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d41a1 No.10807

Hello all!
We are one and a half painters from nowhere, and we want to draw a series of porn comics, not in exactly japanese/hentai style, but no less perverted.
There will be copulating with monsters, pregnancy, birth, toddlercon, lolicon, mpreg/shota mpreg, bestiality, and all of this in fantasy/mythical setting (but nothing offensive - scat, guro, rape or any forcing isn't our fetishes).
Can anybody tell us, which hentai sites (except pregchan, of course) accepts this kind of comics? (Most require "no lolicon" or "japanese style only" for uploading series).

9c452 No.10812

just put it on exhentai

f2428 No.10813

You mean e-hentai.org?
But in their TOS they say that: "You may NOT:
- Post any kind of material that contains or depicts people who are or appear to be underage (even if they are borderline), nor galleries that claim to contain this kind of content (using keywords like "lolita", "preteen", "incest", "lolicon" or derivatives, even if they do not contain this)",
and, later:
"- Post any kind of drawn or virtual material that violates the principles above. This explicitly includes, but is not limited to, computer-generated images ("rendered") and images created based on real people or pictures ("rotoscoped"). If it resembles or was obviously manufactured to resemble the real thing, this rule particularly applies."
I.e., as I understand, lolicon, incest and the same, even if it's drawn in cartoon style, are prohibited there.

da14c No.10817

It's a lie - anything tagged with those just gets hidden from e-hentai, but is still visible on exhentai.

e1b1c No.10819

Didn't know that! Thank you very much!

6f62a No.10862

Sup again, anon. Can't achieve access to exhentai at all. No picture of a sad panda, only blank page. I tried to clear cookies and get there through Tor, but no results. What am I doing wrong?

b5e98 No.10863

Are you logged into an e-hentai account?

6f62a No.10865

Oh, it looks like I figured out what's wrong. It's not enough time since my registration at e-hentai (before attempt to publish our comix I fapped there without registering.)
Anyway, thank you!

c2bae No.10866

What are you posting over there, please, and what name do you go by?

381a7 No.10867


Do Anne Frank

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