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We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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9706b No.8222

I rather like this. Very slow buildup, but you can skip to the second part if you're impatient:


33c47 No.8252

Does anybody know/remember a story where a woman heads off into the wilderness by herself (as is custom in her society), finds a cave where a parasite/something invades her, mutates her vagina so it can push out a tube/ovipositor, she proceeds to use it to lay eggs in the sand for a while until a young woman finds her one day, they fall in love, and at the end the main character transfers the parasite to her lover through the tube?

a38bf No.8270

Is there any new pregnancy stories worth checking out recently? There seems to be a lack of stories out there.

8a023 No.8277

Found a couple of good stories, but they're in Japanese:
Use Google Translate or Jisho.org to translate those. Also if anyone knows any other Japanese stories like those, please share :)

e3979 No.8278

Nice find.

e3979 No.8279

Also it looks like they have a collection of collaborative stories from their BBS:


I would translate this myself, but my moonspeak is garbage, and I don't want to embarrass myself.

5cf90 No.8318

Nice. I especially liked 妖 -アヤカシ- for the supernatural elements. Too bad I'm a machine translating pleb.

You guys should check out this BBS if you haven't. There's dozens of tum tum stories and while a lot are inflation, there's a lot of pregnancy too.

9230a No.8319

I have a tumblr now! (Okay, well, technically, I've had a tumblr for three years, but I'm *using* my tumblr now.)


5cf90 No.8320

>B E L L Y gets filtered to tum tum
I can't believe I never noticed that. This isn't even the first time it's happened, last time I just thought "that's some really weird word choices, me"

Felt like the protagonist of one of those damn transformation stories. You know the ones.
>uh hey I get the feeling I wasn't overdue with triplets yesterday, can anyone back me up on that?
>oh okay

Don't gaslight me pregchan. If I ever come down with a case of the pregnant womans you gotta give it to me straight

5cf90 No.8321

Oh, one last thing. You can search for 妊娠 on syousetu.com or alphapolis. Found some pregnant isekai like https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5610dy/

e3979 No.8324

Here's a cliche isekai web novel that's been mostly translated.


Kind of an unusual twist though.

cda93 No.8332

I'd love some constructive criticism, I've decided to try my hand at writing stories.

6e9de No.8334

Does anyone know how to get past tumblr's privacy lock for NSFW?

3c975 No.8335

Google "user agent switcher", and use one of those extensions to set your UA to Googlebot or another known web crawler.

adac9 No.8340

Carefree tumblr is the extension I use.

862a9 No.8343

www.tumbex.com/ has never failed me.

Just use: www.tumbex.com/[name of tumblr].tumblr

69b81 No.8349

There Martha thinks; Finally I pumped enough milk into this brat to stop the screaming.
This kid was the 11th - I'm in first place if Lola can't finish off the nipple vampire attached to her.
*Oohh* She feels the unmistakable start of her first contraction *damm*, I'm going to drop out a pair
of new entrants JUST as I was winning! Most of the other contestants were almost due, yet why am I the first
to pop; why ME?! *Sploosh* Ahh damm there my water broke - no wait, this isn't me (peers over at heavyset woman next to her), hah I may make it yet. *Splot, trickle, trickle* Wow that young mother across from me just started gushing, what are the odds… *Ohh* The second contraction just started - I haven't long now… other pregnant contestants are starting
labour - the ground turns damp from all the fluid, all giving birth moments one after another. If I'm the last to blow -
I could win by default! YES! Lola has started - I can see a foot stuck out of her big ol'twat, I'm gonna win,

ff8af No.8350

ea638 No.8404

I have an idea that I think could make a pretty good story. Basically, there is a couple. Female is secretive but obsessing while anything goes for the male. He impregnates her, but she is so madly in love with him that having his kids isn't enough, so she tries to impregnate him, and succeeds.

dc032 No.8487

Found some more Preg themed CYOA from the unending BE adventure.

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/529/529711.html - PRD: Jim's wife

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1144/1144120.html - Edith's New Day: One among many

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1262/1262814.html - Young Junko's Reality Camera: Be Careful What You Wish For

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/513/513125.html - eight… eight…

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1047/1047404.html - Waking up with Extreme Pregnancy: Sharon's story

dc032 No.8489

Here are some more. going through the archive of the stories looking for stories that are pregnancy themed. I love large pregnancies so you might be seeing a trend in the stories I find.

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/783/783753.html - HH: Another Change in Sharon

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/958/958931.html - Phuong's Reality Camera: Heading Home

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/542/542698.html - Justine's Curious Predicament: Growing

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1271/1271833.html - Don't Be So Negative: An Aunt to Be and a Mother to Be

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/000/794.html - Pregnant by bra?

84cb6 No.8509

16713 No.8512

At least half the links to stories in this site do nothing on mobile devices.

ce4e7 No.8520

Idea for a warped Super-Heroine;

'Reincarnation' Woman.
She can't run faster than a bullet,
or stop a speeding train.

She is however fantastically good at saving unlucky bystanders lives.

Her power; Super-Pregnancy and Power-Lactation:

Rapidly Carnate/Clone , Gestate and
Deliver anyone who has accidentally died less than 100 Yards away,

She can carry several at a time (3x~) but anymore need to 'get in line'…

Once she delivers someone, her super-powered breasts spray hyper-growth factor milk, rapidly accelerate the aging process back to the persons original age…

Her power IS limited to un-natural causes, of course…

Her uniform (what little of it there is) accentuates her impressively expandable belly and heavy breasts. Its mostly just boots, knee and elbow pads…

fd677 No.8540

Damn, those are so good, but so unfinished

dc032 No.8559

Its a double edged sword, on one hand that means the story can continue, on the other it leaves you unsatisfied when they aren't being actively worked on.

Many of these stories haven't been touched for many years. I am not too good at writing stories so I can't really contribute to them but they are open to add for anyone in the community that wants to pick them up again.

7cda7 No.8560

About the addventure I'm wondering is there know way to search by tags it seems like such an obvious option but trying to navigate that system seems to depend on story-line roots and such.

c66b1 No.8564

It's on the Recent Episodes page

058d8 No.8565


A girl finds a recipie online for a chemocal that will induce pregnancy. She wants a baby but doesn't want her parents to know she got pregnant on purpose so she brews some up and doeses the punch bowl at a party her whole class is attending.

47c19 No.8576

Anyone have the continuation of Fertile Valley saved? Site's down.

728ea No.8577

a2243 No.8580

Can anyone suggest stories where the main character/victim has their pregnancy extended or/and having the birth delayed or being forced to delay it.

Such example of existing stories include….

Due – A woman is pregnant with multiples and is kidnapped, her captor force feeding her drugs laced food delighting in her pregnancy growth and pushing her body to it's absolute limit.
(Sadly this one is behind a paywall)

Daughter Breeding – An adopted teenager is impregnated by a family of breeders, they use a variety of birth suppressants and growth enhancements to super charge and extend her pregnancy. The baby grows to be very big leading to a difficult birth.

Clause II by KomperaKlause – A Playboy undergoes an operation to become a girl and carry a child to term in order to meet the requirements of a will and inherit a fortune. However things go a little too well and he finds himself pregnant with multiple babies. Events are delayed and he is forced to endure the carrying 5-6 full term babies for another 2 weeks to the point he is in a great deal of discomfort as he makes his way to sign the final paperwork.

38ea5 No.8582

Does anyone know where I could find Daughter Breeding?

a2243 No.8583

09c9f No.8596

Looking for some stories from a few years back about pregnancy-borrowing. One involved a teenage girl borrowing her neighbor's pregnancy, and then borrowing more babies until she was carrying high-order multiples. I think reality shifted according to how many babies she was carrying. Does anyone know what one I'm talking about and where to find it?

14334 No.8597

09c9f No.8598


Thank you!

c8aef No.8608

a7e56 No.8621

Current stories up on Tumblr:
Currently moving stories to DA/AO3.

BTW - I'm the former HelloLunchMeat for those of you that enjoyed those stories.

e996c No.8691

I'm looking for a story that I think I read on DeviantArt a few months back.

The story is about a pregnant mom, and her daughter has a boyfriend who's into pregnancy.
At some point the daughter hides a camera in her moms room and gets her mom to say stuff for the camera, which the boyfriend is watching in another room.
When her mom finds out she's upset with it.
The story ends with her in the hospital going through an AvP situation, if I remember right.

Anyone know the story? I've tried looking and I can't seem to find it at all.

fff25 No.8693

I think I’m actually going crazy, because I can’t find this story for the life of me.
All I really remember for sure is the story focuses on the mom who’s pregnant, and her daughter convinces her to do stuff so her boyfriend can see.
I’m sorry if this isn’t much to go off of, but its basically all i remember.

d982e No.8705


A debt of vengeance is a pretty interesting series, keep up the good work.

68a6a No.8707

8fe8f No.8708

His shit wasn't even good tbh. Same cookie cutter story progression for everything as well as unappealing character voicing.

2f747 No.8709

There used to be a google doc of all the old stories and art of bastionworks. Darien Shields, Saburo X etc. Anyone still got it?

142aa No.8710

An unidentified Female patient in a coma was brought into a hospital-facility;
later she gives birth, apparently pregnant the whole time (Doctors unaware).
A nurse in the room helps her deliver - Days later this same woman is stricken with 'baby-fever'
and experiences quickened gestation. The nurse births 'naturally' in a spa's pool with other women present and helping.
These second wave become pregnant quicker, as the virus mutates - causing projectile lactation and pre-birth
female orgasmic squirting, as well as highly-infectious after birth…
Once a woman has given birth by being viral-impregnated, they become 'immune' but are still carriers.

Any man who copulates with an infected woman becomes infected, with male specific side-effects;
priapism, aprodesia, boosted-endurance, hyper-fertility. The also seem to
emit pheromones that alter nearby female moods, the infected also have a compulsion for vaginal intercourse even when
otherwise disinterested. Any viral exposure will also accelerate existing pregnancies - and insemination isn't
required for virally inducted procreation; an infected woman will self-clone if not vaginalally inseminated within a time period. Male-Female tranmission rates are 100%, and women of childbearing age are always fertilized even in post-menopausal subjects (cloning).

Offspring born from the infected are naturally immune.

170a2 No.8711


Why thank you!! I really appreciate the feed back!

dab84 No.8722


Two more BBSes with relay posts. All about pregnancy/birth, but also all in Japanese unfortunately.

54d55 No.8723


746c1 No.8810

Looking for stories involving huge pregnancies. Like 8 or more babies.

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