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61e11 No.10489

I wanted to describe a CYOA idea similar to impregnator kings I had been toying with doing for pregchan for awhile, in hopes someone else may be interested in taking up the idea since I don't have time to commit to writing it myself

The Premise is that you are effectively a fertility based demi-god that gains power by impregnating people, tasked with defeating the infertility plague affecting the world.

I already have a decent cosmology for the gods I wont bore you with now, the important part is when Mother Ert (the god that effectively invented sex and pregnancy) had expanded almost all of her power she was raped by another god and insisted on keeping the child despite the risk of the pregnancy using up all her remaining strength and killing her. Her daughters offered to take turns carrying the child to prevent the strain from killing her mother, but when one daughter finally gave birth she was so disgusted by the child she left it to be cared for by a wolf and told her mother it had died during childbirth. This god becomes effectively the worlds version of Satan, seeking revenge for being abandoned. With the help of it's father it created and spread an infertility plague that made pregnancy's harder to achieve and was causing population to slowly decrease over the generations as birth rates failed to keep up with deaths.

Your father is the king of one of the most prosperous city-states remaining, and one of the few that still worshiped mother Ert despite her apparent disappearance from the world (she still is recovering from the pregnancy, and that isn't helped from the lost belief caused by the infertility plague). He went on a journey with his wife to find Ert when it looked like his wife would die before giving birth, and Ert helped them by gifting unborn you with a fraction of her power so you would survive until birth. In doing so you have been made something of a demi-god yourself, with a gift for fertility. You don't learn that until coming of age (the start of the adventure) when you are sent to find Mother Ert temple again and she explains that with your power you need to find the creator of the infertility plague and fix the problem, but first you have to journey to hunt down all the lesser gods and ask for their blessing to grow in strength.

The main idea of all this was to create a CYOA where pregnancy is a key part of the adventure, not an aside that happens to occur during the adventure. You gain Mana, which can fuel supernatural abilities, any time you either spread belief in Ert or act in accordance to your role as a fertility demi-god, so impregnating women, and the eventual births, all increase your Mana. You can use Mana for any general superhuman feat, like being strong enough to move a huge boulder or help you win an difficult sword fight, but your particularly good at feats involving fertility, you could for instance ensure a barren women get's pregnant or that a women will get pregnant with more then one child, if your willing to spend more Mana you could do more impossible things like get a man or animal pregnant if you really wanted. Rapid pregnancy can easily be achieved, so the players can see the result of your knocking someone up, and even if you don't do that you can 'sense' pregnancy of women you have sex with almost immediately.

The world even encourages all this. Sex is far more common since women are less likely to get pregnant (or mind a pregnancy) and so don't feel the need to use precaution, thanks to Ert's blessing STI's never existed in this world either. With society worrying about dropping numbers all pregnancy are considered a gift from the gods. Women will almost never complain about getting pregnant, and the entire town/city/whatever will likely chip in to help any single mothers since they're so happy to see another birth. In short you don't have to feel guilty about knocking some unexpecting women up and then abandoning her; she would likely thank you for it!

Finally the intentionally magical/mythical nature of the story was also intended to allow the possibility for some of the more…unusual fetishes that don't make sense in a 'normal' world. Anything from mpreg to hermaphrodites to unbirth etc. could *potentially* fit in the world. My intent was not to force any of those concepts though, just make them available as choices and see if the audience was interested enough in them to vote for the option that would go down that path.

Unfortunately despite having a decent cosmology and starting outline for the story built I accepted I don't have nearly enough time to commit to a CYOA like this, and besides which to be honest I'm not that great a writer. If anyone else was interested in taking on the challenge I'd be happy to share the cosmology and possibly even message you the starting 'outline' I had in my head

294a1 No.10491

This sounds like a really fascinating concept! I, too, am a busy person, but I would certainly like to explore this idea. Sounds like it could have a real "Swords and Sorcery" vibe, akin to Conan the Barbarian. If you could share the cosmology or outline you've got, that would be fantastic!

A burner email I use is attached, but if you could put it in a Pastebin link or something similar so everyone could see it, that would be wonderful

e2ff4 No.10492

This sounds very interesting. After all that's happened with impreg kings and all other Cyoa's shutting down, it is high time we got some fresh blood.

5855e No.10493

I have the archive for Vyrule still saved and I even opened it up last week to see if I could start it again soon. But my life continues to somehow be one train wreck after the other. I swear that I will continue it one day.

294a1 No.10494


Any updates? I'm really eager to get started writing this, and would love to see a fleshed out description of this world

01c71 No.10495

Man, that's sad to hear. I wish you the best. I hope you can catch a break soon.

574ed No.10496

After taking the time to read through this I have to say that you're a better writer than you likely think. And the only way to get better is by doing, you gotta grind those stats to level up.

But I know how time constraints can be so I won't fault you for that. Nice concept, I really like it.

574ed No.10497

>"Yeah I'm gonna get this CYAO doing great this summer!"
>Suddenly roommates drop the ball on rent one too many times and I've got to move.
>"Okay, now that I'm settled I'm going to get shit done. 2020 is going to be a great year."
>2020 Proceeds.
>"Fuck me shit's been rough but hopefully with another move here I'll be able to financially, physically, and mentally relax and recover. At least the holidays are going to be nice."
>The person I was going to move in with caught Covid the same week one of my coworkers caught it meaning I'm now waiting on my own test results.

Me too, buddy. Me too.

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