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475eb No.10693[Last 50 Posts]

Apologies for the hiatus. Something came up that I knew would prevent me from working on the story with my full attention, so I had to step away. It is complete, so I can return to focusing on daily updates. Aiming for them, at least.

The old chat thread finally hit its limit after just a few months shy of five years. In its place I place this new chat thread.

This thread is meant not only to talk about the story, but also to write about what you'd like to see in the story. Writing about the pros and cons of certain choices is very appropriate. As are any emotional feelings you would like to make known.

I will check this thread to answer any concerns and address opinions as necessary, if wanted. I also want everyone to feel this is their "own space," to talk freely.

Thank you. As always, I hope the story is enjoyable.

475eb No.10694

Incidentally, if you want to find out when I update the story without checking pregchan, I will usually announce it on my deviant art account. I am "aristocrat-mae". There is not much there in terms of content, nor do I really plan to use it for anything beyond updates. I at least will make an update that says there is a choice available if the latest update has choice.

8b3cd No.10698

Thanks for putting up a new thread Aristo. These threads may not get much action, but they're helpful to have.

0e336 No.10699

Basically, chat here to keep the actual story threads packed with actual content… or at least, that's what I try to do. Haven't always managed it.

475eb No.10700

I forgot to actually tally the vote in the thread, but it was unanimous anyway so I'm not going to delete and re-post.

Basically. I do like it when people share their reasons for voting because I think it helps others make their own conclusions and it helps me judge expectations. But the downside is that the more posts that get attached to the story thread, the quicker we have to make a new one.

I have to wonder how intimidating seeing the list for backlog links looks to potential new readers. I'm sure it must be. To account to their needs, and also ease the obligation of summarizing, it's better to have a chat thread.

But by all means, please do use your one vote. Never think something simple like comment count means it's better not to vote at all. Even if your choice is winning.

0e336 No.10701

Well, making good arguments is important, but commenting on every story section, even when there's no vote to tally?

475eb No.10705

Intermediate comments also help very much. Though I'll encourage the use of the chat thread.

475eb No.10710

I could close the current vote now, but I'm going to give it a little more time as it's close and I know I don't have the capacity to write a full treatment of the scene yet. Please vote if you haven't already done so and wish to do so.

0e336 No.10714

From what I know of Camilla in her source game, she's not so much "submissive" as "likes to play a little rough."

bf74b No.10715

[hums "I Like it Rough" by Lady GaGa]

475eb No.10717

Hello everyone.

I wanted to run an idea past everyone.

Recently I was inspired.

One thing I often hear in the votes of Impregnator Kings is "I don't want to make Edward out to be a bad guy," and "I think this choice is most in character for him to do so I must vote it."

My philosophy is that if when I offer specific choices, it is in character for Edward to do any option presented. If it's not in character but seems an obvious thing to do, I will rule it out and say why in the text. But, that is not a problem. People should vote for what story they want to see. Cohesive character development and how they want to have the main character make choices that "feel right" to them personally is part of it. This game is meant for everyone and I sincerely hope everyone will enjoy it. Even if sometimes a vote doesn't go a person's way.

Yet, with that in mind, I wondered "What sort of game would make choices less about choosing what type of character to play?"

And I had an idea.

What about a game where you weren't making choice on behalf of the character, you were making choices on behalf of whatever "urges" that are suddenly inflicted on the character?

Soon I had what I thought was the basics of a more "fantasy" than historical setting. It'd go something like this:

Person A (a character of the audience's choosing) stumbles upon Ancient Artifact which suddenly has a reaction to them. They continue to go about their day but suddenly find themselves changing. Not necessarily physically, but with desires and motivations they didn't have before. With a female character this could be a maternal instinct or impulse to get knocked up. Similarly for a male, a desire to impregnate, etc.

So in this case, the audience is directing a sort of lowkey psychological influence or "mind control" on the character, and the characters are not meant to be the audience. The audience isn't the character, but it can direct what the character is pulled to do. Switching between characters would even be possible when things grow stale.

I thought: "This might be another good project to work on as a sort of 'blowing off steam' quest." Disconnected from the Impregnator Kings storyline and being more focused on straightforward kink-satisfaction. Much more fantasy than medieval(ish).

The question is: would this appeal to anyone?

I'm thinking I could make this entirely text based and keep it in /c/, or put it in /b/ if I think it could benefit from images, but I'd like to know.


Choice time:
>I would be interested in reading a story with this premise.
>I wouldn't be interested. It sounds confusing, unsatisfying, or just wouldn't mesh with my personal kinks.
>I might be interested, but I don't want your attention divided from Impregnator Kings (and potentially Impregnated Princess).
>I like the idea, but I'd prefer a non-fantasy setting. (Modern day, sci-fi, etc.)

Anyway, thank you very much for reading this much and considering my idea.

And a Happy New Year soon to everyone!

bf2a3 No.10718

Both option 1 and 3 honestly.

The premise is incredibly interested, we sort of control the ancient artifact (if I'm reading this right), which then controls the character.

Would this be in 1st person still? Or would we be seeing this from a limited 3rd person view?

475eb No.10719

In a way. The audience would representing an undefined force with an influence on a character that would vary from gentle urging to compulsion. Votes would be what kind of urging and to what degree. Something simple and wholesome like "She has the urge to smile kindly at the child and act maternal toward it." or "Even if she didn't usually do it, she told the man she was having sex with that it was okay to finish inside her." or "She found her mouth blurting out the words 'Breed me!' Her fingers gripping her skirt to lift it up and present her wet pussy." Etc.

It wouldn't be like Impregnator Kings. Impregnator Kings uses a sort of second-person where Edward is the "You" of the story. I never write "I say," for Edward, and his dialogue is not put in quotation marks. This is me attempting to make it feel more natural that the reader is readily accepting what they read is what Edward experiences. They're not reading a viewpoint through Edward's eyes, they are Edward's eyes. Or at least, seeing the world through the lens he imagines himself to see through. (The world isn't always what one individual thinks it is, after all.)

That said, I'm not sure, at the moment, if it'd be more efficient to use first person or third person omniscient. I do want the reader, in this hypothetical game, to not feel as if they are the character being acted on, but rather that they're giving the character urges from without. That could be better suited for third person, but first person could also convey psychological effects easier, so that's something I would need to carefully consider.

475eb No.10720

I thought about it again.

I guess the approach to this game would be similar to Hazumi and the Pregnation, which I had the chance to play.

You, the player, guide Hazumi. You decide what she does. But Hazumi has her own motives and her own individual outlook on things. She doesn't really want to be pregnant. The idea scares her. This is clear from the beginning.

However, what sense does it make that Hazumi then waits until she has a dangerous day, then has sex with a guy who cums a lot? Then she leaves the cum all in her vagina. Then takes nothing but hot baths so the fertilized egg will implant? She would surely not do those things, but the player wants her to get pregnant and so she will do those things.

Sort of like that, but more subtle and more fitting to a CYOA game.

7460c No.10721

1&4 im definitely interested. I'm okay with a fantasy setting, but I think a Sci-Fi setting could also be very interesting and potentially more so than fantasy. In a fantasy story it's often too easy to have "magic" be the answer to everything, in sci fi it's often more challenging to make the "magic", i.e. the fictional science, work with the story. If written well, the universe and its rules become an adversary in and of itself.

573e5 No.10725


Unless this helps you channel your creative energies across the board, then by all means.

Maybe it's just a little bias from the fact IK has been an investment and an enjoyment for many years on now, granted.

5c8cf No.10726

Option 3.

I like it, it has a very Disco Elysium vibe in concept, but I'm so invested in Impregnator Kings at this point, I wouldn't want to see it miss out.

Not to mention, we still haven't seen the, *ahem*, "fruits" of our labor in IK yet and I very much want to get there.

5c8cf No.10728

So, thinking ahead to time skips.

What do people think of off-screen impregnations?

Obviously not for any of the major or named characters, but what if some of the rando maids or soldiers that Edward encounters at points in the story were pregnant?

I think this would go a long way to helping it feel like Ed is still "in action" without dedicating more effort and time to explicit actions and things didn't feel like they stopped after a time skip.

Just a thought I had tonight and thought I'd share.

475eb No.10729

This general idea will happen. Eventually time-skips will get longer. Seasons instead of days or weeks.

08ab5 No.10760

Gonna lean toward 3. It sounds rather neat, but I wouldn't want to see Impregnator Kings or Impregnated Princess suffer for it. As for which board, I think /c/ would be fine- assuming you don't find a bevy of images you'd like to use with the quest.

475eb No.10761

Sorry. I put it up already here: >>10736

I won't get to the planned update tonight. Apologies. It's not related to the new project. I'll have it up tomorrow.

475eb No.10775

The 4th thread in the archive, from bbw-chan, seems to be down entirely.

I'm not sure if this is temporary or permanent.

I recall one of the issues with this thread was it had a pop-up flash ad. Now that flash is dead, it might be related.

In which case, we'll see if it comes back.

If not, I may have to transfer the text from my archives to the chat board here.

(Though thank you to any readers who posted their own links to their personal archives.)

475eb No.10776

Never mind, it works fine now.

84463 No.10810

Do you have a link to the princess story? I can’t find it to save my life.

ed7c6 No.10826

It's oddly nice of Beatrice to assure Edward that Camilla didn't hurt Tharja's feelings. She's a faceted woman, but not necessarily nice, so it's interesting to see.

475eb No.10843

e4a63 No.11247

Bumping this up since no one apparently looks beyond the first page of /c/

We're heading into the jousting tournament. Wish we could have learned more about the Emerald Knight, but I still do have a theory or two. Guess we'll see what happens.

0e336 No.11248

Long as no one takes a lance to the eye, we're good.

0e336 No.11249

Also, I can't decide on the choice in the genderswap spinoff. Could someone vote and make an argument for their choice, please?

0e336 No.11250



Since people don't seem to understand where I'm coming from. I'm not suggesting we cheat to win, I'm suggesting we cheat so Edward isn't killed or left with life-altering injuries in the very real event of an accident or foul. And suggesting further that this be his last tournament. It's a calculated risk participating in this one, but I get that he needs to show he's able to keep up with the more meatheaded of his nobles. But Bad Things happening will result in problems that we have no contingencies for.

And honestly, I'm not looking for much. A bit of reinforcement to keep lances and their bits outside the armor, a small charm keeping things from getting through visors and joints. Could even have it subtly applied to everything, if you must insist on fairness. It's not REALLY a cheat so much as insurance in a time before kevlar and safety glasses.

475eb No.11256

Should have been "It's with a heavy heart," and "flouted social norms." Apologies, I was tired.

475eb No.11257

To be clear, this choice is similar to the choice in the main story of "Do you love Tharja?" Only it is not so intense to be called 'love' and only 'fondness'. Time progression is going to be faster in Impregnated Princess than in Impregnator Kings. The choice here is "Do the players want to build a lowkey romance between Beatrice and Edwys over the time advance that is coming, or do they want Edwys to only think of Beatrice as their midwife, nothing more?"

I'll close that vote tomorrow as the side-story doesn't get as many votes as the main story.

60d0a No.11261

Do you think it’s possible if we could have some sort of descriptive roadmap on what we can expect in incoming updates for Impregnator Kings? Like a hint of what to look forward to in the near future or maybe an occasional treat for having us remain this invested for so long?

I appreciate Aristo for really pushing through all these years with the CYOA but I can’t help but feel that we have not yet felt the full fruits of our labor(interacting with a woman or women who is fully pregnant, the lovemaking, birth, etc ). My fear is it could be too long before we reach that point, as it’s been 4+ years since this CYOA began. But I will also say that I understand why.

I recall you used to do a few of these scenes in the form of plays(Beatrice having Edward close his eyes to feel her illusionary pregnant belly) or even the dream sequence where Tharja gave birth. Personally, I enjoyed those little things because those made people like me look forward to those realities fully realized someday.

But I digress as this is just my opinion, so even if the pacing stays at is I shall still continue to faithfully participate in your stories, because at the end of the day - I still deeply admire your work and efforts to keep this one running.

Thank you for everything, Aristo.

475eb No.11268

To sum it up in one word: payoff.

There's been a lot of choices between here and now. Ones that stretch as far back as thread 4. We will see all of them play out, and all of the women Edward has impregnated fill out. This is my fetish too. Believe me when I say we will get to them and all the waiting and in-between will feel like huge payoff. In terms of Edward exerting his will, and the pregnancies.

I also mentioned this before, but after the Faire ends, the pacing will pick up. We won't have decisions for every day. Time will pass quicker.

The Faire will end after all three events:
1. The Joust
2. The Church Service
3. The aristocrat entertainment.

In that order. The joust is an in-setting "tomorrow," as of now.

Apologies for lack of belly-play in the meanwhile. I was considering bringing in pregnant women who have been impregnated by someone who isn't Edward, or dream sequences, but my past experience has been that these are considered more of a "tease" than a satisfaction. My impression has been the reader wants women to be impregnated by their character, and for the women to only be focused on his attention. I didn't want to alienate the reader with "And the protagonist isn't the father, it's some other guy who she's married to," or "it was all a dream and nothing really happened." But, there is certainly time left for me to do either of these if it is really wanted. Because this is our story, not just mine. You're writing it with me.

Let me know.

475eb No.11294

Not to press the point, but this chat thread exists for reactions and discussing overall strategy here. Using it instead of the main thread of Impregnator Kings will cut down on the comment count and prolong the life of the thread before making a new one is needed.

Of course, please do use the main thread for explaining voting, discussions considering choices, and what you'd expect and like to see. Such things help me very much.

That said, don't be afraid to use this thread.

60d0a No.11295


Thank you, Aristo. Took me a while to find this thread. I shall reserve my thoughts on this thread instead.

50354 No.11296

So some thoughts on the last update, especially the "need it for my spells" bit. I see one of five options.

1. She's a witch and has disguised or hidden her book. This seems unlikely based on what we've seen of witches so far, but it's possible.

2. She's just a crazy who thinks she's casting spells.

3. She's an herbalist or something of the sort who calls the tinctures and 'potions' she crafts spells. Alternatively it's peasant superstition.

4. She's not a witch, but some other kind of spellcaster. We don't have precedent for this, but in a world with witches, who's to say there aren't other types of magical practitioners?

5. She's a supernatural creature of some sort. Same logic as #4.

Honestly, anything aside from maybe 2 or 3 is probably bad news for us. Regardless, we need to be careful how we respond- if we immediately react like "oh no witch don't curse me to be sterile again" and she's NOT actually able to do anything, chances are we're showing our hand on our supernatural knowledge. But if she CAN do magic, best not to get on her bad side, especially now that she's got a sample. Plenty of fiction about what a caster can do with a biological sample.

a858e No.11297

Another late thought…
When Beatrice forgot to butterfly herself the other day… yes, it was just a fluke out-of-story, but it can also be interpreted inside the story, because we know of another event when Beatrice made a mistake in her disguise after fucking Edward; it was when Edward asked her to have sex with "just Beatrice" and she became somewhat emotional, even calling him "Edward" instead of "King". Inside the story, we could interpret this second slip-up as a sign that Beatrice is developing deeper feelings for Edward. Maybe that is also the reason she's still not confirmed pregnant after so much sex? Maybe she subconsciously uses magic to prevent herself from becoming pregnant (and thus even more attached to Edward) as long as she hasn't properly dealt with her feelings?

60d0a No.11298


That's alot to take in. But that theory does have some ground to it.

8e62f No.11300

Question for aristo/anyone who has followed the story more intensely than I - how 'Christian' is the church in this world like? Can we request absolute privacy regarding a discussion with a priest? I don't know if this has ever come up, and if you can't answer for story reasons, please let me know.

475eb No.11301

The Church is basically christianity in all but name. Specific parts of it are removed to make it more universal. (Not using Christ's name, etc.) But the Church has a Pope, Archbishops, etc. The Church has a lot of influence, both in actual power and over the hearts and minds of the people. Church teachings uphold and legitimize aristocratic rule, which is vital to the medieval(ish) setting.

A confession is absolutely supposed to be completely private. But discussing other matters about the country and such may or may not be. It has been mentioned the priest has had attendants in the room when he's met with Edward since the Faire began.

0e336 No.11306

Well, don't conflate "Christianity" with Roman Catholicism, which this church definitely takes most of its flavoring from. Particularly the Roman Catholic Church of the late middle ages, when they were basically uncontested as the authority above authorities in Western Europe. Lots of pomp, lots of influence… lots of corruption.

475eb No.11307

Please don't take this story as any sort of commentary on a real-world religion or a slight against any. That is not and is never intended. It merely is meant to be a medieval(ish) era with a vague resemblance to the real world. It is as you say, with the Church being uncontested as the main 'authority'. This story in no way purports to take the favor of any one real-world religion. That's not my business.

This medieval(ish) era would be in a time long before any sort of movement similar to the protestant reformation that would threaten the Church's supremacy would be appropriate including. For example we hear how the nomads are considered by the Church to be borderline heretical (at best), but the nomads themselves tell Edward they believe and follow the "Church's teachings." Other 'heresies' that would be appropriate to the time-frame may or may not exist in the world, but Edward may or may not deal with them in the course of ruling Ruhemania either. As for other wives and other countries… that I won't say.

0e336 No.11308

It's fine, I get it. Sorry if I came off as confrontational.

475eb No.11309

It's all right. I'm sorry also if my words sounded disrespectful. When I said "The Church is basically christianity," I was talking completely within a historical context of the real medieval ages, where Catholicism was the authority. I could have been more precise there.

0e336 No.11310

It's fair. Of course, even catholicism wasn't entirely monolithic. Beyond the Eastern Orthodox church and Islam, there were several schisms and theologic confrontations during the middle ages. It's all rather interesting to read up on, actually. Though the stance in witchcraft we're dicussing was the most likely general policy taken by most religious institutions of the time.

b7241 No.11312

Is anyone else starting to wonder if wedding Ricardo and Camilla was a mistake?

Out of all four siblings Camilla was most committed to their parents' plot. She wants personal power and status, and having a bastard child with a claim to the throne was a route to getting that, however remote, long-term and kind of stupid. That plot's failed, awesome, high five.

But once she marries Ricardo, Camilla is actually closer to power than she ever was before. All that has to happen is for Edward and/or Tharja to die without an heir and she will instantly become Queen of Ruhemania. Her husband doesn't really want to rule, and may well die before any child is of age, so she could be running the show for decades, first 'advising' her husband, then openly as Queen Regent.

While I know assassination of Ed and his family is easier said than done, it's a much more workable scheme than the last one. I'm not sure it was such a hot idea to put a smart girl like Camilla in a tempting position where one little 'accident' wins her the whole game. She doesn't know that we have magical safeguards but even a failed plot could cause a lot of problems - e.g. Tharja surviving something she couldn't possibly survive in front of witnesses.

cf18e No.11313


You’re forgetting that we have the support of Beatrice and the witches. If there were any schemes targeted at Edward or Tharja we’d know.

Although, it does help to do some investigation to see where the true loyalties of the siblings lie…

475eb No.11314

Interesting bit of trivia. The vote to decide to hold a jousting tournament at the Faire was closed September 3rd, 2016. The payoff for this choice has taken over four years.

573e5 No.11319

is it a tad overbearing and-or cliche to float the idea that Edward would potentially reward a knighthood to all the participants in the tournament, regardless of the final outcome? the champion's reward could be more specific and grandiose, but given the leeway he has to play with regarding Ruhemania's former lack of knights, this could be the start of his own "Round Table" of sorts, pardon the associated punnery.

475eb No.11321

This is an issue Edward can literally decide whatever he likes and Knight whoever he likes. And you're free to use this idea as a write-in. But you might want to consider at this moment that the tournament is anonymous. He may end up knighting someone unsavory he really wouldn't want as a knight representing his crown. It might include soldiers who are more loyal to King Vlad than him, for example. Not to mention it's very public and would give the knight much publicity.

0e336 No.11322

This time around, I'm thinking we should keep it to one "winner." Unmasking the Emerald Knight in public will also let us calculate what kind of trouble he is.

573e5 No.11323

Noted and signed, thanks for addressing that quandary post-haste as well.

60d0a No.11325


A few expectant female knights won't hurt either..

d20f3 No.11328

While I like the idea of getting some female knights, I do feel a little disappointed in the Emerald Knight's identity. I was kinda hoping a woman managed to sneak into the tournament

0e336 No.11333

This isn't altogether a bad thing. We can put him somewhere where we can keep an eye on his arrogant ass, then make sure he's too busy to cause trouble.

573e5 No.11334

if nothing else, this might be an unexpected boon in terms of Robin getting those shock troops she's pining after, in terms of knights fitting the niche, especially knights customized to Ruhemania's harsh environmental climes and conditions.

0e336 No.11335

Though we'll have to find some ways to keep the hotter heads too occupied to be stupid. Almost a pity we've got no wars to throw Dimitrie and his like at.

4ad95 No.11336


Not a problem as the main point we finally have a legitimate pawn that we can use or sacrifice for Edward’s goals. As the saying goes, ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’

475eb No.11348

The vote is close. I will give it a little longer.

Please also consider the side-story's vote if you have any interest.

0e336 No.11349

I would, but I've already cast my vote and given my reasoning.

0e336 No.11354

A *little* performance won't hurt, this just isn't the time or place. As pointed out, we don't have any security on hand to keep things under control, and as I noted, handing out gold to the unwashed masses (who are more likely to be trading in fragments of coppers, if not simply bartering) would likely be overmuch.

So yes, I want to see alms for the poor. But we need to set that up with our financial and spiritual advisors so it actually works out.

592a3 No.11356

I started reading this series sometime around the beginning of this year and just now got caught up. Just wanted to say thanks for the good reads, it's been fun following the story. Looking forward to finally voting now.

475eb No.11357

This is really heartening to hear. All the time I am writing, I am thinking "Are the past parts of the story accessible enough that people still want to read them?" To hear you read and caught up on it all is a great encouragement.

I hope it's worthwhile for you.

3c796 No.11358

It has been so far!
Story seems accessible enough to me. At first I was going to suggest compiling previous threads into a living pastebin but I think the character art helps a lot with visualization.

475eb No.11359

This is true. At one point it was done so by a dedicated player, at a time when pregchan died and everyone was on bbw-chan and we really thought pregchan was gone, including the first three threads. Unfortunately just taking all the text and dumping it on pastebin or something similar makes it a little strange. (The individual audience comments need to be edited. How do you deal with the choices? etc.) That, and the sexual content would violate the terms of service, leaving it open to be removed at any time.

There is a g-doc someone maintains that has the original files of all the visuals, but I don't have a link handy and I didn't create it. At any rate, they're not too hard to hunt down. It is good that the internet archive is reliable.

More coming soon. We will eventually reach a new game+ and a new bride, if I am able and there is interest.

6ed46 No.11360


Heavily looking forward to that. Tbh your CYOA thread is the only reason I still lurk on this site. I've really enjoyed tuning into your stories and I shall continue to remain invested in this until it's truly over.

d9d6e No.11361

I also am looking forward to new game+ and the CYOAs are the main reason I come to this site. And since you're really the only active anymore, I applaud your dedication.

Speaking of: I am the said dedicated player. I still copy/paste posts, votes, and results into a word doc and save the pics. I suppose I could upload the zips of those folders to google drive or something.

2797b No.11363

I have an idea… I'd really like to know what clever solution Robin would come up with to keep discipline in the army when the King's not around, but I don't think she can be trusted to analyse the problem as a disinterested, neutral party.

Buuut we have a similar problem we could give as an exercise to our master tactician: Long ago, we formulated the plan to replace the fat maid at the top of the maid hierarchy with the much more competent Margaret. We face a similar challenge there: It's really not possible to have a group of people trust and follow a new leader by decree. So the exercise question would be: What can be done to speed up the process of trust-earning so that the maids/soldiers will quickly accept a new leader they never would have chosen themselves?

Admittedly, not a perfectly analogy because the option of outright rebellion isn't on the table for the maids, but quitting is. And we'd have a big problem replacing all of them at once if it came to that.

0e336 No.11364

The main issue is that your military's divided between those loyal to King Vlad and those loyal to Edward. The old guard will never be loyal to Edward, simply because he's not the man they swore fealty to.

Which is why, after the tournament, I strongly suggest we have the old guard retired with honors, then scattered across the land to train peasant militia forces and serve as crown sherrifs… or something.

I honestly don't know. The point would be to break them up, spread them out, keep them too busy to cause strife, and let them feel important while keeping their power at court low.

71ddd No.11365

> When you approach, discipline breaks down and soldiers are clamoring around you, congratulating you on your impressive win. Even some of King Vlad's old guard offer you heartfelt congratulations at the prowess you displayed.

I don't think, the Vlad loyalists will never be loyal to Edward. They have had years of service under Vlad and only a few months under Edward and I interpret the passage above as a step in the right direction.
Furthermore, we don't really need them to be loyal to Edward personally like they were to Vlad. If the are loyal to the crown and the kingdom, I'd be happy as well. Long-term that's better anyway, because at some point Edward's heir will take over and he/she shouldn't have the same problem.

0e336 No.11369

A weighty choice this time. I'd argue that just walking away isn't an option. People will notice your disappearance, questions will be raised, long-term problems will arise.

So the real choice comes down to whether we want this to be a focused, clandestine assassination, as with the main story, or wholesale slaughter.

0e336 No.11371

What will poor Edwys's witch name be? I've had a few ideas, but I'm thinking major discussions on the topic should wait until we've dealt with the horrible business at hand.

Might have to give her a few years to get over the initial trauma if we want her to identify with anything that isn't gruesome and tragic, though.

e4a3b No.11372

I've had a couple thoughts on this as well, but I agree that we should probably wait until Edwys's vengeance plays out and we decide what to do with/about/to our… Let's say "estranged" husband.

3369f No.11373

Speaking of Prince Tharja, who wants to bet the latest Book belonged to his mom?

97d00 No.11374

Anything is possible (part of the reason I'd rather talk to Vlad before we send him to his fate), but without further evidence I feel safer assuming that Tharja's mother died to a witch's curse/"miasma" like she did in the main story. I'm very curious as to why he has the book, since everything we've been told in both stories indicates that witch hunters just burn it all. Why would he keep an unattuned book?

573e5 No.11375

food for thought:
has it ever been confirmed or negated that Prince Tharja has a sister-counterpart in the alternative setting? i.e. Lorenzo…Lorenza may be the previous (or current?) owner of the book in question.

97d00 No.11376

The thought had occurred to me, yeah. Don't think it's ever come up in the story, though.

0d419 No.11377

Now that we have Lorenza (why not Loretta?) confirmed, I have a hypothesis where the book came from : Simon, Daniella's husband, was a witch hunter in the main story, found the book and got caught and killed by Lorenzo witch took it. In the side universe, Lorenza seduced Simon, got pregnant from him and stole the book. If we're unlucky, Simon is still alive and hunting witches.

0d419 No.11378

*who took it

97d00 No.11379

Not a bad hypothesis at all. Beatrice did indicate that Daniella was the very last witch hunter in Vlad's service… but then it wouldn't be the only time Beatrice has told us something that wasn't entirely true, would it?

6ed46 No.11380

Too bad we won’t get a chance to see the witch hunter route with Edward. I’m curious as to what would Ruhenmania would be if it was against witches.

97d00 No.11382

My God, Aristo. You've done one hell of a job with the spinoff. Either you're absurdly good at speed chess in response to our choices, or you've set a masterful trap. Honestly, my gut instinct, my response to everything we've learned and seen from Beatrice and Vlad… is to burn the book. But I'm also not about to ruin fun for other players just because of what I feel. I'm gonna wait a little bit on this one, see what sort of arguments are made. If we don't take the end, though. I do think we need to kill Vlad here- a mercy killing. If we're not going to take his advice, we need to at least not let Erika keep him as a plaything.

475eb No.11383

Thank you very much.

Your comment leaves me sort of conflicted. I do not like to say or do anything even possibly that will influence a vote. Explain things about the story or a character that the main character would know, yes, but that's about it.

But since this is the side-story and not the main story, it's following the same 'cues' which I don't feel so bad about talking about (especially since the main story is so old and they're probably forgotten or weren't experienced by new readers). I do feel the need to point out that this confrontation with Vlad is basically the side-story's equivalent of the conflict with Daniella in the main story.

Meaning, voting for option 1 "Destroy your book and die," is the equivalent of voting "Let Daniella kill you," in thread 3's duel with Daniella. You may want to consider how it'll affect the other characters too.

If it's what people truly vote for and want to read, I will write it, of course. It would've been not living up to the story's premise and choices not to include it, but "bad end" is not a misnomer.

Anyway, apologies. I'm already saying too much. I'm glad the story has evoked such emotion.

b462c No.11384


I’m honestly at a loss for words here. Really great job, Aristo.

I’ll reserve my thoughts later, I need to ponder Edwys’ decision heavily.

475eb No.11385

It was asked for in the side-story thread so I'll answer it here: I will talk about what would've happened in the option 1 bad end in the side-story's post-game chat thread, as I will for any choice. This will be where I answer all questions about the game and reveal all secrets as well as what ideas I had for certain choices and directions the game could've gone. (Barring anything that reveals too much about ideas for the main story.)

My policy is "I won't write two sets of stories." Meaning, I write a story for the choice that's chosen. If a choice isn't chosen, I won't write another 'branch' and try to maintain two. But since this is an ending with no other choices, I could make an exception, I think. If there's a large amount of interest, I'll write a full treatment for the option 1 bad end after the side-story concludes. If there's no such interest, I'll still discuss what would've happened.

b4fea No.11386


Do you think it's possible to port Edwys into Edward's world as an NPC if her own path ends here?

475eb No.11387

I'm sorry. Can you clarify what you mean by this?

b4fea No.11388


Basically have Edwys return as another character that appears in Impregnator Kings instead of killing her off in this story(should it end here).

I personally like entertaining the idea of Edwys entering the dimension of Edward’s world but with her original backstory and personality intact(could introduce an interesting plot dynamic with her existence). But that’s just me.

It just feels like a waste if we were to go on this decline. Because she might as well share or have a better ending/fate than the one presented to us at the moment.

357d1 No.11389

Option 2

475eb No.11390

I think you may have voted in the wrong thread.

I guess I'm still confused. Do you mean the basic concept of Edwys, as a potential bride for Edward, or Edwys as Edwys (Edward, but born as a girl) stepping out of a portal into his room, with them both wondering who the other is, or some such thing?

97d00 No.11391

So having slept on it, here's my thoughts on the current choices (and a blatant attempt to persuade others to my point of view):

Option one: this appealed to me at first as a way to atone for our sins. But eradicating ourself from existence isn't going to wash away the filicide, regicide, and low-level genocide we've set in motion. Further, dying now condemns Vlad to being Erika's plaything and almost certainly condemns Tharja to be killed by Beatrice (or worse)- she knows where he is, she knows he's likely to investigate what happened to Valachia, that he could raise a new cadre of witch hunters if he figures it out- a loose end, regardless of our existence. Killing ourself is the worst fate for everyone involved.

Option two: silencing Vlad without killing him here not only leaves him to be Erika's trinket, it also stands as a rejection of everything he's told us. Thing is, I don't think he's lying. Is he perhaps presenting the truth in a way to convince us to kill ourselves? Sure. But everything he's said carries some truth to it. Letting him live here is also an implicit acceptance of Beatrice and Erika's way of doing things. Which I'm not okay with. Beatrice may not have intended to ruin our life, but by God if she'd done just a little more digging on Vlad's whole "three kids" rule, we probably never would have made the choice to become a witch. And while she's almost certainly right that we could discover magic to do all kinds of lewd and naughty things involving pregnancy, and we could birth countless children… I don't know that we'll ever truly be a mother like we wanted to be. Beatrice let us walk into the decision to become a witch with only part of the story. We have to accept that she wasn't purely looking out for us on this.

Option three: mercy-kill. To me, this choice is all about what's left of Edwys the girl, Edwys who wanted to be a good wife and good mother. Vlad says that the only way to honor that is to kill ourselves, but saving him from Erika's predations and standing up to our witch "sisters" seems like the real way to do that. I'm still not sure what to do about Tharja- I'm inclined to say "claim him as a pet first, just to keep him safe from the other witches", but I dunno how feasible that is for a newborn witch.

b4fea No.11392


Aye. Both scenarios. But the perspective would still be on Edward.

4d66a No.11393

Oh, Lord. Now I'm thinking about what those character interactions would look like, and depending on if it's Edwys before going to Ruhemania or Edwys after the events of the spin-off, they look VERY different. Pre-spinoff Edwys is just another lady for the harem, if one who would be reticent to not at least be married. Post-spinoff… Edward would have a witch version of himself on his hands who's traumatized beyond all reason. Tharja (being our lovely freak of a wife) would be encouraging us to hook up with her while also elated to have a new witch friend. But Edwys's reactions to the main story characters would be interesting, to say the least. Meeting Beatrice prime would probably be the wildest, though.

ab7c0 No.11394

About the pet-thing… the main story made it clear at some point that there is an understanding among the witches that humans cannot be claimed as pets. And if I remember correctly, it's not just one pet either. Beatrice has "goats" claimed as her pet, not a couple of specific goats. No other witch experiments with goats, only Beatrice does. At least that's how I remember it. I'd have to read up on it to be sure. Maybe after work

ab7c0 No.11395

And the words "go fuck yourself" would get a whole different meaning ;-)

5eede No.11396

I must have missed/forgotten that. The only thing I could remember about pets was that Edward claiming that Patchouli had violated the Pax by interfering with Tharja's pet (i.e. Edward himself) wouldn't fly because Patchy cursed us before we met Tharja.

…side note, if ripping out Vlad's tongue wins (which it seems poised to do, to my disappointment), better hope Beatrice is quick thinking enough and able to cauterize it. Otherwise it's just killing him a different way. :V

b4fea No.11397


Precisely, current Edwys is just too valuable of a character not to ignore to insert into our main storyline. Not to mention she's technically a high value character that Edward can impregnate(maybe even give her the life she never had).

One word, multiverse.

26dd2 No.11398

You know, recent events in the Princess thread and past events in the King thread seem to have brought about an interesting case.

Perhaps it should be suggested to the witches that the Pax should be revised, though the bulk of its rules can remain intact. However it clearly did more harm than good as Ruhemania's witches were exterminated, so maybe some emergency provisions could be added to prevent an event like that from occurring again. Also maybe some lesser allowances that might allow Patchy to come visit at some point (gotta see how her bump is coming along)

97d00 No.11399

Edwys, Witch of Reform? :P

0e336 No.11400

Knowledge doesn't step outside her library for much. The damn fairies would have it on fire inside of ten minutes. To say nothing of her assistant…

475eb No.11402

Humans can and are definitely claimed as pets.

Beatrice makes Tharja swear she doesn't consider Edward a pet.

Edward freaks out when Beatrice suggests Tharja is thinking of the women she helps Edward impregnate (through shaving their crotch) as pets.

Beatrice suggests she could keep Erika away from the castle if the castle peasants are considered her 'pets,' but that would mean she'd honestly have to be using them as pets. (Ie, experimenting with them.)

The option for Edward to try to claim Patchouli had violated the Pax was listed as a GAME OVER but I never confirmed why this would have been a GAME OVER.

19a5c No.11403

I stand corrected

97d00 No.11404

>The option for Edward to try to claim Patchouli had violated the Pax was listed as a GAME OVER but I never confirmed why this would have been a GAME OVER.

My theory on this has always been that Patchouli would have laughed in our face at the idea of our being Tharja's pet when the curse was in place before we even met her, much less before we knew she was a witch. Then she'd leave without doing anything about the curse, and not being able to father children in Impregnator Kings would absolutely be a Game Over.

26dd2 No.11405

Alternatively, Patchy could have flipped it back on Tharja and Beatrice that they were trying to interfere with her experiment and invoke the Pax on them. From there she could have either laughed in all their faces and left, or brought upon some unknown hell that would have resulted in at least Tharja and Beatrice getting killed if not Edward or even the rest of the castle as well (especially since Daniella was still lurking in the shadows at that moment).

As for suggesting to make addendums to the Pax (it's about all Edward or Edwys can do), it's not an immediate need but certainly something to take note of. No guarantees that Beatice and Erika won't simply laugh in their faces at the suggestion (even if they agree, it might be a lot of trouble to do), but it's certainly worth keeping in mind the role it played in the massacre of Ruhemania's witches.

a4da9 No.11406

You know, it hadn't even occurred to me that Patchy could (perhaps correctly) claim Edward as a magical experiment and Pax us right back. You've got a point there.

0e336 No.11407

Heh. One of the most idiotic witches in the world… or one of the most powerful. Doesn't help if you happen to be both, either…

475eb No.11408

Hello everyone,

I have to offer my thoughts about Impregnated Princess, or as it should possibly be called now, Impregnated Witch.

When we finished the scene with King Vlad, I expected to wrap up the story relatively quickly.

However, I now see there is real investment in the story with the votes, discussion, and other commentary.

I believe I can continue to tell Witch Edwys's story. As long as there is interest. This will be alongside King Edward, of course.

One question that remains that I promised to answer was: "What would have choosing the GAME OVER (Bad End) option entailed?"

I've decided that with the side-story continuing to move forward, I will not write a full treatment. Pretty soon, the plot and characterization is going to outrun where I could've seen that ending going and it will be too much of a throwback to write it.

However, I did promise to talk about it and reveal, at a time I thought the chat thread for asking "what choice would've done what?" was soon coming.

I will therefore give my outline of how I had planned to write the Bad End.

Let me warn you: it is terribly depressing. No character gets what they want in this ending. Nevertheless, if this is how you'd like to think Impregnated Princess ended, that's your right.

So, keep reading on, or please hide the next post if you never want to see what could've been.

475eb No.11409

Edwys falls sway to King Vlad's words.

She can't control her emotions. The innocent happiness she used to feel. The hope. The despair at being betrayed. The anger at King Vlad. The anxiety that maybe… just maybe… Beatrice had also been manipulating her.

It's too much.

She opens her book and reaches for the pages.

Her book is screaming at her to stop, but she won't.

Beatrice is screaming at her to stop, but she won't.

She tugs once and feels the very core of her being begging her to stop what she's doing. The papers of her book remain fixed. There's a parallel to her own baby twitching as if it knew she was about to sacrifice it.

Then she tugs again.

The narration cuts out immediately, mid-word.

The perspective then switches to Beatrice.

She looks down at the empty shell that was Edwys, and the pages of her book still grasped in her hands.

King Vlad wheezes, then starts to say something. It's unclear if it's going to be gloating, remorseful, or praise for Edwys's actions.


The, Beatrice uses her magic to completely rend King Vlad apart until he's a smear on the wall, before he can get another word out.

She stares at Edwys blankly until she realizes she killed King Vlad.

For good measure, she crushes Vlad's eyes to nothing too.

Beatrice completely breaks down.

"Erika will surely invoke the Pax on me. –I will let her. I will prove him wrong. I won't fight my inevitable death at her hands. I won't let King Vlad be right.

What do I care? I just lost my best friend. My only friend since Maria. Someone who I looked forward to spending a thousand years of fun with.

Someone who at least would've had 'a' life if not for me, if she remained a mortal. And now she's nothing.

What do I care if I join her?"

The perspective then switches to Erika, who walks into the room, sees Edwys's dead body, ripped book, and a catatonic Beatrice. She had a moment of "Wtf happened here?" Then she remarks "She couldn't handle it? I didn't think people actually did that." Beatrice makes no reaction.

Erika then says, whatever, they need to get going. Where's King Vlad's eyes, or even his body? Beatrice finally says she destroyed them.

Erika turns and asks her if Beatrice realizes she was going to cast some magic she'd been saving on him. She replies that she knew. Erika stares at her hard, before finally saying: "Whatever, I need you to help me collapse the castle. Let's just go."

Then Beatrice tells her to invoke the Pax.

Erika is surprised, and stares at her. She tells her this is kind of a flimsy premise to invoke the Pax with. Is Beatrice trying to make Erika look stupid? What's her angle? –The implication is Erika completely doesn't understand Beatrice is falling into grief and WANTS to be killed. She just doesn't see that as an option.

Erika continues to taunt her, saying: "You're definitely going to die, Beatrice!" And Beatrice makes no move, so finally, Erika invokes the Pax.

Every witch in the world shows up.

The majority of them are saying things like "This ought to be good, I was in the middle of something!" and it's clear none of them want to be there.

At which point, Marisa flies down on a broom and says she'll handle things. No one goes against her or tries to say 'Who died and made you Queen of the Witches?'

At first there's some question about who Edwys is and wtf happened, but Erika just says "Some mortal Beatrice helped ascend. I don't know. I didn't watch it. I guess she couldn't handle it."

At any rate, Erika explains her reason for invoking the Pax.

Marisa, and most of the witches are skeptical.

"Hold on. You just asked Beatrice to get you some mortal's eyes, without even saying you were gonna experiment with them, and she didn't, so that's 'interfering with your magical experiments?' …That's kinda flimsy, Erika ze."

At which Erika acts indignant and points out Beatrice isn't denying it.

Beatrice then finally speaks up and tells them she willingly and knowingly violated the Pax. She intentionally interfered with Erika's experiment.

Marisa gets closer and asks Beatrice if she's really, really sure that's what happened, and she repeats it.

At which point Marisa sighs, then announces it's obvious that Beatrice is consumed in grief at losing the prospective new witch she just helped ascend.

They can see the paper of Edwys's books curled up in Edwys's fingers and under her nails. It's clear it was a suicide from Edwys not being able to handle her new identity.

"Beatrice is basically committing 'suicide by Pax' here, ze. Is that really why we made the Pax? C'mon, people."

The majority of witches are being swayed by Marisa, but then Erika speaks up:

"Doesn't matter! We all agreed that the Pax is absolute! No exceptions! Besides… you all don't know what's been happening here."

Erika then tells the entire story of King Vlad's crusade. The other witches begin to notice that the dead witches of Ruhemania aren't there, to their shock.

"The reason it couldn't be stopped was because of the absoluteness of the Pax. If we just ignore the Pax, it's like saying they died for nothing. …Besides, this is Beatrice. It's basically her entire fault the Pax even exists."

It's at this point more and more voices take Erika's side. "She's a bitch, but she has a point."

Marisa finally sighs, then says it's clear how everything's going. They have to carry out the Pax. She gives a little glance at Beatrice, then backs off.

All the witches begin to yell jeers at her:

"Bye Beatrice! Can't say it was fun!"

"Bye bye, Golden Bitch!"

"Goodbye, Betrayer!"


Then every single witch brings their magical energy down and vaporizes Beatrice's book, and her.

After which, all of the witches begin wondering aloud where the fuck they actually are. The Pax summons them all, but there's no way to get them back home. (Unless they have their own solution, like Patchouli can call on Sakuya.)

Erika then makes a proposition. She has it on good authority that this country is about to explode in all out civil war. It's isolated. Backwater. Has a lot of random spread out settlements that can be preyed on… why don't a few of them stick around?

"It's free real estate!"

They collapse the castle together and move on.

Then a little epilogue about how King Vlad was able to kill two last witches by his actions.

However, it was a pyrrhic victory. He couldn't stop more witches from coming to the new Ruhemania he built and tearing it asunder.

Ruhemania was condemned to fall into the clutches of witches who cared not for manipulating games of nobility. Just using the peasantry for their own ends until they became bored.

Beatrice couldn't find redemption for her sins against her fellow witches or start anew with Edwys.

And Edwys… she sacrificed her humanity for the sake of becoming a stillborn witch.

And a new Dark Age descended upon Ruhemania.



As you can see, this ending is really dark and depressing. I don't share it to say those who voted to see it were wrong in motivation or incorrect in taking Vlad seriously. It was an option to be voted on and something Edwys could have done. I merely share it now to keep my promise.

d9d6e No.11410

Does anyone else feel terribly guilty about how the performance went down in the main thread? I find myself wanting to put my head through my desk for not thinking of how Noi would react to being in front of a crowd. It turned out alright for her in the end, but we only turned it around thanks to the work we've put in thus far. And worse still was how we ruined Alena's show. I hope we can find a way to apologize later.

0e336 No.11411

Yeah, I was honestly hoping to turn it into a staged wrestling match of sorts, but should've accounted for Noi being unable to safely grandstand.

Ah well. Maybe another time.

97d00 No.11412

…so I'm hoping we're gonna get to find out why they say Beatrice is responsible for the Pax and betrayed other witches at some point. Knowing what little I do of where Beatrice originates, I'm not about to throw some wild guess about her actually being Bernkastel or Lambdadelta (or their Higurashi counterparts, for that matter). But we gotta find out more about the Pax somewhere, either as Edwys or Edward. …also shit I just went back and checked that thread to check my facts- Miracles was Bernkastel's title. Beatrice might be about to pop off at Edwys- should be fun.

Yeaaah, even as someone who voted against that option, I was sitting there thinking "Maaaybe we should discuss how Noi isn't an actor and will probably freeze?"

475eb No.11413

When Erika first appears, Beatrice explains to him in their talk afterward that Beatrice killed both Lambdadelta and Bernkastel. She also says "many hands were on the blade." Erika also says to Edward when they first meet: "You've got quite a pariah for a witch." The extent to which they're telling the truth isn't stated. Though you may be able to infer from certain scenes. (How Beatrice interacts with Patchouli, and her other words about witch society to Edward, etc.)

97d00 No.11414

Gah, I need to do a proper re-read. Thanks for refreshing me on it.

26dd2 No.11415

Well, that little 'what-if' does seem to strengthen the idea that maybe the Pax is flawed and could use some adjustments. Maybe it might not be as difficult as originally thought, but at current the best that can be done is for Edward (and/or Tharja) and Edwys to make suggestions, and probably only at a reasonable time.

a508e No.11422

I have to ask.

Is there some sort of aversion to Mania in the player base here? I've understood avoiding seeing her a few times in previous choices because we had more pressing matters to attend to.

But we're in the closing days of the festival now, the Chrisania siblings are dealt with the new conflicts with them can be resolved in time or during the time skip, Princess A blew up in our face, and most other loose ends are wrapped up.

But we still have yet to wrap up Mania's housing situation and it remains one of our few current loose ends, and on top of that she's the only pregnancy content in a pregnancy fetish game right now, and we're still passing her up.

I haven't 100% enjoyed all of the choices that we've made, but that's the nature of any democratic system and I accept it. But this one truly baffles me. She's not my favorite character in the story, either. But this may be the third or fourth time we've passed up on her in a row, but the first time we passed her despite no other major time pressures or priorities.

I dunno. It feels like a pattern at this point and I want to check the pulse on where we're all at with this.

c0b51 No.11423

I like Mania, but I think most players either want to see the other sisters, or dont want to be associated with a crazy woman who might blow up in our face.

475eb No.11424

It's been my experience that the girls seem to get less attention in terms of choices after they've been slept with or Edward can't really 'get' something out of them in terms of the story.

It's been a while since Malon got a sex scene for example, because she's just a stable-hand, Edward's slept with her a few times, and there's no particular reason to long-hand out a scene where Edward goes to interact with his horse.

Beatrice on the other hand probably has had more focus than Tharja at this point, because Beatrice can do almost anything Edward asks for, and provides him with lots of relevant information for him to use plot-wise. I think most everyone likes her personality and physical appearance as well. Not to mention the sex scenes have a bit more of a dynamic because Beatrice feels comfortable 'challenging' Edward. The fact she hasn't been confirmed as being pregnant may be another factor. Including her foot fetish in a sex scene has also been scaled back after I saw only a few readers liked it, most were 'meh', and those who didn't like it really didn't like it.

I'd be curious to see the results of a popularity poll.

97d00 No.11425

If you ever run such a poll, I'd suggest ranked voting, just so we can get a sense of "second bests" and the like- sorta like you did when we picked our wife in thread 1.

b4fea No.11426


Personally, I’m intrigued and deeply interested at the situation of Edward having his expectant women owning prominent positions or of power. There’s a certain attraction I personally feel that in some way, that we as players have such interesting characters under our belt who are carrying our offspring.

But that is merely my perspective on why I enjoy having Robin, Beatrice, Tharja, among many others as the women Edward impregnated.

0e336 No.11427

I just find there's too much to do, not enough hours in the day.

d762b No.11428

More like too many girls to do, am I right? Hahaha!

…I'll see myself out.

0e336 No.11430

Heh. Really. "You've committed no sins?"

That alone is a confession of hubris, and dangerously close to blasphemy as you are basically saying you are equivalent to a god.

97d00 No.11431

Pride goeth, and all that.

0e336 No.11432

Hoo boy. Time to plan a counteroffensive, with yourself as bait. Also time for Robin to prove her worth as general. This… is gonna be bloody. But I'm guessing whatever puppetmaster's trying a power grab here might reveal their hand if we let them try their little coup. Little blah blah, some egotistic monologuing, shoot them in the backs when they realize their weapons are just cardboard an aluminum foil thanks to our resident witch.

0e336 No.11433

Pull it off right, and we can have just cause to do a search and audit of every castle resident and guest, and no one will realize magic was involved in some of the mistakes.

97d00 No.11434

So all this subterfuge about a potential uprising has got me thinking, and I have to ask a question that won't be very pleasant. I know that as long as a witch's book is intact, they're able to heal and recover- they're effectively unkillable so long as the book remains. In Impregnated Princess/Witch you even alluded to a witch being reduced to a pile of viscera and being able to recover so long as she had her book. But since we've got this potential threat in Kings and we used the strategic/defensive aspect of being able to decide when to give birth as a deciding factor in Princess/Witch, I have to ask. If a pregnant witch is injured in such a way that would put risk on her unborn child, does the ability to recover extend to the child? Put bluntly, if everything goes tits up and some renegade guard stabs Tharja in the abdomen, would she be able to save her child(ren) with her book, or would we need to start over?

475eb No.11435

From thread #5:


That's right.

You know witches don't die as long as their books are undamaged, but what about the child in Tharja's womb?

Beatrice… looks hesitant.

"…That's an interesting question," she admits, clicking her tongue.

Finally, she frowns.

"I don't know. My instinct is to say if Tharja was somehow harmed in a way that could potentially hurt the child, she could likely heal without losing the pregnancy… but there's no way to know for sure."

–Except by testing it.

Beatrice nods.

"But, if I were you, I'd avoid it. Tharja may be immortal, but if she were witnessed suffering a mortal wound, it would look awfully suspicious if she made a complete and full recovery."

… Agh.

In other words, even if Tharja didn't 'die', Tharja's 'role' as your wife and the Princess could be 'killed' if she suffered some wound that would make someone think 'no one could possibly survive that'.

Beatrice nods.

"Quite right," she says.

Tharja sighs.

"… Couldn't we just make sure no one witnesses it, then? Or, you know, silence those who do?" she asks.

Beatrice cackles.

"Ahahaha~! Good! You're thinking like a witch."

c1b32 No.11436

One of these days I'll get around to rereading the older threads and remembering all of this. Thanks, Aristo.

475eb No.11437

It's no trouble. I myself have problems remembering what details I've given and haven't, sometimes. Though so far I've only committed what I think was one writer's mistake, which I owned up to.

Furthermore, also from thread #5, I want to point out in Beatrice and Erika's duel, Beatrice does completely reduce Erika to viscera, as well as crushes her skull under her foot. She then immediately revives her by dropping her book on the remains.

Erika also explains in thread #5 that she faked her death by letting witch-hunters 'kill' her by getting 'caught' when assassinating King Vlad's family, then letting them burn a fake book. She then let them literally burn her entire body down to ash that was then scattered to the wind, and somehow kept her own book safe, which she used to reform herself. That is, Erika literally was burnt completely to ash, and still revived herself because her book was safe. How she managed all that hasn't exactly been explained in either story, beyond some hints in the Edwys side-story that Beatrice was 'taught' how to better 'hide' her book by Erika while she infiltrated as Beatrice from Elbania.

b4fea No.11438


Also Aristo, wanted to point out that I’ve noticed you’ve been very consistent with the updates recently and want to let you know we appreciate your efforts a lot in that regard.

475eb No.11439

It got a little easier after the tournament (our first milestone) passed, and I also became more enthusiastic at introducing a character like Mania to fulfill the "What about a belly?" request. (This is very much my fetish too.)

b4fea No.11440

Won’t deny the timing was perfect. She will definitely keep us satisfied until the other ones starts to show as well.

23cca No.11441

Yes. The updates have been absolutely on-point. I am very much enjoying these extensive posts with a lot of meat to them.

We've been doing this for five years, and you're still doing incredible work. And thank you for Mania, sincerely.

475eb No.11442

I feel I should also thank you all. If it weren't for the timely votes, I wouldn't feel comfortable closing the polls and beginning on the next update right away. I'm sure sporadically checking the site every once in a while 'just in case' I've posted something is a hassle. Sometimes I cannot get to my DA account to say "there's an update."

At any rate, I'm glad we've hit a 'groove' and things pick up. As I've said, the Faire marks a real milestone for the story.

d9d6e No.11449

I consider myself an even-tempered man, but excuse me while I vent a moment:

FUCK! You all just HAD to go after Mania and get belly rubs in! We've ruined the reputation of Alena and are likely to never see her again all because you guys had to go get a chubby for a chubby Hex Maniac. I never understood why some people find her attractive, and I don't care about the pregnancy play, I care about doing the right thing for the characters that Aristo has created. And now I have to wait until New Game Plus to try again and we don't know if we're going to be lucky enough to get that far. You fucking horny bastards!

…Now that it's out of my system, I'm good. It would have been difficult to predict their early departure, though it does seem obvious in hindsight. I don't hold anything against anyone personally; I just wanted to get out the frustration after my numerous votes to try to fix things have been for nothing. It's the nature of the game, I know.

97d00 No.11450

While I disagree with you on Mania (she's weird, but I kinda like her) and I have enjoyed the belly play with her, I do have to agree that we dropped the ball on Alena and there's pretty much no way we're gonna fix this one. It's definitely disappointing that taking the fetish choice locked us out of getting to see Alena again.

3a292 No.11451

Meh, that die was cast when we shoved Noi up on stage. We had two other choices to step away from the pool and we dove in headfirst instead.

475eb No.11452

At the risk of making myself a target…

I'll say as soon as the choice to send Noi on stage was made, Alena was gone without a chance to get her back. Choosing to try to meet Alena by that point would've just brought the "Alena left the Faire," message sooner. I'm sorry. I liked her too but that's the way things had to turn out with what happened.

But, please believe what I say in the narrative. The trade off of Alena's departure with Noi having a chance to really resolve her issues means something.

Thank you also for using the chat thread. The venting is meaningful and lets me know audience expectations for the future.

97d00 No.11453

No, that's fair. Makes that vote being decided by a coin flip even more frustrating, though.

573e5 No.11454

dare say that recently and dearly departed Kentaro Miura would be very approving of your commitment to the Laws of Causality.

d9d6e No.11455

Amen. Doesn't help that I was one ones that blundered with that vote. Which was also why I was so invested in apologizing.

So it was too late, anyway. That's actually somewhat good to know. I still would have been okay with not having sex with Alena; I just wanted to apologize at the very least, maybe make some sort of reparations, invite her back for a future faire.

But a good DM has a plan of cause to effect, and I will echo >>11454 Kudos for sticking to your guns, Aristo.

c1d16 No.11456

I find it interesting the poetess didn't take many coins. It hints at her character.

0e336 No.11457

A fool, generally. But one good for amusement and entertainment. Would want one trained in the actual arts for the court though. Someone who knows how to speak truth to power without offering offense, particularly at formal gatherings.

b4fea No.11458

Aristo taking a piece of that Genshin Impact reference with the name.

475eb No.11459

It's been a rule that characters always keep their actual names I take the portraits from. I don't think I've had to change that yet. (Except for Edwys who I just used whoever fit the general portrait I had in mind for her. At some point she turned into Jeanne and I outright used Jalter for her witch-persona.)

475eb No.11462

This choice in the side-story is going to help shape what kind of witch Edwys is going to be. It's not set in stone, but Edwys is developing her 'style', esp. in how Beatrice and Erika regard her. Please vote for what you think makes most sense or most want to see.

DA seems to be down so I have to put this info here.

97d00 No.11465

So this is probably just paranoia (I hope), but we might want to be very careful with this business of who would be regent if something happened to Edward and Tharja. Because the logical answer is Ricardo… whose new wife was one of the members of the Chrisania plot to take our throne.

475eb No.11468

Hello everyone.

I ran out of energy to write an update that would get us to a choice in Impregnated Princess/Witch of Fecundity. Sorry about that. There is still an update on the main story.

However, I was thinking, since everything that happened until Edwys became a witch is more or less a prologue by now, maybe it'd be fine to go back and discuss where previous paths and choices may have gone? Edwys's story has taken her far from her initial concerns.

So, here's some notes for the interested:

1. A question I received was "Was loving Tharja an option?" This was something I was aware of would be an issue in the side-story, as we know Edward and Tharja did fall in love in Impregnator Kings. However, there were many things altered by the dynamics of Tharja being male and Edwys being female.

Tharja is King Vlad's son. His 'only hope' so to speak. Tharja up until Edwys is pregnant is encouraged to spend time with her and have sex with her constantly. They even tell each other they love each other.

But… this was not the same love that occurred in the main story. This was Edwys being charmed by Tharja and loving the 'role' of being his pregnant wife. This was Tharja being charmed by Edwys and knowing she'd be mother to his children. Edwys knew, correctly, once she was pregnant, Tharja wouldn't have to spend as much time with her. Could she have enticed him and it would have become true love? I don't know, choices didn't fall that way. The problem was Tharja will still be King Vlad's son even if Edwys dies. With Edward and King Vlad, if Tharja suddenly died, Edward would be sent home immediately. Meaning, Edward's responsibilities were to basically sit around and wait. He has a lot more control over their relationship and where it can go. Furthermore, in Impregnator Kings, the audience was consistently, and with full knowledge and intent of what they were doing, going out of their way to make Tharja happy. Every single choice. That's why I decided "Well… that could mean love." And I would settle the issue and no longer make his relationship with Tharja a "balancing act," if chosen. Which, it was.

In Impregnated Princess… Edwys and Tharja are subject to a lot more external obligations and outright obstacles. Could their relationship become true love and stayed true love when King Vlad was literally forcing Tharja to sleep with prostitutes? Well, Edward himself has sex with many women, but Tharja came to accept it and even encourage it. Edwys was nowhere near that state, and given the nature of Edwys was "proper" and the players wanted Edwys to be "proper" likely would never have been. At most, by the end of that part of the story, she knew she had to accept Tharja was all but assuredly having lovers. Perhaps even the "Madonna-Whore" complex had set in. It's impossible to state.

In gameplay terms, Edward loving Tharja was something unplanned and only came up because it 'made sense'. If Edwys and Tharja were to be true soulmates in love with each other, it would have needed to 'make sense.' That's really all I can say. You really do write the story with me. I have general guidelines and causalities, but I do not have a list of choices mapped out. But it remains to be said that point was not reached when the story began, which was several weeks after their 'meeting date' and she was already pregnant. Not at all how Impregnator Kings went through its timeline. In fact, there was a whole joke that Edwys began the story already pregnant when Edward had yet to have it confirmed he'd impregnated any of the new characters yet beyond the matchmaker.

One hint I left to the circumstances was that Edwys's wedding ring was silver. And she openly is upset at one point she didn't get a gold ring. This means Tharja and Edwys's rings would not have matched, and never even got the chance to match.

2. You may have noticed there was one GAME OVER offered before Edwys became a witch. I noted it'd be bittersweet, but Edwys would live. You may have wondered what it was or would have entailed.

Well, I'll tell you my notes.

If Edwys chose to not betray Daniella's plan to Beatrice, but only fulfilled her part of the bargain, then Daniella would still have made her attempt. And she would have burned Beatrice's book. And… it would have been a fake. The trial of Daniella and execution would've played out with Edwys not knowing what was going on. Taking refuge only in that it meant her secret of her affair with Beatrice was safe.

After that, Beatrice and Edwys would grow distant.

King Vlad would die of 'natural causes'.

Tharja is suddenly King. Tharja is suddenly spending a lot of time with Beatrice. A lot of time. Beatrice barely checks on Edwys anymore and in fact some other servant is delegated the role of seeing to her prenatal care.

…You get where this was going?

In the end, Edwys becomes very lonely. She is barely visited by Tharja except between pregnancies. And she has to literally beg him for more children each time she gives birth after the third. It'd be heavily implied he only concedes because of Beatrice's influence. Though Edwys lived, and she got to be a mother for many children who she loved very much… she didn't really have any friends, the eldest children were being groomed to be heirs or otherwise deal with politics, and Beatrice never looks at Edwys the same way again. All while Tharja continues to be King and consult with Beatrice a lot. Edwys lives. She gets to be pregnant. She finds some happiness, but she has no idea what Tharja is doing and lacks any way to change her circumstances or really influence what's going on.

So this idea for an ending was going to mirror Impregnator Kings. Beatrice kills King Vlad. Beatrice goes to Tharja and offers to be his witch, guide him in politics, and fulfill his needs while he's King. He accepts. Beatrice knows Edwys went along with Daniella's plan, and even if she knows there must have been coercion, it sours their relationship. Beatrice never makes her offer to Edwys to become a witch, but she does kill King Vlad (and end the threat of her marriage being annulled) and urge Tharja to have as many children with Edwys as she wants as a sort of parting "Thanks." Meanwhile, the partnership with Erika is no longer needed and she goes off to do other things. Any other ideas involving any other characters or directions the plot may have gone are moot because the choice wasn't chosen. People rejected it and instead the timeline has taken us to where we are.

I could write more about other issues, and I think I will write more eventually, but that's enough for now. I hope some are finding the side-story as intriguing as the main story now that Edwys is in a position she has true agency. It is also intriguing to me. Edward will always be looking as an outsider into what Beatrice and other characters do as witches. Edwys gets to experience it herself, and the point-of-view is very interesting to explore.

I hope it's enjoyable.

b4fea No.11469


Here we have our first look into Aristo’s processing with regards to the story….and here I am practically blown away from the analysis. Simply amazing.

I love the parallel comparison between you how wrote Edwys and Edward. But also a big thanks to everyone who has been on this boat for years, and looking forward to see how this will turn out further into the future.

I am curious, what was going in your mind before starting Impregnator Kings/Princess? Where did get the inspiration?

And another question I’d like to ask as a writer myself is - how do you build up those skills in terms of writing the stories?

475eb No.11470

I'll come back to this later and give it the answer it deserves. But to say right now…

I honestly don't know. It has been a while, in my defense. I'll have to think about this and come back to it.

I do know I was very nervous about actually trying to begin any sort of interactive story. I thought for sure it would be laughed out of existence or otherwise fail. I didn't think it'd get any traction. There were other stories on the site at the time as well.

The only reason, the only reason, that I even made the first post was because I received encouragement from someone. I reached out to someone privately about the prospect and they encouraged me. Without that encouragement I don't think an aristocrat from 5+ years ago makes that first post and begins Impregnator Kings. (I don't give a name to maintain anonymity of private correspondence.)

In terms of skills, I'll say it's two fold. Not just the writing, but also listening. Feedback. Knowing what people do and don't want to read. Impregnator Kings is great for that because I can do it choice by choice. You're writing the story with me.

I'm a fan of MST3K. They mock bad movies. The movies they mock generally fall under several categories: they're so old they just seem goofy now, they have poor writing/acting/etc., or…

The worst one: They have nothing to offer the audience but depression.

Have that attitude when it comes to a story. The previous two can be fixed, the last one can't. And it takes a godly amount of talent to make a story that is only consistently depressing and still be compelling.

If you mean actual technical aspects of writing, not just story-telling, I have an image for that I'll post later.

67598 No.11471

Well, I can't say that "happy life with Tharja" was never realistically possible for Edwys isn't disappointing, but I understand your reasoning and appreciate you explaining it. The description of the bittersweet ending isn't quite what I had thought up in my mind, but it tracks.

If you're up for answering more questions, I'm curious as to how the story would have evolved if we hadn't picked Beatrice when Vlad offered us a personal servant. Would witchcraft have still appeared?

Secondary question, how much of what Vlad told us after he lost his eyes was true and how much was just him trying to twist the knife?

573e5 No.11472

So…Manos, The Hands of Fate…

c1d16 No.11473

Yeah, that one's the Unholy Trinity wrapped in grainy footage and cruelty to poodles.

0e336 No.11474

>>11471 Oh, from King Vlad's perspective it was all true. The problem is that perspective was highly self-centered and self-righteous, so his version of events was always going to be skewed horribly and involve a lot of pain.

23cca No.11476

As long as we're answering questions…

There was a time earlier in the story in the main thread where we expressed some genuine vulnerability and affection for Beatrice and she had an… interesting reaction. I believe you even included a shattered reaction jpeg with the update as well.

What happened? What effect did this have? How has this shaped her relationship with Edward/how she feels towards Edward? Or is a lot of this still in-play and you're not at liberty to discuss?

475eb No.11477

The part of King Vlad's interrogation I won't answer, several reasons:

1. It's still relevant. If I tell you "Beatrice lied about X" and "King Vlad told the whole truth about Y," you may grow to hate Beatrice or otherwise suspect her words and that's revealing a part of a story that is still relevant. Alternatively you may think "Oh, Beatrice did no wrong and we should always rely on her and trust her."

2. >>11474
This is basically right. Things can be true from a person's point of view.

I'll give a hint though:

King Vlad had a ruling 'style'. Disobedience to his word or law was a death sentence. He would never let someone force him into an arrangement he explicitly didn't make. In exchange, he would also deal with everyone in a fair and honest manner, but they better do what he says.

King Edward has his own style. That is, he's willing to look at circumstances. He's willing to make sacrifices at the detriment of himself because it's the 'right' thing to do. He's even willing on occasion to be wrong.

Rather than say which is better, ask yourself this:

Is it possible to satisfy all of these, all of the time?

Edward we know has already had to make compromises. Accepting Robin's 'deal,' as it was, violated his policy of hearing the circumstances of her family and other siblings. Was it necessary? Maybe not, but it worked out for him, and he thought it was probably in his interest to compromise his beliefs a little.

Under what circumstances would King Vlad have to make a compromise, and why? Would it have worked?

As for the first part of the question, what if Daniella was made Edwys's maid, or what if Elizabeth and Margaret had showed up, or just anything but not 'Bring Beatrice into the castle…'

Magic probably wouldn't have been a factor. The game probably would've just turned into a cute little slice of life and exploration at what like in Ruhemania would be like if there weren't witches.

When people chose 'Beatrice,' that's when I thought "Oh, this is going to go places," and started letting myself brainstorm what that would entail.

I'll reveal a little bit more about the 'gameplay' as it was of Vlad's interrogation, next time.

67598 No.11478

Totally fair, and thank you for the details you could share.

475eb No.11481

Missed this before. Basically anything that is Impregnator Kings related is still relevant. Right back to "What about the choices at the very beginning of the game?" I can't answer anything about that whatsoever until the new game+. I can answer a little bit about what Edwys's life was like because those choices are over and Edwys's adventure has turned into something where those no longer matter, but this is not the same with anything to do with Edward.

But I'll promise we'll get there where I can answer questions like this, eventually.

97d00 No.11482

So the latest update to the main story has me thinking. Ricardo is our brother-in-law, even if that relationship isn't fully recognized. It might be nice once the faire's over and done with to start scheduling regular friendly chats. Not nearly as often as we bed Tharja, but maybe like a once a week sit and chat? Not even necessarily always detailed, just… I think he could use a friend, even if said friend is also his boss and is nailing his half-sister on the daily.

475eb No.11484

Writing a bit more about Impregnated Princess…

The climax of the pre-witch prologue, with Edwys becoming a witch, was originally going to go a little different.

I knew that Beatrice and Daniella under the same roof would inevitably have a conflict. It's simply the nature of the characters, and they must be true to their characterization.

Imagine a fiction where Daniella does not get impatient and coerces Edwys to help her get Beatrice's book. Why? Simply a different set of choices were chosen. I can't even say which ones because they all build on each other.

Imagine Beatrice is still moved enough by Edwys's situation to offer her the chance to become a witch. There's no possible 'betrayal' from Edwys to dissuade her, as in the Bittersweet Ending.

Imagine Daniella is still alive when that happens. She's orchestrated no decisive situation to press the issue that ends in her failure or success. Perhaps for lack of opportunity or lack of tools necessary.

Imagine what Beatrice shoves in front of the door doesn't hold against Daniella's desire to get behind the door.

Imagine a fight with Edwys in the middle, Daniella on one side, Beatrice on the other.

This was the type of resolution I thought Impregnated Princess was leading up to.

But, then decisions ended up to a situation of Daniella pressing the issue too soon, and her removal from the story via Edwys's choices.

So the final situation where Beatrice reveals herself to Edwys does not have a Daniella present to discover it. Her offer of becoming a witch has no logical impediment. The choice is offered, and we have what happened.

b4fea No.11485


And look how well that splendidly turned out. Idk about everyone here, but I was quite surprised by the option of Edwys becoming a witch. I thought she was going to take the same route as Edward's.

But then I realized the limitless possibilities magic can offer at Edwys' fingertips…I'm glad the audience chose to keep her going.

0e336 No.11486

Sad truth. Edwys would've always had limited agency as a mortal human. It was just part of society in that era, particularly for arisocrats and royalty.

b4fea No.11487

We’re finally getting there…visible bumps.

0e336 No.11488

A stake would be too humane for Lady Oana. Pity we made sure Erika's mansion is completely off-the-map now. I'd send her these fops as experiment material.

39c0a No.11489

There are other, almost more sadistic ways if we really wanted to be sadistic. Her son is now part of our military. If we had a war, we could threaten to send him to the frontline. We don't want a war obviously, but if say a rebellion of some disloyal nobles made a military intervention necessary, she better make sure that her son is on the winning side.

bd2cd No.11490

I'm starting to come around to your point of view… First, she's accusing us of murder, then of basically stealing her money, now she's outright xenophobic.

I mean none of her points are actually wrong. We do need guidance and a council of aristocrats who know the land and its people much better than we do would be valuable. With the Chrisania siblings we have already started to assemble such a council already. We do have plans to give back titles at some point.

But the sheer audacity! Trying to force the King to do her bidding… and pay her for it. I'm really tempted to send Beatrice after her or ask Erika to make her house collapse on her or just throw her into the dungeon. At the very least she's in dire need of a slap across her stupid face.

a4da9 No.11493

Hell, we've already relinquished a pair of roles, if not titles, by making Robin general and Corrin chancellor. Vlad held those roles before his death, so they fell to us before we gave them away. We should really bring that up during the debate.

d9d6e No.11494

The biggest problem I have with a council is that many of the nobility don't seem to care for the common folk, or our attempts to endear ourselves to them. Perhaps there are some that are sympathetic, but they have yet to step forward or otherwise make themselves known. While I don't entirely blame them for wanting what Vlad once took from them, those in the conspiracy clearly seek to use such authority to their own selfish ends, Oana chief among them.

97d00 No.11495

Yeah, same concern. The idea of a privy council isn't bad, but having Oana or her lackeys on it is. If we feel like we're going to lose the up/down on it, we might want to push for things like representation of the common folk and the ability to replace someone on the council.

96c1c No.11496


b4fea No.11497

Been a while since we've encountered an actual problem since..so let's discuss the current situation right now.

The aristocrats and Oana underestimate Edward. They've been waiting for this chance since Vlad's death and now they've set their plan in motion, albeit subtly.

I'm hoping this can be resolved peacefully because it seems like even if Edward does win this argument - they will see to it that Edward fails in his administration. This is displayed in what the Old Guard has attempted to do with Edward by swaying him to keep the troops mediocre.

Would 'silently' eliminating the opposition be a viable option in the future than keeping them at bay?

d9d6e No.11498

I'm hesitant to resort to such tactics, for therein lies the way that makes us like Vlad. Trust me, I would like to see Oana gone, but having her killed isn't going to put us in a mental place where we can actually change the kingdom. If we could banish her, or have her stuck out in some far reach of our lands, that might do.

97d00 No.11499

I'm absolutely not fond of Oana either, but the best bet is just to get through this, see her off back to Torbuja, and put her out of our mind. Make sure Beatrice or whatever larger spy network we can put together keeps an eye on trouble coming our way from her neck of the woods, but if we blunt her attack here and stay vigilant, we won't have to do anything untoward.

b4fea No.11500


I wouldn't necessarily default with having her killed off, I was thinking something along the lines of what the Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes would do - take away their power/influence.

Strip a man of his powers - what makes him?

573e5 No.11501

a party of this sort never calls a vote unless they are fairly certain they will be able to curry the necessary votes they need to succeed.

objectively speaking, ostensibly assigned 'councils' are how petty politicians become dangerous and diminutive dictators by "lawful" means.

d9d6e No.11502

Ah… This does pique my interest. Perhaps not as fun for Beatrice, but this would be optimal if we could pull it off.

Indeed, on both points. The first is why I'm on pins and needles, and the second is why we're all against it happening.

475eb No.11503

We're entering a point there will be many "no choice" updates before the next point.

If you've been updating the thread for the new updates, thank you for your votes. Do not worry about missing the next as it will take some time to reach. Hopefully not more than a day or so.

b4fea No.11504


Dang, this is it. The part where time progresses faster than usual.

Time to get on a comfy chair and watch the things unfold.

97d00 No.11505

Well, this isn't looking good. We may have this council foisted upon us. If it does happen, we really need to try to keep Oana off of it.

23cca No.11506

I will offer one note from this exchange.

I understand that the interaction is not yet over and there may yet be drama, so I may eat my words, but…

I think this was an opportunity for Edward to come off as "cool" that instead came off as bumbling. I understand we made the wrong choices and I consider consequences, obstacles, and failure to be healthy to any narrative and have asked for them in the past.

But when the prospect of this vote came up, I imagined having the opportunity to make an impassioned, scathing oratory plea to attempt to one-up a political rival. Whether the ethos of the argument succeeded or failed, I had the expectation that we would be showing ourselves as someone who is able to exchange mighty blows in an argument.

And instead, I feel that Ed came off as weak. If I were a noble, I don't know if I'd vote for him at this point, either. It wasn't just an appeal gambit that failed, or the mettle of two worthy opponents where one just outperformed the other, I think Ed came off as genuinely incompetent to the reader.

And I don't find that to be particularly compelling. Especially since we've practiced a reign of diplomacy and compromise, to see Edward fall on his face so readily in a realm that he is believably competent in feels very jarring, if not bordering on dissonant.

Just my two cents. Aristo is an incredible storyteller and I have very much enjoyed this series and the narrative quality is unlike anything else available to this community, if anywhere for this type of erotic writing. But I have to admit that I have personal gripes with how that unfolded, and just as if something similar had happened in a pen-and-paper RPG that I was playing, I would have words with the GM afterward.

573e5 No.11507

every time Edward goes against his character and fundamental basic nature, that is his ability to charm and woo with his natural charisma, he runs headlong into bad outcomes. sometimes the most unsafe and unorthodox choices, on paper, end up being the most effective and gratifying, in actualization.

all of that being said, if some kind of arbitrary "special council for the king's guidance" actually comes into play, pretty much everything Edward has accomplished and set the groundwork for to this point will be moot and potentially undone in short order and this very well could lead to a roundabout "bad end" in terms of having to curtail any and all his aims and objectives by playing petty politics and having his actual authority sieved away.

which, in as many words, will get very boring and trite, very fast.

b4fea No.11508

Personally, I think the situation so far is justified.

This is technically the first time Edward has met with the aristocrats and it's not surprising to me that there was already an opposition waiting for him at the end of the faire. The ones who feared to tread under King Vlad's rule thought they could overpower his heir with their strength in numbers.

If you asked me, I think King Vlad knew this from the start, if he chose not to lead Ruhenmania with an iron grip(as Edward is now doing), they could have easily taken advantage of the old man when he was no longer fit to rule.

Having a strong administration requires that we need to have strong allies within Ruhenmania. With the exception of Ricardo, most of our allies are from outside the kingdom than from the local area, which would explain the lack of support coming from the aristocrats.

Point is, we have a lot of work to do to really ensure Edward's kingdom is as secure for it's future heirs. If we can find a way to have Oana lose her support or find a way to denounce her claims, that is a good start.

My idea is that they can have their council - but we should have a say in who should be in those seats, not them.

e70fc No.11509

The main trouble is we already know Oana has no business anywhere near this council in a way that the self-interested nobles would understand: she insisted her own son sully his own honor in order to advance her position, she would surely throw the other nobility under the bus with less than a thought.

Whether Edward has any means to PROVE this (I honestly don't remember, do we still have her bribe and is it tracable to her?), and whether he's wise enough to convince others is the issue.

23cca No.11510


That's not the point I'm making. The situation is 100% justified and aristo foreshadowed it a long time ago. We knew challenges to our reign were coming. And they should. Challenges, obstacles, and failure are good for a story.

What I am disagreeing with is Edward's poor performance at the debate. It felt extremely out-of-character and not in cohesion with the way we play the character. If Ed had given an excellent speech, but Oana gave a better one, or if Ed gave an excellent speech and then Oana revealed a secret of ours to undermine us at court as a consequence for not following up on investigating her interference, that would have made perfect sense and I would have had no disagreement whatsoever.

But we didn't have a cool moment here. Ed performed incompetently at something we've invested in and is an inherent quality of the character. It feels off. Obi-Wan Kenobi gets iced by Vader and we accept it because Vader is a bigger badass and we're establishing his threat as a villain by having him easily best the most powerful character that we know of so far.

But if Obi-Wan got iced by Vader after falling on his ass tryingto take out his lightsaber, it would be kind of shitty and unjustified. And Obi-Wan's cool last stand instead becomes a pathetic display.

That's essentially my entire point. Ed's performance in the debate feels like it didn't match what we know of his character and instead of feeling like a cool moment that just wasn't good enough, Ed looked like a buffoon at something we know he is good at.

97d00 No.11511

And now making friends with Ricardo has paid off. Thank God.

b4fea No.11512

Give Ricardo the bro treatment and a favor hook. Man came clutch when we needed it the most. What a relief…

b4fea No.11513

Also, can we just talk about the sacrifice Ricardo just did for Edward? Like, by golly, I had no idea that interaction would him would play a huge role
in this..

Then, there’s the matter of him literally destroying any chances of him becoming king via bastardization, with a council to support him should he want to rise. The man really did that all for us..

97d00 No.11514

Ricardo really has proven himself more than a loyal subject. He truly is our friend and we need to find a way to repay him for what he did, if we even can. He saved us here, and I don't think I'm saying anything too forward by saying he really is our brother now.

Side note, even if we do decide to have Beatrice do something to Oana, we have GOT to be careful here. She just tried to coup our ass and if she suffers a mysterious fate in our castle right after? That's gonna look suspicious.

d9d6e No.11515

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one, and you put it into words far better than I could have. I found it frustrating how we bumbled(?) that, especially so soon after we messed up with Alena.

Perhaps the problem is that as game-players, we're thinking more logically than someone who has charm and charisma?

You have a point about us meeting the nobility and needing allies, but having the reality presented to us like this was most distressing, for me at least.

And finally: BRUH! Our groundwork with Ricardo paid off, though part of me wonders if he took our side because he didn't know ahead of time that Oana wanted to install him as king, which he still doesn't want. We owe him everything now, in addition to a lot of thanks.

475eb No.11516

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the feedback. Apologies also for the people who were disappointed with Edward's speech, but it's sort of what had to happen, for real reasons.

I hesitate to explain, because I don't want to accidentally reveal game details that can give things away, but I will explain the result in hopes of alleviating stress:

Arguing from logic in this situation had to produce that bad result.


The simple answer is, as Edward himself reflected, Oana actually had some fair points. It *is* obscene that he has every single last title in the Kingdom and everyone else is unlanded aristocracy. It *is* fair to say many of the lesser aristocrats gathered are much older than him and don't appreciate his promise of him giving up his titles "Sometime, soon." That is, sooner or later, they'll all be dead, and Oana was advertising change (or steps to it) right then and now. He had also spent a great deal of money on the tower and had outright told them "It's my choice, you don't get to question it." Not something that logic really helps explain when it's just an appeal to "I have divine right."

When you argue logic and the facts aren't on your side, you don't have a good argument. Edward had no choice but to flounder, and even the points he did have that were sound (he's helping the country's economy with the tower construction and the Faire, the commoners like his decisions, etc.) those were points that weren't appealing to his 'audience'.

I don't want to say what reactions the other choices would've brought as that's revealing too much.

I do apologize, but consider also how terrible it feels to be speaking publicly. Imagine yourself personally on a stage in front of strangers. You try to say something to inspire some excitement in them, and instead you get… nothing. You say something expecting some energy back from the crowd, and they just stare at you.

It's an unnerving feeling. One that makes one feel desperate. And it was the feeling Edward had to experience. Completely different from his feeling at his coronation, opening the Faire, or winning the jousting tournament. His bubble of confidence therefore deflated and he struggled to keep up his train of thought, or think of any new ways to win the crowd back.

As a final note, I say usually I try to never make a choice that has an outright 'bad' outcome, just different and preferable or unpreferable with trade-offs to varying degrees. But for this choice, I knew it was possible Edward would try to use logic (since it's a natural impulse), but it wasn't the best response in this situation. It was therefore the 'bad' choice.

Apologies to those who felt Edward was just being incompetent for no reason. He entered what he saw as a desperate situation, unprepared, against an opponent who had done her planning and already practiced and calculated what she wanted to say. Someone who knew what to say to resonate and appeal to people who were her 'peers' while Edward barely knew them. (And in fact, they've been consistently called 'lesser nobles' without names.) He simply picked the wrong weapon going into the fight. Don't take it as a failure. Even a 'bad' choice can result in an interesting place to take the story.

Thank you all for playing and using your one vote.

I hope the story is enjoyable.

475eb No.11517

Oh, I also remembered wanting to reply to this, and it's a good tie-in to what's going on now. Of course the main inspiration for this game was Crusader Kings 2, which now has a Crusader Kings 3. In which you play as a medieval dynasty. There's mods that focus on more sex options, especially pregnancy, and I thought "Maybe that would be interesting; take a medieval setting and use it as a base for a story based in pregnancy kink."

When creating King Vlad's situation in the story, I had specific inspiration from Crusader Kings 2:

King Vlad was playing "North Korea mode."

That is, normally in Crusader Kings, you have to deal with medieval politics and managing your vassals, etc. It's a bit of roleplaying to the strategy game.

But, it's possible to just kill everyone and take their titles, so that you are something crazy, like Emperor of Britainnia, King of England/Wales/Ireland/Scotland, Duke of… etc. etc.

The game gives you massive penalties, and everyone hates you, but if you just keep killing people, it's possible to do it. (Though I think current iterations of the game make it very hard to pull off.)

Thus, Edward inherits King Vlad's "game," and he encounters… well, what he encountered. That was the general idea I had going into this particular game for the story of Tharja as Edward's bride.

97d00 No.11518

Aha! I thought I caught a whiff of Paradox 4X. Good show.

As a comment on your earlier post, honestly I think you wrote all of this quite well and while I didn't care for Ed floundering, it made sense. We were caught off guard, it makes sense that we'd flub something here. Every other time we've gone in on a speech, we've known what to expect. This was navigating a minefield with a shovel and a prayer. We're just lucky Ricardo decided to jump on that mine for us.

b4fea No.11519


A person of culture, CK2/CK3 are really great games imo. Especially for pregnancy kinks.

What kind of mods are you be referring to specifically?

475eb No.11520

You know, it's been so long, I actually don't remember. I think it may have just been a simple mod that increased the chance of women having multiples? Or it may have given kinks (bondage, sadism, masochism, etc) as traits.

But, it was definitely CK2.

573e5 No.11521

speaking to the character of the players in the game and the players'-character in the form of Edward, the cognitive approach he takes to treating everyone as worthy of his time, within reason, is definitely paying dividends.

also, one can only dodge bullets for so long until they're eventually staring down the barrel.

475eb No.11522

We're entering a time in the game where Edward won't decide where to go from scene to scene. He will just be at one scene, then another.

There may or may not be choices.

Time may pass in different intervals when it's assumed he's having 'normal' scenes in between each scene. (That is, visiting Tharja at night, for example.)

3b552 No.11523

I'm glad how the story unfolded while a was taking the last two(?) days off from voting. It was a roller coaster to read what I missed.

I think we all agree that we owe Ricardo a huge debt after this. He acted perfectly in accordance with what we know about him: He has no desire to rule, never had and strongly prefers his life to stay as it is. He hesitated to vote because he saw the majority voting against his life staying the way it is and didn't want to endanger his chances further by siding with Edward. Only when Oana proposed and others agreed that he should be King did he act. And he acted very dramatically, almost desparate I would say, albeit most effective in the end.

We should talk to him and his wife as soon as possible. He singlehandedly saved our crown and our asses. And at a cost that may not be completely clear to him. He has done it to preserve his way of life, sure, but he has also denounced any place "his" future children would have had in line of succession. And Camilla… a moment ago she was the King's sister-in-law, no she is married to a nobody. I'm not sure if Ricardo even considered that. And the fact that Camilla stuck with our side in spite of that heavy demotion is something to be thankful for as well. I don't know what exactly we can do to show our appreciation to both of them.
Given all this talk about titles, maybe Ricardo will accept a duchy or two if we promise that he can stay where he feels most comfortable and Camilla will manage it for him until "his" children come of age? I'm not sure if they'd be really happy with that, but it can't hurt to ask. We are in their debt, we need to pay them back somehow.

The coup may be over, but it's consequences will likely follow us for a while.

91ec2 No.11524

This is a brilliant idea of how to possibly begin to repay Ricardo.

c176d No.11525

The whole scene with ohana was absolutely bonkers, amazing work aristo

b4fea No.11526


I've been looking for a way for us to repay Ricard and you sir brought up a great suggestion.

I'm all in for that as well.

5cab8 No.11527

There's also Dmitrie to consider. He let Edward down, and yet he's right that, at this stage of his relative freedom, he'd have no strength to face his maternal carbon unit, so it was best he didn't. It's obvious he'll think he has to work exceptionally hard to make up for everything, even what he _wasn't_ part of.

It brings to mind a passage by Lynn Abbey, in "ElfQuest, Blood of Ten Chiefs volume 3: Winds of Change":

Then the chieftess saw Flint. Short, stocky Flint, who was best at nothing, but who never ceased from trying. Flint, whose soul was fragile and with whom a chief must tread carefully lest it shatter beyond all repair.

[…] The She-Wolf knelt before him and cupped his ravaged face gently in her hands. Her mind touched his with the faintest caress- and found only a brittle shell.

"Who did this! Who? How? Why was this done to one of mine!"

0e336 No.11528

Honestly, I agree with Tharja. I couldn't read or vote, seeing Oana put us in a scenario where we couldn't win. Wanted to just tear the room into blood purèe.

But Ricardo… bless his loyal soul. Now we can TAKE OUR TIME on this bitch. Maybe keep her (and the old guard) locked away until Beatrice's tower is complete, before "sending them into exile?"

573e5 No.11529

"there are no insignificant choices" is kind of a cliche at times, but in light of recent events, the seemingly "insignificant" choices made in choosing to be kind to the burgermeister, Corrin being declared as royal chancellor (not as insignificant), and especially being friendly (dare say brotherly) with Ricardo have all been worthwhile investments.

Edward's greatest character trait, aside from potentially salvaging workable results from otherwise bad situations, is his ability to connect with others on a genuinely personable level; we as the audience have done well thus far (typically) with utilizing this, and should continue to do so going forwards.

d9d6e No.11530

Soooo…… we're a Persona protagonist? XD

0c002 No.11532

Social liiiiiinks.

I mean, Elizabeth and Margaret are from Persona. …now who's which Arcana? Tharja is the Moon, for sure.

4a7e1 No.11533

Beatrice is clearly The Empress. Mania is The Hermit.

I think Ed himself is Strength.

6d883 No.11534

Not The Lovers for Ed? :P

78042 No.11536

That was really sweet. I had completely forgotten that we even updated the genealogy, but having Ricardo's side of the family immortalised there is really satisfying now. Even if it's now "disputed", this likely meant more to him than any Duchy we could have offered…

And Robin's "come fuck me" attitude? I like it a lot! he didn't even pretend that it was to be "more believable" or something.

534e0 No.11537

I’d say it was a great closure overall. Robin’s lovemaking scene, Sully’s pregnancy update, and Edward’s gift to Ricardo.

I’ve enjoyed the privilege of being able to interact with all three important characters all in one update. ‘Efficient to a fault’ indeed, Aristo. Nice work there!

534e0 No.11539

Oh btw Aristo, since the discussion of Mania's eminent delivery was brought up as a topic in today's update, that brings me to ask a important question I'd like to ask.
It's been one of my main motivations in continuing to participate in the CYOA for so long, in addition to the investment of Edward's interactions with the characters he has impregnated later in their pregnancies.

Will we also get to experience unique labor and birth scenes with the women Edward has impregnated in the same descriptive quality as the sex scenes? Seeing the different personalities of Beatrice, Tharja, Robin, Malon, Sully, Camilla, Cordelia, Patchouli, and the rest made me think how the situations will individually play out for them when they're close to giving birth and how they will respond to distinct sequences of childbirth.

I'm aware it still depends on the people who votes against/for it, but that's one major element that I'm quite heavily looking forward to as we continue to dive deeper into this CYOA, albeit a subjective expectation

475eb No.11540

My previous answer has been 'yes'. If Edward has the chance and chooses to be present when it happens, I will write a birth scene.

A past poll in >>4340 indicated there was some split on what kind of birth they most wanted to read. That is, completely realistic (blood, scat, pain), semi-idealized (no scat, less emphasis on blood, realistic without being gross, or idealized and mostly dealing with the effort of pushing and breathing rather than describing the actual process.

The minority was people who wanted a full realistic "like a real-life birth video" scene. So it's merely a matter of satisfying the remaining two.

>"I believe we can work out an easy compromise. There will be at least one birth scene that is "easy" and idealized. And there will be at least one birth scene that is more difficult and "realistic." More will be available if Edward makes the decision to choose to see them, but I promise at least one scene of each type. I hope this satisfies."

But, yes, if Edward truly wants to go down the entire list of women and try to get to every single birth, then yes. I'll write scenes for all of them.

534e0 No.11541


Thank you for the explanation, Aristo!

534e0 No.11546

Seeing Venti being the most recent woman we’ve impregnated makes me wonder if we’ll be able to see a comparison and contrast between their pregnant belly sizes and shapes of the women Edward has successfully impregnated.

Or even the possibility of a few of the women bearing multiples, carrying large/overdue, carrying from a small frame, or having a certain roundness that separates the mother from the others. There’s just so much potential detail we can go into this as we continue advancing in this CYOA.

I do enjoy reading the subtle details Aristo would write from time to time. It’s a pleasure to read.

d9954 No.11547

Speaking of Venti; I might still be a little paranoid after the attempted coup, but does it seem like she was a little too eager to have our child? It's probably nothing, but I still have that little niggling in the back of my mind…

0e336 No.11548

Probably just paranoia. She's got job security and a boss she likes, and seems to be the sort to dive into everything headfirst.

97d00 No.11550

TBH, I spent the whole time reading that post thinking "she's just doing what she thinks will make us happy", but by the end she seemed genuine, so… hopefully just paranoia?

23cca No.11551


I have to admit that this is something that I love about the story as well. There's a lot of detail in character descriptions, and I have especially enjoyed the heaviness and heft associated with Mania's pregnancy. I am really looking forward to the different attitudes and approaches to pregnancy and birth across the spectrum of our paramours.

23cca No.11552

Also, what about the blacksmith's widow? Wasn't she technically the first person we impregnated after breaking the curse?

475eb No.11554

Tharja, Elizabeth, and Beatrice were first. Tharja, Elizabeth, and the blacksmith's widowed sister all reported they think they're pregnant or at least are showing signs. Beatrice has been the only one showing no signs. At least that she's reported or Edward's seen.

But Elizabeth is the first one with a bump, and Edward discovered Malon and Sully have bumps too. Tharja has yet to show one, and the blacksmith's widowed sister is unknown because Edward hasn't been to the peasant settlement to see her in a long time.

Don't worry, the widowed sister isn't forgotten. Even if she didn't get an avatar or a name.

573e5 No.11555

In terms of facilitating a plot-centric reasoning as to the proverbial 'why' of paying a visit to check on the blacksmith's sister for such purposes, perhaps having a commissioned blade made for Corrin and/or Robin or even Edward himself would be a worthwhile endeavor to touch on?

Admittedly this was something being thought on prior to this being raised recently, so now it seems pertinent given the renewed public interest and the fact the story is coming around to these various women starting to show, pun intended.

97d00 No.11556

Well, considering we gave Robin our sword, either for her or for us we DO need a new sword.

534e0 No.11557

…and just like that, we have so many questions from the last bit with Mania.

23cca No.11559

I really dug the intimate and fluffy bits of the last posts. It was really cute.

7bb34 No.11563

Her family like was at the gathering… I don't know what to do with that information, but I keep thinking about it. Were they co-conspirators? What would they say if they knew their daughter was at the same place that very moment? Does else anyone know about her being "possessed" ? Does anyone else know about her "vanishing" ?

534e0 No.11564


Her parents probably wouldn’t have cared or if they did, might have publicly called her out to be burned alive. Even then, they most likely have forgotten about her by now and moved on.

0e336 No.11566

Ouch. That realization is never an easy one to handle. I was 17 when I started to realize what a monster I was at home, and had a chance to make amends.

d3498 No.11567

Knowing that he lost his beloved mother in childbirth, I wonder if Ed's going to start worrying about that with his non-witchy lovers. I know there was mention at one point that he'd seen women who were too frail to survive childbirth (or at least I think I remember that), and he seemed a bit regretful but not overly pained by that, but it could be different when it's a woman he's built a real relationship with like the ones in Ruhemania. Could be interesting.

>Blond protagonist named Edward
>Younger sibling named Al
>Dead mom
Their dad's name isn't Van Hohenheim, is it? JK, JK.

475eb No.11568

There was a poll a while back as to whether the audience would prefer more 'realistic' pregnancies. That is, where complications could develop, or even death for the mother.

No one liked the idea. So, it won't be an issue.

Still, the plot detail regarding Edward's mother had already been decided and hinted at before if not outright said until recently. I could not alter details about the story I already introduced, so it is kept as part of his backstory.

The names "Edward" and "Albert" were attempts at a historical in-joke. I had actually forgotten about FMA.

684d1 No.11569

Oh, no, ye, I get that it won't actually be an issue. Was just spitballing about Ed's internal concerns more than "we should be worried that Malon/Elizabeth/Robin might have complications".

British monarchy reference, or something else?

af083 No.11570

>The names "Edward" and "Albert" were attempts at a historical in-joke.

Edward VIII and King George VI?

d3498 No.11571

…that tracks, actually. Edward abdicated the throne in the name of marrying his true love, leaving Albert to become King. Our Ed abdicated his claim to Virilia in the name of marriage, leaving Albert to inherit.

475eb No.11572

Edward has not abdicated his claim to Virilia. He will become Duke of Virilia in addition to his other titles when his father dies.

d3498 No.11573

Oh jeez, really? I figured we'd dropped that. …I have GOT to get around to that re-read.

af083 No.11574

So does that mean I got the in-joke wrong?

475eb No.11575

I never confirmed it.

(But, yes. Edward VIII and George VI is the correct answer.)

573e5 No.11576

Immense KNOWLEDGE of historical context proves useful once again, vindication and confirmation!

…it really only comes in handy for these sort of instances, since history seems constantly doomed to repeat itself regardless and nobody ever learns from said history anyhow…

475eb No.11577

Keep in mind this was from the very beginning of the game where we were all sort of 'feeling out' what we wanted from it. I had no idea if Edward annulling his marriage and moving on to a different wife would be an actual thing that would play out. It seems unthinkable now that Edward would do that with Tharja and Ruhemania, as I'm sure everyone would agree.

d3498 No.11578

Fair point, and agreed. I know a trip to Virilia is pretty much unimaginable, and Albert traveling to Ruhemania is also rather out of the question, but would sending a letter or messenger be possible, short of whistling up some witchery? Even if we can't do it face-to-face, apologizing and explaining ourselves to Albert seems like something Ed would do.

475eb No.11579

I will try to work this in after the upcoming events. There is still a lot to wrap-up. But do not worry, I won't forget.

475eb No.11584

Before I forget, I want to go over another "mechanic" that was present in the Impregnated Princess story.

That is, when it was decided that King Vlad would be questioned, I originally went into it thinking that it would be like previous "explanation" scenes. That all choices would eventually be chosen, and the order just determined how the conversation flowed.

But then I realized… no. King Vlad had a goal. He would not act like Daniella did when she gave up. Edwys was also much different an interrogator than Edward was to Daniella.

So, there were three type of questions in the King Vlad scene. "On-task" questions. "Indulgent" questions. And "Regretful" questions.

On-task would be questions related to Maria's book and discovering how King Vlad acquired it. Or otherwise about how he pursued his crusade against witches.

Indulgent questions would be cruel questions Edwys made to taunt King Vlad and satisfy her emotional state. Like "Is being King fun?"

Regretful questions would be about Tharja, King Vlad's feelings toward Edwys, etc.

If Edwys asked enough regretful questions that King Vlad felt she might listen, he would appeal to Edwys to destroy her book. (Exactly why, I won't reveal.) This is what happened.

Of course, then I realized "Oh, if that Game Over is actually chosen, it's going to be depressing," so I made sure to note it would definitely be a "bad end".

But what if Edwys hadn't asked him those questions?

Eventually, either they'd puzzle out the mystery, or they'd run out of time and Erika would show up.

At which point Edwys would have a choice: honor the deal and urge Erika to not go through with her plan, or stay silent and let Erika do as she liked.

However… if Edwys and Beatrice kept silent, then King Vlad wouldn't go quietly.

He'd start yelling that Erika, Witch of Truth, was being deceived. They had promised to ask her to give him a proper death and now were reneging.

If Edwys chose to speak up for King Vlad and urge Erika to not complete her ritual, Erika would've said: "I'll think about it," then she'd have taken King Vlad's eyes anyway.

If Edwys stayed silent, and King Vlad spoke up, Erika would've said: "Oh! In that case, I'd better kill you!" she then would've killed him in as painful a way as possible without taking his eyes. He'd get his "proper death."

Erika would follow that up by lecturing Edwys and Beatrice that hiding things from her was distasteful to the Witch of Truth. And furthermore, that by going back on a promise, it makes them no better than King Vlad. Perhaps worse. –Of course, it would just serve to irritate them.

But, that's not what happened. Edwys ripped his tongue out and removed Vlad's ability to argue for himself with Erika, so Erika never heard about the deal, and simply took his eyes without any other consideration.

But that's how that scene played out, and why.

0e336 No.11587

Personally, I thought the regret questions needed to be asked just so we could put those regrets behind us.

c050c No.11597

[glances at the most recent post and starts humming "You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want (When You're Having Sex)"]

475eb No.11604

It occurs to me I've been misinterpreting the reply count for the threads. That is, "image replies" aren't separate from "posts." So we could've had 60 more posts or so on the main thread.

I'll keep this in mind for the future.

On a side note, did you know Impregnated Princess almost died, as a story?

There was a time I was updating it very sporadically. I would only start work if I saw it was getting to the later pages of the site.

One time it reached all the end to page 10 at the dead bottom of the page. Even one more new thread would have pushed it off the site. And if that happened, I probably would have let it go.

This was before the stakes were really raised, so the entire story with Edwin the witch almost never existed.

bce66 No.11605

you could just move it to /b/ where it's slower

475eb No.11606

That was discussed, but ultimately decided against. It's not a random thread. If it weren't for the need for images I would use /c/, but it is a visual story and needs the images. And there is no "quest stories" or whatever section, neither do I have any right to request one.

It's fine. I am updating both stories more regularly and there is more activity for them in general.

ddb10 No.11618

…That was sudden.

A six month time skip will mean that
we miss Mania's birth… too bad.

fb3f5 No.11619


I’m more worried in how that will affect Edward’s relationship with Mania, as we did promised her we’ll visit often. It’s gonna hurt a bit.

But man, kudos to Aristo for the suspense! I wasn’t expecting a time skip, but the prospect of seeing more pregnant bellies for the cost of one seems like a good exchange. Looking forward to see how everything plays out!

32e3c No.11620

Yeah, I'm a little bummed that we'll miss out on Mania's birth and the chance to include her in the new round of bellies.

But hot damn, that was an excellent turn. I can't wait to see more of it and what the hell Margaret was thinking.

I'm really excited for what happens next.

67598 No.11621

As a historical note, assuming it works the same way it did in English law, pleading her belly would only delay the inevitable for Margaret. Girl's still getting executed, it just might not be for the better part of a year.

3a3f5 No.11622

What the hell? How many conspiracies are there at once?! I can understand that conspiracies and evil plots are - by definition - hidden, but that really came out of nowhere. And Margaret of all people?

67598 No.11623

It does make me wonder if there's something we missed with Margaret where we could have avoided this. Is what it is, we'll just have to see how things are when we wake up after the timeskip.

09a36 No.11624

I get the weird feeling what happened with Margaret may not entirely have been her own doing. After all, she did seem to act quite out of character when Edward was poisoned, and Oana claimed she was a 'last resort', which Margaret seemed to deny any involvement with. Something very weird going on there…

And hopefully my suggestion tries to help with Mania. Even if Beatrice can't stand her, maybe Tharja alone might be able to try to understand her as Edward does, and if a prayer to the "goddess" can somehow help Edward, it's worth a shot. Plus, as noted, being around a new mother might be good for Tharja as well.

67598 No.11625

I had the same thought about Margaret, honestly. My initial instinct was Erika or another witch might be up to no good, but that doesn't really fit with our last interaction with Erika and I daresay they'd be risking the Pax being called on their heads for it. As for Oana, it's just as possible that she's crowing about it in a last ditch effort to sow chaos as that she actually had anything to do with this assassination attempt. The fact that Margaret referred to us as (effectively) the Antichrist does suggest some religious fervor- perhaps even brainwashing. Also her calling out to "girls" after poisoning us- speaking to the female audience in the room, or yelling to conspirators? Hard to tell.

3a3f5 No.11626

>Now, the pressing question… could this have been avoided?
We could have spoken to Margaret. At some point we decided to leave her alone and hope that in time she'd see that Edward isn't as bad as she thinks he is. I'm not sure if that was before or after Elizabeth became our slave though… Once she figured that one out, maybe there was nothing to do? Enslaving her sister is probably "evil one" territory in almost everyone's eyes. Or maybe we could have done something. Maybe we could have at least a heating exchange and trusted her less afterwards… who knows!?

c797f No.11627

I too am disappointed by the time the blindsiding of Margaret. The timeskip is okay, but we're going to miss out on some of those small bellies, when our women are still hiding them. Three months would be more reasonable in that regard. Hopefully we get a good description of castle life in fast forward while we are out of action. Was really looking forward to feeling some first kicks.

2c67f No.11628

Gotta agree, that's a regrettable loss to the time skip.

0e336 No.11629

Gonna have some nasty work to do when we wake up. People will look fondly on King Vlad's sense of gentle restraint and merciful kindness when I'm done.

97d00 No.11630

Best not to act too hastily. I trust Robin to conduct an investigation into Margaret, figure out the motives and everything before lopping off her head/hanging her/whatever sort of execution she deems appropriate. If she truly acted alone, then exacting vengeance on the entire maid staff/countryside/what have you will just make us the tyrant that we label Vlad.

Was thinking about the earlier comment about getting a good description of castle life in fast forward. First thought was "Well, that doesn't really work with the first person nature of IK", but there's a couple possibilities I see. One, could always have a few scenes where Ed is aware enough to hear from Tharja or someone else. Two, could always take the Dresden Files approach and let us out-of-body experience some baby bumps. Or three, we only really have Beatrice's word through Tharja that it'll be six months. Could be Bea surprises herself and gets it done sooner.

0e336 No.11631

No, I'm done playing nice. Tried that, and have dealt with two overthrow plots and an assassination attempt.

Time to write the story of why attempting a coup in peaceful times for the sake of a power grab IS A VERY FUCKING BAD IDEA. There will be historians that I will personally pay to chronicle the horror, and why I decided to get the murderball rolling.

af083 No.11632

And in this case we're not going to do what was typically done in those cases, which was pardon or "transportation". Hell, I think beheading is too quick and merciful for her.

67598 No.11633

Oh, I'm not arguing against executing Margaret. Quite the opposite. I'd just like it if we could wake up to more information about her plot. Hell, even if she is pregnant, let her deliver her child, put the child in the custody of Elizabeth or Ricardo/Camilla or the church or even raise it as one of our own, then execute. I'm just saying that going full scorched earth without knowing that the people we're burning were part of the plot isn't going to do us any favors. If we know or strongly suspect them, then sure, off with their heads (or comparable execution). That's the way I intend to vote, anyway.

67598 No.11634

…and I realize now you were responding to my earlier post about "pleading her belly". Mea culpa.

09a36 No.11635

Another thing that strikes me as incredibly weird in terms of what happened with Margaret: her particular choice of words when Edward was poisoned. Even if she was upset for how Elizabeth was being treated (and keeping in mind, Elizabeth WANTS to be treated that way), to call Edward outright evil is a bit much. I have the sneaking suspicion that there's an outside force at work…

…..but is it necessarily Oana? Admittedly we do not know a whole lot about her other than she's Dimitrie's mother and she's a power hungry bitch. At the same time, the only reason Edward might be called something like evil one or antichrist is because they know he's affiliated with witches (outside of Mania, who is generally regarded as crazy and harmless), and NO ONE should be aware of that….no one living, anyway. Something otherworldly other than known witchcraft could be afoot.

39272 No.11636

Possessed by Daniella? Holy shit that would be spooky

97d00 No.11637

While that'd definitely be spooky, it doesn't really track with what I remember of Daniella. I'd wager that she would have struck at Beatrice or Tharja over us if she had the chance- and sure, we're obviously more vulnerable than the witches, but with the element of surprise she could have found somewhere to strike. Further, I don't recall her being quite so… zealous, at least in her faith to the Church. So I'm not willing to completely rule out 'possessed by Daniella', but if she has absolutely anything to do with it, I'm more willing to bet that she left a journal or something that Margaret found and read. Though that raises further questions about how malleable she must be to believe a book she found over her experiences with us. This is why we need to have Margaret interrogated, for sure.

573e5 No.11638

oh hey look at that; the maids ended up being untrustworthy and far more hassle than they're inherently worth. If it looks like a duck, etc.

3a3f5 No.11639

Just occurred to me: When the six months are over, we'll be in the middle of the harsh Ruhemanian winter. Maybe we'll wake up for whatever the Church's equivalent of christmas/winter solstice is.

fb3f5 No.11640


Not to mention we're in for a Rip Van Winkle experience. The fact so many possibilities can happen in a span of six months makes me feel both anxious and excited for the next update when Edward wakes.

af083 No.11641

Yeah the six month jump is surprising, at least before Mania's birth. I figured we'd get a two-three month one after she popped.

dea47 No.11643

My two cents on "evil one" vs "antichrist": It's a medieval story; if antichrist is something you think Margaret would've said then I wouldn't worry about using it.
The church and any associated zealously are part of the setting so I don't think anyone should get offended over the word antichrist being used. To me "evil one" could suggest he's possessed by a demon, or maybe is indeed a demon himself.

Regardless, whatever you're most comfortable with is the best of course.

475eb No.11644

I avoid invoking any mention of 'Christ' and use the general term 'Savior' instead. 'Anti-savior' could have been an option but I thought that'd be even more confusing.

Another reason besides stepping on sensibilities is also I'm not a theologian and I can easily get things wrong. This is why I try to emphasize the structure of the Church and how it maintains and has a symbiosis with the medieval(ish) society more than actual beliefs.

But, yes, Margaret was literally yelling Edward was the antichrist. "The most evil person in existence," so to speak as would be used against leaders and influential figures even today.

4ff1d No.11645

There is more to all of this… I can't quite put my finger on it.

Edward uses his last waking moment for months to keep his promise to Beatrice.
Vlad always keeps his word and never alters a deal he's agreed to.
A dream-vision of Aurora, witch of promises kept.

I don't know what it means but it means something.

97d00 No.11648

It is a bit odd, yeah. One theory I have (and I'll admit it's a bit hare-brained and probably more conspiracy than anything) is that this is a vision Beatrice is intentionally showing us. It doesn't matter to her whether or not the facts match with what really happened. Could be she wants us to see how things went for Vlad, could be she needs us to somehow "accept" her magic in order to better heal us. Carrying that latter point even further, could be the choices we make during this vision affect the progress of our healing. At any rate, it's worth noting that Aurora was listed among the dead Ruhemanian witches in both thread #3 of IK and during Vlad's semi-execution in Princess-turned-Witch. Perhaps the first victim of his crusade.

d9954 No.11651

Aristo, I love the work you've put into this, but your use of the Enter key is getting a bit absurd, especially in this last post. XD >>93256

I take out some of the extra paragraph spaces when I copy the posts into my Word doc, and this update went from 14 pages to 7.

475eb No.11652

I'm sorry. I try to keep the work written simply and most easy to read 'at a glance'. Sometimes I think giving paragraph/sentence breaks after every line helps underline tension, or how important what a character's saying is. But, you are right. I'm not writing a VN and this is bad form if it's too excessive.

I will strive to improve. Thank you very much for the criticism.

fa00b No.11653


Personally, I like the tension. It definitely adds up the drama prior to an important scene coming up. But I do agree they should be written on occasion.

167c2 No.11654

I also realized…I wonder if we’re going to see a ‘what if’ dream sequence where Edward chooses between the witch or witch hunter path?

475eb No.11655

Post reached its reply limit. Feel free to reply here with any votes you wish to make until I make the new post.

Please use the honor system to only use your one vote.

0e336 No.11656

Wow. Already?

573e5 No.11657

Seeing things from Vlad's literal perspective (coupled with a few insights gleamed from his appearance in Edwys' universe) makes him simultaneously both more reviling and more decidedly sympathetic overall.

There's also quite a few lessons Edward (and we, the player-audience) could gleam from his experiences, to boot.

Definitely an interesting "side" episode, for sure.

7073f No.11658

I'd like to change my vote from 1 to 2, thanks.

I'd like to see what really happened in more detail ala Vlad, but Mania gave us a good account already-something we didn't have with Vlad. I think it's better to ensure we see the alternative over more detail on what we already know in case the mystery woman doesn't wish to show us both.

fb3f5 No.11659


You know what, I'm changing mine to option 2 as well.

91ec2 No.11660

I am also going to vote option 2.

97d00 No.11661

Thread lucky number 13, let's goooooo

d9954 No.11662

Don't take it too hard; you're juggling enough as it is. And I've always been nitpicky about these sorts of things. I could have been a proofreader or editor if I could have gotten any experience. :P

161bb No.11663

I was surprised to see Mania having such hatred for her family but I suppose it would fit her character

d3498 No.11664

>That revelation of who our guide/host/whoever is

Okay, this raises a few questions about witches, afterlives, and death. And considering what Vlad had to say about witch afterlife (or lack thereof) and Tharja's whole deal about considering ending herself to be with Edward after his eventual death… There could be some uncomfortable discussion in our future. Does Beatrice know that [spoiler?] can do what she's doing right now?

3ef99 No.11665

I wouldn't take that too seriously. At this point, this could all very well be a hallucination. As long as we don't have any external confirmation, we shouldn't trust any of it.
Keep listening of course, just in case, but don't trust.

d3498 No.11666

Fair point, but (assuming Ed remembers this) it's something to follow up on with Beatrice when we wake up. Also can't hurt to ask Bernie herself, if we can.

573e5 No.11668

So, Edward gets his very own Schrödinger's witch paradox, in effect. That's pretty fun.

Not to mention {THE LAWS OF CAUSALITY} seem to be as relevant and weighty as ever. At this point there wouldn't be a ton of shock if Duke Vlad ends up finding a Behelit somewhere.

0e336 No.11669

This is quite interesting. Pity Edward can't safely tell anyone. Most wouldn't believe him or think he'd gone mad. Mania… would likely read too far into it, get a bit awestruck. Not safe. Tharja's safe enough… but I'm not sure Beatrice would or could react well to knowing about our time in this limbo state.

d3498 No.11670

True enough. Can't talk to any non-witches about it. I'd feel safe talking to Tharja, but unless we're careful it'll make it back to Beatrice. I think we need to talk to Bea about it, but we have to be very careful about it. She might not take Bernie still being out there in some form too well. …does kinda fit with her whole- oh God we're in a Higurashi timeline after Rika's death, lol.

f11d7 No.11671

Hate to double post, but oof. She wasn't kidding about that one hurting. Would've taken a miracle (in the absolute worst way) for us to give Daniella Tharja's book, so that fits with her theme.

32e3c No.11672

Hey guys.

We made the right choice.

Fuck Daniella and the witch hunters.

4ff1d No.11673

That hurt. Man, that hurt to read. I want to kill Daniella all over again right now… I want to kill that version of Edward. How could he?! (Yes, yes, Bernkastel's point is exactly that he could not. But still, how could he?! *irrational grumbling*)

0e336 No.11674

This should do some wonders for tempering Edward's perspective and judgement. It was worse than I could've expected, but he needs to see some bleak realities… even if they were ridiculously unlikely to actually happen.

d9954 No.11675

This whole seeing alternate realities is starting to feel like taking the Genocide route in Undertale. Curiosity drives you onward, even when it starts to feel wrong.

75677 No.11676


We should also give ourselves and Aristo a pat in the back for continuing this long enough to attain these kind of unique alternate experiences. Personally, I’ve gotten quite invested in this CYOA; can never get enough of these.

97d00 No.11677

Coming up on the six year anniversary in a few months, ye. It's good shit.
God help us if there's ever an experience like this in Witch of Fecundity, lol.

75677 No.11678


A future multiverse crossover with Impregnator King’s Edward and Impregnated Princess’s Edwys would blow my mind if it were to ever happen in the future. There’s just so much potential buildup based on the stories we’ve written together as an audience with Aristo that it only goes up from here.

97d00 No.11679

I'm really not sure how Edward would respond to Edwys, assuming her whole history was communicated to him. I mean, he had Vlad killed the same as Edwys (well, aside from Ed at least giving him a clean death as opposed to the living death Fecundity gave him), but the total destruction of Castle Valachia and what she did to her Tharja… dunno what Ed would have to say to that. Totally different experiences, of course.

75677 No.11680


Hence why I find their imaginary encounter intriguingly fascinating. It’s the unexpected cross between two similar but distinctly unique parallels of paths.

97d00 No.11681

Fair enough. Reflecting on it has kinda made me realize that in both stories we may have trusted Beatrice more than we really should have- or at least trusted her to be unrealistically infallible. She caught one out of three schemes against us during the Faire in Kings- which, to be fair, saved us from ourselves with the Chrisania siblings. And it's not really her fault that we had her focus on that plot so that Oana and Margaret's plots- assuming they truly are separate plots- could get closer. Meanwhile, in Princess/Fecundity, she apparently moved too fast in spying on Vlad and her presence and actions were a direct contributor to the choices we made there- the whole three kids thing was because Vlad suspected her, and she gave us incomplete information on that clause because she didn't get the whole story. Probably because of her own ulterior motives. I'm not saying we cannot trust her anymore, but we need to be aware moving forward that she's not perfect. A valuable asset and ally, but not infallible.

75677 No.11682


It’s honestly made me remember how the Fate Stay Night routes(Unlimited Blade Works/Heaven’s Feel) were written whenever Beatrice’s relationship with the two MCs comes to mind - that in spite of varying circumstances, her personality and relationships with them remain somewhat the same but under different circumstances.

It’s really a testament to how much effort and time the writer took to make those subtle comparisons and contrasts, and I have nothing but praise for that.

475eb No.11683

Thank you very much everyone for the kind words.

I have to admit, when I knew the plot twist of Margaret attempting poisoning of Edward was going to occur, I was very worried I would lose readers when it finally came. That most people I know follow the story would consider it too much and no longer find it worthwhile to engage with it.

That the response to this part of the story has been so universally positive is a great load off of my mind.

I'm glad also the interaction with Bernkastel intrigues as well.

It's been a great six years.

97d00 No.11684

It was certainly a shock, but you've earned a healthy measure of trust, my dude. We know you're not doing it just for shock value and that it's almost certainly for the good of the story.

573e5 No.11685

A good storyteller will always leave the audience intrigued and invested without necessarily parlaying this into "happy outcomes" for the sake of contented mindsets and a complacent reader base.

That being said, a good author-storyteller will also not make arbitrarily awful circumstances materialize for the sake of shock and awe alone.

Aristocrat has done a fine job of correlating even summarily bad outcomes to the A->B->C of the thing; in short, Causality.

75677 No.11686

In the fine spirit of explaining my case as to why I chose option 3, I will provide the context here instead of the main thread to save space.

1. Ruhenmania is one of the cases where the extent and dread caused by witches has created the kingdom we know today. Due to King Vlad’s past stance on witches, it’s what caused the emergence of witch hunters and the like. That could mean that witch hunters could possibly be exclusive to the kingdom of Ruhenmania if there are no supporting evidences that say they exist outside the said kingdom. Choosing Daniella in this hypothetical path means missing a unique outcome exclusive to Ruhenmania if we decided to have Edward go home.

2. As for possibly offending Beatrice during this dream sequence , I don’t think Edward’s curiosity to know more about the outcomes would offend her. If anything, allowing him to see the other choices would develop him to be decisive on the choices in the future. Especially in times when it matters the most and to take accountability when he makes the wrong choices.
In short, it will condition him to live with his choices, regardless of whether it takes a wrong turn or not. That’s part of living.

3. A heavily pregnant Daniella and her possible relationship with Edward would be something I’ve been very curious about to the point it’s been gnawing at me ever since we’ve went on the witch path. This would be the last time we’ll ever see that kind of possible future.

e2dd5 No.11688

…ah, shit. I just realized we've set ourselves up (in this vision) to get our wife/wives, children, and potentially mistresses "miasma'd". Unless my memory fails me (and I don't think it does, since Ed only mentioned Bea and Patchy), we didn't find out about Erika until after we had become King. She's almost certainly going to visit the same torment upon us that she visited upon Vlad- actually, on that note, I forget. Did we ever find out why Erika didn't ice Lorenzo and Tharja?

1b4cc No.11689

She let herself be caught in order to fake her death. After that she was no longer hunted and could live in peace (albeit hidden away somewhere).
It's not clear (to me) if she even visited the castle after her fake death. She may have never returned and simply not known about Tharja and Lorenzo who where both relatively young.

I'm not sure if Vlad's insistence on Ed knocking up every single woman in reach is a sign that he expects more attacks and plans accordingly or if he expects to need a small army of witch hunters to eradicate Beatrice.

e2dd5 No.11690

It's probably more "and" to that last bit, not "or". Vlad knows his own children were attacked, and he thinks Beatrice won't be an easy mark. Plus, Eddie just confirmed to him that there are definitely witches outside Ruhemania. It could be he's planning ahead to rebuild the witch hunters as a bulwark against more witches enter Ruhemania, or a cynic or doomsayer might say he's planning to build an army of witch hunters to see his crusade (under Edward's leadership) move beyond the borders of Ruhemania- try to wipe out witches beyond its borders. This… Is some dark timeline shit. Thank God we got rid of Daniella in the main timeline, desires to see her pregnant aside.

1b4cc No.11691

>I go to sleep and y'all decide to marry this bitch? You're better than this.

@Murble I don't know if it helps, but I'd like to add my explanation to the others.
I, like Maxi, very much wanted to see what being with Daniella would be like and was disappointed when it became clear that it would never happen. She was on the top of my list back then. I was even in the anti-magic camp, partly for that reason. Similarly, I was disappointed when Daniella died in the side story because I had hoped that at least Edwys would get to seduce her.
It's been years since she died in the main story and I feel this is the last opportunity I'll ever get. I also believe that what Edward chooses in this extended dream/vision/whatever-sequence will not fundamentally change the facts when he wakes up. The past won't change, Edward's feelings towards Tharja or Beatrice won't change; at most Edward's attitude towards people who are long dead will have changed. At least, that's what I believe and based my choices on.
I also am intrigued to find out if and how a real relationship between Edward and Daniella with actual conversations will change them. Will Edward's natural kindness soften Daniella's zeal? Or maybe having his children? Or will she turn Ed into a true believer? I'm truly curios to find out.
It's simply that. I don't believe there will be massive negative (or any) consequences so I chose to indulge in what I think will be sexy and interesting.

475eb No.11692

Erika said outright she was planning to wait until the death of King Vlad and then come back to the castle. How far she was planning to go or if that was her real plan is up for interpretation. Compare it to what she does in Impregnated Princess and you may find some discrepancy and wonder why there is such a discrepancy.

"What? Oh, no. I had that. I faked my death, remember? They'd long taken me for dead."

She runs her tongue along her teeth.

"What I planned for was waiting a few decades for that old King to finally die, then coming back to mop up the stragglers. But, this! This is so much better! If that King had died in his sleep, he would've died thinking he'd done a good job sterilizing the country as he went on to his eternal rest. You've given me something I never could dreamed!"

dc2fc No.11693

Ah, yes. Thank you for the reminder.
I can understand this logic. I don't necessarily agree with it, and it has created a rather twisted version of Edward in this impossible timeline (time splinter?), but I can understand it. It's one of those audience vs character things, I guess, or made possible since Edward, our Edward, knows this is just a vision and he (we) is just playing out this horrible perversion of the way things went. Just really caught me off guard when we decided to go with "I know I loved Tharja, but she was a witch and I'm REALLY in love(?) with this zealot who I have had very few positive interactions with". Mood whiplash, I guess.

32e3c No.11695


This is understandable. I'm mainly knee-jerk grumbling here. I think this is sound logic, I just have a very negative response to Daniella. I don't like her, and after witnessing what she (theoretically) would have done to Tharja, that renewed the awful taste in my mouth surrounding her.

If you're gonna get a crack at her, this is definitely the only way to do it, and I'm glad that this has no lasting impact on our actual timeline, but fuck, do I really hate her.

Like I said, I'm griping more than anything else. I'll try to keep it to a minimum and less accusatory in the future.

dc2fc No.11696

Continuing on the subject of Daniella, I think we really missed our chance in Princess. In Kings we were kinda predisposed against her even before we knew about witches just because of her behavior toward Tharja and Tharja's dislike for her. In Princess we heard that Prince Tharja didn't care for her, but we had at least a short period when we were friendly with her. Honestly, and this is partially due to my feelings about the witch path we followed, if we could go back and do it again I'd vote for Daniella being made our personal servant instead of bringing Beatrice into that story. I know it'd prune off the story path we're on now there, but Princess was really our best bet.

f80d3 No.11698

You know, I had an interesting thought this evening. Since Edward is dealing with the Witch of Miracles, dead or not, perhaps the longer the time he spends with Bernkastel, the quicker he recovers? Just kind of a random theory…

That being said, I think Edward is definitely going to have a great appreciation for Tharja and the others when he does wake up.

028bb No.11699

Does Edward have agency in these scenarios or are they like uncontrolled dreams?

573e5 No.11700

The overlapping and coinciding of (not)Edward's pending marital status with Daniella is very reminiscent of what we the audience just recently saw with Vlad and Eila from Vlad's perspective, which is really interesting given Vlad's attitude now.

92209 No.11701

I don't know about the rest, but I've never really pondered on the deeply on the concept of having Edward choose an anti-magic path until now.

The more I think about it, the more questions I have as how that will all play out, especially in the case where King Vlad and Edward would be literally facing against almost immortal beings.

Thinking about it, it's starting to look like a 'hard' difficulty level of Ruhenmania where Edward would have to constantly figure out how to outsmart and win against the witches at their own game.

Having no magic also means he doesn't have any support other than the experience Edward learns from King Vlad and Daniella. It's purely based on the existing finite resources Ruhenmania has and what they currently know about the witches. There's also a real danger of suffering heavy losses at their hands as well as the hard-earn victories in battle. The whole 'man vs the supernatural' narrative.

Which makes me all the more impressed at King Vlad's past struggles and achievements he had performed for his kingdom.

I really wonder what was his life like during his early years of rebellion against the witches. It's intriguing because the war should have been one-sided - how did King Vlad kept his kingdom safe against near-immortals like the witches?

0c002 No.11702

Damn, I knew I was going to be pissing into the wind on this one, but I didn't figure it'd be this lopsided. Ah, well. Far from the first time it's happened, lol.
I've had similar thoughts about this whole vision quest possibly having an effect on Ed's recovery, but without any evidence to that effect, we probably shouldn't hope too much. Better to be surprised when we wake up and it's been less than six months than disappointed when it has been. That said, if one of the first things we do when we wake up isn't hug and kiss and cherish our wife, Imma be disappointed in y'all.

d3e88 No.11705

A double post again, for which I apologize, but

>you'd rather die than hurt Daniella

Are you just trying to hurt me now, Aristo? Lol

(Deleted and reposted to get the quote right)

32e3c No.11706


I'm with you, my dude. I voted to satisfy some of the other long-term readers because they deserve it.

But that doesn't mean I'm not in absolute agony right now. I'm chomping at the bit to wake up.

d3e88 No.11707

Gotta say, respect for doing that. I couldn't bring myself to do it.

6c2f5 No.11714

Third time I've double-posted, which I think makes this a pattern of behavior and a habit I should break.

Aristo, I think it's a sign of incredibly strong writing skills and storytelling ability when a writer can get you emotionally invested in a story. As such, I hope you take it as the compliment I intend it when I say that you are tearing me up here, man. That being said, I wanted to let you know that I'm still paying attention to the story, but I'm abstaining at least from the current vote because I voted against most of the choices that led us here and I don't feel right voting on it- I'm not really the target audience for the current scene, so I'm tapping out on this vote. May or may not vote in any other votes that come up during the Daniella vision. Thanks for writing this incredible story for us and with us, and keep up the good work.

32e3c No.11715


I've taken a similar stance. I am also abstaining until this arc is over.

And similarly, I am attempting to correct my own bad habits. I don't think it is productive to bring up that I am not enjoying this again– I've stated this, it is known information. The end goal of me voting in favor was to give the other older readers a chance to indulge something they wanted from the early days of the story. In voicing my displeasure, it feels like I'm only detracting from their pleasure or undermining something that I did as a good faith action.

I guess the only reason that I am saying anything at all here is in solidarity with you. I empathize. I am similarly uncomfortable. I didn't realize that my decision would make the Daniella part of this arc last a week, but again, I also signed onto this knowing that I would be taking a shot to the chin, and I am willing to do that because honestly, it's not that bad in comparison to providing enjoyment for other readers who feel left out.

But yeah, I am very eagerly counting the days to wake-up time at this point.

475eb No.11717

I have to admit: I sort of threw the option to marry Daniella and continue this 'thread' of the vision in at the last moment. This has turned into a sort of 'happy accident'. I knew there were a few who were curious or genuinely wanted to read the story of Edward with Daniella, and this was their chance. (Though even this vision is not how near how the story would have progressed if Edward had merely sided with Daniella in the dungeon.)

Now that it has been voted, I must be fair and deliver. I will meet the audience's wants. Even though I included the option at the last moment, I was fully prepared to write it. I must give it the full treatment with a long drawn out sex scene, instead of short-handing it. This has affected the pacing a little bit, but that will pick up, as it always does.

To those who detest Daniella and actively dislike this path, I can only thank you for being a 'good sport' and waiting for it to play out. For those who wanted a Edward and Daniella 'what if' romance and sex, I hope this meets your expectations. I know it is the only way it would have happened as I refused to go back and write a 'what if' for Daniella being chosen in the dungeon as that would violate my policy of not writing two sets of stories. At most I will reveal my notes about that before the new game+.

Thank you very much for the kind words. It is a joy to hear that, and I hope to maintain this expectation.

28563 No.11718

To perhaps better explain my feelings, I don't HATE Daniella. I just find the circumstances of this vision (which, admittedly, is clearly and objectively based on impossibilites) utterly incomprehensible and repugnant vis a vis Edward just deciding "hmm, my wife who I truly loved was a witch who helped me remove a terrible curse has been murdered by this woman who has shown me no affection and who all of my previous interactions with have included at least some degree of suspicion- better marry her". I get that it's a vote you decided to provide to us and you're obliged to write the results of that vote, but I just don't really understand why you made the choice available- or why there were so many people on board with it, to be honest. To further clarify: I can understand players being interested in Daniella and wanting a scene with her, wanting to see her pregnant, all that good stuff- I get that and honestly would have been on board with such a scene in a vacuum. It's the fact that we've dived head first into this not only with no previous chemistry between Edward and Daniella, but within hours of Daniella murdering Ed's true love- with his assistance, no less.

Beyond that, almost every post you've made about this scene since that decision was made has had some tie back to Tharja, and that's just another knife to the heart for me. I hope I'm not coming across as saying "you guys are having bad wrong fun" here, I just honestly don't get it.

To make a long story short: I'm not really understanding or okay with what's going on in this vision, but I also was SUPER not okay with how some of the things shook out in Impregnated Princess and you haven't lost me there either, so don't let a rando on the internet going "I don't like this" stop you. The vast majority of what you've written I've enjoyed, even the stuff I voted against.

32e3c No.11719


Thanks for the comment aristo. I suspected the turn might have gummed up the works, but having the explanation is nice. I appreciate it.

0e336 No.11720

Well, Bernkastel herself mentioned she couldn't show us a possibility that wasn't wildly unlikely. Though I do worry that this one could actually mess with his mind a little. There's a difference between seeing someome else's possible paths and living through one of your own.

5e0d9 No.11721

I'm also abstaining for the time being, but I also don't hold it against Aristo. My vote wasn't with the majority, so I will respect their wishes. Just as a good DM must be willing to part with their plans, so must the players be ready to concede to their fellow players. I am also continuing to copy the story posts to my archive document; I won't let my difference of opinion affect my integrity for accuracy.

573e5 No.11722

This is coming from a sort of out there place, but would there perhaps be a possibility of impregnating Bernkastel exist at the end of this fugue state-fever dream-whatif-recovery period?

Ergo with Bernkastel & Edward sort of existing on the same metaphysical betweenspace at the moment and all.

There's a lot of intrigue here at the primary fact alone that Edward has basically impregnated every other witch that made an otherwise immediately present appearance in the story up to this point, plus Bernkastel being who she is, so if there's enough collective curiosity amongst the audience at large, maybe something of that sort would be do-able?

d7a15 No.11723


That is quite possible, but I wonder if it’s allowable?

475eb No.11724

I've written and rewritten several ways to respond to this. Each one I have deleted because I've been dissatisfied that I'd be revealing details that would ruin the tension of the story. Especially when we are in a 'lull,' so to speak.

Please don't take this short reply as curt in tone or angry. It's simply the only way I can respond without giving something away:

The short and final answer is no. Reasons will become apparent.

a4da9 No.11726

Arguably it already is. Upon further reflection, the references to Tharja are possibly part of Ed's subconscious rebelling against the implicit horror that forms the basis of this vision. Sure, he's decided to ride it out and enjoy the carnal pleasures of it, but he's still got that in the back of his mind. …I do have to wonder how much of this is our Edward in direct control and how much of it is him back-seating the impossible version of himself who's living this vision and only making the conscious decisions at the inflection points- our votes. Like, looking back at Vlad and Mania's visions, it's pretty clear that (for lack of a better word) Ed 'mantled' them. We're still voting on these choices from the viewpoint of being Ed and seeing how things play out, but for all intents and purposes Ed 'becomes' the person in the vision. Case in point, in the vote prior to yesterday's, we were clearly making a decision as our Edward, not the vision Ed. …makes me wonder if the final straw for the Daniella vision is going to be Impossible Edward (ImpossiEd?) saying he loves Dani and real Ed just having an absurd emotional response of "fuck that she killed Tharja" that rips him out of it.

573e5 No.11727

Absolutely understandable.

Was more of an outright curiosity and a possible way to assuage other parties who are not exactly thrilled with the current and ongoing episode.

It was hard enough to postulate the quandary in a way that wasn't implicitly saying, "hey can you go ahead and reveal a lot of nuances, thanks!"

a4da9 No.11728

Oh, dammit. Now you two have my conspiracy brain going, lol. Because it's like "well if it was just because she's dead, that'd be a straightforward answer, so it must be something more than that. Unless Aristo anticipated that, and is leaving it intentionally vague to keep us on our toes." And so on and so forth.

187e7 No.11730

The fact Aristo was able to describe Daniella's pregnancy in such vivid detail but keeping it 'sweet and brief' at the same time was impressive. I expected the time shifts between each description but I appreciate the efforts to letting us taste even a few drops of this cursed probability.

Heavily excited for when Edward wakes up soon.

97d00 No.11731

I can't lie and say I'm not glad to be done with that vision, but I agree with Maxi- well done, Aristo. I'm intrigued to see what else Bernkastel has to show us.

I do think we need to be careful when we eventually wake up about what we tell Beatrice and Tharja. Not that we should lie or even try to hide what we saw in these visions, but at the very least be gentle about it, especially the Daniella one.

786f4 No.11734

"…That's odd. Your swords have both broken in two."

God, this line has been stuck in my head for the past few days for some reason. It feels like it's foreshadowing up to something big or a revelation. Or maybe it's just symbolism that Edward's and Daniella's current fight is over in the vision or something. IDK if I'm reading too deep into it though.

Also, a big thank you for the Daniella scene Aristo. It feels nice to finally see a what-if scenario regarding her, after all of the years of speculation.

475eb No.11735

Beatrice fixed both of Edward's swords for him with magic after her goat-butlers destroyed them. That they're broken is a sign that Beatrice undid her own magic.

I'll just answer that directly because it is something the usual Edward would remember. Beatrice's magic exists until she takes it back. That's what she did.

786f4 No.11736


Completely forgot about that. So I was reading into it too hard, lol.

475eb No.11737

Well, it may function in terms of symbolism as well. But in terms of the story, they 'had' to break.

0c002 No.11738

Interesting. So is a witch's magic always something she can take back? If a witch dies, do all of her spells end too? Feel free to ignore this if it's TMI or would spoil something later.

475eb No.11739

I believe I've said as much in Impregnated Princess and probably in Impregnator Kings too. For example if Impregnated Princess's Erika died, King Vlad's eyes would no longer be kept alive. Even if they still existed, he'd finally pass on and they'd just be viscera.

Yes, she can always take it back. This is why Patchouli's curse on Edward's virility was so subtly powerful. It was something designed that could never be removed, even by Patchouli herself. Though Beatrice did say that if Patchouli died, the curse would cease with her, she may or may not have been wrong and this was not confirmed because she lived.

That said, the line of how much the witch must actually be thinking about the magic and not-thinking about it to maintain it or 'take it back' has been vague. We've seen Beatrice lose her concentration and accidentally release magical binds she placed King Vlad in, for example, in Impregnated Princess.

I answer these directly because I'm sure these questions have answers that weren't just implied in the text, but were unambiguously defined at some point.

97d00 No.11740

Ah, mea culpa, I was unclear. I more meant do ALL of her spells end/can all of them be revoked (aside from ones designed specifically not to be, like Patchy's curse). But I think the better question to ask is "if a spell has completed, can the witch revoke its effects". Like I would have thought fixing the swords was a one-and-done spell. To take it down a darker hypothetical, Beatrice is using her magic to help Edward heal. If the unthinkable were to happen and we pissed Bea off enough or something happened to her, could her magic's effect of keeping Ed alive during the poisoning cease to be? I guess that kinda depends on what she's actually doing- if she's actively mending us or if she's just keeping us alive so our body can do the work of healing us.

475eb No.11741

I cannot answer this question.

fdb74 No.11742

Fair enough, figured I might be digging too far on that one.

df839 No.11744

[glances at the latest post in "Witch of Fecundity" and can't resist]

"Gimme a head with hair! Long, beautiful hair!
Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen!
Gimme down to there hair! Shoulder-length or longer!
Here baby, there mama, everywhere daddy, daddy-
HAAAAIIIRRR! Flow it! Show it! Long as God can grow it, my hair!"

0e336 No.11747

Kill your family, become immortal, rise to status of God-Empress of Humanity. Good times.

9a39e No.11751

I'm not gonna lie, pulling up the thread to see that we're actually playing 20 questions made me chuckle out loud.

97d00 No.11752

It's fun now, but the cynic/conspiracy theorist in me is thinking this is just Bernkastel's way of making us change our mind on the deal. Which… I was already halfway to changing my vote when Aristo closed it, so who knows.

475eb No.11756

I wanted to point out two details that were in the visions that I think the audience may or may not have picked up on.

In the Daniella vision, Daniella is described as dusty when Edward tells her he wants to marry her and starts to seduce her. Why is she dusty? What was she doing immediately before coming to King Vlad's chambers?

Beatrice's feet are always described as perfect and that she enjoys attention being paid to them. Consider how Shannon's feet are described in her vision.

Just little things before the next update.

96b3f No.11757

I imagine it wasn't dust, it was ash. Daniella went to remove all traces of Tharja before she returned with "dusty" hands to Edward and Vlad. She burned Tharja's body in the meantime in that big fireplace in her room.

32e3c No.11758

I picked up on the Tharja dust, which is why that scene was fucking agonizing.

I will admit that the detail with Beatrice's feet went over my head, though. Nice touch.

3630a No.11759

How morbid, good details.

32e3c No.11760

My line of thinking with the write-in is to try and think of the things Bernkastel knows Edward will never want to think about.

In suggesting Patchouli and Albert, I am trying to think of those he would avoid thinking about– the people he's wronged.

Maybe even Margaret would be a good candidate.

32e3c No.11761

Or Elizabeth.

We have a habit of not thinking about her, lol.

97d00 No.11762

For my next trick… Simon's whip?

5a54b No.11765

I happened across a image of a pregnant character that hasn't been confirmed pregnant in the story yet. The only source I was able to find was patreon amd burried in the artist's hentaifoundry; I couldn't find it via any boorus. It may be useful if Ed impregnated/impregnates the character.
Aristo, would you like us to share "rare" images in this thread? I think it goes without saying that images easily found on boorus aren't necessary but I wondered if you'd like rarer images to be an exception.

475eb No.11766

Is it Erika?

a4da9 No.11767

Funny, pretty sure I saw art of Erika pregnant a few days ago.

5a54b No.11769

Yes. Perhaps not as rare as I thought! I found it in the 4chan /d/ vanilla preg thread, and it was indeed posted a few days ago. I suppose the question still stands though.

475eb No.11770

If it was drawn by Minacream, she's a friend of mine and that was done specifically for Impregnator Kings. Erika has a book in that picture. She never has a book in the original umineko.

You are free to post it. It's not a commission or anything I was keeping secret. I was going to use it when/if that situation happened in the story.

a4da9 No.11771

That's the one, yeah. Didn't even think about the book, lol.

5a54b No.11772

Heh, small world.
When I said the "question still stands" I meant more in a general sense, but it seems to me now that it wouldn't be needed. Kudos for commissioning art just for the story.

0261d No.11773

Out of sheer curiosity, were the names of the deceased Ruhemania witches (aside from certain obvious ones) references to anything, or were they just random?

475eb No.11774

They're all references. Some more obvious than others.

Angie, Aurora and Virginia are other characters from Umineko.
Velvet is Odin Sphere.

The rest are secret.

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