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ca6e2 No.11258

So obviously, all of us are turned on by pregnancy, and I imagine like 99% of us are at least turned on by the idea of impregnating someone or being impregnated (or both). But how would do you feel about the idea of actually HAVING kids? I personally want a lot of kids, not just because I think it's hot to have a ton of kids but that's probably a part of it. But, I imagine a lot of you are probably bigger fans of pump-and-dumping (if you want to impregnate people) or dropping your kids off at an adoption agency (if you want to be impregnated).

fe0d3 No.11259

It’s exhilarating and exciting for me because I also want to have kids and start a family. Just wanna be loved by a future wife who wants to carry my babies and raise them together, because I sure am ready to commit as well.

I know kids will be challenging to parent, but I’m sure the joy of raising them well is fulfilling to me when I get old.

1d645 No.11260

Pre-cognitive children are revolting, like some hairless monkey larva with no control over any of their bodily systems. The idea of being responsible for a whole hoard of them is horrifying, especially in this day and age when everyone is expected to conform to politically correct parenting norms.

Furthermore, the last thing this planet needs is more of the invasive species known as homo sapiens (something of a misnomer, considering most of humanity rarely thinks).

My instincts to breed any and all attractive women into immobile, hyperpregnant babyballs have always been at odds with my rational mind. But so long as I can separate fantasy from reality, I have no problem indulging in the fetish.

4830f No.11262

Don't want them. Not because I conform to the globalist population control agenda thinly veiled by notions of "freedom", "feminism" and "environmentalism", nor because I'm trying to become one of the "nice guys" who doesn't offend the pretty much religious dogma of progressivism including the integration of the said globalist agenda into popular culture so I could grab a mentally ill internet damsel by her vagina. I just don't want to have kids who'll suffer from multitude of autoimmune disease I'm riddled with. Scream "eugenics is bs" all you want, but people like me wouldn't have to suffer if some could've agreed with such belief.

fb90b No.11266

I don't want kids. First of all, I know that I can't provide them good life and education (it's difficult with income novadays in Russia). Secondly, I'm not a very successfull man, and, I think, I can't learn them how to achieve success in life. Thirdly, I have not so good genetics, and I think it's not a good idea to continue my genetic line. I don't want to doom my kids to poverty and illness only because I want to execute my evolutionary program.
Also, there is a lot of ways to leave a memory about you except to make offsprings.

cde34 No.11267

I don't want kids at all.

For one thing actually being a parent sounds pretty miserable to me. And I tend to prefer people with similar mindsets as partners so my preferred partners probably wouldn't be any better. I guess most people do it for a sense of meaning or something but I really just don't see the appeal.

From a wider perspective I do subscribe to the notions of "freedom, feminism and environmentalism" the other poster mentioned and I'm also just unsure whether creating new people who are just going to suffer and die is a net moral positive generally.

But in the world of porn I can imagine that none of these things are issues which makes something like Hazumi and the Pregnation hot.

eca6b No.11271

Based, same goes for me too

4465c No.11272

Thomas Benjamin Wilde, Esq., said it best:

"I don't want kids! I just want pets!
I can't foresee that this will be one of my life's regrets.
Your kids are fine 'cause they're not mine;
To me, a life lived without children sounds divine."

2e6de No.11273

Wow, wouldn't have guessed we had so many doomers on this board.

I believe one day I will like to have children, but at my age its hardly the first thing on my mind.

In my view, pregnancy is just about the highest level of intimacy you can have with your partner. I don't think it's about being "based" or wanting a trad-wife/trad-life, I simply look at my own life and childhood and see all the great times I had and the memories I made, and that I'd like to carry that on and help give that same love and make more memories with my family.

Also pregnant bellies are hot and I want to touch one.

f152c No.11276

I'm mixed on this. Because I certainly do want to have kids, not just to live out my kink but because I sincerely want to experience parenthood.

But even if I could actually afford to raise children, the future is just not looking good. Any children of mine will only be doomed to be wage slaves working long hours for a pittance, not even able to afford their own house. And unless climate change is dealt with (which, considering industries are the main cause of it and politicians always take their side with them, it won't be), they'd live a true hell on Earth…

Though, even if those were non-issues, I have to work out my emotions first. I don't even want to get my own pet because of how bothersome past ones have been. Children are on a whole other level from that.

8feaf No.11279

I myself don't necessarily desire to have children. I think it would be cool to teach someone about the world and such, but ultimately I'm not sure I could ever be sure they weren't solely a product of the fet.

That being said, I've been with the same woman for more than ten years and have confined myself to giving her a family if she wants. She's always had a bit of a breeding kink, but she is still on the fence with her career and putting it on hold. She and I know enough about childhood development to trust the early year to someone else.

Would be fun to watch her small frame fill out though.

98d83 No.11280

My girlfriend wants kids, but I don't… This presents a problem for us.

a6137 No.11281

The odds of you talking her out of it are pretty slim. Either you'll eventually split up over it or there will be an "accident" with her birth control pills. Was this something that just came up as a problem?

bccb5 No.11282


I feel exactly like you. Feel like I'd want to have children, showing them world and teaching them, go through pregnancy and parenthood with a woman, but I'm so confused whether part of my desire is just my fetish.

d9dc5 No.11285

I tell people I want kids, but actually I'm just trying for them to make my parents happy. I have a childbirth fetish, and I married a physician. It's nice to solicit birth stories from him under the guise of being interested in his job. I can only orgasm to childbirth videos, so I'm curious how this will change once I actually go through with it IRL.

15b5f No.11286

ask one of your bros to get her pregnant for you

d4a0a No.11287

i dont really want, it is hard imho i already experience it because my older sister family still live with me under my parent house and they already have 2 sons.their sons keep bother me, lets forget about that money, time, energy etc. you must be ready to raise them and forget about yourself that is just my opinion. yeah i love pregnant women but i just love their bloated belly not kids in their womb

63362 No.11305

I actively hate the idea of pregnancy in the real world having a female body I also do not want to even adopt. I got the whole damn baby maker removed, dysphoria is a hell of a drug. No regrets. It'd be nice if I had the anatomy to get someone pregnant, maybe I would feel differently then. But I have a whole world of fake penises to mess around with and have zero worries about and I don't even have to think about kids and how much of an awful father I'd be win/win for me

85bf8 No.11318


Oh look. Another girl who thinks she's a boy. What has this world come to? smdh


They're not doomers, they just have enough sense to know that the deck is stacked against them in this horrifically gynocentric, post third wave feminist society in which we live. It's getting to the point where you can't even glance at a woman without her filing a false accusation against you.

Plus, not wanting to bring children into the world when you are A) Not able to support or raise them, B) Have too much trauma/baggage that you haven't dealt with and will surely pass on to the innocent child, or C) Worried about the state of the world, and don't want to inflict that suffering on an innocent being that didn't ask to be created, is incredibly altruistic.

81f61 No.11320

That fedora of yours is cutting the blood supply to your brain. Stop talking like an incel.

>Plus, not wanting to bring children into the world when you are A) Not able to support or raise them, B) Have too much trauma/baggage that you haven't dealt with and will surely pass on to the innocent child, or C) Worried about the state of the world, and don't want to inflict that suffering on an innocent being that didn't ask to be created, is incredibly altruistic.

I agree with you there though.

52eb3 No.11324

I don't want to have any kids of my own but I do love kids regardless.

I think I might adopt in the future, perhaps a ''tween''.

50009 No.11326

Absolutely. I want at least three kids, but if I have the money and ability, I'd love to have basically as many as my wife would be willing to have. I love the idea of legacy, and the creation of new life beetween you and your lover, it's the highest form of intimacy and love for one another.
Even platonically, I just love the idea of doting on my pregnant wife as she creates our child within her.
It's just a happy coincedence that that's also insanely arousing to me.

3883d No.11329


>That fedora of yours is cutting the blood supply to your brain. Stop talking like an incel.

I know what you're trying to do, and I'm not gonna play along just because you've run out of arguments to logically debate me on.

cf78a No.11331

>>11329 Dude,you called a trans person "a girl who thinks they're a boy" and somehow related that to the world being negativity affected by them (your "what has this world come to" remark). There is no way to have a logical discussion with someone who thinks this way

d5fff No.11332

They're probably the same kind of person who thinks being gay is a "choice".

734dd No.11338

And I quote
>"the deck is stacked against them in this horrifically gynocentric, post third wave feminist society in which we live"
Maybe if you got your ass off of Youtube once in a while you'd be able to develop a healthier worldview instead of this ridiculous victim complex.

15b1d No.11339

They have no arguments because your position is 100 percent valid.
Also you took a shot at a would-be transkween, they simply can't not white-knight Mah Lady.
The Fedora Soy Knights seething hard ITT.

2f5a8 No.11340

Zero i was thinking about 2 but that not gonna happen not in these times

186e7 No.11341

Yes I want children. But I'm gay. So I'll have to find a surrogate. This unfortunately means I might never have pregsex!

98d83 No.11344

My girlfriend wants kids, but I don't because I hate children.

6b433 No.11355


Just because someone else thinks that they are a gender opposite than the gender they were born as doesn't make it a reality. I don't have to play along with the delusion that someone thinks they're a boy if they are clearly a girl and just doing so to get attention by virtue signaling.

Here's an example. Say you tell me that you are 21 or so. Then I turn around and say, "No, you are not 21, you are 60". Does the simple fact that I said you are 60 make that statement true, despite the fact that it clearly goes against objective reality? Of course not.

It's a similar situation with people who claim that they're trans. They are going against objective reality so that they can virtue signal and play the "victim" as you so eloquently stated that I am doing. They are basing reality on their feelings instead of objective facts, and shaming anyone who doesn't agree with or buy into their delusion into submission. Which is why you tried to shame me by saying

>There is no way to have a logical discussion with someone who thinks this way

Logic is logic, my friend. Logic is based on objective reality. Those who can't, or otherwise refuse, to accept objective reality are part of why society is so screwed up right now. The reason they ignore objective reality is because then they would have to accept the fact that all of their excuses for why they are being victimized are completely invalid, and then they would actually have to take accountability and ownership for where they are at and why they are so miserable. But this truth is so scary and paradigm shattering, that the individual avoids it at all cost to prevent their fragile little feelings from suffering a devastating blow.


Finally! Someone who gets it. Rock on, bother.

7fb1f No.11417

Having 4-6 kids would be great. Don't even need to make unreasonably more money than I already do, just need to find the right gal.

58d67 No.11461

mad !

d5fff No.11463

Gender dysphoria is an actual neurological disorder. They feel like they're in the wrong body because their brains are wired differently. We can't rewire peoples brains, so the only treatments are either learning to accept their body through therapy, or live as the opposite gender. Are people with schizophrenia "acting out"?

The people who think gender is a social construct are the crazy ones.

fa128 No.11464

society is a social construct

7da8c No.11475


This neurological disorder diagnosis is also used by young girls and boys who have body image issues that have nothing to do with them actually having this kind of mental illness.

Far too many young girls and boys are unsatisfied with how they look or feel, and then they latch onto this neurological disorder as a way to explain why they feel the way they do. They go, "I am not happy with my body. It must be because I am trans and in the wrong body." This kind of thinking is dangerous, especially when it is peddled to underage boys and girls, who are encouraged to undergo permanent, body-disfiguring surgery without the consent of the parents when the child isn't old enough to understand the full repercussions of the damage they are doing to their bodies.

Gender Dysphoria may be an actual neurological disorder, or it may be just an excuse for professional victims to latch on to in order to stay in a perpetual state of victim hood. I don't know if it is an actual disorder because I am not a doctor, but I am leaning more towards it being an excuse used by weak-minded individuals in order to gain attention and remain in a perpetual state of victim hood.

And even if it is an actual disorder, why not just rise above your imperfection instead of letting that sole factor of yourself define your entire identity? If these people are so outraged when others identify them as being this particular thing (read when they accuse others of being trasnsphobic), then why, upon first introducing themselves, do they go out of their way to say, "Hi, my name is (insert name here), and my pronouns are (insert whatever they feel they have a right to be called)". If the idea is to not draw attention to what they claim to be, then why draw so much attention to that one aspect of who they are? Could it be that they are just using it as an excuse to virtue signal and gain attention?

I don't know about you, but my suspicion is that it's the latter.

2899a No.11479

IMO, it's too many fat kids on adderall

>kid is fat

>"i hate my body"
>parents can't be arsed to deal with them
>ask psych to give them drugs
>adderall turns them into a horndog
>kid gets internet connection
>fap to porn of idealized figures while high on adderall
>start to want to be those figures
>join community that supports your desires
>"i must be trans"

two decades ago, these kids would have ended up as furries (if they had internet access), which wasn't as bad because at least doctors weren't surgically attaching animal parts to them and ruining their lives forever

it's tragic because all they really needed were better parents and a gym membership

e09d4 No.11480

I’d love to have a child in theory but with how fucking garbage the world is, I can’t bring myself to force someone into the world, especially with the high likelihood of getting my fucking autism from my shit genes or something
Also just lack of faith in myself to be a good parent, and considering how easy it is for your kid to get fucked up and turn out being some degenerate piece of garbage, I don’t want to feel that heartbreak

bc8e8 No.11483

Just a quick thought that I hope is at least a little encouraging, but being worried about being a good parent before becoming a parent is a lot better than NOT being worried.
No one knows what unique joys and challenges parenthood will place in their lives until they actually happen, so people who think they can handle it are more often than not idiots who can't handle it.

b3709 No.11560


I'd want to get a girl pregnant over and over, and have her abort it every time.

fa128 No.11561

the only based post in this retarded thread

f83f8 No.11562

We have 3 kids and like to have 1 more Boy, but now in our 50's we are to dam old for it.

ad6b1 No.11565

Noope, i used to take it like,
no but ill cross that bridge once i come to it
but world is degenerating too badly now,so…
we will see how it will end up

b9de9 No.11589

Here’s the funny thing— Not only do I not want kids or to actually be pregnant, but I also consider myself asexual. I hate the idea of it all, so yeah, I’m confused as to how I got here.

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