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We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.
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744b2 No.8944

Looking for stories with inital progression like nausea and unawareness before realization.

Do share thanks!

df281 No.8968

This is a cool kind of story/game. I saw at the bottom of the screen that some members of pregchan helped making it. I was wondering if it could be finished? (some options are still not written)

ddf1b No.8969

A dead project, I assume

ba4ca No.8970

Yeah that project is definitely dead

10587 No.8971


Well, how would someone help finishing it

df281 No.8973

Yeah, or maybe do a new one, based on that^^

0f6b2 No.8974


Figured I'd shamelessly advertise some of my metroid smut while I'm working on it's epilogue. Lot of mindbreak, slow transformation, oversized monster dickings and that fat pregnancy cherry on top



e68f7 No.8976


Is a parody of stardew valley and by and Eileithyia's tits I loved it! show em some love folks.

36813 No.8981

Speaking of stories, is there a way to bypass Writing.com's dumb rate limiter for interactives? Serving HTML pages really doesn't cost that much.

29cac No.8984

When it asks you to log in, just hit refresh until it works. Ironic, since that just wastes way more bandwidth.

e8233 No.8985

Did anybody save any of the content from the hidden desires forum?

1b0e0 No.9012

Mind telling the source of your profile photo on HF?

0f6b2 No.9014

I believe I found it on here in one of the edit threads a lil while back

0f6b2 No.9015

Found it buried on my external. Not gonna lie, this is prolly my second post on anything chan related, so I was stuck trying to figure out how to upload this fucking thing for like 15 minutes because I thought there was an upload tab I wasn't seeing somewhere. Said fuck it, easier to put on imgur, enjoy.


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ad774 No.9047

Bumping this.
Looking for more stories like Re: Hero no Kaa-san, where there is progression till birth

6c8af No.9059

Posted a few more chapters, chapter 3 features lots of egg birth/birth denial while the 4th one is mostly labor induced via incestual gangbang.




cf7f2 No.9060

I've mostly been doing mpreg and some trans preg. But I'm going to write fpreg when I get around to it.

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16713 No.9062

That egg denial thing actually turned out really well imo

0f6b2 No.9063


Thanks lol, I got the idea from one of the commenters on FA. Normally birth is kinda boring to me but it really made the whole scene actually interesting/hot to write.

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1b0e0 No.9065

Did anyone grab any stories from this DA account?
Looking for a 11-12 part story from DeviantArt.
Did anyone save Womb Raider from, Gravid-Fiction? The profile 404’d at some point.

ea751 No.9071

got a slew of core ideas for fics, but not sure if I should post or not, mostly due to content.

34fab No.9072

Why not just take one of those ideas and write a short 1000 word story with it?

ea751 No.9073

cause most of those ideas are fanfic stuff dealing with different characters from different shows/books/movies/etc.

34fab No.9074

I'm not seeing your point.

Why can't you just write a story and post it here?

af103 No.9075

I would be very interested in reading some of your stories.

ea751 No.9076

writers block. I can form the base idea, maybe come up with a few scenes.. but cant tie said scenes together.

af103 No.9079

Maybe you should post the ideas and scenes here,then see if people on this board can tie them together.

ea751 No.9080

that I can do, ive got most of the stuff posted elsewhere, just need to copy and compile.

71d6f No.9084

Did anyone save the translated Japanese stories from the Pregnant Community forums? Going for a Hail Mary here. I recall one title being "Birth of Actress Yumi" and another being a women's prison where the prisoners could have their sentences shortened by serving as surrogate mothers - their sentences would be reduced by the number of children they successfully birthed.

ea751 No.9085

well nuts seems most of them got wiped and what's left is mostly junk.

I do have some stuff left though but some of the content is…

704e4 No.9086


Posted another story. Non-rapid pregnancy this time.

0f6b2 No.9094

Kind of have a question for anyone who's read the metroid fic (thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed it so far btw)

I'm not in a rut or anything because I have specific plans for lewd stuff I wanna do in later chapters, BUT in this next part, I'm kind of drawing blanks on what to do fetish wise in the meantime. Since one person on furaffinity recommended a kink I never tried before (egg denial) and that seemed to come out rather nicely, I was wondering if perhaps one of you guys had any interesting ideas I could try next?

ea751 No.9156

recovered some of the stuff but .. a lot of it …
the old term was Jpreg, now I think they use Lollipreg.

67bbe No.9157

>hey guys should i post my stuff?
>well it's kinda
>well, i mean
>okay but lemme find it
>should i post????
>should i?
>well it's…
>okay nvm lol i dunno where they are
>ummmmm wait i can find something



ea751 No.9158

mostly just the.. description/synopsis but ok, I mean I see we have loli art threads so…

04fee No.9160

Why do I suddenly have the urge to donate to Patreon?

ea751 No.9174

Kanga and her Boobs|Roo|Brood

Lumpy and Roo find a box of old Jewlery when treasure hunting and the fancy necklace he gives his mother turns her into a Huge Breasted Breeding Milf

af103 No.9193

Potential story outline: Three hugely pregnant cheerleaders(high school or college aged) enjoy an unsupervised stay at a resort.Despite vague memories and their constantly growing bellies, everything seems normal until a stormy night leads to a bizarre encounter.

680a0 No.9201

Work in progress


If anyone can finish it or improve it, feel free. Contains pregnant corset and labor denial

e86dd No.9202

content not aviable ^

680a0 No.9207

Did you sign in? It's marked as mature and when I copied the link from Firefox and used Chrome it shows up as Mature, please sign in.

cd007 No.9246

Can I ask for any commissions as well?

My discord is Zaru#4775 as well. I have been looking for hyper preg authors to talk to for me to commission.

44303 No.9254

Found a two part story. kinda ends on a cliff hanger, which is sadly par for many preg stories, but these are really good.

The Great Conception Part 1:

The Great Conception Part 2:

now the first story in the description says he reuploaded these from his old account. that being said, does anyone recall these stories on another account and have them backed up?

ea751 No.9255

unnamed Lilo and Stich the Series fic:

Angel and Stich have a whirlwind romance going from dating to engaged and then married in .. oh lets say six moths. And a six weeks after that they announce their expecting.

two weeks after that Bonnie announces SHE's pregnant and that she and Clyde are also going to get married.

309c4 No.9274

9230a No.9276


My queue's a little long at the moment but I'm always open for commissions, and I will do hyper. Send me a note on DeviantArt (name is Doombeez there too) .

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