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978bf No.10131

Im curious if anyone here has had the pleasure of scoring with a pregger girl. What did she look like? How far along was she? How did you meet her? What about giving a detailed report of it? I’ve been dying to fuck pregger pussy so I’m wondering what it’s like. I’d love to hear some hot stories of peoples experiences with a preg girl. I haven’t hooked up with a prego girl so I don’t have my own story to tell anyone about…..yet. But WHEN I get with one, she would be in her last months, or weeks, so her belly would be nice and big, as well as her tits. Hopefully she’ll be lactating too if possible. I would also love to do incest role play with her, where I’m the son and she’s my mother pregnant with my child, and I would end with me cumming inside her multiple times

a1cd7 No.10136

Nopers…enjoy from afar, imagine tentacles doing shit to em…maybe some eggs. I am okay with it though because I am shitty with kids and I don't want to be a massive shitheel and leave multiple women with booger biters all alone. Don't think I could live with myself honestly. Some rotten asshole gave me a moral compass.

If you are really interested, I am sure you can find a with-child escort or three and really live it up. Or…you could start a cult. Them dudes get mad preg puss-puss. Gonna need some fruit punch supplies in case shit goes south.

4b077 No.10137

I mean, my girlfriend and I fucked around when she was pregnant.

Does that count?

64294 No.10138


Hello Ty

4b077 No.10143


No idea what that means but ok

8b7f0 No.10305

I've had the pleasure with several pregnant women, 4 in total.

First one was a friend of mine, we hooked up a few times in different stages. It was my first experience with a pregnant girl and I was super excited. She had super itchy nipples and asked me to help her with that, so I sucked them a couple of times (too bad I'm not much into lactation though)

The second one was by change in a sex club. I was fucking my ex when a couple approached us and complimented my shoes (lol). I swear, the guy looked exactly like John Barrowman. Anyways they told us that the woman was pregnant, but it wasn't showing yet. I told them I'm into pregnant ladies, and then we had a short but cute foursome, in which I licked her and my ex and Mr. almost Barrowman kissed and pampared her.
We tried to hook up later again, but I think the lady wasn't into girls at all but was afraid to say so, so I kept my distance.

The third one was with a girl I met on a speed dating even a couple of years prior. Her boyfriend found me on a sex community and was interested in me as a person, so we met up and he soon said that he'd like to hook his gf and me up. She was around 6 months. I was cuddling a lot with her and tried to make her feel good, licking her and asking her what she needed, but she was a very silent type and since I couldn't tell if she was comfortable or not (I need clear feedback), so I soon stopped. I was afraid she was only doing it for her boyfriend. We planned to meet up again but it never happened.

The last one was one of my models (I'm an erotic photographer) who was super curios about my GF and me, so it just kind of happened after a shoot. It was only a few days before her birth and she was absolutely massive, damn. She couldn't even stand up. You'd think she was full term with twins. She was super cute and beautiful and a total sub. My GF and I ate her out (she was squirting all over my face and had several orgasms), while her husband watched the whole show with a pleased smile on his face.

I treasure these memories a lot and I hope to make some more one day.

84705 No.10307

Indeed I have! She was 8 months along, has mousy brown hair, glasses, jeans. We had sex at Broward College.

64294 No.10309


Glasmond is that you?

655b3 No.10323


Maybeee, heh

64294 No.10326


How are you so lucky to get these lovely experiences?

8b7f0 No.10331


Oof, I dunno mate, I think it's a mix of pure luck, taking chances and my profession.

64294 No.10332


So I should get known as an erotic photographer?

de36c No.10333

It's a dream for me, but I imagine it'll only be a dream. Wish I was that lucky.

64294 No.10334


I’ve always been curious if pregnancy modifies the taste/smell of pussy.

8b7f0 No.10354

If you feel like it's your kind of job and you're willing to get good at it and all? Sure.

I haven't licked those ladies before their pregnancies, though I can't tell. So far every pussy I had tasted and smelled differently. Though I noticed that all of the pregnant ones were rather puffy and very wet!

90f5d No.10415

Broward County, FL?

Miami is one of the best places for a pregophile, same with L.A. and SF Bay areas here in CA where I'm at.

It's very hard to find a pregnant woman who wants to have sex with you, but good luck to you all.

My tip is be yourself, act like a gentleman and form a friendship first before you have any sex.

Cool stories, bros and sistas.

2c339 No.10424


>be yourself, act like a gentleman and form a friendship first before you have any sex

Some of the worst relationship advice ever. As soon as a woman thinks of you as a friend, the chances of you sleeping with her are out the window. While I can understand your point about being a gentleman, it just doesn't work because modern women are not attracted to guys who treat them like human beings. They only go for the assholes who ignore and don't care about them.

This kind of advice may have worked 50+ years ago, but in today's modern feminist and gynocentric society filled with "sexually liberated" thots, this type of strategy of just being yourself will only get you a girl who's pussy is drier than the Sahara desert.

90f5d No.10426

Love and sex changed in 50 years.

Now acceptable: She is single and pregnant without a man, still a few moralist chavs don't like that.

Mixed: You can date a pregnant lady but having sex with her can make many ppl cringe.

Unacceptable: Pedo pride, faux-lib apologists want to normalize it.

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