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We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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8977a No.10129

>>10126 I don't have that specific mega link, but here is a Google Drive page with stories by Dropster and a bunch of other people:


It was originally posted in a discussion that's long since been purged, but this link still up (and surprisingly easy to find with a simple Google search).

ea751 No.10140

after a TON of searching I finally found a copy of a Pokémon fic I once come across, about Pikachu becoming a mommy.

ecede No.10141


Don't suppose anyone know if I can find these two anywhere else?

"Daughter Breeding"
An adopted teenager is impregnated by a family of breeders, they use a variety of birth suppressants and growth enhancements to super charge and extend her pregnancy. The baby grows to be very big leading to a difficult birth.

"Fertile Valley Continuation"
Someone posted some great additional chapters continuing this story with an amazing birth scene at the end.

I know the second is a long shot, but the first was posted on a site somewhere before I reposted it to the forum.

d7a98 No.10144

It's still up for me. In any event, Daughter Breeding is still available from its original source as well.

ecede No.10145


My thanks :)

7b383 No.10147

It's gone rrrreeeeeee

27af7 No.10148

Archive.org is your friend, my friend. Pop the url in there

d7fa1 No.10154

Some oldschool fanfic pregnancy sex. Mulder coming home to a pregnant Scully: http://thebasementoffice.com/museaxfnet/recs/SHealing.txt

4c23d No.10158

88437 No.10310

are you still out there?

089ab No.10313

The X-Files fan fics: a must read.

331c3 No.10321

Does anyone have a full archive of STEVIED's stories?

Also I remember a story that I no longer have called Runaway, it was about a teen that got knocked up by her grandfather, he was abusing her and she runs away.

1e6d7 No.10322

I have at least most of Stevie D's stories (there's at least one I know I'm missing and probably more beyond that but given their content I feel a tad conflicted about having them in my search history).

Also, yes, got that story too.

Some of this is vintage stuff by my standards, originals I saved way back in 2005…damn do these take me back. It brightens my day to be able to help a fellow belly lover find something old and/or obscure.


313a7 No.10324

That's insane, I really didn't think I was even gonna get a reply, nevermind the stories I was looking for, it was so long ago my memory was skewed, it's her father not her grandfather, thank you so much Evertide, you are a legend!

1e6d7 No.10327

"I am glad, my friend. Anything you need, you just let me know." - Merchant from Dust: AET

20ebd No.10328


Writer dedicated to Pokemon pregnancy stories, both PokexHuman and PokexPoke.

1bf5a No.10330

Since we are looking for blasts from the past I'm looking for 2 older stories.

1)The MC is a lab assistant of some type and an accident happens giving him reality warping powers. So he gives his fellow lab assistant Sasha quads and a leotard then he goes back in time to ancient Egypt.

2) A princess or some kind of representative for her planet goes to a planet which had helped them in the past to help them repopulate. She ends up getting really big and either tries to leave or somehow annoys the 'doctor' who impregnated her so he injects her with something which causes her to rapidly expand until she bursts.

f18be No.10393

When I'm in the mood for BIG, this writer hits the spot: https://www.deviantart.com/hyperpregnancy

f239c No.10447

760b4 No.10449

Screw it, I'll share, this seems the right crowd for it.

Vaguely My Hero Academia based setting with original characters. Lots of pregnancy, birthing, incest, mpreg, futa, etc.

44012 No.10473

I can't for the life of me find this story. I think I read it on deviant art a while ago.

It's about, I think a wolf girl gets another dude to breed with her, and she's the leader of a pack or something. So she gets pregnant and they keep having sex without her realizing that by having sex it's making her even more pregnant every time. She gets bigger and bigger until she gives birth.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

2ced8 No.10474


That sounds like "Fertile Hunting Grounds" by MamaStoryMaker

70fb5 No.10476

Where can this be found, I can't find it on Deviantart

2ced8 No.10479


A simple google search returned this as the top result.


d303d No.10480

Normally I'm also one of those "Just Google it" people, but when I searched for it I came up with nothing relevant https://www.google.com/search?q=Fertile+hunting+grounds+MamaStoryMaker&oq=Fertile+hunting+grounds+&aqs=heirloom-srp..

76812 No.10482

I'm kinda happy that people like that story, I commissioned it, along with a few other stories from them, but that was easily the best one.

a75f5 No.10501

I'm looking for a story from https://imagineyourepregnant.tumblr.com/ that looks like it's been deleted from the internet, hoping somebody had it archived. The Bellydonna Bloodline. While on a mission the cast of RWBY finds an artefact that makes them enormously pregnant with the spirits of all of the dead faunus of Menagerie or something, and sexy times ensue.

2285d No.10503

So… I was randomly browsing around Wikipedia and I managed to stumble upon this article here;


"The Great Stork Derby was a contest held from 1926 to 1936. Female residents of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, competed to produce the most babies in order to qualify for an unusual bequest in a will.[1] The race was the product of a scheme by Charles Vance Millar (1853–1926), a Toronto lawyer, financier, and practical joker, who bequeathed the residue of his significant estate to the woman in Toronto who could produce the most children in the decade following his death."

It caught my interest there and of course I got to thinking "maybe someone on Pregchan could do something with this?", so deciding to put this idea out here for anyone interested or willing to pick it up.

Now obviously it's not going to be the actual event (probably) here, but more so the basic concept of it; A rich benefactor leaves it in their will or what have you that whichever woman that could produce the most children within a certain timeframe would be rewarded with something of value (whatever that might be is up to the writer), which multiple women take up that challenge.

Pretty much as you can imagine, as the competing couples, single moms and probably even some random dude if mpreg's your thing (not judging) compete against one another all determined to be the victor, some of competing mamas are going to get creative with how they'll get ahead of the rest, perhaps they'll go through the hyperpreg method to increase their brood size from each pregnancy, maybe they'll develop some sort of way to accelerate the pregnancy process to pump out more kids in a shorter amount of time, or maybe they'll find some sort of loophole for who counts as a legitimate child. All that's for sure is that there's gonna be a lot of pregnancies with a lot of bellies as all competitors are determined to come out on top and some may just play dirtier then others, both figuratively and literally.

All of this happening while there'll be that one unlucky (or lucky depending on how you look at it) estate worker that's inevitably going to be put in charge of having to keep track of all this.

So yeah, it's quite a lot there, but I guess that's my initial concept for this sort of thing, just leaving this out here for anyone that might be interested in it, whatever direction they might want to take it and what details they might change is totally up to them. Hope this inspires at least one of you!

2ced8 No.10504


While it's not a birth tournament, the story "The Thornycroft Inheritance" does involve a rich benefactor leaving his estate to the daughter that remains childless by a certain date and time. I think the time frame was over a year, but her sisters had all had children by then and the final girl was pregnant. Well, she goes into labor on the final night of the timeframe, and the story recounts how she is so desperate to hold the little bastard in because she wants to gain the estate, but struggling and failing miserably.

I don't remember who wrote it, but it was a pretty hot story.

d303d No.10505

>>10504 I Googled
"The Thornycroft Inheritance" and found nothing.

1e6d7 No.10507

I have it, but fortunately it's already in a big rar of pregnancy stories that have made their rounds on the net: >>10129

ba980 No.10594

does any one have Invictusvoxfini's Impregnation Invasion saved or any of his stuff in general archived?

c8a27 No.10598

Anyone has the link for a birth story titled “the restaurant”…i think? From what i remember its about a waitress getting impregnated by her customers and has to give birth before the customers leave. Been looking everywhere for it. TIA

a6397 No.10599

af4a2 No.10635

Something I tossed together on a 4chan /trash/ preg thread:
>You where charged with "hate speech" or some bullshit
>You where initially going to get brief jail time and a steep fine
>But your public defendant seemingly remembered something and got an idea, quickly working out an agreement
>Some kind of new-age "probationary re-integration"
>You could keep working your stupid minimum wage job and keep a clean record!
>But you now had to do "community service" through this weird new state-funded organization
>And you got caught trying to jack off after 3 days in the holding cell like idiot, so the judge called you a "sex addict" and mandated you wear a cock cage for "a few months"
>Not seeing any better options, you begrudgingly agreed
>The procedure was simple, You where put out with laughing gas and had something implanted inside of your abdominal cavity
>When it was time, they would summon you to have it removed
>You where finally sent home
>Whatever was inside you had since swollen to monstrous proportions
>At first you tried to hide it, but it wasn't very long before you began to show, the humiliation you felt is still burned into your mind
>You had frequent visits from your parole officer, often teasing you about your ballooning belly
>You initially asked about the cock cage, but they mumbled something about a clause mandating "achieved milestones" or some shit
>Your back constantly ached, your feet swollen and sore, and your belly felt taut and ready to burst, sporting a fat outie
>You where so helplessly pent up like never before!
>When where they going to remove this stupid thing??
> "Due date" keeps getting pushed back further, All the while this thing grows bigger and more active than ever
>You'd grumble and complain about the added delays
>You remembered their wicked grin as they asked you what the rush was, it was only your first one!
>After they left, You'd crick your back and look down at your distended belly "I f*cking hate this country"

bc1d7 No.10676

Did anybody back up anything from the old hidden desires forum?

6c955 No.10678

I commissioned a story about a trans girl who wants to be a mother more than anything despite her biology, and finds her wish coming true… but not quite in the way she expected.

f3713 No.10679

Are there any stories that involve sort of an asexual reproduction pregnancy, as in the mother doesn’t need a father/genetic contribution to become pregnant, they become a one parent carrier?

1bf5a No.10682

e07f8 No.10683

Thank You

882b2 No.10684

Was wondering if anyone know any stories about goddess getting impregnated. Nothing specific just a goddess getting pregnant and giving birth.

40f65 No.10703

Is there any stories with permanent pregnancy?

c7ee4 No.10708

Okay so I haven't posted in this thread for like a year.

I've written at least one short story or chapter every month this year.

More recent stuff is better.


It's all sorted here.

ed9f4 No.10711

Well, it's been one year and one day since I wrote this post. I've since written six stories, five of which can be found in the pregnant pony thread: >>>/f/100

The sixth can be found in the new MLP thread: >>>/f/14888

I failed my goal of writing twelve, but meeting half of that isn't bad. I've three stories in-progress, and have ideas for plenty more, so I should have better luck with this next year.

My writing has really improved with this year, compared to the preceding two years. I'm proud of myself, and look forward to writing pregnant pony prose for years to come.

e96bd No.10712

Its been awhile for me but, imagineyourepreg tumblr seems dead. Any other good sites out there for posting/reading or sharing stories?

8fa0d No.10713

Captains Log of Starship "Blah Blah":

Investigating Distress beacon,
Finding a lost colony/shuttle-crash survivors,
Away team being temporarily stranded,
Ship leaving/chasing after space pirates/marauding aliens/ect…
lost colonists/survivors being overly friendly/helpful, but hiding truth…
Whole (female) away-team awaking new-day on planet heavily PREGNANT…
colonists/survivors admit planet is really celestial being with kinks,
Leader says: "It gets easier after the 4th one, really!"…
Away-Team becomes baby-factories, for weeks while ship is delayed returning.

e0dd9 No.10716

f3b37 No.10924

Looking for a DeviantArt story where the main character ends up with a surprise twin birth. I don't remember much but the illustration was the main character screaming her babies out on her bed, gripping her sheets….

f08d8 No.11109

Is there a part 4 in travelling sorceress?

2b8f9 No.11123

I don’t really catch up on patreon but has anyone heard from gorerat lately?

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