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38052 No.8012[Reply]

Hi…I'm new here but I've been writing pregnancy/birth stories for decades. My stories are at Wattpad,please check them out.

b2170 No.8014

Whoa, Stevie D?

03ea3 No.8016

your stories are AMAZING!

7b439 No.8022

I do not think This person is Stevie d.

Just compare the writing between Stevie d’s pregnant with puppies (3) - http://archive.is/DAj90
And this person’s stories. The writing styles are quite different and don’t quite match up. Not to mention the subject matter of these new stories falls very much in line with the types of stories found on Wattpad (for example: oh no, my moms boyfriend raped me and now I’m having his baby at 15!).

Not to mention, who is this community even posts on wattpad?

243b2 No.8026

The Wattpad stories are also filled with spelling errors.

6c9e2 No.8010[Reply]

I am looking for stories, in which the protagonist becomes suddenly mid or late term pregnant.

For example the girl put on a 9 month pregnancy costume but when she wants to strip it down, she notice the pregnancy become real.

these two are good:



6c9e2 No.8011

and I am searching for 2 stories I sadly cant find anymore :(

The first one is about sexeducation at school and as homework the pupil have to take pills, that make them pregnant.

The second one is about a girl with a pregnancy fetish. She is doing pregnancy cosplay, but one time her mother come home and her fake pregnancy become real.

Would be realy nice to find these stories again!

97526 No.7833[Reply]

I started a discussion on another website asking women what their experiences being pregnant were like, and the general consensus was that it sucked ass.

So, I want to ask the women on this site who have been pregnant the same question. Did your pregnancy suck or was it a bit more enjoyable? Why?

c589f No.7834

Your body stops being your own. Even if you have a perfect pregnancy, you become immobile, hot, and sore. I love being pregnant, but it isn't fun. My kink comes from watching someone else enjoy being pregnant but I haven't liked it so far.

ae178 No.7835

How long does it take before you feel like that? Like at week 32 when you're undeniably huge, or even just when you start to show?

33b74 No.8000

I can't speak for women (Im male), but I read about pregnancy from women who experienced it online. They love it/hate it/go along with it/dealt with it/ups and downs/all arounds. To have a developing baby inside your womb is weird, but can be cool…I say cool weird, and this is from a few individual women who enjoyed it one way and can't stand it another (discomforts, symptoms and complications). And yes, many (not all though) said they were more horny than before pregnancy.

aac05 No.7965[Reply]

can anyone add a link too some discord servers ?

1ee48 No.7994

Couldn't find a pregnancy discord at all, so I just made one real quick.


Nobody right now, but hopefully we can get enough people interested to start a community if there's enough interest.

99aaa No.7995

…there are already so many pregnancy discord’s that if either of you spent the seconds it took me you could have found several…

Existing thread: >>8177
Impreg-nation: https://discord.gg/fZbAd5b
AnimePreggosHQ: https://discord.gg/AaKcXPx
AnimeMPreggoHQ: https://discord.gg/gB9wzVn

There are many more but I can’t be bothered to paste them all.
Just use google next time, yeah? Or just do some basic searching…

1ee48 No.7996

Hey, no need to be rude. I'm not exactly deviantart savant and I did use google but I got a bunch of images of the MLP character 'discord' being pregnant. In hindsight, I should have googled "Pregnancy discord server" instead.

There's no reason for being unnecessarily rude to a fellow community member who was only looking to help out. You could've been putting that energy into helping OP four days ago instead of waiting for someone to come around and be "wrong" about something so you can prove them right. That's just an unhealthy personality.

Eitherway, since it seems pregnancy discords already exist, I'll be taking the one I just made down shortly. No need to split our small community further into another discord.

aac05 No.7998

please don't give up on the server i am in the sever right now i just DM you

1ee48 No.7999

Hmm, I don't know. There are already a couple established discords up that one user above me already posted (though their channel activity is low, but that could just be the nature of an NSFW channel.)

I guess I could brand our discord as 'Pregchan's Unofficial Discord', that way it'll have some relation to Pregchan's community and a reason for existing.

You seem interested enough (thanks for the encouragement btw), so I'll leave it up for a little while longer to see if there's any more interest in a Pregchan Discord. No promises though.

d4c1f No.7987[Reply]

well….me and knightflame agreed…never again use this site anymore :(
knightflame had to delete that post since He thought it would be awesome to find more of the multibreasts.


20115 No.7989

So what exactly happened here? I saw the initial thread, but I just ignored it out of a lack of interest. I going to assume there was a shit storm due to the thread being off topic.

d4c1f No.7992

it wasnt going to be a bad thing. We felt that you are being rude about the response that you said this is pregchan not 4chan.Im sorry.

ed4de No.7930[Reply]

So… yeah. I had this idea recently come to mind for a story in which a lolicon otaku accidentally unleashes a magical spirit that takes offense to his fetishes and curses him, whisking him away to a magical realm where he finds himself giving birth to his own personal loli harem, one by one. With an optional expansion/sequel where his "waifus" continue to coax him into intimacy with them (either just a kiss or sex, depending on what anons are more interested in), which makes him pregnant with more lolis, who grow up to repeat the cycle and/or set out to find "husbands" of their own.

Would anons be interested if I wrote this? Because if I could get some help developing it, it'd be something to get my hand back in.
8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

4b725 No.7942

I prefer humans but I'm not adverse to monster girls

4-5 seems the perfect starting size to me

And I don't really care as to the how(kissing or sex) I just care about the end result

bf5de No.7943

1. Personally i'd say 8 lolis would be the perfect size for the first generation.

2. My cock is demanding that they be monster girls, but what does it know?

3. Breeding should be conducted through a proper mating. Im interpenetrating the protagonist to be like some sort of male echidna.

b3a5a No.7945

Now I'm imagining the 'hero' having to go on a quest to give birth at sacred spots in order to mother the 'chosen ones'.

ed4de No.7947

Just to correct, anon, the initial plan was that he was going to have them one at a time.

Good to see some votes. Should I try presenting some drafts of the first gen lolis? I've never actually worked with that material before.

Would you mind elaborating on this?

b3a5a No.7948

It's like in video games where the player has to visit a certain number of special locations or collect special items. Except instead he has to find like 5-8 sacred spots to give birth at / be magically impregnated at.

Just a silly idea.

d159f No.7944[Reply]

i think there needs to ba a fullbody pregnancy thread

3575d No.7946

no way…thats just weird

1c3e7 No.7784[Reply]

If anyone is on any of these, feel free to stop by, say hello, Hell, maybe even RP with me

DeviantArt: https://fossildiggerstudios.deviantart.com/
FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fossildiggernsfw/
InkBunny: https://inkbunny.net/FossilDiggerNSFW
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=23199233
Twitter Handle: @KyoryuOwen

1c3e7 No.7785

And no one better take advantage of this to troll and/or hack me

74489 No.7809


1c3e7 No.7917

Just being safe

54777 No.7920

Putting your email or your other stuff on an imageboard is just asking for people to troll you but hey, just being safe, right?

4ce1d No.7914[Reply]

Dunno where to post, but I was trying to post on /d/ but the images didn't came out.

This is my first time posting images so I don't know the ins and outs of it.

dca31 No.7915


Too big a file and it will FAIL.

Board is limited. < 10MB (Or less now?)

Also it may only accept jpg/png/gif/webm, ect…

4ce1d No.7916


Okay, the images I tried to upload was less than that and when I tried linking (pixiv), the error was 403 Forbidden

b370e No.7836[Reply]

Intro with J.F. in tight spandex uniform w/ two babes by her side (in background).

Jane begins the workout session with the usual warmup stretches, and her sidekicks imitate the motions.

After a few moments, Jane says; 'Masturbate' and begins along with their sidekicks the finger herself
aggressively thru Her tight spandex. Her intonations of 'work-it' are echoed by her sidekicks while smoothly rubbing their clits. Janes spandex is quickly soaked with pussy juice as she draws her fingers away - sticky with labial leakings.

Other spandex clad women move out 'Insemitron-3000' sybian units unto the mats, separate ones for all three women.

Jane says 'Inseminate' and begins to fuck the sybian with the exact same cadence as her workout steps before,
by slamming her cunt directly down onto the long rigid phallus without even bothering to move her spandex,
she forces it thru the damp material past her labia (closeup) directly into her vagina in one strong motion.
(sound effect as sidekicks moan and groan as spandex ripping sound heard, Jane barely lets out a grunt,
her face spasms with intense pleasure - flushed)
They fornicate with the Insemitron, legs apart - facing forward and reciprocating directly up and down.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

22e70 No.7837

oh, this must be that 'weaponized Autism' I keep hearing so much about…

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