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I have been thinking for years that the women who post egregious breastfeeding videos on YouTube are really doing it to get off. No judgment or anything, it's just sort of a shit show to watch. (Look up KoalaBabyXX on YouTube if you want to know what I mean.)

Recently, I came across this:

It was a bit disappointing reading that link because I didn't recognize any of the women mentioned and the "usual suspects" (see below) aren't mentioned.

(1) Mama Cabbage

Then I read the comment mentioning "mama cabbage." I had no idea who "mama cabbage" was so I googled it and came across her channel, which I know from the pretty nice belly/cleavage shots in a birth video she posted years ago. (Her more recent birth video also has a few nice shots, but mostly uninteresting.) I guess she also did breastfeeding videos (though I never paid much attention — her naked boobs are too saggy for me), the kind of vid where you think to yourself, "Is she doing this to teach women or to titillate men?"

Well, now I feel vindicated: she's completely honest about it now. She has an OnlyFans and everything. Take a look at this video:


Before you tell me she's pulling a Demi Moore in that video, check out the video description. She links to her OnlyFans in the YouTube video! On her "family" channel and everything… but I'm not supposed to judge, right? She's a full on porn star.

Here is some of her pregnant porn on XHamster: hxxps://xhamster.com/videos/youtuber-mama-pregnant-14055479

Sadly, I think she looks better wearing underwear…

Then I found out a bunch of other women are also "out" now:

(2) Famous Mommy

You may remember this next one from a "pre-pregnancy clothing challenge" posted a year or so ago. She's the one with the huge boobs who turned the raunchiness way up to a 11 where most women have it at a 2: hxxps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD0_W_yqqR8&t=356s

Turns out she's also doing some very weird stuff, but for educational purposes only, not sexual gratification! Yet it's also on XHamster:
hxxps://xhamster.com/videos/big-boobs-the-famous-mommy-hand-milk-14759718 (warning: you might laugh, you might cry)

I guess Famous Mommy has a Patreon and that's where the xhamster vids came from, but I haven't checked it out. (I will bet $$$$$$$$$ she didn't start the Patreon until after her pregnancy and has no preg content there.)

Also, trust the "experts" over there at XHamster, they seem to have correctly identified that "Famous Mommy" is the pornstar formerly known at Brittaney Starr. (Google image search her and tell me they're wrong!) But, again, her breastfeeding videos are for educational purposes only, not sexual gratification! After all, she would know the difference!

(3) Michele Marie

This one had very good breastfeeding content on YouTube (by very good, I mean huge boobs that you could almost get a good look at…). (Her melons look delicious encased in a bra during her birth video. You're welcome.)

The thing is: all I can remember from back in the day is her adamantly denying that her breastfeeding videos were porn. I think she had statements to this effect in her YouTube videos or something, and I got the impression some women online were accusing her of being a freak, making porn on YouTube, etc.

Well, now she's "out" and honest about it:


I think this comment from that video sums up how I feel about this development: "This would’ve been so much better about 4 years ago…it’s crazy how much different you look now."
Seriously, even four years ago, her boobs were big, but how would they look out of a bra, on full display? Now four years later, do I want to pay to see her naked? I don't want to be ageist or anything, but if the main event on offer is huge boobs…

Another humorous comment: "lol `educational breastfeeding' "

When I noticed Michele Marie has a separate ASMR thread on YouTube, I thought for sure this would be just another excuse to show off her huge rack (and I wouldn't mind if it was!), but, sadly, it's not as obvious as I thought it would be… There is this, though:
(Yes, I do feel guilty for loving seeing her in a sports bra…)

This just makes me wonder: is this the beginning of a trend?

Now that people are flocking to the internet (especially Patreon) to try to monetize their popularity, it seems like these breastfeeding fetish women who were previously in denial or who preferred to keep us at arms length are now going the full Monte.

Perhaps this will extend to other pregnant and non-pregnant women in the not so distant future? I see stuff on Instagram that seems like soft core porn to me, but, of course, our society *seems* to be far from ready to accept full nudity. However, appearances can be deceiving. What sometimes happens is something sparks a change and suddenly everyone realizes "the emperor has no clothes" overnight. It's kind of like the adage that "every individual is afraid to have the rest of the world discover their individual browsing history, but if everyone had access to everyone else's browsing history, we would all get over it immediately." I just wonder if something similar will happen where posting nudity or porn is concerned.

Ten years ago, if Facebook changed its rules so that posting nude nipples was OK, very few women would post nude nipples because their friends would shame them to remove them. Today, I'm not sure that's true: if Facebook or Instagram changed their rules regarding nude nipples, I think a lot of the girls who are already posting "aggressive" photos/vids (e.g. the girls that work out posting revealing videos of their asses while they're doing squats) might come clean (a la Michel Marie or Mama Cabbage) and post topless photos, too. I would put money on this: it might take more than five years, maybe it would take ten or even fifteen, but it's more than a little bit weird the way we are more and more accepting of certain things, and the kind of soft core porn you can see on Instagram is getting more and more brazen, while explicit nudity is somehow irrevocably out-of-bounds.

It would be good for us anyway! Imagine instead of pregnant women in underwear on Instagram, we had topless pregnant milfs on Instagram. I'm telling you: this is the future. (No, I don't understand it either…)

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