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1824b No.10736

As discussed in the Impregnator Kings chat thread, this is a new experimental story I'm writing. Here, the "you" of the story is not any character. The "you" is a vague undefined force that compels the character.

Impregnator Kings is, and will, remain the real focus of mine. To use a metaphor, Impregnator Kings is like an intricate scale model. Made up of many small parts put together over a long period of time, adjusted and fine-tuned so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed by all. This story will be more like a lego set: put together for fun that can easily be set aside or even knocked down until a new one comes along or it's rebuilt.

The main rule of Impregnator Kings applies here: all characters depicted in sexual situations are of age. That means 18+.

However, unlike Impregnator Kings, there may be nonconsensual elements in the story. (The concept of 'urges' imposed from without may in itself be noncensual from a certain point of view. Everyone is warned.)

I begin by posting this in /c/, but if I think it could benefit from visuals, I could move it to /b/. I don't intend to work hard on it enough or keep it consistent enough to put it in /d/.

That all said, let's begin.

1824b No.10737

There are many types of women who can become pregnant but don't want to. For now, the focus should be on…

Make a selection for which character to follow first.

You may vote for three different characters/settings.

The choice with the most votes will win.

Voting for only one or two characters instead of three is fine.

1. Yaereene. A young elf girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and very sensitive ears. She's a lone adventurer in human lands far from home, trying to make her way. Though adventuring is lonely, there's surely many spoils to be found.

2. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Katrina Morgan. A biologist on-board a human exploration and colony starship. She's refused several promotions because she's fascinated with her research on board the ship with the unknown.

3. Rebecca Wu. A beautiful young woman who just graduated college. Her family has a history of being extremely fertile. She's been offered nude modeling jobs and sex-work opportunities in the past and found it demeaning, but it could be empowering.

4. Rin Umizuki. A beautiful young college student who is traveling overseas to study in an advanced institution. Ever since the calamity that caused the decline of 99% of the male population of the world, the few virile men that are left were given special "breeder" licenses by the government. Any man could present any viable female with one and have her submit to sex. Luckily they were easy to avoid if one knew where they shouldn't go.

5. Jacaranda. A strong amazon woman from an isolated village in the tropics. Outsiders are rarely if ever encountered, but if they are…

6. Marjaana. A nomadic girl in an icy wilderness with a strong culture of animistic traditions. There's a charm or prayer for everything, for better or worse. Hunting, crafting, fertility…

7. Titania. A short-stack draph girl. Adventuring alone is dangerous, so she's forced to hire human companions when she takes mercenary jobs. Many of them are tall enough to feel like giants to her.

8. Agent EL98876. In a sci-fi cyberpunk future, special agents exist who have the job to prevent crimes before they happen. A beautiful young female like Agent EL has the job of posing as a bartender. She has advanced technology that lets her find out what needs her patrons have, and how to fulfill them to keep them satisfied… but what if they have wants that require special attention, like "knock a girl up" or "I need a wife and family?"

9. Peridot. A cat-girl who is a personal pet of the Emperor. She can pass for human if she hides her ears and tail, but what happens when heat takes over?

10. Queen Phylla. A beautiful and revered queen, blessed by the gods. She can commune with them and absorb their power. But what if some gods are more interested in giving her power than others?

11. Albert/Alice. He was a young man obsessed with magic. He didn't expect an experiment with a spell to actually do anything, much less for it to turn him into a girl. Now he felt strange feminine urges…

Only one choice will be focused on at a time. I look forward to seeing if anything comes of this.

9e0e8 No.10742

Let's get this ball rolling. I vote for 2, 6, and 8.

1c034 No.10743

9 or 10!

ab727 No.10744

1, 4, 6

d5086 No.10745

Like to see 1 and 2

7697f No.10746

I vote 1, 2 and 10

1824b No.10747

There's five votes right now.

I'm going to eliminate the choices without any votes.

The following choices are eliminated and won't be written:

3. Rebecca Wu (was going to take a sort of 'good girl decides to embrace her sexuality' angle.)
5. Jacaranda (was going to be a sort of 'strong amazon seeks out an outsider male to dominate and have him knock her up' angle.)
7. Titania (short-stack pregnancy was all I had going in. Don't like goblins, even if they're more traditionally the association there.)
11. Albert/Alice (genderswap pregnancy. I just like it.)

Please continue to vote.

I want to clarify something also: if 2 (Katrina) wins, there won't be alien xeno-pregnancy. It's just not my thing. There may be aliens/lifeforms that implant things in her that urge her to get knocked up by humans, though. (I just don't want to disappoint anyone with expectations that won't happen. The 'starship' crew was always meant to be humans-only, not like Star Trek with many alien races.)

d0458 No.10750

1, 2 or 6.

82464 No.10751

Gotta admit, I'd probably really like the Impregnator Kings threads if I spent the time to read them from the start (good luck finding that time), so I wanna get in on this from the start. Plus some of these sound fun.

I'm-a go wiiith…9, 10, and…6.

1824b No.10752

Sorry to hear that. I know it's a lot. If you do take the "plunge," so to speak, it's the first three threads that are most important and will give you the best picture of the setting. That's not to say what's happened since then doesn't matter, it definitely does, but a lot of it has been making decisions that are reflected on in recent threads as well.

I'm going to make two more eliminations. The choices with only one vote are eliminated. That is, 4 & 8.

4. Rin Umizuki (basically like Hazumi and the Pregnation but with the added idea of "instant sex licenses" that get used in some stories.)
8. Agent EL98876 (technology goes haywire and makes her think she needs to pump out babies.)

This brings us down to the following choices that are left:

1. Yaereene, the elf.
2. Katrina Morgan, the starship biological researcher.
6. Marjaana, the nomad from the icy north.
9. Peridot, the cat-girl and Emperor's concubine.
10. Queen Phylla, the spiritual Queen.

1824b No.10753

All right. I'm eager to actually start writing, and I'm not sure how long it would take to get more votes. So, we have enough votes to narrow it down to three characters:

1. Yaereene
2. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Katrina Morgan
6. Marjaana

These will be our starters. I'll brainstorm and start writing the concept I have the most ideas for.

1824b No.10757

I've brainstormed, and have made one more decision to ask for input before the game begins.

This game will track five stats.

Pregnancy desire: the higher the number, the more the character will want to get pregnant and have a heavily pregnant body. If she doesn't have one, she'll want to pretend or imagine at least.
Maternal instinct: the higher the number, the more the character will want to give birth and actively be a mother. If she has no children to raise, she'll want to be around children and take care of them.
Child-bearing physique: the higher the number, the more the character's body is traditionally 'suited' to giving birth and bearing children. (Wide hips, big breasts, lactation, higher body weight, stretched belly, etc.)
Sexual desire: the higher the number, the more the character will desire sex in general. Sensitivity, aphrodisiacs, and pregnancy hormones will increase this number.
Dependence: the higher the number, the more the character will want to rely on others for her needs. A higher number will encourage the character to "settle down". Pursue monogamy, etc. Extreme submission is possible.

Different combinations will result in different motivations. A woman with high pregnancy desire but little maternal instinct will want to get pregnant but not necessarily be a mother. This could open the possibility of her wanting a "long term pregnancy" where she has a big belly but doesn't want to give birth for a while. A woman with a high maternal instinct will be more interested in getting pregnant and giving birth as quickly as possible. If your fetish is more the pregnant form than birth, you might want to think about that.
Child-bearing physique is more to emphasize flavor than actual "mechanics." All girls will get pregnant. Just getting pregnant will increase this number as natural body changes set in. Though if people have a fetish for big bellies on smaller frames, I may include methods to restore it. (Tighten belly skin, work off extra maternity weight, etc.)

That said, these stats will NOT be hidden. Each choice will highlight exactly how much it will rise or fall, and why.

I want to invite everyone to vote once more on one of the three choices. Including those who already voted, and have yet to vote.

Please vote once.

1. Yaereene, the lone Elf adventurer traveling in human lands in a fantasy world.
Pregnancy desire: 0
Maternal instinct: 0
Child-bearing physique: 2 (hips, mid-range breasts)
Sexual desire: 1 (has desire, no experience)
Dependence: 0

2. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Katrina Morgan, the premier biologist in charge on-board a human exploration and colony starship in a futuristic sci-fi world.
Pregnancy desire: 0
Maternal instinct: 1 (her experiments are like her children)
Child-bearing physique: 0 (petite frame)
Sexual desire: 0
Dependence: 2 (moderately-content with the role she's established.)

3. Marjaana, the nomadic girl in the icy wilderness in a realistic world with some fantasy elements and magical realism.
Pregnancy desire: 1 (desires a baby… someday.)
Maternal instinct: 1 (desires a family… someday.)
Child-bearing physique: 1 (hips, small chest)
Sexual desire: 0
Dependence: 0

(Don't worry that all these starting stats are 'low'. That will change.)

Thank you. Again

d0458 No.10758


Voting for 1

589ae No.10759

2d8e7 No.10762

5417c No.10765

Ah shit, I already missed some choices… I liked the ideas of Queen Phylla and Titania.

Anyway, I vote for 2.

e9233 No.10766

What was the Queen Phylla route supposed to be like? She seems to be the only one off the table who was never elaborated on.

51670 No.10767

2 for me

6e584 No.10768


1824b No.10769

To be honest, I was having misgivings about the idea as soon as I posted because I really didn't want it to end up as a new Impregnator Kings with a ruler as a character. That said, it would've been heavy on the fantasy. It would've depicted her going on many pilgrimages, being a part of rituals, and performing many rites in the name of the Gods for Queen Phylla to make herself fertile. "Inviting" Gods to come into her body to do their will, and making it easier for her to become pregnant.

There's a favorite now, but the vote is close. Please continue to vote and I will close this very soon.

If you have not yet voted I urge you to do so.

712ad No.10770

Tribal/Feral girl all the way. 3.

2101f No.10771

Option 1, Yaereene

76094 No.10772

Going with contestant #3, Marjaana, for this choice here.

e9233 No.10773

Option 2.

1824b No.10774

>3 votes for Yaereene.
>4 votes for Katrina.
>3 votes for Marjaana.

We have a winner.

The story will focus on Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Katrina Morgan. A biologist on-board a human exploration and colony starship. Sci-fi theme.

I will save these other concepts for potential use later because I also like them and support was so evenly split.

I will make an entirely new thread for the start of Katrina Morgan's struggles within the influence of the Maternal Urge.

Thank you all for voting.

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