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We need this back up. Post any links to stories you found,any requests for stories, ideas. Hell even write your own stories on here.

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f2ab6 No.18

I didn't know you had a DA account.

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d671c No.22

Lots of good stuff here if you like rapid belly expansion and birth stories.

f2ab6 No.24

There used to be some really good stories from a person who had a DA account called GLaDOSisstillalive. Does anybody still have those stories?

a87e3 No.25

So, I was bored, have another story.


Story involves dragons, non-explicit rape, pregnancy, birth, and an abusive relationship. I do promise it has a surprisingly mushy ending.

6bcff No.26

Does anyone have a certain story? I remember it was on Bellius Maximus (I think) and it was about a woman who was continually impregnated by with larger and larger eggs?

38da9 No.28

I've had a high fantasy story in mind for a while, but the premise and concept spills over into a modern/urban fantasy story with an almost exact situation.. and I don't wish to play them as in the same timeline, or a connected fantasy world.

This has been preventing me from going ahead with it.

a87e3 No.37

Apparently when I'm slacking off from homework I write pregnancy and birth stories. Bet the professors would have some interesting reactions if they read them. Hard to tell whether that is a good thing or not, but anyway, have another story.


This one involves unassisted childbirth, it doesn't go into the actual pregnancy much though.

f9e10 No.38

Requesting a story I saw on here before it went down, about a TV host presenting a TV special about weird pregnancies. There were different women involved, with different quirks to their pregnancies (massive multiples, one that lasted 3 years, etcetera) and ended with one woman unbirthing everyone else including the host. I can't find it again for the life of me.

988b7 No.39

e523f No.40


Glad someone liked my story enough to request to see it again.

Also, my more unbirth-centric stories can be found here: http://aryion.com/g4/gallery/notabot

f9e10 No.41

Awesome, thanks man. Love that story, I'll check out more of your work.

6bcff No.42

Anyone have links to bulk collections of stories?

2a432 No.43

I do some writing. Three regular preg and one breast pregnancy one. http://crashoverrid.deviantart.com/gallery/

b354a No.47

I really like your stuff, man.
Any chance of that futa story you mentioned in a journal popping up somewhere?

438e3 No.49

As long as everyone else is doing the plug thing. >.>


3ad98 No.235

e0cd2 No.236

Well not written by me personally, it was written by a friend and edited by me. Sooner or later I'll get around to editing part 2… xD


abc5e No.240

I've got some pregnancy and other belly stories on my H-F:

117ed No.243


Hasn't posted in a while, though….

2a432 No.246


It's on smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/491236

though it's more fem herm than anything

573a5 No.290

i remember on an old pregchan board someone uploaded a bunch of stories all by the same guy. one was like a teacher giving birth at home with a male and female student watching, one was (iirc) a spy that was giving birth… i haven't been able to find the stories nor the download since. does anyone know who i'm talking about?

3ad98 No.291

I've been debating long to share this but I went ahead one day and decided to make a super huge edit of Invictusvoxfini's Impregnation Invasion. It's basically all the chapters chronicled together in one big pdf file with as much grammatical, formatting, and plot-fixing I could muster. I'm no professional but it's a much cleaner read and I tried to make it a little more than just straight fap material. Bookmarks included cause there's so much to read and searching manually is stupid. Download is here:


I can also supply the original story in it's raw, word document form if anyone wants that. I can't remember where I found it, some obscure site after a lot of google-fu.

117ed No.292

Kelli Paine's stories are not for the faint of heart:

3e1a0 No.313

Just a bit interested, how desperate are people for more preg stories? I've got a bunch of stories I've written (around 30 or so, some of them long and some short, all but one or two are preg-centric. longest is currently 75 pages long and ongoing) that I've never posted because of how self-critical I am of them but I've been thinking of uploading them to a DA account or something.

fa3c8 No.314


go for it. It's always fun to share pregnancy stories with other people. I hesitated for way too long to share mine.

5050e No.315

As someone who has read about every story out there about prgnancy, It would be greatly appreciated if you had something new.

2a432 No.317

There aren't many creators out there.

3e1a0 No.318


made an account and posted one of my shorter stories as a test. If people think it's worthwhile I'll try to get some more up.

ea4a5 No.319


Pretty good! Wouldn't mind seeing more. :)

23497 No.320


There's a dire lack of good pregnant stories (the bigger the women the better). More content is never a bad thing. If possible also upload your stuff to overflowingbra, it's quick and easy and won't be bothered by any of the content filters you may run into on places like DA (or the fact that DA just isn't great place for reading longer stories).

3e1a0 No.325

got another one up now. I wonder, what do people here like most, stories where the pregnancy is (fairly) normal and the story is mostly about her normal life during it, or do you like stories where it's magical, caused by aliens or whatever else and fairly rapid?

6328f No.326

Personally, I'm not too concerned with the origin/cause of the pregnancy. That said, I much prefer stories involving rapid pregnancies.

5dfef No.327

Pretty much what this guy said, though I'll add in the caveat that I'm not fond of tentacles or bursting.

5050e No.329


I personally prefer stories where the pregnancy progresses over rapid pregnancy, not to say I dislike it though. As long as the belly is big. REALLY BIG.

3e1a0 No.330

Nice to know. Gonna try and get my shorter stories up first as they are easier to proofread and whatnot. Another one is going up tomorrow.

2a432 No.334

They each have their place. I like rapid preg sometimes, but there's something about the slow, gradual growth when lots of people are pregnant at once that I find appealing.

03494 No.335


I really like your stories, I like slow but massive pregnancies. Your stories are great I love reading them. Its hard to find good work like yours.

3e1a0 No.336

Thanks, that's nice to hear. Gonna get one part per day of this long story up, though the actual preg material doesn't start for a while.

70b8e No.338

i read 3 of your stories so far, i liked them quite a bit. good scenarios, pacing seems good (i don't like it if its too drawn out).
i would only love to see more descriptive paragraphes, especially about the belly.
keep up the good work.

70b8e No.339

dude, i love the virtuapreg series. Seriously great work.

3e1a0 No.341

The story I am currently uploading is definetly a bit drawn out (I wanted to see how people react to a long buildup in the story) but every story is of course different. There's a lot of actual preg material to come in it, so don't worry. And there are of course mory stories on the way after this one.

76587 No.342

The BE Archive's Unending BE Addventure game can contain some remarkable hidden gems dealing with our interests. It makes me wish the belly community had an Addventure to ourselves.


d94d0 No.344


There's a ton of pregnancy "choose your own adventure" stories on writing.com

4df21 No.345

A lot of those seem to disappear over time for unexplained reasons, sadly.

d94d0 No.347


they disappear if they're inactive for too long but there are still plenty that are around now. And you can always use the wayback machine to find the ones that have vanished

03494 No.351


know of any more links like these ones? these are very good.

4df21 No.352

03494 No.354

Thanks I appreciate it.

3e1fa No.356

I'm the anon behind a lot of episodes in those storylines, glad some people are enjoying my work. Most of them are a little dead at the moment because I can't think of any good ideas to continue where they left off. Hopefully someone's inspired to pick one of them up from this, and I'll do my best to continue on from there.

70b8e No.359

great work man,
I really don't have time this week but next week I'll try to add a little bit to some branches.

5050e No.363

You can count me in too. I have been meaning to write again….

ed27d No.372

Some others that came to mind:


The start of a very long pregnancy and bimbo-focused chain. A bit too convoluted for my tastes but someone here might like it.


This one is the point where this chain focuses heavily on pregnancy, but you can read further back for alternative paths.


Samus is a pretty popular theme, this isn't even all the 'pregnant Samus' ones I can recall.


One of mine that could use a continuation, as could many of the other Eiken-focused paths.


There's a 'Pregnant Sharon' chain, a 'Very Pregnant Sharon' chain and a 'Massively Pregnant Sharon' chain.

3e1a0 No.376

Does anyone here know how exactly how strict Deviantart is with adult content? I read the rules about it but it seemed kinda gray, and I don't know how far I can go with my stories.

Will overly sexual descriptions of things/acts get be banned or content removed?

b5d23 No.377


They're reasonably picky about what they'll allow in artwork, but in written form you can get away with just about anything.

3e1a0 No.378

well that's nice to hear. I seem to remember a part of some story being removed, I think it was bleak orchard, because of it being 'too explicit' or something like that. Guess if that ever happens to one of mine I'll just have to post it on smashwords or whatever. I have one story that is around 50000 words so far but there's so much full penetration and sex acts that I think it wouldn't go over too well on deviantart.

b5d23 No.379


There's always other options. Hentai Foundry allows fiction.

23497 No.380


Overflowingbra is the best place to post most stories really. DA doesn't allow some content, Hentaifoundry is freaking awful for reading/downloading and even finding stories. Of course there's plenty of fetish story sites but they are generally complete pain in the ass to use if you want to find some specific/strange types of material like BE or pregnant/belly expansion content.

2a432 No.381

Almost. Masturbation is the one time they tend to snip it out and mark you. I got that on one of my writings, which sent me to smashwords.

I have a hell of a time posting to Overflowing Bra. It seems like the thing never fucking works for some reason.

000c5 No.382

I've written a bunch of stories over the years and very few are about pregnancy.


But these are some of the ones that are about pregnancy.


And this one's more about impregnation. Sort of.


b5d23 No.384


Holy shit, you're WotanAnubis? I've been a fan of your stuff for years! Very happy to see you around our little corner of the 'tubes. :D

000c5 No.385

I'm flattered. But as my work indicates, pregnancy is only a sometimes-kink for me, so I'm only sometimes around this corner of the internets.

3e1a0 No.392

So a work of mine was deleted from DA today.

It's a preg/oviposition story without BE, so posting it on overflowing bra wouldn't work as that's kind of a requirement for posting a story there.

Is there another place where I could post my stories and maybe just link to that site from my DA account?

11ea9 No.396

you could always just post on pastebin,
its not very feature-rich but has no limitations in terms of content AFAIK.

000c5 No.398

Archive of Our Own (or AO3) is primarily a fanfiction site, but it does allow pretty much everything.

And then there's www.adult-fanfiction.org which also has a section for original, non-fanfiction stories.

3e1a0 No.399

Thanks! I guess I'll use one of those sites for anything too adult in the future.

cdbb1 No.400

hey are you maternal reads? Cause if you are your work has been awesome so far and I hope you don't turn into the next ComperA.

Also is Cosmic Conception getting a sequel?

3e1a0 No.401

what happened to him?

cdbb1 No.402

She's sort of the Hideki Kamiya of the pregnancy fetish community, rarely responds to people, abrasive, but writes fucking amazing weird stories that make you put up with her shit.

2a432 No.403

I can't really blame her for being quiet given how the community tends to be a bit demanding.

13179 No.413

I put out a pregnancy story lately that seems to be popular. Check it out.


c246e No.414


Nice work for a first chapter. I hope the next chapters come soon!

13179 No.415

c246e No.417


Sa-weet! We have 1, we have 2, can we have 3 (plus others)?

13179 No.418


There's a third part I'll post by the end of the week. I'm trying to space them out. And as far as others, you can go on my dA page and see other stuff I've written

c246e No.419


Lol, drat. I was hounding my messages list all day waiting for it to post XD.

Can't wait to see it!

2a432 No.427

Sorry about the radio silence but I've had a busy month or two. Two new preg stories at Smashwords:


c57bd No.443



I put up the last part a while ago but I guess I should put the link here too

acf76 No.515

Posting here in hopes someone remembers this from way back in the day. Having trouble tracking it down but I recently remembered it while looking at older stories and wanted to give it another read.

From what I remember of it, it was about a guy who had a machine that could simulate someone's appearance. He used pictures of someone he found attractive and who I believe was pregnant. He set it to not pregnant and set the pregnancy to be delayed and then speed through it while the simulation had layers of clothes of different stretchiness so that some would rip but others wouldn't or take longer to rip.

Can't remember much else, probably wasn't a long story, but for the life of me I can't seem to find any reference. Was hoping someone here knew and could point me in the right direction.

4dcee No.527

If any of you like het mpreg, there are two stories up on the Dragon Age kink meme (one finished, one in progress) that are unusually high quality and sexy. With bonus femdom and impregnation kink.



aee16 No.603

hey, I'm looking for a short story that used to be on deviantart but is not anymore. I don't remember the exact title but it was about a witch named samantha that had a bat as a sidekick and she basically gets the whole village pregnant by accident. I'd be greatful for a link or something. thx.

10397 No.962


I think these were shared on the old board but I haven't seen either here so I figure I should repost them. They're both about women who get knocked up over and over and act as surrogate mothers for a few years before starting families of their own, for those of you who like to know what you're getting into before you click. This sort of voluntary breeder stuff is my favorite so if anyone has more stories like these I'd be thrilled to see them.

43820 No.980

Sorry to ask again, but I also recently thought of the "Preggo Lover" and "Rub it for Luck" stories, they are both by the same author and are both split in 3 or 4 parts IIRC. Would appreciate a link or a hint. Thanks!

1fcdb No.981

anybody know where i can find the story dexter 2.0 it was pretty good.

aee9c No.1207

Wasn't there a rar file containing a bunch of stories like the ones from Dropster, STEVIE D, and some translated ones? I lost that rar file, and couldn't search the net for it. Any kind soul willing to re-upload it?

e3aae No.1211

BTW: I got those two stories now. If anyone else is looking for them, lemme know, I'll put them on a pastebin.

557f7 No.1226

Any chance of a pregnant loli story? I also suggested permanent pregnancy

8e995 No.1232

d7770 No.1284

Not really loli, it's more shortstack than anything else, and shortstack does not equal loli

dfd88 No.1527


These two are the probably the best of the loli stories.

They are both loli/incest/breast expansion mainly. The first one is probably the best preg story I know but the author never finished it unfortunately.

8e698 No.1528

any one have a story called dexter 2.0?

dfd88 No.1529


This is one of my favorite preg stories. It starts slow the but the story is pretty good.

You do need a free sign up to stories online but author is up to part 10 of the sequel now and releases 1 part a week.

557f7 No.1565

I was looking for that one. too, I don't know why tomez deleted it, anyone have it saved?

4f538 No.1846

Someone else decided to continue the first story, actually.

d75a8 No.1847

anyone? hey i'm looking for a story called dexter 2.0 in it dee dee was pregnant but then the mom gets pregnant towards the end

e270c No.1848

Yeah I've read that before. It's ok but the author doesn't seem to understand the point of the story and starts focusing on other fetishes.

And while his writing is fine the original author was amazing.

2a432 No.1849

Babycakes has its moments but incest really pushes me away hard.

64416 No.1853

Not to mention the "new" author completely removes the whole pregnancy part and everything else and just focuses on sex. It shouldn't even be considered a continuation of the original story.

e270c No.1854


Yeah he mentions 1 or 2 pregnant women but the focus is definitely on other things.

I'd love for someone else to take a go at finishing it.

8297a No.1924

Hey I was wondering if anyone knew of any stories where the mother can communicate with the baby(s)/person(s) inside her belly? Like, the baby is more intelligent or an alien or something?

42b8e No.1927


most unbirth stories could probably fit that bill for you. There's also this interactive: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1963749-Unborn-wisher

8297a No.1935

know of any good ones? Or places to start?

f03b2 No.2169

I recently wrote a Black Butler mpreg fic. Would it be okay to post this here?

386f8 No.2179

Anyone got some stories of anal during child birth? Bonus if a midwife/nurse is involved.

a6b0d No.2184

ee528 No.2185

Some of the stories on Kristen's asstr archive have been linked, here is a link to the general impreg/preg list of stories there.

Literotica has a lot of interesting stories.

As does sexstories, but the quality is on average lower than literotica.

Lubrican's stuff, while mostly no longer free, can be very good as well.

61278 No.2186

Here's some stuff I wrote a while back:

Giant Origins: http://fav.me/d80276c

My take on the birth of the first giant.

Pregnant and Undead Part 1: http://fav.me/d8qlj9y

Pregnant and Undead Part 2: http://fav.me/d8qlkop

Excerpts from a zombie story I've since scrapped. Part 2 was actually the last scene I wrote XD

The Baby Experiments: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/1962916/1/The-Baby-Experiements

A collection of short horror-themed stories revolving around pregnant women.

fcb35 No.2189

Hi, new to Pregchan. Seeing as other people dropped links to their pages and galleries, I hope it's cool if I do the same (Warning: Certain entries in Short Stories and Project: Invasion folders contain bursting) (I don't take myself or my stories seriously, expect a few silly entries) http://15thatguy.deviantart.com/gallery/

1dbeb No.2198

Preggophilia has a stories section in their forums. Most of them are the one-shot types, but one particular author, Belly Button, has a few good entries. Latest one (still WIP) is Hotel Secret. Pretty good growing belly descriptions.


8378b No.2290


The rar file, as requested. Saved it way back during the old pregchan days, and totally forgot that I had it until recently.

8378b No.2291

My bad, wrong link. Here's the correct one:


1b345 No.2474

I'd be intersted in checking that out.

42b8e No.2689

I recently published a pregnancy story I wrote as an e-book. It's a lot longer and more explicit than my other stories and it's real good. Here's a link to some info on it on my deviantArt page, where you can also find a lot of my pregnancy stories. And those are free, so you know, even better.


74bf2 No.2724

Digging through /c/ to find this is great for me, as I can post my profile here.

I've started making birth stories since… 2 weeks ago? And already made 4 fics. One more is one its way and I have plans for another 14 fics.

Anyway, here. http://tinythemountain.deviantart.com/gallery/

P.S. If someone could get andraste73's attention for my upcoming story and the story and the story after that it would be awesome.

1dbeb No.2757

This thread's close enough - wondering if anyone knows of the author who wrote these two little gems, and if there are any more of his/her works about on this big ol' internet.

Family Way - Guy winds up volunteering as a 'sperm donor' for three girls looking to get in the family way after a chance encounter and proposal on an airplane trip. What a lucky bastard.

Like Rabbits - Generic romance story between a guy and a girl who's been left high, dry, and doubly knocked up.

Mega link below for the complete stories, for your reference and viewing pleasure :)


6f06d No.2962

Question for anyone, when you're reading a story do you prefer it when it starts with pregnancy or builds up to the character becoming pregnant? Another question what's your opinion on the character getting pregnant traditionally or other means like: science experiment gone wrong, magic, aliens etc.?

9ead9 No.5063

Does anybody have Compera's Boyfriend saved? He modified his site and changed his name to KomperaKlause, and in the process that story was lost.

c83b5 No.5065

I prefer seeing the pregnancy build throughout the story, and it usually doesn't matter much to me how it happens, as long as it's well-written.

4118e No.5068

I agree with WithLimits. I'm not too picky about the means of impregnation.

3c53f No.5069

Just a little shameless promotion of a interactive of mine that could use a lot of expanding on…


c3af1 No.5110

I would check it out, but I don't trust writing.com anymore. =T

628e4 No.5152

Does anybody have an archive of the stories that KomperaKlause has on his patreon?

f8f4e No.5170

There's been a couple of stories that I have been looking for a while now. They were on the old expansionstories.com site. The stories were called "A Christmas Wish" and "Alera's Story", they both featured multiples and birth in it some way or another. It's a long shot but I guess the only way anyone will have those is if they downloaded them before the site went down as I don't think they're anywhere else to be found.

9bf40 No.5243

>>290 Here's the a link to the thread I think you're talking about.
The story about the teacher is called "Birth Lessons" by Dropster.

cfa8c No.5244

Why don't you trust writing.com?

4211b No.5245

"Due to heavy server volume, Interactive Stories are temporarily unavailable to guest visitors.
Please try again later."

^Because of this bullshit on every page load, I assume. That and their anti-adblock shenanigans. This coming from a site that serves up fucking text files.

669a2 No.5248

I also have a interactive story on writing.com. More shameless promotion



14244 No.5844

i found this story series on deviantart not long ago and i thought the concept was awesome its a shame he stopped writing :/
would love to see more even from another author at this point

e8024 No.5846


What kind of fucked up kangaroo court is that

913be No.5951

Hopefully it lets me post this. Anyway, I'm wondering if you gents could help me. We have manga and pics of the moment that a sperm fertilizes the egg, but story-wise there's just too much out there to sift through it all to find it.

TLDR: Requesting stories that have detailed, sperm-meets-egg fertilization.

d0618 No.5970

Why don't you just wait like the rest of the plebs? Or, ya know, actually pay the money? Writing isn't a free occupation, writers still get bills and need to eat…..

d32be No.5971


Wooo, be careful to not cut yourself with those edges, your royalty.

It's kind of dumb for him to straight up ask for stories that are known to be limited to a paywall, but Compera did start as a free write and used to write way more per chapter back then.

Also, nothing is unreachable, he could ask for any of the patreons for some of the stories if he's really that commited to not spending money.

c3af1 No.5972

Do… Do you know what edge means?

e9648 No.6053

I read two Amazon E-books recently and thought I'd post some reviews.
The first is https://www.amazon.com/Karyuudo-Monogatari-Adventures-Overweight-Youkai-ebook/dp/B0166XQFGM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477669646&sr=8-1&keywords=karyuudo+monogatari
It's surprisingly good as youkai-hunting stories go, but it's primarily a BBW/stuffing erotica novel. The main character has a thing for pregnant women, and there are a few good scenes featuring pregnancy. My favorite part involved a hefty and massively pregnant kitsune. Unfortunately, there's a lot of slob content involving the main character, so it kind of turned me off at a few points.

The second is https://www.amazon.com/Ten-Days-Embarrassing-Changes-Eschedor-ebook/dp/B01MPY6GXZ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477669605&sr=8-1&keywords=Ten+days+of+embarrassing+changes
It's a story about a superhero who has the power to get pregnant with supernatural creatures whenever she hugs other superheroes. As you'd expect, there aren't any actual sex scenes, but it covers a lot of fetishes. Rapid pregnancy, inhuman pregnancy, breast pregnancy, oviposition, kicking, mobility impairment and even some non-pregnancy content like monstergirls and butt/breast expansion. However, most of the pregnancy content is centered around the middle of the novel, so if you're only looking for belly bumps then you might lose interest in the later parts.

e51aa No.6059

Don't think that I saw it mentioned already, so here is one author that I really enjoy.


I don't enjoy bursting so I skip those, but there's plenty of other sib-fetish content. Rapid pregnancy, oviposition, delayed birth (probably not the right term, but whatever), impregnation, etc. Most of the stories even share the same literary universe, which is a cool plus. Chances are good you'll find at least one story that you will like.

Election means I am super busy at work, but I will try to come back with some more suggestions / recommendations.

Quick question because I know it can generate some strong reactions: Should I avoid sharing mpreg? Some is het, some is yaoi.

f4bde No.6060


There's a Mpreg thread. If you are not sure, you can make an specific thread for mpreg stories.

b697e No.6062

Just finished reading 'Fertile Valley' By Jim Davis


Overall it was fantastic, large pregnant scenes, breast expansion, it had everything I loved in Pregnant stories. Only downside of it was the loli elements which I'm not a big fan of, but the preg content made up for it.

But then it ended incomplete, with the family members just starting to hinting at being impregnated.

I found someone else's continuation of the story, but was very disappointed as he's didn't just stray from the path. He fucking jumped off it!
Hardly a shred of pregnancy or expansion content within any of the chapters.

Then I thought surely there has to be a good preg story writer on deviantart or somewhere else that could be convinced to continue the story to the wife and daughter's pregnancies.

Anyone have any suggestions of writers that would be suitable and not mind the loli elements?

b697e No.6063


From what I know there are two versions, this continuation maybe more to your liking…


c83b5 No.6068

That version actually has its own thread on this site. It's well-written, as far as I can tell.

a1a82 No.6092

I feel the need to do a shameless plug cause gosh darn it the least I can do is write.



http://cat-scratch-writings.tumblr.com/post/149899174188/thetas-ghost-encounter Art by a friend

Here's a couple of stories I wrote, there are more if you want to search for them. The blog has other ideas but I doubt you'd find them interesting.

Except the Harem quest one, you guys would probably love that one. But I'll leave that for you to find~

478ca No.6283

I actually really enjoy reading this. It's a shame that it's updated really infrequently. Is anyone able to add to it.

063f4 No.6312

I just found this yuri birth story about a demigoddess and a demititan.

Good quality English, good fetish content and it's yuri birthing which instantly sells it for me.

Hopefully the author doesn't mind me posting it here.


86bb2 No.6325

So, I'm not sure if I can use this topic to search for stories, but there's one I've been dimly recalling that I've had no luck finding.

It was a fic on deviantArt and I think it was a fanfic for a JRPG or anime series - fantasy adventure type setting. It was a hetero mpreg piece in which the male member of a romantic couple found himself spontaneously impregnated by the kiss of his lover… I think after they confessed their mutual feelings? Each time she kissed him, he got more pregnant, before going into labor right there on the spot. I think there was an incomplete (at the time I read it last) sequel wherein she surprised him at some point after their marriage by kissing him again, proving that, yes, he was still capable of getting impregnated that way.

Anyone have any idea what fic I'm talking about?

5663b No.6331

I'm another of these preg fiction writers. Have my stories on my dA Account. Did a series that seems to be popular featuring magical pregnancy transfer (when it was all the rage ;) ) I'm also open for commissions.

Stuff i do:
- fpreg
- large / multiples
- growth here and there
- fan art / furry

Find it here: http://kylehydepc.deviantart.com/

Most recent story:

Btw: thanks for everyone writing and posting stories. I love digging around here.

913be No.6341

Bumping this, just in case.

2d1e5 No.6348


Just make a free account and you get into it with no problem. It's not that big of a deal and you can add to interactives. It's what I did.

2f72b No.6388

I thought I'd share this. I don't get to write as often as I'd like, but if others are promoting, I will too.

I like fpreg, but won't shy away from anything. This is my only story, but I have an outline for a sequel, and I can make time for more if there's demand for it.



928ee No.6395

I love the story! I would love to see more of it! by all means

fb42a No.6432

So story time… A long time ago I was into 3d poser art as it tended to feature preg content. I stumbled across Mr.X's homepage which has a fair amount of just that. What I wasn't expecting is that (s?)he keeps a library of user submitted stories. Most just featuring bound and raped heroines, but more than a few feature preg; Especially the author "Orb". I really wish I could find more of there works or something like it.

ef4c3 No.6436

Just finished "Ten Days". It's really not a fetish-y work, it's mostly there for mechanical convention. Yeah, there's some nice stuff here and there for people who like it, but it's summarized pretty well in the afterword: "[I was]… trying to think of a superhero who had incredible powers, but who no one would ever want to be."

In that way, it's kinda like the 'Conception' games on PSP and 3DS (with more than a few similarities), where it's just skimmed to get the power-child that results.

If you can get past some kinda lame superhero names, with a bit of awkward dialogue and character traits, it's pretty much worth the price of $3-5 depending on your region.

tl;dr Preg-stuff is frontloaded and alright, writing is okay, not bad for a first work, but probably shouldn't expect more from them.

64f7d No.6447

Dude your story is awesome! Please continue!

f5600 No.6460

Hey guys, I have a request. Did anyone save the CYOA I had been writing, and have it available for downget? My tablet bit it, and so its been lost to me. I garnered an odd itch to re-read it, and maybe even pick it back up in some form after theGirlfriend mentioned missing how fun it was the other day.

Also someone said it was awesome on g.hyperpreg, and a little ego-stroke goes a long way.

ad0cf No.6490

Link appears to be broken. Bugger. Anyone care to re-link it?

I've been looking all over for this guy's stories.

7495e No.6491


I have the story saved in word document format, but wouldn't know how to post it in a convenient medium.

f5600 No.6499

Email it to me? tys_pixie@yahoo.com

7495e No.6523


Just sent you it :)

40441 No.6703

Shameless self promotion:

MuchBirth on DeviantArt:

MuchBirth on Tumblr:

I write stories about women giving birth. Much of the time their pregnancies are things they didn't intend, and many of my tales involve clothing birth, if that's a thing you're into.

I have stories for Egg Laying, Human Birth, Alien Birth, Rapid Pregnancy, Non-Consent, Transformation, Bursting, and even a handful that aren't dark in tone! If you swing by, please, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think, every little bit helps! and feel free to leave a suggestion of something you'd like to see, though be sure to remember I usually do darker themes.

Enjoy! :3

40441 No.6704


Also, should you find yourself wanting to go into the collection of REALLY risque stuff, there's the Forbidden Archive, which I post a link to every time I update it. But it's not for the faint of heart. ;)

95fd5 No.6705

Hey munchbirth ill take a look at that archive ^^

40441 No.6706


Gotta hit DeviantArt, it's got the easiest to find link. Loo under my journals for the one listed "Forbidden Archive". Not gonna link it here, would defeat the point of the plug. :P

95fd5 No.6711

This gonna be a fun hunt then xP

4883c No.6725

Is it okay to ask for advice for writing pregnancy/birth stories in here, or something of that nature? Because I have an idea for a pregnancy/birth story that I intend on writing but I don't know how to approach it…

18a8b No.6727

you can ask me on discord:

05427 No.6918

bumping this again just because

ac503 No.6919

adad2 No.7116

Can't we breathe some life back into this thread please?

I highly recommend reading Tentacles by KomperaKlause.
Girl accidentally impregnates herself with an alien, features some very good expansion, birth and unbirth scenes.


Also Fertile Valley has finally be completed, the guy who continued it did a fantastic job!


e9648 No.7244

The author who wrote Ten Days of Embarrassing Changes wrote another pregnancy-related novel:
Just as the cover implies, it has a lot more pregnancy content than his past works. There's still no actual sexual content, but one of the main characters is a legal loli (19 years old) who wakes up pregnant in the first chapter and spends the rest of the book struggling with a massive pregnancy. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, given that there's still very little fetish content, but anyone with a focus on loss of mobility or petite pregnancy (like me) will definitely get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it.
Overall, the writing quality is a lot better than the author's other two works, and it's a lot longer, too. It's exposition-heavy, mostly for the purpose of world-building. Your mileage may vary depending on whether you like that sort of thing, but I fell in love with the setting immediately. It even has field guide excerpts that describe different aspects of the setting between chapters. I would definitely like another story in the same universe.

3f1ee No.7273

Wondering I be anyone can help me find a story called "just a little bigger"? Was on the old pregnantcommunity.org story section, idk the author but it was about a doctor that offered miracle conception and body modification (t+a inflation depending on the hole used, instapreg in the vagoo) but seems to have vapourised when the old site died.

f89e0 No.7276

Check Overflowing Bra. I think I saw it there.

3f1ee No.7280


Awesome, got it cheers.

3923e No.7287

So I have been exploring the be-archive CYOA stuff and I found some story paths that were pregnancy related.

The Maternity Shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/550/550221.html

The Shirt is inside out: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/643/643261.html

Worse luck with the shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677432.html

Edith takes the shirt: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677689.html

Women on the flight get pregnant: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677691.html

Stewardess offers a sharing a hotel room: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/677/677835.html

Joan: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/683/683895.html

The walking womb: http://www.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1062/1062486.html

If someone who is good at writing decided to pick up on any of these stories that would be awesome! regardless these are good branches.

76b97 No.7370

Anyone have the story "having it" i've been looking for it forever but cant seem to find it again :/

e8024 No.7373


Is that a teen pregnancy diary where the MC gets pregnant over the summer and starts up a lesbian relationship with an older student?

If so, I'm pretty sure that hyperia83 has it on his first Google drive (I don't have a link). You can find him on Tumblr.

2d1e5 No.7383

After being a long time writer on interactive stories, I've finally started writing my own short pregnancy stories. I only have two so far but I would love if you would take a look. They can be found here.


30f3b No.7386

Does anyone have the 'curse of life' story, chapter 1 and 2? I still haven't learned my lesson to download things while I can…

Alternatively, there was once a story about a girl who was impregnated by an eel-like alien, gave birth to a clone within a day, and then both she and her daughter gave birth again after the next day. It was called something-inside, e.g. "life inside" or "monster inside" or something… Thanks for any help anyone can give~

309c9 No.7410


What interactive stories have you done?

2d1e5 No.7414

I have made various contributions on writing.com under the name BellaBellaBell. I also host two stories on there. The Birthing Games I host but don't add to. Young Mothers I host and add to when I have time.

c4d39 No.7419

Promoting myself. I have some pregnancy stories in my gallery.


d2d89 No.7421

Just an Update, it seems the BE archive domain has switched hands meaning when you click on any unending be adventure link it'll either tell you to log into the be archive or give you a 404 error.

Here is the work around since the content is still there but it is behind a login screen. you can make a free account to the be archive so that you have access to the forum and the stories.
under payment options when creating an account the last option is a free account.
Check your email spam folder for the activation email if you cant find it.

Once you have done that you can now check out the stories again.
However in order to check out the stories you need to put an old. before the bearchive link. so it looks like this for example.


Now you can check out the stories. I might suggest backing up your favorite story paths as changes like these are always bad news.

76812 No.7429

I thank you for the heads up. Suddenly hitting a paywall was a shock.

That said, not everyone knows about this, so I imagine that any new additions to the Addventure will slow to a crawl because of this BS

c833f No.7430

I've decided to give story writing a go on DA: https://carverdish.deviantart.com

My first story was inspired by MuchBirth's "The Curse of cruelty" story.


It follows a schoolgirl going through a rapid pregnancy during a swimming lesson, with her swimsuit restricting her growth. She tried to make it out of the pool to avoid making a scene, things don't turn out well.

If your on DA checkout my Journal to vote on what story I should write next?

302ec No.7432

Hot damn.
There's one strange placement of words, where it sounds like you're partially repeating yourself, but otherwise, hot damn that's some good writing.

76812 No.7435

following up on this, they don't seem to be sending verification emails very well. Have yet to get mine to register with a free account. It's been two days.

c833f No.7437


Thanks it is my first piece of work. :)

Judging from the votes my next story will be about a Pregnant Tomboy.

"A Tomboy who disguised herself as a boy to join the local teenage baseball team has her secret discovered by her teammate. She states that her gender shouldn't stop her from being able to play and boasts at her superior skill.

In an act of cruelty her teammate drugs her and taking advantage of her ignorance gets her pregnant.
Overtime her breasts, butt and hips start to increase in size making it harder for her to disguise herself. Her pregnancy ultimately forces her to quit but not before being humiliated by her teammate."

It's going to be a long one I think.

c833f No.7439

I've almost finished writing the first half of the pregnant Tomboy story. So far it's about 4 pages and has yet to get to her pregnancy.

So I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on ideal story length?

Which do you prefer; stories that get straight to the good part, or ones that build up to it?

60fdf No.7441

I know this isn't exactly stories, but it KINDa is? I've found a couple of blogs that are running with the "I'm pregnant with aliens IRL" theme, which is story-esque.

This one seems to have been around for a while, apparently this poor dear has already had one successful (-ish…) and has been filled with a second batch.


Meanwhile, I think this other one is really new, but might be worth a look, if you want to get into one of these early. :3


76812 No.7442

Personally I prefer build-up, especially as they describe a growing pregnancy over time. Seems like this isn't going to be a happy ending, though.

One question though. Is she aware of her burgeoning pregnancy, at least initially? Curious, given you mention that she gets drugged at the time.

84c3d No.7461

I know this may sound demanding, I like the direction your story will go but what is your opinion on a multiple pregnancy from the girl?

I personally love stories that have natural build up and growth. I am not the biggest fan of spontanously becoming pregnant through means beyond natural conception. I mean fertility drugs and the like are fine, but I am not much of a fan of oviposition/egg laying, animals, or alien pregnancies. Just natural human fetus pregnancy

My ideal stories are always a girl takes some kind of fertility supplement and becomes largely pregnant. not quite the levels of hyper but way larger beyond normal means. I like massively pregnant women in stories that conceive and have natural progressions trying to deal with every day life through massive growths. (much like notabot's large pregnancy stories as long as their growth isnt spontanous or out of nowhere).

Things I am always okay with as well are where reality changes and people had always perceived that person as getting massively pregnant through natural means even though the event may have been spontaneous to the MC but everyone else saw it as something that had happened naturally.

This is your story though, I am just sharing what i like in pregnancy stories if you hadn't guessed by the story links I have posted in the past on this topic.

Anyways. good luck with the writing!

c833f No.7471


My first story; The Cursed Girl - The Swimming Pool Incident has proven to be very popular, I imagine for the same reasons that drew me to the original work by MuchBirth; The Curse of Cruelty.
The nature of the girls' curse, that forces her to go through a rapid pregnancy and a humiliating often orgasmic birth opens up so many options for intense future stories!

Truth is the Swimming Pool story originally began as a suggestion to MuchBirth but since he already had many projects on the go I thought I'd try it myself. Now given it's success I thought I'd open myself up to suggestions and requests for the next Cursed Girl story, so if you'd like to suggest a scene or setting for her to give birth in comment on my Journal on DA below, of if you don't have a DA Account leave a reply here…


e9648 No.7483

It looks like the Ten Days and Striped Hoodie author has something up for preorder: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076CR2ZPZ
The description says that one of the characters is "a heavily pregnant dancer who promotes the government’s reproductive programs with her performances". Given who's writing this, there's no telling how much pregnancy content will actually be in it, but I thought it was worth a mention. The paperback version says it's 293 pages long, so even if it's not a major focus of the book, it might still have a lot of pregnancy content.

e9648 No.7536

Okay, so I bought a copy of the paperback. There actually is a fair amount of pregnancy content, but it's all based around a single character who shows up around a third of the way into the book. She's a popstar who performs while pregnant. It's a sci-fi book, so the explanation is that she's trying to change the public's perception of pregnancy in order to curb a declining birthrate. A huge part of the book is about her, and there are somewhat detailed descriptions of her throughout her pregnancy. She has quads, so she's right on the border between hyper and not, but she ends up two months overdue. (You only get to hear about her in this state in the final chapter)
Overall, if I had to say whether the book was worth buying just for pregnancy content, then it's definitely worth the three dollars for the ebook preorder. However, the book's actually really long, so you'll have to read through a lot of other stuff to get to it.
The main plot is a take on Weird Science, with a guy making his own girlfriend, but he screws up and makes what's essentially a talking stuffed animal that he has sex with. The other part of the main plot involves a gender bender plot with a guy who tried to imitate the main character but ended up trapped in the body of his creation. The chapters aren't in chronological order, so you have to pay really close attention to what month is listed under the chapter headings if you want it to make any sense at all. In general, it's a really complex book, and there's even a fair amount of social commentary in it. Luckily, it's a bit more nuanced than simply "impeach so-and-so" or "ban such-and-such". The characters aren't presented as being entirely good or evil, and the overall message is about the dangers behind binary conflicts without room for a third party.

I would encourage anyone who likes science fiction to try it out.

2d9e2 No.7581

Just a head's up people, for anyone who wishes to view the stories here; >>962 & >>1527 or any topic that has "www.asstr.org" on it, I think the site's gone down as it cannot be reached at the moment…

cb298 No.7643

I'm gonna be a shill and advertise my story here. I just finished it.
For anyone expecting a perfect work of literature, this probably isn't for you. I was just experimenting with writing, so it's all still pretty noobish…

b9df1 No.7649

My 2nd Story is a two parter and is called "The Pregnant Tomboy"
Hope you check it and out and enjoy it. Feedback is always welcome?

"A Tomboy who disguised herself as a boy to join the local teenage baseball team has her secret discovered by her teammate. She states that her gender shouldn't stop her from being able to play and boasts at her superior skill.
She soon finds herself gaining weight and experiences a sudden growth spurt in her breasts and hips making it harder for her to disguise herself. She soon discovers she is pregnant and is ultimately forced to give up her life as a tomboy."


36843 No.7650

Very nice story. One of my new favorites. Can't wait for part 2 and any other future stories.

b9df1 No.7687

Here's my latest story called; The Incubator!

"A parasitic creature invades a holiday resort and after settling inside a teenage girl begins to grow. She is found by another woman who goes to her aid thinking she's just a pregnant teen in labor. But she would quickly wished she hadn't!."


Hope you like it!


Not really sure if they'll be a 2nd part, I find non-human pregnancies to be more easier to write. It's also very slow paced compared to my other stories and ideas and not as popular.

36843 No.7688

That's too bad, though I hope it gets finished eventually.

As for the new story, while I'm not at all into egg laying or "unbirth", I thought it was decent.

bbb89 No.7691


Good news. www.asstr.org's back up online again.

Phew, that was a bit of a worry…

960da No.7714

Say, does anyone remember this story? As I recall a woman was heavily pregnant in some sort of club, and leading up to her giving birth, clients could come up and touch her and such. Ring any bells?

48523 No.7717

A Literotica story named Harem (i think) comes to mind.

960da No.7718

I'd best get looking.

fd677 No.7720

Hello, I'm looking for the huge preg/hyperpreg kind of story where characters was not seeing each other for a long time and the pregnant state of one them surprise another character.

75cea No.7734

shameless plug to my DA

Just posted a short story a rapid preg and birth/egg laying.

22acd No.7736

Recently discovered Hentai-Foundry thanks to a post on a forum.

Can anyone recommend some good stories on that site?

Also the forum post was asking about a certain story so I'll paste his request here as I'm interested in reading this story myself…

"The plot is as follows: teenage girl living out in the country with twin younger siblings and 3 (or 4?) pairs of adults, 1 set of which claims to be parents. The girl, once she starts her period, is knocked out at nights after going to sleep, so they can knock her up, and run a twisted plan on her.

They have a number of chemicals, with the following effects:

#1 is a growth enhancer. Starting after the beginning of the 2nd trimester, a shot every night. The baby is encouraged to develop faster and larger, so it'll be around full term size at 7+ months (IIRC)

#2 is a birth suppressant. It completely halts the onset of labor so long as it's given every night. It has the added effect of inducing spreading of the hips, to allow passage of larger babies. After stopping injections, labor will start 3 days later. They take her to something like 11 months with it, and coupled with the growth shots, they estimate her baby is around 15+ lbs.

#3 is s topical cream, spread on and inside her vagina. It increases the elasticity of the flesh, allowing her to birth such a large baby without tearing.

During her pregnancy, which she had no formal education on, she was fed stories about how wonderful the whole experience is. She only finds out the truth the night she gives birth: the adults sit and watch her give birth in bed, without ANY assistance. One of the ladies comments afterwards that she better behave, or they'll make the next one even BIGGER. They plan on her having one from each adult male, at least.
If anyone remembers this story could please post or link it?"

ff2a6 No.7740

322de No.7753

Found a good one off of hentaifoundry. http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/kalymna/26781/Mercy-Wants-To-Get-Really-Really-Pregnant

This one has Mercy getting impregnated multiple times during a single pregnancy. It's really god damn hard to find stories with this in it, could somebody recommend anything similar to this?

cfe53 No.7839

Fertile Valley remains one of my favorite stories.

But I recently saw a post saying that they were two similar stories called Baby Cakes & Born to Breed.

Anyone know where I might find them?

76812 No.7840

I originally got them from Blazeknightsvault, I think. But that went down ages ago. I just put them on my drive for now if you want to download them

Baby Cakes

Born to Breed
and here's Daddy's Little Baby Maker because it's basically the same as Born to Breed

Hope everything works, never tried uploading the stuff I've collected over the years.

f2ae7 No.7842

Born to breed is corrupt, baby cakes is in a bizarre file format, and baby maker's formatting has gone AWOL.

4a62c No.7843

>Baby Cakes
Thanks, now I've been rewatching Brad Neely videos for an hour.

f9f8d No.7844


76812 No.7845

Not sure what you mean about the first and third, they seemed fine when I followed my own links and downloaded them again.

Babycakes was in a word-processor filetype, so I deleted the upload and reloaded it as an .rtf


76812 No.7846

Just saw what you meant about the third one, but there's not much I can do about that, I think it was originally written that way. A little annoying, but it's only for the first part, it looks like.

05427 No.7848

This request is a little hard to describe, but I'll try. I'm curious if anyone knows of any stories where a pregnancy that shouldn't happen happens. Not physically speaking, but for story reasons. A drunken night and the villain/villainess has a child on the way, a night of passion has political consequences as the belly grows, the creation of a being with great power, or even knowingly sleeping with the enemy even though they know they shouldn't. A pregnancy with possibly (but not necessarily) negative impact.

Also bumping my long standing request for any stories that have descriptive fertilization. Yes, I'm weird because I like sperm on ovum action.

a2881 No.7849

What I really want is a good, detailed pregnancy-and-birth-in-a-harem story. The sultan-king-emperor or whatever regularly screwing his pregnant wives in a non-abusive manner. Perhaps even a matter-of-fact lesbian atmosphere where the wives entertain each other when the man is not around. And births of course, attended by the father. Pregnant midwives, attending the laboring mother as the father witnesses the birth of his children over and over again.

30fea No.7851

Are there any pregnancy transfer stories where the woman receives the baby but none of the side effects? So no boob growth, hip growth, so one. Then basically starts a pregnancy at full term

d3530 No.7852

Well there is the Charlie series, but IMHO it's rather mediocre.

14268 No.7854

Does anybody know of any stories that involve superfetation? It makes my cock hard as diamonds but they're so few and far between.

76812 No.7855

Off the top of my head, there's this one, which is pretty fantastic. Forget if I have any others in my collection, if I do, they're probably not as crazy as this one.


4aa37 No.7856

Any stories that involve impregnating a muscle girl?

6e9de No.7857

Seconding, this sounds interesting for reasons unrelated to fapping.

fd677 No.7864

Hello, is there any stories about hyper pregnant MILF and her kid(s) (boy or girl, doesn't much matter)

dc032 No.7877

Actually, just recently Notabot posted a story called the experiment. Basically makes his preternaturally pregnant mother pregnant with octuplets.


331f0 No.7880

Hello to all! I have finally decided to contribute a brand new story of mine. Please view and enjoy. http://fav.me/dc88k9w

0b251 No.7883

Shameless plug from my DeviantArt

4696d No.7884

Here's one I wrote on my tumblr


Thicker Than Water
In a fantasy japanese type village, they need to send a virgin sacrifice to the shrine of a god outside of town in order to appease him and bring their river back to life. With all the women in town either too old or not virgins anymore, it falls on the one trans male (cboy) to go and do it. The river god knocks him up and the river gradually returns to life in tandem with his magical pregnancy that he has to deal with

27217 No.7888

It seems that he's releasing new stories on a weekly basis. He's released 8 new stories so far. https://www.wattpad.com/user/stevepreg

2d1e5 No.7889


After reading a few, I really have my doubts that it’s him. The writing is far less polished than his other work and reads more like typical watt pad “oh my god I’m having harry styles babby?!?!?!” Than a Stevie d story.

7ae30 No.7901


That story is "Madame Parturitios Grand Finale" by doombeez and can be found here:


9230a No.7993


Oh, hey, I did that. :) Hope you enjoy, it's one of my favorites.

0675f No.7997


6d845 No.8001

Shameless plug of a story I wrote based off of Dagashi Kashi. It involves Hotaru Shidare with a pregnant belly so you might enjoy!

d8244 No.8002

There's an old story I've been looking for for a while and can't seem to find. Been wondering if anyone here knows it.

Girl uses a water balloons to fake a pregnancy to prank her sister and then fake pregnancy becomes real because said sister bends reality with her mind.

e72fa No.8005

Then don't read. Don't be a dick about the things you don't like.

3ddef No.8008

That story was called Big Belly freak out I believe

9706b No.8222

I rather like this. Very slow buildup, but you can skip to the second part if you're impatient:


33c47 No.8252

Does anybody know/remember a story where a woman heads off into the wilderness by herself (as is custom in her society), finds a cave where a parasite/something invades her, mutates her vagina so it can push out a tube/ovipositor, she proceeds to use it to lay eggs in the sand for a while until a young woman finds her one day, they fall in love, and at the end the main character transfers the parasite to her lover through the tube?

a38bf No.8270

Is there any new pregnancy stories worth checking out recently? There seems to be a lack of stories out there.

8a023 No.8277

Found a couple of good stories, but they're in Japanese:
Use Google Translate or Jisho.org to translate those. Also if anyone knows any other Japanese stories like those, please share :)

e3979 No.8278

Nice find.

e3979 No.8279

Also it looks like they have a collection of collaborative stories from their BBS:


I would translate this myself, but my moonspeak is garbage, and I don't want to embarrass myself.

5cf90 No.8318

Nice. I especially liked 妖 -アヤカシ- for the supernatural elements. Too bad I'm a machine translating pleb.

You guys should check out this BBS if you haven't. There's dozens of tum tum stories and while a lot are inflation, there's a lot of pregnancy too.

9230a No.8319

I have a tumblr now! (Okay, well, technically, I've had a tumblr for three years, but I'm *using* my tumblr now.)


5cf90 No.8320

>B E L L Y gets filtered to tum tum
I can't believe I never noticed that. This isn't even the first time it's happened, last time I just thought "that's some really weird word choices, me"

Felt like the protagonist of one of those damn transformation stories. You know the ones.
>uh hey I get the feeling I wasn't overdue with triplets yesterday, can anyone back me up on that?
>oh okay

Don't gaslight me pregchan. If I ever come down with a case of the pregnant womans you gotta give it to me straight

5cf90 No.8321

Oh, one last thing. You can search for 妊娠 on syousetu.com or alphapolis. Found some pregnant isekai like https://ncode.syosetu.com/n5610dy/

e3979 No.8324

Here's a cliche isekai web novel that's been mostly translated.


Kind of an unusual twist though.

cda93 No.8332

I'd love some constructive criticism, I've decided to try my hand at writing stories.

6e9de No.8334

Does anyone know how to get past tumblr's privacy lock for NSFW?

3c975 No.8335

Google "user agent switcher", and use one of those extensions to set your UA to Googlebot or another known web crawler.

adac9 No.8340

Carefree tumblr is the extension I use.

862a9 No.8343

www.tumbex.com/ has never failed me.

Just use: www.tumbex.com/[name of tumblr].tumblr

69b81 No.8349

There Martha thinks; Finally I pumped enough milk into this brat to stop the screaming.
This kid was the 11th - I'm in first place if Lola can't finish off the nipple vampire attached to her.
*Oohh* She feels the unmistakable start of her first contraction *damm*, I'm going to drop out a pair
of new entrants JUST as I was winning! Most of the other contestants were almost due, yet why am I the first
to pop; why ME?! *Sploosh* Ahh damm there my water broke - no wait, this isn't me (peers over at heavyset woman next to her), hah I may make it yet. *Splot, trickle, trickle* Wow that young mother across from me just started gushing, what are the odds… *Ohh* The second contraction just started - I haven't long now… other pregnant contestants are starting
labour - the ground turns damp from all the fluid, all giving birth moments one after another. If I'm the last to blow -
I could win by default! YES! Lola has started - I can see a foot stuck out of her big ol'twat, I'm gonna win,

ff8af No.8350

ea638 No.8404

I have an idea that I think could make a pretty good story. Basically, there is a couple. Female is secretive but obsessing while anything goes for the male. He impregnates her, but she is so madly in love with him that having his kids isn't enough, so she tries to impregnate him, and succeeds.

dc032 No.8487

Found some more Preg themed CYOA from the unending BE adventure.

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/529/529711.html - PRD: Jim's wife

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1144/1144120.html - Edith's New Day: One among many

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1262/1262814.html - Young Junko's Reality Camera: Be Careful What You Wish For

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/513/513125.html - eight… eight…

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1047/1047404.html - Waking up with Extreme Pregnancy: Sharon's story

dc032 No.8489

Here are some more. going through the archive of the stories looking for stories that are pregnancy themed. I love large pregnancies so you might be seeing a trend in the stories I find.

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/783/783753.html - HH: Another Change in Sharon

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/958/958931.html - Phuong's Reality Camera: Heading Home

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/542/542698.html - Justine's Curious Predicament: Growing

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/1271/1271833.html - Don't Be So Negative: An Aunt to Be and a Mother to Be

http://old.bearchive.com/~addventure/game1/docs/000/794.html - Pregnant by bra?

84cb6 No.8509

16713 No.8512

At least half the links to stories in this site do nothing on mobile devices.

ce4e7 No.8520

Idea for a warped Super-Heroine;

'Reincarnation' Woman.
She can't run faster than a bullet,
or stop a speeding train.

She is however fantastically good at saving unlucky bystanders lives.

Her power; Super-Pregnancy and Power-Lactation:

Rapidly Carnate/Clone , Gestate and
Deliver anyone who has accidentally died less than 100 Yards away,

She can carry several at a time (3x~) but anymore need to 'get in line'…

Once she delivers someone, her super-powered breasts spray hyper-growth factor milk, rapidly accelerate the aging process back to the persons original age…

Her power IS limited to un-natural causes, of course…

Her uniform (what little of it there is) accentuates her impressively expandable belly and heavy breasts. Its mostly just boots, knee and elbow pads…

fd677 No.8540

Damn, those are so good, but so unfinished

dc032 No.8559

Its a double edged sword, on one hand that means the story can continue, on the other it leaves you unsatisfied when they aren't being actively worked on.

Many of these stories haven't been touched for many years. I am not too good at writing stories so I can't really contribute to them but they are open to add for anyone in the community that wants to pick them up again.

7cda7 No.8560

About the addventure I'm wondering is there know way to search by tags it seems like such an obvious option but trying to navigate that system seems to depend on story-line roots and such.

c66b1 No.8564

It's on the Recent Episodes page

058d8 No.8565


A girl finds a recipie online for a chemocal that will induce pregnancy. She wants a baby but doesn't want her parents to know she got pregnant on purpose so she brews some up and doeses the punch bowl at a party her whole class is attending.

47c19 No.8576

Anyone have the continuation of Fertile Valley saved? Site's down.

728ea No.8577

a2243 No.8580

Can anyone suggest stories where the main character/victim has their pregnancy extended or/and having the birth delayed or being forced to delay it.

Such example of existing stories include….

Due – A woman is pregnant with multiples and is kidnapped, her captor force feeding her drugs laced food delighting in her pregnancy growth and pushing her body to it's absolute limit.
(Sadly this one is behind a paywall)

Daughter Breeding – An adopted teenager is impregnated by a family of breeders, they use a variety of birth suppressants and growth enhancements to super charge and extend her pregnancy. The baby grows to be very big leading to a difficult birth.

Clause II by KomperaKlause – A Playboy undergoes an operation to become a girl and carry a child to term in order to meet the requirements of a will and inherit a fortune. However things go a little too well and he finds himself pregnant with multiple babies. Events are delayed and he is forced to endure the carrying 5-6 full term babies for another 2 weeks to the point he is in a great deal of discomfort as he makes his way to sign the final paperwork.

38ea5 No.8582

Does anyone know where I could find Daughter Breeding?

a2243 No.8583

09c9f No.8596

Looking for some stories from a few years back about pregnancy-borrowing. One involved a teenage girl borrowing her neighbor's pregnancy, and then borrowing more babies until she was carrying high-order multiples. I think reality shifted according to how many babies she was carrying. Does anyone know what one I'm talking about and where to find it?

14334 No.8597

09c9f No.8598


Thank you!

c8aef No.8608

a7e56 No.8621

Current stories up on Tumblr:
Currently moving stories to DA/AO3.

BTW - I'm the former HelloLunchMeat for those of you that enjoyed those stories.

e996c No.8691

I'm looking for a story that I think I read on DeviantArt a few months back.

The story is about a pregnant mom, and her daughter has a boyfriend who's into pregnancy.
At some point the daughter hides a camera in her moms room and gets her mom to say stuff for the camera, which the boyfriend is watching in another room.
When her mom finds out she's upset with it.
The story ends with her in the hospital going through an AvP situation, if I remember right.

Anyone know the story? I've tried looking and I can't seem to find it at all.

fff25 No.8693

I think I’m actually going crazy, because I can’t find this story for the life of me.
All I really remember for sure is the story focuses on the mom who’s pregnant, and her daughter convinces her to do stuff so her boyfriend can see.
I’m sorry if this isn’t much to go off of, but its basically all i remember.

d982e No.8705


A debt of vengeance is a pretty interesting series, keep up the good work.

68a6a No.8707

8fe8f No.8708

His shit wasn't even good tbh. Same cookie cutter story progression for everything as well as unappealing character voicing.

2f747 No.8709

There used to be a google doc of all the old stories and art of bastionworks. Darien Shields, Saburo X etc. Anyone still got it?

142aa No.8710

An unidentified Female patient in a coma was brought into a hospital-facility;
later she gives birth, apparently pregnant the whole time (Doctors unaware).
A nurse in the room helps her deliver - Days later this same woman is stricken with 'baby-fever'
and experiences quickened gestation. The nurse births 'naturally' in a spa's pool with other women present and helping.
These second wave become pregnant quicker, as the virus mutates - causing projectile lactation and pre-birth
female orgasmic squirting, as well as highly-infectious after birth…
Once a woman has given birth by being viral-impregnated, they become 'immune' but are still carriers.

Any man who copulates with an infected woman becomes infected, with male specific side-effects;
priapism, aprodesia, boosted-endurance, hyper-fertility. The also seem to
emit pheromones that alter nearby female moods, the infected also have a compulsion for vaginal intercourse even when
otherwise disinterested. Any viral exposure will also accelerate existing pregnancies - and insemination isn't
required for virally inducted procreation; an infected woman will self-clone if not vaginalally inseminated within a time period. Male-Female tranmission rates are 100%, and women of childbearing age are always fertilized even in post-menopausal subjects (cloning).

Offspring born from the infected are naturally immune.

170a2 No.8711


Why thank you!! I really appreciate the feed back!

dab84 No.8722


Two more BBSes with relay posts. All about pregnancy/birth, but also all in Japanese unfortunately.

54d55 No.8723


746c1 No.8810

Looking for stories involving huge pregnancies. Like 8 or more babies.

a8c49 No.8817



a8c49 No.8818


Holy shit! I can't believe you're on this website! On the off-chance that you ever come back here again, I just wanted to say that I'm a HUGE fan of your work. Your writing is fantastic (and I'm *very* picky about what I can get off to when it comes to pregnancy erotica). Thank you for your contributions. <3

fd677 No.8831

Sup? Any good interactives outside of what have been posted here?

050da No.8848

Does anybody have any Dirigi Zeppel stories?

331f0 No.8866

24125 No.8907

I just wrote my first full story and I'd like to get some feedback on it if possible:


Please feel free to point out grammar and spelling errors. English isn’t my first language.

04fee No.8908

The biggest issue I saw was that sentences sometimes lacked a period at the end.

24125 No.8909



16641 No.8938

04fee No.8942

>some scars in his face
Should be "some scars on his face"

Use commas and not ellipses to seperate quotes from narration.
>"Now, if you look here…” the Knight pointed to a road he had crossed on the map “…you’ll see the road leading to the nearest town.
It should be "Now if you look here,” the Knight pointed to a road he had crossed on the map, “You’ll see the road leading to the nearest town.

>head to toes

Should be "head to toe"

Try to stay consistant with tense. It can be a little confusing when you keep switching between past and present tense. It is also odd that only some paragraphs are indented. That too should be consistant. Again, remember to end all sentences with a period. Descriptions such as half-orc, human knight, and halfling should be lower case, because they aren't the characters names or titles.

Overall the writing quality is good, and I never would have guessed English isn't your first language. Where are you from?

Never forget that the world's lingua franca is broken English.

16641 No.8943


Actually they were supposed to be their "titles". Like those mangas where the main characters are know for their job, not their proper names. But I got it.

The paragraph formating is due to the site's upload system.

Thanks for the other points, I'll keep them in mind.

I'm from South America and yes, I used to study english, but I've been out of practice. I'll polish my grammar in the future too.

744b2 No.8944

Looking for stories with inital progression like nausea and unawareness before realization.

Do share thanks!

df281 No.8968

This is a cool kind of story/game. I saw at the bottom of the screen that some members of pregchan helped making it. I was wondering if it could be finished? (some options are still not written)

ddf1b No.8969

A dead project, I assume

ba4ca No.8970

Yeah that project is definitely dead

10587 No.8971


Well, how would someone help finishing it

df281 No.8973

Yeah, or maybe do a new one, based on that^^

0f6b2 No.8974


Figured I'd shamelessly advertise some of my metroid smut while I'm working on it's epilogue. Lot of mindbreak, slow transformation, oversized monster dickings and that fat pregnancy cherry on top



e68f7 No.8976


Is a parody of stardew valley and by and Eileithyia's tits I loved it! show em some love folks.

36813 No.8981

Speaking of stories, is there a way to bypass Writing.com's dumb rate limiter for interactives? Serving HTML pages really doesn't cost that much.

29cac No.8984

When it asks you to log in, just hit refresh until it works. Ironic, since that just wastes way more bandwidth.

1b0e0 No.9012

Mind telling the source of your profile photo on HF?

0f6b2 No.9014

I believe I found it on here in one of the edit threads a lil while back

0f6b2 No.9015

Found it buried on my external. Not gonna lie, this is prolly my second post on anything chan related, so I was stuck trying to figure out how to upload this fucking thing for like 15 minutes because I thought there was an upload tab I wasn't seeing somewhere. Said fuck it, easier to put on imgur, enjoy.


6c8af No.9026

af103 No.9027

ad774 No.9047

Bumping this.
Looking for more stories like Re: Hero no Kaa-san, where there is progression till birth

6c8af No.9059

Posted a few more chapters, chapter 3 features lots of egg birth/birth denial while the 4th one is mostly labor induced via incestual gangbang.




cf7f2 No.9060

I've mostly been doing mpreg and some trans preg. But I'm going to write fpreg when I get around to it.

91474 No.9061



16713 No.9062

That egg denial thing actually turned out really well imo

0f6b2 No.9063


Thanks lol, I got the idea from one of the commenters on FA. Normally birth is kinda boring to me but it really made the whole scene actually interesting/hot to write.

3a223 No.9064

1b0e0 No.9065

Did anyone grab any stories from this DA account?
Looking for a 11-12 part story from DeviantArt.
Did anyone save Womb Raider from, Gravid-Fiction? The profile 404’d at some point.

ea751 No.9071

got a slew of core ideas for fics, but not sure if I should post or not, mostly due to content.

34fab No.9072

Why not just take one of those ideas and write a short 1000 word story with it?

ea751 No.9073

cause most of those ideas are fanfic stuff dealing with different characters from different shows/books/movies/etc.

34fab No.9074

I'm not seeing your point.

Why can't you just write a story and post it here?

af103 No.9075

I would be very interested in reading some of your stories.

ea751 No.9076

writers block. I can form the base idea, maybe come up with a few scenes.. but cant tie said scenes together.

af103 No.9079

Maybe you should post the ideas and scenes here,then see if people on this board can tie them together.

ea751 No.9080

that I can do, ive got most of the stuff posted elsewhere, just need to copy and compile.

71d6f No.9084

Did anyone save the translated Japanese stories from the Pregnant Community forums? Going for a Hail Mary here. I recall one title being "Birth of Actress Yumi" and another being a women's prison where the prisoners could have their sentences shortened by serving as surrogate mothers - their sentences would be reduced by the number of children they successfully birthed.

ea751 No.9085

well nuts seems most of them got wiped and what's left is mostly junk.

I do have some stuff left though but some of the content is…

704e4 No.9086


Posted another story. Non-rapid pregnancy this time.

0f6b2 No.9094

Kind of have a question for anyone who's read the metroid fic (thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed it so far btw)

I'm not in a rut or anything because I have specific plans for lewd stuff I wanna do in later chapters, BUT in this next part, I'm kind of drawing blanks on what to do fetish wise in the meantime. Since one person on furaffinity recommended a kink I never tried before (egg denial) and that seemed to come out rather nicely, I was wondering if perhaps one of you guys had any interesting ideas I could try next?

ea751 No.9156

recovered some of the stuff but .. a lot of it …
the old term was Jpreg, now I think they use Lollipreg.

67bbe No.9157

>hey guys should i post my stuff?
>well it's kinda
>well, i mean
>okay but lemme find it
>should i post????
>should i?
>well it's…
>okay nvm lol i dunno where they are
>ummmmm wait i can find something



ea751 No.9158

mostly just the.. description/synopsis but ok, I mean I see we have loli art threads so…

04fee No.9160

Why do I suddenly have the urge to donate to Patreon?

ea751 No.9174

Kanga and her Boobs|Roo|Brood

Lumpy and Roo find a box of old Jewlery when treasure hunting and the fancy necklace he gives his mother turns her into a Huge Breasted Breeding Milf

af103 No.9193

Potential story outline: Three hugely pregnant cheerleaders(high school or college aged) enjoy an unsupervised stay at a resort.Despite vague memories and their constantly growing bellies, everything seems normal until a stormy night leads to a bizarre encounter.

680a0 No.9201

Work in progress


If anyone can finish it or improve it, feel free. Contains pregnant corset and labor denial

e86dd No.9202

content not aviable ^

680a0 No.9207

Did you sign in? It's marked as mature and when I copied the link from Firefox and used Chrome it shows up as Mature, please sign in.

cd007 No.9246

Can I ask for any commissions as well?

My discord is Zaru#4775 as well. I have been looking for hyper preg authors to talk to for me to commission.

44303 No.9254

Found a two part story. kinda ends on a cliff hanger, which is sadly par for many preg stories, but these are really good.

The Great Conception Part 1:

The Great Conception Part 2:

now the first story in the description says he reuploaded these from his old account. that being said, does anyone recall these stories on another account and have them backed up?

ea751 No.9255

unnamed Lilo and Stich the Series fic:

Angel and Stich have a whirlwind romance going from dating to engaged and then married in .. oh lets say six moths. And a six weeks after that they announce their expecting.

two weeks after that Bonnie announces SHE's pregnant and that she and Clyde are also going to get married.

309c4 No.9274

9230a No.9276


My queue's a little long at the moment but I'm always open for commissions, and I will do hyper. Send me a note on DeviantArt (name is Doombeez there too) .

af103 No.9308

Super Girl and Wonder Girl become obese due to alien pregnancy.

d4211 No.9309

I want to try something new. Do commission story with $1/1000 words.

- Anything related to impregnation and pregnancy.

- No gay sex, please (can accept Mpreg)

- Fanfic about something I haven't read or watch will take longer time.

Here is my DA: https://www.deviantart.com/vinaren
If you want to read more stories of mine: https://chyoa.com/user/vinaren

ea751 No.9310

looking for an old fic that was on DA involving a the girls of the Hidden Leaf Village and a special..
'pregnancy test'..
one that made whomever used it pregnant.. and then more pregnant.

26060 No.9401


A story of breeding and free use. Will be adding more to it in the future.

4a0b1 No.9428

I'm looking for a story about a psychic secret agent or spy trying to sneak into a facility, but getting captured. She is American, and put in captivity with two other foreign spies (I think Chinese and British but can't remember) who all have a mild psychic power. Their captors want to breed them, and knock them up via science. The heroine manages to break out of her immediate cell and explore the facility, break the supplies and starts stealing chocolate. Eventually, all the characters come to enjoy their situation. At the end of the story they're all very preg and very happy, IIRC the captor informs her that they deliberately let her break out and think she was getting one up on them, but the chocolate was filled with mind altering drugs all along. She doesn't care, they're all happy.

Anyone know it?

a1c90 No.9429

1066f No.9458

That was it! Thanks so much

15de1 No.9461

Shameless plug but this is all preg stuff for DR!


15de1 No.9462

sent you a request on discord fam

47719 No.9466

>>9274 seriously one of the best stories ive ever read. hope to see you post under a unified account name in the future!

ea751 No.9467

had a brief idea for a fic about the Chipettes getting really knocked up by their counterparts and all of them getting married as a result.

37c3a No.9468

which chipmunk getting the best offspring

ddb56 No.9470

e1f0a No.9472

c7ee4 No.9522

I've got an idea for a new story, but I can't decide if I want it to be girl/girl with only fpreg…or girl/guy with fpreg and mpreg.


c7ee4 No.9523

I've decided to do both.

c7ee4 No.9530

c86ca No.9535

I guess jackcain doesn't believe in paragraphs

65427 No.9536

Shameless self-promotion:
Preg.EXE (my most popular story)

I have a few stories on my DA, some of which got finished, some of which unfortunately did not.


6c8af No.9547

Wrote another chapter to my ongoing metroid fic (Not a whole lot of pregnancy though, features absorption more than anything)

More relevant to all things big bellied, took a break to do a new little one shot series about Generic gaming Bad Ends, the first chapter featuring Samus, Kraid, and a whole lot of weight gain, mind alteration, transformation and pregnancy



c7ee4 No.9550

A week and a half later and I finally figure out what this means.

All my stories are formatted for DA's new user inferface. If you're looking at DA using the old one, there's no paragraph breaks.

If you view them using the new UI they are properly formatted.

c7ee4 No.9551

New story! I'm really happy with it. Just a good old fashioned story about one girl going through a rapid pregnancy, starring Himiko Toga!


(Remember to view it using the new UI, not the old one.)

af103 No.9555

Here's a story outline I wrote:https://pastebin.com/hJq6QnMV

Still looking for someone to commission and turn it into an actual story.

76812 No.9568

Anyone know the name/handle of a writer that was offering commissions a long time ago and often 'signed' their work with the sprite of the Mismagius pokemon?

I know they did 'Fertile Hunting Grounds' among a few other things, but I never learned their name.

67bbe No.9598


Here are some more Japanese relay BBSes. All with a focus on birth.


Might try translating some of these.

c7ee4 No.9618


All my stuff it now up on Ao3.

No more weird formatting issues.

2f18a No.9623

Thanks! There's some fun stuff in there.

edea9 No.9636

Been a while since I've asked this, so I figure it's safe to ask again. Anyone have, or know of, any stories that have scenes during impregnation that at least make mention of the sperm and egg fusing?

c7ee4 No.9646


How important are birth scenes in preg stories?

5ca76 No.9647

I've read a few that deal with rapid preg that don't end in birth. Natural pregnancy though I think it might be a requirement for the story to actually feel finished. After a birth though, there's nothing saying they can't get pregnant again just before the story ends or moves to a different part.

One doesn't have to be too detailed with the birth scene though, really depends on your target audience.

dcaa7 No.9706

Added another chapter to my Metroid fic, back to the usual pregnancy stuff after the lack of it in the last chapter. This time around features a lot of pregnant domming, pregnancy transfer/oviposition, sexual torture, and mind break.

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas ^^ Enjoy



e06f7 No.9746

Wrote a short birth fetish fic featuring a trans guy. Stirrups, doctor, etc…

Hope you enjoy: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21920275?view_adult=true

Curious as to why more folks don’t use AO3 for their pregnancy stuff. It’s very user friendly, searchable.

0f6b2 No.9751

Laziness mostly, posting on FA is already kind of a hassle for me compared to hentai foundry, who keeps all muh chapters in one big collection.

I'll probably get around to it someday though.

8d46c No.9762

I just wrote my first story the other day. Finally posted it on a website tonight, would love to know what anyone thinks.


16b2c No.9767

I've written a story in a "choose ypur own path" style. I would love to hear your opinions on it.


76812 No.9768

is the be-archive addventure site down? I'm getting a 403 forbidden error now. Is it that they've just put it behind a paywall, or is it gone?

8f144 No.9773


Nice writing! Do you take commissions? If so, how do I contact you?

9d179 No.9776

I've got three stories in the pregnant pony thread so far: >>>/f/100

I'm planning another soon and then I'll need to give more thought to what I write. I'd enjoy any critique and I'll also let you know I'm looking for commissions or trading art. I'd rather continue writing pregnant pony stories for now, but I'm not entirely opposed to other options if I could get something in exchange.

I'm not going to use Discord, Telegram, or anything like that and I also don't check my email often, so any conversation needs to start here or in the /f/ thread, but preferably here if it's not too relevant over there.

def53 No.9804

3a5d7 No.9805


Thank you for this story, and the others you've written that are linked from it. Will you be covering the other deadly sins?

8d46c No.9809

*late reply*
yeah i'm gonna cover them all. i just got the flu and it's sapped my writing spirits. glad you've enjoyed so far!

af103 No.9815

cff88 No.9830

I'm looking for a birth story about a woman on halloween who hates children. She is cursed to give birth to conjoined twins. I believe it was called Serena.

d18f3 No.9867

A recent AI Dungeon run

You are Protag, a typical harem anime protagonist. You have three girlfriends name Lea, Anri and Alice. Lea is a busty girl who is sisterly and kind to you. Anri is a short petite shy girl who is adorable. Alice is a slim tsundere who have blond twintail. All three of your girlfriends are in there last month of pregnancy with your child. It is almost time for them to go into labor. As Anri start clutching her bulging pregnant in pain the others start to get worried about you.

What do you do?

> !Anri sit between your leg before placing your hand on top of her contracting belly. While wincing from the pain of her contraction she gesture you to sooth her aching belly and the child within. Alice and Lea decides to sit on either side of your, pressing their pregnant belly to your side.

Anri: "I'm sorry my love, but I can't let you take this baby"

Lea: "But he's mine!"

Alice: "He's not yours! He belongs to me!"

> Place your each of your hand on Lea and Alice belly as your remind them of their own child. You comfort the three girls by saying that you love all three of them equally.

Lea: "We're going to be fine."

Alice: "Yeah, we'll make it through this together."

Anri: "Yes, I know how you feel. We've been through so much together."

Anri began to whimper as her contraction intensify while Lea and Alice labor also begins.

> Gently laid Anri down on the bed while tying her arm to the bed post. Try to undress Anri of her school uniform but leave her skirt and underwear on. As you admire her contracting belly have Alice and Lea lick Anri pregnant belly. Enjoy the sound of the three girls in pain of labor.

Lea: "Ahh… Aaaahhh…"

Anri: "Aaaaaaahhhh!"

> Admire the laboring pregnant body of Anri as Alice and Lea prepare for her and their upcoming childbirth.

Anri: "Ahhhhhh…. Ahhh…."

Lea: "Aaaaarrrrgh!"

Alice: "Mmmm, mmm…"

You see Anri's face contort in agony as she cries out.

> Check Anri, Lea and Alice dilation.

You look at Anri's face and notice her eyes were bloodshot. She was crying out loudly and making loud noises. Her mouth was open wide in an expression of shock.

> Slowly remove underwear and watch as your and Anri’s baby head slowly bulge from her vagina.

You remove your pants and panties and watch as Anri's swollen belly pushes up against your legs. The baby head starts to emerge from her womb. Its tiny fingers begin to poke out from its mother's stomach.

> Let Alice and Lea touch the partially expose head of Anri’s baby while you start playing with their laboring belly

You let Alice and Lea hold Anri's head while they play with her belly. They both moan in pleasure as you caress their bellies.

The two girls begin to giggle uncontrollably and then fall asleep while still holding onto Anri's head.

> Try to help Anri give birth to the rest of your baby as she scream in pain on top of the bed. Comfort and caress Anri as she try to give birth.

You stand up and try to comfort Anri as she screams in pain on top of the bed. You caress her back while stroking her hair.

As you continue to caress Anri, Lea and Alice also begin to scream as their childbirth begin.

> Stand between Anri legs and prepare to catch the baby slowly being born from Anri womb.

You stand between Anri legs and prepare to catch the baby slowly being born from Anri womb.

Anri: "Noooooo!"

You: "Please don't cry anymore, we need to get you out of here."

Anri: "Noooo!"

> Clean the newborn and give her to her mother Anri to breastfeed. At the same time begin undress Alice for her childbirth while she whimper in pain.

You wash the newborn and give her to Anri to nurse. While you do this, you kneel beside Alice and kiss her on the lips.

Alice: "Uuuuuhhhhhh…."

You: "I love you so much."

> Undress Alice from her school uniform then laid her head on Lea lap.

You put your clothes back on and lay down on the floor to enjoy the bliss that is breastfeeding.

Lea: "This feels so good… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad."

You: "It's okay, just relax."

> Fuck Alice while she is having labor pain.

You pull off your shirt and reveal your chest to Alice.

She begins to suckle on your nipples and rub her tongue all over them.

While you're doing this, Lea start to finger herself as you continue to milk Alice's warm teat.

> !Alice strongly clutched her laboring pregnant belly as blood gush from her womb.

You continue to pump your hot sticky load into Alice's belly.

After a few minutes, you hear Alice crying out in pain. She tries to push herself away from you but can't move fast enough due to her heavy bleeding.

> Try to contain Alice bleeding as she try to give birth.

You try to restrain Alice as she continues to bleed profusely.

You hold her hands tightly and tell her to stop or else she'll die.

She doesn't listen and starts screaming in agony. Her body convulses violently as she cries out in pain.

> Try to help Alice give birth the your child.

You go over to Alice and gently place your hand on her stomach.

She looks at you with tears in her eyes.

You whisper in her ear: "Let me help you."

> You force your hand into Alice womb and try to unstuck the baby so Alice can give birth naturally. Lea is also comforting Alice.

You forcefully insert your hand inside Alice's womb and try to remove the baby that was still attached to her.

The baby is still alive and struggling against you, but you manage to keep it from breaking free. The baby is now completely detached from its mother's body.

> Have Alice give birth while telling Lea to straddle you.

You quickly get up and run over to Lea who is lying on the ground.

You grab Lea and straddle her.

Alice: "Ahhh… AHHH!"

You: "Don't worry, we'll be fine."

> Catch Alice’s baby as its slowly emerge from its mother vagina.

You carefully catch the baby as it emerges from Alice's vaginal canal.

Alice: "AHHHH! AHHHH! Nooooooo!"

You: "That's right, let's see if we can save this one too.

> Clean your son have hand him over to his mother.

You wipe your son's face and hand him over to Lea.

Lea: "Oh my god, what happened?

You: "Nothing, he’s a healthy boy."

> Give Alice her son back to breastfeed.

You give Alice her son back.

> Continue to have sex with the laboring Lea until you feel the fetus pussy on top of your dick.

You continue to have sexual relations with Lea.
Your bodies start to heat up and sweat comes down your body. You don't know how much longer you can last, but you decide to make the most of it.

> Tell Lea she is about to give birth to a daughter

You tell Lea that she is going to give birth to a girl.

Lea: *smile*

You: *giggle* I didn't think you were going to do it, but here goes nothing.

> Help Lea to prepare for her child birth and ask what she will name her daughter.

You help Lea to prepare herself for childbirth.
Lea: "I want a girl named after my grandmother, so… Rose."

You: "Rose is perfect, she has everything I need."

Lea: "But… But…"

> Kiss Lea passionately as you comfort her laboring pregnant belly.

You kiss Lea passionately as you comfort her laboring pregnant belly.
Lea: "Thank you…"

You: "Now, I'm going to help you out a lot more during the pregnancy."

Lea: "Yes, yes, yes!"

> Have Lea lay down between Alice and Anri. You then order Alice and Anri to each hold up one of of Lea legs. As you kneel between Lea legs, you watch yours and Lea daughter begin to bulge Lea vagina as she scream in birth pain.

> Describe to your three girlfriends the image of Lea’s baby slowly emerge from Lea’s womb.

You describe the image of your daughter emerging from Lea’s womb to your three girlfriends.
Alice: "Wow, that was amazing."

Anri: "It was pretty cool too.

> Comfort Lea as she scream from labor pain. Tell her how her baby is almost born.

You comfort Lea as she scream from labor pains. Tell her how her baby is almost born.
Lea: "Please, please, no more pain! Please! It hurts me so much!"

You: "Okay, okay, calm down."

> Watch as your daughter’s head as it pop out from Lea womb. Invite Alice and Anri to watch with you.

You watch as your daughter's head emerges from Lea womb. Invite Alice and Anri to watch with you.
Lea: "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!"

You: "What?

> Check on Lea and your daughter in still in her womb.

You check on Lea and your daughter in still in their wombs. Your excitement grows when you see that they are both alive. The only thing that could be better would be if they both healthy.

> Tell Anri and Alice to catch Lea’s baby daughter as she is born.

You tell Anri and Alice to catch Lea's baby daughter as she is born.
Anri: "We can do it!"

Alice: "Yeah, we'll get her."

Anri: "Let’s go!"

You: "Wait, wait, wait! We're doing this together!"

Anri: "Alright let’s go!"

The two girls run towards you as soon as they hear the cry of a newborn.

> Clean your newborn daughter and give her to Lea.

You clean your newborn daughter and give her to Lea.
Lea: "I love you."

You: "I love you too."

Lea gives birth to your child and name her Rose.

> Have your three girlfriends rest. You help each of the girls get dress back into their school uniform while they nurse their respective baby. You also give each mother and their baby a kiss on the head.

> Propose to Lea, Anri and Alice.

You propose to Lea, Anri and Alice.
Lea: *pant*

You: *kiss*

Anri: *breathes deeply* I…love you…so much…

> Kiss your three newborn and their mothers.

You kiss your three newborn and their mothers. They all hug you tightly. After a few minutes, you notice that the babies are hungry, thirsty and tired. So you feed them one after another until they are full again. Then you ask them to go to sleep for now.

> End

(The three girls here are base on the first three girls from the manga: The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You)

142e8 No.9870

Does anyone have the a link to the mega archive that was listed in here? The listed link is dead and I was hoping I could bum it off one of you.

Here's that (dead) link I was talking about:

0fc38 No.9896

bdd77 No.9897

Requesting an old story lost somewhere. Its about this adventuring bandit who got pregnant by her former chief. She is accompanied by another pregnant female. And gives birth when her chief finds her.

Sorry if its a little vague since its a pretty old story

142e8 No.9900

Interesting! I'll have to really improve my Japanese to really use this, though.

Thank you!

142e8 No.9901

I've been looking for a story about a witch/mage/sorceress/etc. that summons imps, but mistakenly becomes pregnant with them. It used to be on Deviantart (and it still might be), but I can't seem to find it.

If it helps, there was a second (separate) part to it (that I'm also looking for) where the king of the realm asks her to somehow summon an army (where she becomes massively pregnant with many things).

I think the character's name was "Tabitha", but I'm not 100% certain of that.

Do any of you guys remember which stories I am talking about? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

8d731 No.9913

A request if it is not a bother,

This story is about a loose alien on earth that is laying eggs in woman, there's this teen or young adult that encountered and she experience rapid pregnancy. She was later taken in by the government for surveillance for few weeks and somehow the alien (tentacle i think it is tentacle not sure) was able to enter the lab also lay eggs in the scientist womb, the climax involves the protagonist growing really huge to the point her spine starts growing around her huge belly and lays a ton of eggs. It ends with the scientist telling the prota her womb still has a lot of eggs and should come by and lay. That's only details that i remember from deviantart. It was a written story, and again if i'm not mistaken the prota name was juno or yuri

b4a6e No.9915

One time I found this story on Literotica about a married middle-aged woman who cheats on her husband with a younger man man gets pregnant. Hardly a niche plot, I know. But the part I remember most vividly was late in the story when the young man puts his hands on the belly of the MILF slut who has the nerve to be annoyed about her unplanned late-in-life pregnancy and says something like "You're having this baby weather you like it or not!". Sound vaguely familiar to anyone?

59f5c No.9970

A story I "pieced" together. Posting it here for more publicity and C&C.


This story was cooked up by the AI Dungeon app, and cleaned up by me to feel like an actual story. So if the story doesn't seem consistent, it is by a bot. I apologise for that.

But there will be more parts of the story to come as I'll upload every other Friday.

af103 No.9971

If possible, I'd like to make a story request: A high school student returns to campus after a long illness and finds that all the female students are hugely pregnant, but no one else seems to notice.When some of the larger female students start vanishing, he teams up with a punk/ goth girl(who is aware that all of the girls, including herself are pregnant with something but doesn't know what or how) discover what's causing the pregnancies and disappearances.

8ba35 No.10022

Love you work, I enjoy reading your stuff on Archiveofyourown. :)

A lot of forced pregnancy stories are based around the female, but I've yet to ready a story where it is the reverse and a male is forced to knock her up. So how about this for a plot.

A crazed fan girl kidnaps the idol of her affection and is determined to have his baby.

Not only is he drugged so he can barely fight back but she also doses him up with breeding drugs designed for bulls, leading to some swollen balls. Meaning that he's all but forced to ask her for sex as a means of relief and all that semen equals a better chance of her getting pregnant.

After a night or 2 of forced sex she either keeps him locked up or lets him go, blackmailing him to return alone in few months time.
Later on we see her take pleasure in showing off her pregnant body to him, describing how he's changing her and their child is growing inside her.
I imagine given their relationship the birth would be very dramatic to.

I feel it would add to horror element from the male's perspective if the fangirl was in her early-mid teens, giving him even more reason to try and resist, as getting an underage fan pregnant could ruin his career. It would certainly add to the blackmail part as who would believe the girl forced herself on him.

I would love to see this kind of story get written as it would be a fresh take on the whole forced pregnancy element.
It's a shame Muchbirth gave up story-writing as I feel this would be ideal for the forbidden archive.

bdd77 No.10024


Interesting concept, I'll keep it in mind. Although I'm a great fan of fantasy driven themes, I'll see what I can do.

I'm actually finished with this but IYP is taking a little long to upload it. Understandable due to all those requests.

8ba35 No.10025


Simple fix
fangirl = a demonic Imp who wants children.
Drugs = Magic
Male = A holy knight

Can easily cut out the months with magic and have her swell and give birth right there.

ea751 No.10036

found a pic of a teen moms to be Cream and Marine in the archives
(which seems to be missing stuff)

and some Tiny Toons stuff on another tab..

and brain does the things and now I cant un thinks High School .. Surrogates Babs Fifia and Shirly.
anyone interested?

af103 No.10038

Requesting a story involving some of the girls from Tekken.

The premise is that due to the accidental destruction of a cursed statue, the demons sealed inside enter Ling, Miharu, Asuka and Lili. This causes the girls to grow morbidly obese and hyper pregnant as the evil spirits grow new bodies within them. As things spiral out of control, the four girls must try to figure out how to reverse this process, cope with their increasing obesity and unnatural pregnancies and defend themselves against overzealous demon hunters who want to prevent the demon's revival by any means necessary.

8c9e6 No.10081

Found another Japanese collaborative novel site with a pregnancy category.

8c9e6 No.10091

Another Japanese story archive. This one's mostly breast expansion but there's pregnancy and hyperpregnancy if you look for the ones with the belly tag

44303 No.10092

It may actually benefit us if you sent us a link to the part with the belly tag, because all I see is the page of boobs, which is just an art directory.

55a29 No.10115

Seems pregnant xxxforum is down. Anybody has the fertile valley continuation from over there saved?

767a0 No.10122

cb836 No.10125


It's a human livestock story, of course their is pregnancy involved.

dcbd4 No.10126

Did anyone save this link? I'm looking for an archive of Dropster's stories.

8977a No.10129

>>10126 I don't have that specific mega link, but here is a Google Drive page with stories by Dropster and a bunch of other people:


It was originally posted in a discussion that's long since been purged, but this link still up (and surprisingly easy to find with a simple Google search).

ea751 No.10140

after a TON of searching I finally found a copy of a Pokémon fic I once come across, about Pikachu becoming a mommy.

ecede No.10141


Don't suppose anyone know if I can find these two anywhere else?

"Daughter Breeding"
An adopted teenager is impregnated by a family of breeders, they use a variety of birth suppressants and growth enhancements to super charge and extend her pregnancy. The baby grows to be very big leading to a difficult birth.

"Fertile Valley Continuation"
Someone posted some great additional chapters continuing this story with an amazing birth scene at the end.

I know the second is a long shot, but the first was posted on a site somewhere before I reposted it to the forum.

d7a98 No.10144

It's still up for me. In any event, Daughter Breeding is still available from its original source as well.

ecede No.10145


My thanks :)

7b383 No.10147

It's gone rrrreeeeeee

27af7 No.10148

Archive.org is your friend, my friend. Pop the url in there

d7fa1 No.10154

Some oldschool fanfic pregnancy sex. Mulder coming home to a pregnant Scully: http://thebasementoffice.com/museaxfnet/recs/SHealing.txt

4c23d No.10158

88437 No.10310

are you still out there?

089ab No.10313

The X-Files fan fics: a must read.

331c3 No.10321

Does anyone have a full archive of STEVIED's stories?

Also I remember a story that I no longer have called Runaway, it was about a teen that got knocked up by her grandfather, he was abusing her and she runs away.

1e6d7 No.10322

I have at least most of Stevie D's stories (there's at least one I know I'm missing and probably more beyond that but given their content I feel a tad conflicted about having them in my search history).

Also, yes, got that story too.

Some of this is vintage stuff by my standards, originals I saved way back in 2005…damn do these take me back. It brightens my day to be able to help a fellow belly lover find something old and/or obscure.


313a7 No.10324

That's insane, I really didn't think I was even gonna get a reply, nevermind the stories I was looking for, it was so long ago my memory was skewed, it's her father not her grandfather, thank you so much Evertide, you are a legend!

1e6d7 No.10327

"I am glad, my friend. Anything you need, you just let me know." - Merchant from Dust: AET

20ebd No.10328


Writer dedicated to Pokemon pregnancy stories, both PokexHuman and PokexPoke.

1bf5a No.10330

Since we are looking for blasts from the past I'm looking for 2 older stories.

1)The MC is a lab assistant of some type and an accident happens giving him reality warping powers. So he gives his fellow lab assistant Sasha quads and a leotard then he goes back in time to ancient Egypt.

2) A princess or some kind of representative for her planet goes to a planet which had helped them in the past to help them repopulate. She ends up getting really big and either tries to leave or somehow annoys the 'doctor' who impregnated her so he injects her with something which causes her to rapidly expand until she bursts.

f18be No.10393

When I'm in the mood for BIG, this writer hits the spot: https://www.deviantart.com/hyperpregnancy

f239c No.10447

760b4 No.10449

Screw it, I'll share, this seems the right crowd for it.

Vaguely My Hero Academia based setting with original characters. Lots of pregnancy, birthing, incest, mpreg, futa, etc.

44012 No.10473

I can't for the life of me find this story. I think I read it on deviant art a while ago.

It's about, I think a wolf girl gets another dude to breed with her, and she's the leader of a pack or something. So she gets pregnant and they keep having sex without her realizing that by having sex it's making her even more pregnant every time. She gets bigger and bigger until she gives birth.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

2ced8 No.10474


That sounds like "Fertile Hunting Grounds" by MamaStoryMaker

70fb5 No.10476

Where can this be found, I can't find it on Deviantart

2ced8 No.10479


A simple google search returned this as the top result.


d303d No.10480

Normally I'm also one of those "Just Google it" people, but when I searched for it I came up with nothing relevant https://www.google.com/search?q=Fertile+hunting+grounds+MamaStoryMaker&oq=Fertile+hunting+grounds+&aqs=heirloom-srp..

76812 No.10482

I'm kinda happy that people like that story, I commissioned it, along with a few other stories from them, but that was easily the best one.

a75f5 No.10501

I'm looking for a story from https://imagineyourepregnant.tumblr.com/ that looks like it's been deleted from the internet, hoping somebody had it archived. The Bellydonna Bloodline. While on a mission the cast of RWBY finds an artefact that makes them enormously pregnant with the spirits of all of the dead faunus of Menagerie or something, and sexy times ensue.

2285d No.10503

So… I was randomly browsing around Wikipedia and I managed to stumble upon this article here;


"The Great Stork Derby was a contest held from 1926 to 1936. Female residents of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, competed to produce the most babies in order to qualify for an unusual bequest in a will.[1] The race was the product of a scheme by Charles Vance Millar (1853–1926), a Toronto lawyer, financier, and practical joker, who bequeathed the residue of his significant estate to the woman in Toronto who could produce the most children in the decade following his death."

It caught my interest there and of course I got to thinking "maybe someone on Pregchan could do something with this?", so deciding to put this idea out here for anyone interested or willing to pick it up.

Now obviously it's not going to be the actual event (probably) here, but more so the basic concept of it; A rich benefactor leaves it in their will or what have you that whichever woman that could produce the most children within a certain timeframe would be rewarded with something of value (whatever that might be is up to the writer), which multiple women take up that challenge.

Pretty much as you can imagine, as the competing couples, single moms and probably even some random dude if mpreg's your thing (not judging) compete against one another all determined to be the victor, some of competing mamas are going to get creative with how they'll get ahead of the rest, perhaps they'll go through the hyperpreg method to increase their brood size from each pregnancy, maybe they'll develop some sort of way to accelerate the pregnancy process to pump out more kids in a shorter amount of time, or maybe they'll find some sort of loophole for who counts as a legitimate child. All that's for sure is that there's gonna be a lot of pregnancies with a lot of bellies as all competitors are determined to come out on top and some may just play dirtier then others, both figuratively and literally.

All of this happening while there'll be that one unlucky (or lucky depending on how you look at it) estate worker that's inevitably going to be put in charge of having to keep track of all this.

So yeah, it's quite a lot there, but I guess that's my initial concept for this sort of thing, just leaving this out here for anyone that might be interested in it, whatever direction they might want to take it and what details they might change is totally up to them. Hope this inspires at least one of you!

2ced8 No.10504


While it's not a birth tournament, the story "The Thornycroft Inheritance" does involve a rich benefactor leaving his estate to the daughter that remains childless by a certain date and time. I think the time frame was over a year, but her sisters had all had children by then and the final girl was pregnant. Well, she goes into labor on the final night of the timeframe, and the story recounts how she is so desperate to hold the little bastard in because she wants to gain the estate, but struggling and failing miserably.

I don't remember who wrote it, but it was a pretty hot story.

d303d No.10505

>>10504 I Googled
"The Thornycroft Inheritance" and found nothing.

1e6d7 No.10507

I have it, but fortunately it's already in a big rar of pregnancy stories that have made their rounds on the net: >>10129

ba980 No.10594

does any one have Invictusvoxfini's Impregnation Invasion saved or any of his stuff in general archived?

c8a27 No.10598

Anyone has the link for a birth story titled “the restaurant”…i think? From what i remember its about a waitress getting impregnated by her customers and has to give birth before the customers leave. Been looking everywhere for it. TIA

a6397 No.10599

af4a2 No.10635

Something I tossed together on a 4chan /trash/ preg thread:
>You where charged with "hate speech" or some bullshit
>You where initially going to get brief jail time and a steep fine
>But your public defendant seemingly remembered something and got an idea, quickly working out an agreement
>Some kind of new-age "probationary re-integration"
>You could keep working your stupid minimum wage job and keep a clean record!
>But you now had to do "community service" through this weird new state-funded organization
>And you got caught trying to jack off after 3 days in the holding cell like idiot, so the judge called you a "sex addict" and mandated you wear a cock cage for "a few months"
>Not seeing any better options, you begrudgingly agreed
>The procedure was simple, You where put out with laughing gas and had something implanted inside of your abdominal cavity
>When it was time, they would summon you to have it removed
>You where finally sent home
>Whatever was inside you had since swollen to monstrous proportions
>At first you tried to hide it, but it wasn't very long before you began to show, the humiliation you felt is still burned into your mind
>You had frequent visits from your parole officer, often teasing you about your ballooning belly
>You initially asked about the cock cage, but they mumbled something about a clause mandating "achieved milestones" or some shit
>Your back constantly ached, your feet swollen and sore, and your belly felt taut and ready to burst, sporting a fat outie
>You where so helplessly pent up like never before!
>When where they going to remove this stupid thing??
> "Due date" keeps getting pushed back further, All the while this thing grows bigger and more active than ever
>You'd grumble and complain about the added delays
>You remembered their wicked grin as they asked you what the rush was, it was only your first one!
>After they left, You'd crick your back and look down at your distended belly "I f*cking hate this country"

bc1d7 No.10676

Did anybody back up anything from the old hidden desires forum?

6c955 No.10678

I commissioned a story about a trans girl who wants to be a mother more than anything despite her biology, and finds her wish coming true… but not quite in the way she expected.

f3713 No.10679

Are there any stories that involve sort of an asexual reproduction pregnancy, as in the mother doesn’t need a father/genetic contribution to become pregnant, they become a one parent carrier?

1bf5a No.10682

e07f8 No.10683

Thank You

882b2 No.10684

Was wondering if anyone know any stories about goddess getting impregnated. Nothing specific just a goddess getting pregnant and giving birth.

40f65 No.10703

Is there any stories with permanent pregnancy?

c7ee4 No.10708

Okay so I haven't posted in this thread for like a year.

I've written at least one short story or chapter every month this year.

More recent stuff is better.


It's all sorted here.

ed9f4 No.10711

Well, it's been one year and one day since I wrote this post. I've since written six stories, five of which can be found in the pregnant pony thread: >>>/f/100

The sixth can be found in the new MLP thread: >>>/f/14888

I failed my goal of writing twelve, but meeting half of that isn't bad. I've three stories in-progress, and have ideas for plenty more, so I should have better luck with this next year.

My writing has really improved with this year, compared to the preceding two years. I'm proud of myself, and look forward to writing pregnant pony prose for years to come.

e96bd No.10712

Its been awhile for me but, imagineyourepreg tumblr seems dead. Any other good sites out there for posting/reading or sharing stories?

8fa0d No.10713

Captains Log of Starship "Blah Blah":

Investigating Distress beacon,
Finding a lost colony/shuttle-crash survivors,
Away team being temporarily stranded,
Ship leaving/chasing after space pirates/marauding aliens/ect…
lost colonists/survivors being overly friendly/helpful, but hiding truth…
Whole (female) away-team awaking new-day on planet heavily PREGNANT…
colonists/survivors admit planet is really celestial being with kinks,
Leader says: "It gets easier after the 4th one, really!"…
Away-Team becomes baby-factories, for weeks while ship is delayed returning.

e0dd9 No.10716

f3b37 No.10924

Looking for a DeviantArt story where the main character ends up with a surprise twin birth. I don't remember much but the illustration was the main character screaming her babies out on her bed, gripping her sheets….

f08d8 No.11109

Is there a part 4 in travelling sorceress?

2b8f9 No.11123

I don’t really catch up on patreon but has anyone heard from gorerat lately?

35647 No.11177

does anyone have a link to the story where a guy hires a hooker who's about to give birth and he fucks her while she's in labor? one particular detail of the story i remember is she rubs her crowning pussy against his shaft

44012 No.11188

Does anyone know who wrote this story and where to find it?


I found this great story on this website and I was wondering if there were any more chapters for it.

58859 No.11194

Does anyone know if there are stories about a wife or gf carrying an IVF embryo that used both her husband/bf's sperm and another girl's ovum?

07630 No.11222

You can still play a bit if you use the wayback machine.

2df9d No.11233

26a00 No.11269

e5556 No.11270

Awesome stories you wrote. You may wanna post them in DA groups to get more exposure. Keep on good works!

18fd3 No.11274

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