the plot." Which is weird cause a massively swollen gravid belly IS the plot - or at least a major driving force. "As big as X," is a start, but how far does it stick out? Can she wrap her arms around it? Does it plummet down to her knees, or past them even? Does she have to really arch her back just to stand straight, and walks around with a wide gait - thighs always bumping into the underside of the pregnancy? Make it active! It's hyper pregnancy; there's a lot of babies cramped in a tautly stretched womb. Describe how the bearer glides her hand across the curved surface, feeling how strained it is. Hard bulges rise and fall. She can feel the limbs of her too many young stirring beneath. An elbow pushes against the side of her belly, a head pushes against her left breast. I know many don't but I also love describing stretchmarks. Bodily strain is a big part of the appeal for me. It doesn't need to be dark, and painful - personally, I prefer my hyper preggos enjoying it and taking pride. But a sprinkle can go a long in making hyper feel HYPER. And, you really don't want blow all your description in one bloated paragraph. No one wants to read about "Kayla who has long black hair, and n angelic face, and DD cup boobs, and a pregnant belly the size of a yoga ball." Mix it throughout the story.

Pregnant dream Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/18/2023 (Wed) 15:20:43 Id:14e3ea No. 1023 [Reply]
Have you ever had a dream where you get pregnant ? I remember when i had a dream where i get suddenly pregnant after touching a pregnant man's belly.
Not really. I've had dreams where I've met pregnant women who would let me feel their bellies. They were so big and heavy that they needed help getting up, which I was happy to do so.
I had a dream that I was in a hospital and I met a pregnant woman who let me have "sessions" with her that mainly involved rubbing her belly.
I had another one. I complimented a pregnant chick and instantly fell for me. At one point, she was lying her head on my thighs. Meanwhile, I was just rubbing her bare belly as it was sticking up.
Actually yeah, I used to have them since I was quite young (like 13). They're usually just about me being pregnant with multiples in "normal" situations turned sexual like taking the bus and getting groped or working and masturbating etc. some times I dream I give birth too. It's probably not normal in the slightest but whatever, we ballin

Is Hazumi Modding Community basically dead? XennaExtra 04/11/2023 (Tue) 09:27:32 Id:533b75 No. 1491 [Reply]
Does anyone know if the modding community for Hazumi will ever come back? I haven't seen any thread here for ages, and the last one I found was way back on the old pregchan.
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Not really is just is not on pregchan
>>1886 Where is it then? Please don't say Discord
Has anyone installed the city park mod by namelessdev?
>>2063 What mod
>>2064 "City Park" MOD

(368.08 KB 849x450 0_tGoAr-5FKy4kY7wT.png)
Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/26/2023 (Mon) 12:09:30 Id:6625c4 No. 1799 [Reply]
What if there were deepfakes but for bodies instead of faces?
Some sorta exist. There are programs like Dreamtime
(514.97 KB 1418x792 image_2023-09-05_062918.png)
>>2057 >||test|| This isn't discord Also there's real time video editing software called notch that can do real time body tracking and mesh deformation, has anyone tried it?

Bad end birth/gore stories? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 12/04/2022 (Sun) 05:00:58 Id:8cad32 No. 827 [Reply]
I know this is probably going to get me called for being a complete degenerate (Theyre not wrong) But I was curious if anybody had such stories, like a woman dying while giving birth, or a preggo in battle being stabbed and having her baby taken out of her and such. I think tumblr has a few, but theyre probably buried beneath all of the tags, so im hoping that at least someone has an idea of what im saying
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Demonic Darlon or Darlon Demonic have some Pokémon-related bad ending birth stories and the stories are in English. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/63412722/novels https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/50673948/novels
Since the author didn't post the 3rd part, the story kinda stuck on this kinda bad end. Original text (Chinese): https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/104830271 https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/104830402 Little Story The boyfriend has been plotting for a long time to get rid of his pregnant girlfriend who is five years younger than him. She has been staying at her boyfriend's house, and her boyfriend took the girl to another city for a "tour". Not long after getting off the car, it suddenly started to rain heavily. The girl's belly feels hurt after she running from the rain, and her boyfriend took this opportunity to throw the girl away in this strange city. The girl knelt on the ground crying and begging, but her boyfriend pushed her away. She fell and crying bitterly looking at the boyfriend who left her. After gradually calming down, the thing that bothers girls more is how to live. Facing the unfamiliar environment, She don't know where to go, so she can only wander around and sleep on the alley at night. After finally waiting for the rain to stop, She found a piece of clothing in the old clothes disposal box. Not long after, the sky flashed and thundered again, the girl frowned, looked around and there was no shelter from the rain, so she could only sleep here. She didn't know how much time has passed. A wretched uncle passed by and saw the disheveled girl sleeping here. The uncle, who was moved by evil thoughts, ignored the girl's pregnant belly, grabbed the girl's hand and pulled it up. The girl was powerless to resist, she can only let the uncle rape her. Because now her body all covered in semen, she had to change her clothes back. After a while, her stomach hurt again, and the girl leaned against the wall to appease her stomach. She trying to get up and walk further away from the intersection, but accidentally slipped and fell. Her condition is already weak and the pain of falling made it even worse. She barely able to sat up, her eyes blurred from the pain, and finally passed out on the ground... She unconscious until the next evening, the girl was so hungry and wanted to look for something to eat. Dizzy, she leaned on the wall and moved step by step. When she went down the stairs, she accidentally stepped on the empty space and fell down heavily. Her pregnant belly bears the weight of the whole person in an instant, and the severe pain caused her to faint again.
https://www.pixiv.net/novel/series/10619420 Compilation of short stories about pregnant women who meet their tragic end.
https://www.deviantart.com/stosssgebet/art/Harvest-Parasites-979549723 It's parasites bursting out of a woman so there's no actual pregnancy, but it gets pretty close

Looking for 2 old stories Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 08/29/2023 (Tue) 10:33:23 Id:e6c015 No. 2048 [Reply]
The first story is about a boyfriend and girlfriend using a magic ring to transform their bodies into whatever a nearby person finds sexy. It ends with the them getting married, permanently switching genders, and the former husband getting pregnant. The second story is about two friends goofing off with a clay mould of a pregnant belly they find in an abandoned train station. One of them breaks it and has to adapt to living as a pregnant woman with his friend's help while keeping it a secret. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I really want to find these stories again.

Ideas for Pregnant Comics and Graphic Novels. Cheshcat2 08/09/2023 (Wed) 03:06:09 Id:d027a1 No. 1976 [Reply]
This thread is for those who have ideas for a comic book or graphic novel series involving pregnancy. Wither it be a pre-existing series, I think it would be nice to see ideas for what could have been or what could be done.
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A Moondragon solo limited run. The newly composite Heather wants to settle with her beloved Phyla-Vell, but when a dying celestial entity comes demanding that they help her soon to be born offspring, Heather decides to absorb the entity and carry the child to term while also facing off against some serious cosmic threats.
>>2018 sort of like Monster Girl Doctor, then? (but with more monpreg)
>>2044 Yeah.
>>1976 A longstanding belief of mine on how a certain comic *should* have been. Spider-Woman 2016 *should* have focused on the pregnancy aspect. It's central conflict should have been *Jessica*- at the start, whether she even *wants* a child, and towards the climax of the story, on her struggles to cope with the fact that, for the foreseeable, she won't be actively fighting crime. As a counterpoint to this, Arana. At the time, she was just floating in the multiverse because Web-Warriors or whatever got canned- so fetch her back in, and put under Jess' wing. That way, Jess can catch her up on how the world's changed, and we can use it as a passing-the-torch moment. She replaces Porcupine wholesale, because I think his story wrapped up decently-enough in 2015. The final fight would've been the Sandman fight on the beach, and Jess ultimately accepting she's got a more immediate responsibility now and helps evacuate civilians while Anya fights Sandman. It would've been a mini, and certainly not an ongoing. Maybe 9 or 10 issues tops, because tee-hee pregnancy. Because I still don't get why they're trying to make Jess a thing. She's a shelfwamer. She-Hulk without the charm. They literally both exist ultimately to prevent a Six-Million Dollar Man / Bionic Woman situation.
>>2046 Pregchan ate 'or limited' from my post. It should've been 'a mini or limited'.