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8670c No.11048

I’ve had a birth/pregnancy fetish since forever. Now I’m at the point where my husband and I want to have a baby. Sex has always been…alright but I can’t really orgasm unless I’m masturbating to birth videos, lol. I’m not telling him about my fetish but it’s making him feel inadequate since it was always easy for him to give women orgasms in the past. I really want a baby though, and wondering how my fetish will affect actual pregnancy/giving birth, or if it will change how I view the fetish. Thoughts?

b97f5 No.11049

I feel like this is more socially acceptable for women to fetishize than men, even though I don't think it should be.

I don't see an issue with a woman telling her husband how she really wants him to impregnate her so she can give birth to their children.

8670c No.11050


Really?? I don’t think it’s socially acceptable for anyone. I guess the way you say it sounds better/sexier. My fetish is just watching other women give birth though, not myself. I am curious to see what it would be like, but those fantasy feelings are being overshadowed by losing my figure, gaining stretchmarks, feeling gross, maybe having to have a c-section etc…the unsexy “realities” of it all.

db6b4 No.11051

Well, everyone should separate their sexual fantasies from reality imo. So it's a good thing you know the irl implications.

I get that feeling too. I feel like pop culture has ingrained the idea that men should view pregnancy as disgusting and fatherhood as confining.

6af2e No.11052

pop culture also praises the foot fetish, so who the fuck cares what "pop culture" says or ever had to say.

b9217 No.11061

I don't think it's about expectations. In general, even as we've gotten more comfortable with sex in popular culture, our appetite for straight men discussing sex frankly is zero. Dan Savage said it best, "No one wants to read a straight man's sex column."

My point is there is a big "creep factor." If you are a straight man and you step out of the sexual box, people are going to cringe. That applies to straight men who like pregnant women as much (more so in some cases) as any other fetish. Just watch the "Two and a Half Men" clip where the guy is hitting on a pregnant woman. It's pure "creep factor." There's no playing-devil's-advocate or intellectual move you can play as a straight guy and sex — either you're Don Draper (who never talks about sex, only makes a move at the right time, etc.) or you're Mr. Bean.

b5779 No.11062

What retarded nonsense is this? A lot of offices make employees undergo training to prevent sexual harassment

f6d76 No.11063

I doubt it. It's been liberal women turning on liberal men, then trannies turning on gays and lesbians. Restaurants are closed cause we're sick of their Degrassi levels of drama

6af2e No.11073

I think you're looking for a different response.

fa7fb No.11075

I think you are too scared to talk to Women

6af2e No.11088

are you cognizant at the moment? I really don't think you're even on the same subject, or even in the same universe.

e90e6 No.11226

you sound retarded…

661cd No.11229

I dunno i basically had a fascination with pregnancy ever since i could remember i think the fetish part came when i stumbled upon those pregnancy vlog births or something and ive been interested ever since before that video i never really got a hard on for preggo people so i guess its just that awakening or something

25608 No.11304

Being a gay man attracted to this stuff in porn but not liking mpreg or any realife things like woman at all was a real head spinner for a while. But then I realized that lesbians get off to gay sex all the time so it can't be that weird.

oh also being afraid I'd sleep talk one of my wet dreams when I was little or someone would find my erotic art

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