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f513a No.1876

Hey all :) I'm not totally sure how this forum works, so bear with me. I'm also not sure if this is the place for this, so let me know if that's a problem too.

To start off, I'm now 32 weeks pregnant, due in August. I've had a 'thing' for pregnancy since I was a little girl, but obviously it wasn't sexual then. I'm 99% percent straight, but I find other pregnant women very attractive and always have. I always was always turned on by the idea of myself being pregnant, would stuff my shirt and such. The reality is amazing, but also more difficult than I imagined :P I've also always had a big thing for pregnant boys as well, and I love the mpreg board here.

More about me. I'm a 19 year old rising college sophomore. I don't want to get into much more further detail, I don't want to share pictures, as I'll be getting into private stuff here and I value my privacy. I hope you all understand.

The pregnancy was unplanned, and not exactly drama-free. Not sure how much of this is worth getting into, but I'll answer any questions anyone has.

So anyway, I figured I'd make a post to update on my pregnancy and talk about my fetish, answering any questions you fine folks might have about it or myself. I like answering questions, and I won't be offended by anything though I might not be comfortable asking.

Have a nice day :) xx

5c462 No.1878

Hi miss rocks, congratulations on your pregnancy and i hope you have a safe delivery and healthy baby in august,i'm curious have you had the pickles and ice cream craving,my mom had that when she had my brother,we must have went through ten containers of pickles and ice cream in a week ^_^

f513a No.1879

A bit :) My cravings vary a lot, tons of peanut butter, and sometimes I get one for pickles and ice cream.

5c462 No.1881

cool,do you know the gender or do you want the baby to be a surprise?

f513a No.1882

I'm having a little girl, I probably should have put that in the first post haha.

5c462 No.1883


awww,well good luck.

3fb6a No.1884

Congrats on the pregnancy! Hope the baby's healthy and rest assured that any creepazoids will meet the wrath of the banhammer.

04c08 No.1885

Well, welcome to the pregchan party Miss Rocks! The Chat board is the right place for what you’re looking to do. If you just wanna talk / vent about preggo stuff, especially if you feel that no one around you irl can really relate to your fetish, feel free to here :)

I won’t pry too much about the personal circumstances surrounding your pregnancy, but in the end, are you looking forward to motherhood? I have a coworker who raised a child in a similar situation to yours. She admitted to feeling hopeless and lost at times, but in the end she felt it was her baby that kept her going. For a parent, their child embodies a hope for the future that can keep a person going beyond what they can do alone. I can only hope that the same feeling goes for you as well in the near future!

You’ll get questions about the particular circumstances of your pregnancy; people are naturally nosy about drama, but please don’t feel obligated to divulge more than you’re comfortable with - you’re in control. And as Doombeez said, the mods have your back as well.

And it’s quite the coincidence, but there’s another expecting gal SpookyDice that’ll be going through a college semester while pregnant; I’m sure she’ll have some questions about how your experience was with college and pregnancy, as she’ll be in the thick of it come this winter.

f513a No.1886


Thanks! Yeah looking through here (I've discovered this forum pretty recently) it all seems very well moderated and non-creepy. I lurk on a few other pregnancy boards, and they can get kinda sexist/creepy, so it's really nice and refreshing to be so inviting.


Luckily I'll be having a lot of support from certain members of my family that are going to help raise my daughter while I'm in college. They live right near my school, so it won't be any trouble at all to go see her and feed her and such. I'm already so attached to her, I love playing with her through my belly (she's so active!) so I'm definitely looking forward to motherhood.

Yeah I came across her posts! Wasn't sure whether to reply or not, maybe I'll introduce myself later. Being pregnant in college has been an… interesting experience, to say the least, but overall very positive and fascinating.

04c08 No.1887


Gotta be said, never underestimate a relative's desire to be a nanny for their grand-daughter / grand-niece / grand-whatever the correct term is :P Glad to hear of your support Rocks!

More nosy questions:

- Was there a definite point in your pregnancy where you officially embraced the notion of motherhood (i.e. first kick, first 'woah, I'm pregnant!' reaction when looking in a mirror), or was it a gradual process overall?

- Does your daughter's sleeping schedule more or less match yours, or does she just decide to kick up a storm whenever?

f513a No.1888


Good question. I'm very in tune with my body, so it really started to sink in when I noticed those changes, I could tell that I was changing. Especially when I had to start taking action, buying new bras and changing my wardrobe.

The other big thing was starting to live differently. I was never much of a partier, but I would drink every now and then, or dabble slightly in other substances. Luckily never before I found out I was pregnant, I'd feel awful about that. The loss of caffeine has been the biggest diet restriction :/ 8am class is horrible.

I did have a greater appreciation for how big I'd gotten when the weather got warmer and I wasn't wearing sweaters anymore. Lot of people on campus gave me double takes all of a sudden :P


She has the worst schedule! If I want to have someone feel- dead quiet. I love sharing her kicks with people, but she's a very uncooperative baby. But as soon as I need to concentrate on something, or go to bed, she unleashes a fury in there. The worst is that she can also seems to move a lot when I'm aroused, which can kinda kill the mood for whatever was making me that way.

2f792 No.1889

Congratulations! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for posting here!

What are some of the difficulties of being pregnant while at school? Reactions from other students?

f513a No.1890

1. Thanks!

2. Oh, so many lol. There was a lot of walking, which got tough near the end. Fitting into desks was luckily never an issue, I just didn't lower the little desk thing on the chairs.

Reactions varied a lot. I didn't spring for a new wardrobe, so once weather got warmer my clothes got a lot tighter and I even broke out the old crop-tops on occasion. It's a slightly smallish school, so I became somewhat of a campus celebrity. There's a guy who wears heelies everywhere, a girl who brings her ukulele to class, and me the heavily pregnant student. I got mentioned on yik yak (it's sort of like twitter, but for your immediate area) a few times, usually positively.

Socially it didn't affect me too badly. I didn't party much, so it's not like I could no longer do that. And it was a nice conversation starter, and I liked how often cute guys would touch my stomach.

Dating has been tough, but not entirely unsuccessful. It's weird, and super stigmatized- but a girl still has needs you know :P

Some people were shitty, but it's a pretty liberal school so most people were very chill about it.

f513a No.1894

"Don't people like you ever learn to wear a condom or not have sex at all?"

Well it'd be awful hard for *me* to wear a condom, wouldn't it?

8950a No.1897

This seems like a huge coincidence, but I guess truth can be stranger than fiction sometimes, haha! I must admit that a lot of what you've said has been very cute and made me smile like an idiot. Welcome to the forum!

c4c83 No.1898

If it hadn't been for your age, I'd have thought you were a friend of mine. She is also due sometime in August, and has the same kind of bubbly personality as you. Congrats on the baby, even if it was an unplanned one, they still bring a certain level of joy to your life…well until they hit the terrible twos, but then its relatively smooth until the troublesome teens lol

2f792 No.1899

Even then, all birth control isn't 100% perfect. My SO and I had a contingency plan if we did have a little accident for that reason, even though we never had that issue in back at uni. I came out to her as a maieusophile, which made talking about it…a lot more fun than for most couples.

Speaking of which, did you run into any boys (or gals, for that matter) who were clearly into preggos?

f513a No.1900


I was just browsing here for material, only got the idea to make a thread about my experiences after seeing Spooky's thread, it seemed fun :P


Thanks! I and my sister were apparently both very well behaved, so with any luck it's genetic!


I have, lol. I actually think I get hit on more often now, to be honest, which has pros and cons. Very few girls seemed like they've been into me, I think because being pregnant makes you look pretty straight. And I am pretty straight, with some exceptions (other pregnant girls, and I have a crush on Zooey Deschanel).

With guys though some of them are just "that girl is cute, and pregnant, and her being pregnant doesn't turn me off" and others are full on preggophiles.

04c08 No.1901



Certainly makes sense. When the pregnancy's just a plus sign on a test stick, or feeling icky and bloated, it probably doesn't hit home as much as when you start noticing your body and lifestyle changing to accommodate another life. Thanks for sharing your perspective on it!

So in a similar fashion, I guess it's the whole 'package' of pregnancy that you've always found attractive? Or was there a particular aspect of it, like the belly or feeling the baby move? I imagine your view on it might have changed a bit, given your real life experience with it now XD


Haha, she sounds like a little rascal already; doubt there's much you can do to sync your schedules together, if that's even possible to start with. Even though she's still in utero, she can still perceive sound and light, and is probably sensitive to your own bodily changes, like an increased an heart rate from arousal.

Playing with her sounds so adorable though! Have you tried talking to her or doing the headphones-on-belly thing? Maybe some soothing classical music while studying can calm her down a bit.


Heh, sounds like an interesting college, and it's kinda funny in a way to hear you're somewhat part of it's quirky(?) charm. And hats off to you continuing on with the dating scene; I myself could admit to never having the courage to do something like that o_o' I guess just being up front and truthful about your situation, and letting the cards fall where they will is the best way to handle it.

And the old 'bring a dog to a dog park' routine some guys use as ice breakers sounds like it's no match to your campus celebrity belly of sorts. I imagine you can segway any starting conversation into getting a free belly rub from a cute guy or gal XD

f513a No.1902


I figured out how to do the tag thing! Anyway…

1. Well, it's different from me being pregnant to other people. Like from a fetish point of view, I like when it's scandalous or evidence of infidelity, or a taboo. That's a big reason I like mpreg, too. In addition to just the visuals of it.

With me being pregnant, it was always more tactile. About feeling my body change, feeling the kicks and having it increasingly become a part of me.


I talk to her all the time, but I'm also the kind of person that talks to pets and basically anything I can personify, regardless of whether it understands me at all. I only have earbuds, but my roommate had these crazy huge producer style headphones that she liked to put on my belly and play stuff to the baby. Classical music, plus some of my favorite music to see if it influences her taste- lots of David Bowie and Kanye West for example.


It's a smaller college so imo that allows it to have more personality. My high school was *tiny*, like 30 kids in a grade, so every grade was very distinct from each other and everyone knew everyone. And yeah, dating during pregnancy has been very odd at times, lol, but I'm glad I've kept it up.

Pretty much, haha. Regardless of my attraction to the person, I just like belly rubs and sharing her movement with people- though if they're cute then that certainly helps :P My prenatal classes, though, are just heaven. So many gorgeous pregnant women, and there's an unusually high percentage of hot dads too.

e66b9 No.1904

Okay, I guess I'll be the first to ask.

Do you mind telling us the drama-filled circumstances as to how you got pregnant? At the very least, a summary?

f513a No.1906

Do you mind telling us the drama-filled circumstances as to how you got pregnant? At the very least, a summary?


I made it sound more interesting than it is, honestly. I was dating a guy, a junior, and on Halloween we both drank too much and didn't use a condom. I didn't drink very much, I had a low tolerance due to being really small and didn't know my limit due to drinking rarely.

I broke up with him pretty soon after that. I felt he'd pressured me too much, and we were getting sick of each other. It was pretty amicable though, we just realized we weren't right for each other.

Shortly afterwards he started dating a close friend of mine- I didn't mind, as long as they didn't make it weird. The discovery a few months later that I was carrying his child made things confusing and uncomfortable.

04c08 No.1908


Lol - imagining Spooky and Rocks doing a prenatal yoga class together and not getting any sort of workout due to drooling over the distracting eye candy XD

8950a No.1928

This thread is on the second page? O.o I will not stand for it! Especially when there's such cuteness going on in here, what with those producer style headphones on Miss Rocks' belly!

f513a No.1929


I'd appreciate the bump, but I already have one lol

and also yeah, prenatal yoga is enjoyable for a whole host of reasons other than increasing flexibility

8950a No.1936

Haha1 True that you already have a bump, and I am sure that a lot of people here are curious to hear more about it :). Anything you feel comfortable with sharing is much appreciated!

04c08 No.1946


Ba-bump-tish :P

Looking forward to a yoga session myself in a hour or so - it's great to get that workout high coupled with increased bloodflow that yoga brings. Given your own in-tune-ness with your body, I bet it's awesome to really get sense to how much your body has changed with pregnancy via yoga - like, feeling that gravid resistance that comes with being almost full term must feel both heavenly and tiring for a gravidophile such as yourself. Are there any particular poses you like?

An alternating cat and dog pose must really give a sense to how big and taunt your belly is now XD

f513a No.1950


Sure. I'm gaining about a pound a week now, most of it in the fun areas (belly, butt, breasts) but despite the yoga and cardio I have rounded a bit overall- luckily my genetics leave my face fat-free, I don't like being chubby-cheeked haha.

She's a big baby, and I'm a short girl, so I'm measuring large for how far along I am- though it's healthy. Some people get too much amniotic fluid, but that's not a problem (yet at least).

I don't have a lot of money to blow on maternity clothes, so most of my outfits tightly hug my belly and on some occasions I wear tops that leave it exposed- though I try to do so in a non-trashy way :P I did recently have the courage to try on an old crop-top, though I felt that with how far along I am now it's not really appropriate anymore.


I quite like the triangle pose, it's relaxing and according to the instructor it's really good for pregnancy. Child's pose is also very relaxing :P I wish I'd started yoga earlier, as I'd notice the changes more, but I've been able to notice a lot just in the months I've been doing it. I'm horrible at all the meditation aspects of it, and the class is more focused on the fitness angle, so that's good.

Other girls in the class tell me they can see the outline of the baby really clearly when doing cat and dog pose (we call it cat-cow, but I think it's the same). I definitely know I can really feel her then, lol.

8950a No.1964


Oh, she's a big baby, huh? Does her size and your short stature affect how you feel about delivering her?

f513a No.1965


Truth be told it does make me nervous. I have good hips, but still! My mom gave birth to my sister and I pretty easily, considering we were (non-identical) twins and both pretty big. So I have genetics on my side, in a way.

04c08 No.1966


My two-cents/medical quack advice:

Genetics and keeping fit are definitely the two best physical weapons you have for enduring the rigors of labor. Have you been doing Kegel exercises as well? A strong pelvic muscle floor is good too, though I've read kegeling too much might cause BH contractions in the later months.

Mentally, it's staying focused on the task at hand, and trying not to let the pain break your rhythm and concentration. Remove any distractions in the birthing room and do anything possible to maintain this state of mind. Don't fight back any bowel urges or vomiting (gross I know D: but it's a reality in birthing), just let your body do its thing. And most of all, just keep to the forefront of your mind the end result will be finally meeting your daughter :D

You still got time though, so don't worry too much about it and enjoy the baby belly while you got it! Women have been having babies for a long time now, so trust in your instincts.

a39d1 No.1968

Ooh, another petite preggo! :D

That's actually really cute that you're sticking to your regular clothes (and sexy, but duh! xP), I bought a couple of those quirky maternity tops and some stretchy stuff for when I really start to get big, but I want to stick to my normal stuff when I can too. xD

Soul's right about the birthing, with genetics and enough exercise to keep you healthy, you'll be fine! :) And the reward when you're done is the best thing ever. <3

If you don't mind me asking, do you mind giving some details on being pregnant in college? Like some experiences you've had? I've been meaning to ask you! :)

f513a No.1972

>>1966 Thanks for all that! It's a lot to consider. I've been doing kegels and stuff, luckily I don't get too anxious about things so that's not really a problem.


You too? haha. Oh and with twins, I'm sure you'll be a sight :P

Well, I'm sure it depends somewhat on your school culture. My school is a medium sized campus, a lot of pretty liberal people so it was pretty accepting of my situation. People *will* be all up in your space if you look friendly, asking about the pregnancy and touching your belly and such. I personally enjoyed that, but that might not be for you. That was also more near the end, when I was very obviously pregnant, smiling, and kind of inviting it with my disposition.

It's gonna be mostly girls going for belly rubs, which I'm sure you'll appreciate. I actually got hit on quite a lot, by guys and girls (mostly guys though naturally).

Idk how big your campus is, but those ten minute walks I hardly noticed could turn rough by the end, especially with all the stairs in some parts of campus. On the other hand, none of my teachers ever cared about lateness or missing class. As long as I was still clearly working, everyone had 1000000% more sympathy- some people would even extend assignments by a day or two (especially older, married professors). Which was maybe a little condescending, but I'm not gonna complain.

Dating was trickier, and I'm not sure how it'll be for you as a lesbian. From my experience- a decent number of girls are into pregnancy, so that's something. And my personally, I've noticed that I'm a lot more open to stuff. I think it's hormones, or knowing I'll be way too busy in a few months, but there are a lot of psychological changes. For example, I've always found pregnant girls very hot but in the past few months I've had a few crushes on non-pregnant girls, even had a brief kiss (it was a bad kiss though). Does that mean you'll like a guy or two? Maybe. Probably not. But you might find your preferences changing, is what I'm meandering to.

I guess the biggest point is this: don't beat yourself up! You're doing something noble, but tough. So if you're too sore to go to class, or milk on your favorite top, or fart in front of your crush, or whatever else- just know that most other people would have done the same thing and probably even worse if they were in your shoes. It's a crazy, amazing, stressful time.

By far the worst though was dealing with cravings while having limited selection of dining hall food :P Anyway good luck, and let me know of any specific questions or rants or anything. I'll probably have popped by the time your classes start again, but I'll still remember all my tips.

8950a No.1984

On the subject of you getting belly rubs from mostly girls, I wonder if that's because they think it's "less weird" for females to ask pregnant females to touch their bellies? Something that has intrigued me for quite some time…

f513a No.1986


Yeah, probably something to do with it. Girls are more okay with touching each other than guys in general in my experience. Like I've hugged or cuddled or whatever most of my female friends, but that's more rare with guys.

Plus guys might be worried about seeming like a creep.

PLus guys might just be less interested, from a non-sexual perspective. They won't be getting pregnant, there's less fascination.

8950a No.1996

Less interested since they won't be getting pregnant? I would think that would only increase the fascination,on account of it being something they could never experience for themselves, but I guess guys are almost as complicated as girls are sometimes.

I can definitely see why guys would be afraid of being creepy, especially to a girl they found attractive, but I think that awkward and creepy feeling could be lessened if girls were just more open and assuring to guys that they aren't being creepy at all. Just think it might help is all :)

f513a No.1998


It depends a lot on the person I guess. Some girls are very curious about it because they know they really want kids one day, so they want to be more prepared.

But you're right some guys are interested because they can never experience it. And some are interested because they think it's hot :P

I mean I try to always be open and non-intimidating in case anyone wants to feel. Some guys (and some girls) ARE creepy though, and that's always unfortunate.

8950a No.2000

" I had the idea to make a thread about my pregnancy after seeing Spooky's. Before that I was just lurking here, not really planning on contributing"

This statement leads me to believe you are not lying and definitely not doing this for the attention, which is awesome for the board!

f513a No.2011

To try and stir up some more discussion in my thread- what do you like about pregnancy? How would you like best to experience it IRL?

My own personal fantasies are generally about three things- myself being pregnant, guys being pregnant, and other girls being pregnant. Being pregnant myself has been a wonderful experience, though harder than it is fantasy obviously. Guys being pregnant is obviously *mostly* impossible, though I do really like that dad-bod thing- muscular frames with a cute potbelly. And girls being pregnant- all my prenatal classes bring me into contact with many lovely other expectant women, and that's as much as a mostly straight girl could ask for!

d5007 No.2012

Aren't you close to like 36 weeks now? You must be all taut and heavy and round by now. And getting psyched for the little one too! I'm not really sure why I have this fetish, it's so I'm bedded in my mid teenage years I remember discovering it and the getting headlong into it. I like the context of it I guess, how a woman can only get pregnant by having sex, and the bump makes that impossible to hide. It's weird how our brain chemistry is like this. Why to men have this fetish? We can't get pregnant, so I feel like our opinions on the matter are really irrelevant. It's your body, we can only admire it.

f513a No.2013


Rounding on 35 now, so 36 isn't far off! Definitely very heavy. Gaining around a pound a week, seemingly most of it in my belly!

And extremely excited! I just love playing with her in there, and can't wait to get to see her, get to feed her. I know the drawbacks, the lack of sleep, but I'm sooo excited!

Well, I must admit I do get curious about other people who are into it. I just find kinks and fetishes fascinating in general, and here's one I share and am the object of! I am surprised at how often I'm noticing guys be into it in public. I never would've thought it was so popular.

d5007 No.2014

(Same guy from the 2012 post, maybe I should pick a tag if I'll post regularly lol) tbh I'm pretty embarrassed about this fetish. I get I can talk about it here, but the attitude of it outside just makes me feel odd I guess. If I ever get the opportunity to start a family with a significant other, I don't think I'll hide it from her. But there is this worry she'll find it gross or even funny.

I guess my favorite parts of this fetish is someone like yourself dealing with all of the physical changes, and possibly being constantly horny, all the while preparing for motherhood, all because of a single sexual act. I am a writer by trade, so I guess written erotica is my favorite. There would be nothing greater than a currently pregnant woman writing about her sexual desires and encounters, especially if they are your size.

f513a No.2015


I think most women would love that their partner finds them attractive when she's pregnant :) Maybe don't use the word fetish if she's not a sexually understanding person? But I think it's becoming more acceptable.

I also enjoy written erotica! Visual porn has never done much for me, generally, unless it's really good. I guess I could write more about some of my sexual experiences while pregnant? There's a decent number of them, lol.

04c08 No.2016


Simply put, I see pregnancy as the physical and sexual epitome of the female form. It easily ties back to a base reproductive urge that's evolutionary hard-wired into all of us, so when I sometimes think 'why does this turn me on?', it doesn't really bother me in the end. When a woman is pregnant, to see her body changing and growing, for it to push itself to its absolute fertile limit (as I'm sure you're feeling right now!) in order to bring forth life is simply amazing. And for us gravidophiles, it just happens to be arousing as well, so I'll take that as a win-win.

I've mentioned it before, but there was a fantastic point-of-view of this from Aqua in Ty's Anon Adventure story a while back. Real shame I didn't save the story up to that point :(

As far as experiencing it goes (in a sense for guys, since we can only experience it through our female SOs), it's important to separate lust from love just how you separate fantasy from reality, as both are very very different. It's kinda like how you described it from a fetish point-of-view to a more tactile view.

Lust for me would be driving that desire for seeing the pregnant form to ludicrous levels, and not thinking about the consequences thereafter. Something like using dangerously potent fertility drugs to knock up a woman with high multiples only to watch her grow to immobile levels of gravidity, for example. However, a typical breeder scenario is horrifying IRL, and would cause massive and irreversible physical and mental trauma to the mother-to-be. Completely abhorrent at any level, and wouldn't wish it on anyone. There are quite a few tumblr blogs made by women who have a similar 'breeder' kink as I do, and some of their fantasies go to really, really dark places (i.e. raped, imprisoned, etc etc.). A part of them does lust after it, but would most certainly NOT want it to happen to themselves or others. Again, it's separating fantasy from reality.

Love, on the other hand, maturely takes into account the end result of the pregnancy - the baby. As far as experiencing it IRL personally, I'd say it would be openingly sharing and cherishing the whole pregnancy experience with my SO (to be that is, I'm still single and mingling ;P ). To share the little bundle of joy when it comes with your loved ones, to watch them grow up, and letting them experience this strange and wonderful world we all live in on their own terms. It's obviously not all sunshine and rainbows, but in the end, it's up to you to decide which side you'll focus on.


I think the sexual experience idea would definitely stir up the pot over here lol

And agreed, well written work will always blow visual stuff out of the water for me. Well captioned visual work is good too - I do like me some lore and backstory :)

f513a No.2017


I think a lot of girls have those sort of darker sexual fantasies- there's something empowering about getting aroused by something so dangerous, something that people use to try and control you. And at the same time it's a surrender, which can be really wonderful too.

I'll admit that a lot of my fantasy was lovingly exploring my developing pregnancy with my SO, so in some ways being mostly single has been a disappointment. On the other hand, getting to really explore my pregnancy with multiple partners and being free of commitments has been wonderful as well. It's a give and take.

My favorite sexual experience was an on-going one. We would've been a terrible couple for a lot of reasons, but as a friend and partner he was great. I guess I feel weird going into a ton of detail, but I also like talking about it, a fun little dilemma. Anyway, the big thing we did was roleplay in person, with costumes, but also we both really tried with it. Writing erotica for each other and then having the sex scenes in person- it was an amazing experience. He was also really good at oral, which honestly is super important. #1 tip for single guys.

d5007 No.2018

(Same guy again) Thank you for your insight Miss Rocks. Oral while her baby bump pressing against my chest will be a dream come true. On the subject of written bump erotica there doesn't seem to be much new material as of late. I'd write my own but my MS office just imploded last week with no fix in sight. I'm working on it though. But if you wanted to share something in written form without it being too attached to your personal relationships, how about something a bit more of a tease, less close to home. Like you walk into prenatal yoga and there's that one very pregnant girl who takes your breath away, you hold your tummy and wince as you nibble on your lip and stifle a moan as your little girl does a somersault inside of you.

f513a No.2019


Ooh I would actually love to write something along those lines. Even just that summary was super hot!

Also, if anyone else in this thread enjoys email roleplaying I left my contact info in the RP chat thread. I tend to focus a lot on the story, rather than just sex, but I'm also looking for good partners!

04c08 No.2020


Well, not a S&M aficionado, but that makes sense - a girl can get a thrill from being submissive, much like how a guy can get something from being dominative, and even vice versa (I'm a bit submissive ;P )

And apologizes if I brought up bad memories. It's good that you recognized early that it wouldn't of worked out though; ignoring compatibility problems and assuming they'll go away or work themselves out on their own never works in a relationship. The give and take you've described sounds like you made the best of it though!

My improv skill is horrendous, so I'm not good with on-the-fly RP stuff. I joined one of my brother's DnD RPs one time, and it didn't go so well lol

Heh, and thanks for the singles tip.


Wanderlust has a darn good idea though if you're looking for some writing inspiration. Could be short shots like HuskArchon's story samples right here in the Chat boards. Ask for a scenario, and others can suggest, brainstorm, and discuss. It's a way to sort of bring back that kinky roleplay stuff back for ya!

f513a No.2021


I'm a bit of a switch, I guess? I'm never good at terms. I just like seeing all sides of something, it's core to my mindset. Like I hate specializing my role in video games- and don't get me started on level caps. I want to do everything!

I tried DnD too. I like the idea of it, making stories you know? The DM was a really bad storyteller, one of the guys was a creep, all around bad experience but at the same time I could see how people enjoy it in the right group.

0c0c8 No.2026

I LOVE Dungeons & Dragons! I've been playing for 15 years. Friends tell me I'm a fantastic DM (haha), so sorry to hear your game was a bad one. The people can definitely make or break a campaign, which I guess is one of the reasons it can be so awesome.

I think when my SO and I do finally start a family, the fact that I was the one who made her all big is going to become a huge part of the fantasy for me, but for now having never impregnated anyone there's not really any element of power fantasy in my head yet. I just can't get enough of the shape, and the growth especially. Before/after pics and progressions are my favorite, especially accompanied by recorded weight and measurements. Feels terribly clinical when I put it that way, but in practice I find those details very intimate and sexy.

I do like erotica quite a bit as well, especially when the girl likes the state she's in and feels like a goddess.

06101 No.2027

Seems D&D is the sort of thing that can bring a community together, lol. My only real taste of D&D was on a site that sadly no longer exists, but because the game was forum-based, it allowed us to go on as long as we wanted (and we sure did) and no awkward sitting around a table and throwing dice.

Great, great story too. We made some very interesting characters for that game.

04c08 No.2028


Definitely emphasis on the right group to make it enjoyable. My only PnP session wasn't a good experience, but spent a lot of time with RP servers in Neverwinter Nights I, which was a pretty good DnD game simulator imo.


Oh wait a sec - are you referring to one posted on the PG-13 forums a while back? I completely forgot the characters, but it started off as a rogue who tried to steal a potion from a wizard and got magically impregnated? There was also a scene where a villain failed his fortitude roll so to speak when he got called shotted in the junk.

… Wishful thinking on my part of a preggified DnD session on pregchan? Yea, probably :P

06101 No.2029


Yeah, that's the one. The actual plot was that a pregnant evil succubus and her fallen paladin husband decided to take over the world and cue the rag-tag group of misfits out to stop her (the rogue and wizard were eventually among that bunch, as was my character who was half human, half succubus (hard to be taken seriously as a good guy when you're the same race as the Big Bad))

…I don't remember that happening, though (I'm sure it was hilarious if it did). There were certainly other zany happenings that occurred in that RP, though

35a78 No.2030

I'm sure that there are enough people who enjoy tabletop-style RPGs to at least ask. And if we wait until (hopefully) mid-January 2016, I should be able to show you guys a new tabletop system or two :3

99b8d No.2031

I did a ton of preg fetish dnd with a group that has since broken apart. My favorite was the warrior princess being gifted with dragon blood in her bloodline, which involved a half dragon quintuplet (5 10s in a row!) pregnancy.

8950a No.2050

Drum up more interest, you say. Ok! I was wondering if you were taking measurements of your belly, and if you had gotten any stretch marks?

f513a No.2123


Sorry for disappearing for so long, real life intervened for a bit and I was busy and quite tired.

Anyway I'm back now! yay! I'm currently measuring 40 inches around. And no stretchmarks! Mostly genetic, but I use coca butter just in case.

d5142 No.2124

How many weeks are you now? I kind of figured you'd given birth already, hahaha

04c08 No.2126


I'd go with genetics/age, cocoa butter, and possibly strengthened/trained skin from yoga stretching. In any case, congrats on the flawless belly victory XD

I think it's 36 weeks now based on your OP; this point would have been considered full term, but it's an older definition of it. Nowadays, it's:

37-38 Wks - Early Term
39-40 Wks - Full Term
41 Wks - Late Term
42 Wks - Post Term

Ty's SO TheGirlFriend did some research about what normally causes the onset of labor a few years back here on pregchan. She found out it largely depends on the baby's lung development.


Medical technology can always keep an earlier born baby healthy, but it's always best to let the body decide when things are good to go!

Getting close to the big moment though - it must be so anxious, but exciting overall! Have you experienced any BH contractions or similar sensations yet?

f513a No.2134


I'm due in August lol. And yeah around 36 weeks.


I was actually born rather premature. I think a month, month and a half? Something like that. Had to keep me under lights to prevent jaundice and such. So hopefully she keeps baking in there long enough to avoid that :)

Yeah I've had some braxton hicks. They're not exactly fun, but not horrible. It's almost nice to have a build up to actual contractions, I guess? Get used to the idea.

I've been seeing someone new, which is very exciting. I'd been putting any sort of dating on hold lately, compared to 2nd trimester, so it's nice to have someone again.

04c08 No.2135


Had jaundice myself when I was born, though strangely enough I was late term. They induced my mom at 41 weeks; guess I really liked it in there lol

And just like any muscle, Braxton Hicks is the body's way of toning up the uterus for the task ahead. So the more involuntary womb flexing you experience, the better.

And from what we've blabbed about here, I'd say you're certainly a one-of-a kind Miss Rocks. He or she's lucky to be sharing the whole thing with ya!

f513a No.2155


Yeah that's a good way of looking at it, toning me up.

It's the woman, the first time I've ever felt any sort of physical attraction to a non-pregnant woman like this. So it's confusing, but fun and exciting.

d7fb7 No.2254

Hope you're doing well, Miss Rocks! You're in the home stretch if you haven't crossed the finish line by now. Best of luck to you and your daughter, AND your new lady love! <3

04c08 No.2268

*counts fingers* Yep, at the 40th 'officially any-day-now' week.

Assuming you haven't popped already Miss Rocks, just remember those tips about staying focused and keeping to your body's rhythm. Your body knows what it's doing, and has the learned evolutionary traits of generations of mothers before you to back it up. You got this ;)

Here's hoping for a smooth delivery and finally saying hello to your daughter!

f4f6f No.7548


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