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447e6 No.1914

Are there any especially good interactive stories out there? I was looking for one involving a magic ring gained by a school boy on writing.com, but I think I have lost it.

d991a No.1915

Oh, like the "choose your own path - make your own branches" kind of stories? They're always so hard to come across…

a7437 No.1919

I'm following three interactive stories on writing.com:

Sarah, a fitness enthusiast who unknowingly drinks and distributes an strange energy drink that impregnates whoever drinks it, male or female.


Brandon comes across a strange amulet that impregnates others around him.


Same premise as above, except it's with a coin.


Some mpreg in all three, but the story is geared mostly towards the women.

The Unending BE Adventurer has a bunch of pregnancy stories as well, but it's rather disorganized due to all the random contributors. Emphasis is mostly on BE, obviously.


4d8e0 No.1920

If you look at any pregnancy interactive on writing.com there's always a box on the right-hand side of other stories that are usually related. That's my experience as someone who writes on a lot of these.

8d94c No.1921

The guy behind Jasmine And The Purple Panties brought back the concept as a interactive.


ac8d4 No.1922

The story you're talking about sounds like "The Pregnancy Ring". Unfortunately, the original author of that story deleted their account, which also means all their items, including a second take on that story featuring older characters, are permanently gone.

a7437 No.1931


Wow, think I can add Chelsea's adventure to my tracked stories as well. Thanks for the tip and your contributions over there notabot :)

Here's a link to the curious!


Though I'm not too familiar with layout of writing.com just yet. Is there a way to view a story 'tree' of sorts that shows all potential branches or something similar?

2fee9 No.1932

The servers have experienced heavy traffic the five times I've tried to check out an interactive story on different days. (Yes, I have too much free time.) Is anyone else having that problem?

72dea No.1933

Yes, Femanon :(
Also, in slightly less-related news, how does my name sound? Maybe shorten it to Lim or something?

a70f3 No.1934

Both your problems can be solved by getting a writing.com account. Click on story outline for the complete map with all the branches, and logging in prevents that heavy traffic thing.

2fee9 No.1949

Ah, so the site plays favorites. I see how it is. (hmph)

I think your name is fine, WithLimits, but Lim has the advantage of being cuter.

e512c No.2064

Anyone have any other stories to list here? There's some good ones mentioned here, but most of the other pregnancy interactives on Writing dot Com are… well, let's be honest, pretty crappy; the P4 story has one solid thread that the author gave up on, and the rest of the branches are crappy one-sentence set-up pages only (more or less), while the Zelda preg adventure is an awful combination of horrible spelling and being mostly one-two sentence pages.

a70f3 No.2067

In general you're going to have to expect this from stories where anyone can add options. You'll get those guys that don't actually want to contribute beyond adding pages upon pages of "This many babies. No THIS many" and expect everyone else to fill in their blanks.

Having said that, you might try the BEAddventure that was linked above. The community there seems to be a little better and generally frowns upon people doing one or two sentence continuations. Plus it's got an actual mod or two that might help run interference on some of the bigger dickery.

d8a34 No.2104

I share your frustrations. To make matters worse two of the very best interactive stories (The Gravid Gravois and The Pregnancy Ring) have been deleted from the site since their creators closed their accounts. I suppose it would be possible to use an internet archive to find them but I've found it exceedingly difficult to search for either story using the Wayback Machine.

1ab02 No.2151

I don't think the creators closed their accounts, but writing.com closes accounts that have not been active in a year or so. REally sad, a lot of old interactives I used to love going through puberty are gone for good.

3ad01 No.2154

Is it really that hard for someone to just say "Let's make one of our own somewhere!"

Invisionfree and Zeta Boards lets you set up forums for free. I've done my fair share of RPing over the last 17 years =D

5978c No.2156

Why would you use a free forum to make an interactive story?
That shit would be a complete mess

3ad01 No.2159


You have no idea what you're talking about.

a70f3 No.2160

No, he's right. RPing isn't the same thing as an interactive story. The underlying infrastructure is different. The entire point of an interactive is that anyone can drop in and use up one of the choices. How would you do the necessary cross linking in a forum that has replies listed chronologically as well as having a layout that isn't ridiculously cluttered with additions to chains you're not interested in?

1ab02 No.2161

Maybe we could create an interactive story section here on pregchan? I mean, I don't know if it's feasible but I can't think of any where else that has public interactive stories.

3ad01 No.2162


Weather it's RPing or an interactive story, that doesn't necessarily change or dismiss what I said in my first post. I know the difference between the two.

In the end, it sounds like laziness on your and his part if you ask me. It doesn't matter to me if it's here or a separate site. I've come to the conclusion folks are waiting for someone to do it. I feel like I'm in a "damned either way" moment so I'll leave it at that.


That's almost what I said but I didn't want to sound like a douche XD

1ab02 No.2163

Well, while forums might be good to have they would probably only be an addition to the site. You wouldn't actually be able to run an interactive story on just forums alone, they would need to be able to be attached to a site that could run one.

5e04f No.3629

I'm just going to give a shameless plug for an interactive story I created. It has underage in it so be warned of that but no sexualizing of minors, just them getting pregnant by magic and such.


1f3da No.3635

I also have a Interactive story that i wish for other people to post in and read as they please


6f2b7 No.7008


There's a pregnancy storyline unfolding right now in this thread.
Scenario is a global pregnancy phenomenon.
If you want to participate, feel free to join :-P

5f4a5 No.7101

I like pregnancy CYOA stuff, I'm kinda confused on the hyper preg options. the first thing says the 14 is the minimum but then people who are adding to the story are only doing pregnancies of like 4 or 5 babies. dont they understand hyper is dealing with unrealistic numbers and not ones that have actually happened in real life?

5f4a5 No.7102

my previous post was in regards to >>7008

7f51f No.9553

By no means are these complete, I'd reckon these are worth checking out and added to.

2044f No.9880

I added a few chapters to https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/majormakotofan
Pretty nice prompts, altho I only read non underage

2240a No.9881


Make your own adventure.

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