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85e94 No.10336

I was listening to a streamer I like and he mentioned the lyric from Californication, "A teenage bride with a baby inside" and I got horny. This kink is a fucking curse bros

0461b No.10337

It's important to realize that, no matter how bad you think you have it, things could always be worse. I resent that I like unbirth, in addition to pregnancy, as an example. It disgusts me afterwards, but I can't help it.

Still, I'm horrified by other fetishes, and relieved I don't have them. At least unbirth is completely unrealistic. I imagine what life would be like were I compelled to put shit in my mouth, be a cuckold, or like fat people, and it really makes me feel better about it.

26b69 No.10338

*lists a couple of kinks that do indeed cause widespread physical and mental repulsion*
"or like fat people"

I have no idea if you were being serious or not, but thanks either way, I needed a laugh after today.

7a3e3 No.10339

I heard the edited phrase "pregnant" instead of "teenage", although "teenage" isn't really a bad word.

I learned to control my own sexual desires about people just like everyone else in the world.

Pregnant people (cis-women) don't want strangers bother them, then again, I want to make their day ;-)

9c8f7 No.10340

My personal view on the subject is:

You can talk about tits and pussy with your bros. Dude bros and rednecks can wear shirts with bikini babes on them no problem. I ain't gonna be ashamed about liking pregnant and fat chicks.

I love pregnant chicks and I don't even bother hiding it from my friends. The only downside is when a pregnant chick walks buy and all my friends look at me with annoying shit eating grins.

83d4d No.10341

yeah, fattyfuckers are probably the most disgusting thing on that list

7a3e3 No.10357

I been called a f-g-t for "wanting to hang out with pregnant women".

Having friends who are pregnant is not de-masculinizing in any way.

I identify myself as a GRSM (gender, romantic or sexual minority) which is different from the "LGBT" label.

I shouldn't be ashamed of having a fetish for pregnant women, it's not a mental illness or a moral taboo.

f4834 No.10358

ok faggot

1f3f4 No.10361

The only hang up I have about my fetish is the feeling I got when my dad told me my older sister was pregnant because he thought I should know.

Now, I hate my sisters because they are horrible excuses for decent human beings, but I didn't want to explain that to my father when all he wants is for his children to get along so he doesn't have to accept the fact that he's an abject failure as a father. Also, I didn't want to explain to him that I find pregnancy intriguing, but I find it utterly repulsive when attached to such awful beings as my sisters.

I don't want to have my sisters remind me of my fetish by being pregnant themselves. It was almost enough to turn me off of pregnant women entirely.

864e7 No.10362


I'm proud of having this fetish.

Pregnancy is hot and I'm tired of pretending that it's not.

7a3e3 No.10363

LOLZ! I was also compared to a p-d-ph-le. That's a worse insult to sling.

52fd7 No.10427

Well you're attracted to someone with a child inside them, therefore you're attracted to the child. Boomer logic is infallible.

7a3e3 No.10446

B00mers will call me a sexist t00.

I hate that, the demonization of anyone attracted to pregnant women, find ways to stigmatize, marginalize and vilify me to promote their sociopolitical/socioculture agenda.

26b69 No.10448

Try telling them you want to have a three-way but you're cursed with laziness and this is your answer. I doubt they'll want to bug you about it after that, and/or *you* might be the one getting a laugh at *their* expense for a change.

9a5ed No.10485

>telling anyone about your fetishes
C'mon guys, seriously? This is 101.

1682c No.10486

Meanwhile the last three people I told were ok with it. Like I dunno if you hit it off with someone they're usually ok with the "weird stuff" you just have to get to where they want to learn how to turn you on.

43e23 No.10695

I have and take care of two children due to this kink/urge. Theyre probably not going to be the last but Im running out of bedrooms. It feels so good cumming inside at the riskiest time. And the pregnant sex is great until the geometry gets hard. But boy do babys suck. Toddlers are great.

6f8b7 No.10696

Once kids are able to use the internet, they practically become self-sufficient.

After that, you just need to feed and water them every other day.

a713a No.10697

Young children shouldn't be allowed on the Internet. It will give them weird fetishes.

Children younger than even ten years old being exposed to the collective of humanity like this is saddening, because they clearly can't handle it.

21a04 No.10709

Weird fetishes , like us!

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