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34051 No.10285

Titles a little long, but I can’t find another way to put it

Anyway, I’ll start off with…. sigh, ChrisGuy

His art is good, but the Neo-Nazi shit is just unbearably bad and I can’t bring myself to actually like him

TLDR: Good artist, terrible human being

636de No.10286

>internet drama

go back to your discord and stay there

3313a No.10287

As far as I can tell, Chris isn’t an actual nazi. At worst, he likes Nazi uniforms. If you can show me proof that he is an actual Nazi, maybe you’d have a case, but honestly he seems to me just to be a right winger. People like slickpens who have religious devotion to their political doctrine bother me far more. But why even bring politics into a topic like fetish art anyway? Chris’s art is good and he’s not hurting anyone, who gives a fuck about his politics?

34051 No.10288

I’m not trying to start drama, cut that shit and get back to the topic of the thread

636de No.10289

it's pretty obvious you're recruiting for whatever stupid internet slapfight you're involved in

no one cares, so go away and be crazy somewhere else

beeb5 No.10290

Their animations and drawings are okay at best but their personality is trash.

>Treats anyone that isnt a patreon subscriber with contempt and constantly bitches and moans about stupid shit on twitter.

>Thinks that just because he makes animations he can charge whatever he wants but fails to notice that they aren't good. They dont look good and they're not fun. We already have enough patreon-only animations he should just release his for free.

>Takes on requests on twitter and never does them or takes several months to do so.

>Made people vote for an animation in december last year and deliberately chose the shittiest of the three animations so he could continue to sell the others at a shitty price.

>Teased an animation back in march and it took him several months to post it.

>Not to mention the animations he teases always end with egg birth which is the laziest birth option.

>Anyone with clip studio paint can do what he does. Just trace around the 3d model and add boobs to it. He cant draw freehand and it shows.

They draw shit in the same pose because they clearly forget what poses they've used.
(imagine paying $5 to sub to their patreon and getting these in return LOL)

Fuck this guy, man. I even tried talking to him once but he immediately blamed work for his lack of responses. Hes so lazy it fucking hurts.
How he still has fans when he constantly treats non-paying fans like shit or ignores critique is beyond me.
I want to like their art but when you know the artist behind it is a lazy sack of shit it makes liking them harder.

34051 No.10292

The only thing I want to start is nice, healthy discussion. If I was Fossil I'd be crying like a bitch because "boo hoo no one like my mommy sue"

He does art too y'know, and it's BAAAAAD, he's the kinda guy who thinks he's Van Gogh when a toddler can draw better, thank god he hasn't branched out into tainting the preg art community with his scribbles

0a8c1 No.10293

>the preg art community
hahaha hi chipmunk. stop it.

4021b No.10294

Totally agree, had to unfollow him cause he was annoying.

This on the other hand just sounds like bitching that you can't get stuff for free.

0ac62 No.10296


His art is fucking terrible lol. Can't draw hands, the poses are rigid as hell, and even then he only ever draws the same couple ones over and over, him being personally a retard is just the cherry on top.

5a53b No.10297

Discord wished it had this level of autism on site.
That, or I've just been blessed with modest servers recently.

His stuff hits a "particular" (degenerate) hyperpreg niche for me. To bad it almost always includes hyper-everything else (anus, scat, brap, etc.)

Guy's got a decently large gallery, but I wouldn't be so desperate to wade through literal shit for any hidden gem he forgot to categorize. So I just trust him to keep the sub folders he already has up to date and leave that be.

c5bdb No.10299


Yeah, Akai has the same problem too (though not quite as bad). His art is so good, but sometimes he throws in a scat pic without tagging it :/

79250 No.10301

To be honest even if you set aside his right wing viewpoint he's just a little pissant who's also a fucking creep. Lest we forget that time where he literally drove away his 2 surrogate pregnant friends because he went too far in fetishizing them?

6d501 No.10302

Oh I haven’t heard about that. What was the story there?

088d1 No.10303

I think it went like that he used to have these two pregnant surrogate chicks who was friends with him, and he was 'jokingly' fetishizing and being a creep on them but at some point he went way too far in fetishizing them and drawing arts of him just fucking those girls, and write really creepy screeds about how much he wants to fuck them and make them "his waifu for life." or something.

019b5 No.10314

Nazism, racism, fascism, white power or antisemitism…all stupid, evil and LOLZY…I hate that shit.

Having a French grandfather fought Nazis in WW2 and an American with Cherokee/Osage ancestry (fought the Japanese in WW2), the Nazi and white power racial and political ideology offends the hell out of me, and I'm not Jewish (religious or ethnically) nor any bit black/African American.

I'm center-Left who opposes both the far-right and far-Left, and Trump is center-right who for some reason is getting people like ChrisGuy on his side (sorry to get a bit political).

019b5 No.10315

The Chipmunck, we're talking (uh oh) politics! Go to ChrisGuy and have a debate on Soviet communism is much better than the third reich. We're in America, we can talk about what the hell we want, including SEX!

019b5 No.10316

From female friends to fetish fucks, bad move…are they online or IRL? Chrisguy is a bigger threat to their lives than COVID-19 in pregnancy.

f1b5a No.10318

>tfw not prolific and popular enough to dislike
>tfw only ever discuss pregnancy and related topics under my pseudonym anyway

4021b No.10319

Don't worry anon, I'll dislike you if you want.

d892d No.10325

For me this is one that I used to like and want to still but just can’t anymore.

DimPixelAnimations. Nothing wrong with the guy himself, but lately his animations, especially his most recent ones, have declined in some form in one way or another, mostly plot-wise. Especially the Deluxe ones… total boner-killers.

Probably won’t matter that I leave him, but whatever. I’m done.

ca811 No.10329

I really want to like Olympic Dames. Like, when she really puts effort into her work, it shows and it looks great, but most of the time her stuff looks rushed and messy. Her comic pages in particular look pretty bad. Plus, all of her characters have kind of the same design: they all have very large, pronounced jawlines for some reason.

987f4 No.10335

Yeah, some of the faces look kinda wanky. The bellies are amazing tho and that is what I'm there to see after all.

6af92 No.10344

I wasn't going to say it partly from feeling like I was the only one who thought so, but the main one who comes to mind for me is also Olympic Dames. I followed her(?) for a while a long time ago, but over time I noticed the same things as this post mentions. I realized I didn't really care about the characters as characters or as preg fetish fuel, I didn't care about the stories despite growing up on Greek mythology, I just…didn't care. The non-comic stuff couldn't save it once I got to that point. When she put up the picture of the main characters' moms pregnant, I thought at first they were all their dads in drag.

But more than that, it's her attitude. The more of her stuff I read (as in her comments or descriptions, not the writing in the comic) when I followed her, the more I got the feeling that she's one of those artists who resents her fanbase despite profiting off it. Not as in good-natured or sarcastic ribbing at preg lovers for being so into pregnancy in ways she's not, but like she feels like we're somehow her, I don't know, inferiors or degenerates despite making her popular enough to get paid for her work and despite indeed paying for it.

<sarcasm> So sorry you've gotten so much for so long out of giving preg fetishists what they want while still not doing outright porn and staying PG-13 with your work (I guess, I only pop in once in a long while to browse her stuff), clearly we're the ones with interpersonal issues. </sarcasm>

798b0 No.10352

I like riddleaugust's art for the most part, but the smirky faces they tend to draw kinda keep me from loving it.

d892d No.10364

Another artist that I want to like but just can’t is Phonon.

They make some very hot pics from time to time, the bellies being perfectly proportioned. However they often ruin it by inserting extreme things like drug abuse or abortion. Definitely not for me.

dab85 No.10365

Me personally I just don't like Phonon cuz they both are a carbon copy of Ponchi and Fanbox-gating most of their stuff in general

ef813 No.10366

This. He's very talented, and if he stuck to more wholesome stuff he'd probably be one of my favorites. The abortion and drug stuff is just depressing though.

0c597 No.11116

What ever happen to the surrogate girls, have not seen one of them since she gave birth to her lasty set of twins.

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