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1ba62 No.10733

If you want to talk about mpreg, then go here!

7f791 No.10739

Anal Birth or Cock Birth?
Personally I kinda like both.

c81b2 No.10908

Cock birth is very nice, but, it's difficult to impregnate a boy through a penis. So anal is more natural. ))

823c0 No.10910

I love both :)

c81b2 No.10911

What's the best pose for a boy to give birth, in your opinion?

4ea6c No.10912

Is it just me or do I think muscular pregnant guys are hot as hell?

c81b2 No.10913

As for me, that's not true. Pregnant boy must be small and subtile, like a girl, and must have androgynous exterior.

3a43a No.10914


For me, it depends on how muscular the man is.

It's gotta be a twunk for me.

c81b2 No.10915

Also, big and muscular should be those who inseminating. Btw, they even can be a non-human creatures, for example stallions or taurens.

7f791 No.10916

I kinda would wanna see more cock birth around myself

c81b2 No.10917

Did you ever thought about give birth with your own penis?

823c0 No.10919

Love me some cute pregnant femboys :) <3

80a3a No.10920

How do you want to copulate with them?))

3a43a No.10923

You know what I like to see?

Pregnant men doing physically demanding jobs or sports throughout their pregnancy, ignoring any pain or discomfort that they may experience.

0ecb2 No.10954

That's not good, as for me. Sports maybe good - some gymnastics, for example, but physical job - no. Also, gymnastics may be replaced with sex and insemination.

99ada No.10955

DAE want a girl to get them pregnant

e4cbf No.11098

I absolutely love a cute pregnant femboy 🤤

c6e7e No.11105

ngl, it’s pretty embarrassing to admit but I have always sorta fantasized the whole mpreg scenario not because of the tummy but because it’s kinda romantic in a way

d3dcc No.11110

In this case omegaverse is for you.

3a43a No.11114

Anyone else like hairy pregnant guys?

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