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Pregnant Magical Girl Anime Pitch Cheshcat2 06/13/2023 (Tue) 03:43:28 Id:b17f18 No. 1736
"Soul Seed: The Princes Legacy" Premise: In a twist of fate, high school girl Akkio becomes pregnant overnight, but it's not an ordinary pregnancy. The spirit of a valiant prince, Emeric, from a magical realm now resides within her womb. As Akkio navigates her teenage life, she engages in witty conversations with the prince, forming an extraordinary bond. With the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance, Akkio must harness their connection to protect herself and the kingdom from an evil sorceress. This pregnancy-themed anime explores destiny, friendship, and the journey of self-discovery in a magical and enchanting way. Characters: Akkio Nakamori: Spirited high school girl thrust into an extraordinary situation when she becomes the host to Emeric's spirit. Determined and resourceful, she conceals her secret while protecting herself and the magical kingdom from the sorceress. Emeric: Legendary prince trapped within Akkio's womb, possessing consciousness and communication. Chivalrous and wise, he guides Akkio, offering advice and learning about the beauty of humanity along the way. Morgothia: Enigmatic sorceress driven by power, relentless in her pursuit to reclaim Emeric's spirit. Cunning and manipulative, she poses a constant threat and serves as the primary antagonist.
Other Characters: Miku: Akkio's energetic and supportive best friend who embraces the extraordinary circumstances with humor and optimism. Rina: A logical and level-headed member of Akkio's friend group, offering grounded perspectives and strategic thinking. Haru: The kind-hearted and empathetic friend who provides emotional support and guidance during Akkio's journey. Kazuki: Akkio's childhood friend and love interest, offering unwavering loyalty and love as they face the challenges together. Hiroshi: Akkio's carefree and humorous older brother, always ready to lend a hand and provide comic relief. Luna: A mischievous fairy from Emeric's realm, accidentally transported to Akkio's world. Sassy and playful, she adds whimsy and comedic moments to the story. Mr. Tanaka: Akkio's eccentric homeroom teacher with a fascination for conspiracy theories and unorthodox teaching methods. Provides comic relief and unconventional knowledge. Granny Hana: Wise old woman with knowledge of ancient magic and mystical artifacts. Offers guidance and occasional mischievous humor. Poppy: A talking magical creature who befriends Akkio, with the ability to transform into various objects. Playful and mischievous, adding comedic moments throughout the anime.
(330.63 KB 733x1629 Georgia Comm Example fullcolor.png)
Akkio Nakamori reference.
(1.11 MB 2265x2955 Bikini Armor transparent.png)
Due to the physical bond that Akkio and the prince possess, Akkio is able to use the prince's powers. Since the prince is a fetus, he does not have access to his full power. When Akkio activates the prince's powers, she gains a magical transformation. She ends up wearing a bikini armor and wields a sword. The image on the left is for reference.
Voice Actors Japanese: Akkio: Yui Ishikawa Emeric: Hiroshi Kamiya Morgothia: Miyuki Sawashiro English: Akkio: Erica Mendez Emeric: Todd Haberkorn Morgothia: Wendee Lee
Love the idea of this! Maybe have it so whenever she activates his power her belly glows for a second, or that the prince needs to choose to activate it. Could lead to comedic scenes of her wanting to use the powers in situations in every day life and he doesn't approve, leading to arguments between them. Or him making her transform early on when she is still confused and not used to everything
Running Gags: Emeric constantly trying to find ways to escape Akkio's belly, but always fails in a comical way. Akkio having various food cravings for strange or unusual foods, much to the confusion of her friends and family. Emeric having a habit of causing trouble or mischief while inside Akkio's belly, such as tickling her from the inside or kicking her at inappropriate times. People misunderstanding Akkio's situation, such as mistaking her for a teenage mother or assuming that she is carrying multiples. Akkio being clumsy or have trouble maintaining her balance where she falls or trips in comical situations. Emeric getting annoyed or irritated at Akkio causing him to punch and kick inside her womb, which causes Akkio to retaliate by shaking her belly.
Could have one reason for Morgothia wanting Emeric spirit is that it was fortold that from prophecy Emeric will defet her when he gets born. So she will trapp his spirit inside her womb forever to stop the prophecy and to be able to steal his strength for herself.
Emeric could have his own views on all of Akkio's friends. Approving of Rina being a level headed person but starting off not liking Miku or Kazuki. Have him kick and poke her belly from inside more when she's around them, yelling to speak to someone else but only Akkio can hear him and gets annoyed. See that as an early on thing, him learning to behave or view them differently after a while. With that maybe only Akkio can hear him in her head, but others can if they have their head right up to her belly. They find this out by accident and need to find an excuse like it was her phone in her pocket.
Morgothia sends these creatures called Hell Beasts which are the "Monster-of-the-Week" type enemies. Each take a form of a monster from a fantasy setting.
Akkio needing to rely on advice from Emeric to defeat each one. Him knowing their weakness, the way they act etc. Gives some lore behind what they're facing and means Akkio isn't clueless in every fight
>>1868 When the first monster attacks, Akkio tries to make a run for it.
>>1870 Seeing the monster and the voice coming from her belly being too much for her too take in at once, so she runs away. It's words of encouragement from Emeric and being told people will be hurt if she doesn't act that gets her to face it. Maybe the monsters don't all aim to capture her and Emeric, some of them just cause chaos in an attempt to wear them both down
Luna often times teases Emeric about his situation.
(456.68 KB 1225x2100 schoolgirl.png)
Akkio in her school uniform.
Been having a lot of ideas about this.... Emeric being a prince has some high views about presentation and behaviour. Akkio's laid back nauture at home and her modern dress sense conflict with him at first, acting up when he doesn't like her outfit. When fighting Akkio feels a lot lighter, able to move and not have her belly be too much of a hinderance, compared to what it should feel like. It's still a problem, with monsters aiming for it and being a 'bigger' target now. Luna sometimes draws on Akkio's belly when she's asleep. Akkio is annoyed as she can't see what she wrote, Emeric is annoyed as his 'home' is vandilised. Akkio asks if Poppy can turn into a belly harness, it becomes a joke that can, but only makes the weight worse for Akkio by moving around shrinking and growing making her belly move up and down.
>>1875 >>1874 When Akkio is late for school, she starts running which causes her belly to rapidly sway side-to-side as well as bounce up-and-down which shakes around Emeric.
>>1884 He learns to push his hands outwards to steady himself, but the first few times he gets shaken up a bunch and spends the day at school complaining to Akkio At her desk she can't fit her belly underneath, needing to lean forward. She keeps bumping into people in the hallway, and always asks if she can have some of her friend's lunches because what she packs is never enough. And since this is too perfect for this, one episode would be a body swap one. Akkio and Emeric swapping places due to a spell from a monster, conveniantly after they had an argument about how the other person had it easier. Emeric struggling to walk while Akkio keeps wanting more space. When the spell wears off they apologise and understand each other's situation better.
When Emeric yells, his spirited outbursts can cause Akkio's belly to shake and quiver, resulting in visually dynamic and comedic moments: Vibrating Belly: As Emeric's voice reaches a crescendo, the intensity of his yell causes Akkio's belly to visibly vibrate, creating a humorous visual effect. The shaking and quivering add an exaggerated comedic element, emphasizing the force and impact of Emeric's passionate outburst. Unintentional Reactions: When Emeric yells in frustration, surprise, or excitement, the sudden release of energy within Akkio's womb causes her belly to jolt and tremble involuntarily. This prompts comical reactions from Akkio and those around her, who are caught off guard by the unexpected movement. Comedic Chain Reaction: Emeric's yelling-induced belly shaking can trigger a comedic chain reaction, with nearby objects or people reacting to the vibrating belly. For instance, books may fall from shelves, loose objects may rattle, or characters standing close to Akkio may stumble or lose their balance, resulting in a series of comical mishaps and humorous interactions. Playful Rumbles: Emeric's enthusiastic yells can manifest as playful rumbles within Akkio's belly, akin to mini-earthquakes. These rumbles add a light-hearted and whimsical element, as Akkio's belly moves in sync with Emeric's vocal fervor, creating amusing moments that capture the energetic and mischievous spirit of their bond. Surprising Sound Effects: Emeric's forceful yelling can also produce unexpected sound effects within Akkio's belly, such as exaggerated rumbling or cartoonish booms. These sound effects heighten the comedic impact and provide an extra layer of amusement to the scenes where Emeric expresses himself with gusto.
>>1863 Here are a few examples of Emeric's escape attempts: Whenever Emeric becomes determined to break free from Akkio's belly, he exerts his spiritual energy, causing her belly to swing from side to side or sway unexpectedly. This can lead to comical moments where Akkio has to steady herself or grab onto nearby objects to maintain her balance. Emeric's spirited attempts to escape sometimes result in forceful bumps against the walls of Akkio's belly. These unexpected jolts can cause Akkio to stumble or collide with nearby objects, creating humorous situations where she has to navigate her surroundings while dealing with the mischievous movements from within. In more determined escape attempts, Emeric might exert a significant burst of energy, causing Akkio's belly to tilt and toss in different directions. This can lead to moments of comedic exaggeration, with Akkio's belly seemingly having a mind of its own, moving in an unpredictable manner that surprises both Akkio and those around her. Emeric's playful nature sometimes leads him to perform whimsical dances or shimmy movements within Akkio's belly, attempting to free himself in a lighthearted manner. This creates entertaining scenes where Akkio's belly takes on a lively and rhythmic motion, prompting laughter and amusement from those who witness the playful display. Emeric's escape attempts can also manifest as sporadic and unpredictable wiggles within Akkio's belly. These sudden movements may cause Akkio's belly to squirm or ripple, catching the attention of others and leading to humorous reactions as they try to make sense of the unusual phenomenon.
>>1892 After causing problems for her when outside Emeric starts trying to escape when Akkio is asleep. She sleeps so heavily (why she's frequently late and needs to run in the morning) that he often doesn't wake her, but she wakes up finding herself on the floor with her hair and bed a mess after getting dragged around by her belly all night. The one time she does wake up she's lying on her back with her belly rising up, dragging the rest of her before she yells and he stops trying to escape When he tries to when they are out she needs to hide her belly swaying and pulling her by changing where she's walking or holding onto something and pretending to stretch out. She acts shy around Kazuki, but Emeric gets tired of Akkio always making excuses not to talk to him when sehre really wants to so he kick to push her into him.
Can't be an anime without a beach episode.
Here are a few examples of comedy elements that can be woven into the story: Fish-out-of-Water Situations: Akkio, a modern-day high school girl, and Emeric, a prince from a magical realm, find themselves in amusing and awkward situations as they navigate each other's worlds. Emeric's unfamiliarity with modern technology, customs, and everyday conveniences can lead to humorous mishaps and misunderstandings, providing comedic relief in contrast to the seriousness of their mission. Physical Comedy: Akkio's growing belly, housing Emeric's spirit, can create physical comedy moments. Accidental belly bumps, comical movements caused by Emeric's antics inside, and humorous reactions from Akkio can elicit laughter and lightheartedness. These instances can be used to inject comedic timing and visual gags into the anime. Quirky Side Characters: Introducing quirky and eccentric side characters who interact with Akkio and Emeric can bring comedic moments to the narrative. These characters could have unique personalities, comedic traits, or provide comic relief through their idiosyncrasies. Their interactions with Akkio and Emeric can lead to amusing encounters and humorous exchanges. Verbal Humor and Puns: Emeric's witty banter and wordplay, combined with Akkio's modern language and humor, can create opportunities for verbal comedy. Clever wordplay, puns, and humorous dialogue exchanges between characters can add a layer of humor to the anime, showcasing their personalities and adding levity to intense situations. Comedic Reactions: Incorporating exaggerated facial expressions, humorous reactions, and comedic timing in the animation can enhance comedic moments. Akkio's initial shock and subsequent acceptance of her situation, as well as Emeric's spirited and mischievous expressions, can elicit laughter and enhance the overall comedic atmosphere of the anime.
While residing in Akkio's belly, the prince, Emeric, can engage in a variety of entertaining and endearing antics: Conversations and Banter: Emeric engages in witty and insightful conversations with Akkio, often providing humorous commentary on their situations or sharing anecdotes from his own realm. Their exchanges offer a lighthearted dynamic as Emeric's spirit interacts with Akkio while nestled within her belly. Martial Training: Emeric utilizes the limited space within Akkio's womb to conduct martial training sessions, demonstrating his combat expertise and teaching Akkio various swordplay techniques. These training sessions provide both comedic and heartwarming moments as Akkio tries her best to follow Emeric's guidance within the confined space. Peculiar Cravings: Emeric occasionally manifests peculiar cravings for unconventional foods from his realm, prompting Akkio to go on amusing adventures to satisfy his cravings. This leads to comical situations where Akkio embarks on unexpected food quests, searching for exotic ingredients or attempting to recreate otherworldly dishes. Preemptive Warning System: Emeric, with his acute senses, acts as a preemptive warning system for Akkio, alerting her to potential dangers or approaching adversaries. He may kick or nudge Akkio's belly as a signal, providing a comedic element as Akkio tries to decipher his warnings in the midst of their daily lives. Sharing Knowledge and History: Emeric shares tales of his kingdom's history, legends, and magical lore, enriching Akkio's understanding of his realm and their shared destiny. These storytelling moments add depth to the narrative and allow the audience to explore the fantastical world through Emeric's charismatic storytelling.
Emeric could also press his hands and face through Akkio's belly.
>>1901 Possible plot of the beach episode Akkio and her friends go to the beach, only for her to remember on the day her swimming costume won't fit now. She remembers when she transforms she has bikini armor, so tries to convince Emeric to let her change and go in that. He say no, getting pouty in her belly to which she teases him throughout. She finds a new swimsuit, normal anime beach episode stuff happends with Akkio still jokingly begging to transform becuase she thinks it will be a good fit for her right now. Eventually he gives up responding to her teasing, only for a Hell beast to appear from the water. Akkio keeps asking him to transform her, shaking and poking her tummy to get a response only for Emeric to blank her thinking it's just another ploy to change for no reason. After she apologises he lets her change, fighting the Hell beast and them bonding over the experience
>>1909 I'm thinking the Hell Beast could be a sea serpent or a kraken.
>>1910 Joke at the end where Emeric remembers eating smaller versions of the monster as sea food in his world, giving Akkio cravings for it. She then tries to get her friends to barbeque part of it, and they all refuse.
It's also an homage to the 90s-80s of anime.
Luna, being mischievous and playful, could find endless ways to poke fun at Emeric's predicament, whether it's his confinement within Akkio's belly or his princely demeanor in contrast to Akkio's more laid-back nature.
>>2073 She lies on Akkio's belly and taunts Emeric, or offers to hand him something only to laugh. With him being the only one who talks the way he does she does an impression of him. It's such a good one sometimes Akkio looks down at her belly thinking Emeric wants something
Man I kinda want to RP this scenario, getting pretty interesting in terms of situations that can play out
*Sunlight filters through the curtains, casting a warm glow over Akkio's room. The alarm clock buzzes loudly. Akkio, buried under her blankets, groans, reaching out a hand to turn it off.* Akkio: Just five more minutes... *She stretches, yawning, and then freezes as she feels something unusual. Pulling back the covers, her eyes widen in shock as she spots her full-term pregnant belly. She pokes it, half-expecting it to deflate or disappear.* Akkio: Wh-what the...? How is this even possible?! *She jumps out of bed, frantically examining herself in the full-length mirror. Her hands roam over her belly, feeling its realness. She breathes heavily, trying to recall the events of the previous night, but there's only a foggy memory of a vivid dream.* Emeric: (Muffled) "Where... Where am I? Why is it so dark in here?" Akkio screams, looking around her room, trying to locate the source of the voice. Akkio: "Who's there? Who said that?" Emeric: "Down here... I think. It's so cramped." *Akkio's eyes dart down to her belly as she feels a gentle kick. She stumbles back, shocked.* Akkio: "You're... inside me?!" Emeric: "It appears so. And you are? This doesn’t look like my kingdom." Akkio: (Breathing heavily) "I'm Akkio! But why are you in my belly?!" EMERIC: "I wish I knew, Akkio. The last thing I remember is battling Morgothia. She had some sort of spell and then... darkness." *Akkio places her hands on her belly, trying to make sense of the situation.* Akkio: "This... This can't be real. It's just another dream. I need to wake up!" *She pinches herself, hoping to jolt awake. Emeric chuckles softly, causing a slight tickling sensation inside her.* Emeric: "Well, if this is a dream, it's a shared one." *Akkio sighs, sitting back on her bed, feeling overwhelmed.* Akkio: "Okay, let's think. We need to figure this out." Emeric: "Agreed. And while we're at it, could you eat something? I feel incredibly hungry." *Akkio chuckles despite the bizarre situation.* Akkio: "Guess we're in this together for now. Breakfast first, then... a plan."