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1bbc0 No.10672

Hello. I’m new to this site but I haven’t had much luck on Tumblr and then I stumbled across this place. I’m looking for writing partners who love to write birth and labor stories. I write on discord. I’m over 21 and would prefer my partners to be as well, but will write with anyone as long as they aren’t younger than 18. A few things about what I like:
Long labors.
Hard, difficult birth
Demonic Birth
Sex while in labor.
Futas I love futas and can’t stress that enough.

I won’t do eggs or public birth but I’m willing to try anything else.

If interested and are literate please feel free to send me an underyourscarsx#8737

ee17d No.10673


Sent you a request! My handle is Maxie#6647

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