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94d9a No.10061

Hi pregchan. Lets have a talk here as fellow preg lovers.

Long story short, I'm running out of content to enjoy and I'm looking for recommendations.

I hop from here, to places like iyp. Then search up doujins, followed by games at places like f95zones and dlsite. Browsing art at places like pixiv to watching jav and youtube belly vids.

I always find myself cycling this process and I'm running out. Is there any recommendations for getting our preggo fix? What are some of your "favorite web hangouts" that you find yourself returning to?(aside from pregchan)

b0dc2 No.10063

It's mostly artist Deviantart accounts and Derpibooru with the pregnancy tags for me.

c5b7a No.10083

I like to check on pixiv,preggophilia, Twitter, and a certain Japanese site that’s all about preg fetish. I have certain tastes in preg women, so this fetish isn’t easily fulfilled for me just through hentai and JAV. I still enjoy them,though, I’ve been meaning to get with a pregnant woman just to fuck. Hopefully she’ll be lactating enough too, or I’ll just get with a lactating woman. It’s a damn shame this fetish isn’t so easily fulfilled IRL, it’s depressing D:

c5b7a No.10084

Also, what is iyp?

31eaf No.10085

796ef No.10176

Ever heard of a site called nijicollage.xyz?

96f3a No.10187

Sorry to piggyback on this post, but I didn't want to make one of my own when the subject already existed. Does anyone know of alternatives more in line with imagineyourpregnant? The management there has become an absolute dumpster fire and I'm looking for new places I can request and post written content.

c5b16 No.10254

Post Kik if you want a dump

4d11c No.10304

The places I visit are:

For Doujins: e-hentai (and sometimes nhentai, hentaifox and pururin)

Games: TFGamesSite (searching for the pregnancy tag) and Weight Gaming forums (again searching for pregnancy). I also revisit games like TiTs once in a while, or the old Tainted Elysium file I still have (one of my most favorite games ever). When I'm up to it I check out TrapQuest once every few months, but it's a bit too confusing for me personally.

Social Media: The Nation & Gravid Grotto on Discord, my Twitter feed, pregnancy lover groups on KIK, r/slightlypregnant/ r/PregnantPetite/ r/PreggoPorn/, here or Preggophile (though I go there only rarely)

Videos: I tune in in my second youtube account I watch only belly related content with and check the recs. And PornHub, HentaiHaven and I sometimes check if there's pregnancy content on stufferdb.com

Stories: For this, I mainly check Deviantart and sometimes literotica.

I hope this helps!

1e351 No.10311

well, here are all the ones i'm aware

>deviant art

for western art and stories mainly, huge but extremely frustrating to search through
>pixiv and nijie
japanese art sites with a few korean and chinese artists and writers, need to know a little japanese
>exhentai and nhentai
for pirated hentai, doujins, galleries, etc
has torrents for lots of videos and things you can't find elsewhere
/s/, /d/, /aco/, /trash/ and sometimes /gif/ have regular preg threads, just search the catalog
they have gigantic pregnancy and belly editing threads every week
has a "pregnancy" tag that makes it easy to find new galleries, practically infinite content
>the belly guide
everyone should know about this already
has several big channels that specialize in collecting obscure pregnancy clips
>furaffinity, inkbunny, e621
for furry stuff
a booru that gets quite a bit of preg content

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