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55254 No.10082

Has anyone here ever been to milky baby in Japan? If you don’t know what that is, it’s a place that lets you go out with a pregnant or lactating woman and sleep with them. I’m dying to go there in the future and I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences there to know what it’ll be like. I’d also like to hear about experiences with pregger prostitutes in general. And even better, does anyone know where there are a lot of pregnant prostitutes anywhere around the world?

f583e No.10086

Japan said they have COVID-19 under control, but as an American in CA (the worst hard hit country, but my state has managed their cases per capita of population), I have to wait until next year to travel anywhere on earth. Tokyo 2020 (2021) would be the best time to visit to see the olympic games and hang out with an Asian preggo fetish friend. I would love to talk to her about she's having a great pregnancy and looking forward to becoming a mom, then we can have sex and rub her big belly in a sensual fashion ;-)

ccf5f No.10087

Fucking japan is amazing.

d0982 No.10089

I had no idea something like this actually existed, but I am ecstatic that it does. Leave it up to Japan to fill a niche market that has caused me to spend the better part of the last 4 hours scouring the internet, translating webpages, and tracking down all the details about Milky Baby that I can get my hands on. The verdict? I couldn't be happier that I spent that time doing so.

Thank you anon. Thank you for sharing details about something I never thought I would get a chance to experience.

99cc0 No.10090

I don’t want to rain on your guys’ parade, but you can’t actually penetrate the girls from this place. It’s illegal there. I know, that’s a huge let down, but everything else is allowed. The closest thing to that is the Anal option if the girl allows it. But, there is still some hope. Apparently vaginal penetration is up for negotiation with girls you’ve seen enough, or maybe if you’re able to speak Japanese. You’ll probably have to use a condom for both anal and vaginal. I’ve yet to find anything about whether or not doing it raw is also negotiable, as well as being able to pump those bloated whores with your seed. Having said all of that, none of those things come off as a deal breaker; for me atleast. Japan is the only place in the world that I know of that caters to our fetish this way, unless there is some other place in the world that I don’t know of. There are maybe 3 more other businesses like this one throughout Japan that also have pregnant providers, but I don’t think any of them are as lenient as Milky Baby. That’s the thing about sex shops in Japan, almost everything but sex is allowed at them. Anyways, I too also yearn to go there very soon and enjoy an expecting mother’s erotic body in the flesh. There aren’t any other places that serve our kind like Milky Baby, it’s one of a kind. Hopefully, we’ll live to see the day when we can properly take pleasure in the pregnant women of this fine establishment

79657 No.10306

I tried to go to that place but you need a japanese phone number, so it didn't work out. I would've had to rent a phone + number, and I haven't had the time for that. But if I ever go back there, I'll try again.

f583e No.10359

No sex with them? FINE. Many of them may be married anyway. They want to have a male admire her physique and get paid for letting me express my inner feelings for pregnant women.

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