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ebeef No.9269[Reply]

Anyome knoew how to make a website kind of like omegle where onlu pregnant women want to hookup?

c4cb3 No.9272

Wow, why didn't WE think of that?

6462b No.9273

Step 1: Write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Step 2: Set up a queue outside your door for the scores of hot pregnant women that will be lining up to fuck you.

42aed No.9275

Also make sure all of your most valuable organs are in working condition.

0f6ea No.9270[Reply]

Hi I'm 23 and virgin and I want my first time to be with a pregnant woman. I want her water to break on my dick. Then I want to anal her as she crowns. Is any girl out there interested? I'm horny! :)

5f1ce No.9271


Bro are you alright? Let me call 911 for a second will ya

ddcfa No.9256[Reply]

Does anyone have an archive of Darien-Shields' and SaburoX's stories, specifically from their outside Eden site? There was an old google drive link to a bunch but that has expired. ):

0e67a No.9258

ddcfa No.9259

Much obliged!

21a50 No.9188[Reply]

share your story of why you're interested in pregnancy, and your first reaction when you discovered it.
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7048b No.9248

Ah, yes. The mating call of the lesser yellow-bellied douchebag: "whiteknight! whiteknight!"

7e53a No.9250

That implies they haven't been here for a while.

Personally I'd rather keep this shit in the realm of fantasy than having guys turn this board into wizard chan

26a76 No.9252

Go respect Whamen somewhere else lmao

7048b No.9253

It's cool, bro. Keep up your super original, dramatic, rebellious attitude of…not treating women as equal.

You are an amazing iconoclast.
A mold-breaking original.
A one of a kind, a leader in your field.

f13fe No.9257

It's me again, I don't wanna live in CA anymore, I want to get away from SJW's legitimized misandry: they shout "cis-het-males must die", and I don't want to be in 49 other states where the prudish puritan calvinist evangelical christian religious fundie right just don't want to get near the topic of sex.

1dde8 No.9241[Reply]

(Hi there! I stumbled across this when searching google for SaburoX's stories. Enjoy!

Incidentally, does anyone have a link to Saburo's other stories as well as Darien-Shield's ones?)

Wheels on the Bus
by SaburoX

“Mommy! Look! That lady is fat!”

Hush, Freddy. And she’s not fat, she’s going to have a baby.”

“But mom-m-y! Look!”

Freddy’s mother dragged him back to his seat. “I’m so sorry about that. He’s in that phase, you know.”

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8e20f No.9097[Reply]

There is a reason that we are all on here and there is a reason this site is the way it is.

A Pregnancy fetish AKA Maiseophilia is labeled as one of the 549 known ''Paraphilias''. A Paraphilia is ''a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities''.

This alone is proof that in this current day of age we are still practicing the whole ''I don't like it so it must be a mental disorder'' trend.

Basically a bunch of dudes in lab coats get to decide what is a normal sexual desire and what's not and they decided that being attracted to pregnant women is ''dangerous'' and ''extreme'' these where also the same people who believed that homosexuality was a mental disorder and electroshock therapy or lobotomy could cure masturbation.

I recently expressed my pregnancy fetish on reddit all of the replies where along the lines of ''Pregnant women are fucking disgusting'', ''anyone who jacks of to this shit needs mental help'' and a great one which went like ''If my wife ever got pregnant i'd dump her and that crotch goblin in her uterus''.

I have no idea if this is a global issue but i've noticed that Americans in general seem to view pregnancy as disgusting unless the pregnant woman is a celebrity. Pregnant women are expected to always wear heavy clothing that disguises their condition and breastfeeding is also demonized.

I believe that if men are taught to view pregnancy as nice rather than disgusting and pregnancy fetishism is encouraged, we may develop healthier sexuality. Procreation is beautiful.
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0f7f8 No.9227

Final message: convince Shy To out right ban Inc Para from DA foe few months. A d threats fluffy fuffer to to do the same

0f7f8 No.9228

Give up and go to rehab or therapy Para. I cleared out your haunts.

3bc44 No.9229

Attention all units make sure put the FUBAR in behaviorAL therapy and anger managementowards with volunteer

c69ba No.9230

California? I live there.

Preggophiles seem to be the most numerous in San Francisco bay and LA metro areas.

Oooh, e-drama, looks fun to watch.

1c9d0 No.9232

What the fuck are you going on about?

5f59a No.7061[Reply]

anyone have the most recent version of birth story?
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c6006 No.8234

Hey how do you get the middle secret sceen

f56eb No.8236

Ciel's birth route. leave pants on.

5bab2 No.8237

Sounds like the "Don't shit your pants" game.

c079a No.8242

Hey guys did the server went down?

c47f0 No.9206

How can you guy find all the secret scenario? I spend week just to play but couldn't find all of it

2fb25 No.8359[Reply]

I never used Second Life cuz my friend on Discord never logged in for a while.

Is someone have a pregnant online 3d chat?
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9c489 No.9135

I play on SL as a fertility goddess with a breeding/pregnancy/birth emphasis and mostly use the Mama-Allpa hud as well as Deciduan. If you haven't been on in forever I really recommend coming back and checking out all the cool new pregnancy add ons and morphs. The comminuty has been booming. Especially if you RP well and want to indulge in related kinks it's totally doable. Come play with me and my friends!

2b95e No.9162


Is the community ok with new people?

34c2d No.9167


Yes very welcoming! Even if you're not totally up to date on how things work we will be patient with you until you do. Find me by the same user name and I'm sure we'd be happy to help. I'm heavily pregnant there now and looking for new play partners.

0ac81 No.9183

I never play SL before, is that a good game? And i wanna join pregnant online 3D chat

2b95e No.9186


Thank you! I'll definitely follow you up on that in the weekend.

279d4 No.9066[Reply]

As we all now, our fetish is not a very sustainable one IRL: The chance of finding a surrogate to date is almost zero (with surrogacy only legal in certain countries). Most of us can only afford a certain number of children IF they have a girlfriend who is willing to get pregnant.

Has anyone found another way to indulge their fetish for pregnant women/birth IRL?
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7a46a No.9159

>Also I find that having weighted ceramic eggs or benwa balls are great for insertion…
Fabergé must be rolling in his grave right now.

b5fc1 No.9169

*rolls eyes*

4128f No.9176


I had a girlfriend once who was also into insertion and fisting. That was quite beneficial for me. She used the infamous Kong tog toy, though. Have you tried walking around with your ceramic eggs/benwa balls until you felt the need to push them out?

Happy for you about your RP partners. Attention to detail and realism are hard to come by.

b5fc1 No.9177

Yes I love walking round the house with them inside and wait until the urge to push is sending shivers up my back. One of my better masturbating times when I do this.
I considered a kong toy once but I think a better toy would be an inflatable so I can get that full range of feeling while trying to birth something a bit bigger than the time before. Need to do some shopping.

42eab No.9181

You sound great, maybe we can rp some time.

5a867 No.8351[Reply]

Polski czat na pregchanie? Czemu nie! Przynajmniej dopóki nie skasują tego tematu <3
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049f3 No.8755


Jaki to był temat?

9d71e No.8784

Mam zjebane wahania, czy przyznać się swojej dziewczynie co mnie kręci. Kurwa, parę razy poruszaliśmy dyskretnie ten temat i stwierdziła, że to ohydne. Jak nie ja, to dowie się od kogoś innego kto wie i jest chujem i chce mnie udupić.
Anonki kurwa pomocy.

79253 No.8964

Oh god
Czuję się jakbym wygrał życie

b959e No.8965

I polish too

5e768 No.9173

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