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We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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cd007 No.9246

Can I ask for any commissions as well?

My discord is Zaru#4775 as well. I have been looking for hyper preg authors to talk to for me to commission.

44303 No.9254

Found a two part story. kinda ends on a cliff hanger, which is sadly par for many preg stories, but these are really good.

The Great Conception Part 1:

The Great Conception Part 2:

now the first story in the description says he reuploaded these from his old account. that being said, does anyone recall these stories on another account and have them backed up?

ea751 No.9255

unnamed Lilo and Stich the Series fic:

Angel and Stich have a whirlwind romance going from dating to engaged and then married in .. oh lets say six moths. And a six weeks after that they announce their expecting.

two weeks after that Bonnie announces SHE's pregnant and that she and Clyde are also going to get married.

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9230a No.9276


My queue's a little long at the moment but I'm always open for commissions, and I will do hyper. Send me a note on DeviantArt (name is Doombeez there too) .

af103 No.9308

Super Girl and Wonder Girl become obese due to alien pregnancy.

d4211 No.9309

I want to try something new. Do commission story with $1/1000 words.

- Anything related to impregnation and pregnancy.

- No gay sex, please (can accept Mpreg)

- Fanfic about something I haven't read or watch will take longer time.

Here is my DA: https://www.deviantart.com/vinaren
If you want to read more stories of mine: https://chyoa.com/user/vinaren

ea751 No.9310

looking for an old fic that was on DA involving a the girls of the Hidden Leaf Village and a special..
'pregnancy test'..
one that made whomever used it pregnant.. and then more pregnant.

26060 No.9401


A story of breeding and free use. Will be adding more to it in the future.

4a0b1 No.9428

I'm looking for a story about a psychic secret agent or spy trying to sneak into a facility, but getting captured. She is American, and put in captivity with two other foreign spies (I think Chinese and British but can't remember) who all have a mild psychic power. Their captors want to breed them, and knock them up via science. The heroine manages to break out of her immediate cell and explore the facility, break the supplies and starts stealing chocolate. Eventually, all the characters come to enjoy their situation. At the end of the story they're all very preg and very happy, IIRC the captor informs her that they deliberately let her break out and think she was getting one up on them, but the chocolate was filled with mind altering drugs all along. She doesn't care, they're all happy.

Anyone know it?

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1066f No.9458

That was it! Thanks so much

15de1 No.9461

Shameless plug but this is all preg stuff for DR!


15de1 No.9462

sent you a request on discord fam

47719 No.9466

>>9274 seriously one of the best stories ive ever read. hope to see you post under a unified account name in the future!

ea751 No.9467

had a brief idea for a fic about the Chipettes getting really knocked up by their counterparts and all of them getting married as a result.

37c3a No.9468

which chipmunk getting the best offspring

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e1f0a No.9472

c7ee4 No.9522

I've got an idea for a new story, but I can't decide if I want it to be girl/girl with only fpreg…or girl/guy with fpreg and mpreg.


c7ee4 No.9523

I've decided to do both.

c7ee4 No.9530

c86ca No.9535

I guess jackcain doesn't believe in paragraphs

65427 No.9536

Shameless self-promotion:
Preg.EXE (my most popular story)

I have a few stories on my DA, some of which got finished, some of which unfortunately did not.


6c8af No.9547

Wrote another chapter to my ongoing metroid fic (Not a whole lot of pregnancy though, features absorption more than anything)

More relevant to all things big bellied, took a break to do a new little one shot series about Generic gaming Bad Ends, the first chapter featuring Samus, Kraid, and a whole lot of weight gain, mind alteration, transformation and pregnancy



c7ee4 No.9550

A week and a half later and I finally figure out what this means.

All my stories are formatted for DA's new user inferface. If you're looking at DA using the old one, there's no paragraph breaks.

If you view them using the new UI they are properly formatted.

c7ee4 No.9551

New story! I'm really happy with it. Just a good old fashioned story about one girl going through a rapid pregnancy, starring Himiko Toga!


(Remember to view it using the new UI, not the old one.)

af103 No.9555

Here's a story outline I wrote:https://pastebin.com/hJq6QnMV

Still looking for someone to commission and turn it into an actual story.

76812 No.9568

Anyone know the name/handle of a writer that was offering commissions a long time ago and often 'signed' their work with the sprite of the Mismagius pokemon?

I know they did 'Fertile Hunting Grounds' among a few other things, but I never learned their name.

67bbe No.9598


Here are some more Japanese relay BBSes. All with a focus on birth.


Might try translating some of these.

c7ee4 No.9618


All my stuff it now up on Ao3.

No more weird formatting issues.

2f18a No.9623

Thanks! There's some fun stuff in there.

edea9 No.9636

Been a while since I've asked this, so I figure it's safe to ask again. Anyone have, or know of, any stories that have scenes during impregnation that at least make mention of the sperm and egg fusing?

c7ee4 No.9646


How important are birth scenes in preg stories?

5ca76 No.9647

I've read a few that deal with rapid preg that don't end in birth. Natural pregnancy though I think it might be a requirement for the story to actually feel finished. After a birth though, there's nothing saying they can't get pregnant again just before the story ends or moves to a different part.

One doesn't have to be too detailed with the birth scene though, really depends on your target audience.

dcaa7 No.9706

Added another chapter to my Metroid fic, back to the usual pregnancy stuff after the lack of it in the last chapter. This time around features a lot of pregnant domming, pregnancy transfer/oviposition, sexual torture, and mind break.

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas ^^ Enjoy



e06f7 No.9746

Wrote a short birth fetish fic featuring a trans guy. Stirrups, doctor, etc…

Hope you enjoy: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21920275?view_adult=true

Curious as to why more folks don’t use AO3 for their pregnancy stuff. It’s very user friendly, searchable.

0f6b2 No.9751

Laziness mostly, posting on FA is already kind of a hassle for me compared to hentai foundry, who keeps all muh chapters in one big collection.

I'll probably get around to it someday though.

8d46c No.9762

I just wrote my first story the other day. Finally posted it on a website tonight, would love to know what anyone thinks.


16b2c No.9767

I've written a story in a "choose ypur own path" style. I would love to hear your opinions on it.


76812 No.9768

is the be-archive addventure site down? I'm getting a 403 forbidden error now. Is it that they've just put it behind a paywall, or is it gone?

8f144 No.9773


Nice writing! Do you take commissions? If so, how do I contact you?

9d179 No.9776

I've got three stories in the pregnant pony thread so far: >>>/f/100

I'm planning another soon and then I'll need to give more thought to what I write. I'd enjoy any critique and I'll also let you know I'm looking for commissions or trading art. I'd rather continue writing pregnant pony stories for now, but I'm not entirely opposed to other options if I could get something in exchange.

I'm not going to use Discord, Telegram, or anything like that and I also don't check my email often, so any conversation needs to start here or in the /f/ thread, but preferably here if it's not too relevant over there.

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3a5d7 No.9805


Thank you for this story, and the others you've written that are linked from it. Will you be covering the other deadly sins?

8d46c No.9809

*late reply*
yeah i'm gonna cover them all. i just got the flu and it's sapped my writing spirits. glad you've enjoyed so far!

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cff88 No.9830

I'm looking for a birth story about a woman on halloween who hates children. She is cursed to give birth to conjoined twins. I believe it was called Serena.

d18f3 No.9867

A recent AI Dungeon run

You are Protag, a typical harem anime protagonist. You have three girlfriends name Lea, Anri and Alice. Lea is a busty girl who is sisterly and kind to you. Anri is a short petite shy girl who is adorable. Alice is a slim tsundere who have blond twintail. All three of your girlfriends are in there last month of pregnancy with your child. It is almost time for them to go into labor. As Anri start clutching her bulging pregnant in pain the others start to get worried about you.

What do you do?

> !Anri sit between your leg before placing your hand on top of her contracting belly. While wincing from the pain of her contraction she gesture you to sooth her aching belly and the child within. Alice and Lea decides to sit on either side of your, pressing their pregnant belly to your side.

Anri: "I'm sorry my love, but I can't let you take this baby"

Lea: "But he's mine!"

Alice: "He's not yours! He belongs to me!"

> Place your each of your hand on Lea and Alice belly as your remind them of their own child. You comfort the three girls by saying that you love all three of them equally.

Lea: "We're going to be fine."

Alice: "Yeah, we'll make it through this together."

Anri: "Yes, I know how you feel. We've been through so much together."

Anri began to whimper as her contraction intensify while Lea and Alice labor also begins.

> Gently laid Anri down on the bed while tying her arm to the bed post. Try to undress Anri of her school uniform but leave her skirt and underwear on. As you admire her contracting belly have Alice and Lea lick Anri pregnant belly. Enjoy the sound of the three girls in pain of labor.

Lea: "Ahh… Aaaahhh…"

Anri: "Aaaaaaahhhh!"

> Admire the laboring pregnant body of Anri as Alice and Lea prepare for her and their upcoming childbirth.

Anri: "Ahhhhhh…. Ahhh…."

Lea: "Aaaaarrrrgh!"

Alice: "Mmmm, mmm…"

You see Anri's face contort in agony as she cries out.

> Check Anri, Lea and Alice dilation.

You look at Anri's face and notice her eyes were bloodshot. She was crying out loudly and making loud noises. Her mouth was open wide in an expression of shock.

> Slowly remove underwear and watch as your and Anri’s baby head slowly bulge from her vagina.

You remove your pants and panties and watch as Anri's swollen belly pushes up against your legs. The baby head starts to emerge from her womb. Its tiny fingers begin to poke out from its mother's stomach.

> Let Alice and Lea touch the partially expose head of Anri’s baby while you start playing with their laboring belly

You let Alice and Lea hold Anri's head while they play with her belly. They both moan in pleasure as you caress their bellies.

The two girls begin to giggle uncontrollably and then fall asleep while still holding onto Anri's head.

> Try to help Anri give birth to the rest of your baby as she scream in pain on top of the bed. Comfort and caress Anri as she try to give birth.

You stand up and try to comfort Anri as she screams in pain on top of the bed. You caress her back while stroking her hair.

As you continue to caress Anri, Lea and Alice also begin to scream as their childbirth begin.

> Stand between Anri legs and prepare to catch the baby slowly being born from Anri womb.

You stand between Anri legs and prepare to catch the baby slowly being born from Anri womb.

Anri: "Noooooo!"

You: "Please don't cry anymore, we need to get you out of here."

Anri: "Noooo!"

> Clean the newborn and give her to her mother Anri to breastfeed. At the same time begin undress Alice for her childbirth while she whimper in pain.

You wash the newborn and give her to Anri to nurse. While you do this, you kneel beside Alice and kiss her on the lips.

Alice: "Uuuuuhhhhhh…."

You: "I love you so much."

> Undress Alice from her school uniform then laid her head on Lea lap.

You put your clothes back on and lay down on the floor to enjoy the bliss that is breastfeeding.

Lea: "This feels so good… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad."

You: "It's okay, just relax."

> Fuck Alice while she is having labor pain.

You pull off your shirt and reveal your chest to Alice.

She begins to suckle on your nipples and rub her tongue all over them.

While you're doing this, Lea start to finger herself as you continue to milk Alice's warm teat.

> !Alice strongly clutched her laboring pregnant belly as blood gush from her womb.

You continue to pump your hot sticky load into Alice's belly.

After a few minutes, you hear Alice crying out in pain. She tries to push herself away from you but can't move fast enough due to her heavy bleeding.

> Try to contain Alice bleeding as she try to give birth.

You try to restrain Alice as she continues to bleed profusely.

You hold her hands tightly and tell her to stop or else she'll die.

She doesn't listen and starts screaming in agony. Her body convulses violently as she cries out in pain.

> Try to help Alice give birth the your child.

You go over to Alice and gently place your hand on her stomach.

She looks at you with tears in her eyes.

You whisper in her ear: "Let me help you."

> You force your hand into Alice womb and try to unstuck the baby so Alice can give birth naturally. Lea is also comforting Alice.

You forcefully insert your hand inside Alice's womb and try to remove the baby that was still attached to her.

The baby is still alive and struggling against you, but you manage to keep it from breaking free. The baby is now completely detached from its mother's body.

> Have Alice give birth while telling Lea to straddle you.

You quickly get up and run over to Lea who is lying on the ground.

You grab Lea and straddle her.

Alice: "Ahhh… AHHH!"

You: "Don't worry, we'll be fine."

> Catch Alice’s baby as its slowly emerge from its mother vagina.

You carefully catch the baby as it emerges from Alice's vaginal canal.

Alice: "AHHHH! AHHHH! Nooooooo!"

You: "That's right, let's see if we can save this one too.

> Clean your son have hand him over to his mother.

You wipe your son's face and hand him over to Lea.

Lea: "Oh my god, what happened?

You: "Nothing, he’s a healthy boy."

> Give Alice her son back to breastfeed.

You give Alice her son back.

> Continue to have sex with the laboring Lea until you feel the fetus pussy on top of your dick.

You continue to have sexual relations with Lea.
Your bodies start to heat up and sweat comes down your body. You don't know how much longer you can last, but you decide to make the most of it.

> Tell Lea she is about to give birth to a daughter

You tell Lea that she is going to give birth to a girl.

Lea: *smile*

You: *giggle* I didn't think you were going to do it, but here goes nothing.

> Help Lea to prepare for her child birth and ask what she will name her daughter.

You help Lea to prepare herself for childbirth.
Lea: "I want a girl named after my grandmother, so… Rose."

You: "Rose is perfect, she has everything I need."

Lea: "But… But…"

> Kiss Lea passionately as you comfort her laboring pregnant belly.

You kiss Lea passionately as you comfort her laboring pregnant belly.
Lea: "Thank you…"

You: "Now, I'm going to help you out a lot more during the pregnancy."

Lea: "Yes, yes, yes!"

> Have Lea lay down between Alice and Anri. You then order Alice and Anri to each hold up one of of Lea legs. As you kneel between Lea legs, you watch yours and Lea daughter begin to bulge Lea vagina as she scream in birth pain.

> Describe to your three girlfriends the image of Lea’s baby slowly emerge from Lea’s womb.

You describe the image of your daughter emerging from Lea’s womb to your three girlfriends.
Alice: "Wow, that was amazing."

Anri: "It was pretty cool too.

> Comfort Lea as she scream from labor pain. Tell her how her baby is almost born.

You comfort Lea as she scream from labor pains. Tell her how her baby is almost born.
Lea: "Please, please, no more pain! Please! It hurts me so much!"

You: "Okay, okay, calm down."

> Watch as your daughter’s head as it pop out from Lea womb. Invite Alice and Anri to watch with you.

You watch as your daughter's head emerges from Lea womb. Invite Alice and Anri to watch with you.
Lea: "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!"

You: "What?

> Check on Lea and your daughter in still in her womb.

You check on Lea and your daughter in still in their wombs. Your excitement grows when you see that they are both alive. The only thing that could be better would be if they both healthy.

> Tell Anri and Alice to catch Lea’s baby daughter as she is born.

You tell Anri and Alice to catch Lea's baby daughter as she is born.
Anri: "We can do it!"

Alice: "Yeah, we'll get her."

Anri: "Let’s go!"

You: "Wait, wait, wait! We're doing this together!"

Anri: "Alright let’s go!"

The two girls run towards you as soon as they hear the cry of a newborn.

> Clean your newborn daughter and give her to Lea.

You clean your newborn daughter and give her to Lea.
Lea: "I love you."

You: "I love you too."

Lea gives birth to your child and name her Rose.

> Have your three girlfriends rest. You help each of the girls get dress back into their school uniform while they nurse their respective baby. You also give each mother and their baby a kiss on the head.

> Propose to Lea, Anri and Alice.

You propose to Lea, Anri and Alice.
Lea: *pant*

You: *kiss*

Anri: *breathes deeply* I…love you…so much…

> Kiss your three newborn and their mothers.

You kiss your three newborn and their mothers. They all hug you tightly. After a few minutes, you notice that the babies are hungry, thirsty and tired. So you feed them one after another until they are full again. Then you ask them to go to sleep for now.

> End

(The three girls here are base on the first three girls from the manga: The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You)

142e8 No.9870

Does anyone have the a link to the mega archive that was listed in here? The listed link is dead and I was hoping I could bum it off one of you.

Here's that (dead) link I was talking about:

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