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fa3fe No.10102

If you used to follow me on tumblr, I'm back on it: pregnantprayer7.tumblr.com
I hope I reach 7000 followers again. I won't delete this blog I promise. But I'm taking it easy.

Come follow :)

fa3fe No.10105

unfortunately my adult content has been flagged and is apparently not visible to others.

if you can see my latest post though let me know

this is the image in the post: https://66.media.tumblr.com/c7d171d33c0141d80c090b27eda7d81e/281cdb4f3ab15598-6f/s2048x3072/ebf271ffac34d9ea270575efc679ab8c2b5d48d9.jpg

if you don't see it let me know too

813ae No.10107

could i chat with you on maybe telegram ?

fa3fe No.10109

Whats telegram

fa3fe No.10110

new post that's not flagged

fa3fe No.10111

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