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004fc No.10778[Last 50 Posts]

Current stats:
Pregnancy desire: 0
Maternal instinct: 1 (her experiments are like her children)
Child-bearing physique: 0 (petite frame)
Sexual desire: 0
Dependence: 2 (moderately-content with the role she's established.)

Lieutenant Katrina Morgan deserved a higher rank. Her understanding of xenobiology was unparalleled and her analysis insightful. There was only one problem. Accepting a higher rank meant she would become an organizer. A reviewer. Not someone who did experiments directly. In a normal scientific field, that would probably be desirable. But when working with undocumented alien lifeforms, Katrina preferred to personally play with those toys. Especially the unorthodox way she did it.

It created a very weird situation. Everyone knew Morgan had the most experience. That her opinion mattered the most. But her superior grew too timid to do more than assign Lieutenant Morgan her duties and then let her work.  That was fine with her. She got to dictate her hours, her laboratory, her equipment, and her methods.

Surface exploration had just uncovered a new batch of samples to be examined. Lieutenant Morgan had her first pick.

She sat at her desk in her private office and scrolled through the interface with a bare finger. The reflection shining over her hazel eyes, light caught in the curls of her long, sandy blonde hair.

She could pick only one. But the possibilities were endless for all three. She scrolled and instantly became excited for the chance to experiment with…

Choice time:
>The cluster of pods which vaguely resemble egg sacs catches her eye. (+5 pregnancy desire, +5  child-bearing physique)
>The sample of viscous pink fluid with a pleasant aroma. (+5 sexual desire, +3 dependence)
>The strange combination of alien plant life and fungus growing on it that vaguely resembles a phallus. (+2 pregnancy desire, +2 maternal instinct, +3 sexual desire)

ac708 No.10779

Option 1, cluster of pods.

bb5ba No.10780

1st option.

d7368 No.10781

Choosing the cluster of pods (Option #1) for the first decision opportunity.

bcd9b No.10782

Option 1

d11df No.10783

Option 1

e22e3 No.10784

Option 1.

dc6e6 No.10785

Option one

fa91f No.10786

Option 3

5cc5f No.10787

Option number 3

004fc No.10788

>7 votes for option one, the pods.
>2 votes for option three, the alien flora and fungi.

The egg sac pods.

Poll closed. Update soon.

004fc No.10789

Potential life forms emerging from egg sacs? Katrina couldn't resist. The thrill of a new discovery excited her as she rubbed her hands with glee and made her selection.

Katrina ineffectually tried to peel the unknown creature off of her face.

She'd been careless. Of course, the first thing she tried to do when presented with an alien lifeform that looked like an egg sac was see if it opened.

It did.

And now the thing inside, whatever it was, had attached itself to her face and forced some proboscis-like appendage down her throat.

She was vaguely aware of her neck bulging, involuntarily swallowing whatever it was injecting her with. She was too panicked to know it, but changes were taking place inside her previously petite body. A result of the discharge.

Her hips were widening.

Her breasts were growing.

Her womb was beginning to ovulate.

Her thighs were growing thicker.

Her ass filling out from its previously bony, flat shape.

Still, the alien continued to feed her.

She was becoming truly desperate. If she couldn't peel it off, she might be infected… in a way she couldn't cover up and hide. Even now, she was still concerned for her reputation and keeping her cavalier approach to dissection under wraps.

Choice time:
>Katrina manages to peel the alien lifeform off of her. (-2 pregnancy desire, -2 child-bearing physique)
>The alien lifeform stays where it is until it falls off naturally, by itself. (no change)
>Another alien lifeform had crawled out of the pod. It attaches itself to her lower half and starts giving her pussy the same treatment. (+5 sexual desire)

412bd No.10791

Option 3

266ac No.10792

Option 3

d7368 No.10793

Option #2

bb5ba No.10794


Option 3.

e22e3 No.10795

Option 3.

5cc5f No.10796

Option 3

10e99 No.10797

Option 2

ac2c2 No.10798

The third choice

004fc No.10799

>2 votes for option two, the alien stays where it is until it falls off naturally.
>6 votes for option three, a second alien attaches to her.

A second alien penetrates her vagina and starts injecting her with more discharge.

Poll closed. Update soon.

004fc No.10800

Katrina's hands tried to grip the alien lifeform, but it was too slick. She simply couldn't get a good hold. Even if she had, it stuck so fast, she likely wouldn't have had the strength to pry it off with her bare hands. She arched her back, writhing desperately.

By the time she felt the second alien on her leg, it was already too late.

The new lifeform wrapped its 'arms' around her midsection, slipped its proboscis down the waistband of her skirt and panties, and penetrated her vagina. Smoothing her pubic hair down as it glided over her pubis, then spread her lips and buried it inside.

Katrina had never been penetrated before. The feeling made her body jolt in panic, and the sensation of her lips being spread more as this new alien forced fluid down the appendage to flood her virgin canal…

"Mgggh! Urrrghh!"

She tried to scream for help, but couldn't do more than make panicked noises. Her hands went to reach between her legs to try to shoo away the new invader, but her mind became paralyzed as she realized she was abandoning her face to be penetrated and she didn't know which was worse. The end result… was that she simply flailed out with both arms, shaking little fists in frustration.

…For about ten seconds.

The introduction of the alien's fluid to her pussy was prompting a more dramatic change in Katrina. She blinked, eyes seeing sparks, as she felt her body becoming hot. She shuddered, hard. Her clit tightening until she was very aware of her arousal. Her pussy starting to leak its own arousal fluid around the invading phallus-like tube inside it. Even her nipples were becoming more sensitive. Sticking out into hard peaks.

Katrina had all sorts of training for how to handle dangerous situations on board the ship, scientific and not, but she had no preparation for the sexual impulses now flooding through her. Her movements started to calm until she was lying flat on the ground of the laboratory, rolling her hips back against the member in a pantomime of sex, letting herself be fucked in both orifices without any resistance.

"Ah, aahh!"

She felt herself coming, her body tensing and contracting as her walls squeezed the beautiful pulsating tentacle… then, it all stopped.

She'd lost track of time. When she finally got her wits back, both alien lifeforms had fallen off of her, letting her see again.

She smacked her lips, still tasting fluid on her tongue. Dry, vaguely sweet. She felt similar fluid leaking out between her legs.

That experience was… amazing.

She had no idea what to do next. For the time being, she tried to roll so she could sit up… startled to find it required more effort than normal. It was only when she got to a sitting position she realized how her body had changed.

Her lab coat was stretched tight across her newly enlargened tits. The fabric was threatening to burst a button if she inhaled too sharply.

Her hips were much more pronounced. It'd forced her skirt up more, and probably had a factor in the ease of which she was penetrated.

She stood up and called up a device to project an image of herself as a sort of virtual 3D mirror. She realized, seeing her new image, that she'd suddenly turned into a girl with an hourglass figure… classic wide hips, big bust, and small waist. The realization made her…


Men would definitely appreciate her like this. They would definitely be encouraged to penetrate her, like this. Fill her with their seed and make her pregnant.


She recognized the thought as something new. Alien. Introduced to her psyche. She had no history of desiring children… at least not traditionally, though she did love 'babying' her experiments. But why was the thought of being bred suddenly appealing?

This had to be a result of the alien lifeforms and what they did to her body.

And yet…

Her pussy was still tingling. Having sex was still on her mind. What could she do?

Choice time:
>Katrina calms herself down and brings up communication with the rest of the lab to report her changes and receive treatment. (-2 Dependence.)
>Katrina gives into impulse and sneaks out to find someone to actively seduce. (-2 Sexual desire. Pregnancy may occur.)
>Katrina decides to attempt to cure herself by looking at a sample of another egg sac. (+5 pregnancy desire, +5 child-bearing physique, +5 sexual desire)

37787 No.10801

Option 2

412bd No.10802

Option 3

764be No.10803


Option 2

bb5ba No.10804

Option 3

7fb0d No.10805

Option three

799b0 No.10806

Option 1, want to see how people react to the changes

1aa4b No.10808

Option 2

ea893 No.10809

Option 3

6c2b1 No.10811

Option 1

10e99 No.10814

Option 1. I feel kind of a fuddy dud for doing it, but I don't like the trope of a girl becoming a slut that depends on men, pregnancy or no. Let her be a strong, independent woman, who only needs a man for his seed! XD

fa91f No.10815

Option 1

40ff9 No.10816


Option 1

e22e3 No.10818

Option 3.

Gotta beef them stats.

004fc No.10821

>5 votes for option one, she declares an emergency and seeks help (-2 Dependence)
>3 votes for option two, she actively searches for a man to seduce for sex. (-2 Sexual desire. Pregnancy may occur.)
>5 votes for option three, she attempts to cure herself by experimenting with another egg sac sample. (+5 pregnancy desire, +5 child-bearing physique, +5 sexual desire)

We have a tie.

I will come back later. If there is still a tie, I will flip a coin and decide the result.

If you have not yet voted, I urge you to do so.

Please feel no need to change your vote. Changing your vote will not make the update come sooner.

Thank you also to everyone for writing a sentence or two about why you vote and what you want to see. This helps me know audience expectations.

4e233 No.10822

Option 3. That body is rookie numbers, gotta get those numbers up

5cc5f No.10823

Option 3. A little investment in weirdness now will pay dividends down the line.

bd16b No.10824

Option 1

You have to balance it out somehow

94c46 No.10825

Option 3

004fc No.10827

>6 votes for option one.
>8 votes for option three.

Experiment with another egg sac sample.

Tie broken. Poll closed. Update soon.

004fc No.10828

The "proper procedure" for this sort of possible infection, contamination, was to report it and let the rest of the lab isolate her and study it.


Katrina wanted to have her cake and eat it, too. She could possibly revert this all by herself. That was within her ability, wasn't it?

There was another sample. She'd simply take a specimen and analyze it for a way to reverse the process before anyone noticed.


Katrina was not careful.

No, she'd wanted this. Why else did she strip down to her ass before playing with the second sample? 'Just in case?'

No, by the time she'd broken the seal containing the egg sacs, she was watching them with outright fascination. Licking her lips, feeling her crotch dripping wet in anticipation of being injected.

She wasn't disappointed. Two more alien lifeforms had wasted no time latching on to her face and hips, and were fucking her throat and cunt for all they were worth.

She moaned mindlessly, now an active and enthusiastic partner in the affair. Enjoying not just the process, but what was sure to be the result.

Make herself… prettier.

More feminine.

More fertile.

Turn herself into a hyperfertile sex Goddess.

She needed that. She needed for that to become a reality.

Then she could get pregnant… find a man, mount him, enjoy the feeling of him filling her, impregnating her.

The images of the eventual result filled Katrina with a feeling of pure bliss as she continued to arch her back, thrust her hips, and swallow the alien fluid.

When it was over, she felt so dizzy she could faint.

She called up another 3D projector to focus itself on her.

She had even wider hips, perfectly curved. Her thighs, though thick, had a tiny little gap right below her crotch when she stood normally. Her legs tapered down into pretty feet.

Her thin waist only accentuated and intensified how wide and curved her hips were. She put her hands on her hips and experimented shifting them, amazed at how natural the movement felt.

And her breasts…

They were huge, any way you looked at it. Moreover, they were heavy. Soft. They jiggled from the slightest movement, along with her ass. Despite the increase in flesh, firm, proud, nipples protruded from the middle of her round aerola.

Besides that, her skin just looked… healthier. More robust. Likely a result of hormones.

Even her hair felt silkier. Shinier.

With all these changes, Katrina wasn't even sure she felt like herself anymore.


She didn't care.

She needed to be fucked. And fucked pregnant.

She considered her options. Some were easier and more direct than others.

Choice time:
>Katrina's still tired from the changes and summons some male underling to the lab to passively seduce. (+2 dependence, -1 sexual desire, chance of pregnancy)
>Katrina, still naked, just walks through the ship until she finds a viable man. Who cares who sees? (-2 dependence, -5 sexual desire, chance of pregnancy)
>Actual men can wait. She can procure sperm samples from the science lab storage and fertilize herself. (Pregnancy confirmed)
>She decides this feeling is too nice to keep to herself. She releases the rest of the egg sacs throughout the ship. (-2 pregnancy desire) [Knowing other women will likely be impregnated lessens the feeling of extreme urgency to become pregnant immediately.]

Current stats:
Pregnancy desire: 10 (needs a baby inside her, now)
Maternal instinct: 1 (her experiments are like her children)
Child-bearing physique: 10 (short and ultra-stacked, huge breasts, very wide hips, thin waist, thick thighs, strong vaginal muscles, ovulating, strong pheromones, high hormones, perfect weight for pregnancy, likely to have twins, or more.)
Sexual desire: 10 (hypersensitive, needs to be fucked, craves release)
Dependence: 2 (moderately-content with the role she's established.)

6c2b1 No.10829

Option 1. Let's not go too far…

10e99 No.10830

*sigh* Well, I hope those of you who picked this option are enjoying this. And I mean that sincerely. I'm not one for the more extreme forms of pregnancy-related kinks, and I find myself liking context to make the kink more enjoyable. Then again, I'm not sure how many of us were aware that the stats were based on a scale of 1 to 10. I also wonder how permanent these changes are.

Anyway, no one is here to read my ramblings. Option 2 ought to help us get things under control.

004fc No.10831

Forgot to mention, 10 is the max.

1e0b8 No.10832

While I am enjoying what's happened, I do agree with you in some aspects.

Anyways…… Option 2. If we're gonna be the queen, we need to be completely independent.

d6efd No.10833

Option 2

9d1f0 No.10834

Option one.

I want to see her become someone's breeding slave

1aa4b No.10835

Option 2, let's see who gets lucky with her

e22e3 No.10836

Option 2.

a65bf No.10837

Option 4

412bd No.10838

Option 3 for 100% success rate to become pregnant

4e233 No.10840

Option 3.

Get her knocked up and then address the other options later

d7368 No.10841

Hmm, bit of a tough decision for this one between 1 & 2, on one hand, I'm not entirely wanting to see her turn into a "breeding slave" though at the same time, I feel 1 offers the chance for a more personal connection between her and her potential baby daddy then 2 would and plus you have to consider the possibility that the dependence stat could be lowered in a later choice (plus it's only 4, so not like she'd automatically be a slave).

Not to mention, I feel like 2 has a pretty good chance of backfiring immensely (yet again, so do all of these, but 2 & 4 are the most that kind of feels like the one she'd get reprimanded for by a superior if she gets caught) and well they both only have a chance for pregnancy, but 3 just kind of feels emotionless sort of, idk.

Decided to just roll a dice for my choice, so going with Option #1 for this choice path.

5cc5f No.10844

Option 1

bd16b No.10845

Option 3

6d902 No.10846

Option 2

f816e No.10847

option 1

004fc No.10848

>5 votes for option one, Katrina passively seduces someone by summoning him to her lab.
>6 votes for option two, Katrina goes out, naked and free, to actively search for a partner to impregnate her via sex.
>3 votes for option three, Katrina uses sperm samples to ensure she's pregnant without leaving the lab.
>1 vote for option four, Katrina enables the pods to 'infect' more women.

Without caring who sees, Katrina goes out into the ship to find a viable man to impregnate her. (-2 dependence, -5 sexual desire, chance of pregnancy)

Poll closed. Update soon.

004fc No.10883

It wasn't enough to just entice a man, or even for her to inject a man's sperm inside her.

She needed to track down and actively pursue a man. That, and nothing else, would satisfy her.

Katrina stared at her image with pride.

She was a perfect hyperfertile sex Goddess. She shouldn't be ashamed of showing off her entire glorious naked figure.

Hell, it'd be a question if anyone recognized her. She'd come so far from the mousy little petite thing she was before.

Her tits were so big… her ass was so big… she finally had curves after all those years of waiting, and hoping.

Unable to resist, she held her arms above her head and arched her back, going up on her tiptoes.


A man would have to be completely senseless or actively disinterested to resist her like this.

Moreover, the wetness between her legs was telling her she couldn't wait any longer.

She went out into the corridor, leaving the lab.

Naked as the day she was born.

Actively pursuing a partner meant she could find someone who wasn't in her ordinary circle of colleagues.

She'd found someone from engineering who fit her needs perfectly.

He was young, muscled… obviously intelligent.

By the time she'd crept up behind him, it was already too late.

The changes had brought with them an addition of pheromones. The need to breed subtly affected her target when she got close enough. Moreover, she was aroused enough that it was visible.

She barely had to do more than smile before he dropped what he was doing and put his hands on her.

Strong hands groped full, big tits. Lips met in needy little expressions of promised intimacy to come.

He was tall for a man and reached down, cupping his hands under her generous ass and picking her up to put her on the nearest desk.

Katrina couldn't spread her legs fast enough. The man from engineering couldn't get his uniform undone fast enough.

His cock had already swelled to full size, ready to release his seed.

And then…


He was inside her. Their shared moan signalling their mutual copulation.

Not a slow, tortured lovemaking, but a frenzied act of breeding.

Both male and female have only one goal as they roll their hips against the other. As the man effortlessly slides his cock inside her. She didn't even realize or attach any importance to losing her virginity in such a way.

Finally… they share one last single goran.

The man's arms are around her, hugging her close to make sure his crotch is flesh as tight as it can go against hers. His cock spurting out its thick, virile seed inside her wet waiting depths.

Katrina panted hard. The intense feeling of sex had satiated her desire… somewhat.

Meanwhile, the man was looking completely spent. His hair slicked with sweat, he was losing the ability to even hold her… his muscles going slack.

As if he'd transferred all his vitality into her, he slowly slumped to the floor, until he was prone on his back, leaving the cum he'd shot inside her to run out of her vagina once the hole had been unplugged from the removal of the stopper: his penis.

…That wouldn't do.

This could get her pregnant, but did it? Katrina bit her lip.

Human biology would tell her that she simply wouldn't know. Insemination was one thing, impregnation and then implantation was another.

But, she had to satisfy her urges.

Choice time:
>Katrina decides human experimentation is called for. She returns to her lab and sees if she can modify herself to get pregnant faster. (Pregnancy confirmed. -2 pregnancy desire. +2 dependency [relying on scientific equipment])
>Katrina lets her lust decide she needs more semen. She searches out for other men. (-2 sexual desire. Chance of pregnancy increases.)
>Katrina's belly feels empty. The only real solution is to advance her pregnancy to full term. There's advanced body suspension technology that can make her full term immediately… if she's pregnant. (Possible full-term pregnancy right away. -5 sexual desire. +5 dependency. -1 maternal instinct. [Seeing a pregnant form as the end rather than a means to a child.]

Current stats:
Pregnancy desire: 10 (needs a baby inside her, now) [Inseminated, pregnancy may occur.]
Maternal instinct: 1 (her experiments are like her children)
Child-bearing physique: 10 (short and ultra-stacked, huge breasts, very wide hips, thin waist, thick thighs, strong vaginal muscles, ovulating, strong pheromones, high hormones, perfect weight for pregnancy, likely to have twins, or more.)
Sexual desire: 5 (sensitive, but satiated.)
Dependence: 0 (actively independent, reliance on others is distasteful.)

c1dc1 No.10884

Choice 1

10e99 No.10886

Option 2

e22e3 No.10887

Option 2.

764be No.10888


Been a while since I've seen full term pregnant bellies in the other CYOA soo..option 3.

bd16b No.10890

Choice 2

For rapid pregnancy

4e233 No.10891


Stat loss is too great for 3. I wouldn't mind see us get a bit of dependence back up and confirm the knock up. So Option 1

a406a No.10892

Option 1 for certainty

bb5ba No.10893

Option 1

a9ced No.10894

Option three

19aae No.10895

Option 3

bd16b No.10896

Sorry I meant choice 1

1e0b8 No.10897


Definitely Option 1, gotta be pumping out the kids if we're gonna be the queen.

71550 No.10898

Option 2

1aa4b No.10899


option 2, let's see if we can keep her dependence low for now

c969b No.10900


94c46 No.10901

Option 2

fc245 No.10903


e1277 No.10905

Missed too many earlier choices. Option 2.

c93d6 No.10909

Option 2

004fc No.10918

>6 votes for option one, use experiments to confirm the pregnancy.
>8 votes for option two, search out more men for more sperm.
>3 votes for option three, suspended animation to full term pregnancy.

Search out men for more sperm and increase chances of pregnancy.

Poll closed. Update soon.

004fc No.10928

Katrina analyzed the situation logically. Having a man cum inside her was the most natural way to become pregnant. But, how did she know that man was truly virile? He could have a low sperm count. He could be sterile from some unknown ailment. Or even if he didn't, the more sperm that were inside her vagina, the better the chance that one would initiate fertilization, and then move on to make it a question of implantation.

Scientific testing could solve that problem, but there was a much more direct and powerful action: get more men to cum inside her.

With that idea, Katrina left to do just that.

Katrina had another man on her back and was riding him for his sperm.

He was the twentieth man she'd ridden yet, and a line had formed.

She no longer had to search men out. They came to her.

Furthermore, those she already had sex with were following her. As if hoping for another chance.

Though it wasn't necessary as long as there were 'fresh' donors, Katrina didn't dissuade them.

She rolled her hips down one last time, hearing the man she was squeezing with her thighs cry out and release another fresh load of semen in her pussy. Her walls contracting around as she subtly had her own orgasm and drew his cum deeper inside her. She was truly saturated, but until pregnancy was assured, there was no problem with taking more.

She stood up and instructed the next man to sit down. Despite all the sex, she didn't feel tired in the slightest. Her pussy wasn't even sore. Her intense desire to hump everything had receded, but that was merely because she had a long line of potential partners now.

The bias of men in the number of active scientists on the ship made finding sperm donors simple. She hadn't encountered another female, yet. She wasn't sure how they would react. She supposed the answer would be "with jealousy." What woman wouldn't be jealous of a perfect woman like her? Perfect for making babies.

Suddenly, one of the other men she'd already had sex with spoke up.

"Enough! This isn't going to get us what we want!"

He started to give a speech that eventually their supervisors were going to wonder why they weren't at their posts. Security will be called in and it's very likely Katrina, their fertile Goddess, will be taken into custody.

Katrina wasn't sure the codes of conduct had specific rules for the standard functions of the ship being abandoned in favor of an orgy, but the man's assessment seemed likely from what she knew.

Rather than a situation where everyone had sex with each other, the antics were centered around Katrina. She would be made a target and restrained, rather than the blame assigned collectively.

"We can't let that happen! Let's strike first! We'll take control of the ship before they know what's happening!"

Katrina heard murmurs around the crowd of men gathered. They seemed to all be in agreement that this was a good plan.

Katrina felt mixed emotions inside her. One ready to lead them on, and the other ready to disperse the crowd and go back to experiments.

But wasn't it too late to go back?

And did she really want to?

She felt a tinge of anxiety that she wouldn't be able to get pregnant enough if she let the ship continue as it was now.

Choice time:
>Katrina throws her full support behind the crewmen she's entranced and leads a mutiny that will leave them in charge of the ship with leadership focused on her. (Replace Dependence stat with Dominance, raise new dominance stat +8)
>Katrina decides she's had enough sperm samples and goes back to her lab, leaving the men to argue without taking a side. (+2 dependence, chance for switch to Dominance stat will not be repeated. -3 sexual desire.)
>Katrina comes to her senses and realizes some residual aftereffect of the sample on her body is affecting the men. She uses a communications terminal to alert the rest of the ship to the problem and surrender… on the condition she be used as a brood mother in scientific captivity. (+10 dependence and locked, +1 maternal instinct [treating the ship crew like her children and sacrificing her own wants for them.])

Current stats:
Pregnancy desire: 10 (needs a baby inside her, now) [Inseminated, pregnancy may occur.]
Maternal instinct: 1 (her experiments are like her children)
Child-bearing physique: 10 (short and ultra-stacked, huge breasts, very wide hips, thin waist, thick thighs, strong vaginal muscles, ovulating, strong pheromones, high hormones, perfect weight for pregnancy, likely to have twins, or more.)
Sexual desire: 3 (easily aroused, but no urge to have it immediately.)
Dependence: 0 (actively independent, reliance on others is distasteful.)

c93d6 No.10929

Option 1 seems like the most fun.

b7707 No.10930

Option 1. Let the conquest begin.

e22e3 No.10931

Option 1.

d7368 No.10932

Hmm well, these options totally aren't rigged towards one choice, nope not at all.

But for real though, figure I'll pick Option 3 here. She's a scientist first and foremost, logic, reason and the pursuit of discovery should come first, plus she is after all more direct with her experiments, why would this be any different? (the maxed out dependence stat is a bit of a concern, but in this context I figure it's not so much being turned into nothing more then a slave, rather simply needing the support necessary for the course of this path)

Plus, it might be more interesting story-wise for her to have to live up to her actions and acknowledge she's gone to far with this and have some humble self-sacrifice, possibly turning this around be getting to the bottom of this scientifically, rather then the typical "Woman undergoes transformation and begins an irresistible and hypersexualized slut fertility goddess" that's probably been done like at least 10 tens before, it can't just be sex for the whole damn story, gotta spice up the storytelling somehow here and there.

(Yes I'm partly picking this to out of spite, but eh, might as well explore the less cliché option or something like that, idk, I'm just rambling on at this point for no apparent reason cause I'm just bored right now, which begs the question on why the hell you're still reading this, like seriously you're coming to a porn imageboard and you decide to spend your time on it by reading this? Either you're just as bored as I am or your priorities are just out of wack, like really, just go back to fapping off to this story or one of the other pics on here rather then wasting your time by reading this shit I'm writing to waste other anons time, damn!

For those of you that bothered to read though all of whatever the hell I just wrote, I hope that you have a good rest of your day or night from here on. :) )

3b02c No.10934

Option 2, better to have fun with our fertile self and not go into some power trip

bd16b No.10935

Option 3

2aeec No.10936

Option 3
Becoming a dominant bitch is not what i want for this character.

4e233 No.10937

This escalated quickly. Tough choices, but 3 kind of seems like a dead end. Option 1

10e99 No.10938

On the one hand, Option 1 seems more fun, but I can agree that it is a little cliche. On the other hand, option 2 seems like it will leave the crew in trouble (and possibly feeling betrayed), but it seems more true to her character.

Hmm… I'll take option 2.

c9b51 No.10939


Gonna go with option 1 because we are the queen!

f1d82 No.10941

Option 3 because we already have over a dozen stories that goes with the sentiment of option 1 so I’ll pick option 3 for the uniqueness and humbling it will cause to katrina

32dab No.10942


Option 3.

e78ce No.10943

option 1

4656a No.10945

Option three

94c46 No.10946

Option 1

7f8a3 No.10947

option 2

6a475 No.10948

Option 2 please

98272 No.10951

For option 1, staging a mutiny seems unwise. Usually the first course of action would be to report, distress becon, etc. I don't know that she'd want to bring that attention to herself, and her children.

For option 3. Note as mentioned previously: The "proper procedure" for this sort of possible infection, contamination, was to report it and let the rest of the lab isolate her and study it. To think the rest of the crew is going to agree to the demands of an infected scientist is a bit of a stretch. At best she'd be put in containment; Worst cyrosleep.

So, my choice is option 2. Realistically, now that her urge to mate in sated. I think she'd fall back and assess the changes to herself. Really she's an infected fugitive in a tin can. She needs to escape more than anything and 2 is the only option that gives her that opportunity.

b7707 No.10952

Everyone's so dead-set on either enslaving themselves or taking the boring "safe" path. Cliche or not, I really do think going full dominance would be fun, especially if we go back and release the other pods to help "convince" the female members of the crew.

004fc No.10953

>7 votes for option one, lead the mutiny.
>5 votes for option two, walk away from the mutiny.
>6 votes for option three, prematurely end the mutiny and surrender.

Take over the ship and become its new leader. Dependence stat becomes Dominance stat.

Poll closed, update soon.

bd16b No.11106

004fc No.11107

There is no need to bump. Please wait and believe the update will come soon.

I apologize for the wait in the meantime.

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