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a4a02 No.11089

Apologize if there's already a thread for this! I don't think there currently is, though, aside from Asian TV shows about birth and B-movies. Also, apologize if this is on the wrong board; I'm a longtime lurker but never contributed further than CYOAs and RP ads.

I'm currently on the lookout for films/television shows that feature pregnancy prominently. Much like regular pregnancy doujin/erotica, it's hard to sift through the actual pregnancy content and other things that have just one scene of a mom-to-be. So, I'm looking for movies/shows where pregnancy is central to the plot. It can be either fetish fuel or a genuinely enjoyable work.

For reference (or if it helps you fellow preg-enthusiasts), my favorite films of the "genre" are Labor Pains and Saved!. I have Juno and Knocked Up, but have yet to watch either. Where the Heart Is looks somewhat interesting, but I've made no efforts to find or acquire it.

I've seen The Life Zone and What To Expect When You're Expecting, and didn't like either too much.

As for television shows, I got to the first pregnancy arc of the Office and finished Darling in the Franxx (which was very disappointing, on multiple aspects). I've also watched a shit ton of sitcoms back in the day, but lord if I can tell you one good pregnancy plotline from any of them (aside from maybe The Nanny's dual-pregnancy? I honestly can't remember). I've considered starting Superstore.

I think that's about it so far! Let me know if you have any recommendations or other comments, it would be appreciated. I can only sift through the Belly Guide posts so far before I start to go insane.

b5e94 No.11090

>I can only sift through the Belly Guide posts so far before I start to go insane.
God, same. That site was a godsend when I first found it, but I've drained myself dry draining it dry, if you catch my drift. Doesn't look like we're getting any updates any time soon, either.

b5cb8 No.11092

Here are some films:

Breeder (2020)
>[second half] - various pregnancy and birth scenes
Pieces of a Woman (2020)
>[beginning] - long birth scene
Anything for Jackson (2020)
>pregnant main character
The Baby Maker (1970)
>[last third of film] - pregnancy and birth scenes
Szép Napok (2002)
>[beginning] - birth scene
Watchtower (2012)
>[30-49m, 1h22m] - belly shots and birth scene
Twice Born (2012)
>birth/preg near middle
Guard No. 47 (2008)
>[38-40m] - birth scene
Vampire Diary (2006)
>preg scenes in last third, birth at end

3359b No.11220


The belly guide guy is updating again, btw.

6b2ab No.11221

I’m glad Belly Guide is finally updated. Been an minute and I truly gave up on it

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