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We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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40441 No.6703

Shameless self promotion:

MuchBirth on DeviantArt:

MuchBirth on Tumblr:

I write stories about women giving birth. Much of the time their pregnancies are things they didn't intend, and many of my tales involve clothing birth, if that's a thing you're into.

I have stories for Egg Laying, Human Birth, Alien Birth, Rapid Pregnancy, Non-Consent, Transformation, Bursting, and even a handful that aren't dark in tone! If you swing by, please, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think, every little bit helps! and feel free to leave a suggestion of something you'd like to see, though be sure to remember I usually do darker themes.

Enjoy! :3

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Also, should you find yourself wanting to go into the collection of REALLY risque stuff, there's the Forbidden Archive, which I post a link to every time I update it. But it's not for the faint of heart. ;)

95fd5 No.6705

Hey munchbirth ill take a look at that archive ^^

40441 No.6706


Gotta hit DeviantArt, it's got the easiest to find link. Loo under my journals for the one listed "Forbidden Archive". Not gonna link it here, would defeat the point of the plug. :P

95fd5 No.6711

This gonna be a fun hunt then xP

4883c No.6725

Is it okay to ask for advice for writing pregnancy/birth stories in here, or something of that nature? Because I have an idea for a pregnancy/birth story that I intend on writing but I don't know how to approach it…

18a8b No.6727

you can ask me on discord:

05427 No.6918

bumping this again just because

ac503 No.6919

adad2 No.7116

Can't we breathe some life back into this thread please?

I highly recommend reading Tentacles by KomperaKlause.
Girl accidentally impregnates herself with an alien, features some very good expansion, birth and unbirth scenes.


Also Fertile Valley has finally be completed, the guy who continued it did a fantastic job!


e9648 No.7244

The author who wrote Ten Days of Embarrassing Changes wrote another pregnancy-related novel:
Just as the cover implies, it has a lot more pregnancy content than his past works. There's still no actual sexual content, but one of the main characters is a legal loli (19 years old) who wakes up pregnant in the first chapter and spends the rest of the book struggling with a massive pregnancy. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, given that there's still very little fetish content, but anyone with a focus on loss of mobility or petite pregnancy (like me) will definitely get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it.
Overall, the writing quality is a lot better than the author's other two works, and it's a lot longer, too. It's exposition-heavy, mostly for the purpose of world-building. Your mileage may vary depending on whether you like that sort of thing, but I fell in love with the setting immediately. It even has field guide excerpts that describe different aspects of the setting between chapters. I would definitely like another story in the same universe.

3f1ee No.7273

Wondering I be anyone can help me find a story called "just a little bigger"? Was on the old pregnantcommunity.org story section, idk the author but it was about a doctor that offered miracle conception and body modification (t+a inflation depending on the hole used, instapreg in the vagoo) but seems to have vapourised when the old site died.

f89e0 No.7276

Check Overflowing Bra. I think I saw it there.

3f1ee No.7280


Awesome, got it cheers.

3923e No.7287

So I have been exploring the be-archive CYOA stuff and I found some story paths that were pregnancy related.

The Maternity Shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/550/550221.html

The Shirt is inside out: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/643/643261.html

Worse luck with the shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677432.html

Edith takes the shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677689.html

Women on the flight get pregnant: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677691.html

Stewardess offers a sharing a hotel room: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677835.html

Joan: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/683/683895.html

The walking womb: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1062/1062486.html

If someone who is good at writing decided to pick up on any of these stories that would be awesome! regardless these are good branches.

76b97 No.7370

Anyone have the story "having it" i've been looking for it forever but cant seem to find it again :/

e8024 No.7373


Is that a teen pregnancy diary where the MC gets pregnant over the summer and starts up a lesbian relationship with an older student?

If so, I'm pretty sure that hyperia83 has it on his first Google drive (I don't have a link). You can find him on Tumblr.

2d1e5 No.7383

After being a long time writer on interactive stories, I've finally started writing my own short pregnancy stories. I only have two so far but I would love if you would take a look. They can be found here.


30f3b No.7386

Does anyone have the 'curse of life' story, chapter 1 and 2? I still haven't learned my lesson to download things while I can…

Alternatively, there was once a story about a girl who was impregnated by an eel-like alien, gave birth to a clone within a day, and then both she and her daughter gave birth again after the next day. It was called something-inside, e.g. "life inside" or "monster inside" or something… Thanks for any help anyone can give~

309c9 No.7410


What interactive stories have you done?

2d1e5 No.7414

I have made various contributions on writing.com under the name BellaBellaBell. I also host two stories on there. The Birthing Games I host but don't add to. Young Mothers I host and add to when I have time.

c4d39 No.7419

Promoting myself. I have some pregnancy stories in my gallery.


d2d89 No.7421

Just an Update, it seems the BE archive domain has switched hands meaning when you click on any unending be adventure link it'll either tell you to log into the be archive or give you a 404 error.

Here is the work around since the content is still there but it is behind a login screen. you can make a free account to the be archive so that you have access to the forum and the stories.
under payment options when creating an account the last option is a free account.
Check your email spam folder for the activation email if you cant find it.

Once you have done that you can now check out the stories again.
However in order to check out the stories you need to put an old. before the bearchive link. so it looks like this for example.


Now you can check out the stories. I might suggest backing up your favorite story paths as changes like these are always bad news.

76812 No.7429

I thank you for the heads up. Suddenly hitting a paywall was a shock.

That said, not everyone knows about this, so I imagine that any new additions to the Addventure will slow to a crawl because of this BS

c833f No.7430

I've decided to give story writing a go on DA: https://carverdish.deviantart.com

My first story was inspired by MuchBirth's "The Curse of cruelty" story.


It follows a schoolgirl going through a rapid pregnancy during a swimming lesson, with her swimsuit restricting her growth. She tried to make it out of the pool to avoid making a scene, things don't turn out well.

If your on DA checkout my Journal to vote on what story I should write next?

302ec No.7432

Hot damn.
There's one strange placement of words, where it sounds like you're partially repeating yourself, but otherwise, hot damn that's some good writing.

76812 No.7435

following up on this, they don't seem to be sending verification emails very well. Have yet to get mine to register with a free account. It's been two days.

c833f No.7437


Thanks it is my first piece of work. :)

Judging from the votes my next story will be about a Pregnant Tomboy.

"A Tomboy who disguised herself as a boy to join the local teenage baseball team has her secret discovered by her teammate. She states that her gender shouldn't stop her from being able to play and boasts at her superior skill.

In an act of cruelty her teammate drugs her and taking advantage of her ignorance gets her pregnant.
Overtime her breasts, butt and hips start to increase in size making it harder for her to disguise herself. Her pregnancy ultimately forces her to quit but not before being humiliated by her teammate."

It's going to be a long one I think.

c833f No.7439

I've almost finished writing the first half of the pregnant Tomboy story. So far it's about 4 pages and has yet to get to her pregnancy.

So I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on ideal story length?

Which do you prefer; stories that get straight to the good part, or ones that build up to it?

60fdf No.7441

I know this isn't exactly stories, but it KINDa is? I've found a couple of blogs that are running with the "I'm pregnant with aliens IRL" theme, which is story-esque.

This one seems to have been around for a while, apparently this poor dear has already had one successful (-ish…) and has been filled with a second batch.


Meanwhile, I think this other one is really new, but might be worth a look, if you want to get into one of these early. :3


76812 No.7442

Personally I prefer build-up, especially as they describe a growing pregnancy over time. Seems like this isn't going to be a happy ending, though.

One question though. Is she aware of her burgeoning pregnancy, at least initially? Curious, given you mention that she gets drugged at the time.

84c3d No.7461

I know this may sound demanding, I like the direction your story will go but what is your opinion on a multiple pregnancy from the girl?

I personally love stories that have natural build up and growth. I am not the biggest fan of spontanously becoming pregnant through means beyond natural conception. I mean fertility drugs and the like are fine, but I am not much of a fan of oviposition/egg laying, animals, or alien pregnancies. Just natural human fetus pregnancy

My ideal stories are always a girl takes some kind of fertility supplement and becomes largely pregnant. not quite the levels of hyper but way larger beyond normal means. I like massively pregnant women in stories that conceive and have natural progressions trying to deal with every day life through massive growths. (much like notabot's large pregnancy stories as long as their growth isnt spontanous or out of nowhere).

Things I am always okay with as well are where reality changes and people had always perceived that person as getting massively pregnant through natural means even though the event may have been spontaneous to the MC but everyone else saw it as something that had happened naturally.

This is your story though, I am just sharing what i like in pregnancy stories if you hadn't guessed by the story links I have posted in the past on this topic.

Anyways. good luck with the writing!

c833f No.7471


My first story; The Cursed Girl - The Swimming Pool Incident has proven to be very popular, I imagine for the same reasons that drew me to the original work by MuchBirth; The Curse of Cruelty.
The nature of the girls' curse, that forces her to go through a rapid pregnancy and a humiliating often orgasmic birth opens up so many options for intense future stories!

Truth is the Swimming Pool story originally began as a suggestion to MuchBirth but since he already had many projects on the go I thought I'd try it myself. Now given it's success I thought I'd open myself up to suggestions and requests for the next Cursed Girl story, so if you'd like to suggest a scene or setting for her to give birth in comment on my Journal on DA below, of if you don't have a DA Account leave a reply here…


e9648 No.7483

It looks like the Ten Days and Striped Hoodie author has something up for preorder: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076CR2ZPZ
The description says that one of the characters is "a heavily pregnant dancer who promotes the government’s reproductive programs with her performances". Given who's writing this, there's no telling how much pregnancy content will actually be in it, but I thought it was worth a mention. The paperback version says it's 293 pages long, so even if it's not a major focus of the book, it might still have a lot of pregnancy content.

e9648 No.7536

Okay, so I bought a copy of the paperback. There actually is a fair amount of pregnancy content, but it's all based around a single character who shows up around a third of the way into the book. She's a popstar who performs while pregnant. It's a sci-fi book, so the explanation is that she's trying to change the public's perception of pregnancy in order to curb a declining birthrate. A huge part of the book is about her, and there are somewhat detailed descriptions of her throughout her pregnancy. She has quads, so she's right on the border between hyper and not, but she ends up two months overdue. (You only get to hear about her in this state in the final chapter)
Overall, if I had to say whether the book was worth buying just for pregnancy content, then it's definitely worth the three dollars for the ebook preorder. However, the book's actually really long, so you'll have to read through a lot of other stuff to get to it.
The main plot is a take on Weird Science, with a guy making his own girlfriend, but he screws up and makes what's essentially a talking stuffed animal that he has sex with. The other part of the main plot involves a gender bender plot with a guy who tried to imitate the main character but ended up trapped in the body of his creation. The chapters aren't in chronological order, so you have to pay really close attention to what month is listed under the chapter headings if you want it to make any sense at all. In general, it's a really complex book, and there's even a fair amount of social commentary in it. Luckily, it's a bit more nuanced than simply "impeach so-and-so" or "ban such-and-such". The characters aren't presented as being entirely good or evil, and the overall message is about the dangers behind binary conflicts without room for a third party.

I would encourage anyone who likes science fiction to try it out.

2d9e2 No.7581

Just a head's up people, for anyone who wishes to view the stories here; >>962 & >>1527 or any topic that has "www.asstr.org" on it, I think the site's gone down as it cannot be reached at the moment…

cb298 No.7643

I'm gonna be a shill and advertise my story here. I just finished it.
For anyone expecting a perfect work of literature, this probably isn't for you. I was just experimenting with writing, so it's all still pretty noobish…

b9df1 No.7649

My 2nd Story is a two parter and is called "The Pregnant Tomboy"
Hope you check it and out and enjoy it. Feedback is always welcome?

"A Tomboy who disguised herself as a boy to join the local teenage baseball team has her secret discovered by her teammate. She states that her gender shouldn't stop her from being able to play and boasts at her superior skill.
She soon finds herself gaining weight and experiences a sudden growth spurt in her breasts and hips making it harder for her to disguise herself. She soon discovers she is pregnant and is ultimately forced to give up her life as a tomboy."


36843 No.7650

Very nice story. One of my new favorites. Can't wait for part 2 and any other future stories.

b9df1 No.7687

Here's my latest story called; The Incubator!

"A parasitic creature invades a holiday resort and after settling inside a teenage girl begins to grow. She is found by another woman who goes to her aid thinking she's just a pregnant teen in labor. But she would quickly wished she hadn't!."


Hope you like it!


Not really sure if they'll be a 2nd part, I find non-human pregnancies to be more easier to write. It's also very slow paced compared to my other stories and ideas and not as popular.

36843 No.7688

That's too bad, though I hope it gets finished eventually.

As for the new story, while I'm not at all into egg laying or "unbirth", I thought it was decent.

bbb89 No.7691


Good news. www.asstr.org's back up online again.

Phew, that was a bit of a worry…

960da No.7714

Say, does anyone remember this story? As I recall a woman was heavily pregnant in some sort of club, and leading up to her giving birth, clients could come up and touch her and such. Ring any bells?

48523 No.7717

A Literotica story named Harem (i think) comes to mind.

960da No.7718

I'd best get looking.

fd677 No.7720

Hello, I'm looking for the huge preg/hyperpreg kind of story where characters was not seeing each other for a long time and the pregnant state of one them surprise another character.

75cea No.7734

shameless plug to my DA

Just posted a short story a rapid preg and birth/egg laying.

22acd No.7736

Recently discovered Hentai-Foundry thanks to a post on a forum.

Can anyone recommend some good stories on that site?

Also the forum post was asking about a certain story so I'll paste his request here as I'm interested in reading this story myself…

"The plot is as follows: teenage girl living out in the country with twin younger siblings and 3 (or 4?) pairs of adults, 1 set of which claims to be parents. The girl, once she starts her period, is knocked out at nights after going to sleep, so they can knock her up, and run a twisted plan on her.

They have a number of chemicals, with the following effects:

#1 is a growth enhancer. Starting after the beginning of the 2nd trimester, a shot every night. The baby is encouraged to develop faster and larger, so it'll be around full term size at 7+ months (IIRC)

#2 is a birth suppressant. It completely halts the onset of labor so long as it's given every night. It has the added effect of inducing spreading of the hips, to allow passage of larger babies. After stopping injections, labor will start 3 days later. They take her to something like 11 months with it, and coupled with the growth shots, they estimate her baby is around 15+ lbs.

#3 is s topical cream, spread on and inside her vagina. It increases the elasticity of the flesh, allowing her to birth such a large baby without tearing.

During her pregnancy, which she had no formal education on, she was fed stories about how wonderful the whole experience is. She only finds out the truth the night she gives birth: the adults sit and watch her give birth in bed, without ANY assistance. One of the ladies comments afterwards that she better behave, or they'll make the next one even BIGGER. They plan on her having one from each adult male, at least.
If anyone remembers this story could please post or link it?"

ff2a6 No.7740

322de No.7753

Found a good one off of hentaifoundry. http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/kalymna/26781/Mercy-Wants-To-Get-Really-Really-Pregnant

This one has Mercy getting impregnated multiple times during a single pregnancy. It's really god damn hard to find stories with this in it, could somebody recommend anything similar to this?

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