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I'm a lurker here mostly, but recently I launched a patreon for preg-themed erotica both lgbt and het oriented. Figured I'd let folks here know and leave a little tasty tidbit for you to enjoy: https://www.patreon.com/Snekromancer

Quarantine’s easy up in the mountains. The nearest neighbor was easily a mile away, stores small, tourism, and traffic little-to-nothing. It was because of this that Dani’s usual life went uninterrupted once the virus rolled in. She could wander her square of pine forest, busy herself at the creek, and come home to a small warm house with a celestial view of the night sky above the peaks. It seemed like misfortune couldn’t climb high enough to reach her.

Between manning VOIP phones in her less-than-glamorous day job, she’d stretch her legs at the water’s edge. Collecting colorful agates smoothed by their decades-tumble down the creek was a hobby of hers. It was rare she found something new without digging, but today was different.

Glimmering on the rocky bed that lunch break was a glass-like stone, riddled with veins of bright metal. Some byproduct of the old mining operations washed down in the spring flood? Or did she have hikers wandering off-trail trying to litter on her property?
Curiosity got the better of her either way. She plucked the stone. Cool to the touch, it was remarkably heavier than it looked. Dani tossed it, enjoying the heft, and ran her thumbnail over a funny groove around its edge.

Sharp pain in her thumbpad discouraged doing it again. She sucked her finger and frowned at the rock, not sure if it had a pointed edge that she nicked. Finding nothing, she assumed it was the work of a horsefly and pocketed the stone. Time to go back to work.

Throughout the day, she rolled the rock around her palm and smoothed her fingers along it. The texture was soothing. Playing with it helped pass the time.

Her shift ran late—dragged late, really—and near bedtime, she was unenthusiastically sucking down spaghetti strands leftover from last night’s bake. When you were hungry enough, anything tasted amazing, but Dani was *ravenous* that evening. When at last she shut down her computer for the night, she finished off two apples just to appease the gnawing in her gut. Her thumb still ached.

“Probably got a splinter or something,” she griped, and no sooner than she’d cleaned up for bed, she was out cold atop the sheets.

Everything was strange from that point on.

She woke to the sound of a window shattering. Had a bat or owl flown headlong into the pane? She put on her slippers to avoid any scattered shards. The moon filtered bright through her curtains, which stirred in the now-exposed breeze. On the floor, she found not a bird or some other unfortunate animal, but a rock—in fact, a rather large rock that looked all-too like the smaller one that had served as her worry stone the whole day.

Dani pulled her bed-robe righter around her and approached.
It was no wonder the window has broken completely. This rock was larger than a bowling ball. Who could have heaved such a thing up to a second-story window? Let alone with enough force to implode it completely? Stepping over the glass, she scoured the backyard for any sign of the culprit.

No shadows or sounds. No retreating flashlight glow. Everything was quiet.

Dani cast an accusing stare at the rock, “I have not had enough sleep for your bullshit.” And she toddled off down the hall to fetch her broom and pan. She’d have to patch the window too, or her house would be a mosquito breeding-ground by dawn.

By the time she returned with the supplies, bleary-eyed and still hungry, the rock had mysteriously disappeared.

“You’re fucking kidding me,” she growled. She didn’t have the brainpower to process this—there was still a broken window to fix. Dani dropped the supplies on her bed and the broom made a loud THUNK as it hit something beneath her sheets.

Frowning, she peeled away the covers. Well, there was the rock. In her bed.

By itself?

Something in her chest pulled tight and she turned around the room.
“Hello?” she called. “This isn’t funny! This is breaking and entering!” Someone had to be behind this, trying to freak her out. The closest thing she had to a weapon was…

She glanced at the rock, which if the smaller one was any indication, was a lot heavier than a bowling ball. Dani gripped it in both hands.

The trouble began as her injured thumb closed around the ball. A fierce light emanated from its core, originating from nothing but the glass that made it. She dropped it for the need to cover her eyes. When it hit the floor, smoke poured out from no perceivable openings, clouding the room in an instant.
The only remaining light was the open window. Dani struggled toward it, heedless of the glass she’d yet to sweep up. Just as her fingers hit the pane and she leaned forward to draw a desperate breath, something dashed into her side, sending her skidding along the wall and into a heap with her nightstand.

Clutching her shoulder, the only clear thing in the haze was a black snake-like limb that whipped around her leg, anchoring above her knee. She screamed and struck at it with her fist, but a second black limb emerged, and then a third, and with a rough yank, they bound and dragged her back into the gloom with the same strength that sent her flying a moment before.

The light from the window went black.

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