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38ff1 No.10509

Have fun with this to troll your friends:
Disgusting. Absolutely. Fucking. Vile. You make me shiver with repulsion, you poisonous fucking blight. Never before have I met anyone with such a miasmic presence. The mere fact that anyone as fucking gutwrenching and hard to look at has a fetish for GIVING LIFE, THE MIRACLE OF PROLONGING A BLOODLINE! The sheer impact of your pungency really hasn't hit me, yet I refuse to believe that a child of your impact can exist in this world. It fills me with rage to see you live, breathe, eat, and sleep in a reality that I must work and fight for every ounce of life I have. You taking notes, you creepy fuck? I mean every word I've said here, and I suggest taking this and all other accounts of yours down before I show it to your loved ones. If you continue your march of cancer, there will be consequences!

38ff1 No.10510

Will delete if told so don't worry

d85c6 No.10511

Nice, what’s the origin of this copypasta?

1891a No.10512

Fossil’s deviantArt, where he worships his mommy sue.

38ff1 No.10513

We get it, you hate the guy, move on

28cd6 No.10514


be484 No.10515

PLZ GTFO, don't be hatin.

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